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17 Jul
Ambition of the Slimes

Posted by altairworks in Simulation | July 17, 2015 | 130 Comments

Apk file size: 42.0 MB

100,000 over downloaded! (All platform totals)
Thank you!
We have finished translating the in-game text to English in version 2.50!

The world was on the brink of destruction.
An evil race known as humans had appeared from out of nowhere, and had the world in the palm of their hand.
Forests were burned, the skies and seas were polluted, and tyranny reigned supreme.
At this rate, the end of days is not far off.

And then, despite us having done nothing to earn their malice, they came to make war upon us.
As we did not possess any significant fighting force, it was just a matter of time before we were annihilated.

However, by complete chance, we discovered that we are able to enter their bodies and "take over" them.

It's time for a slime counter-attack!

This game plays like an orthodox simulation RPG.
However, you play as the slime.
And these slime can "take over" enemies and control them.

Take over an archer and you can use a bow and arrow. Take over a mage and you can use magic.
Or you could take over a merchant and sway your enemies with a bribe.

In addition, there are many types of slime, such teleporting slime, slime that raise the abilities of enemies they take over or slime that are guaranteed to take over a high level enemy.

Which slime will you use on which enemy?
And how do you take over them?
You can come up with various tactics and this becomes an important strategic element. We've made it somewhat difficult so you can't win just by attacking randomly.
Your tactics are vital for success.

With its cute graphics, and gameplay that you can really sink your teeth into, we recommend that you give this tactics simulation a try.
And bring peace back to the world.

[about in-app items]
Although we have prepared special items that you can purchase with real-world currency, it's possible to finish the game without spending a cent.

Official homepage(Japanese)

Official blog(Japanese)

Official twitter account

The English manual by Paul.

Whats new

    We completed all stage implementation in version 4.00!
    [Update Contents]
    (Ver.4.00) The final area 'Forest of witches' has been added.
    (Ver.4.00) Add the 'EASY level' in all stages.
    (Ver.4.01) Fix some bugs.(ex. when unclothed the enemy, an hollow slime appear and may cause freeze.)

altairworks part of our Simulation and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 17, 2015. Google play rating is 79.3064. Current verison is 4.01. Actual size 42.0 MB.

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Dimas Maesa

F. U. N!!!! Cool game, this is the first time I play game which have slime as the protagonist, usually slime is the weakest monsters in rpg, but this game change my mind. COOL GAME!!!

William Vuong

Strategy to its finest, also full of slime. Wow, this game is amazing. It is a tactical RPG that adds a twist to wonderful gameplay with its slime possession mechanic. In the game, you use slimes to control humans to defeat enemies within a stage. It offers many strategies as there are loads of slimes to use with different abilities. The slimes enter through the humans' mouths and possesses their body. It is very interesting and I always look out for games with possession as they create an interesting game mechanic. Overall, altairworks thank you!

Chris Carlisle

Great, fun, and quirky Small size good quality tactics game. Reminds me of tactics ogre: knights of lodis and final fantasy tactics (playstation version)

Cheow Mong Chan

Loved it. One of the better map strategy games till date on android platform. Simple but not overly so. What's more, its free! Keep up the good work.


Addictive fun Really fun charming strategy game that killed a lot of time for me. But could you add a hot spring (温泉) level please? ^^)

Alexander Hamilton

I love this game so much I have been playing for quite some time now and it is amazing I used to criticize games but im on the highschool football team now my rating for this game would be 10/10 on strategy 9/10 on gameplay and 10/10 on fun I gotta hand it to the creator of this game they did one heck of a job grabbing this game critic's attention

Ryan Mikulus

Difficult yet exciting Love this game. The dialogue and story aren't very deep, however, the unique challenge of the gameplay itself is enough to keep me coming back over and over again.

Fahmi Khairullah

Challanging and Creative I like the game mechanics and idea in general, to use the enemy against themselves... The challenges can be stressful, but fun as well

TimeIsNow Boltz

Great game ... But don't you know a native English speaker? A little editing, a touch up on the storyline from an English speaker, and this is an easy 5 star. Greg concept.

Jalu Wibowo

Addictive ! Great game, and very addictive too

James Reed

Wow Best SRPG since fire emblem and Disgaea

Shaun Choo

Satisfaction Push me and then juz touch me till I get my satisfaction....more updates!

Andre Ifandiaz

Worth keeping! Finally, a game that make us the villain. Need more game like this.

Justin S

Great Tactics Game Never really played one, but its fun to have a good one like this on mobile!

Owen Lowe

Pretty darn good I like this a lot. Translation could use a hand but definitely a good time.

Zakk C

Way too hard, would be fun if it wasnt so difficult


Bravo Just needs better translations.

Tamara Daley

great game! free, fun and colorful. Really nice game!

yanuar sumarno

the best when is the update? i cant wait

Ryan Walker

Well done Keep it free and awesome. A real quality game. FF tactics type game.

Eric Headley

TRPG at its finest I love this concept, taking the weaker creatures to take over stronger ones and using your brain to ultimately win. Other games in this category don't make you think like this one does. The tough challenge is refreshing.

werison werox

Fun but.... hard and too commercils.

Unid Gm

Solid SRPG with fair business model! Nailed the core concept nicely and stay true to it without those mobile business practices BS. Using the Takeover mechanic to overcome number disadvantage is very challenging and fun. High replay value with varies difficulty challenges. The translation is weird but can get used to just like most of JRPG games, though the japanese writing is definitely funnier. Suggestion: For a game needed to retry multiple times, the action/turn animations are time consuming. Can we have skipped/faster animations? Can the zoom and view angle be locked, that wouldn't reset every turn? Not gameplay related, but the artworks of the slimes are kind of lack of characteristics compare to those DQ style enemies. Perhaps some charainfo or one-liner for the slimes?

Kevin Zeffield

Great game Reminds me of Final Fantasy Tactics which I'm a huge fan of.

jason crighton

Nice! Cult classic in the making. FF Tactics style. You should have a restore purchases button, for people that have to reinstall. Please continue to add content to this game. Would love to see a paid version with no IAP.

Nipuna Jayasekara

Love it! Although I have no idea how to beat the armor knight in level 1, location 3(I don't remember what they are called) :( I keep playing previous levels thinking, leveling up the slimes would help, but dunno if it's practical.. Lol! Cos slimes almost have no atk damage at all.. Awesome idea either way! :D

Simon Lai

Fun but very difficult Great game that plays somewhat similar to FF Tactics. The mechanic of using your characters to control the enemy is interesting and opens up a lot of possibilities. Be warned that the game is pretty hard even starting with the tutorial - you are always outnumbered and the enemies can easily one-shot you. Frustrating at times but rewarding if you can figure out the best way to play each map.

Thristan Turcios

Amazing An amazing game with a really cool plot. Its impressive. But pleas tone down the difficulty but other than that its great

Anul Sharma

FRESH IDEA Really a great and fresh idea of depicting humans as the bad one's and slime as good one's and the game play is also really good....... ??

Tim Michel

Great SRPG Probably the best SRPG on Android yet. Innovative take on the classic genre. Can't wait to see sequels or future content. FFT fans will love this. It's very difficult too, which is good!

edward mark

It's good but very difficult I'm having trouble with level 4 and after. Does the game require grinding levels for XP and slimes to progress ?

Brian Zuro

Very Challenging Fun to play and difficult enough to keep me interested for a long time. Absolutely playable without purchases, which are few and simple.

Carlos Hunter

Fun little game Translation is sometimes off as expected but it's kinda funny. Other than that it's a great game, fun and challenging but easy to pick up.

Remington Joseph

Thanks! Thank you so much for translating this game, good job.

A Google User

Very well done! Very welcomed addition to the play store. Finally a proper tactical game. Just work on some of the translations and you'll be on your way. Consider making a title similar to a solo online adventure title with this same style. There are those who would play it.

Amir Juani

Best strategic turn base rpg Love the HD graphic and gameplay. Reminds me of final fantasy tactics I used to play. The gameplay requires you to choose the best host for the slime and beat the crap out of other humans haha loved it.

Neel Vohora

Great Final fantasy tactics fans should try this. Slime take over great way to bring something new and fresh to the genre.

josef mengele

Slime attacks Why the hell do you have to move before you can attack an enemy. That's so lame!


Dialog The only problem is this the dialog goes if you take over someone which means you can have a controlled person talking if they where the last taken over along with the foe talking to them self if they are the last one

Zed Bisharat

Fun game Fairly difficult but doable. The fatigue system is annoying but hey, devs have to make money somehow. The translations are poor but it sort of adsds humor to the game.

Maulana Fahmi Dzulfikri

This game is great I Love this game's Concept , story and 8-bit style character. Even this game is so damn hard , but the AI isn't smart at all and make this game become balance & interesting. Keep a good work :)

Jorge Gonzalez

So great Such a good game but I wish that there was one without the slimes just people vs. People and then add items n stuff

Amber Townsend

Awesome Japanese folks are crazy smart and make amazing games and anime. My suggestion for English translation. Create a free message board, post all the current dialogue. Players who care to may provide proper translation, add to the story. Best offers you would slowly add along with normal updates. No rush.

Adlan Arvyanda Ramly

Ok Great concept, but usually the game becomes unfair in many levels. Will rate to 5 stars if slimes other than blue slimes recruitment percentage is higher


Fun, addictive time-killer! It's a challenging, charming & rewarding strategy game with a fun concept. But I do have 3 suggestion: 1) Add an option to skip cutscenes and dialogue at the start. 2) Add another SlimeBox. 3) Add a hot spring (温泉) stage with lots of naked females (^^)


Very interesting game! I like it so far. Fatigue system doesn't bother me but I'm buying the pack to remove it anyway to support the dev.

Wishnuaji Widyatomo

Challenging game with interesting gameplay ideas After playing this game you'll understand the true horror of slimes, this game is very hard (your troops are slimes after all) so if you don't like strategy game will probably don't like this, the game have very clever mechanic, it have some flaws, but overall it's a great game, it's free and you can also melt girls clothes, what's more to ask

C.K. Tan

Awesome game Very reasonable in terms of the IAP options, don't really need any purchases to win, game is challenging and not too grindy

Randy Baden

Hard but fun puzzle game Some of these stages are driving me up the walls, but when you win with just 12 hit points it can be pretty satisfying. :p

Jorge Delacruz

Can you do like a in-game shope like add coins for the items

Arief Dimas Dwiputro

Really good! It's very challenging..

Collin Gowdy

Crashes on Galaxy s6 I was looking forward to playing this but it does load on my Galaxy s6. The screen goes black and rotates then goes back to app drawer after a second.

Luu Tran

Great game Epic and challenging even if there is more of them

Vera Sasha

Yyyyy Love the way this game makes a challenge

Riley Thompson

Really good game! I only have one problem... please fix the grammar, i understand english might not be your first language but while i was playing I found that it got in the way at the start of the game. But other then that great job!

mochamad fajry

My favorite kind of game! turn-based, love it.. It's a bit challenging, too many enemies..

David Paul

the engrish just makes it better really

Edde Ribay

Edde Mane This game is raw. I love the "take over the body" style gameplay.

tonrawr supawr

They're just slimes Like honestly really need all those people against 3-5 slimes? Slimes with barely any stats. Weak slimes and 3-5 yet need 10-20 people

Eskimo M

Fun and hard

Malcolm Phillips

Fun! The game provides a decent challenge and it's pretty fun. My only issue is the dialogue. It doesn't take away from the gameplay but it does make things a little hard to understand.

Brian MacLean

Fun Tactics, Really Needs an Official Translator The game was pretty fun to play but suffered a lot from poor translation. Obviously, English isn't the developers' native language but maybe they could find someone to clean up the English release.

Tamara Daley

far too difficult Unfairly difficult and impossible to play, EVEN on "easy" mode. i was enjoying this at first, but the 2nd level is just ridiculous.

Bradley Hyde

Well done Crazy fun, great tactics & lots to do. Lots of different slimes with different skills. The mechanics of the game are super simple but you have to play with logical thinking. I love how there is more than one way to beat each map.

Aditya Wardhana

Great game Great game concept especially the slime as a protagonist. Quite good as a tactics game. Just one thing this game lack, no equipment and item. Overall great game and I recommended it.

Romeo Acabo

Great It's better no splatter of slimes there than actual slimes.

Cal Tony

I can't stop playing. I really love this so somehow addictive game.


Awesome game. It's us versus the world. And we have slime on our side. Great work Altairworks! I'm going to spend several hours playing this...

David Beaver

Terrible design and ui Looks cheap plays cheaply and poor map design I gave it a chance but making half atk and half do nothing is unrealistic and makes no sense

Polly McGuire

Sluuurp! I love dragon Quest a lot, so how can I not like this game? The slimes will always be my favorite, especially after playing Dragon Quest Rocket Slime for the DS. It's always nice to see them!

Rob Appleby

Well-thought out, and unintentionally hilarious. I am really liking the gameplay, but the badly-translated dialogue is the best I've seen since Zero Wing set us up the bomb. "Look they are here." "How boggy... Looks bad... " "Now hunt them. They are hindrance for making the field." XD

Alice Croquette

This game has great concept and design, fun to play, and the story is also well-defined (despite of broken english). Maybe its weakness lies in its environment pixel 3d texture that doesn't match with the character sprites or vice versa, also bad UI graphics and logo,.. it makes the game looks cheap.. the character battle sprites looks good btw, because of boobs.. <3

Paul Bahdouchi

Slimey with a chance of sliming The first game in quite some time since dragon quest: rocket slime to make the slime a force to be reckoned with, if you know how to play as them that is. Making the player easy prey to the AI if a simple wrong move is made really helps this game build in it's truest roots. I personally would suggest this as a roguelike RPG so too any who read this be prepared to die alot! But this game is still worth every retry! Too you creator well done, very well done indeed.

Mr Nemo

Payback Rules!!! Smart idea , Graphics isn't everything LoL. The gameplay , The Concept , The background Story will always be the top issue, some bad reviews are actually hypocrites... Please make more stages and new slimes!!!

Alex TM

Behold the mighty slime! Slimes, despite constantly being put down as weaklings in RPGs, have always been a favorite monster of mine. This game gives them the spotlight they so richly deserve after years of being beaten by novice adventurers. This game puts an interesting spin on traditional fantasy tactics games by allowing players to steal enemy units, requiring extra thought to when and how to do so. We wouldn't want the knights to slay your newly stolen archer, would we? I look forward to seeing what future updates bring!

Greg Golding

I love the game! I have suggestions for the game. I feel it could use some other creature races to battle against, not just humans. And sorry comments and conversations from the slimes would be interesting. The map overview is a bit difficult to adjust when looking for a different angle. I like the character design, and the terrain scheme is very nice.

Madison Knight

Awesome Love the game ☺☺be cool if you added more creatures or even rival slime gangs to fights either way its an awesome game

Dusten Sobotta

Stupidly brilliant Awful translations and solid, quirky gameplay make for a charming and entertaining game. Highly recommended!

Vivian Cs

Interesting interesting. I like the design, and its fun when they eat the slime. The level is little hard.. and it will be a 5 stars game if there is no trees in the middle of hard to select character. And the buttons' position are not very reasonable. When you try to attack/takeover but realize you want to change a target(this happens to me lots of times), you select cancel. And the button done is on the same position as cancel... i made this mistake alot of times...

Shaun Robins

Surprisingly addictive This game is really increadible! It does a great job at being difficult without being punishing. Every encounter makes you feel like you're beating the odds, even if it looks impossible at the beginning. Starting a battle with 4 slimes against 12 soldiers? When you manage to actually win you feel like a master strategist. Love this game! P.S. Don't worry about it being too difficult. The game is very forgiving, so feel free to experiment with different tactics.

Clayton Hefley

Great tactic game, fun twist! I really enjoy battling as slime against those ever arrogant humans. Sometimes the odds seem very highly stacked against the slimes and it is hard to advance quickly with fatigue meters. Not to mention the sheer lack of combat power slimes possess. A great challenge still!

A Google User

Great game. There aren't enough turn based tactics games like this, and this one has a lot of quality work put into it. My only gripes are minor. It's hard to select the square immediately above the selected square, because if you click on the pointer, it selects your slime instead of the square that you were trying to select. This is easy to work around, but comes up very often. The screen doesn't scroll fast enough on my device. The scrolling is so slow that I have to move the screen by "hopping" from square to square. The difficulty curve seems a bit off. I'm only in Act 2, and every level feels like a massive struggle to get through. I need to completely "challenge" stages to get high quality slimes to progress, but I also need those slimes to complete the challenge stages themselves. It feels like the author is trying to "force" me to buy the "+1" items, because I'm always just a LITTTLE bit shy on slime-power. With that being said, I DID effectively "buy" the game. I purchased the item that eliminates fatigue and an increase to my slime cap. There's no way in frick I'm going to pay money every time I want a "+1 slime" in a battle, though. I don't buy single-use items.

iggy mab

Neat twist, may crystalize flaws in genre though Decent game if you can get past the weird (gross and/or childish depending on who sees you play) and annoying (try selecting the square above a unit, fail repeatedly, curse/rotate). AI is charitably lazy, but the game would be nigh impossible if it weren't. Wish there was more info on slime growth -- very few bonuses worth the increase in stamina cost.


Best game ive gotten This to start of with might look like the kind of game that would be like hey slip us 5$ and be a god for a couple turns but no it is set where u cant buy stuff to make the game significantly easier whitch i must say is amzing especially with my never spend money policy Secondly it has it has a great comcept of u being the slime the low lvl mob that gets recked easily but they also pull through on this making u think of how u use your slimes do to thier special abilites that can turn a lost hope of a round into a blazing victory in a flash Finally the graphocs in my opinion are spot on for this kind of game and the poor english works perfect i honestly hope they keep it the way it is. A few ways to improve would mayby have special daily levels to help get some of the more grindy slimes also i heard rumors of a sequeal where wouod i go to check on the news on this? With this i thank you fine sir's and Madams for making this great game

Ben Repton

Quirky, addictive and smart. I've been looking for a game to replace my tower defence addiction for a while. Something that makes you think with the same "just one more level" pull but not TD (it's been done to death guys, can we stop flogging that horse now?). This game is perfect. A genuinely original concept that requires thought and tactics to win. Add the brilliantly poor translations, the charming graphic style and a deceptively simple combat system (it allows for some quite complex battle plans) and you've got a winner.

Daddy Steel

Awesome! Very fun, challenging and unique. The game is easy to get into, very user friendly and one of a kind, among turn based strategy games. I love it

Sean Muzzio

Tons of fun Love the mechanics. The translation isn't perfect but it makes me giggle. No qualms. In reply to the dev: I probably wouldn't be able to speak your language even half as well as you can speak mine so i could never complain about your english. Everything was perfectly understandable so I've got to say the 5/5 was well deserved

Jamie Bainbridge

Unique clever TRPG. Smooth animation, good looking pixel art, interface is pretty good once you learn it. I suck at actually playing it but that's not your fault. If you like retro Tactical RPGs, give this one a go, you probably won't be disappointed.

Kristijan Petrovski

Excellent game!! Really good game! Especially considering its a cell phone game! Well made levels, excellent character art! And actual depth and repeatability! I love that the designers created an interesting twist on the tactical rpg genera!

Stealthy Pulvine

Review I feel like the AI is shaky in this game. The inclusion of a on screen keypad would be nice, improveme the height mechanic, because there's enemies that can hit you from a insane height difference and they're not a archer. This makes it difficult to hit opponents that is position higher than your characters. Interactive items should be included in game like potions, show us information on enemy units before starting any mission. Maybe add a option for slime to leave body but end the turn

Brian Hamilton

FFT meets invasion of the body snatchers. Love pixel games Slime merger would be a cool feature. Other than that this is an awesome game.

Zenith Gaming

Game breaking bug I'm loving the game itself but I can't progress past the 3rd tutorial level. As far as I can tell I absolutely need the [Sticky] ability but the button that allows me to use it says 0/1 and I can't use it. I was able to the first time I played the level but when I messed up and had to restart, it didn't replenish the skill so I now have no way of progressing past the tutorial.

Fisher Saint Amour

Deseptive movement system The movement system iss hard to figer out but is good. also the devs care about the game so get it.

stephen burke

Good tactical game till its pay to win Simple yet interesting tactical game. Falls flat once you get to the point where the only way forward is to grind for non-useless slimes or pay money to fight with fair numbers. Game was made to steal your money by being imbalanced without the pay battle slots. Challenge missions need more battle slots so that grinding isnt so much a chore.

ilija Markovic

Its fun Havent played it for long , but its fun , defenetley not for everybody. The only issue i have with it is the lacking translation , it doesnt really affect you in any way , but its obvious that the maker of the game doesnt speak english perfectly, but hey its free and pretty fun.

J Bapping

Good Good, but difficult as hell. The broken engrish translations are funny, in their own little ways.

Kyle Berman

Interesting and Fun Nothing is broken, great combat system that and a story to go with it. The only thing it needs is a skip dialogue button for when you replay a level.

Rory I

Great! Fun tactics game, having to take over your enemies is an interesting dynamic. You definitely have to think to win.

Its Me

SLIMES!!! Loves slime and love playing the bad guy this game is brilliant would be better if slime were more self relient. Sucks possession is the only way to win pretty much

johnny gonzales

You guys should make a part 2 and 3 this game is fun. Yes please do it please.

Jason shiver

Wow I like the game,first time slimes are the hero,good job

Matthew Isbell

Similar to Final Fantasy Tactics Final Fantasy Tactics with slimes that can take over units, lots of grinding for special slimes and a limited amount of spaces for slime units. The fatigue is annoying, most of my units are around 10+ fatigue, some battles seem to raise it 10+ fatigue points, and sometime the points don't go away with resting units that are not in battle.

Sol Li

Interesting to be playing slime. Would be great if the level difference of slime affect takeover chance


Awsome game Different mechanics and interesting strategies, really let's it get mixed up a bit

Ray RedSpider

Uh... What? Might wanna make a game that actually makes.... Oh I don't know... Some sense? Deleted

Amadeus Ng

Cool game Very cool game. The ads, on S3, ate in the corner and out of the way. The controls are intuitive for an exPSP player. The game design and combat system is cool and complex enough. No energy bar! No pop up ads so far!

Yor Dan

Love the game, but... Sometime when i'm playing it force close. Fix it and i'll give 5 stars

Green Tea

Them englishes though Fix that engrish, nothing wrong with the game, just some funky phrases.

Rey Florez

Great idea Idea of the game is great! taking over and controlling the enemies you want to use to defeat the rest of the enemies. However I find it very difficult, and the 1% chance of takeover on some enemies is really hard!

Jay Bear

So much fun! Challenging, charming. A little slow, but so good.

Zach Reed

Surprisingly fun! Great turn-based strategy in the tradition of fire emblem or FFT.

Ace Kue

Nice game I think I suck at this game since I'm having a hard time in the first stage, but I love the game overall. Would love to see creatures added. As well as the humans or beast you obtained can be used on a full out scale war missions with the body you stole so far. Losing that human/beast unit will lose you the body, but not slime.

xRainZx Private

Great game Just finished the game, it's absolutely great, just grammer mistakes a little here and there. Hopefully to get a sequel soon since the last update is already been 1 year already. Although I want to see if maybe on the future release where the slimes actually allied with the humans to fight against the witch queen with the hollow slimes.

Brian James

Great I could give it five stars it is amazing but there should be a button allowing me to skip the dialogues cause some levels I have to restart many times and it annoys me not to be able to skip them which aren't quite necessary after all. The rest is excellent good strategy game nice graphics logic is required to beat the game on hard mode very cool

Cary Everett

Great tactics game, one of the hardest I've played. The game is well thought out, tightly balanced, and has a smooth difficulty curve that constantly forces you to learn the game's tactics on a deeper level. The two biggest downsides to the game are as other reviewers mentioned, the humorously bad translation (no offense intended to the developer), and the UI problems (specifically deployment setup, and selecting specific tiles is awkward). However both of these are fairly minor in the context of a game with great gameplay. Even the fatigue levels are so generously low as to not intrusive like many other free games. I played for a good 20+ hours before my first slime hit max fatigue. And at the point I had so much fun for that long, I felt no hesitation when it came to paying the one-time $4.22 to remove fatigue permanently, and now I've played the game upwards of 100 hours. Hopefully Ambition of the Slimes 2 fixes the two main problems and both has a better translation, and improved deployment. Due to the game's nature, it desperately needs the ability to see specific enemy placement and elemental type and be able to rearrange your slimes' starting positions on the map. 9/10

Dylan Knight

enIt is good, but theglish translition is much descrision. Easily to be made better. Every once in awhile you cant understand what is being said, but mostly it's funny. The game is well made, and highly strategic. The game is well made, but english translition is much descrision. Easily to be made better. Every once in awhile you cant understand what is being said, but mostly it's funny. The game is well made, and highly strategic.

John Miller

Solid gameplay and mechanics Imagine if you took Final Fantasy Tactics, Dragon Quest, and a pinch of Fire Emblem and mixed it into one game. You'd get something similar to this. What makes this game different from the others is the possession mechanic. I've played every FE and FFT game (even those not released in the US), and I'm glad to say this game's mechanics put an engaging spin on the gameplay that makes it all fresh and new yet still comfortably familiar. I've recommended it to others. Hope localization gets improved though...

Joe Depczynski

Surprisingly Excellent I was so surprised by this game. The graphics are great and the game play is solid and challenging. The whole story is charming and while there is some grammatical errors that'll leave you scratching your head they really add to the game. The errors are comical. Do yourself a favor and download this one!

John Auer

I really like this game but... I wish there was a way to determine the dis/advantages ahead of time. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason besides height. Maybe I'm missing something. Good game, though

Rodney Mitchell Jr

game refusing to let me play it just closes the game. no freezing, no not responding message, just closes the game. please reply, so that we can improve to help fix these problems.

Work count

Very fun Love the shogi like strategy game and the difficulty is not too easy nor too hard. But the Engrish tho, I can sense it's supposed to be funny but the bad Engrish stops it, u can only vaguely understand the flow of the story.

Phillipus Andre

GG Simply Good Game. First look at new stages looked impossible but its not impossible. Bugs : about the valoi castle level - when melting the valoi warrior on the upper right of the screen, the enemy had an asmodian in her.

Michael Paton

An actual challenge This is a new take on the classic terrain based rpg. It's the first free game I've played In a while that actually required some strategy to win. The English translation isn't perfect, but that makes it better.

Rene jr Baillargeon

I wanna cry ! I would love to play this game but it's bug when I try to open it using my galaxy tab S 8.4. I'm sure the game is great it has slime plx fix this.

Austin Hwang

Goop The game is difficult, story is lacking, hard to farm the slimes you need, and implements a fatigue system designed to encourage purchases from the less casual players. Pretty solid game for your phone.

Mike Jenks

Fun and interesting! A good idea done well, one of the few apps that is actually worth installing! However a bit more difficult than I prefer

Vernon Burt

Good fun, even if AI is wonky The game provides tough but fun tactical battles. AI sometimes acts poorly, but overall a good experience.

Danetty Sanders

Love it Had it before and i really just like the the strategy of it! If your looking for something slow paced but fun, this is it. But the only way you'll know is if you try it yourself!

Scott Shean

Slime game It hard like a 60 pice puzzle. Once u get the hag of it. Its fun by the crap loads. Scotty D!

Orion Fritz

2 problems The game doesn't stop my phone from turning off, and the scrolling across a map is terrible

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