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9 Aug

Posted by Amiigo Inc. in Health & Fitness | Aug. 9, 2016 | 82 Comments

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Amiigo is a smart and simple way to monitor your health & well-being. Using the Amiigo devices, you're able to track

-calories burned
-daily steps
-weight training & resistance exercises
-running, cycling & swimming
-heart rate
-heart rate variability
-blood oxygen saturation
-respiratory rate
-blood pressure variations
-pulse volume variations
-skin temperature range

Amiigo devices connect wirelessly to your mobile phone or tablet, where you can see your progress and find motivation to achieve your goals and improve your health & well-being. Amiigo is a complete, health and wellness tracking system.

To use this app, you'll need a wristband and shoe clip. Check out to learn more!

Amiigo Inc. part of our Health & Fitness and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update Aug. 9, 2016. Google play rating is 61.7712. Current verison is 1.5.3. Actual size 5.7 MB.

Download amiigo.apk 5.7 MB


Tracy C

If amiigo is my friend, I'd hate to meet my enemiies... Like so many others who've commented I was promised my amiigo months ago. Michele A. said it would ship immediately over two months ago and then would not return emails when it never arrived. Finally she emailed and said it would ship out over a week ago (no apologies or explanations). I never got a tracking number or another email. I've tweeted, facebooked, emailed, etc. I was an original indiegogo backer, and their utter disregard for their backers and lack of updates and communication is a lesson on how to alienate customers. I doubt the amiigo will be any good based on the quality of the company's service, but I may never have the chance to actually try it out. I can't believe I fell for the hype :(

Matt Bowden

Don't believe the hype received my band a few months back, looks like I might of been one of the first. Anyway, after using the app and the devices for over a month now I've given up on it. The reasons are numerous, from the band being uncomfortable through to the app never seeming to synch my new exercises when I train it to do so. The strength of this service was supposed to be in its automation but unfortunately this doesn't happen. Every time I run or cycle I have to tell it I'm doing so. It's the same for sleep tracking so I often either forget to start tracking things or forget to stop, meaning that the results just aren't that accurate. When this is coupled with the overly long wait and the lack of communication it just ads up to a big disappointment. Despite all this I truly believe that Amiigo will have a role to play in the future of peripheral devices but right now, this ones purely a learning curve.

Derek Thomas Garnett

Does not work The app does not work properly with my phone which is a Zopo C2 Premium, it will connect once to the amiigos, but as soon as I do something to else in the app or leave it I cannot connect to the amiigo unless I delete them and rescan losing any data the amiigos might have collected, have sent bug reports then the feedback page in the app, and still haven't heard anything back from amiigo, on the amiigo forum there is somebody with the galaxy edge and they also have the same problem as me

Tom Call

Want to love it but it is annoying! I received my Amiigo 6 days ago. I want to give it a fair shake but there are a lot of issues. The package shipped with no instructions and the sensor came out during shipping. The wireless charging works but you need to slowly lower the unit(s) while looking for the blue light to come on, if you just place it and go you will not get a charge, not a good solution. Does it matter which direction the sensor is placed in the band? I got 1 night of sleep data then 3 consecutive nights of no data recorded. I have one workout that was acknowledged as an error and you are working on it. I also have one workout that is just spinning from 5 days ago. Does this hurt the battery of my phone and/or the wrist band. A band with a clasp like a watch is a must and should be FREE, if you put on a long sleeve shirt you may as well just bend over 9 out of 10 times as the band WILL fall off. What is the wrist bone you mention to be positioned above, the wrist contains eight bones. Add a picture in the set up guide showing the sensor orientation, if it matters. Add a shot on a model's wrist where the band should be worn! The push for BPM on demand is gone, that one was important, please add it back int

Aaron Hines

Poor This is a startup and understand things can take time. But the communication from the company is horrible. Like others I've been waiting a long time, which I can understand from a startup. But the lack of communication and updates is appalling considering they have taken our money.

Dangiras Rackauskas

Hopes were too high App looks very nice, however it lacks some simple but important things like listing out and comparing same type activities, like filtering only swimming workouts and compare the progress in long term. What's the point in having history of only 1 month?

Dave Jessup

I really wanted to like this After waiting for almost 2 years for this band to show up, it finally arrives in an envelope with no instructions or anything. As other people stated, there is pretty much no communication from the company. I really wanted to like it, but the band is just not comfortable and the features do not seem to work as advertised. I hope that with future versions, they improve on it. This release of it is very poor, especially when so many of us waited so long for it.

chuck gilpin

Just received mine today Just opened my bubble wrapped bracelet, no box, no instructions, no thank you for giving us your money 2 years ago. I was actually less than excited to see it in the mail. I'm about to test drive this thing, so I'll send some further review once I give this thing a try. I will say so far it's not very comfortable, and the band doesn't seem like it'll stay closed the whole time I'm throwing kettle bells around.

Daryl Sheffield

Better than some - looking forward to the next updates. The more I use it, the more I like it. Accurate on a bike ride and was easy to train. Counted revolutions perfectly. Same for rowing Machine. True, mine needs charged daily, but overall (and considering this is an Indigogo project) the goal of the device is very ambitious. Nice job on the app too.

Serdar Piriyev

Not what I expected Not what I expected at all... Sleep takes forever to "analyze".. Can't get my biometrics, although thought it could read my heart rate at any time ... Gonna use at the gym today, let's see what it does...

Megan Shoff

Update: training and recognition are terrible. Doesnt even track stairs on its own. Battery life is abyssmal. Band won't stay on. Maybe it will get better with updates, but right now is not worth it. After waiting more than 1.5 years after expected delivery, I finally got my device. Haven't had the chance to train it yet, hopefully tomorrow. The metrics seem pretty good, but the device came off when I slept, and doesn't seem to want to stay fastened. I predict it will be lost soon...

Thomas Shumard

Go with a trustworthy company and forego a few features you don't need After being promised a device in July, August, September, November and no later than early December, I decided to cancel my preorder (7+ months in waiting). I understand the pitfalls of a startup company, but the remedy to all those issues -- good communication. Which Amiigo does not have, anymore. Initially, I'd get feedback about each delay very quickly -- now, that is not the case. When I made the decision to cancel (12/5), I emailed the company and used their contact us, in the email I asked if they were going to be able to fulfill my order by 'early December' and if not to cancel my order. Michele A. contacted me (12/8) and asked for my name (even though I had provided it in my email), which I replied within 5 minutes. Never did I receive a response to that email again. After waiting a few days, on 12/11 I demanded a cancellation of my order. Michele A emails me within 3 minutes and cancelled my order with no indication of refund. I replied (and cc'd [email protected] from this point forward) and inquired. Hours later, I was asked for my PayPal address (even though I paid with a card). I gave it to them and expected to see a notification. Nothing for days.

Rodney Hocutt

app is horrible.... company is no better having launched several startups, i understand the growing pains but their lack of communication is appalling. there are some serious design flaws as well. most notably, the need to have a shoe clip present when swimming..... that is beyond stupid. if i select a swim workout, i shouldn't have to have a shoe clip present in order to continue, but remarkably i do. idiotic....... moreover, my device has not worked for months due to battery issues (will not fully charge). still hoping for a replacement.

Ian Montgomery

Beautiful app So far so good. This is one of the best designed apps I've seen. Well done Team Amiigo. Update (01 Mar 2015): I've stopped using the device. Like others are saying, it's not as automatic as it needs to be; I end up telling it just about everything it's supposed to "know". The app is supposed to track skin temp, O2 levels, etc., but I've yet to get a reading other than heart rate. Not sure if the app isn't updated with that yet or if I've got a defective device. Anyone seeing the full list of biometrics yet?

Michael Roskind

Good start The app is a nice start, and the hardware is great. More real-time and point in time features are needed, though. Keep up the development and I'm sure it will get there.

Jayson Miller

Don't waste your money I never leave descriptions. But after waiting 2+ years and false promises I expected something at least mediocre. Sadly this device & app don't come close. All the other terrible reviews of this are pretty accurate so I won't reiterate what's already been said. Everything from the lack of packaging to the pointless app leaves me in regret. Don't waste your money.

Matt Bulfair

Decent but nice UI So after waiting years to test this. I finally got the chance. I'll just review the app. As of recently my work outs will not sync. I can train new ones but I can't sync and I can't start a workout. Constantly says a network error but there's nothing wrong with my network. The whole point of this is to track my workouts not the walking and best guess calories. Again great UI but lacking in features and is becoming dysfunctional.

Bill Hovan Jr

needs improvement While the app looks good it needs more functionality. Starting with being able to display current data. It's nice to see a daily summary and weekly trend however that doesn't help me "in the moment". Actively having basic exercises already learned would be a major plus. I'm going to have to waste a gym day to have it learn the most common exercises I do in a week. There should also be a FAQ/Guide to explain the significance of the different biometrics.

Crystal Sundaramoorthy

Promising I was an original Indigogo backer and just got my amiigo after almost 2 years so hang in there if you're still waiting. I've had it for over a week now and I like what I see. The power of the amiigo was always going to be in the software. I'm hoping that now that they are through most of the hardware woes they can focus on the apps. The data shown during sleep is impressive. If they can expand that same level of data to be gathered during daytime activities and a lot more documentation to go with it, 5*

carl jones

Does not work! Data may be bogus but not interpretable form. Not congruent with polar loop data. Has yet to record a full run! DISAPPONTING!

Lisa Edie

Work in progress Dispatch process aside this is a nifty wee peice of tec. It looks set to develop into something very special as you can see the potential for greater development as more users upload taught activity. It gives a good range of statistics and suspect this will also develop. It could do with an online account which trends longer term tracking. I found gamin multi year tracking of my weight massively helpful to understand my bodies cycles. Well worth the spend and once they go mass market pretty excitib

Angelo Karaiannis

Don't trust this company Ordered and paid for 2 amiigos 7 months ago. There was delay after delay for the shipping date. The final one was to be sent out end of November, for users to receive first week of December. This hasn't happened either. Been trying to contact amiigo for the past 2 weeks for a refund and there is no response... Very unprofessional and ripping people off. I'll update this review if I see any response from Amiigo soon

steven pagano

Don't even use it anymore The app still needs alot of work. You cant really see your progress or your past workouts, it doesn't save your data anywhere like a website like fitbit does and you can only see your weekly totals. Also, when I train or do a workout the shoeclip constantly disconnects and a workout that takes 15 minutes takes 20 to 25. It has a long way to go. To be honest you're better off going with fitbit or a similar product until amiigo gets there product in order.

Jeffrey Chan

Amiigo app is garbage I don't get it. For a device that can track your workout it doesn't offer any workout on the menu except for cycling and swimming. You mean to tell me that you guys trained the amiigo on those 2 but not something simple as a bench press or a curl. These device are for putting on and forget. I really don't want to go on my phone everything I need to track a exercise. It should already know the movements. I shouldn't have to train my device so I can train my body. What happen to wear and forget?

Suzanna Chaparro

Do Your Research I would highly recommend checking BBB before purchasing this item. I ordered this item May of last year and still have not received it. Don't be fooled by an app. Do your research first

Ryan Shone

Almost perfect The original band was ugly, the shoe clip design was poor (I've lost mine now) and there needs be more built in workouts in the app. That aside there isn't another device out there with a 2 point system. Cycling was a feature added while I owned the devices, something that I like to feel was added at user request. I still find Amiigo to be the best current sports peripheral. Jawbone devices break Fitbit equivalent models aren't that reliable. Nothing out there is 100% perfect but this is very close.

Syed Faisal

Developer app was released, pulled back Just got my amiigo...i would say relatively early being a non backer. So i have a confusion about which way to wear it on my right wrist, to be able to correctly place to two sensors to get reliable readings. Should the amiigo logo be reading upright when I hold it in the hand (not on the wrist) or should it be upside down. A official FAQ and setup from amiigo is highly needed now. A reply from a fellow user would be great too. Need to have a user's forum for it outside Facebook... Any ideas where...?

Charles Owen

Fulfills none of promised fynctions Like many other reviewers, I am wholly dissatisfied with this product, despite its many promises during its crowdfunding phase.It will not automatically sync with any of my exercises, and the ergonomics of the band itself leave much to be desired. The shoe clip falls off too far too readily. Also, while the instructions state that the shoe clip, obviously, is not needed with the app during swimming, the band will not sync if the clip is not present! A prime example of unfulfilled sales hype.

Marcus Snedeger

Connection This app works about 1 time out of a hundred. Either it can't connect to servers or it won't connect to the band. Hate it.

Kindra Waluk

Meh. 2nd time I used the shoe clip during exercise, it fell off somewhere. Since then, the app cannot sync to the Amiigo but says it can't find the wrist device. Uninstalled/reinstalled to try to get it working again. The website describes more app features than the Android app actually has available. Their description of what the device and app will track sounds great. The current product does not meet that description. Hopefully the app will still work reasonably despite the missing the shoe clip.

Doreen Cole

The app is user friendly, I haven't had much issue with it but do wish they had more workouts already programmed. Can't wait for what improvements might be made!

Jason Grima

Pretty, but a bit dodgey Love the app visually, but the processing and syncing data via the server is glitchy and slow. Some times it doesn't return at all. Could use immediate mode heart rate and needs more explanation of some of the other stats.

Cassady Brunette

Useless without the shoe clip. You can't start a workout without a shoe clip and now the app isn't properly analyzing sleep data. It's literally nothing but a pedometer now.

Rosco P. Coltrane

Got Mine Finally got my Amiigo Band today 1/2/15 and wasn't even thinking about it. its been so long I've been waiting on it I totally forgot about I order it lol...

Brenda Howell

No explinations It would a great product it it had a linger battery life. What's the point of a sleep app if you have to charge it everyother night.

Shawn Jensen

Great system! Just got my hardware after a long wait. Charged it up and downloaded the app. Tons of useful info! Love that I can make my own sets for the gym! My wife does workout videos, and am not sure how to set her up yet. Also, her shoe clip battery died quick. Still a work in progress, but I would recommend to anyone.

ryan nunn

This company sucks Zero communication. Poor customer service, and took a year to receive a product that is already out dated. Don't buy an amiigo, they'll be out of business before they can make updates to the product or a second version.

Scott Aldinger

Latest update shows more info, still useless, but a tiny bit less so. No idea what any of the bio graphs mean. No way to pull historical info, Or poll for current. New trending graphs are a step in the right direction, still way too basic, and only goes back one month.

George Reeves

Very disappointed The band won't stay attached, falls off and apart. I have no idea what the software is really doing.

Tudor Parau

Looking forward at giving the new app more stars

Olga Zakharova

Hello! Very interesting thing, but when it will be in another language, russian, for example?)

Igor Basay

Very raw software There are some troubles with the connection between device and smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3): problems with defining the workout type and measuring its results, bugs with indicating the battery status, too long synchronization with the server (i.e. after sleep, training etc.)

Lauryn Adolph

Horrible App Works only intermittently with frequent crashes. Over an hour to sync sleep data? Come on. Do yourself a favor and buy a better product. This has got to be the worst on the market. *Update: No response from customer service; sleep data has been syncing for three hours and counting.

Andrew Edwards

Developer, how do you go about teaching it new workouts with the software release? The feature seems to be missing.

Aaron Hines

Improving This app is getting better. Some of the biometrics it tracks are great. It does have some issues with stability and data loss loss though, which is frustrating when you're watching your trends and progress, and when you have to manually train exercises.

Justin Reyes

All this waiting and this is the product we get After waiting over a year, I was expecting a working product that is worth paying upfront for. The hardware seems to be fine but the software problems are numerous and frequent. It's frustrating knowing that the current users are essentially the beta testers, yet they were supposed to be getting a finished polished product. I am hoping the app is leaps and bounds improved once the 'Internet connection' problem is fixed; else, I will be asking for a refund and sending it back..

Andrew Johnstone

Great app with awesome features This app has been stable from the word go on my LG G2. I upgraded the phone from kitkat to lollipop a week after installing and it still worked without glitch. Looks like the Amiigo app has come of age. The band is way cool, it provides features I've been waiting for since I got my first band. Well done!

Audrius Karosevičius

Nice design. Thats all. Missing actual long term history. I can remember myself longest distance I ran in last month.

Michael Blackwell

Working with Note IV I've used Jawbone Up (broke within 6 months) and FitBit Flex for nearly 2 years. Only just started using the Amiigo and pretty happy so far. It's tracking just what I want. Hoping they get an online way to check your stats like Jawbone and Fitbit.

D Robinson

App is poor At least once a week I need to install the app and then reinstall to get the analysis done on sleep. For as long as I waited for the device, I would have thought they would have a better app interface. Truly disappointed in Amiigo's execution.

Rita El Khoury

Everything seems better with latest update Amiigo's problem was never the app. It looks good and works well most times. This update improves sleep, lets you start a swim session without the foot pod, and seems to be OK overall.

john bucher

Nice step forward Update improves battery life and speeds up processing. Getting there. Can't wait to see improved sleep stats.

Cassady Brunette

Wow. They just did some intensive server maintenance last night, and it brought some huge improvements. The app is downright GORGEOUS now. The data is all processed server side, which means it can be taken care of quickly even if your phone isn't a powerhouse, and improvements can be implemented without users needing to update the app itself.

Jeremy Hawks

Worthless as a fitness tracker! Don't waste your $! The wrist unit doesn't track heart rate in real time like I was led to believe. It will only learn a few of my exercises if the unit even connects to my phone! The only reliable function is the sleep tracking. A $2 app can do the same function. Don't waste your $ on Amiigo.

Derek Thomas Garnett

Does not work on Chinese Mobile Phones The app does not work properly with my phone which is a Zopo C2 Premium, it will connect once to the amiigos, but as soon as I do something to else in the app or leave it I cannot connect to the amiigo unless I delete them and rescan losing any data the amiigos might have collected, have sent bug reports then the feedback page in the app, and still haven't heard anything back from amiigo. After testing with a couple of other Chinese macks of phone the amiigo is unable to connect or be seen by these phones. Have tried with some of the main manufacturers phones and everything works as it should, now using it on a borrowed iphone 5s and everything is working as it should

Dave Lloyd

Awesome update....not So the update 21st May broke authentication. Reset password sends mail with a link that's dead. Great work guys. This on top of the fact that it doesn't do as advertised. I bought to track steps and heart rate through the day. Steps works. Heart rate is only during sleep and then only an average. I've stopped wearing the bracelet after about 5 days and only use the shoe tag now since the bracelet adds nothing useful. Desperately hoping the heart rate bit gets put back in in a future release.

Travis Henderson

A little improved Better than previous version but still a long way off from where it really should be.

Christina Kathleen Materna

Update has issues Prev ed worked almost no fail, latest update crashes, refuses to remember my login, my band won't hold charge for more than 15 hours (constant talk) and didn't register any steps today with only the band. Also lost the %battery status-lot easier than fancy graph.

Tudor Parau

Still thinking that this band has potential yet due to the app (and it's limitations) it gives the overall feel of a gimmick than a useful tool. Unless the app brings something more useful fast this band will just end to be an expensive dust magnet.

Matthew Barber

Great update As promised, the incremental improvements have been wonderful on each iteration of the app. Good job and keep up all the hard work. Can't wait to see hardware 2.0.

Tom Burall

For the Amiigo system. This app works ok with the 2 parts of the Amiigo system together and separately. Takes a long time to update after it finds your sensors. Wrist band battery only lasts 2 days so recharge every other day. Shoe clip lasts about 5 days.

sylvie d

No Internet connection Too many things wrong to enumerate. Sounded like a good idea when the concept came out but every other company has surpassed these guys and are doing it both cheaper and more effectively...

Jeffrey Bauer

I really want to love this application They have a great idea but I'm really not happy with delivery. Getting the physical device dragged very long with continual broken promises. Using it, I have experienced repeated problems with data not uploading, not knowing the charge level of my battery and add of this morning, crashing the app. I really hope I can update my review in the not too distant future with better news.

Chris Cole

Nice but better backend needed I like amiigo when it works. But often the sleep fails to start. I go put the wrist on the charger for a moment then it can start or stop the sleep. (Supposedly the battery is full). More frustrating is the whole workout feature. It thinks for a long time them blames the network. I am on WiFi and other apps have no issue. My family has fitbits and can say the number of steps immediately. Me? Maybe in a few hours. I think everything must go thru their insufficient servers.

Jason Hruban

Solid App, love the features I love the App. Easy to use. Syncing is seamless. The sleep data analysis and a couple trainings seemed to hang on the analysis phase but a simple log out and in fixed that and I didn't lose any data. If sleep analysis is hanging, just make sure your biostatistics are shown before you log out. If they are there then you know your sleep session was synced. Log out and in and you'll have your sleep analysis too. Minor bug. It does show 30 day trend also. Just have to click the 7 on the trend page. I recommend

Ryan Shone

Good but still has a few bugs I'm really enjoying Amiigo but suffer from the following issues. 1. The band tried to measure heart rate but the red led will stay flashing until the battery drain. The app doesn't alert you to low battery when this happens either. 2. Sleep analysis sometimes takes forever or never has results. 3. The band design is pretty bad, always popping off. This needs a clip. Other than that it's brilliant!

Matthew Garey

way too many glitches. I had to "train" an extremely basic exercise like running 17 times before the app could recognize it. Seventeen times for probably the most basic & entry level type of workout there is. It took 14 months to get this in the mail, it looks nothing like the devices on the site, and it doesn't even respond to a basic exercise like running. Kudos. save the money and headache and go with something that works.

G Chiang

Amiigo is great when it works. Like many users I experienced synch issues. Workout sessions takes days to yeild analyzes (most times screen is stuck on processing). Records sleep and walk data but it shows result on dashboard only and can't access results. I had the unit for a year and now seeking a more reliable unit to track my numbers. Too bad. I really liked Amiigo when it worked. @.@

Audrius Karosevičius

Nice design. Thats all. Missing actual long term history. I can remember longest distance I ran in last month.

Heather Richardson

Don't waste your money I wish I would have requested my money back. It tracks my day to day steps great.. But not my sleep.. Why bother wearing it at night if it is not tracking

Todd Krupa

Garbage Works maybe 10% of the time. The Amiigo band and shoe clip is an epic failure!

Adrian Moscoso

Getting better Crashes less frequently and faster upload and analysis. Yet, I would like to see trends for over 30 days.

Cassady Brunette

Wow. Has been bad lately. Frequently doesn't analyze sleep data and won't connect to your devices to end a workout until you restart your phone. They also seem to occasionally take all the servers down simultaneously so that you can't do ANYTHING until everything is back up.

Dani Moreno

Still waiting for web version to access the data. Still waiting for the footpod API. is the project still alive?

Katie Pratka

Never connects My wristband is defective and the company is MIA. I want my money back.

Raul Dias

No real time status It seems that it is not possible to access your biometric data in real time.

Tudor Parau

Not worth it Gave it a chance and it had potential though it was far from a finished product.

Katie Pratka

My wristband is defective and the company is MIA. I want my money back.

christopher romero

Amiigo is not my amigo anymore Enough is enough! I had a lot of hope that this company would bring out what was supposed to be the finest most accurate fit bracelet and shoe clip that would monitor heart rate and sleep. What a waste of my 200 dollars, the app that syncs with the amiigo bracelet through blue tooth is a total failure. More than half the time it takes about 1 hour to supposedly sync my sleep progress, and when it finally finishes its not accurate. Now the company's servers are completely down, it's time to dump the product.

Kevin Burkhead

Awful Waste of money. Doesn't work. Now the developers have abandoned the name and rebranded it. So of you spent the 180 on a promise of a good product. Your loss.

Chetan Mali

No Update since 2015 Please give update to the applications there are lot of bugs

Steve Swartzlander

No updates and unsupported

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