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8 Nov

Posted by bulzipke in Casual | Nov. 8, 2015 | 54 Comments

Apk file size: 1.7 MB

 AndroGochi is an application created on the foundation of the Japanese Tamagotchi.

 You can feed your pets, have fun with your pets, and eventually your pets will evolve when you spend enough time with them.

 Furthermore, you can battle others all over the world a la the old school digimon style. If you set wizet, you can watch your pet in your smartphone's background.

 You can raise 213 pets. Which will you choose? I hope you enjoy your time with your pets and, perhaps, reminisce about the nostalgic moments of the nineties.

 Access button- on Android devices one of the buttons that is not associated with the Androgochi program on the bottom of your screen is the "Menu" button. It looks a bit like little files. This button will bring up a screen that allows you to choose a name for yourself and pick a style for the game display.
 Scale Icon: Viewing pet's status you will see numerous screens.
 Feeding: There are two options here. The top selection is a piece of meat which will decrease the pet's Hunger and fill it's hunger bar. The second selection is the Vitamin Pill, which will increase your pets strength and energy.
 Training: This is where your pet will train for battle. There are three different ways to train-
1- Classic- This training excersize is about building attacks to full power. You will see a percentage rise from 0 to 100 by 10s. When the power level reaches 100% press the top button of your device and release the attack. A full power attack will destroy the rock target.
2- Shake- Usefull for practicing for battlenet battles. As you select this option the screen will say "ready" and then "COUNT". Carefully and with a firm grasp on your device (safety first!) shake your device evenly from side to side from 2-10 times. Each evolution requires a different number of shakes to reach full power. Full power will create five rounds of double projectiles for maximum damage.
3-Search- This practice mode allows you to fight virtual opponents hidden in barcodes. These fights will mimic the battlenet fights agains live opponents. After chosing the Search option you will see the screen say "ready", and then "COUNT". Shake as you would in a battlenet fight and as previously described in the "shake" section. Your device will then turn on it's camera for scanning. Place a clean barcode in front of it and allow the device to find your opponent. The screen will flash the word "battle" and then the fight will commence as described below.
 Fighting: This will allow you to fight another pet and their trainer over the Worldwide Battlenet to increase your Win Ratio.
 Toilet: This will flush the screen clear when your pet leaves you a little present approximately every 3 hours.   Lights: Select this option to turn the lights off when your pet is sleepy. You must do this within 20 minutes (or before the 'shout' light goes out), or it will count as a care mistake.
 Bandage: This is where you provide medical attention for your pet. Sometimes your pet will refuse the treatment, and you must keep selecting the option until it is happy again.  The "shout" icon: When it's lit up you have 20 minutes to respond before it goes out or you will get a care mistake. Your pet will only do this when all its hearts in one need have run out. It will also activate when it is time to turn out the lights.


EGG(Life : 1 minute)
 Just wait
Step 1(Life : 1 Hour)
 Random, Step2-A, Step2-B, Step2-C
Step 2(Life : 12 Hour)
 Just wait
Step 3(Life : 24 Hour)
 Tranning count > 30 : Special evolution(Random evolution to one of 26 pet)
 Tranning count = 9~29 , Penalty < 5 : Step4-A
 Tranning count = 9~29 , Penalty > 4 : Step4-B
 Tranning count < 10 , Penalty < 5 : Step4-C
 Tranning count > 9 , Penalty > 4 : Step4-D
Step 4(Life : 72 Hour)
 Battle 10 times at least, need high winning rates
Step 5(Life : 96 Hour)
 If this step has next evolution, will be that

Whats new

    [2015.10.19] Ver 3.12
    Update latest API
    Add pref button
    [2013. 3.12.] Ver 3.11
    Fixed search bug.
    Improved shake senser.
    [2013. 2.22.] Ver 3.0
    Server changed. Must be updated.
    Added 164 pets. Some minor patches.
    Delete infinity evolution at Step 5.
    [2012. 7.29.] Ver 2.4
    Add new theme, thanks to GuennisArts.
    [2012. 5.18.] Ver 2.1
    Added : New tranning - Barcode Search Battle.
    You can battle with barcode.
    [2012. 5.14.] Ver 1.8
    Added 30 pets. Some minor patches.

bulzipke part of our Casual and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update Nov. 8, 2015. Google play rating is 81.373. Current verison is 3.12. Actual size 1.7 MB.

Download androgochi.apk 1.7 MB


Nichole Krotzer

Could be great. It would be a fun alternative if the widget didn't constantly freeze and any of my pets would make it to their third evolution without dying every time. This last time my Tama got sick while it was eating and died instantly before I could back up from the feeding. I really cared for that little snail thing too. It made no sense.

Takuya Kunbara

Unplayable I can't even get this to work. Digimon keeps reverting back to egg before I can even get rookie/ child no matter how well I take care of it

James Moss

Works pretty good on nexus 5 Only problem is the widget freezing and this app should atleast have as much features as DU and be able to view all digimon online, I love the idea but it's no fun battling a questionmark

Bradley Caruana

Poor very poor Not as good as the digimon unlimited app. When you go to battle online it crashes. There isnt a chart of evolution on here. Waste of money the free app is better. If this was more like the free app but with more features id be happy but deff a waste of money and the widget dont even work.

Felix CHAN

When is the next update...? Hi, i m a big fan of DU. Ever since poke said the androgochi is gonna be updated soon a few months ago i have been looking forward to it since, can u give us an idea when will that happen? Thx

Dullsy Dulls

Its good It is the way I remembered it. But how do I change the time zone on it cause when im awake it wants to sleep and so on. So want to know if anyone had this problem and how they fixed it

A Google User

Awesome but... I love it... it's even better than the original Tamagotchi... but the widget freezes... :-/

Sambal Pedas

Nice I bought this app to support developer in developing more on Digimon Unlimited (DU). The only problem in Androgochi I noticed is that it using load twice the memory RAM usage than DU. Sometimes Androgochi seems to take longer time to launch compared to DU. I hope developer can fix this, making this app lighter and smoother.. Other than that, both Androgochi and DU are the best!!

Jaisah Webb

Less features than the free version? Where is the Digimon list and why can't I use the original Digimon theme that's available in the free one? What was the point of buying this one if the other one is better? Also how do I reset my Digimon? Also why do I have to shake the device? Battles should be based on how well you raised and trained your Digimon, not how fast you can shake! If you address my concerns I'll give it 5 start because I actually love this app except the shake thing ruins the whole game! Get rid of the shake thing!

Poké AK

This is my top app I can't wait for the update, going to be so fun.

Crystal Toth

Good, but not great. Cute, but the shaking mechanic barely works. The app "Digimon Unlimited" in the store is way waaaay better than this, and it is completely free. However, it is by the same developer as this, and D-Unlimited is so good that you might as well buy this to support the dev developing that. Plus, owning this gives you an evolution bonus on D-Unlimited. IMO, this app isn't necessarily great, but the dev deserves the support.

Helmsley Goh

Crash!! Can't get into battle server.. keep hang and restarts...! What happened??!!

Austin Pruiett

Not as fun Digimon Unlimited Not as many people as DU. No dex. Shake training perfects give no strength. Got it for the 10% evolution rate.

ben russell

Good but... I seem to be having the same problem as some others, will not connect to online battles. Force closes when I select the option. If it's fixed ill up my rating, otherwise really good recreation of a classic

Xiao Pei

Some Bug Shake training so hard? need shake hard my phone to counted as shake,, it's diffrent with DU with smooth shaking.. plss fix it next update :) i'll rate 5 star if fix.

Broc Wagner

For DU Bought so I have a better evolution chance ♥

A Google User

I love androgotchi But on the widget it disappears or freezes...please fix without those problems ud get 5 stars outta me!!!! I'd even tell my friends about it. This widget has been messed up for a long time n nothing is being done about it. Please fix it it would b so cool if it worked n didn't freeze all the time, I would really like 2 use this widget!!!!!!

Aevin Raaj

Not bad More people on the DU app...but this apps pretty good as get the raise new digimons before DU. And some are only on this app

Yazid Blake

Widget doesn't work The widget just shows an empty space. For a paid apps, at least make it work.

Benn Newer

na you pay money but other du is so much better add more and the sounds are weird

Jaime Menchaca

Hope Just bought this to support bulzipke to bring back Digimon Unlimited thanks for everything you do

Imran Syaqeer

I enjoyed playing this game Please fix the shake problem..I shake 1 time but it does 2... please fix it as soon as possible!!!

Jesse Hartung

Great App Androgochi is a fun app but I am suffing some freezing problems on my Galaxy S3. Happens both on the widget and in the app. Other than that it's excellent. I love the Tamagochi/Digimon fusion.

Vince Soh

Good game but Widget keep freezing As per title. This game is fun and enjoyable. The most annoying thing is the widget keeps freezing on my S3. I hope the developer can fix this issue.

Yahnatan Kersey

DU User Just bought this app to support the Dev in his work on Digimon Unlimited, I suggest anyone who loves that app purchase this when possible, to let him know we appreciate his work.

Andrew Rodriguez

Changing theme I would like to change the theme, but my menu button is an application window, help?

Matt Casillas

Pretty fun Its a great app but it's alot more buggier than DU

Daniel Pastor

But Really irritating I was really hoping I would be able to play this and Digimon Unlimited but now when I try to load them it says "failed to register on the server" and I can't even play them now Sony Xperia T... Compatibility issues maybe?? Please help me out if you can Bulzipke thanks

Rigs Blues

Why I buy. Buy it for 10% chance in digimon unlimited.

Ang xu king

Become egg !!!! Bought this app for 2 week ago, but never get a champion digimon yet, always turn into a egg but I still will rate for 5 stars, nice work bulzipke !!!!!!!

Choonghon Law

Not bad Juz for the evo rate for digimon unlimit lol

Andre Aitcheson

Digimon Unlimited I bought this app to support the developer of Digimon Unlimited.

Alex Jording

Jsjdhd Would be cool if it would stop freezing on me....

sharif adzmain

Its a nice game.. The game ls good.. its just that when u try to shake pendulum.. u cant sense the shake.. please FIX this..


Excellent Just as I rememebe it made with a PvP with other players is epic great fun!

Terrence Lembat

Decent Nostalgic! Would be giving it 5 stars if the app didn't freeze on me everytime i train. It's a paid app for goodness sake.

Azman Mahmud

Became egg!!! It suddenly became an egg..what happened??? It evolve 2 times then on 3rd evolution it became egg..

mony sokhun

Galaxy s3 Keeps freezing no digdex can't see the pic of your digimon always lag out.. why is the free one way better than the one we pay for please fix

Javen Williams

The best 90s game ever

Bruno Kemp

Yes Definitely what I was looking for. Widget lags and have more engaging mini games for training are all I would change

Tom Woodward

The widget doesn't work

miqail cheam

Awesome!!!!can't support lolipop...slow issue

Nicci S

Err It says I have got an evolution fail how do get rid of it

J Trinidad Rodriguez

Super Cool!!!!! This app is awesome. There should be a more peaceful option like dating. And there should be a AndroGochi-dex for cool bios!

Azman Mahmud

Almost perfect! Finally after the update, my digimon no longer become an egg. However it still crash when I train since it consume high RAM usage. I am looking forward next update and hope it will be as great as Digimon Unlimited. Good job Bulzipke!

karami wan

Love this Nice app...recommend to those had played vpet ...thanks dev

Sinclair Toh

Excellent The best Digimon game around , combination of Vpet,Pendulum, Pendulum X, D2, D3 and Digivice.

Pedro Elizondo

Its OK Good but could be better it freezes constantly and the widget doesn't work well. don't buy until it updates(5-11-15)

A Google User

Awesome but... I love it... it's even better than the original Tamagotchi... but the widget freezes... :-/

A Google User

I love androgotchi But on the widget it disappears or freezes...please fix without those problems ud get 5 stars outta me!!!! I'd even tell my friends about it. This widget has been messed up for a long time n nothing is being done about it. Please fix it it would b so cool if it worked n didn't freeze all the time, I would really like 2 use this widget!!!!!!

Nazrul Dzulkifli

Please update This game is to fun and we paid please update asap

Nathaniel Jones

AMAZING Best app ever for that virtual fighting monster itch. Widget is kinda broken though. Galaxy S5 Active

harley johnston

Crap Hello dev..... are you there?????? Do u read your emails or reviews???? Are you going to fix the widget freezing or not its been months

Zhao Jie Ang

feeling tired where the new update developer.....

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