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10 Mar
Amazon Instant Video-Google TV

Posted by Amazon Mobile LLC in Entertainment | March 10, 2014 | 61 Comments

Apk file size: 5.7 MB

Enjoy Amazon Instant Video on Google TV by downloading this free app. Amazon Instant Video has more than 140,000 titles, including new release movies and in-season TV episodes to rent or purchase. Purchased movies and TV episodes appear in Your Video Library, to enjoy anytime. In addition, Amazon Prime members can watch thousands of videos at no additional cost to their membership. Sign up for a one month free trial of Amazon Prime at Currently this app is only available for select Google TV devices. Earlier Google TV devices like the Logitech Revue and Sony Beyond TVs and Blu-ray players are not compatible with this new application, but are compatible with the Amazon Instant Video service via our website.

Whats new

    Amazon Instant Video is now available on Google TVs (earlier Google TV devices like the Logitech Revue and Sony Beyond TVs and Blu-ray players are not compatible with this new application).

Amazon Mobile LLC part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update March 10, 2014. Google play rating is 51.3044. Current verison is GTV-10244610. Actual size 5.7 MB.

Download amazon-instant-video-google-tv.apk 5.7 MB


David Rettig

wish it worked as well as itunes most of the time i switch back to appletv because this app works so poorly. no audio, freezes, long buffering time, etc

Rich L.

poor device support no reason this app is for google tv only. i have serveral high end devices and amazon has choosen to exclude android tablets and phones with the exception of their proprietary devices. i will no longer support amazon. shame on you amazon.

Tony Schmidt

doesn't work am going to buy another roku. google tv just sucks in general. NEVER have problems on my roku.

Walt Reed

Totally broken now After the update, it no longer works on the NeoGTV100. Thanks a lot Amazon. It just crashes when trying to play a video.

Dan Lee

Broke from the word Go Got a Netgear NeoTV Prime. Before the update this app refused to work. After the update it refused to work. Also refuses to run netflix. Don't believe its just the app but anything that isn't the property of Google (i.e., Google Play Videos, YouTube) just will not work on this device. going back for a refund tomorrow on the device. Thanks for wasting my time Amazon, Google and Netgear!

C.R. Jordan

Works 70% or less of the time Sometimes no sound, sometimes no video... annoying - but what other choice do you have to watch amazon videos?

Thomas Preato, Jr.

Absolutely Horrid The sound doesn't work, not that it matters because it freezes in the first 30-40 seconds of any movie I try to watch, anyway. I would be, completely, embarrased to have my company name anyhow associated with this monstrocity of an app.

Bill Mulvey

needs work not easy to navigate on google tv. not nearly as good as netflix interface.

Jasin Anderson

why not more device support It's nice on my google TV, but why not support more devices? The main reason i don't by my movies from amazon, is the fact that they don't have an app for watching on my tablet or phone. I'm sure the amazon branded phones and tablets have this app, and there is no reason i shouldn't be able to have it on my Nexus, except for the fact that maybe amazon thinks i will buy on of their devices so i can watch content i buy from them? well that ain't ever gonna happen, so make this app available on my nexus, then i will buy lots of movies from you.

Vlad Impossible

WHY WONT IT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its like 40% reliable MAKE IT WORK!!! this is prime instant, not prime "if it works it works". i hate watching a tv show, then go to the next show and it hangs, NEVER PLAYS. how hard is this. its a flippin link to a video it should redirect and play. simple...... its SO FRUSTRATING.

Shawn Hayes

overpriced I know it is a free app. but, since it only works about 20% of the time, they should pay us... since we are beta testing their rotten, barely functional software.

Michael E Keefner

love it works great on my Vizio CoStar streaming Prime movies and shows

Victoria Bailey

rarely works!!

Tom Priore

buggy buggy and unpredictable, user interface is terrible

Jay R

not a fan

champ4sho1 1

awesome app works well on all my devices

Joshua Wynings

Terrible Interface Great selection of movies, but navigation and search are awful. Why is each season of a show a different title? Consolidate your shows and make it easier to find stuff, please.

Manuel Sandoval

It works fine on the Vizio Co-Star That said, it could have a better interface. Also, why can't I install this on my Nexus 4 or any other device running Android? It seems silly for Amazon to limit the availability of their Video on Demand app to just Google TV.

Brian Sayre

keeps freezing was very excited to get google tv, but so far its been more of a pain please fix it.

Rachel Robertson

prime great app lot of good movies and tv shows

Mark Warren

Crashes a lot! We're using this on a Vizio Co-Star and the apps frequently pauses the video and then we just get a spinning circle. Sometimes it just drops back to the home screen. Other times it will play a show/movie to a certain point and then stop. If you try to pick where you left off it crashes at the same point. We've just gone back to the web browser to watch shows. Hopefully this will get fixed in a future update but for now it useless!

Cole Brodine

Won't work on my Google TV This app won't register with Amazon on my Asus Cube. It just sits there and churns the whole time.

Brant McCoy

Finally works! After several months of simply not working, the app finally works. It looks like Amazon finally got the varsity squad on the problem. The app itself works fine albeit a bit laggy...but that seems to be par for the course with most GTV apps. I'd probably rate this app higher if it weren't for the fact that Amazon has limited the use of this app to GTV, bypassing both Android phones and tablets to promote their own hardware. At the same time, Amazon will let iPad and iPhone users download and use the app on their device. C'mon man.

Evgeni Belin

Good stuff but limited to GoogleTV Having access to my content is great! The app design and implementation is so mediocre. Feels like HTML (web)app wrapped in an APK. GoogleTV limitation is maddening. All GoogleTV devices I've laid my hands on are... dog slow. I want this app on my new hot Nexus7v2 (and on my phone too) and have it stream things to Chromecast. Until this happens I am renting on Play, I guess. Sigh...

Brett Witthun

app is worthless on vizio co star havent been able to use this app for months on my vizio co star, always crashes. resorted to using the website now. maybe amazon will send a drone to fix it after its done with deliveries

George G

Amazon Google TV 5.1 Dolby Digital Support Shame that this only works on my PS3. Can the developers for this app pay close attention to this. I have a home Theater System and been trying to support google tv. But a shame that this app doesn't support Dolby Digital... Please consider. Would make alote of fans out there happy

Henry Gaul

its woking!!! The official Google TV app is working now. Works good so far. Is a bit laggy and nneds some work but I am happy to have an official app for the Google TV

Jake Crystal

last update the last update doesn't let me watch videos on my NeoTV

Nevin Kapur

Does not register on LG 55GA7900 Amazon is aware of this for at least two months now.

Bill Deery

Crashes way too often I am very disappointed. The only reason I signed up for Prime was so that I could watch videos on my Google TV device. If this app is not fixed, I'm going to cancel before the end of my trial period.

Aaron J. Cunningham

very frustrating... only works about half the time. please fix asap.

Dave Tanquary

wont register no matter what i do it wont register, even amazon support was unable to fix it

Ben Taratoot

Still won't register after months Amazon should really be embarrassed. Is the junior intern developer working on this? Is anyone working on this? I just got the updated version and it still will not register with my account. This is not a minor design bug. It makes the app completely useless. Any year now Amazon...

Tyler Conn

amazon app on sony google tv App looks fairly nice but does not play majority of movies on Sony google tv. Freezes after 1-2 minutes, must play through website.

Jon Brock

Amazon pulled their support for this app a couple of weeks ago from a number of TVs, including Hisense. So this app is purposely no longer working. No doubt they they want to increase sales and force everyone to buy a Fire TV instead. Looking for a work-around (other than using a browser to navigate to Amazon Prime Video).

Danny Haley

nobody can get this to work since amazon changed I cant get the app to work have tried to let them help me but the're not able to. i only had amazon for a few months before the change. It would have been nice to have been able to enjoy their programs. :\

Juzille Cannon

worked great then stopped had this app for a while bought lots of movies and then one day it stopped working and no one in tech support knows why so i cannot even watch all the movies i actually purchased only lame excuse i got was well when we do updates it can no longer be compatible with your tv and refunding my movie purchases is not something they do, what a joke save your money

Nick Chahrouri

Stopped working on Sony NSZ-GS8 media player, now it just says "loading"!!!! Nice work Amazon!

Ken M

just stopped working $600. smart tv with a built in amazon app and it just says bad Internet connection. worked good for months, netflix works great and ALL the others do too. i have bought a lot of movies big $$ and i cant watch them. so i learn from comments its amazons update that is causing this, they could have sent me an e-mail at least. bye bye prime!

Jim Hamilton

Amazon Sux Amazon has began spying for big brother. They want your personal info and location your contacts and camera access scary isnt it? Maybe they are perverts. Or maybe they are invading privacy for the US Obama Over reaching Government anyway this app no longer works

Lindsay Mackey

App is OK but is no longer supported App is ok. Worked until a couple days ago. Called Amazon Support and found that they are no longer working on my LG TV.

Andrea Engel

wont work for years it worked on my tv now it wont. amazon wants everyone to upgrade to the box you now have to purchase. I have invested a lot in movies and now I have to invest more? Its not worth getting if you have to keep investing money just to get the app to work!!

Scott Terven

The app works well but I just received an email from amazon indicating this app won't work on my LG Google TV as of Sept 14 of this year so now I will have to buy and new device or a new Google TV. What a bunch of d bags.

Jorge Barillas

ripoff Stop working on smart tv. Amazon stop the support for it. Money hungry greedy company want you to buy one of there devices to stream. Never again! I´m done with amazon. Anyhow not the cheapest to buy stuff better prices at other online stores

Roger Johnsen

Dropped Sony Support I can't believe Amazon dropped support for the Sony device. I bought it through Amazon and a year later they pull the plug on support in order to force people to switch to their branded device. Bad business practice.


this app stops working for google tv G3 It was working just 2 weeks ago. Amazon staff told me the problem is in the codes conflicts with updated amazon video streaming. Please fix it thanks.

Wayne Boos

dissatisfied I have an LG Google TV that is just over two years old. Amazon no longer supports it.

Anna Mukalel

not supported anymore amazone decided to stop supporting google tv because they have their owne service now.

Kelly Crow

worked well until they stopped supporting hisense and other smart tvs

Michelle Tokgoz

Doesnt let me view on my google tv. Everyone wants to be everything to you, why cant things just be left alone???

Robert Yorks

Doesn't work Simply doesn't work on Hisense H7 vidaa tv

Chris Spangenberg

No longer for smart tv? No longer works on my hisence android tv. App no longer opens. Won't allow uninstall.


USED TO BE GOOD doesn't play on my smart tv anymore, and they need to bring back amazon unbox. if i pay full price for a movie i should be able to do as i please with it. not be restricted to the app which now i cant play on my tv

GoggleTV Williams

cannot find internet on internet just fine posting this review

Cesar Fonseca

Not supported anymore It used to work just fine I enjoyed watching movies on my tv thrue the app and now it stopped working I am cancelling my prime account because of this

Marlon Hoyt

Wont Load This app hasnt loaded for at least a month now not to mention the app layout hasnt changed since i purchased the google tv two years ago with old shows listed as new and premiering

Steve Jasion

Broken. Stopped working on my LG smart TV.

Kellie Stafford

does not work anymore

Vincent Moore

ridiculous im cancelling my subscription to amazon prime also. its stealing you pay for the service then they take it away. i wish they go out of business

Robert Lee

why stop support for tv without a firestick?

Emily Dean

This app does not work This app stopped working on my smart TV a few months ago. Amazon, you suck for not supporting this app anymore. I will no longer use Amazon for renting or buying streaming movies even on my supported devices.

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