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24 Oct
Amazon Alexa

Posted by Amazon Mobile LLC in Music & Audio | Oct. 24, 2016 | 276 Comments

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The free Amazon Alexa App is a companion to your Alexa device for setup, remote control, and enhanced features. Alexa is always ready to play your favorite music, provide weather and news updates, answer questions, create lists, and much more. Alexa's brain is in the cloud, so she continually learns and adds more functionality over time. The more you use Alexa, the more she adapts to your speech patterns, vocabulary, and personal preferences.

Interactions with Alexa are automatically mirrored visually on your Amazon Alexa App, providing more information as you want it. The Amazon Alexa App lets you easily manage your alarms, music, shopping lists, and more -- wherever you are.

Connect to your home's Wi-Fi network using the free Amazon Alexa App, with its simple guided setup. Now you can stream all of your music, listen to radio stations, and have access to news and information, all by voice -- or with the Amazon Alexa App's intuitive interface.

Whats new

    * Bug fixes and performance enhancements
    * Support for Alexa devices in UK and Germany

Amazon Mobile LLC part of our Music & Audio and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 24, 2016. Google play rating is 80.4476. Current verison is Actual size 3.0 MB.

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John Schilling

Amazon Echo I love the device and the app provides useful feedback on your interactions with it. It also provides a way to interact with the shopping and to do lists you created while talking to Alexa. I desperately want access to the sdk myself, there is so much potential here.

Patrick OHair

Cool start The ability to play music from amazon and other services is cool. I would also like it to play music from my Synology library or other such personal cloud libraries. It would also be great if I could use echo to control my Samsung smart tv: mute, change channel, change input. How about playing a Netflix title to my chromecast or DLNA tv. I will think of more but work on these first.

Phil Magnone

Love the device, hate the app I'm loving my Amazon Echo, but the app leaves much to be desired. The biggest issue is that it takes at least 5-10 seconds to open up on my Moto X (2014). If you want to use the app to access your to-do list or your shopping list, this is unacceptable. This also makes it even more of a pain to manage what's playing on the Echo itself. Some big improvements to the app are needed to make the Echo worth $200.

Danny Sterne

Cannot login through Echo app... None of the fields or links on the login screen work. Cannot enter my username or password, cannot click "Forgot password", cannot do anything... Had to log into the Amazon app instead of through the Echo app. Other than that pain point, everything seems to work well.

Jack T.

Cant install App on any of my Samsung devices Trying to get help with this app hard to get help unless I can access the Echo App witch I am unable to do.. I have been Unable to install on my S4 S2 or my note pro 12.2. sticks on loading screen with a spinning circle..Hope to get this fixed pretty much useless without a working App. Will Update if I get Problems corrected.

Tariq Shureih

Very impressive...Has great 1 When I saw the ad for Echo, I immediately realized it's promising a lot, but it's still worth a try at the Prime Member price of $99, so I ordered it. Since I received it, I immediately connected it to my Philips Hue and started showing my kids how to use it. Voice recognition is pretty well done, although it's still Cloud based. I long for the day when we get to local voice processing along with cloud supplement. The practical uses for the Echo with it's Far-Field Voice recognition, not too bad of a speaker, can be unlimited almost. I spent the past 16 years of my life in the High-Tech industry and if Amazon listens to its customers, plays its cards right with the right partner alignment, publish an SDK that not only provides an API, but a scriptable language that allows even home users (think Teenagers, Amazon, scripting to them is a powerful tool and a great way to create a large community around the Echo). Home automation: -Hue is a good start, but what about for those of us who have the Amazon Fire Phone, Fire TV and Stick? Why can't I control my other Amazon devices with Echo's voice interface?

Ginny Hillhouse

This device fit seamlessly into my life, right out of the box It set up easily on my ancient Samsung Galaxy , even more ancient Latitude laptop, and my brand new work desktop. I'm not one to listen to music all day, but my family members are. We've built up a pretty big Bank of Music on Amazon, and there's a million songs included with Amazon Prime. so far, 99% of what we've asked to hear has been available. I have used it to listen to the news - easily set up through the app. I've also used the alarm and reminders functions, and to keep a shopping list. Love it.

GW Truck Insurance

Amazon echo is an amazing device Amazon echo is really an amazing device. While right now it's limited in functionality, that's simply because it's so new. With Bluetooth connectivity built in, as well all of the mics and speakers this device has the potential to be a go to device throughout your home with huge upside potential. Apple got beat on this one.

Nathan Billups

So far so good. It does what Amazon say it will do. Ànd in time I can see much more things added to this device.

Sean Manley

Love it!! We are really enjoying the convenience of echo. So fast, so cool!

Abhishek Anand

Just received my Echo today and blown away by it! Love what it offers and hope to see more good stuff from Amazon in the future..Great work you guys..simple but useful and a first! Thank you for adding Pandora..nothing better out there for me.

Michael Owoc

Good start, room to grow I like what they have so far, but there's definitely room to grow. Would like to see the ability to use the echo add a speakerphone and use my phone as an additional microphone like the remote has for more commands

Ramie Mount

This. Is. Awesome. A little slow to open, but offers a wealth of features and Help articles. Works fine on my S6 and Note 4. edit: Got my lamps connected. This is awesome, I can turn my lights off and on without leaving my bed.

Luis Herrera

Needs simple things Like a sleep timer, more options for alarms (have to set one every single day even if it's at the same time), favorites button on radio stations, needs to be more siri/Google now(for what its supposed to be) like otherwise it's only a speaker you can ask to play things. Needs to be more of an information/interactive hub.

Cheryl Prowell

Most features don't work Advertised features that don't work: prime music, the alarm, the timer. These are known bugs. Don't waste your time or money. The echo isn't ready for release yet.

John Salerno

Good A widget that lets us put our to-do and shopping lists on our homescreen would be great. Also, a way to clear the "now playing" bar off the bottom of the screen. Lately when I've played radio stations (e.g. through TuneIn), the stream seems to skip often. I'm not sure if it's the station itself, or the Echo.

Sarah Gilliland

Slow, crashes, buggy This review is about the app, not the Echo itself (don't even get me started on all the flaws there!). Scrolling is a huge issue; it's janky and so frustrating I don't even want to open the app because I know I'm going to get annoyed. Sometimes I open the app and there's just nothing there - blank home screen, nothing loads, my music accounts won't connect, etc., even though my internet connection is working and everything else connects fine. Could be great, needs work.

Jan Mahler

Functional but needs improvement The music and volume controls on the Echo app are likely an after thought. Also, this feels like a hybrid app since navigating back to the What Can I Do list always takes me back to the top of the list. Overall, good app that needs some UX polish.

Paul Reed

Completely unusable I don't know what happened, but after this latest update, nothing in the app works anymore. All I get is page not found errors, etc. Also, where is the promised Pandora support?

Mike Manion

Works well enough today... Will be better when it can play videos on a chromecast via Amazon instant video, Netflix, YouTube, Plex, etc.

Stephen Yuan

Doesn't work on my 5.1 Nexus 5 Bugs aren't fixed guys~ I can't even put my info in to log in.

Dan Dillinger

App doesn't load on WiFi The echo app refuses to login with my galaxy s5. Always says to check my WiFi when I know it's working fine. Does it also on my wife's phone so the app is useless most of the time.

Michael Ferraro

Very nice and easy to use Love echo fast works great and is very responsive I'm excited to see where this goes in the future

Jeffrey R. Broido

Great idea, but next to useless, alas. The device is wonderful and the app. is reasonable, but it's too sluggish to bear. For example, it takes over 30 seconds to start-up on my LG G3.

Kyle Oliphint

Alex! She is wonderful. Weather, shopping lists, to do lists, music, jokes... It's all there.

Sheila Propst

Login Problem The Echo login screen comes up but does not allow data entry, just freezes. It was working fine before the last update. Samsung Galaxy 3 Android 4.3.

Johnathan Bunn

Broken with update won't let me log in all fields are greyed out

Mike Mattern

I'm so glad I got the Echo and app! This thing is a lot of fun and very convenient. I can't get over how much I've enjoyed it so far. The app installed easily and works great on my Samsung Tab 3. Happy camper!

Louis Salazar

So far OK. Still experimenting with it. Sometimes she misunderstands. Trying to rephrase requests to get proper response.

Ian Jackson

Device is AWESOME. The app... Not. Loading times are usually unbearable. Everything works, except the app. I'm not sure what others are complaining about that prime music doesn't work and whatnot, works perfect for me. But a lot of time on the app, if there's an issue with anything, the app won't even load. It will sit there at an old school looking loading circle. Give me more context than that.

Jimmy Harden

Scrolling is unpredictable I am unable to scroll through previous requests. The scroll goes way too fast through the recent items.

John Williamson

Amazon Echo App: Hello, Alexa! If you have the new Echo device, don't hesitate. Just get this app, as it's surprisingly good. Found that it functions quite well with my Samsung Galaxy S3 and now on Galaxy S5, as well as the original PC interface app from Amazon. In many ways this is better in terms of pure mobile convenience. Kudos to the developers... nicely done.

Bartlomiej Rypel

Amazon Echo Pretty cool device/speakers for that price. I would really like to see if they can add a mic function/remote settings for the phone app. In the case of losing the amazon remote that came with the Echo. But over all great tool to have around the house.

Lee Woods

Needs more features I would like Alexa to be able to tell a story in addition to telling jokes. Please open up Alexa to more apps... The ability to play movies on my Amazon Fire TV, play live TV programs via the Sling TV app.

Jacob Kemp

Functional The app has a neat interface and works well enough, but animations could definitely be smoothed out.

Kevin Karth

Works as advertised. Everything seems to be working quite well. I've installed the Eco app on both my Apple iPad and my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Well done Amazon! The future looks bright for this product.

Michael K

Need to print my lists Keeps getting better. How about wifi printing or ability to.print list from echo device

Zachary Whitehead

Great new app and technology Can't wait to see what the future holds for what we can do with the echo. App works great.

Roger Schwartz

Great start into home automation This is a great start into home automation. I'll be adding more as the device and product matures.

Rain Skyward

Alexia sucks It uses Bing and there is no way to change it to something way better, like I don't know Google. It only recognizes music I've purchased on amazon or can use on Prime and won't recognize any of the music I have synced up to the amazon music player on my phone. There aren't a lot of customization options. Alexia sounds super pretentious. What if I wanted it to be a dude's voice named Hal? The app is too rigid and really slow. Also I'm getting a grainy static sound when connected with Bluetooth.

Daniel Chang

Fail Customer Service I'm largely happy with the Echo device itself. My problem is this app and the fail customers reps who can't seem to read. My HTC One M8 running Android 5.0.2, with HTC's default rom (no customization), could not set up the Echo. I've tried everything, spent 2 hours, including un-checking connection optimizer for the phone. So I gave up on this app and decided to use my Surface Pro to set up, and it works. So I reported this app's setup bug, and gotten stupid responses on how to troubleshoot the Echo! Fail!

Dave Osborne

Won't link to Pandora One I verified my email and password yet it says it is not recognized even though I am able to log into Pandora on other devices using the same email and password

Aaron Johnson

Awesome Just got our Echo and I'm very pleased. I've worked with many different speech recognition apps and microphones. This device is the best in all regards that I have seen. Good recognition in noisy environments, excellent dictation style recognition, and just works. If I could add a subwoofer the audio would be fantastic for music. Just wish there was an API and SDK so I could utilize it more. Well worth the money.

Clayton Tieman

It has its uses It's great for playing music in the morning while making lunch. I like to get the quick news updates and asking it silly questions is fun

Michael OConnor

Echo is amazing. App is too slow. I absolutely love my Echo! The app is also very helpful, but it is extremely slow to load on my Galaxy S4. For example, I had been using the shopping list feature, but i found myself standing and starting at my phone for 30 seconds after entering the grocery store, waiting for the spinning wheel in the app to go away do I could see the items on my list. Please fix this!

Tim Vargo

Needs some work The Echo device is fantastic, but this app needs some serious love. The app is VERY SLOW to load. The UI (& the UX in general) is choppy and a bit clunky; the whole experience is so laggy that it is very common to reach for a UI element, only to have it move just as you try to tap on it. Perhaps these are actually problems with server load and not the app itself, but the result is the same. For multiple reasons I wish I could dismiss cards just by swiping them away. Keep those improvements coming!

Rock Ramos

Love Alexa! Dont like app, here's why They really need to make a way to delete multiple cards at the same time I use my Alexa heavily and having to delete each and every card is very time consuming and inconvenient I had gotten a message saying they have developed a way to do that but it never happened and they never found the email again sup wit dat?

Sean Derringer

Awesome! The app and Amazon Echo device are truly awesome. I've only had it for a few days but I already rely on it heavily. Great voice recognition. I play a news brief, weather and set my alarm for morning. I silence the alarm with my voice and play a favorite radio station. So easy to add to my weekly grocery list too! I've had no problems so far and I think it will only get better in the coming months.

Skye Crane

The app itself.. The app itself is slow to open and load, when it actually fully loads. Once in the app and trying to navigate it's slow going and often have to press a selection two or three times for it to do anything even though it has registered that I pressed something. The most annoying part for me though is when I use the back button it completely exits me out of the app instead of just going back to where I was at previously. It could definitely use an update.

BunKabob Connoisseur

Alexa needs to repeat 3rd grade Needs more time in development so it can reach new horizon and potential to become a leader. I know you can do it Alexa

Rod Barnes

Like others have said, I LOVE ALEXA. But this app totally sucks. It is slow and unresponsive. WORSE, whenever I attempt to send feedback, the app ABORTS!! Kind of hard to report it is aborting when... it. aborts... Yeah, really need to fix the app or you are going to reflect very badly on the greatness of Alexa.

Gary Sarson

Rolling updates Love how they are constantly adding to echo. I use it for alarm, news, weather in the AM and the rest of the time Pandora.

Joshua Paltrineri

Pure convenience Everything about the echo and it's companion app make voice control actually simpler and faster to use than pulling out my smartphone. Pandora integration is flawless. Looking forward to when Echo more fully matures. Bing is dumb but also irrelevant.

Dave Methvin

Not reliable The app hangs and i had to uninstall/reinstall to clear it. The Echo itself has needed to be rebooted a few times.

Shane Rogers

The Amazon Echo is a great device. I like how convenient it is to set and snooze alarms and turn music on and off while I'm in bed. Something not advertised is Alexa's extensive knowledge of food nutritional values. I asked her the other day how many calories were in the banana I was eating and she told me more information about banana nutrition than I thought possible! A few things I'd like to see in the future would be the ability to set my own wake word, some different voice options (Jarvis!!), the ability to tell Alexa to download more jokes and the ability to make VOIP calls and texts. Those last two alone would make this device indispensable to me. (Also, Bing? come on.)

Patricio Echague

Music can't be shared by the household members Too bad. Only the primary owner of the prime account can order Alexa to play Prime Music

Bill Artinger

Not a good reflection on amazon I love everything about amazon except for this app. Why would the back button do the same thing as the home button? Doesn't feel like an android native app

Tom Dickson

New release fixed it, so far so good

Ron noR

Alex She is still learning, so am I. Get a IFTTT account and you will like her more.

Mike H

Echo is good...this app is terrible App has on come online 2x. Every other time is hangs while loading

Brad Arnold

Echo is good, app is kinda crappy Takes forever to load, and uses a super old Android API.

Geoffry Houze

Echo is getting there -- this device has lots of promise. Let's hope the developers keep developing...

Ryan Wilson-Foley

Love the echo, but wish I could have it use google instead of bing.

Jamal Daniels

Good so far I love the ease of using Echo, but the app is just okay. Very slow to load, while opening and while changing functions within it. Occasionally it will simply close or crash while in use. I'm sure these issues will be fixed with time, and they don't keep me from using the app since echo has become a huge part of my organizational scheme.

Tina Gillson

Love my Echo! The Echo is awesome, I'd love it more if we could add more news broadcasts besides NPR, and possibly an update in its search abilities. the app could use some serious love. Loading is really slow and sometimes doesn't load at all.

Randy Hurst

Echo is winning me by the minute... Each interaction is more engaging... is this the beginning of "She" for real?!?!

Eddie Vargas

is there a way to make it play my music collection that I have on Google music? not liking it very much since I cant make it access my google music and I'm not about to buy all of the music again just so its added and available on Amazon ...

Leake Little

Mostly good Wish I could get Google search....

Andrew Mykich

Needs some work and an API App needs some improvement. Already feels dated and performs poorly. The Echo could do so much more with a better app. In the future it would be great to see a public API come out for the Echo. Its voice recognition works really well and responds quickly - possibly faster than any of the current "personal assistants". Give developers access to that and we could see some really cool new uses. (Would love to hook the Echo up with Tasker.)

Greg Norton

Every day This is so good I use it every day for news, things to buy, weather, cooking and now my audible acct. I even find myself saying hello to Alexia and it responds back to me (I'm not mad I think). Well worth the purchase haven't had any issues with it.

jeff evans

Getting better and better It's awesome how its updated with new features on a regular basis. Really seems like a production product even though it's not general release yet. Can't wait to see what's in store!

Chump Mhunter

Love my Echo I love the echo and the support from amazon is the best. So many features have been added since I got my Echo a few months ago. The app works great but a little laggy at times. Hoping for Outlook Calendar support soon.

Brad D'Amore

Love my Echo App Dont know how we ever lived without it. App works great. Could just be a little quicker on start up but once started I dont have any complaints.

Ray Letterman

Echo works awesome Work right out of the box, very easy to setup, we have it on all our devices, Nexus 7 and iphones. Wife uses dit all day from Audible books to music and questions

Joshua K.

Room for improvement Works well, but is pretty slow... UI could be much better.

Randy Kopf

Amazon Echo is cool Get one... It's handy to have

Charlie Tidwell

App is slow, requires restarting half the time I like the Echo hardware, but the android app is slow and buggy

Brad Nelson

The future is looking good Amazes everyone. I can't wait to see what all this thing will be able to do in the future.

Jarod Lam

I love my Echo 4 stars for now since the command wake up sound seems to no longer work and the voice recognition is steadily getting worse for some reason. Maybe as more people use it, it has to widen it's understanding of accents??

Linda Bussard

Awesome We love our Alexa. Get tired of tv..tell Alexa to play some music ask a question she knows..most of the time. Love it. Everyone should have Alexa!

Sara Puls

Searching in iHeartRadio and TuneIn us an exercise in futility Every time I type one letter in the search box it takes the text field away and starts searching. Typing an entire phrase is basically impossible. Half the podcasts I want to play it says the channel won't load. I like the idea of Alexa but the app to go with her is terrible. She also needs to be smarter very soon. I should be able to ask alexa what the best way to play a podcast on her and get an answer.

Nicole Claessens

Kids love her, but please please please smarten her up a bit! Still grabbing my phone for "okay google" 9.5 times out of 10 if alexa "doesn't have the answer to that question". Love amazon, you can do better than this! Still fun and have faith she will improve.

Troy W

**This is so AWESOME! Needs a few things!** I LOVE MY ECHO! ECHO! Echo.. With that being said, this app is a great addition! Of course this is pretty much in development, as people let the developers know what to add/change it will only get better. With that said, IT NEEDS A MICROPHONE WIDGET GUYS! :D A one-click, on-screen, easy to locate and use button from our phones. PLEASE!

Allison Bourgeois

Has potential, just isn't there yet My Amazon Echo is very impressive and this application really SHOULD be/needs to be the owner's interface for everything that just can't be accomplished via verbal commands. Unfortunately, it falls quite short of the standard made by the device. Ease of use/ navigation is lacking. One thing that definitely bothers me is the Skills section. I'd like to see a list of every skill I currently have enabled, along with the Skills' given command line,instead of having to painfully scroll through the 38 pages.

Radames Alvarado

Excellent, smart!, always listening!, far beyond to others I love my echo. Is fast responding "assistant", don't compare to others, is better by far, always is listening you, interact with you, try it, is fun, is the future!. But the remote?, i think the people from Amazon can add an skill to call echo from your cellphone, to have the interaction from the cellphone than from a "boring and old school remote"...

Tom Y

Love Echo - app needs work I love my Echo. The voice recognition is outstanding. Perfect, but expensive, alarm clock. Unfortunately, Alexa isn't too smart. She is limited in answering questions which limits the Echo's usability.

Emilian, M

Agree w others Alexa is a great concept on the surface and fun for a few days. We need much better involvement with Google so we can actually find stuff and have answers to questions. The skills are extremely useless - who can remember all of those EXACT words/sentences to say in order to start the skill? Please keep improving Alexa

Gábor Berényi

Gets stuck on the Echo Setup screen When I read the text about why Amazon wants to scrape my WiFi password. After killing the app, it pairs. But no way to play lossless music. Other stuff it does is copying Google Voice Search and other apps in a subpar way. Its main purpose is to form the financially dangerous habit of ordering on Amazon with a single voice command.

Erik S

Frustrating This app sucks. The echo device is a good idea and it physically looks good and unobtrusive but the development of this product and it apps are frustratingly slow.

Kedar Deshpande

Excellent!! Please add spotify non-premium too Awesome product. Nice gadget to have. Looking forward to see more skills being added to Echo. Spotify's all clients desktop iphone android all support non premium accounts. I can't find a reason why Alexa won't support it too.

Bob Page

When I scroll through radio stations, it always hesitates badly. Gets stuck. The search feature is terrible. It only allows me to type one letter. Needs big improvements.

Kanan Lynch

Login It won't let me login to the app, please fix our tell me how to fix. Other than that it's amazing

Jeanne D

Alexa She keeps me in the know. The more I use her the better she gets at what I'm looking for.

Chris Gregory

Can't use your app It took me an hour to try to change the name and my zip code because if I hit more that 2 keys it would close out and reset.

Antoine Lee

Let's get some better skills Most of the skills are useless, rather see something more useful. Got Spotify, now we need google search.

Pattie Chausow

Work with Google! She has Soooo far too go... Could be so much smarter with Google... Please make her smarter!!!! But fun to have :-P

Fred Cornish III

Ok Amazon!!! its Feb 21st 2016. Alexa still Needs Google Pls add Google as an optional search engine. And I agree also that most skills are useless.

Troy Dunn

The worst thing Amazon Has Ever Created The Alexa app is FILLED with bugs that have existed since day one. The Amazon Echo is a strong product but until the accompanying Alexa app is overhauled, I recommend you NOT purchase Echo.

Andrew Chambers

Aweful app. I use android and this app doesn't work. Half the time the pages aren't centered in the screen and you can't see anything. Someone please make a better app for Alexa.

noneofyour Bussiness

I wish in the skills section they would list the ones you enable first, or have a separate list or column for the ones enable. Hate looking thur the whole list to see what's enable and find the exact key phase to activate alexa

Mark English

M English skills doesn't work properly. list of my current skills being used. 3.. screen sticks to side when you pick something e.g do..etc 4.. EPL not listed under sports teams ..? This app is really buggy. .it's a shame because echo is awesome. . Using note 4 samsung here

Richard Warren

Great product It looks like amazon gas hit a home run!

Harry Hart

Bought 5 of these In the kitchen, the bedroom, living room, my office, even in my car... Alexa is always there to help me. I must interface with her at least 40 to 50 times each day. I heartily recommend this product and I'm looking forward to many "skills" are developed from this wonderful user base.

Barbie Furber

Expensive toy. Music & questions for Google are ok. Shopping & to do lists are nice, but still have to resort to paper to organize/categorize items later.

Michael Menza

Average Nothing special, you can review your echo commands, to do list, shopping list and other basic stuff. It needs widgets. Would be a huge perk to just one-tap my phone's home screen to open the shopping list or to do list or connected devices, or any other echo related settings. As powerful as Alexa is and how quickly She's learning new things it's a shame the companion app isn't growing as well.

Dan Rubin

Needs widgets and repeating alarms Shopping list widget, to do list widget, skills widget, repeatable alarms

Michael Hernandez

Its great. Just missing one minor thing One Great feature would be too set your alarm to wake up to Pandora.


Voice control Since you can't buy the echo remote. You should be able to use the app as the remote, just saying.

Cynthia Roby

Great This little app is truly helpful. Try it once and you're hooked!

Pam Torrie

I have LOTS of problems with the app. It won't load, says I'm not connected, runs down my phone battery, etc. Many times my shopping list has 1 item on it the I know there's for; so it doesn't actually sync correctly. If it hadn't been a gift, I wouldn't own it.

Joe Drasal

Wanted:Google Echo could be great. Open source would be the best way to go. My phone gives the answer Echo doesn't. Sad :(

Dustin Brentlinger

Open it up Needs some open sourcing so that it can quickly grow. It's very cute at first, but not very useful on a regular basis. Give Google as a choice, so i can loose the Bing.

Bradley Wallace

It's very stupid Doesn't know much unless it's a simple question

Lillian Fanning

Awesome!!!! Thanks for continuing to add new options!!! When will a battery version come out? It would be nice to move it to different rooms or to take it with me without having to reset it.

Andrew Kishyk

Add this application Can Alexa be connected with Google play music, I don't usually only use her for music

Terrence Leverette

Yes! I'm still enjoying my amazon echo for so many reasons but I can agree with other reviewers that Google search should be implemented.

kristina hall

Cant get it registered had it since xmas Bought it tryed to hook it to my network and could not get it to sink together.... I am disappointed sons is even more heart broken, cant play with alexa...

mishi chan

Ok but had potential If I bought all the bling to use it to turn my lights,garage and front doors lock. I'd be cooler! But realize I use it for the weather and Wikipedia only IF it understands me. (The running joke at my home). You have to remember all the names of the apps you choose in order for you to use them. I had to right them down. And most are not useful apps. (Tell jokes etc.) 'Tide pooler' doesn't have Santa Cruz ca! The surf destination of America! Wtf? Plz add a cooking app!

Terry B.

I feel like 3 stars is a lot to give this app in it's current state. It takes forever to load, keeps complaining that it is offline even when I know I'm connected, and the way it is organized can use a complete overhaul. Like why can't there be quick access buttons for shopping list, to-do list, smart home, and timers/alarms? There's a lot of screen space. I don't need all of it for to show me what I already know I've done with Alexa. Here's my use case scenario. I go to a grocery where I get poor cellular service so to access my shopping list I have to open the app and bring up my shopping list before I go inside. Even after I do this, I need to memorize my shopping list because once I'm inside I'll get a notification that Alexa is offline and then some of the items on my list will disappear. The Echo is awesome. This app sucks.

Michael Gurski

Echo great, app no so much This is an app review, I'll try to keep my comments limited to that (the hw is great). The UI is horrible. It's slow, clunky, there are currently 62 pages of skills that take a lot of time to navigate, having to hit next 3-4 times to go to the next page. Loading details on a skill, going back takes you to the top of the page. Lights my Hue app sees, this one doesn't, because they're 3rd party lights. You can't name a group the same as a found device, but can't seem to control devices w/o group.

Scott Odle

Disappointed The voice interactions function well but Alexa can't understand about 75 percent of the things I ask of it, and these are things over been asking of Google for a couple of years now. Plus the all is poorly written with terrible design aesthetics. For instance, even when I go away from the app for only a few seconds it has to start back up again, slowly, from scratch.

Matthew Dye

Why not go native? Using HTML as the interface means that if something is causing issues with HTML, you can't use the app. Right now my ISP is reminding me of data usage - consequently this app is dead.

Maggie Hill-Kipling

Alexa is cool...always improving and becoming more useful. Unfortunately, the give feedback feature on the app has stopped working which may hamper this process. The app itself is clunky, and restarts whenever you leave. For example, If I'm at the grocery store, using my shopping list and my phone sleeps, the app needs to restart, then I need to navigate back to the shopping list, which is not terribly user-friendly.

Laura Lovell

Needs more functions! I want an easier search menu for skills, perhaps a box near each skill we activate that we would check and be able to print a list of words/sayings to activate that skill that I can print out and put next to alexa.the other night I wrote out 50 phrases so we could use her more. But half the time we forget what to say to activate the skill. By far the best skill is has the dog been fed!!! This is worth the price Alone!! This was a constant nightmare in my family. And has resolved the dog thanks u

Anthony Hauk

Feedback Form Broken Feedback form is nearly unusable. Tap zone for drop-downs is too small or intermittently broken as it takes many tries to get the list to show. The list of Skills in that drop-down is not alphabetized, so finding a particular skill from the hundreds available is nearly impossible. Text input field doesn't work right with the keyboard. It recognizes the word you intended to use by swiping, but won't automatically insert the word. You have to tap each word in the suggestion list.

Ian Barnett

Meh Love my Echo. However, the App does a lot but is pretty slow performing on my S7 Edge. Would be 5 stars if was faster.

Sukeena Muse

Please fix The weather at one time was correct but now the forecast is way off. I think it is giving the temperature in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit

Darrell Natoli

Great...but The only thing I would like fixed is the 62 pages of Skills. Please reorganize them to be easier to review. When there were only 12 skills, the layout was easy to flip thru. Now there are too many to review in the present layout.

Colton Moore

I like it but.. I wish there was a button I could push in-app that would activate my tap. That would just be added convenience for me.

Julie Paschall

Alexa is not smarter than a 5 yr old The stupid machine who only says "I'm sorry I do not know the answer"

Nathan Phillips

Alexa I love my Alexa and the kids are already using her for the weather and to ask Alexa to tell them a joke. It is also great for setting a timer for time out and so many other things. Great device!

Kevin Abney

Cannot add to shopping list from app This app renders with the + overlapping the word home. If I try to add to my list it just takes me to the home screen.

Jared Forlini

I love Alexa.. Just sayin' Such a great device and app! I literally use this everyday.. From alarms, to timers, to Q&A, to turning lights on and off in my house. I'm really enjoying all the new Skills as well. I use several of them. Props to all of the new updates for Alexa.. It only gets better! ?


Needs to be updated More than half the time, it doesn't understand or doesn't have the answer. It needs to function like Google does on my android phone. Google literally answers to everything. Please allow the option to sync Alexa with Google search. It will solve 70% of all issues.

Sushmita Muthyal

Love it Love the device! The app is very helpful in giving cues and helps in improving the performance and experience.

Matt Trexler

Works great I love my echo and the app only makes it better. I really like the skills and did the echo hear you correct? In you next update it would be awesome if you could put another tab that shows what skills you have unlocked so I can remember what to say to make those skills work. It would also be nice if you could put links to page numbers on skills. So I dont have to click next page 30 times.

Lynda Kay

Thought it was love.. Been wanting echo for some time, received one for Christmas. While I love amazon, I am very disappointed in the echo. Very very limited when you are use to the wonders of Google and using "OK Google" for everything. Hate that I can't have choices for the news that I want, that "her' reminders have no words to tell you what the reminder is about... Right? what the reminder is for, and don't like bing, never have. I will not encourage anyone to buy this (yet) until it does at least what my android phone does.

Nichole Camacho-Pereira

Fantastic The best thing that came out for tech. Part of the future here, now the best of the best

Craig Abolin

Fun device It has changed how we listen to music and news.

Andrew Dorato

Works great manages tap and echo It runs a tap for my mom and the echo for me

John Sims

Sweeeet! This thing makes the day fun. I know what's going on with weather traffic etc at the touch of a button.

Sean Poulson

Problems with Hue resolved Working well. Echo Dot doesn't listen as well as Alexa, but still great.

stephen moore

Sweet Still a little buggy but over all an amazing device!

Monica Gary

Can't Imagine Life Without Alexa This product is a game changer. She has completely organized my life!

Dave Restino

Great apo Finally something that works the way it's suppose to

Cray Cray Day With Rae

ALEXA......I LOVE YOU!!! I'm loving her and I use her for EVERYTHING!! There is SO SO much she can do I haven't even scratched the surface

David D. Stanton

Limited function Functions are limited if not incorrect when outside the USA. They really need to fix that. I'm an American who lives in the UK. It gets really confused. Would be 5 stars if it wasn't for the location mess.

Sandra Vernon

Love Alexa She is the necessary other woman in my disabled hubbys's life. She gets him the news he wants, calls up books for him to listen to and finds his beloved talk radio hosts at a voice command.

Manuel DeJesus Torres

I love Alexa. She is just there everyday. Gives me my news, weather, and anything else that I know she can provide. My Spotify plays without a hitch. I had small expectations in the beginning and have been pleasantly surprised by the improvements.

Barbara Barnes

If you've invested over a hundred bucks in the Alexa take the time to learn app to get the most out of it Take your time learn the app learn the machine well worth it

Choyce Westbrook

Alexa goes in and out when playing music from my s7 edge through Bluetooth would be 5 stars but the compatibility needs to be better


$200 shopping list Alexa is only good for adding things to the shopping list. And even that sucks because you can't say multiple items. The most common thing it says it's i couldn't find the answer

david harnandez

Failure This app worked the first time, but now when I try to open it and I have my WiFi on it loads and loads! I waited 15 minuets and nothing happened. This problem needs to be fixed!!!

Kent Bryant

Will not install. Galaxy s6 edge plus

Valentina Ogden

In control I can control alexa. I like to even play around with it

Kelly Treece

Need some improvement ? Make it have Bluetooth audio output by a firmware update

Charles brown

Google search Why bing when you got google

Eugene Holdcroft

Poorly Designed The Amazon Echo is a really great device but this companion app isn't there yet. Quite clunky, like it was written by high school kids for an assignment.

Mario Pelayo

Slow to start or doesnt start at all App takes quite a while to load . or at times doesnt load at all just a black screen . a little disapointing being that its from amazon . please fix otherwise the app is kinda useless :\

John Hufnagel

A Useful Family Tool From listening to music or news, to-do and shopping lists, to math and spelling problems. Everyone uses it and loves it.

David Cook

Love me some Alexa The app is slow, no doubt, but I only open it to view the shopping list that I and my kids have so conveniently created throughout the week. I love my echo and talk to it probably 5 times a day. Play music in the morning, add cheese to the list when making lunches, what's the weather going to be, how long will it take to drive to....wherever based on traffic, news, spellings, definitions on and on and on. I haven't even bought my house light, or heater controller yet, much less the new grass watering add.

Brian Pavlovich

Most new skills are increasingly dumb. Majority of the "skills" are really, really stupid. They are ridiculously hard to browse without categories, and when you do find something useful and try to enable (heck, even just try to look at its details), you usually get more errors or the App again goes "offline". Start-up speed is painfully slow. If you have not bought an Echo yet, wait for Google's thing.

Mark Campbell

Doesn't work for Moto G My moto G 4th gen can connect to my echo through the app but then the app freezes during setup. After I connect to wifi, Alexa says to finish setup with the app. I press continue, the color of the button changes, but that's it. Bricked.

Steven Ithurralde

Come on Amazon; there is no excuse for the practically useless skills search capability and its lame UI! Having the apple app store and Google play store as examples you need to try a bit harder with the skills store, section, list ... (not sure if there is a brand name for it. Today searching for skills is pretty much scrolling down a single column list (boring). It's also very annoying scrolling down the huge alphabetical list of skills, decide to check the details of a skill that looks interesting and when returning to the list get sent to the very top of the list. Now I have scroll thru the over again.

Michael Badal

Android isn't so smooth The Dot says it's connected to " app" but "continue" button does not engage. Must've done something wrong. Moto g 3rd gen android 6.0

D. DeCristoforo

Very slow It doesn't even open some times and it's slow, Nexus 6, beta N. Get with the program

Kevin Paterson

Should be better The Echo itself is a good assistant. Would like to see the AI to be able to carry a conversation or compute multiple sentences without having to say "Alexa" all the time. Like adding items to the shopping list, it's "Alexa add bread", "Alexa add eggs..." I can say it continuously but then all the items would be one item on the list. As someone mentioned before the new skills are very stupid and hardly anyone them are useful especially when you have to verbally tell Alexa to use a skill.

Deb Mancini

Does not work with Android Titles overlay options so the options can't be used... For example HOME overlays the area for typing in the shopping list so nothing can be added manually. Same with timer area. Love my Alexa (Echo).. But the poor quality of the app reduces her functionality greatly. When will this be fixed???

Ian Jackson

LOAD LOAD LOAD I've been trying to change my WiFi password with my Echo for the last 30 minutes and all it does is load. Come on, Amazon! You have better experience! This doesn't work at all!

Brad Hankison

Amazon Echo I feel the Amazon Echo could be much better for the $179,00 I paid for it. Even being a prime member the Amazon Echo didn't come with a mic, the lights you can control are very expensive and the ok google feature on my $80.00 cell seems to have more knowledge of questions. I don't like the sample music AE plays, why not just play the whole song. Really needs to kick up the upgrades for using with emails, making phone calls or connecting with your smart tv as a extra speaker or changing channels

Krinn Evans

Awesome Smooth integration of smart home devices. Love the Philips hue compatibility. Great job Amazon!!!

Amir Tahvildaran

App is garbage The echo itself is great. The app is pure trash. Slow to load. Confusing navigation. Missing help.

Jose Mateos

Got love for Alexa Love the device the app is nice to....pretty simple UI. Wish there were a few more apps but they have been steadily building. Understands remarkably well most the time. You can connect your phone via Bluetooth to play audio enable different echo skills and add smart home devices. 5 stars

Joy Bauer

Feel like the Jetsons! Use all day long, shopping,music, lists, remiders, alarms quick look up, lights, ac love grandkids love the jokes! I love having everything I use during day within reach of voice!

gretchen heath

Upgrade messed things up In the latest upgrade, I lost all my lists. I'm not a happy camper.

Steven Wertheim

It's opening today Update: it's working ok today... Original review -Have had the Echo Dot for 2 months. This app worked fine until lately. Now it won't open (with LG V10). I hope this is fixed soon!

Judi Hemingway

Thanks Amazon! Alexa has been very fun and useful in my household. From waking me up in the morning with an alarm and turning on the lights in the morning (dimly mind you), to adding things to my shopping and to-do lists, plus so many other things. Wish my 2 Echos could be linked together so when listening to music or an audio book it could be in their 2 rooms (areas). Thinking of adding the Dot to my receiver to get the true stereo speaker sound but 3 would be overkill I think. So many things this can do!!!

Kevin M

Latest update broke it It WAS a reliable app, but since the latest update it takes about 6 tries before it will properly open and be useful. I've tried it on both my phone and tablet and as usual the powers that be broke something that worked in the name of improving it.

sean juth

I love it For the next update add a echo remote feature in the app

John Connolly

Needs to be a remote Nice app so far but needs to act as a remote as well.


Work in progress Using with echo, tap & fir stick. Why can we not use microphone on app device? Fire stick terrible cannot set timer on fire stick little to none added functions to that. Speaking numbers has variable results.. way too much unwanted amazon features (content) cannot be hidden removed..

Noah pittman

Worste app I have a samsung galaxy core prime and this app is Very slow. Sometimes Won't even open. I am a huge amazon echo fan but pleese fix this app.

Jared Forlini

I love Alexa.. Just sayin' Such a great device and app! I literally use this everyday.. From alarms, to timers, to Q&A, to turning lights on and off in my house. I'm really enjoying the new Skills as well. I use several of them. Props to all of the new updates for Alexa.. It only gets better! ?

Oscar Cantu

Doesn't work The app has been trying to launch for 30 minutes. Its sill on the white screen and won't change

Heidi Pitchforth

I love how I can make a shopping list verbally in the kitchen with Alexa and have it show up on my phone. I can add things to it if my husband is at the store and immediately it shows up on his list.. Love this feature.

Skoe Lova

This app!!! Let me start by saying, the amazon echo is great! Ok, now this app for some reason is stuck on a white screen. I guess it was updated due to my phone being set for automatic updates, and since the update I've not been able to get into the app at all. This is sad and unfortunate because without the app the important things are impossible to do. Such as getting in touch with Help to correct this situation, so someone please, please fix this app.

Eric Sanders

Excellent Amazon got this one right! Artificial Intelligence in your home that take verbal commands. Smart homes just got smarter!

Adam Fuller

Echo is is slow The Alexa app takes ages to load. This severely limits its usefulness

Mike Runyon

A Second Brain Or another Wife! J/K

Virgo Pisces

Loooooove Amazon Echo (Alexa) A personal assistant without the rolling eyes.

lev Brodsky

Help Can't connect the echo to my Samsung

Mike Bohrer

Sonia and Google music Waiting for Sonos and Google music integration.

Mike W

So far, it's pretty cool.

jåW dîN

Amazon Tap can't always listen Even when plugged in and charging. The magic is gone.

Kenneth Kinion

So slow App takes a long time to load fully, and is in general very unresponsive.

Carlos Estevez

Necessary for setup and management The different Amazon Echo products are very good for us. This app is necessary for the initial setup and management of the devices. This version is very stable. It is easy to use.

david dawdy

So far so good Just bout my new Amazon tap, and im already in love with it. I was worried that the only way to charge it was the craddle, because i was planning on using it in my car. But looks like there's another port for that. Sounds freaken amazing too, thought the video may have been making it sound better than they usually sound when you own it, but most impressive! I would probably give 5 stars but i always start at 4 till im sure lol

Jose Perez

Good but needs work So far is great. I've had it for 2 months now but there are some things that Alexa cannot do. Lets say I'm listening to a song in the radio it doesn't recognize it. Also, the fact that i HAVE TO HAVE premium on spotify to use spotify and listen to my playlist and some other inconvinience. Other than that its great. Btw i have the tap

Nicholas Folts

Hangs when starting on my Nexus 6 It used to work, but a few weeks back (when I got my Tap... my second echo) I haven't been able to get it to start... simply gets to an "Amazon Alexa" screen with spinning wheel, but no matter how long I wait, it doesn't load... I have cleared caches, reinstalled completely, but nothing works... finally just used the website on my desktop because this was useless... curiously, it works fine on my wife's Samsung Galaxy S7

Aidan Myers

Help I've got the Echo and Tap. The app worked great until about a week ago, now it doesn't even open. It says "Amazon Alexa" and has the spinning wheel of death. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Same thing. I can't update the WiFi for my Tap, so right now its basically a glorified Bluetooth speaker. Any help would be awesome, don't know were to go as I can't reach the help tab. Once I get this fixed it'll go to five stars. An amazing app with a glitch for me right now. ?

Brian Treuth

Great idea, doesn't work with WiFi though. I've reset all my router settings and all my other devices connected fine except the echo. I've factory reset the thing and put it in setup mode so many times. If im lucky it will work for a few minutes at best. And manually setting it up doesnt work as it doesnt pop up in my wifi. I feel gipped out of my money..

troy olson

Alexa is still a novelty but getting better You still can get her to do simple things like Alexa what ls this movie rated with out adding a skill and trying to remember the weird trigger word first. Most skills while may be useful are not helpful after first use as you simply forget trigger word. Most skills should be built in. Alexa is still cool but she doesn't have any intelligence. OK Google is WAY better.

Kelly Sun

The app freeze and takes 55555ever to load and open God dammit amazon. It often has connecting issues, loading issues. Alot of the time it can't do what its suppose to. An echo is like 200 bucks. Plus Spotify and audible subscription. There's no reason to spend this much money for a glorified speaker than doesn't work.

Alfred L. Lindsey

Echo is great!!! The app is very poor. Not compatible with my Galaxy S3, which nicely runs a hundred other Android apps. Slow to load on my Android tablet and on my wife's tablet. Can't print shopping list, so hand-copy to paper (not about to carry a tablet while shopping).

Jake Moses

So close, but frustratingly obvious omissions Alexa is very very cool. And while she's nowhere near the "answer anything" computer we see in sci Fi like Star Trek, she's the closest thing we have so far, and is genuinely useful. However, how, in 2016, can Amazon have failed to make multiple Alexa devices work together when installed on the same network and attached to the same Amazon account? So irritating to ask for music and have one Echo start playing one thing while the other plays something else. The current workarounds are hokey and unsatisfying.

Amazon Echo Ok google does so much more. Does not work with Gmail, tv, cell phones, or even as a external speaker. Alexa isn't as smart as okay google. May only have sample songs. If u have $100.00s for the special lights and security, home devices and if it works maybe alexa is for u. I use mine to play songs and reminders. The weekly updates have not impressed me at all. Really need to kick it up. Save your money for now. Very disappointed.

Was a shock when told free NO... They need to put up a site for free apps. That can be used on Amazon echo. HAVE to pay for prime. It is NOT free. then when call for help. They send you to another site. Have to pay for apps to put on echo. What a wast of money. and Horrible on help and they get paid for this. Wow

makia jackson

Impressive but.. Alexa can't seem to answer questions. "What is lebron james' points average?". Answer "I wasn't able to understand the question I heard". Really?! I was hyped then deflated and went back to asking Google. Still can't lock and unlock doors because it won't recognize the skill. Please fix.

Damon Kahlmorgan

The app is lacking. it needs to have voice support like the voice remote. I would like Alexa to be in one room with the app on my phone in another. I would like to speak to Alexa through the app. Home connect devices should be controllable through the app. I want to be able to tell the app to turn something on or off either by voice or buttons. Should be able to print shopping list or to do list from the app itself.

Da Li

App won't install on Note 5 Will not install. Only get error 505. App will install on my old S4 without issue. Seems to be something with Marshmallow. Please fix this app or let everyone know how to adjust their phone to allow install.

Arlene Gurule

Alexa app The app takes so long to open that my phone heats up. Once it opens I love it. I love viewing my shopping list on the app but lately the app takes so long to load that I've finished my shopping and on my way out of the store before it opens. It doesn't work as well as it did 6 months ago.

Maggie Chichelli

Love it but.. I love my echo and the app is great, however I cannot wait until the echo is able to make phone calls and send and receive texts just like Google. Then it would be INCREDIBLE!!! can do you hear me Amazon Developers???

Nicholas Gerasimatos

Downloads and then fails to install. Downloads and then fails to install. Everytime it gives a 505 error. It used to work on my other phones. Please fix. I have an Alexa I cannot setup currently. Its just a dead paperweight. Plenty of storage left on my device. Over 100Gb.

Donna McCole

Fail This app is seriously flawed. It is unusable with Android large font accessibility feature. It is sluggish at the best of times and hideous to use with less than fantastic wifi. It lacks basic features like the ability to search for a song when voice rec doesn't rec.

Judith Hirsch-Fikejs

Works most of the time We have enjoyed our Echo and keep track of lots that playing on our Pandora stations. However, it is irritating to get the message that the app is offline. I have to close the app and reopen it all the time.

Tammy Lawson

shopping list difficult the main reason I was thrilled to buy the Echo and use Alexa was the hands-free ability to add to my shopping list. That part works well. But when I get to the store it takes forever to load (if at all) and every time the phone times out and hours dark it has to reload again. This is not convenient at all. Therefore, I pretty much use it for the weather (though inaccurate). I'm hoping there will be improvements

Very Frustrating!!! Lets face it, its not the most intuitive app on the marketplace but least it worked, until a week go. Now its been more than 5 days I cant even open the damn app on phone just spins, spins and of death!

Karin Bennett

It's nice when it works Sometimes, it gets hung up and won't open. Very annoying since I just wanted to add a device and move on.

Seth Klibonoff

Home Automation update disappointment I use the Echo primarily for control over my Insteon home automation system. Since the update took effect yesterday, I love it! Instead of a loud "Okay" after a command, now a chime tone acknowledges the operation. So much better than voice for this particular function. They took it away after 2 days. Boo! Hiss! At least offer it as an option...

Julian Davis

Only works when it wants to I have to Uninstaller and then reinstall for it to work properly. Fix the damn bugs before you release. How annoying!

Nice paperweight App will not even open on my ZTE phone, I cannot finish setting up my echo any suggestions? Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times with no luck.

Andrew Blom

Solid 3.5 The app works and is a decent companion to Alexa, but the interface could be nicer and a lot smoother. It looks like it was designed 5 years ago and behaves similarly. Overall, it's a necessary app but could use some work.

shanmugasundaram umashankar

Very basic app Looks very basic and outdated. How can I delete history not one card at a time. For a smart app, the UI doesn't sound smart

Henry Hill

Not very impressed Kind of lame, the whole thing. More for the ultra geek I would say and that may insulting to them. I can find better things to do with my time.

Ellen Witz

Can't get app to load for over 3 weeks now. Can't get app to load for the last 3 weeks. Instsll, uninstall, doesn't matter, restart, blah blah, call support, get no help. Never had trouble with the app before 3 weeks ago and had it working fine for almost a year. What gives??

Brittany Kitchen

App works just fine with Note 5 Never had an issue with the app. I would love it if Echo could connect with my phone to make phone calls and send text messages, however. That is the one thing it needs to be "perfect" for me.

Jeremiah Bartlett

Setup time unacceptable The app itself is mediocre at best, slightly clunky usually, and is formatted poorly. The worst part about the app is that it requires an Internet connection to open. It takes way too long to open even with a good Internet connection, usually a full minute at least. My suggestion is to increase the size of the app to have things like the shopping list on the device, not the cloud. And definitely boost the speed of access. All that being said, the echo is an amazing product, despite the app...

Jonny Darkside

Garbage app with a mind of its own I understand what sandboxing is, but this app doesn't seem to care what another linked app is doing, it'll still do what ever it wants. I had the same Pandora station playing from the same account at the same time, just different versions of the same stations. It will randomly put certain playlists on spotify on shuffle and not others. These are all minor cross-app issues but when they occur randomly it gets pretty annoying. As far as the app itself goes it feels poorly organized and reloads constantly.

Nathan Ehlers

Alexa not working with music accounts after last update!! After the latest update to Alexa on my AT&T Galaxy S7 Edge Alexa cannot play my Pandora, iHeartRadio or other accounts. My accounts were connected, I would ask her "Alexa play AC/DC Radio on Pandora or Alexa play Radio Disney on iHeartRadio" for example and all she says is "Im not sure what went wrong". She is on Wifi, she can give me sports and weather updates, i tried playing the music through the app instead and still doesnt work. I Uninstalled the app and disconnected my accounts and relogged in no luck

Christine Ficker

Sit and spin App rarely opens inn my Android phone. It just sits and spins or says the app is off line. When it does open the menus overlap. For example, I cannot select shuffle on my music playlists because the menus overlap. I can add to shopping list using Alex's but not the app. Manually adding an item is not possible. Each time I select "add" it jumps back a page. Love Alex's but the app is extremely disappointing.

M Robin

Used to work .....? Like many other used to work really great to interface to Alexia. Now all it does it is get stuck on the opening screen spinning wheel. Tried everything to fix it. So it is really less than one star at this time as it won't even open up. (Marshmallow 6.0.1)

David Sasselli

Useful Although Echo, Tap, and the Dot are awesome. The app really only good for settings. As for selecting music it's not. It would also be nice if it voice enabled as well so I can ask to change music or volume when I'm in the devices hearing range or due to a loud environment.


Sucks Constantly disconnects from WiFi. When you go to "now playing" it shows the previous band you were playing, rather than the current band, and you cannot play a new band because it freezes. And so many other issues and bugs. Just like every other company that becomes a monolopy, Amazon is more focused on profit than making quality products or customer service.

Jon Okie

Slow and doesn't always work Echo is great. This app is awful. Trying to get to your shopping list when you're at the store takes forever. Most of the time spent in this app is watching a spinning circle.

Charles Crowley

Good, but not yet Great When Alexa can be used for real vocal interactive internet searches, then it will be a great app. Right now, it's little more than a voice-controlled radio. Like where you are going with this, and am impatient for you to get there! My appetite is whetted.

Janine McKinnon

Alexa What is the purpose? Opening screen awkward. Where do I add channels and check what is on my stick? Not impressed. Needs work.

Gemma Fawcett

App very poor. Product very good Like many users on here couldn't get past the WiFi setup on Samsung S7 (Android) I got around it by doing on Mac using Web address. Once setup the product is great and fun. App is pretty basic and doesn't really have the look and feel that you would expect from an Amazon product. Summary - Great product, but get the entire ecosystem working.

Hugh Knox

Otay I thought that Alexa would be a little more intuitive. I need flash cards to to remember all the invocations for the skills. Otherwise she doesn't understand. The app works well.. Now for the home control.. Its awesome. If I wanted Amazon to spend their monies (countless billions) on a particular area, this was it. I love it. Just add a little shogun to the narrative and understanding to the q&a. And please don't make us remember all the invocations for them. Like flight status for an airline. Regex.

Ken Allan

Blank screen connecting to wifi The app worked great on my Samsung 6 with Alexa but when I purchased my Dot and tried to connect to WiFi all I got was a white page. I tried disconnecting and resetting it over and over. I was just about to return it when I tried downloading the app to my ipad and I'm glad I did because it connected instantly to my Wi-Fi and my Dot is now working perfectly. It even connected via Bluetooth to my JBL speaker in less than a minute. Very happy

Bryan Dehler

Update didn't fix load time issue Biggest gripe with app has always been the ridiculous load time. Hoped the most recent upgrade would fix but no luck. Forced closed the app after it didn't finish loading after 170 seconds. Re opened it and still took 32 seconds to fully load. Unacceptable in a world where all other apps load in 1 to 10 seconds max.

Stephanie Tscholl

Alexa ok, App a nightmare Alexa understands almost everything but the selection of skills is poor. The app is terrible, it takes forever to load and is very slow. She I go shopping I have to Screenshot the shopping list from the app because otherwise I can't be sure if I'll get the app to open so I can access the list and I'd ha e to walk around the shop with my screen turned on all the time because the moment you turn that off the app resets and has to load again when you turn the screen back on. Almost unusable in my opinion.

Steve Moddelmog

Flawed Worst flaw - it shuts itself down all the time. Also, the music player is beneath stripped down - doesn't show how many minutes of a song have played and remain, and no way to advance or rewind within a song. Overall it seems to have gotten worse over time at understanding what I say.

Michael Kadjeski

Pleasantly surprised. So far I am enjoying my Amazon Echo and the Alexa app. The only gripe I have at this time is with TuneIn Premium. I have a TuneIn Premium account and disappointed I can't link it to Alexa. I get NFL games on TuneIn Premium and it would be nice to listen using my Echo. There are also many more Audiobooks on TuneIn Premium. Maybe Amazon wants it that way. If this changes, I will lean towards a 5 star. Right now, it's more a 3.75. Enjoy and explore.

Austin Russell

Nice when/if it works There cannot be any background noise or else I literally have to yell before retaining any confirmation for my request and what I'm told from "Alexa" normally doesn't comply with my command or is completely misunderstood for a ridiculous question that no one would ever ask. Occurs when the tv is at a minimal volume or any one else is talking. I cannot ask important things like what the gas prices are plus I can tell her to set an alarm but she will not shut off the alarm no matter how loud I shout.

Slappy McPhee

Iheart radio function just OK One of the main reasons for getting the Dot is for iheart radio. My favorite station is iHeart80s Radio. I can't get Alexa to hit it. She always goes to All 80s Radio which isn't what I want no matter how I enunciate. Very frustrating.

Doug Chinn

VERY DISAPPOINTING!!! I have been excited to get the Echo Dot and went back and forth on whether or not to get the six pack. I finally decided to get two and see if they work. SO GLAD I DIDN'T GET THE SIX PACK!!! I have a Samsung Note 4 Edge. I have downloaded, deleted and redownloaded the Alexa app and CANNOT get it to work. I get as far as the orange ring set, then "continue" to connect to the Internet and then get a white screen with "echo dot setup" at the top and that's as far as it goes. It won't connect to the internet.

Eric Guillaume

Can't get passed WiFi set up. Unacceptable After an hour of trying setting this up, installing, uninstalling, reinstalling, restarting my phone, I'm left with a paper weight. So have no idea if this device is good or not. But what i know is that I've never seen such a poorly designed app. And I've tested 100s of apps. Amazon, you can do better. Update : paired it using Bluetooth after setting it up with another phone. So my paper weight is now more useful. Let's explore

Amy Durden

I love my Echo, but the app is awful. Like other reviewers, i find that it is so slow to open that I can't count on being able to see my shopping list while I'm at the store. Others seem to be rating the hardware, the Echo and Dot, and yes, they're wonderful, but Amazon needs to start from scratch and build a better app.

WAY too slow Well it works well from a functional standpoint. However, its EXTREMELY slow to start and as a result it's something I avoid using. Note that I use this application across three different phones and in various Wi-Fi environments

scott harrison

Good idea, poor app Why even have an app if it rarely works. It is so hard to browse music and sometimes impossible to even play music. How about a recently played last that you can just play from. Instead you have to search for the music again and again. Crap app

Jonathan Crawford

Slow, doesn't work without data. Alex great, app sucks Why does it take so long to load? And why can't I open the app to get to my shopping list when I don't have a data connection? So annoying. But smart home controls are great.

Michael Johnson

Poorly designed The app itself is visually acceptable, but it needs to reload every time you go back to it. Have a shopping list and lock the screen? Reload to home screen. Also, it’s slow. So slow.

Premature Deployment The app has so much potential, it's obvious that Amazon rushed to deployment. It's almost like they had an idea and decided to push out a half-baked product for consumers to finish for them. Alexa, like most of Amazon's products is also not even close to Prime-Time... If it succeeds it'll be inspire not because of the company's mediocre efforts. Reminds me of why I tried and abandoned the Windows Phone eco-system... random collection of apps, "skills" in this case and limited devices to connect and control.

David M

I use my Alexa and Tap each and every day. Alexa is in our open air kitchen. We use it as a timer for cooking as well as music and general information needs. The Tap moves all over the place, it's my morning alarm clock, our music out on the patio, and in my home office during the day. We love them both.

Daniel McGinley

Blank white screen on WiFi setup Same problems as a lot of people here. I can't even setup my echo dot. I just bought a $50 hockey puck. No wonder it looks like one. Thanks Amazon! Edit: I used my iPad to get it working and I'm loving it! I ordered a harmony hub so I can control my entertainment devices with Alexa. Still disappointed in the failure of the Android app but am overall happy with the product.

Joe Stokes

Will Not Complete Setup I have connected Echo Dot to wifi but the Alexa app will not finalize the setup process. When I click on the Continue button I go to a blank white screen and nothing happens. I've reloaded the app twice with the same result. Anyone else have the same problem?

Phil Caine

Slow & missing details of recent commands Latest update nit soo good. App response is very slow & it no longer seems to list most recent commands/interactions Alexa has heard

deo d

Wow Luckily I know how to use Alexa and have other devices that can actually access this app. But for my android 6.0 BLU R1 HD it doesn't even open. What a joke!!

Poor app Very unpolished app. Limited choices for UK. Smart home devices not even sorted. Painful trying to configure groups by hunting for devices in a random list if you have over a hundred.

Anil Kumar

Interesting features but super slow The app is extremely slow to startup. The competing Google Apps start in a flash. To make it useful and part of the daily usage, it needs to start quickly. The features are interesting though and integration with echo is quite good.

Tim Davis

Alexa Scene control great improvement but... Would have 5 stars but Controlling fan blades still awkward having to have multiple scenes (4) per fan with 4 fans seems a bit awkward work around when we should be able to control fan blades and fan light with normal commands.

Renee Arnold

Very erratic and inconsistent Fighting my Harmony One remote for control of my TV, DVR, switch box and AV receiver. Sometimes they all turn on when I say, "Alexa, turn on the TV," but sometimes not. Then my remote may or may not be able to take over. Never able to change channels. Working on this for hours both alone and with Amazon tech support. Will be great when it works consistently and will revisit my rating then.

Alicia Smith

App is sloth-like in slowness The Alexa app takes several minutes to load if you even have the patience to wait for it. It's connected to Bing and doesn't have all the great benefits of an 'okay Google' search.

Dan Wyman

Won't get out of it's own way. "My music" is in the way of the search bar making it impossible to search my library. Every time I click the search bar it defaults back to main menu. Newest update is the buggiest yet. Please fix.

Kimberly Brumfield

Can't set up Was really looking forward to won't finish the set up process, all I get is a blank screen...tried all their trouble shooting ideas, but still nothing!! would like to be able to at least see how it works:/

Jess Esquivel

Can't access "Playlist"? I didn't realize that changing font size to extra large would mess up my access to my Prime Playlist. All fixed and good to go!! Love my Echo, Echo Dot, and Tap devices ❤️

Mark Pascale

Why need an app One of the best things about echo is it operates separately from your phone. Not crazy about the idea that I need an app for some things. Eventually I hope it will do everything on its own, phone calls, emails, texts etc

John Warren

So slow This app is so show taking more than 30 seconds to start up. Functionality is minimal and Alexa herself only gets about 50% of what I say correct. So the main use of the app is to say Alexa got it wrong.

Sean L

Love Alexa I'm an avid supporter for Amazon. And I love the echo and Alexa. She learns and gets your likes and dislikes. Though some things she still can't understand. Ex. Assume. Tried hard to request that song.

Mike Hanson

Blank white screen Same as others: Looking forward to getting my new dot. Wi-fi setup goes to a blanks white screen. Sucks.... please fix it.

Jocey Neveaux

Horrible, buggy app I love our Echo but the app is a huge pain in the ass. Incredibly buggy and all but useless when it comes to finding and playing music. It needs a lot of work.

Jeff Parsons

Doesn't work? Stuck on S7 edge The app spins a lot on startup on my Galaxy S7 edge. First time setup of a new Echo and can't do anything.. maybe a bad build? Please fix.

Simon Woodley

App ok. The app is a bit clunky considering how slick the Echo seems. If anyone is suffering a white screen at wifi setup (many seem to), disable "network smart switch" in your wifi settings on your phone / tablet.

Ricky Raccoon

Love my Echo. The app...not so much I see alot of people are giving high reviews for the hardware, not the software. The app has a tendency to hang up on initialization. It's ok when I can get it to work. Edit 9-9-15. App still sucks. I migrated from a One M8 to a Galaxy 6...same issues. The app is unstable. Edit 11-4-16 App has greatly improved. Adjusted rating to reflect.

martin underdown

Was working , just got a new version push from the play store now all i get is a white screen . VERY VERY disappointed, so have no control over alexa as cannot get into the app

Connor Mullett

App Needs fixing. Long times to open, if at all! Every few days the app will refuse to open inless i uninstall and install the app. So tedious. The device works fine.

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