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6 Sep
Ancient Planet TD

Posted by Moonlight Mouse in Strategy | Sept. 6, 2016 | 124 Comments

Apk file size: 77.0 MB

Bastion of ancient civilization, a keeper of galaxy wisdom is invaded by alien armies. Use powerful ancient technologies and defeat the attack of enemy armies! You can play this Tower Defence game offline. No advertising!

What's special:
- Classic hardcore tower defence;
- 35 unique TD levels;
- Variety of different enemies with unique peculiarities;
- New technologies allow choosing appropriate way of defence;
- Story line is based on the galaxy wars veterans' memories;
- Our artist has travelled to the ancient planet to create its game image properly;
- Voices of the characters are identical to real ones;
- The game was made at the order of the Highest Council of Intelligent Civilizations of the Galaxy.
- Here should be one more point, but it didn't pass the censorship, that's why we've substituted it with an ad: «Galaxy energy drink «Improvizer» with missile fuel extract - releaves fatigue and shortens live. «Improvizer» - live bright and fast!»
- You can play this tower defence (TD) strategy without internet connection.

Whats new

    We fixed some bugs in this version.

Moonlight Mouse part of our Strategy and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Sept. 6, 2016. Google play rating is 87.8984. Current verison is 1.0.17. Actual size 77.0 MB.

Download ancient-planet.apk 77.0 MB


Robert Royce

Pay to Win I'd prefer a straight flat fee to this Pay to Win garbage! The Armor Games be sion is more playable than this full version. There is a great game here but it is ruined by the intrusive fee structure.

Harley Pope

Pay to win game.. Game would be fun, but natural process plateaus relatively early on. I don't mind paying to support devs with a bit of IAP, but any paid upgrades were quickly meaningless. I like tower defence games but am deleting this one.

Simon Engel

Good stuff Fun game. BUT... the fact that I have to restart the app after every level or it freezes is getting annoying. Back to 5 stars once fixed

Jonathan Tabaco

The gameplay is good Unfortunately on the nexus 5 there are constant bugs towers bad guys invisible, level loading freezing when they work. also more choices other than normal and survival can make replaying levels more entertaining also if there are in game purchases try adding challenges maybe fast foward entire level etc.....

chortchoung saprungrueng

Glitched Support tower upgrades are not working except for the first two upgrades. The range increase and price reduce work fine, but the other 6 dont work. Even you max it out, damage increase is still 10%... same goes for range and speed. And the doom dome last upgrade, project 350 or whatever seems broken too. Cant see any different before and after the upgrade.

Barry Smith

Would be better if I could use the store.. It's a good time killer but I can't access the store. Says it's disabled. No response to emails.

Michael Jaworski

Impossible The difficulty ramps up on the third level so no matter how much you have you cannot win. Fun, but don't spend money on it - it is a trick. You cannot win.

Jeffery Williams

That download counter woll soon say 5 million. This is pretty cool. Only 5k downloads, I'm at the beginning of a fantastic game. Played online about an hour ago and couldn't stop then noticed they have it on Android! It's on!

Ka Kin Cheung

Do not buy anything in this game No cloud save. Uninstalling this game or upgrading device... / having two devices means your other device have to start fresh and pay again.

Joe Plummer

Very fun Runs smoothly, levels a challenging, and not too hard or easy

Evan Davis

I like the sarcastic humor. It is also challenging.

John Carrell

Best mobile TD Great game. Free to play. Finally a mobile TD game that doesn't insist on in game purchases or make you wait hours to build towers. A little crashy sometimes but worth it.

Henry Dickinson

Not easy but that's good :) Good game I like a challenge and it's free


Fun addictive Very good game play. Runs smoothly without lagg

Konstantin Krastev

Moner hungry idiots The game requires yoy to pay in order to proceed. Pathtic

Steven Acosta

Ancient Planet It should give you better weapons and more mining fields.

Drew Gray

Oh Just a tower game. Nice story though

Brad Cownden

Much harder than the free online version... maybe to encourage in-app purchasing? Still great to play.

Kyotee Thunder

Too Needy Push message five minutes after leaving the app begging me to come back, after playing for over 30 minutes. No thanks, great game too, sadly, but that's not acceptable. Uninstalling

Borislav Panchev

Game ends too soon. More levels are needed

seth ocampo

ITS COOL Great tower defence game

A Wayne

Changed from 5 to 1 star. After world 3 you cant win a level without spending money to restore your base. Plus horrible grammar and missing words on load screens. Obviously a cheap foreign company that cant afford "spell check". Dont waste your time or money.

Marlana Duehring

Stole my money! I bought the $2.99 rubies and I still have not received them. I unhappy!

joshua marquez

Awesome <3 The best TD i've ever played \m/

Steven Edgemon

Awesom Game is hard and fun

Ricki Buttelo

Love the game.

Michael King

Needs online backup My tablet broke so I installed on another device now im back to the start, but it kept all my achievements, would prefer it to keep my level progress

salvatore kettenbeil

Great game Great game and great graphics

Mohamed Mokhtar

Great Really great game

Stephen Watt

not bad

Klaus Boon

OK to hard

Iulia Marcinschi

There are some lags still, which I hope will be corrected. Otherwise great game!

Dries Chielens

A gem among garbage Finally a game that doesn't force feed you the "new" hype in the app world and makes the games unplayable if you don't pay. The game is beautiful, mechanics are nice, runs smoothly, and even though there are in app purchases it doesn't break the game, which is rare these days. If you like TD games you will love this.

John Papadopoulos

Good game but.... I am under the impression that games advertised as "free", should give you the option to spend when you choose to. I am also under the impression, that some game developers believe that only 4 year olds, play their games. Game wise, it's a nice game with nice graphics and in theory you should be able to finish it whithout spending, but at some point they make it impossible for you to move on without purchasing points for upgrades. Believe me, I tried a million times to beat it but.... it's just not gonna happen. So technically... a good game.. but .. give me a break..!

Carl Scales

Fix the bugs The game is very good! I was able to beat it without paying for anything 'extra'. I would have given it 5 stars. Except the game has some bugs that make playing difficult. Invisible enemies, vanishing placement grid, and a bug that hangs loading. Fix those and you will have an awesome game!

Kevin Jordan

Fun Game!!!! Fun game, but bug needs to be fixed. It force closes when going to next level. And sometimes just loading to play it for the first time.

Diego Vazquez Ceja

Really Nice Game Seems like a unique theme for tower defense games and it also has pretty good music only problem... Short

Charles C

Easy, enjoyable, addictive Very cool game. No complaints. Played it on PC now I have it on my S5.

Bronson Uyeshiro

Defending the other side The twist brilliant, The story of an invading force yet the game play defends against them. Genius.

Jon Drake

Ancient planet Tower td, easy fun, don't pay to play, would like to see more tower's other than that its a four star, well done development team

cloyd pogi

work good on my aquos phone

Gabe Obias

Awesome great game This one i loved it and its tower defence, tower defence is my favourite kind of games

june bug

good game hard as sh_t

Ryan Foss

Buggy Invisible enemies and/or invisible towers constantly. Loading screen never finishes. Have to force quit to restart it so I can see what's going on.

marla macphee

Keeps me coming back Few games hold !y interest either becoming too difficult or simply have to wait too long to play. While levels are very challenging they all seem achievable. 100% awesome

Oli Gerber

Rocks Just started with it and i'm already in love (what i can only say about two or three other td games)! I also did experience these invisible enemies but they were (so far) no threat at all as they got shreddered by my towers quite fast.


Amazing Honestly coolest TD game I ever played. I have one issue. The music is amazing. Like superb. However I hate how the music resets every wave. Just let it play out to the end of the track a loop it. Great game!

Takis Marakis

Great TD game Not easy and not difficult. You will spend a long time at each new level getting to understand dynamics before advancing which is how it should be. Jokes by author are funny even though the grammar is real bad. Fantastic game!

Kegan Dodd

Good game for the time spent, can get a little repetitive unless you pay. The game starts you out with very good progress, at the start you wonder why a pay for gems option even exists, then you get to the end of the third world.... The Phoenix comes out and suddenly all your defences are useless. The gun turret especially needs buffing. At that point, the game becomes a massive grind till you can buff everything up to be strong enough to take it down. Game is both based on skill, and grind time.

Cory Johnson

Great potential. Very well made game ? I love that this is a smart phone layout and not a tablet layout, there is some room for improvement though. When upgrading my towers why doesn't it increase the speed? I feel it should increase gradually. Also, when playing game I should be able to pause to place my tower in the grid appropriately. There should be no penalty for misplacing a building prioe to level start, during gameplay i understand, but prior? Fix those issues and I'll fix my 4 star to a 5 star ?


Lame After playing a few lvls I noticed that's it pay to win and immediately uninstalled. Pretty dull on the rails TD. Prefer TD that you change the pathing with tower placement. Either way pay 2 win on such common and basic TD style makes me weep for all coders wasting their talent on a turd.

Silver Sif

If it wasn't so glitchy+15 minute wait per attack it would be 4 stars Towers and enemies disappear and crashes often. Annoying to play with no enemies and no towers visible. Game must be force stopped and reloaded to have everything appear again, stealing your attack

Yehezkiel Arie

To many ruins! Can't make tower freely on map coz too many ruins that can't be destroyed.


One of the best Very impressive game,graphic is beautiful,gameplay is interesting,lol commentaries.

malcolm grayson

Impressive Pretty good TD good graphics and performance, challenging well developed.

Max Data

Progress lost Spent about $10 on in app purchases and had to reset my s6 today. I lost all my progress please advise on what to do to get it back

Steven Carter

No reward There is no reward for this game. You will grind for hours to max everything out and you still can't make it far in survival mode anyway. Incredibly unsatisfying experience. Don't waste your time.

Peter Berry

Solid Good art, solid gameplay, and it's not in your face about microtransactions. There doesn't seem to be a ton of variety, but I'm pretty early on, so that might change.

Sam Beckwith Jr

Can't play unless u spend $ This game requires you to pay them in order to play. For example, let's say you lose while playing a level. So you decide to play it again but no you must wait 2 minutes to play any level if you lose. Unless of course you pay them money for some crystals then spend 65 crystals to play. Or you can wait 2 minutes. Sorry but I will never play a game that punishes you in this way for losing.

Rayner van Kerken

Simple straight forward TD They stick to the basics which made this genre great. However much more difficult than pc version,thereby promoting micro transactions

Markus Exz

I like it A big improvement would be of you could freeze the game while placing a tower or at least slow it down

Tom Maxfield

Ancient planet I like this game an beat it easy on the comp but when I got it for my tablet to get more levels it became incredibly buggy I too have many issues seeing towers and monsters ; ( it's a real shame cause its a fun game

Mr. Warren

Great game. Could be even much more addictive if the enemies drop surprising rewards or mistery weapon box! Need more towers and more upgrades. Overall a good TD game.

Robert Ontko

Need to pay lots of money for a chance to win There's better games to spend my money on.

A Google User

Good, needs tweaks 1) Put a sequence number on each icon in the pick maps; 2) Add a toggle switch that turns on+off the display of the coverage (arc of fire) of all of your towers; & 3) Keep a count of the number of times each map is played - could lead to a favorites list with direct launch of a map.

Alex Whitney

Fun but flawed Often has display problems that hide towers.

Andrey Matveev

Too many bugs It could be an excellent game if there were not so many bugs like invisible towers and enemies; missions which are not run and etc

krishna chaithanya

Worst unbalanced game Challenging is not the word for this game's frustrating as the gold coin drop is purely luck based and a game is just lame when it is luck based and not truely skill based. Sad that this game had potential.

Michael Steadman

A lot of fun Works well one time couldnt see towers or enemies

john neubert

STOLE MY MONEY! I paid for gems. The application locked up during the transaction but not before it charged my credit card. I contacted Google AND the game creators immediately. .. no refund, no credit of gems, NO RESPONSE AT ALL. At this point, these folks are THIEVES! Don't download, don't support, and CERTAINLY DON'T BUY ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!

Wing Nut

Where are my f,,king rubies it was 5 stars but you nicked my f,,king money

Bryan M

Too hard too early for mediocre game After 3 days of playing since I installed it and I can't get past level 4. If it is that hard this early then I'm not going to spend money on it. I have fallen for this before. Pay to get past level early on, but then very quickly you are back in the same situation. The game is ok, but just ok, there are many many others that are better that I will pay for. Its an uninstall for me.

Jamie Parker

Good game but So infuriating! Another game that's good fun, but tries to force you into paying by falsely claiming it's free then makingnit too difficult to get verybfar without making purchases. Inmany other market, this would not be acceptable and it's time to change things! Honesty goes a long way and I for one never put my money into these games. I prefer the ones that honestly chargeban upfront fee.

Leroy Gay

My favorite TD Like the visuals and the upgrade trees. The later missions are hard. They done stuff to reduce the grind by allowing reallocation of upgrades. It is fun to play.

Dan Kastinic

Excellent! One of the best games in App Store. Additional in-app purchases makes this game- VERY expensive! Without those purchases, you can't really enjoy game to its full potential. Not cool!

Rodger Peters

And more than once! Ask me to write a review after I already did huh? Automatically 1 star

Joshua Anderson

Ripped me off twice now on two different purchases. I absolutely love this game it has good graphics and game play so please help me get the two 4.99 purchases I've made or help me get the crystals or something please will change my review once helped.

Mark Purvis

Nothing new. Same old Tower Defense, not even a large number of towers. Difficulty is moderate. Graphics uninspired. Story is nonexistent, but it does have amusing little comics from the enemy's pov.

Kevin Chan

Quite a Few Annoyances Such a hassle to have to manually collect coins, especially when they might drop at hard-to-access places or covered up by the tower buttons; the tower obstacles aren't challenging, they're a nuisance! The factory can only be placed at fixed locations that often you'd have to pan the screen to see; there are basically only 3 types of towers with a fourth just a kind of booster, and upgrading don't always seem worthwhile or good enough to combat the stronger enemies, etc., etc.

Eddie Aban

Fun Been playing for two weeks. It has held my attention! Worth the download and it plays offline

Jacqueline Pierce

Truly enjoyable A TD game that's fun for 5 minutes or 500. Beware, it's addictive. One aspect that I enjoy the most is being able to try out different upgrade combos (if you change your mind about an upgrade, you can get back your investment and try something else). Very enjoyable overall and well thought out.

Anthony Lehner

Almost 5 stars.. Great graphics.. sound.. gameplay... fun and addicting... till you come to a stone wall at the higher levels.. lots of repetitive to upgrade gets monotonous

Rodger Peters

Restarting a level should be free! Ask me to write a review after I already did huh? Automatically 1 star

Handsome Gaming

Really good but... There seems to be a slight imbalance of power as you progress. Its not a terrible power crawl but its enough to be kinda annoying. All in all this game is super fun. I love the loading g screens. Keep it up!


Great game! I'd like to thank developers! Great job! Thank you guys!

Juan Ybarra

Great game Easy to use. Fun time waster of a game.

Leonceo Parker

Awesome game... Challanging. .. and addicting... love the music.

Aaron Lamb

Good game. Well put together and fun.

Christopher Hann

Fun Fun game and is quite tough at times.

Thomas Baker

Well designed game Glitches occur in loading towers and enemies are often invisible. I am playing on an Android tablet. Issues resolved after restart.

Mike P

Good game A 5 star tower defense but when paid for more rubies, I didn't get them. Edit - got rubies 2 days later

Steve Sell

Ancient planet Enjoyed the updates. Just started using it. The older version was bogging down at the higher levels

Jeremiah Sager

Enjoyable and fun Very fun nicely paced game.

Andre de Vienne

Fun game Lots to like about this game.

hitzuja Subaru

Those Hamalian are cute. This is one of the good TD games of all time.

Alexander Surmenidi

Excellent quality td with many upgrades and tower classes. Sometimes difficult Beautiful landscapes. I'm at 3rd map only. Done all with 3-star.

Chris Harmon

Few flaws but no game is perfect. Beside that the game is challenging and fun. Really liked the upgrade system

Vanessa Savage

OK I know I'm a idiot but... Why am I waiting 24 hrs for the prices to update /upgrade? This game plays beautifully, the towers are not expensive, nor are the upgrades for them and I could play all night - except I can't. :( the please sort this and I'd give you 5 * thanks for the update - working again

Julius Marc Santillana

Great time killer You just need to find the right tower combo for each level without the need to buy gems. :)

Dorsey Caviness

Good game, fun, good graphics. Needs some new maps and more upgrade options but still enjoyable

Jack Kirby

IT IS AMAZING The game is super addicting and fun and the soundtrack is amazing

huy khai tran

Not the best but still fun

I am the Jed

Very enjoyable This is what a tower defense game is meant to be like

peter simko

Love it It is very catchy game. Recommending it a lot :)

Shaune' Swanepoel

Original and gripping , nice

Jeri Angeles

Awesome Awesome game

Jace Kaye

Best ever! Great graphics, and amazing soundtrack. I remember playing this on ArmorGames, but never got the full version until now. Still as good as I remembered. But, one thing tho: What exactly does Project 320 do?

Brian Huffman

Could be good I'm tired of games that require spending money to progress. This game suddenly becomes impossible. I would prefer to buy a game that uses strategy in the game instead of a strategic rip off.

John Laub

Fun for a minute, No replay value I thought once the survival mode was unlocked it would be fun again but they cut your resources to nothing so it's pointless

Vicky Blocksidge

Artistic toad Great game can play for hours...few more turrets would be nice..maybe better defences for the base..maybe an extra few credits after upgrading the mines?

this is naveen

Super game I just enjoyed this game I played a game like this 4 years ago now I am playing this with full enthusiastically

Scrump Love it..great concept...although does crash now and then..but i just restart the game and it runs perfectly..can play this for hours.

Ryan Steier

Great tower defense Good difficulty. Makes you change strategy frequently.

greggy piczon

Diamond and stars Hard to earn diamond amd star! Aside from that its a yood game

Daniel Powell

Lovin it... Great game feels different from other games of its kind, a good different

Peter Ting Pek Chen

Fun and classic Very fun to play and it classic. I love it ?

Joshua Burke

Great game for tower defence cant get enough of it

clarence muhammad

Great memory exercise for an old school guy!

Jason Nacion

Nice graphics...excellent!! Improve more updates.

Brian McCarty

Good fun game Easy and fun

Jamaica Amena

I love it.... please... try it...

Brian Martin

Has potential The early rounds very fun, but when I opened the third world progress became a crawl. Earning gold coins on old levels is near impossible to upgrade your towers.

Steve Sell

Ancient planet Enjoyed the updates. Just started using it. The older version was bogging down at the higher levels

Tom Sandford

A solid tower defense with nice art, if one or two translation issues. Worth a look.

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