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16 Oct

Posted by AMC in Entertainment | Oct. 16, 2014 | 46 Comments

Apk file size: 6.6 MB

Access full episodes on, get updates, sneak peeks, behind the scenes video, cast interviews, tweets and Facebook groups for AMC shows including The Walking Dead, Better Call Saul, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, TURN: Washington's Spies, Comic Book Men, Halt and Catch Fire, Hell on Wheels and Talking Dead. This app also includes a quick link to the AMC broadcast schedule.

* Available during select seasons, Story Sync: a LIVE, interactive experience that allows you to vote in snap polls, answer cool trivia questions, and re-live tense moments via video clips during the premiere broadcast of the latest episode. *

AMC - Something More

* Requirements: Android 2.2 and higher

Whats new

    * Bug fixes and stabilization.

AMC part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Oct. 16, 2014. Google play rating is 66.1183. Current verison is 4.0.13. Actual size 6.6 MB.

Download amc-1.apk 6.6 MB


Stephanie L. Ryan

Doesn't work After the video didn't load for the walking dead (gray video image instead) & I rewatched the same commercials 20 times trying to get it to work I finally uninstalled. Wouldn't be too upset if the website actually worked... thanks for nothing AMC

CamV MiaNMia

What happened????? Playback sucks. You watch commercials over and over, then when the show begins you get a gray screen and have to press pause then play to have visual. After you get it to play, at the next "commercial break," which plays longer than the actual show, it restarts the episode from the beginning! Also, what happened to the chromecast link??? (attempting to watch from a Galaxy S5)

jesus carmona

SUCKS Tries to log me in automatically all the time and doesnt let me sign in on the my separate att account. Also restarts the episode after commercials

esmeralda marquez

doesn't work! Needs work! Ito asks to login in order to see most episodes and yet it won't let me even tho I've rested my password 3 times already. it just tells me either the username or password are incorrect but I know it's not. Please fix this asap thanks.

Miguel Marquez

Awful yes it is. Everytime you get comercials sometimes same 3xin a row plus others when chapter resumes its all the way from the start then it will say video is currently not available......what? Took about 40 minutes just to watch the first 15 minutes of show.

Steve ipublic

No good, cant watch episodes, doesnt even have 1 of the 4 tv providers of my area to sign in, a bunch of crap!! Hey,, you have commercials,, you can take payments,, so heres an idea... CHARGE SOMETHING FOR THE APP SO WE DONT NEED A SERVICE PROVIDER AND WE CAN WATCH FULL EPISODES,,, WTH IS WRONG WITH YA!!!!

Lee Baggett

No worky Can't resume. Can't ffwd. Way too many ads. Pls fix I know y'all have the dough.

Daniel Middelburg

Worst Video Viewer Ever The most user unfriendly, commercially driven video player in existence! Watch a commercial, fine, until you're kicked back to the beginning of your program, unable to fast forward. Don't even think of touching your screen during a commercial, not even to enlarge the screen. You'll be taken to that commercial and then, you guessed it, back to the beginning of your program. As payback I'm going to go home and DVR all your programs and fast forward thru every commercial. Pretty cynical, AMC.

Murray Dodd

Worst cable channel app Log in takes patience or stuck in endless loop don't think I've ever made it thru a single episode of any show without it freezing or dropping video all together. That's if you can even get it to start a video

Chris Hill

Awful. Just Awful! Every time it goes to a commercial break it starts back at the beginning (after 5 minutes of commercials). Then when you do find your place, it plays for couple of seconds, then more commercials. Then of course it starts over again. Probably one if the worst functioning apps I've seen from a network.

Nick Ritzer

App and website suck! Tried to watch Better Call Saul in first firefox then the android browser... any time i would try to skip the slider ahead to a certain time it would play 4 commercials then restart the show!...Amazes me how you could have such good shows but such a SUBPAR streaming platform and website

Ryan Fitzhenry When you try to watch a video it goes to a gray screen. Thinking that you can just skip forward a min or two, you get moved to a different movie.... I'm deleting this App:-(

John Cunningham

Log in and playback issues. Most of the time doesn't authenticate with u verse, maybe that's on u verse I don't know. Like others are saying it starts over after each commercial break so you have to try to find where you left off.

Daliance Kirkland-Ross

Should Have Listened This app is horrendous. I read the reviews and thought it just can't be that bad and boy was I wrong. They are all correct, I can't understand how a multi million dollar company can't/won't build an app that works.

Carlos Torres

What is this crap?! We got amc service tru Cox to watch the walking dead. This app doesn't support Chromecast. Puffff, it doesn't even play the episodes on the phone (galaxy s4). It only plays a gray screen. So one star is more than generous for a video player app that doesn't play videos (zero would be more accurate). This is a sad crappy app that shouldn't have been released to the public.

H Rost

BS App has bugs. I don't mind forced commercials but it resets the episodes back to the beginning after the commercials. A bigger offense is needing to have a participating cable provider to watch episodes? FX had this BS requirement and now AMC too, and then you don't support all providers (Direct tv, Dish, hello?), this is why people torrent shows, you don't replay them on your network often enough and put ridiculous requirements on your apps. Uninstalled.

Stephen Mitchell

FAIL Picked this app up to keep up with this season of the Walking Dead. However, the experience has been abyssmal. I can sign in with my provider credentials just fine, but when I go to watch videos that require authentication, the video never loads. No grey box, no activity at all. The rest of the page loads and I am able to see other available content, it's just the video object that doesn't load. Watching video that doesn't require authentication works just fine.

Patricia Miller

DISAPPOINTED! Just like others stated..starts get to a commercial or few....something freezes and you have to start all over! 4 hrs. I've spent trying to see the full 43 min. Ridiculous! You have a GREAT SHOW HERE....SUPPORT IT WITH USEFUL AND FUNCTIONAL APPS!!! Hope you do it soon!

Sarah Richards

Does not work Same as the rest of the reviews. Only plays a couple minutes before starting the commercials over. So you sit through another round of commercials hoping this time it'll actually work and it starts from the beginning of the episode. Tried over and over. Crap-ola!!!!!!!

Lukasz Stanczyk

Horrible Every time I stop watching and need to find my place again, I need to watch through a minute of commercials (even while skipping backwards). The app won't let me watch full screen. I have to log into FiOS every time. Sometimes, I watch through commercials, only to have the video itself not load. If I refresh, guess what? More commercials! Even getting the app interrupted results in having to start from the beginning (with more commercials!). I'm very disappointed in AMC. HBO Go is superior in every way.

Chase Doak

How to artificially inflate ad revenue As many other reviewers have noted, the ads really cause this thing to fail. I expect ads in most streaming apps like this one, but playback freezes in the middle of ads (and as soon as you touch the screen to try to force a response, you are pushed through to the advertiser). It also freezes up following commercial breaks, so you have to start over again, which of course means watching the same ads all over again before you can scrub to the point you made it to before. And once you get there? Same ads.

Brian Naylor

Worst. Commericals were relentless. Smooth playback was nonexistent. Horrible app. Greedy company.

Kevin Sweeney

It really is that bad! The one positive review is fake. Neither the app not the web page are Chromecast optimized. The only way to watch a full episode on your TV is to use a PC with Chrome and cast the tab, which works, but not all that well. This ridiculous app locked up completely when I attempted to watch an episode of Mad Men, and my Galaxy Note has never locked up before. Amazing! How does this app have 3.4 stars when all the reviews are 1 star? Horrible!

casey Darmetko

Im very disappointed!! Commercials come in fine then once the show starts i get a grey screen and sometimes i can hear the video but i never can see it. I wish amc would fix this major flaw. Fx has an app and theirs works fabulously barely even skips. For the love of the dead please fix this app!!

Crislee M.

What's the point? I've tried to watch the same show for 2 hours with a strong signal WiFi on my phone which has a great processor. It keeps buffering then shutting down forcing me to restart. It won't save where you were. No matter what happens if you go back to the same episode you start from the beginning. Useless!

James Naudus

Endless loop of commercials I tried watching an episode of better call saul and experienced nothing but frustration. I lost my signal halfway through the episode and when I try to pick up where i left off, I sit through endless commercials. After each commercial break the stream restarts. So i skip ahead to where I was and it tosses me into another commercial. And then, the stream starts over again. So i skip ahead again, get thrown into a commercial, stream restarts and so on. Endless loop of commerials. Joy.

Dana-Lyne Fisher

Just Ads The only things that work on this app are the advertisements for Sprint. I tried to watch different programs. Each time, I saw a Sprint ad repeat itself for 12 minutes before an "unknown error" occurred. And why are all the errors "unknown"? A complete waste of time and battery. Don't you people test these things before you make them available? I guess if I want to use this app successfully, I would have to switch over to Sprint.

Tim Metz

its not just the app its the whole amc playback site dont work on a computer either the app is the most finicky app that does not work right always says no video availabke u click again and it works but will lock up never used the app without alot of frustration although it works better than amc online on a pc there it will freeze forever and its not my pc or internet connection mean they even will publish the talking dead episode ten for example before they publish walking dead the show episode ten apparently its just amc web that dont have it together and apparntly dont test it or care

Nonna Denhart

Poor/No Playability I have downloaded this app on my android tablet and mobile phone. Neither will play Walking Dead. The mobile just plays the commercial and stops when it gets to the episode. The tablet won't play at all; just load forever. I have tried this connected to 4G and personal WiFi at work and home. No go anywhere.

Kimberly Brundige

Please fix issues.. I only really use this app to watch the walking dead, but it takes way too long to watch the whole episode. Whenever the show comes back on from 2 or three overplayed commercials the show restarts from the beginning- EVERY TIME. Then sometimes after I try to fast forward to where I think I was in the show, commercials start again....

Johnathan Stanczak

Poorly done. No Chromecast support, couldn't get full screen to work, had to load the episode three times (resulting in 3 ads) before I could even get to an episode. Not impressed - this be in beta testing. ?

Liz Morrow

Horrible This app sucks. I can't watch my shows. It plays the commercials great but then when it's time for the show to play it just freezes. Very disappointed. Would be nice if you guys would fix this considering it's been like this for months.

James Williard

How is this app rated 3.5 stars?!?!?!? I couldn't understand how this app is rated 3.5 stars, looking at the reviews all of the high ratings are for an older version. This new version is horrid, ads run fine, in fact that's the only thing that I can get to run. Loading videos after watching the same ads 3-4 times and all I get is audio, and a grey image of a play icon on screen. If I could give it zero stars I would. Hope there are plans to update this monstrosity.

Tiffany Guillaume

This sucks If I can give half a star I will. The walking dead doesn't work and one slight touch of the screen sends it a wall. N the show comes off. Smh this needs to be fix

Joshua Tait

Very glitchy app - only good for clips and ads Redirects you to website to watch full episodes which negates the purpose of having the app in the first place. Login is finicky. Shows freeze often. Tapping anywhere on the screen makes you seek to that part of the show. Seeking causes commercials every time, sometimes restarting the show at the beginning with more commercials, even if you just watched them. Does not rotate to landscape on my LG G2, does on my Nexus 7 but full screen there doesn't work. Captions don't work. Horrible! Will amc ever fix?!?

J.J. Bentley

Frustrating Waste of Time 1. Must login to cable company every time, sometimes multiple times in a session. 2. Connection always drops out, no matter on PC, tablet or phone. Wifi or 4g, it's AMC's problem and it's always losing the connection. 3. If you touch an Ad that's playing you'll go to the webpage for the ad, and lose your place in the video. If you want to fast forward or switch to full screen, etc., don't do it while an Ad's playing.

Nate Cowley

Sucks so bad Commercials, 3 minutes of the actual show then 20 min. Of commercials and then it crashes. Probly the most frustrating thing of my life

Lobo Lobo

Trouble with app I installed this app a while back but had trouble logging into my att account.... Figured by now the glitches would be fixed. Nope!!! This is the only streaming app out there that is a pain in the ..... Uninstalling..

Mike Little

Total Incompetence This app and the website are all over the place. Stops every few minutes and you have to start the video over, or it doesn't load at all. Just gives a blank screen. But oh!!! Those commercials load nice and fast and clear. TOTAL SCAM.

Holly Vitello

This app is horrible! ! Won't play video but audio is going. If text comes in makes you re-start entire episode and then you have to sit through commercials AGAIN.

Steve ipublic

Wow No good, cant even watch full episodes? Should have full seasons and episodes,!!! wth??? ! TV PROVIDER?? NO NO NO !!! PEOPLE ARE QUITING CABLE!!, , a bunch of crap!! Hey,, you have commercials,, you can take payments,, so heres an idea... CHARGE SOMETHING FOR THE APP SO WE DONT NEED A SERVICE PROVIDER AND WE CAN WATCH FULL EPISODES,,, THE TV WORLD IS CHANGING,, AND NOW!!! PLEASE DO MANY UPDATES AND MAKE AVAILABLE WITHOUT TV PROVIDER!! PEOPLE ARE CUTTING THE CORD ON THAT NOW,, I USE Roku , tabets , and my phone,,, hope I dont lose you !

Chris Luna

Congrats AMC, you made your shows completely unwatchable Whoever codes this app should be drawn and quartered. The interface is garbage and the full length ads have a way of crashing the app or jumping the show back to the beginning. And whatever happens, you can't pick up where you left off. Gah, how can I (legally) watch AMC's fine programming while separated from cable TV for the foreseeable future?

walter kirk

Shows are good app stinks I love the amc shows but the app stinks. Cannot cast at all like the other channels. Half the time I can't log in for att. Then when it player tries to work I get sound and no picture. Except for the commercials they play excellent. Please put more effort into the app. And if I select full episodes for one show, why must I scroll though all the shows again?

Quashaun Randall

Best For AMC Lovers This app will notify you every single night your show comes on with new episodes. It notifies you about 45 min prior to show time. Good for WALKING DEAD fans and FEAR THE WALKING DEAD fans!

Thomas Snyder

Says free apo for phone. If I could afford cable. Would not have downloaded this app, you are lying to people. Other T.V sites ARE FREE !!! Just wanted to watch walking dead. DO NOT download this app, is not free unless you already have cable. This is BS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And how come support is not commenting on these concerns ?????!!!!- perhaps they do not care. Hmmmmmmmm

Steve Kay

Can't get video to play Happened on app, chrome, and IE on 3 separate devices. Sign into my provider and it just loops back and tells me to sign in again. I got it to play once and it died out in the middle of an episode and did the sign in loop again.

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