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31 Oct
Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Posted by AMdroid Alarm Clock - No more oversleep in Productivity | Oct. 31, 2016 | 148 Comments

Apk file size: 9.9 MB

AMdroid Smart Alarm Clock is an innovative, feature-rich alarm clock application for Android. It's smart and fully customizable, and it can make your morning routine better by waking you up slowly, naturally and gradually. No more oversleep. This app has been designed for heavy sleepers!

• A free alarm clock with unlimited, fully customizable alarm profiles
Recurring alarms - you can use advanced recurrence, such as daily or weekly repeats, intervals, set expiration, etc. (ideal for shift workers)
One-time alarms - set any date
Countdown alarms - perfect for an afternoon siesta or zizz
We've made the best effective alarms, so deep and heavy sleepers can wake up with a gradual wake.
• Each alarm has its own settings
Wake up with a gentle alarm and start the day with your favorite song along with real-time weather information
Use challenges (Math, Captcha, Wi-Fi, NFC) to prevent oversleeping - great for heavy sleepers
Adjust snooze time on the fly
Restrict alarms to locations
Many more features to tweak your alarms, yet you can familiarize yourself with it easily
Set up multiple alarms that work!
• Let you sleep on off-days
Ever been roused from a good, deep sleep on a public holiday, just because the alarm clock wasn't turned off? AMdroid knows public holidays for your country; alarms won’t go off on these days (optional).
• Android Wear integration
Snooze or dismiss alarms right from your wrist. Adjust next alarm or add new one-time alarms using voice commands.
• No more oversleep with this alarm clock
Can't wake up? Configure dismiss challenges to wake up timely. Use post alarm confirmation to make sure you are awake and avoid oversleeping. Perfect alarm clock for heavy sleepers.
• Wake up during light sleep
Awakening from a good, deep sleep can cause enervation when you're a heavy sleeper. Configure a gentle pre-alarm that will go off and wake you up naturally and gradually before the main one. By utilizing sleep cycle calculation following your biorhythm it can be scheduled automatically according to your sleep patterns.Lower the volume and disable vibrating for this pre-alarm, so it'll only wake you up slowly if you are in light sleep for a better morning routine start. This helps defend against sleepiness and lethargy in the mornings. Wake up easily; be energetic! The power of our smart alarm.
• Sleep mode
To avoid oversleep you need to go to bed timely. AMdroid will let you know with a bedtime (sleep advise) notification if it's time to fall asleep in order to wake up fresh and have a better morning routine. When sleep mode is activated sleep cycle calculation can be started to follow your sleep patterns and have an easier awakening in the morning. With Stats, you can also track how much time you spend sleeping.
• Places
Make your alarm clock location-aware, so your alarms will only go off if you are in a certain area. Heading out for a business trip or just sleep over somewhere else for the night? Your morning routine will probably change, so AMdroid will temporarily disable your regular alarm profile automatically.
• Stats
Ever wondered how much time you spend snoozing? AMdroid Smart Alarm Clock will show you statistics, you can analyze and use to fine-tune your alarm settings.
• Nothing better than an afternoon siesta
Tiredness overcame and feel drowsy? If you are sleepy, use the countdown alarm function as a timer for your afternoon doze. Set the timer, and the alarm will go off if it has elapsed, and you won't oversleep. Waking up naturally is the best feeling.

Let's fight deep sleep and build the best smart alarm clock app. Send your ideas or report issues to [email protected]

*Important notes*
If your device supports a battery saving function, please add AMdroid Smart Alarm Clock to the whitelist, as it may cause problems with alarm clock apps.
The app is free and Ad supported (after the alarm); purchase Premium Upgrade to remove Ads.

Whats new

    NEW - Invite Friends and earn Ad-free days!
    NEW - Added FAQ section (updated continuously)
    NEW - Added Portuguese translation (community provided, thanks for the great help)
    FIX - Ongoing alarms can't be closed by swiping the app away in the recent apps screen
    FIX - Improved Wear integration
    Minor fixes
    If you have a question, idea or run into an issue, just send a message with the Help and Feedback menu in the app.

AMdroid Alarm Clock - No more oversleep part of our Productivity and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Oct. 31, 2016. Google play rating is 90.0446. Current verison is 2.2. Actual size 9.9 MB.

Download amdroid-alarm-clock.apk 9.9 MB


Bryan Duropan

Wish it Integrated with Google Now This would be perfect and I'd buy it in a second if it was able to replace the default Alarm in Google Now. As it is right now, I do not have that option. Add that ability and get 5 stars from me!

Betsy Markman

Clearly a quality app, but lacks what I need There's one make-or-break option I need with an alarm app. I need to be able to choose, every time I hit snooze, how long I want that snooze to last. For example, with a given medication alarm, if I'm home, I might decide to snooze it for 5 minutes, but if I'm away from home, I might want to snooze it for 2 hours. With my current alarm app, a few stock snooze time options come up, but if I press-and-hold the snooze button, I have infinite snooze options available. Add that feature, and this will be my alarm app!

riten 86

not only I love I love this apps so so so much

DL Diedrich

Works perfectly Amazing app! I've tried many alarm apps but this one goes above and beyond. Had some trouble at first with some of the features but after a little tinkering it works great. The devs were also extremely helpful and quick to respond. Thanx so much!

Clay C

Stupid thing goes into error; mode and wont shut off. #@$;:!!

Lana Jones

PERFECT Greatest alarm clock in the history of android alarm apps. And it's free! Thanks guys.

Viktor László

Far the best alarm clock ... which is available in Play Store. I have tried many alarm clocks including those having hundreds of thousands downloads but none of them is comparable to this. Its UI is eye-candy and it has unique features (you can skip alarms on public holidays, or skip from the notification area) which make the usage very comfortable. In addition to this, the price of this app is very reasonable, it worth every penny.

Dániel Nemes

Lets me sleep on national holidays Cool one with lots of features and a minimalist design

Magnus Gustavsson

Great alarm clock with many features

Joanna Staebler-Kimmel

Was decent until the ads upped their game Originally, my only problem with this app was that a stray swipe while getting my phone out of my pocket would hide the ringing alarm behind my lock screen. Luckily I wasn't in a situation where letting the alarm ring while I entered my unlock code caused any problems. The ads were annoying but understandable, until two days ago: that's when the ads started autoplaying videos... with sound! Not cool.

Susan Erskine

Good app! Works well and no problems.

Charlie Burk

Way to go Way to go guys,this hasn't failed to wake me up yet.I'm a heavy sleeper too.

D Gruesbeck

Apple couldn't have it this good for setting Alarm. The Bad: I need a Booster to be able to hear it. (Knock Knock, anyone home?) Even maybe a Pre-Amp. It might be okay setting your Cell in your favorite Coffee Cup to gain some sound. Maybe a Mickey'Ds large glass and set it speaker up about have way down, this way you have created a Red Neck Loud Speakee Any Red Necks out there need an Alarm Clock? Setting the Alarm: Phenomenal !!! Freaking Awesome. ........... I don't care how old you are, if you can dial gramma you can set this alarm - Yea That Simple

Cara Appelhans

Most amazing alarm ever!!! I love this alarm clock. It doesn't let me get away with my sneaky sleep in efforts that get me in trouble in the mornings. I love the post alarm that makes sure I'm awake after I have turned the alarm off. I also love it that I can track my sleeping and my snoozing. Great job you guys.

Captian Marshmallow

Great app Very easy to use,nicely made an and great sound options! Would recommended to anyone its an overall amazing app:D

Jeffrey Goodspeed

So much more than most alarm apps! This app is fantastic, especially if you have a tendency to oversleep. Requiring a challenge be solved to turn off an alarm, and notifications to check that you are awake, are just two of the great features.

Audrey Terrell

Works This alarm wakes me up; many settings, options. The only issue I have is, when im asleep and want to snooze/dismiss, there are ads on the next screen; so you end up hitting ads and wake up with a random open page on your phone.

Tushar Singh

Excellent I'm impressed as well as very satisfied . Edit:The post alarm confirmation makes it the best alarm clock on Play store ... Wish i could rate it more than 5 stars ...

Rachael Wolfe

Love this alarm app! I take meds for insomnia, and unfortunately they cause me to oversleep often. With a toddler and a young child with autism, this can be pretty scary sometimes. This is the first alarm I've found that wakes me up gently yet completely effectively. Thank you so much, you have saved a small piece of my sanity!

Juliet Henderson

Works great! Its funny, because I'm a really heavy sleeper and usually have to get some pretty obnoxious alarm clocks. However, it's weird because the gentle wake pops awake right away. I don't know why. It's like because it's different, my body is all of the sudden on alert. Whatever the reason, it works amazingly well for me!

Michelle DeHarte Crompton

Almost perfect Two issues that would make it perfect... remove the ads once you turn off an alarm and be clearer on which process actually stop apps from running in the backgrpund. Other than that... awesome!

Matthew Mack

Great!! Quick and pleasant response from dev on adding a new country to the holidays section, non intrusive reminders and just all round nicest and most functional alarm on the market.

Paul Davis

Works great Who knew math problems are the answer to getting me out of bed every morning without fail

Leanna Tokarski

Great Alarm Great alarm! With all the different settings it makes it easy to set, but hard to stay asleep. Which is perfect for someone like me who hates to wake up.


I dont see anything special! There are better in google store!

Sean Mc Dowell

Really effective I kept getting the math problem wrong, which made me get up. Also I love how it checks up on you to make sure you are really awake

Harry Kreiser III

Heavy sleeper I have no more trouble with oversleeping anymore.

Paul Hummel

Good app if not using lock screen I have a password lock screen and when I choose a dismiss challenge, no keyboard pops up. I have to snooze to dismiss, then unlock my phone, then dismiss the snooze to see a keyboard pop up to complete the challenge.

Morgen Moraine

Good app, lost music Good app, seems really customizable, the app however won't find much of the music I have on my phone so I have a very limited selection to choose from for song choices.

Crystal Simpson

Great clock I love this alarm clock. Ive had no problems with the app

Lucas Allen Rushing

Best alarm Super easy to use. The layout makes verification of your next alarm hassel free.

Jeffrey Bowen

Great alarm clock app It helps me wake up and get ready for work and I recommend this app to everyone that needs to be woke up at a certain time


Amazing This is perhaps the best alarm clock out there, and it's free!

Katy Walker

Good app -does the job well ?

Ashley Morris

Love this app! It outsmarts me in the morning and has a simple, clutter free interface. Very nice.

Muhammad Heri Sobari

Cool. Really enjoy this app.

Brian Yeh

Awesome 5 stars already but allowing us to add more profiles instead of just three default profiles would make it a six!

Vic J

Not for me Add recurring, add one off, add whatever. Not my cup of tea.

Eugene Lam

Add night clock feature? Great app, it will be nice if the app included a night clock feature.

yolonda sanchez

Great Does exactly what it's supposed to do! How convenient in a world of apps that make claims they don't keep.

John Li

The best for Android 6 I have been using alarm clock extreme for year until I start using Android 6. For Android 6, this app is better. The only option that I hope to add is to keep the screen display off when alarm is playing music to save my better power. This should not be difficult.

Skkiddz Skkratch

Ads are dumb They're not super annoying, but at the same time it's an alarm app. Other than that it's pretty cool.

Marin Muštra

Alarm clock with tons of features! Props to developer for building awesome app and providing great support! But, 4 stars until volume fade-in feature gets updated with smoother volume transition.

Brian Sheldon

Impressive For the small price to remove ads, this is a very impressive alarm app. Worked flawlessly so far and a nice set of features.

Jadd Askar

Amazing Never fails to wake me up from the deepest of sleeps. 5 stars well deserved!

Rikki Stylz

Great app No problems at all

Tony Marsh

Ads are a bit annoying but apart from that 5 *

Brian Olmstead

Great Alarm Gets it done with Material design, nicely customizable alarms.

Nathalie de Joffrey

Great app It does wake up ;)

Danna St-Gerard

What happened?? I was soooo happy with this alarm clock features. Im a snoozer and i oversleep... I loved the fact that you have tasks, that you can set the alarm to ring again in case you resolve the task and went back to sleep and that it tells you at what time you need to be in bed to have an optimal sleep. But its been a 1 week now and it doesnt work eveb after the upgrade! It wont ring at the time you set it to ring!!Its very upseeting because i really relied on this clock and i woke up late for work!! Please fix!

abdulkareem ibn neville

My new Alarm clock. Payed for! When my goto alarm app (Alarm droid) recently went from reliable and feature packed if a little buggy to now a totally unreliable mess, I needed a new app. I never liked the other high ranked alarm apps much but this is pretty much what Alarm droid used to be but with some nice new features and without the annoying bugs. Nice job!

Mayank Sparsh

As i wanted this app do the same Loved it

RD McKinley

Helped me to get back on my wake up schedule


Use to love it Ok this was the best alarm clock yet but now it is not working correctly! Instead of using sound it vibrates even if you have all vibrate settings on app and phone shut off

Justin Crawford

Great app I love this app, it's worked fabulously over the stock alarm all and I finally wake up on time by using the math problems. I just wish it didn't do full screen ads.

Scott Krauss

Great app, does what it should, complex settings This is a great alarm app. It does everything it says & everything I need. My big issue (& the reason for knocking off one star) is the settings. While organized mostly logically, they can be a bit confusing, seeing as you can change every aspect of this app you could ever think of. Its also not at all clear at first that there is a difference between one-time and the default for repeating alarms, as well as for named repeating alarms, and that you must change the settings for all of these independently.

gokul g

Excellent It's now 430 in the morning and I'm writing this. This alarm just does an awesome job of waking me up early which I've been trying for years and ve terribly failed. I'm loving it. :)

Tushar Singh

Excellent I'm impressed as well as very satisfied . Edit:The post alarm confirmation makes it the best alarm clock on Play store ... Wish i could rate it more than 5 stars ...

Svyatoslav Andriyishen

Does not dismiss When I dismiss the alarm with captcha, it simply goes into the background instead of actually turning off. If I then select the app again, the alarm starts going off immediately and I have to enter captcha again to have it go to the background again. The only way to dismiss it fully is to dismiss the app from the list of currently active programs. This must be a bug you're working on, right?

Sean Menezes

Awesome I've never rated an app before but this is just amazing ; the post wakeup confirmation, tons of great useful settings, and a great interface. Easily beyond the 5 stars I can give.

Geir Vegard Lie

Fantastic alarm Best and easiest alarm ever. Much simpler to use than standard Android alarm...

Eric Russo

Helpful alarm app Has good alarm options to ensure that you wake up and stay up. 10/10 would snooze again

Timothy Pope

It's a good app Have no problems with it. Got it because I needed an app that would let me use custom music

Joshua Flowers

YES! Finally an alarm that really does what it says! Only had it for a couple of days, and I'm already in love. All of the customizations are exactly what I would have added. Great Job Guys!

Lee Bingham

Best integrated alarm clock with android wear I have found, the vibrate function works well on the watch unlike most other app I have tried. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and a Asus Zenwatch 2 Great job.

Bill Hubbard

Works Great Has really slick interface for setting date and time. Don't know why others don't use a similar approach.

Matt Lucas

This is a way better alarm than most of its kind on the Google Play store

Susie Shackleford

To many ads. To many ads pop up at all times of the day!

Paul Hummel

Great set of options for a full featured alarm This app seems to have just about every feature you could want in an alarm clock. When something was broken with Marshmallow, emailing the developer about the issue was able to receive a courteous reply. When the developer fixed the issue, I was sent a beta apk to test for verification.

D Kea

Adore it I love the fact that I can choose any song or select random and it will play any song in my library no matter what as long as it's on the phone

SkyMonster Jou

Neat nice nifty Clean material design look with great features. Needs a bit of learning curve but once you get the hang of inheritance you will love it!

Justin Wingate

Switched from Alarm clock Extreme I was a Alarm Clock Extreme user for 2 years until I switched to iOS. I switched back to Android and noticed Alarm Clock Extreme was no longer supported. It also became buggy. I found Amdroid and I'm glad I did. This is easily the best alarm clock available. The "are you awake" setting is genius. This alarm clock has every trick in the book for heavy sleepers. I will be donating as soon as I'm done writing this review. If I had one critique it would be the icon which is slightly ugly but easily changed.

Marin Muštra

Alarm clock with tons of features! Didn't realize the fab button for profile management. But, you have every option in form of button list including 'profile section', couldn't there be additional button under 'select profile' like 'edit/manage profiles'? Fab button seems unnecessary. Props to developer for building awesome app and providing great support!

The Mortiest Morty

AWESOME Best alarm! No more oversleep for me, awesome advanced features.

Daniel Fuchs

Best alarm clock under the sun! 5/5 Forget over sleeping ever! This App has saved my life, ingenious settings and profiles, also downloads public holidays of your country and skips those days Automatically! I cannot flaw this app! Well done developer!

Daniel Sanchez

Love it The "Are you still awake?" feature is a life saver.

amber riggs

I haven't been late! Not late to work anymore! This actually works great.

demarco nelson

Great I've been using this app for a while and it does the job.

Lucas Allen Rushing

Best alarm Super easy to use. The layout makes verification of your next alarm hassel free. These updates keep getting better and better for an already amazing app.

Elton John Jonson

I actually woke up! I just hope there's more widgets like an analog or digital clock.

Josh Quiroz

Fine Wakes u up. Simpl n easy

Daniel Pfohl

Great alarm app Simple to set, use.

Larisa Khilkevich

AMdroid I'm very happy with this app! The best alarm clock I've had last few years! Thanks a lot!

N Tru

Easy to use Self explanatory, good selection of tunes to wake to. You can set multiple alarms.

Ronda Vardon

Great App Works 100 x's better than my factory alarm clock.

Amy Lannon

Good App It let's me play any music on my phone for my alarm, and hasn't failed to wake me yet!

Glenda Cross

AM alarm It worked the first days I used it. With a change in wake-up time, it would doesn't work any more.

Jeff Stoddard

Not bad Fairly good app. The ads are a bit annoying, but it's free so no biggie! Easy to set and great options for recurring alarm and great feature of skipping an alarm that is recurring if need be. I like it

St Tyrone Harrell IV

? ? Simple, it works, only thing is I wish it had other tones

John Li

The best for Android 6 I stopped using alarm clock extreme because it does not support Android 6. For Android 6, this app, Android, is the best. The only option that I hope to add is to keep the screen display off when alarm is playing music in auto dismiss to save power.

Andrew Storrie

Does what it says on the tin..

Aly Lazaro

Don't let the number of downloads fool you Most alarm clocks offer the same features but I use this one because I can customize my recurring alarms (e.g. every 2 weeks), others apps don't have this and you have to manually turn off the alarm. You can create multiple profiles and each are highly customizable, I won't have enough space if I enumerate them all. Love the sleep advise feature to wake up refreshed. Settings can be backed up manually, leaving 1 star for cloud-sync ?. Material design is a plus. Dev team is quick to provide assistance.

Kevin Kaminski

Great! Amazing. I can actually wake up without having 3 different alarms. Postalarm is the key to this. Get a notification after alarm is dismissed to confirm ur awake. If not alarm will sound, all customizable to ur liking.. Great job dev! :D

Jelovac Maglaj

Memory eater! It's very heavy, consuming to much of ram, makeing phone slow. Also too many settings which someone could find useful, but it's frustrating making me insecure.

Dmitri Edwards

So far so great Replaced Timely with this -- it's a LOT more practical. Not using any of the fancy wake-up stuff, but the little things like the 'skip' option are awesome. (Can't believe people are complaining about ads... There's a paid version for that, come on now!)

It's a great alarm app! The feature is cool. But the ads are annoying, but yeah, they should have income though. I have to turn airplane mode on to prevent ads.. Anyway, this app is worth 100 thousands++ downloads.

Marisa Garding-Brown

Great alarm The ads are overbearing and very annoying though. A full page pop-up that is slow is simply obnoxious. Banner ads would be fine, but the full page ad after every alarm is a bit too much.

Peter Bowers

Very powerful & flexible, ui not too intuitive, ads TOO MUCH I have not seen another alarm clock app with this degree of flexibility and power. Excellent for configurability. * I had some difficulty getting used to the interface. Not as intuitive as I would have hoped. * I really get the idea of ad-based apps. It works and I have dozens of ad-based apps, some of which I purchased to encourage the developers and get rid of the ads. HOWEVER (!!!) YOUR FULL PAGE ADS ARE OVER THE TOP! The first time it came up I thought some malware had infected me! No good!

Nathan Adams

Best alarm app I have found so far! Full of great features and works wonderfully with things like the notifications area and Google Now. There are ads but you can buy the full version to get rid of them for a fair price. Plus the developer is quick to respond if you have questions, feedback or new ideas to make it better, definitely worth it!

Kah Leong Ow

Best alarm app for Android Great app for setting and managing your alarms. Easy to get to grips with. The best feature is the ability to import holiday calendars and to set up own off days. These will disable the alarms! Wonderful! And the developer is super efficient in replying to questions and feedback. Maybe can add thr function to detect key words in calendar like Meeting, Holidays etc would be great.

easy to use I like waking up to my own music it's better than default ringtones and alarms. App looks really nice good job

Dominik Ryan

Almost Would be my go-to alarm app if it had an option to dismiss the alarm using QR or barcodes. Sleep as Android still the best option.

Jay Noneya

Amdroid This is probably the greatest app for alarm clock this thing will make sure your ass is awake!! Good stuff

Alexander Butuc

I tried a lot of different alarms apps, but this is the best. Lots of customization options. Nice and clean interface. After couple of days of testing bought add free version.


Fabulously helpful Lots of functions and is reliable to help heavy sleepers rise out of bed! The snooze reduction function is by far my favorite part!!

Morgan Volker

Clean with lots of good features! My only critique is to make the profiles easier to change settings on the main alarm menu.

dakota ritchie

Great alarm Gets me up by annoying the crap out of me, great app!

Ok if not for ads If there were no ads then 5 stars for me

Abhishek Shah

Changing to 5 stars The response to my problem was lighting quick and it was solved easily. Great app and great customer support

Craig Turner

Great love it Used for 6 months finally got paid version without ads and have not overslept yet.

Mohammad Nagy

Like it I like this app, but recurring alarm is not working for me. anything I'm missing?

misty heier

Love it Moved to this new alarm app because my old one was broken by the update. Works as it should.

Rafee Laude

Great app Does what it does. Loooove the maths solving before the alarm stops!

Peter Tóbiás

Very useful I love this app since the first version, the support is outstanding too. Thanks guys, keep up the good work!

Andrew Casey

Decent Sometimes the alarm doesn't go off.

Trevor Sunderland

Better than Google's Clock

Amy Spinden

Awesome! I'm actually getting up when I need to get up. Against my will but that's okay!

Anup Nadkarni

Next to best Think is amongst the best tht is there in the stores.. Cud do with more improvements as it evolves..

Brian Brits

Very clean and helpful It does what it should even the ads are bearable

Bucky Cole

Does what it should! Intuitive, works the way I think it should. Reliable!!

Juan Diaz

Great app so far! Keep up the good work

sheri feustel

Too many ads

Michael Tucker

Very nice Works very effectively

kalla dalayya

Useful one

Emily Krix

Many features, quick support So many features, I'm still getting used to all of them. Top notch support: I have submitted feedback twice now (it's so easy) and I got a helpful response within minutes. I love that I can specify the repeat interval, eg every two weeks (my job has a weird schedule).

Laura Howard

Works great Love the alarm. Hasn't failed me yet! Only one suggestion... please move the delete option away from the enable/disable option on the menu (maybe to the bottom). I keep deleting my alarm by accident and have to make a new one. Other than that I love it.

Vincenzo Schifano

Excellent idea, but flawed When i'm editing/adding alarms, my alarm list scrolls everytime to the top automatically, so i have to scroll down again and look for the alarm i was editing. It is annoying. Also please add some more weather providers (Foreca and Wunderground overall), because the actual weather condition are often wrong.


Ads block ability to turn off alarm Shutting off an alarm opens an ad. So after shutting off the first (as a snooze function), an ad will open, making it so you can't shut off the next without closing the advert. Annoying, but since this one will wake me up with a challenge I need it to get out of bed at a certain time. So I feel forced to buy the full version. Unable to set certain alarms to ignore holiday schedule if you use it.

Love it! Simple and works as intended. After app is switched to dark theme, it doesn't apply immediately, there's a slightly bright white-like flash, before dark theme appears on the newly opened screen at each time. Please, make it smoother, if possible. Thank you. Just bought your app. Thank you for the correction!

Rhea nunya

Love it. I'm a really heavy sleeper and this gets me up. Really simple to use.

Dec Rosu

Best alarm ever Lost of customization. Love the material design. And the best things are location based alarms and days off feature.

I love it so much :) It is easy to use and look smart.

Andy Oliver

Good app Nice lightweight alarm that does all expected of it. Would recommend (and I have tried a few?)

Batrisyia Nafisah

Changed tittle huh? ? Best alarm app ever!! Used it for months and so far it does not upset me.. I don't have any issues with the ads because I did not turn on my wifi often.. and please be understanding guys.. they need money though.. anyway, keep up the good work developers... ???

Mark Burchard

Great app This alarm clock is the best I have found. As a teacher, I enter in my breaks in the calendar and never worry about forgetting to shut off my alarm, or worse... Forgetting to turn it back on! Also I sent in a suggestion once, not expecting anything to come of it, and got a pretty quick, personal response! The paid version is not expensive, and I waited a few months to make sure it would work for me. I really liked having that as an option!

Jeff Cox

So far it does its job. I'm a heavy sleeper. Sleep walking, talking and overall functioning makes it hard for myself to wake or people to wake me up. On my normal alarm I can turn all three Alarms off and go back to sleep, while my wife has no idea. This alarm hasn't failed me yet.

Benjamin Fosco Vigneault

Literally the best alarm clock so far It has a feature that let's you know when to go to bed for the best sleep, and that works really well for me as I'll end up staying up all night. The only thing I'd change is being able to hear the sound of the ring tone as you're setting it.

Kendrick McLean

Cant complain A little overwhelming at first sight, but after your normal attention span returns it becomes very simple to understand. Awesome to wake up to your choice of music, and the settings go pretty in depth. Good job, great app. Thanks

David Johnsen

Perfect Allowed me to set up the rota I have for work, I completely rely on it. It has never failed to go off, integrates with the android clock widget to show next alarm time. Support from dev excellent too.

Thomas Mangione II

The only one that works I have sleep apnea this alarm works it gets me up it asks if I am up and if not it goes off again. Love it.

Josh B.

GREAT ALARM CLOCK APP ! I tried a bunch of other alarm clock apps this is the only one to actually get me up consistently. the confirm that your awake notification is genius and its been very reliable hasnt missed a alarm yet compared to the bigger apps... only tweak would be if they could update the interface to make it easier to change the settings and add a night clock ;)

Patrick Dorr

Great, except for the ads Good alternative to timely but the ads are ridiculous. I understand as a dev you need to eat but pop-up ads are the worst.

Charles Foo

Charles Foo Wonderful app. Beautifully designed and the layout is superb. Everything you may ever want in an alarm app. Even the support is amazing. I submitted a query and had a personalised response within the same evening. Highly recommended.

AL Lim

useful but simple gets the job done without the fancy UI to confuse you.

Miss Kitty

F*** this. I like how my phone will ring when the alarm is sounding while I am on the phone, but this app is always getting my times mixed up. Will be uninstalling.

Keith Trumble

Better than standard alarm I have off a day every other week and this app allows for this type of setting. Bravo

sexiicani 162

I have trouble wakin up for work n its me up it only takes one time. Its loud

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