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7 Jul
Amazon Photos - Cloud Drive

Posted by Amazon Mobile LLC in Photography | July 7, 2016 | 230 Comments

Apk file size: 6.9 MB

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos lets you back up the photos and videos on your phone or tablet in Amazon Cloud Drive, secure cloud storage you can access on any computer or device. This free cloud storage app makes photo backup simple so your pictures are safe, even if your Android is lost, damaged, or upgraded.

Cloud Drive unlimited photo storage is free for Amazon Prime members. Other storage plans start at $11.99/year. Get the app and try it free for 3 months, cancel anytime.

- Secure cloud storage backup for photos, try it free for 3 months
- Auto-Save photos for easy backup and to free up memory on your device
- Store, view, and share home videos up to 20 minutes in length
- Play a slideshow of your favorite photo collections (Android 4.4 and up)
- Share your photos on Facebook and Twitter, through email, and other apps
- Print your favorite photos directly from the app (Android 4.4 and up)
- Keep your photos safe with auto backup, even if your device is lost or damaged
- See your photos at on your tablet, computer, or Fire TV
- Plans start at $11.99/year, free for Amazon Prime members

Amazon Cloud Drive offers secure cloud storage and online backup for photos, videos, files, and more. With free online storage apps, you can you store, view, and share your important content from any device or computer. Try cloud storage and backup free for 3 months.

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Whats new

    - Improved photo and video uploads
    - More user-friendly video player controls
    - General bug fixes and improvements

Amazon Mobile LLC part of our Photography and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update July 7, 2016. Google play rating is 83.3522. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 6.9 MB.

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Joshua McAllister

Add Access to Other File Formats This is great if I just want to share specific image formats and videos, but useless if I want to share documents, work files, etc. This app really needs help.


Great app This app is great in every way except it keeps logging me out and my wife's phone after so many days. I have go back and log into the app again just to make sure the photos and video are uploaded and not lost. If you fix this, I will change my rating to 5 star

Hannah Leigh Pittaway

Started working again :)

David Motola

Needs a lot of work... There's not a lot of functionality in the app. One thing that is missing is the ability to share entire albums ar once. Also, it would really be nice if you could have an option where you can schedule the app to upload any new videos and photos at a certain time. That way they could be uploading at night when youre in bed.

Darryl Mcleod

Too basic still Obviously the unlimited storage is a massive drawcard, but the app is far too basic to be useful. Photos don't auto-rotate, sorting is extremely limited, folder structure is far too basic, no keywording or location info. Really hope it gets regular updates. Would also love some sort of family option (ie multiple log ins) so if something ever happens to me my wife can easily find things.

Kenneth Quade

App data size is ridiculous! The app's data, stored on the phone, is over 300 mb. I believe it is storing thumbnails or something (constantly) instead of treating such things as cache. As a result, the app just keeps growing.

Chirag Bhatt

Nice App BUT.... Love this app and would give it five stars except WHO thought that giving the ability to create Albums but not the ability to SHARE albums was a good idea. FB and Google Photos both allow u to share albums. Here u can only share individual photos. What a HUGE missing feature


Has 2 many limitations!! Videos with less than 20 minutes? I prefer one drive. No limitations in that way! You can't either download videos to your device! The worst backup files app I have seen!

Jenny grosvenor

No longer working since software update The app was working perfectly on my Sony Xperia z3 but since upgrading to android version 5.0.2 it no longer works. Will not automatically add photos or let me add them manually as it did previously. Occasionally adds a photo randomly. shame cos the app was fab!

Justine C

Have to manually upload videos It would be 5 stars if I didn't have to manually upload videos. This wasn't always the case but since a few updates back it's been a problem. Please fix.

Mark Umphrey II

Having unlimited space for photo unloads with Prime is key. But if I didn't have prime, then I wouldn't use this app. Google drive gives you 15gb of cloud space for free

Jamie Hibbard

Works but could be better This app works, it backs up photos and videos as I take them on every device. It would be nice if it had a tag feature to make albums better for displaying them on other devices such as fire TV.

Jeff Onsrud

Needs to add some features Let me start off with saying the fact that unlimited photo storage included with your prime membership is awesome and a great feature Amazon has added. The app however needs some basic features added: 1) Album creation and management is pretty much missing. 2) Basic photo editing tools (crop, rotate, color filters, etc.) 3) Ability to select which picture folders are backed up instead of all or nothing. Add some of these features found in other photo backup services and this would be my go to photo backup

Jason Nguyen

Needs 2 way sync Good as a backup dump but hardly intelligent. Without 2 way sync, the result you get is having to manage photos in more than one location. It's a pain!

Sunjida Shanu

Upload keeps on stopping after few photos Upload seems to stop after 100 photos. This is absolutely nonsense. Never faced this sort of problem with dropbox app. Please fix this. I am subscribed to unlimited plan.

Jesse Schaa

Borderline Awesome So I have loved backing up photos. And I was going to give this App 5 stars, but truth is when you start to compare it to the competitors (Google Photo, Microsoft) The User interface....well it is lacking. Don't get me wrong, love the storage and how it works. Do a little work on the UI and a 5 star from me!! :)

Bill Blonigan

Battery drainer. Restarted 52 times in 2 hours.

Tom Clayton

Good but needs work This is good and the unlimited photo storage is a big plus, however I'd like to choose which images are uploaded automatically from my phone, I don't want everything, just selected folders.

Barret Me

2FA With as much info Amazon wants me to store (credit cards, bank accounts, home address, phone numbers, and now photos) I would really feel more secure if they start offering two factor authentication. Every other service provides this option. Why not Amazon?

Troy Stowell

Amazon cloud if you are a prime member you can upload unlimited anything.

Daniel Butler

Gre8t Love the app can save my photos!!!

Ben Morris

Good photo storage service and Prime Amazon Web Services work well and are well developed. Photos app is solid.

Maaruthi Surubhotla

Update spoiled uploading of pics and videos This new update has spoiled uploading of videos and photos automatically. Please fix this problem!

jeffrey simpson

Design could use some work Not bad. Love the unlimited storage for Prime users. As mentioned, the design could use some real work.

Joseph Solomon

Always a problem with upload! Amazon for Android, iPhone and Windows please fix!

Greg Raizk

Syncing I would like to see an autosync with my android gallery

Thomas Wight

....hotter than a $2 pistol.....

Jamiesie BPink

Amazon Cloud drive PS thank you love this

Gilbert Griego

Great Best cloud to save your photos! One of the very few that you can make albums. Keeps everything organized.

Jeff Tiberend

Good start This is a good start. But, there needs be an app for other file types. Something to compete with Drop Box or Google Drive.


Using 3% of my battery when screen is off!

Ajay Prabhu

Great App Unlimited photo storage, and I trust Amazon more than Google with my personal info. App works great.

John Kelly

They really punted this into the stands Needs work & better functionality, users cannot share albums, only single pictures....was Amazon asleep at the wheel? Google's app gives much better functionality!!!!

Mustafa Abusalah

Where can I find my files Through the app I can only access photos and videos. How about my other files?

Rajeev More

Keeps loging me out After certain number of days it keeps logging me and my wife out. Amazon need to fix this

Önal Zengin

Missing features Needs ability to exclude some folders from syncing and sync only while charging option.

Thomas Mokrzecki

Can't log in Unable to log in ever. No problem on my desktop or the iOS app. But this app will not allow me to log in. Please try again later.

Corey Wolff

Missing lots of features. I can upload photos from my phone, but I can't define where on my CloudDrive. All my phone uploads get buried somewhere based on how my phone identifies itself. The app also needs a way to manage folders from my phone (moving and renaming pictures/folders). Also, when you are scrolling down the photos section and you get the dates on the right, there needs an option for photos with 'no date' just like the Web interface. Right now, I've just got random photos tossed in random places because they have no date

Mark Umphrey II

Having unlimited space for photo unloads with Prime is key. But if I didn't have prime, then I wouldn't use this app. Google drive gives you 15gb of cloud space for free

Tae H. Kim

Decent App but... Only really good if you have a Prime subscription especially when the new Google Photo gives you unlimited photos & video backup for free... No reason to pay!

Dan Wire

Need to sort out the notifications Overall does a solid job of finding and backing up photos and videos. Unlike Dropbox and Google though, Amazon is very in your face with notifications about uploads and failures that can't be discarded. Feels like the app is in your face about something that everyone else is able to do in the background.

Jeffrey Martin

Amazon Photos I love the updates

Denise Lee

Extremely helpful Has changed a lot since I last uninstalled for poor audio & video chat. Works Great Now!

Robert Arroyo

So far behind every other cloud app Update: Its been a year since my last review and this app is still so far behind every other cloud app. Why can't Amazon come up with a pin code lock? Why cant I navigate my folders like I do online? It is almost impossible to find old pictures. This company is sending drones to deliver packages but can't develop a decent cloud app. Don't even get me started on the Web interface. ...

Dylan Hoare

Needs auto sync on desktop Without two way sync working on mobile and desktop, this app just provides a simple backup solution. Still much to learn from Dropbox! Unlimited photo uploads but 5gb limit on video is unacceptable. Even with prime I'm sticking to Dropbox

Ronald LaTray

Stops downloading Stops downloading from cloud in the middle of a download. App freezes while downloading. Downloads stop then app won't allow any more downloads even after restart of device and this app.

Sylvia Sidel

This is great APP Stores all my photos even back as far as 2010 and you can delete ones you no longer want.

Thad Williams

Works well for photos but they only give you 5 gb for videos. This, in itself, is fine -that's Amazon's prerogative. HOWEVER, it's extremely annoying that the little warning that I only have 5gb and maybe I should upgrade to pay $60 a month WILL NOT GO AWAY. I disabled video uploads in my app and it's still nagging me. Fix this Amazon. It should be an acknowledge once and not-show-up again notification.

Anthony Garcia

I like this app but no discount video storage for prime members $70 for everything. Members already get unlimited photos Y pay twice

Marlen UA

New updates Wow now it's great...I can share multiple photos!! Nexus 7 2013

Mark Littner

HTC m1. 8 Suddenly can't turn auto save off.had to disable but yet I just paid a hundred dollars for Amazon prime.Bummer please fix

Angel Hill

Add a 'move to another album' feature I hate that I can't move the pics to a different album. It's created a huge amount of clutter and duplicates. An ability to sort would also be nice. Also needed: 'don't add duplicates' feature, 'tag' feature, and eventually a basic editing feature, with at the very least, the ability to crop.

Rocky Herring

Great Add scanning abilities so that I can scan all of my photos into the app and get 5 stars!

Mark Wadlington

Share button dead, and crashing. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Whether I select a thumbnail or a full screen image, my share button never does anything when pressed. Also crashing every few views.

Wayne Coburn

Crapware Had to uninstall because it was using 35% of battery, causing my phone be dead within a few hours.

Jim Henry

Ok Its free so don't expect much

Frank Lan

Latest update only allows uploading by auto-saving to cloud. The "select photos to upload" option is gone. This makes it really hard to manage space and is a play to get you to sign up for more storage, which is very expensive. Disappointing

bridget kronenberger

Love it Best photo back up out there, respects your organization.. Easy to find stuff

Kimberly Britton

Question?? If I upload from my phone can download them to my computer??

Lewis Kirkwood

Amazon start charging.... For a buggy app with a measly 5 gb. Good job there's Mega with 100 GB free and now Hive is here with unlimited gb free. Goodbye Amazon.

Monic Diotte

Last update ????__Slow download of messages since last update

Atari Avi

Sort list - Undated pictures Please add the non dated pictures to show last and not first in the pictures list.

Christos Tsironas

- lucks passcode protection to start using the app - cannot select folder to upload the pictures

Joseph Fenton

Lacking features Please add the ability to allow others to upload to a folder on your drive.

Leo Li

Latest update crashes constantly on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Crashes continuously, especially when browsing Videos. New UI not as intuitive & looks almost nothing like Google Play app screenshots (which are based on previous version of app). Wished I had not upgraded app. Cannot share a folder, only individual photos = annoying. When viewing photos and videos, cannot filter on photo or videos or in cloud or on device. If I did not have Amazon Prime and just upgraded my Cloud Drive service, I would uninstall app.

Dopanan Naruka

Done ducked it up Why do you have to take something good and just duck it up? Why?

Fatihah Abdulfatah

Doesnt sync properly after new update :(

Gil Tro

Nice Better than Google Drive. I has it on my GS3 and Tab 3 working great on both.

Trudie Snyman

Makes life easier :-D

Vedran Papes

Missing major features! no way to share a link to folder, now way to share multiple files/photos or videos via link, app downloads selected files to device and pops out a apps selection to share those files/photos but not using the cloud drive links!!! No way to limit upload speed! No way to select other folders that arent photos or videos, on device... Id like to select a folder with raw/dng photos on my lg g3! No way to sync files on PC, PC app needs to be updated too ASAP! Add more features for sharing files in web app!

Tim Haskins

I installed this app to transfer my pics to my kindle from my phone. It also moved ALL OF MY VIDEOS without warning, and it WON'T PLAY ANY LONGER THAN 20 MINUTES! This is a nightmare! HOW DO I RESTORE MY VIDEOS TO MY PHONE!!! I hate this stupid APP.

Adam Worley

A prime benefit but non prime service The app has many benefits over google photo with it not using the data for marketing purposes, but the UI service date stamping and ordering are a mess. Its nice to be rewarded for prime membership but has a long way to go before it matches other services. I hope it does well.

A Google User

Good but.... Good, but needs the option to move pictures between folders and/or upload straight to a specific folder. Also, please let us access files other then Photos/videos from the app (and make a decent desktop Mac/PC client while you're at it). Getting better with the latest update, but when I go into manage storage, some times it goes to a page where I can manage my actual drive but some times it goes to a screen where I manage my plan. Please FIX, I love that I can manage my cloud drive from the app finally!

angel brown

Delete pictures Why does it delete pics off my device as well as my cloud?! Some pics I want to keep on my phone and NOT on my cloud!


WAS GOOD BUT.. I would've provided all stars but now my space is no longer free! Since Amazon has marketed the hell out of Prime, i was threatened to add a credit card and pay or all my files will be deleted! With Microsoft Onedrive, Dropbox & Google Drive all still free, plus my web hosting and external drives, why would i pay Amazon for theirs! Especially with limited options like no folders, just files all clustered together in months. Sorry Amazon, just not worth paying..

Joe Stewart

Nice app Google photos magic picture stuff FTW though.


Great for storing my personal photos, but can't view uploads from PC One of my hobbies is photography, and I use Cloud Drive to backup my large photo collection with Amazon Prime(which I had before), but photos uploaded from my PC can't be viewed in the app, only on the website. Please fix this.

Kim Ortiz

Awesome But an option to detect and delete (on our phones) already uploaded photos would make this even better

Andreas Pieber

Almost perfekt! Only thing missing is offline storing and virtual albums.

Simcha-Yitzchak Lerner

Brings phone to a grinding halt When uploading photos via Wi-Fi in the background, my phone becomes totally non-responsive. Even hitting the home key has no effect.

Cabby z

You DO Realize... Google does ALL of this w/o the $11.99 or $59.99 a year... right? When the "trial period" ended... so did this over priced apps usefulness... if it ever had one, beyond "belt & suspenders". Deleted.

Susan H

Error I keep getting notifications from my phone that this app is making my phone run slowly and causing errors. I guess I'll uninstall until it's fixed.

Timothy Smith

Buggy Notification has no space and collides with other notifications, and app does not always upload photos when told. I have to constantly check on it. Checking to make sure photos and videos are uploaded automatically defeats the purpose of having these options. Please fix, or you might as well hang it up. EDIT: And yes, this app is *not* being optimized by "doze."

mikal r kayn

Brilliant Brilliant app works great. Unlimited full resolution storage, the value from prime just keeps getting better. Thank-you.

Uttam Paudel

Only 5 GB for videos With a 5 GB ceiling for videos even for prime members, it's very limited service indeed. Only for photos is the service unlimited.


Videos over Mobile Network I should be able to use my mobile data to sync videos automatically if I want to. I don't want to waste my home be quata when I have unlimited mobile data.

Randy Bishop

Unstable Freezes, consumes battery far more than it should. Back button doesn't function properly. Too many issues to name. Not production ready. I'd barely call this beta ready.

Janet Gelein

My cloud Not able to delete pictures. I have tried and can't figure it out.

Kayla Trumper

Hate it I love my anazon cloud. But when i got my new phone my pictures say there downloading to the cloud. But when u look theres nothing new there. So irritating!!!!!!!!!

Christopher Glaze

Reboots phone The app constantly reboots my phone when beginning to upload pictures.

Mason West

All my pics well preserved

Ingrid Jacqueline Araujo-Lechuga

Photo Cloud... Pretty cool! Love the options and the ease!

Liberty Kinne

Brilliant Just what I need! Long time Amazon Prime member, and l couldn't be happier.

Stacy Michael

Improvements, really? Why would you remove the download feature from a cloud storage app? Seem counter to the concept of cloud storage.?

BILL Shepherd

Safe and convenient Easy to use and quick.

Crystal Boeshart

Works good Easy to use syncs with everything

Ellen Cain

My Friends Love them and most of them are just great

Jan Davis

Awesome So easy to access everything

Seth Wolf

Better The albums are more supported on Fire TV. Thank you! This now works as I need it to work.

Richard Skelly

Duplicate Copies The app does not recognize duplicate copies. So you will get the same picture copy to the cloud even though the file name is the same. Deleting is not fluid. Good price but the app is lacking compared to others.

Kevin Harkness

Auto-Save Auto saving photos to the cloud is fantastic. In the past I always had to manually copy photos over from my phone to a backup drive, but now it is automatic. Snap a picture and it is backed up in the cloud. I can also see my wife's pictures of our baby, which she takes throughout the day while I'm at work. The best part is that we have unlimited photo storage with Amazon Prime at no additional cost. Seems like a no-brainer to take advantage of this app.

Kristen Shaw

Good, but one flaw I get a notification every time I take a picture: "auto-save will resume when device connects to power". Obviously, because that's what I set it to do. I would appreciate if I could turn these notifications off. After I write this I'm going into the Samsung applications settings to disable notifications from this app.

DeRosset Myers

Goodbye, Amazon Photos Cloud Drive Offering premium plans is one thing, but charging for features that used to be free is kinda low. Call me when you get your crap together. Meanwhile, this thing is just taking up space so I'll have to delete it.

Greg Morgan

Be careful of initial upload using mobile data Not easy to configure. Default for photos is to upload via mobile. No option to auto upload photos using wifi only. Ended up using 3gb of mobile data. Very expensive app if you're not careful. Amazon the online store would reimburse such a bad experience. The Amazon photo app should too.

Kenny Neill

Terrible Sorts by random dates with little or no indication of where it gets it, and, even If it did there is no way to edit it. Ok, its free storage but if that ignores albums and folders it is just an information dump.Not sure what the point of the app is.

danette lomax

Crashes CONSTANTLY It keeps crashing and doesn't stay on the date or year you pic. Please fix the darn thing it's so frustrating! Your Amazon prime app crashes too, maybe need to hire people that can do apps? This had been for months! Thanks

Steven Blumenschein

What happened? Since the update, multiple images upload simple freezes. I can only upload one image at a time. Very frustrating.

Himesh Kulkarni

Great but needs improvements Make the App faster and add drag to multi-select feature. UPDATE : There's this very irritating bug where I can't see the settings option itself, it's visible sometimes but mostly not. Please fix this quickly

Joseph Dowdy

Photo editor causes app to crash I've tried to edit a photo with a basic crop function 5 times with the app crashing before saving the final product every time. Defeats the purpose of cloud storage if I have to download the photo to my device memory before I can make basic edits.

Kendra Ripley

Lost all my photos While trying to do the right thing and backup my photos it corrupted the sd card and I lost all of them. Including my recently born child's first picture. Horrid. I am devastated. Here I was trying to do the right thing and back up my photos. I should have known better.

Colton Wilson

Great photos app; very easy to use! I use Amazon photos so that my photos go right from my phone to my Kindle. This is extremely useful, but that's not all. The picture editing is absolutely phenomenal! It includes enhancement, effects (like on Instagram), frames, stickers (you know, hats and stuff), overlays, vignettes, cropping, focusing (if the camera forgot), rotation, red-eye remover, brightness level slider, a in-app program that allows you to draw on the photo, sharpness slider, splash, whitening, meme adder, blur, blemish, and more.

Aaron Sims

Interface is just screwy. When I download pictures from here it downloads in such low quality. And it's just a pain navigating through the app. Need a more streamlined approach like Dropbox.

Rhonda Lynn

Not worth the ap space. I have Amazon Prime and I thought this would be great for my photos. But so far nothing will upload even on wifi. And sharing? Thats glitched also. So this isnt worth my time.

Marisa Cortez

Such a hassle I got prime just for this feature of the cloud photo storage. And I switched phones to back up my photos i used the cloud. Well now that I have the new phone I want my pictures on my phone too not just the app (lag time to show photos to friends or share) unless I manually select all of my photos (1000+) one by one I can't download it!

Jeff Holtzclaw

Like that I can store all my photos of all my devices in one spot and completely free as part of my Amazon Prime membership. Works great, easy to use, and it downloads my photos to the cloud automatically, which is my favorite thing-I don't have to do anything.

Mike 3891

Seriously? Customer support can't even help me with this garbage app Program is designed to move your pics and videos from your phone to the cloud. To download them back it forces you to download in a zip file. Found this out the hard way. Since they are too lazy to put a "select all" feature in the app I now have to click on over 2 gigs of photos to download them back. Their upload ability is laughable. I selected multiple videos and pics to upload and once the video space was full it refused to continue uploading even the pics. I now get bugged to pay for additional space.

Mandy Wright

Is their anyway to get your password? I just did an update, and it's days my password is wrong. I have no idea what it is then. I will be uninstalling if I can't get in it. Please help.

Randy Bishop

Unstable Freezes, consumes battery far more than it should. Back button doesn't function properly. Consumes over 1GB of storage. Very slow. Too many issues to name. Not production ready. I'd barely call this beta ready.

Steve S.

Unstable, freezes on Galaxy S5 My phone has 128GB card installed. Amd about 9GB pics I wanted upload to Amazon Cloud. App starts to upload on WiFi and after about 5% it just stops, no longer uploads, becomes laggy, finally freezes phone then crashes. Tried multiple times, same problem. Never had this problem with Dropbox. Bad app, seems like waste of time.

Stanislav Sokorac

Pretty bad compared to other photo storage and viewing apps. Smugmug's and Google's offerings had better functionality several years ago. It's slow, it's difficult or even impossible in some cases to organize your photos properly. It's there for you to dump everything as a backup, at best. Albums are an afterthought -- you can create one from a folder, but there's no way to add further folders. You can only select photos from the list of *every single photo you have* to add to the album. The only redeeming feature is being able to quickly go to "this week" view of previous years, although that's so slow, too, when you actually try to browse through the selection.

David A. Martinez

No Android N support I know Android N is in beta testing, but it's not that much different from Marshmallow to completely break the app. Every other Amazon service app works fine except Amazon Photos. It won't launch without crashing, even after the latest update.

Marcy Buckner

I used to love it I used to love this app and recommended it to everyone. The problem now is that I can't enjoy the benefits of the app (like auto upload) because it's stuck on pause...and has been for weeks. If you just want somewhere to manually backup to the cloud, this is the app for you...

Russell Wolfe

I love the "Photos from a year ago" feature, but hate that the cache takes up all the space that it can (3+ GB on my phone). When the cache gets too big it slows down my phone tremendously.

Jae Park

I like it. Request on next update.. I really love the app. It's simple to use and a user friendly design. But the photos titled with the date they were taken are not sorted on 'date taken' option because it was not specified in their info. I'll appreciate it if you the developer would consider this on the next update!

Milly Webster

Since the update Since the update the app on my phone has started re-adding photos that are already saved to the cloud drive, in the process it used all 8gb of my monthly data allowance which I am now being charged for exceeding!

Sharon Elizabeth Taylor

Great app ..lots of storage..always stores my pics ..l can depend on that.thks amazon


Suggestion Deleting pictures is so cumbersome. I don't mean to sound lazy but deleting photos should not be as tedious as it is when using this application. Please consider this suggestion.

Phil Schmitz

Screen overlay issue? Seems like it won't run unless I disable screen overlay on all other apps (about a dozen). I don't want to do that and why should I have to? Guess it's not for me.

Jason Carcich

Very slow Was a great app early on. Now it takes 30 seconds for each pic to load which makes this app barely usable. Good enough to backup photos but horrible if you actually want to look at them

D C Wright

Amazon has... ...some outstanding apps and some great ones as well as many really useful apps. This appears to be one of them...

Kelvin Denham

MY TAKE I absolutely love this service, I am constantly worried about loosing certain photos. Now I get them backed up hear , Dropbox and the cloud. But Amazon is my favorite. I can look at tm on my tv..

Richard McKinney

Took up SO much space Unlike Dropbox, Amazon Photos took up multiple gigs of space after an errant setting selection.

Johnathan Nazarian

Crashed my phone every 10 minutes While uploading pictures for 5 hours from my phone, my phone crashed every 10 minutes. Ever since pictures loaded it's been fine. Eliminated several other factors and this was the only one. I hope it doesn't happen every time I take pictures for it to load. Fix my phone from crashing I'll fix review

Jessica McAuliffe

Wrong password???? I know for a fact I am putting in the correct email and password and it is still saying it's wrong....please help this is the only reason I still have prime and if I can't get into it on my new phone I will not be renewing it this year

Cherie Belle

Who has time? "Could not connect to cloud drive please try your upload later" there's so many reasons why this message is irritating. I have no wifi problems with my 200Mb connection nor my s6 edge. Apparently the app has a problem, fix it and I'll change this review. Why Did I get prime?

Kimberlie Wright

Worry less This helps ease my mind knowing my pictures are backed up!

Marshal Anson

Photo upload doesn't work The auto upload feature has always been hit or miss, but recently when I kick off an upload manually, it fails 100% of the time. Really disappointing and frustrating.

Kevin Shafer

CPU waster Would be a handy app, but it drains my battery even when I'm not using it. Have to uninstall it.

Leo Li

Why can't I see my Favourites from my Fire TV Stick as an album? It would be very useful. Crashes continuously when scrolling through uploaded photos & when browsing Videos. New UI not as intuitive. Wished I had not upgraded app. When viewing photos and videos, cannot filter on photo or videos or in cloud or on device. If I did not have Amazon Prime and just upgraded my Cloud Drive service, I would uninstall app.

Jesus Molinar

Pictures backup Able to retain all pictures in a set groups and dates

Shira Magat

"This app is causing your device to run slowly" This app used to be great. Now, I get notified everyday that this app is "causing my device to run slowly. 75 errors occured in 1 week" kinda sucks my phone suggested uninstalling. Samsung s6 edge

Jeremy King

Great! Auto features are great...way better than just regular amazon cloud for your photos!

Karen Fentem

Something Free!.. Brilliant addition to the Amazon Prime package ..

Michael Monroe Gollaher

Adding a TON a invasive "permissions" Don't think I'll update. May uninstalling.

Rey Cuna

The best cloud app I've used.

JoAnne Hutchinson

Drains battery Even when logged out it constantly drains battery.

Marco Infante

Photo and cloud The cloud setvices, bevome handy when you forget you have it when you need it. I was able to recover photos i did not remember i had them. Good

Colin Cooper

Very good Unlike some other photo/document storing apps, you can view photos by time taken, useful when searching for a specific photo/stories. Unlimited storage for Prime account holders :-)

Dan Penning

Constantly tells me that the app cannot connect to Amazon Cloud Drive... which is exactly what this app is for. Galaxy S7 Edge

Setegn Mekete

No worries my photos will be saved automatically

Lazer Milstein

Good BUT Can not turn off pesty Alerts! Constant alerts when offline (uploads Will resume when Wi-Fi available) AND also when Out of space for Videos. Can not be turned off!!

Sherri bright

Wow!!! So nice and easy to use. I really like the this was taken a year ago on this day.

Chris Ramirez

Please add Add a section where I can only see uploaded photos

Krislyn Thompson

It's not uploading and saving automatically Just lost all baby pictures. It showed the pictures there. And now they are gone. No support no help...I spent 100 for prime and 60 for unlimited. ...and no pictures were saved.

David Buff

Battery Killer There's definitely something wrong. This app is outrageously slow when doing anything, even just opening. And it is consistently the number one app that kills my battery, taking up hours of CPU time and keeping keep awake on. I know this doesn't have to be the case to back up photos because Google Photos and Facebook Moments do it without consuming so many resources. It does do it's job in backing up Photos however, but you'd think with an army of developers Amazon could build a halfway decent Android app.

Shelley Hoerauf

Won't let me sign in!!!! I just had to replace my phone. So I had to redownload and sign in to amazon photos. App keeps saying email or password incorrect. I checked password, used email&PW to sign in to amazon and my email&PW is correct. I Uninstalled/Reinstalled app and still get same message. Very frustrating as I take lots of pics with my phone. I'm a prime member &pay extra for videos. I expect better than to not be able to use app. Please fix. Never had problem before and like I said,email&PW I've been inputting is correct

Louise Turley

What's happening? This app has been working brilliantly up until now. I have had issues with login today and over the last few days it has stopped saving to the cloud. As a Prime customer, I shouldn't have any problems as I have unlimited photo storage space. I am not sure if it has something to do with the last update but it is so frustrating, I'm just glad I have an alternative backup on my device, unfortunately I can't count on this one at the moment.

Mike Lopez

What's going on? I don't know what's going on with this App since it's not working correctly. I'm trying to upload manually my pics and it doesn't work. It says: "Uploading to Cloud Drive", but nothing happens! I agree with the last reviews of some users saying that there is something wrong and besides that the app and interface turn confusing. I'm a Prime Member since a long time and know how to use it. I hope it may be fixed. Thanks.

bonnie lawson

Lag time in viewing photos Photos very slow to load from app. Viewing is difficult due to lag time. Then it will freeze up and close. Very annoying. Automatic upload feature was fine, but has recently been spotty with manual forced uploads required.

Gordon Harris

Confusing Doesn't allow you to know where you're at in the app. It's all confusing. I've deleted 100 photos thinking I was deleting from the cloud and it deleted from my device. Would be nice to upload in batch by the names of the folders on my device. Much work needed. *update* this app is confusing. I have to delete it as I have 88,000 photos and all its done is delete from my phone. There is no option to delete from cloud. I don't care how much storage you get for photos, it's not worth tapping to put into folders

Mario Aguilar Jr.

I dont know if is just me, but Im having the a bug or issues. Everything is great, but once I take a picture it re syncs all my pictures and video and now I have about almost 4GB, so if I take one picture it will sync all my 4GB pictures I had before. It really kills my battery had to put it to only sync when connected and on wifi but still uses so much data and slows down my charging by syncing and not just checking it sends again all the files.

David A. Martinez

No Android N Preview 2 support The app still crashes on Android N Preview 2 on the Nexus 6 even after the latest app update. Come on Amazon it's not that hard! All the other Amazon apps work. Fix this!

Charles Bisbee

Will not use sd card Found amazon cloud. It's free for prime member photos That's great BUT THE ANDROID APP ONLY USES INTERNAL MEMORY. Photo icons are using toooooooo much memory

Michael Linhart

Nice interface, quick to upload Great app to upload photos and nice interface. Great to have unlimited photo storage with prime membership. Be sure and select your folders to auto back up. Restoring picts interface doesn't seem to have a select all option. Upload speed is good on Samsung S7.

Dana Pavel

Not working Does not upload anything when I share from a gallery app and does not show any phone photos in the app even though it has the appropriate access rights. Get better developers, Amazon! S7edge non-rooted.

Adam Rockhill

Really great Cloud Photo Storage app Love the way this app works. It's great to have my photos automatically upload whenever I'm on Wi-Fi. My wife's photos also synch to the same drive so we each have access to all of our family photos no matter which device we use. The upload download process is seamless. Really like the sorting ability and the ability to quickly find photos using the calendar on the side. One Feature I hope Amazon will add is to select pictures and have Amazon or a third party print them and mail them. Big money.

Josh Fowler

I love the app, but it does not work on Android N so, unfortunately, I can no longer continue backing up my photos automatically.

Frank Dolan

Can't get it to work contacted Amazon, still not working. Keeps sending me to USA site and, asks for another payment!

Greg Clarke

Took up GBs of storage I wanted a back up solution to save some space in my phone, this app is currently using 13GBs. The app has some useful features like "on this day" but it's incredibly slow to the point of not being usable.

Scott Tatum

Love this app! Awesome and great too use. One of the best cloud storage apps on the market!

Jesse Sideman

Nice service but downsized downloads I love the unlimited photo storage with prime, but it seems to be impossible to download a full resolution file from your cloud storage using the app. All of my photos are around 7-12MB at full res, and anything I download through the app comes in at under 1MB. Fine for posting to social media or whatever, but if I upload high res photos I expect to be able to retrieve them the same way. It's possible in a browser, so why not in the app?

Andreas Katzig

Battery Killer Indeed! Have to second the first 'Battery Killer's Review. When uploading, the phone gets extremely hot, battery is getting drained, whole system is getting slow. I'm blaming Amazon Photos after research. I'm on a Nexus 6 and Android 6.0.1. App is great, but this hurts.

Pedro Nunes

Number one battery killer This app is really simple and could use a few more features, like control over folders visible in the app instead of an arbitrary few folders, but the biggest issue is that it's the number one battery killer on my phone and I don't even use it to backup my photos, so what's it doing? Time to uninstall until the battery issue is resolved.

Scott Rasmussen

Memory HOG & Battery Killer! 104 notices this week that the app was seriously slowing down my S6 64gb phone. It's made my phone totally unresponsive for 5 solid minutes at a time! Horrible app. Come on Amazon, I love everything else you do, but this is DELETE time!

Sarah Crabbleapple

Won't see network connection I am trying to use this to move photos from my old Verizon phone to my new T-mobile. There is no mobile data on the Verizon phone since I no longer have an account, but it is on very good WiFi. However, this app apparently tries to ping out over mobile data even though WiFi is available and won't even let me sign in because it refuses to see WiFi as a valid network connection. So be warned, even if you're on WiFi, this is going to drain your data allotment.


Crashes Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge When uploading to cloud freezes the phone and makes it read restart the phone over and over until the app is uninstalled...Amazon needs to really fix this...I see a lot of people having the same issues since this new version.

Charlie Rogers

I like this photo app Thank you amzon awsome too have

Paul Wertepny

Always backs up all my pictures. Great app!!

ruby rikard

Great idea I finally have somewhere for all my photos!!

Steve Jackson

Attention login errors I couldn't log into this or the Underground app. I have a number in my password and used the new number row on the updated Android Keyboard. I switched the main keyboard to numbers and Underground took my login. After that, photos worked fine.

Scott Jones

Nice Does not work with Android N -Developer Preview yet

Rodney Ward

It's a great app I use to sync with my Kindle It's keeps crashing please update for Android N or just an update to run with no crashes

Karen Lee Jenkins

I love this your files and folders from the same time in the same place

Kevin Schmitz

Worked great, just a heads up that this will stop working if upgraded to Andriod N Beta. Can't complain too much as I am in Beta testing.

Dr Hany Awadh

It needs subscription. One must pay money for it

Tarek Tawfik

Doesn't upload consistently. It is a hit and miss

enric bertran diaz

Crashes on startup on Android N beta 3 (I know that is normal that some things crash on beta but feedback is feedback)

Cecil Taylor

Cecil's Pictures Mostly the boys

João Araújo

Android N It's not working in android N... Please fix it and I will raise the rate.

Victoria Moore

Victoria Moore's Photos Photos of my life in the city

Brian Yang

5 stars for the service, 3 stars for the app. I like having original copies of my photos backed up so I appreciate unlimited uncompressed storage (including RAW) of photos with Prime. However, the app is a bit slow and uploads don't always seem to happen. It also lacks many photo management features. I use this for backups only and Google Photos (unlimited but slightly modified) for actually managing and looking at photos.

Carl Olsen

Convenient but slow This app is excellent for synchronizing our two phones across the web for backup and sharing purposes. It's also great with the Fire TV for a fun family screen saver. The drawback is that when accessing images from the cloud, it is often slow, and the app doesn't seem to cache the thumbnails, so if you want to quickly show someone a particular image, it may take forever to find it.

Corey McKenna

Awful app So I have a phone with 16gb internal storage. After installing this app it took forever to finally figure out how to back up. But I noticed after backing up and deleting the photos off my phone, I was getting the low on storage space message. I used a disk utility app to find out what is eating up all the space and to my surprise Amazon photos was using over 1gb of data. I cannot use this app on my phone and it needs a ton of interface work. Why strip the metadata? Horrible rushed app.

L. Larez

Not free! If you want unlimited space you have to PAY, 59.99 a year.. Someone posted it was "free" it's not. Dropbox holds more pictures than this app before you pay for more space.... ...BUT NO thank you I have Google photos,thats free and unlimited. I'm sticking with Google. Good try Amazon. Lol

Bob Albright

The overall concept of this app is good as long as you are a Prime member. However there needs to be more control in the app settings. by default your photos are uploaded to the could using the device model of your phone. if you happen to have 2 identical phones and intend to use this app for photo backup, it will intermix the photos from both phones into the same folder. It would be simple enough to use the device name, which can typically be customized in the phone settings...

Tris Long

Slow and not syncing properly Firstly we are forced to use this as it's the only app that will sync with Amazon Prime (Drive). My S7 runs very warm when it is syncing, which is OK if it worked; I deleted some pictures from my S7 but this app didn't pick up on that even after a reboot and kept trying to upload them and wouldn't move past that to upload any others. In the end I had to reinstall the app to get past that.

Lori Felde

Amazon photo App Since I upgraded my SD card, now I am experiencing problems connecting to cloud drive , it's always asking me to try to upload at a later time. Usually the app is good. Not for me now, I have uninstall and reinstall but still the same.

Greg Donovan

Inconsistent I have this app on several devices - two Galaxy S5s and a few tablets. One of the S5's gets an error no matter what I try - Cannot connect to cloud drive. This is disappointing for an app that functioned great during the trial period. Note that we have come to rely on this app it falls. Reminds me of the old Windows 95 demo joke... I would rate this a 5 if it worked consistently on all of my devices.

Ed Morgan

I liked this app till this morning. I had to uninstall it because it wasn't working properly. Now I can't download it to my phone because it says already installed. What a mess. Maybe amazon was reading my review as I went back and was finally able to reinstall it. Hoping that clears up the problem as my smart phone does not have a lot of storage ability.

Michael Wunder

The app is a dog... On my Note 4, the app takes all resources during the upload, turning the phone into an unusable brick. Also, it crashes quite often and operates very slowly when looking at the pictures. I expected better from a company like Amazon.

Tushar Malhotra

Latest update After reaching out to customer support I finally got a fix on my android device (note 4) with the latest update, where it stopped prompting me everytime I navigated in the app about enabling auto save. However the most recent update comes with a different problem. 'This day' feature which used to load photos from previous years has now stopped working. Please fix.

James Bray

Cloud photo storage perfected Unlimited automatic photo uploads along with everything else that comes with Amazon Prime? It's almost worth what they're asking for half the features :D the free unlimited shipping@@ Bezos will definitely be living on the moon some day with the current Amazon business model I can't say enough good things☆☆☆☆☆ satisfied customer ♡

Mike Entwistle

Too greedy Have just uninstalled app. Originally the app was ok , but just started getting messages saying storage full wanting £59.99 for unlimited storage. Tried deleting stored videos, it was still saying storage full, so obviously Amazon are only interested in your money, and £59.99 is a lot of money.

S Edwards

Great app I started using this app when Google got rid of the gallery and went with Picsa. I didn't want to use G+ to have access to my photos. I'm a Prime subscriber and use multiple Prime apps. I haven't had any issues with this app. Glad Google dropped the G+ requirement to leave feedback.

larry musgrove

June 2016 still crashes my phone every time I use this app to upload my photos my phone runs super slow until it crashes my phone! I have a Droid Motorola Turbo 2 ,one of the newer flagship phones out by Motorola. It is running lollipop and it can't handle this App. It seems to use a lot of battery and use a lot of CPU takes up almost all the resources my phone can muster and then some! I really would love for this app to work. I really what to use it. It would be nice to be able to put it on auto upload.

Kam Desai

Slow and launch from notification rarely works Love the concept of app but the "this day" notification rarely loads on click. Instead you get a non functioning app that you have to force close then launch from the icon. "this day" is my favorite feature. Please fix?

Erin O'Neill

Worst photo app The stupid thing never works. I wanted to save a photo to my phone and it wouldn't let me. It also won't let me send photos!

katie scheetz

Love the idea, not working correctly though I am beyond excited about free back up. However, it takes DAYS to upload the files, and I have far fewer pictures than most people. It drains the battery and overheats the phone, which would be alright with me if it was once and done with the beginning of the app. But just when it finally finishes and its progress finally leaves my notification bar, is starts over again from zero and takes days again. Over and over and over it uploads the same photos.

Stephen Lackey

Have to constantly uninstall and install it for it to work. Always get, can't connect to cloud drive,try again layer. Once I reinstall it it works for a bit then I have to start the process over again. Frustrating

Jon Okie

Basic things don't work Showing pictures from the current day in past years is great. The bad rating is due to basic things, like deleting photos, don't work.

Larry Norton

Crashes my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge When uploading photos on wifi, this app causes my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to go into a shutdown and restart loop. By turning off the upload setting my phone is stable. How can I upload photos without crashing my phone?

Adam Leung

Good for photo backup but bugged Backup feature and being able to select particular folders is great however every time I have a multiple photos being backed up, the progress bar on my drop down notifications gets stuck and I have to reboot my phone to get rid of it

Stewart Magrath

Useless Unintuitive. Recognises Amazon Prime free storage space but won't allow any uploads, which is pretty much it's only job!

Angelina Adidjaja

Always waits I have about 700gb and I'm sure a lot more people have more than that. But each time I open the app, it times out. Loading on this day takes wayyyy too long. Wish they have auto album create by date taken.

Brad Patton

Duplicates photos and can't delete It duplicates photos and now I have 10, 30, or more duplicates of almost every photo and cannot fix without deleting every duplicate manually. Also, not yet compatible with Android N

James Edward Trainer

More Than Free Unlimited Storage, Amazon Music with a library rivaling anyone's with the ability to download. Unlimited Music Storage. Unlimited Photos Back Up & Storage, Unlimited Streaming TV & Video, Amazon Kindle Lending Library and Prime expedited delivery of products purchased and Amazon's Warranty on products fulfilled by Amazon - UPS comes to your house packages your return and when the driver scans the package almost instant refund, next day on card. $10.99 per month, or $99.00 per year. Value? Oh ya!

Thomas Chu

Back and running great Until today's update my app wouldn't open on my nexus 5x so I'm glad I can finally use it again. It's nice to randomly see an old photo from years back.

Robin Marie

More bloatware Samsung Galaxy S7. I like choices, not digging this at all.

Hannah Leigh Pittaway

What even? Photos don't load, photos delete by themselves, keeps force closing, often won't let me download my photos back onto my phone. Why would I pay for something that doesn't work?

Keith Fuller

Thinks I'm in the US I have downloaded this from the Amazon and Play store but it thinks I'm in the US. This means that I can't use it even though I have prime and a firetv. It's an absolute joke. I hope amazon goes out of business and the app designers never find jobs again.

Teresa McAlpine

Conceptually decent but try harder I love Amazon. But this is a flop. I've tried for nearly a year to use Amazon cloud and paid for unlimited in addition to Prime. But the app is slow, uses excess system resources and while it's a "simple" interface, it's exactly that...simple. organizing photos is beyond tedious. I'm thankful I didn't dump my other cloud services and did dual backup, I won't be renewing this frustrating service. As others have said, causes battery to overheat (on 6 diff devices) caused reboot loops & drain battery.

I like the app except retrieval I like the ease to find pictures however, I don't like the fact that when I delete pictures and it updates, the pictures are back. If I wanted them, I would not have deleted them.

chris petersen

Room for improvement The UI is alright. Could be better. Main difficulty is uploading through cellular network is being difficult even with setting changes.

dl Hollow

I wish it had a half star If you like being frustrated... this is the app for you. Oh and if you love crash reports that you can't send... by all means...

Alan Alexander

Dreadful This app is awful. The user interface is highly unintuitive, it frequently crashes on my Sony Xperia Z3 compact and often silently fails to upload photos to Amazon's cloud.

Julie Ishtiwi

It worked well for a while, then I was getting notifications that the "auto save was unsuccessful " everytime I took a new photo. It would only save my photo's when I opened the app and that's not how it's supposed to work.

erin michele

Help me I downloaded it on my note 4 to get my pics off my account from my amazon fire. It won't show me my pictures which are saved on my account unless I buy it? I don't want to store them there anymore. I want to put them on my Google account.

Christy Donahue

Saved all my photos! My phone updated and completely WIPED my sd card. Thankfully amazon had automatically backed up all my photos so I didn't lose them!

Stella Johnson

Re increased charges I don't require unlimited storage and begrudge paying £45 for the privilege!!! It's a rip off will be moving my photos else where!!!

Richard Smith

Stuck It keeps trying to upload a picture that isn't there any longer. I can't swipe it away. Ugh!

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