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23 Jan
Ambush! - Tower Offense

Posted by CM TA2 in Strategy | Jan. 23, 2015 | 70 Comments

Apk file size: 45.0 MB

Ever wondered what it's like to invade in a Tower Defense game? Join Ambush and overthrow other players' defenses! Keep the good old Defense as well to succeed in one of the best new games of the year!

For many years, Warlords of a mighty clan protected their land, building bases to defend territories and crushing enemies beyond count. But a Wise Man said: the time for Great Invasions has come! Build a Citadel, ambush the neighboring tribes! Send forth your armies and crush their defenses!

No other free games offer you the same ability to challenge other players in a unique mixture of well-known Tower Defense and BRAND NEW Tower Offense game modes! Command and conquer a realm of your own in one of the most addicting games on the market!

If you like to play online games, download Ambush and show ’em the real Tower power!

*** Cool stuff ***
• Tower Offense (new and cool - rush your armies through others' defenses!)
• Tower Defense (traditional - build towers, destroy invaders)
• Heroes! That's a game changer!

*** Your realm and neighborhood***
• Your own Citadel and many lands to conquer
• Ambush other player's realms and take their resources for victory
• Realm chronicles: know who attacked you and what was the outcome.
• Revenge is a dish best served cold! Strike back when you are ready!
• Evaluate other players' progress and power score

*** And basics ***
• 20 tower types and upgrades - a variety of damage types
• 20 battle units and monsters with different perks. Combine them wisely to pass through defenses
• 5 land types to protect and mine resources
• Research and power increasing buildings - 8 battle stats to boost your power!
• Two battle grounds – Native and Inferno

The game requires Internet connection.
The game offers in-app purchases (non-restrictive to overall progress).

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Whats new

    Improvements and bug fixes. Thank you for reporting the issues, we look closely to all bug reports!
    “Shield” – protect your lands from assault.
    “Last chance" option - extend the battle when you need a little more time to win.

CM TA2 part of our Strategy and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Jan. 23, 2015. Google play rating is 73.7426. Current verison is 1.0.7. Actual size 45.0 MB.

Download ambush-tower-offense.apk 45.0 MB


Stephen Alexander Pijuan

Pointxzero I've been monitoring these game and its the 3rd time i'm playing it again. Bug fix, the sound much better now and now is the connection problem. Please do something, other apps are working just fine and theres no problem with my wifi or internet connection. 5 star if you can solve this one.

max Kelley

It's great, but... It crashes, and it let me spend all of my diamonds on abilities during battle without warning me. I guess the diamonds are OK now that I know how to watch for that, but I would rather not have them just drain away when I press the button too soon. Freezing all the time makes it unplayable. Three stars for the red haired woman who shakes a carrot at me and gives me hints.

James Mui

One problem... This game actually isn't that bad, but it keeps on crashing!!! Every time I start playing this game, after about 2-5 minutes it just crashes! How am I supposed to enjoy this game if it crashes every time I play it! PLEASE FIX!!!!!!

Jake Hoffman

Towers This game is really fun, but the only thing that bothers me is the upgrade buttons on towers. When I click the tower it pauses the game. I wish it would let the game continue and when I click the upgrade button it would do something else so I know that I selected the button and when I push it again there is a animation that I know the tower upgrades.

Rhys Goodier

So much potential... SO MUCH I could see myself not only enjoying this game but spending money on it =0 sadly the game is currently riddled with game braking bugs. The support team is incompetent, slow to reply and do not rectify problems/ solve issues effectively. I do not recommend this game to my friends until the game is completed or updated. I will be back in a few months to give it another try. SO MUCH POTENTIAL I look forward to playing the game when it is ready.

Curtis Black

The first tower offense game Ambush is about assaulting a base instead of defending. This a game that attempts a new idea in a familiar way, and, even though it shouldn't, It suprises me how well this idea is carried out. It is a very enjoyable game with enough features to be fun as a tower offense and defense. I would recommend this game to anyone. This game also has excellent customer service.

Milen Todorov

Milen It's a buggy and crappy game. When atacking you can see no more than 10-15 players and if you click atack button for about 10 times you can atack specific person and to write down the resources positions and steal them easily with next atack. Revenge buttons are disappearing mysteriously?1? It is not a game, it's a way to steal money from you.:((((((((((((((((((

Quinn Miller

Galaxy s5 Great game, just would be nice if a confirmation button would be added before spending gems on something

Peter Britz

Great!!! Hey,changed my review after playing the game a bit more.There's one little flaw in your resource storage...Can you PLEASE change that a player can choose the amount of resources you want to clear and not lose EVEYTHING when you press clear..The way the resource setup is now,you'll never get the exact amount of a certain type of resource you need....PLEASE consider this update cause I'm not the only one stuck with this problem...Further more keep up the great work,game is excellent!!

Willam Brown

High vs low Sucks when you are low level and super high level players can keep pillaging all your resources so you can't upgrade anything. Please fix, good game otherwise. Don't bother trying to report anything either, the company just sends you a link to a website with nothing about the game so is of absolutely no use

Nicole Fahr

Used to love playing this In a matter of 24 hrs most lands were being attacked by ppl that i could not defend against...... now every time a land becomes unoccupied it gets attacked again before i can log in to collect my stuff and i can not defend ..... was playing everyday..... was going to ride out the occupation..... but clearly not an option.... deleting this game

James Altman

Buggy I have zero stone, but EVERY TIME I try to gather any it tells me I am "full" and can only gather 0/200 more. Please fix this.

Jim Barton

Childish, confusing towers and portals all look similar Maybe it improves but the lead by rote introduction made me wonder if I'd ever be able to tell the towers apart. I tried a few rounds then just didn't care what happened. Thanks for the response. Part of my problem is being slightly colour blind, as 8% of males are, but the towers all look similar.

Aaron Durham

Don't bother investing time into it I got to rank 18 before I finally gave up like everyone else, once you get that high up there are literally so few players you might be able to count the ones still playing on one hand, everyone else has lost their lands to people so strong that they have to be matched up against players far, far, faaar to weak to possibly defend themselves, my towers had a 2000 defense rating after he took my land, which couldn't even kill 1 of his units because his attack rating was 8750, once you're down, you stay down.

Kenneth Kelly

Underdoged With total score of 300 for attack and defense still getting land locked by people above 1300. Can't do anything cause constantly farmed

Nir Melamoud

Buggy annoying game Nice idea. Realky nice idea. Implementation not so much. You win a battle get gold bars but you dint really get them. Again and again ... developer not responding... uninstall

Tank Dempsey

Possibly Possibly one of the funnest games I have on my tab and phone scratch that it is the funniest game I have I'll let you all know if there's a bug or so I encounter

Grant Tsaousis

Its gg Fun but takes to long to upgrade

Sasa Macura

Great game with some flaws! There are some issues with the earning system that makes the game a bit hard. Amateur tip: earn gold stars by attacking other players.

Faisal Nasser

It Can be hacked!!! It is a great game but it can be hacked :(

William Platts

Has potential but issues Game is very time intensive. To survive you have to REGULARLY check into the game in narrow windows otherwise other players will quickly wipe you out making recovery all but impossible without spending lots of $$$. Otherwise I would rate it 4stars. Also the price for the bank slots is VERY misleading. You think you can get all 4 for 50 crystals each...surprise, the price increases with each one you buy...a lot.

Joel Meadows

Great game Like the game style. Only wish there was a help guide


Should be called cannon tower defense. Horribly unbalanced gameplay. Repetitive fights, and poor inventory space.

Cezar Dgreat

Great Looks cool but i would give 5 five stars if it looks even more animated but still awsome

Josh Juster

Unbalanced I have been playing for a couple weeks and the game is completely whacky when it comes to balance of spawns vs the AI. Upgrades seem to nothing for improving your spwan/towers. Need a major overhaul on balancing

Vladimir Milosevic

Not bad Everything works fine, people with problems in upgrading just didn't figure out how to manage resources (you can dispose surplus and clear storage slot). But, after some time, it gets boring. Soon i'll upgrade citadel to level 11 and if there is no new stages, i'm deleting it.

Caleb McNeil

5-star with resource exchange... Awesome game, but you need to add a feature that will let you exchange one resource type for another, (i.e. 250 wood for 100 meat). Easily a 5-star game if you add that.

Daniel Charles

Sooo... Yay another spam one type of tower game to win right? Yea fix that and it Might be cool

Brayden Hammill

It's the kind of game that makes you spend money on gems to get any farther

Jon throw

need more stars How do i get more stars on this game???

Evin Peters

Can't upgrade How do you upgrade resources I try to upgrade my base but I need 200 meats but I can only hold 150

Kevin Randolph

Unstable Constantly crashes and anytime you go and upgrade it never works the first time. Never play!!!!--

alexander ellis

Needs bug fixes 1) on one map therenis a location where building a towernmay cause you to accidentally spend a lot of gems on an attack. 2) game crashes when u win some fights, but u losenthe resources u spend to start the fight. 3) game crashes a lot. 4) good game, but needs these problems fixed. Then it woukd be a 4 star easy

Ian Chamberlain

Quite fun So far I'm liking the game. Theres a lot to this game it's not just a simple tower defense. A lot of different aspects that come together pretty well. One concern though. You have a strength and weakness system, which I love but I was wondering if there was a way to include in the menus, a way to view each of the towers or unit spawners strengths and weaknessnes. Because outside of the tutorial there's no way to see this. If not just include it here on the store page in the description so it's easy to find.

Eric Fischer

Interesting TD The game is solid really interesting take on a TD game, only reason I didn't give 5 stars is that I noticed when you attack people on occasion the mobs spawn too high in lane and won't trigger a life taken when they get to the end other than that it's a great game and a lot of fun to play.

David Bernal

fix or erase why when ever im battleling i get kicked out of the game ether fix it or i'll erase it and it also frezzes then kicks me out

Yeasmin Shefa

It is crashed All the time want to play it , it opens n just crashed

rainbow prasetya

Very interested games but how to get star , i give 5 star if this solved

Socute Raptor

Too slow and too many bugs Game is too slow like running a PHP page on a webview. Every click you make, you have to wait 2-5sec for it to respond. Game also random crash, or after a match, hang without giving you reward. I played on an ASUS Zenfone 5. Other graphic intensive, or even 3D games run smoothly.

Jose Gomez

Best I've ever played #GG Thank you and this was my childhood dream, to become the offense besides the defense one add on you should make rare is a new tower and a new offense unit for example a WindTower strong against all and it blows some units away and the Necromancer that summons skeletons please answer back I need to know if you will recognize my idea thank you.

Joel Schauer

Loved this game until... The bug with high levels attacking low levels happened... Just today I lost thousands of resources because some idiot high level decided to pick on someone way under his league. Have spent plenty of money on this app too! Don't think it's any use to complain for resource refund, ugh...

James Nelson

Was fun until a max level player crushed me So, it was a great little game, spent some time and money getting to a decent mid level position, wake up one morning to over half my territory held by a maxed player who could hit me for 350 and I can't possibly get my land back. This game is already super-grindy, add in the fact that it is super unbalanced and the result is, don't play this unless you like frustration and wasting time. :-/

Chuck Frederickson

Game turned awful!!! I spend a lot of time playing game all day long. I was away for one lousy day and I logged in the next day all my property was possessed and all my assets stolen. I have to wait a week until unoccupied and a lot longer to get the assets back if I'm even able to defend myself during that vulnerable time. What a joke!!!!! Very unfair!!!

Pete Lopez

Could be better I've been playing for a while now, around th12. I love the idea, but losing a resource defense and all buildings with it for 96 hours. That's a bit ridiculous. If you lose 1 it's OK but 3 or 4 will pretty much put you out of the game for good because all offense and defense will and can drop from 2000 to 250 real quick, and for 96 hours leaving higher levels to keep you there. Other than that, great game, I can't wait for more maps, and I haven't had a single crash.

Levin HL

Really good game. Still a bit buggy, but it still have space for improvement... Like add some music to the game. Also when playing in offense, when I send a lot of units, the game freezes a lot, plz fix that. Besides that, this game is really fun and strategic like most tower defense games.

johann diedericks

It keeps crashing I can't even finish the 1st level before it stops working

Aman Malik

Very Good Game The game is very go but if u add some new troops and towers it would be epic and some new levels too. Thank u

Firith Mellonion

Ridiculous Tired of these "free"games. Theyre all just a bullshit ploy to get your money. Impossible to play without buying anything. Stop stealing from users.

Алекс Ниц

Problem I can't level up. I 8lvl. Need 200 food but my inventory max is 170 .... what to do?????

Raylon Powers

Doesnt work w/o internet connection

Сергей Карни

Moneymaker. Stars only for diamonds, that were spent in battle without any prompt by touching charging ability. That's not right.

Mark Mills

Doesnt respond Worked for a little bit then it wouldnt respond pls fix

wayne wilson

I have played this game for many hours and have been all but wiped out by two players d2x and sousnake because they are hackers who are more than twice as powerful and a full two levels above me and are taking all my resources and land. It is an unfair game to play once you hit level 18 because they will keep harassing you till you quit.

Moses Karunia

Average "The hand" for beginner to show which menu to click is covering the button's text! Gamplay can be pushed! 90% kingdom rush similarities

Max A

It does not work in offline

Byeonghwa Park

Amazing but... It's awesome. There's only one thing that bothers me. The lack of a fast forward button

Trevor Mapp

Really great Second time playing it. Not because its bad just cause of time and needs more updates

Vladyslav Tsilytskyi

Dislike 1) Hangs up on my Samsung J1 once per 10 minutes. 2) Bad balance: you can get stars only in offence mode.

Francisco Albert

1 hour already hooked smart and inteligent game idea. It is smooth as well as a non buggy game. the one thing i would like to see is a texture pack so we wont have the same old background. THANKS FOR THE GOOD GAME!!!

Zachary Smith

Tutorial Why can't I skip the tutorial? I get it, I understand how to play the game. Seriously, let me play the game.

Ralph Macon

I'm enjoying so far. It has gotten my interest

nirvana nirvana

The grafik is horrible The game is Nice, one thing it would need is a speed up button. But my main problem is that the grafik is horrible, the building, characters, energy bars and the village are with lines, so its not really nice to watch.

Great Concept Well-designed for long-term playability, but still has a few kinks. The support team, in this regard, deserves commendation. Thus far, they have tackled each complaint quickly and efficiently. Good game; good team...what more do ya need to know?? :))

Jason C

Don't waste your time. I'm really happy that I didn't spend any money on this. It's designed as if it DOESN'T want you to play it. My guess is the designers had a stroke midway of development.

Shahril Shaharoni

Just a little bit more Pro: The TD game we all ever wish. Cons: Like they said, unbalanced. High level versus low level.

Rollins John

Can't even start the game The app crashes after trying to connect with the server

Jameswesleymeritcastro Jameswesleymeritcastro895

Its fine your game is doing great Your game is awesome I'll rate it 3 stars :) you should update and fix the errors encountered during the game PvP winner 1 in coc I need you guys to put guild at ambush and clash of the dammed God bless . - James castro

Kyle David

Poor I really liked the game. But, it always crashes i don't know why. My internet connection was good, and my storage was still good. Please fix this. Thank u

Lee Gray

Just junk Good for a while till all ya loose everythig leaving ya so weak it's impossible to recover. Kunt of a game really!!! :-(

jeff dugan

Literally broke the game I leveled up my base to quick for thr game and now it's broken

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