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30 Mar

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Apk file size: 5.4 MB

Manage your mobile plan and data packs on the move with the My amaysim app. Here’s what you can do:

- View Usage
You’re always in control. You can check your usage and balance at any time

- Recharge
Recharge instantly. Use your nominated debit or credit card or redeem a voucher

- Manage Settings
You can customise your account and turn on (or off) different settings based on what you like

- Manage Your Plan
You can switch plans or add more data when you need it. There’s no lock-in contracts!

The application is free but download charges do apply for downloading from the Google Play store. When using the application within Australia data usage is not charged (when using the app overseas international roaming charges will apply).

Whats new

    - All of our UNLIMITED plans now come with more data and unlimited standard calls to 10 countries.

amaysim part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update March 30, 2016. Google play rating is 77.0329. Current verison is 1.5.0. Actual size 5.4 MB.

Download amaysim.apk 5.4 MB


Phillip Halloran

KB being displayed as MB In the data usage tab, under each date, there is an amount of data usage, displayed in MB. According to this, I used 179,310MB which is 179GB. This clearly is not correct. Please fix. Or hire me to fix, will work for peanuts.

Anastasios Bouras

Needs fixes/more Need a month end bar to go along with the data usage bar, that would be good

Michael Pearce

Useful but some bugs Eg usage tab displays in MB but actually shows kB values

Lucy Chan

STILL WRONG The app team still can't make a simple birth date display correctly. Why has no one fixed this yet???

spatch bowden

Good but minor flaws Works well just some problemd with login

Carol Bentley

Amaysim Amaysingly good plans, especially if you live in an area of good reception. Unfortunately living in the depths of the country the only half good coverage is Telstra and they charge like wounded bulls. But well done Amaysim for providing decent alternative competition

Paul Garcia

Can't switch accounts I have multiple SIMs with Amaysim. The app lists them, but I can't switch between them. It only allows me to modify the topmost SIM.

Joshua Roberts

Forgot password There is no link to resest your password


Does what I want it to do. I can check my credit and data usage and it seems to give me a very recent update

Dan Demonic

Does the job On balance page it says "Want faster data no", not "now", some tweaking of the layout is needed to fit the "w" in. Apart from that the app icon is dodgy looking.

Michael Fullarton

i love it it is very good but it could still use some improvments

Adel Salameh

Very handy . Reliable app


Awesome Very helpful

Alec Benson

4G problem? This app may not have been the main cause of misreporting 4G account usage as the Web client has been showing the same garbage. Calls and SMS are now being shown separately from data but calls to mobiles are being shown as calls to landlines. It would be helpful if the app time-stamped usage with local time instead of what looks like EST.

Tom Hume

Gross and outdated Obviously hasn't had its design changed since Gingerbread (3 years ago). Missing critical information like how many days left until data expires. Clunky and slow interface. No widget.

Conor Byrne

Misleading app The app does not let you renew your data manually. Why is this option not there. Maybe to get money from a higher rate (5c per MB) after data runs out for the customer. Why is this? Bad customer service.

Paul Hollier

4G data useage wrong. The app claims i have used huge amounts of data (over 100 GB in some cases) when I have not.

Adam Muir

3 out 5. Needs work. App of this sort must include a widget to get rated more than 3. A data usage app should also include remaining days of billing cycle as relates to data usage progress. See myUsage app and widgets.

James Jackson

This isn't a game it has good source of information for us on our data since I use a lot of mine

Jeni K

Lacks a widget Decent app, but needs a widget.

Paul Birnstihl

Not bad Remaining data info is useless without showing the remaining time.

Greg Lomas

No 4g Updated to 4g the 10 mins promised is a lie, more than 24 hours later still no 4g

Matthew Smith

Confused... How many days left on my prepaid? A simpler style would help

Aussie Mozzie

Dose all that I need

Ian Nicholls

All the functionality expected. All the usual things you need are this app. It shows the current usage, but for data, details only till last midnight.

Mark Haury

Going downhill Locking out people with last app version is evil. More and more unreliable connections. Raised prices. Won't let me change to another same-price plan. Time to change carriers.

David Greenfield

Re- broken app I found that after the update I couldn't sign in but I uninstalled the app then reinstalled it. This fixed it.

Louis Lam

Latest update fixed the issue. All good now! Thanks!

Carlos Angelo Mendoza

Latest update now works. Able to log in now. Thanks for fixing it!

Mark Blakeney

Poor effort Ugly and confusing interface.

Jean Johnston

Great work, Amaysim. Thanks! I downloaded the app again after uninstalling the other one and it works well now. Thanks for fixing the app, Amaysim. The app deserves to get 5 stars because it is a very good app.

Stu M

Fixed App fixed now and working.

Kentaro Timms

Can't login unless on latest version

Jennifer Eland

Useless upgrade Just upgraded on nexus 5 still can't log on any more. Get your act together amaysim.

Forest Pearl

Update now works!

Mark Sheree

Great Value Compared to other providers for prepay phone this one is the best.

Alec Benson

4G problem? Update: The Web app is now more accurate but this app seems to have stopped recording SMS activity.......... This app may not have been the main cause of misreporting 4G account usage as the Web client has been showing the same garbage. Calls and SMS are now being shown separately from data but calls to mobiles are being shown as calls to landlines. It would be helpful if the app time-stamped usage with local time instead of what looks like EST.

Bill Lyberis

Okay This is great try it it's free alot of access every phone i had i installed it on worked but needs updating has some issues if they work on it a bit this app will be popular & known for their great service. Still a 5 star

Tom Hume

Gross and outdated Obvilously hasn't had its design changed since Gingerbread (3 years ago). Missing critical information like how many days left until data expires. Clunky and slow interface. No widget. Displays the majority of my credit card information in plain text with no password/pass code protection. Who writes this crap?

Andreas Kirch

Daily usage shows wrong unit It says MB but has to be KB in the daily usage, otherwise 150098MB would be a bit too much for one day :) just a little bug since the last update. Great app!

Paul Maierhofer

Go with Optus instead. Amaysim gives terrible customer service, they might be cheap but if a recharge goes wrong through no fault of your own they don't want to know you. You'll never get the problem resolved, the only choice you have is to buy another voucher and try again so get used to doing double recharges. $44.90 gets you 5gb and unlimited calls and text but the reception not great. Optus $2 a day gives 15gig data per month, unlimited calls & text, better reception & customer service. Amaysim you suck bigtime.

Marvin Kohpeiß

App works but you don't get a good overview of your usage. You can just view usage for days, not for entire periods. Also it keeps showing me in the usage tab that I used 13000MB of data instead of the 130MB I actually used (at least it doesn't bill me wrong). This app could be so great but it needs a design and functionality overhaul.

Norbert Attard

Need to fix the data usage Going by this app I used 500GB from my 5Gig limit and I still have 99% data to use. They need to change the GB to MB

Michelle Ssutton

Not happy I have turned off the automatic renewl but it keeps auto carnt get through to them by phone. Its impossible.

David Hogden

Amaysim Much cheeper than my other caped plan ofwich has served me for fifteen years verywell with 5Gigs of darter and unlimeted calls and texts for around 160 per month . Hey thanks AMAYSIM

Davin Thompson

What is a megabyte?! Do you even know! Daily usage breakdown labels the data as mb.... If that's true then on my 5GB/month plan, I've somehow been able to get faster internet on 4g network than is even available on a 10GbE feed (minor exaggeration) ! Somehow I don't think I've downloaded half a terabyte to my phone in a half hour period!

Anastasios Bouras

Needs fixes/more Need a month end bar to go along with the data usage bar, that would be good

Laura Cureton

Terrible Doesn't know the difference between KB and MB for the data used. Also shows completely different phone and data usage than both my phone and the amaysim website. Utterly useless.

josh andrews

Great Only one problem is the app tells you that you use thousands of mb of data which shocked me at first. You need to fix that. But as a whole can't complain still better then Telstra

Steve Chandler

Cant add data when I want without committing to 30 day renewal what a joke ,no different to the rest of the bloodsuckers

Nathan Y

Does the job Daily usage stats are not showing up. Calls, sms and data are all showing as 0 even if I've made a call or text.

Ken Jobling

Panic Usage is being displayed incorrectly. Showing 9GB usage for today instead of 9MB.

Jon Zemlicoff

Pretty handy. Any chance you could add a "% expiry period passed" bar beneath the "% data quota used bar? So I can tell if i am using my data too fast? Come on i know you can. You guys are way too handsome not to be able to do that.

Christy Fleming

Can't login :( Love the app have been trying to log in won't let me reinstalled it 5 times no change. Not impressed. Would give 5 stars if fixed asap

Daniel Castillo

Please hide personal details This information could be compromised if the phone falls in the wrong hands. DOB, Address, Email shouldn't be displayed.

jasper basbas

KB and MB - there's a difference How can you get something as simple as that wrong. Amaysim has been great and reliable for me, but this is a poor effort of an app. I'm doubting if it's even accurate. Please fix, you can do better than this amaysim.

Emmy V.

Need fix Data usage is wrong display, & can't turn off automatic renewal.

Rahqi Ali

Uninstalling Totally messed up. Account details are deleted. It might be easier to use an app but take chill pills beforehand and be prepared to give away money to AmaySim.

Graham Green

Seems that daily kb usage is reported as mb.

Jack Joseph

Good I would love to see a material design update for this app. Otherwise pretty good

Justin Rahardjo

It's fine Needs to be updated to make it faster and look better.


Desperately needs a widget Also the remaining days indicator adds 60 to the actual number of days remaining.


Desperately needs a widget All this talk about bug fixes but the oldest bug that I know of still hasn't been fixed. The remaining days indicator adds 60 to the actual number of days remaining.

Geoff Leighton

Find another. Can't log in. Can't recharge on sms and unable to speak to anyone on the phone. Not impressed Amaysim. Now looking elsewhere.

Francis Yorozuya

Its not bad but.. Although I like being able to easily check my data usage, why ask if I want to you remember my username and password if sometimes when I log in I have to re-enter it? Also make it so the data is accurate because I got texted that I used 100% but I still had about 100mb

Darius Benzy

This app does not allow you to recharge instantly. Please fix it for heaven sake.

mal cockburn

Usage useless Another update & it STILL can't count my texts. How hard can it be, Amaysim? This app still provides unreliable and poorly interfaced usage info.Does not display texts in the text total and lumps them with the call total. Does not provide a summary over a range just daily. Really useless. Otherwise app works OK. Should have fixed it by now.

seigneur aethere

Served me well Needed to use stacked flexi credit to buy a data pack in a time of need, app didn't let me down.


Suggestion Needs a home screen widget! Also fix the remaining days indicator. It is showing 75 instead of the correct amount.

Dallas Down

It's OK It works ok some times , but it dose have its faults ( like when you recharge after 1month of having no credit & it tells you to buy a voucher before you can use a credit card ) THAT IS 1 :{( ☆ 2 : YOU HAVE TO GO ONLINE TO SEE ALL OF YOUR DETAILS !!! WHY WHEN YOU ARE ON THIS APP }:}( ???? PLEASE TELL ME WHY THIS IS? ??? }:{( ???? OR FIX THE APP SO IT WORKS JUST LIKE THE OPTUS APP AS MY OPTUS PHONE & APP ARE THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN & USED PLEASE MAKE THIS ONE JUST AS GOOD. THANK YOU.

Anne Jewett

I give my recorded password and you insist it is invalid I have no other way of operating your account I have also been forced to make a recharge so that I could make an urgent call but the change over date was TODAY .There is no way to make phone contact.

Andrew Livett

Does what it says?? Does what it needs to.. Only reason for no 5? is it is almost superfluous... i.e. web is just as good and should be? and customer service if you really need it and the network isn't f£&%# ±++?

nicholas milacci

Gadget missing The App works, no issues for the moment, but the lack of a widget is dissapointing

Jacob Zzz

It never saves my login so I always have to put in my details whenever I use the app.

Josh Dunn

Great app I really like this app, cause i really see what im using..

Jayden Gilchrist

Great app, keeps me updated I wish there was a widget with this app that I could put on my desktop, and then I wouldn't need to open the app every time I need to check my data, other than that the app works very well and fluently. Also I love that it doesn't use any data.

Nitsuj Setaoc

Usage meter could be better The app needs to compare call and data usage (%) to how far you are through your billing cycle (days) so you know if you're using too much. Otherwise fine.

Jojo Lopez

Disappeared Everytime i logged in, suddenly disappeared. Need to log in again. And disappeared again, log in again and disappeared again, thats the cycle of this apps. Any improvement?

James Robertson

Its alright This app is pretty good, does everything I need it to do but If it had a widget just showing data balance or international minute balance it would be perfect

Alec Benson

SMS Still lists SMS under calls. About time you fixed it.

Felipe Alvarez

Still showing more than 83 days remaining on my 30-day plan

Nathan Y

Does the job Sms is showing up under the calls tab

Gerard Bourke

Room for improvement Really needs info on how many days left or where I'm at with the billing cycle.

Ali Eltoso

Too Easy!!and semple I can check anytimes Genius....

Supa Dupa

Stuffed it up The old app worked perfectly now I cant connect why do you people continue to try to fix something that wasnt broken

Lyn Mckimlau

Amaysim Useless to check previous usage. Not up to date info.

Mark Blakeney

Poor effort Awkward and buggy.

Peter Healy

No issues. Works well.

TheGiggles69 _

Needs widgets

Damien Sawyer

Hey guys, the 'two things' that I really care about is how much data do I have left and how many days until it resets. I see that you have data usage, and (if you dig deep in the bowels of the UI) the date your plan renews, however I want this front and center. Show me my 'burn rate' and if I'm going to make it until the end of the month. You know - this seems so obvious to me that I suspect that someone in 'the business' deliberately suppressed the idea so that people go over their limit and buy more data packs. If that's the case, sack ALL Amaysim middle management... they're effectively useless and just get in the way of stopping good coders from doing their jobs - making the entire process slower.

Keryn Loughman

Days remaining in billing cycle I appreciate being able to monitor my usage but it's not much use when I can't see how many days in current billing cycle remain.

James Sargeant

Resnabale application.. The application needs a lot of improvements to buying data and unlimited packs a ?? unlimited talk tex and pack that comes at one cost ? would be owsome and the way it is displayed in this app /buy payments by debut and credit cards? this application needs to be looked at so there is no poblems in relation to this application in the futcher????

Ibrahim Alobaid

Not working The application is not working and not update the my usage of data and calls. Where is the clients rights? and why they don't fallow the agreement between the client and ISP provider.

Elyse A

How many days do I have left? It's good to see the data usage on the first page but how do I see how many days I have left?

Warwick Naumowicz

Amaysim app Fixed and now working on Galaxy s5. Great, thanks..

Chris Scarf

Latest release broken A good app rendered useless in recent update. Locks on half opened home page. Both my phone and tablet affected.Quickly fixed and working well. Stars restored for quick fix

Alex Mojzes

Perfect Nothing wrong with it. Tells me remaining data which is useful if u are constantly factory resetting your phone

jeremy tomlinson

Bad Coverage When In The Suburbs (Tingalpa, Brisbane. 4173) I would rate it more as I love the deals and price of Amaysim but every month the reception gets worse I thought I might have be my phone so I bought a new one but nope same problem The coverage map on the website says purple 4g plus but Im flat out getting 1 bar of E outside and Im lucky if I get anything inside the house so it makes it very hard to send or receive call while at home and Im in Tingalpa Brisbane 4173, But when Im in or closer to the city its awesome really fast internet and no cell dropouts

Oby Mah

Very low quality app It is March 31st and apparently there's 78 days until my next billing cycle on April 18th. What about my overseas call usage. All this shows is data usage. If you like I can create this app for you and fix the bugs and add the required features. If you have anything more than a single guy working from his garage on this you're getting ripped off.

Fred I

It's great! Very helpful for checking out what's going on in ur plan and ur usage; quick, easy and reliable. Been using this app and Amaysim for years, can't recall much of any problems. Disregard all the comments from imbeciles who've gone over their data and want to have a sook, the app is fine and the telco is awesome. Cheers guys.

Ahmad ysg

Still Haven't update to the new plan after updating the app,the current plan still hasn't been updated to the new one... and I can't add a new data package... Plz fix the problem.. thx

Alan H

The app needs to reflect the plan. I have the same issue as everyone else.

Andr3w Goldstien

Does not work when data is at 0mb. How am I supposed to recharge without calling you people! Please fix

Stacer Elkin

Samsung Note 3 - 5.0os Still runs like garbage and I'm sick to death of app not remembering my info so I can never sign in so I never use app, see.

luke Tolley

How long left? The app tells you how much data you have used and what you have remaining but does not tell you how much time you have left in the billing month which you would think would be only logical.

Stéphane Guillou

Free software? Could this app be released under a free software (I.e. copyleft) licence in order to have it available in F-Droid? That would be brilliant!

Brian Acraman

New app [email protected] New App does not agree with sms's I'm receiving saying I have no data left. App says I have got most of the 5gb plan left but sms says I have used all of my 7gb which I haven't even had yet. Amaysim USED to be great. Might be time to move to a new service provider.

Neven Mizdrak

Dont let me add data Instead allow me to buy data for my account this app doesn't let me so they charge my existing credit, and it costs me 50 times more. That is ripping off. Well, when they take all my money I wont recharge anymore, I had enough.

Wendy Symons

What has happened? I have just updated this app. When you go to look at the different plans, it takes you straight to the internet, AND keeps going to it, even when you try and go back! Please fix this.

Arthur Sales

Liar We received a notification that 8gb will be now 9gb but apparently its now 7gb. Whats going on?

Gordon Lotsix

Couldn't Log in so far Most of my ID Cards have Month/Year ..not DD/Month/Year..and 555? Must be something wrong with my Phones or something??

justin keevers

Doesn't tell you percentage of month Why give me the data day by day and as a total percentage when all I want to know is how much I've got left to use this month's billing period

R.M. Buda

Would be good to show the time remaining in the current billing period as well as the balance.

Dylan Leary

Needs work Widgets for data would be a good start. Remembering info on login would be good as well.

Erika Venter

It's amassing Yes sometimes the coverage is a little bad but that doesn't happen often. I love the prices! I love the customer service. So really I believe I got the best deal!!!! I always recommend them!!!

Saul Buck

Mmm Don't like the update. .. makes me have to leave the app and go on the web to view plan details. :(

Jeremy Tai

Easy to use app Easy to use app. One touch function.

Alec Benson

SMS Still lists SMS under calls. About time you fixed it.

Topaz W

Fake Mine doesn't look anything like the pictures,it didn't have those options available either

Ihab Dhaibi

No recharge Does not let me recharge my data pack

Helene Cremona

Can't log in This app isn't stable, half the time I can't log in.

miss angie

Its ok A bit slow in loading up and usage updates, other than that

Collin D

I agree the deals are getting better the reception is getting worse in Victoria 3030

Elise Howes

Bug in update I just updated and now I can't use the app at all, it's stuck in an endless loop on the pay as you go page. Extremely frustrating!

James Richardson

Excellent Not sure why that rating is so bad. It displays my remaining internet fine. I can recharge fine. I can change plan and select services on and off like voicemail caller Id. Everything works. Thanks.

Terry Taylor

Great! Love it.. maybe add a widget to see credit and data on the go??

Umran Abdulla

You can do better!! Make a better app!!

Daniel Hernandez

The app is very mediocre, and goes along with the policy of confusion on their deals

lothar ney

Amaysimly disappointing Thought it would be better than Vodafone network.WRONG!

A Google User

Okay This is great try it it's free alot of access every phone i had i installed it on worked but needs updating has some issues if they work on it a bit this app will be popular & known for their great service. Still a 4 star


Customer service? Can't call you, you never answer the phone and am told to "go to online help" - how can I do that if my problem is THE INTERNET!

Derek Hart

Incorrect date of birth The date of birth issue still needs to be fixed as it displays the incorrect date (one day behind) This has been fixed on the iPhone and hopefully it will be soon on android

Jeni K

Very poor coverage Don't advertise 4g. I get max 2 bars when I select LTE/WCDMA/GSM. Plus mobile network is the biggest drain on my battery. As soon as I switch it to WCDMA/GSM only, I get full signal and much better battery life.

Jade Browning

Handy, but flawed Runs relatively smooth, some system problems/mechanics prevent you from adding a smaller data pack without contacting amaysim, which makes this app useless. Lot of idiots rating optus network coverage.

Richard Crawford

Was fantastic but after recent update all it shows me is my remaining credit. It used to show remaining credit and data. When my data runs out you take money from my credit and give data. Credit for calls is far better than data especially since you can get wifi nearly everywhere.

Mark Scaramuzzi

Works perfect all round ! I don't know what the others are complaining about. They should move on if there not happy. I think the app does exactly what it serves for and deserves a good rap... thanks for a great network plan and awesome network connectivity... nice one!

Jonika Cazar

I don't mind it but it needs a widget I used to have Optus before switching and a widget showing your credit and expiry date and amount would be a HUGE relief for me to have like what the Optus app has. Would make life easier

Rafaël Gonzalez

Very poor app Sets auto recharge without asking (when you already disabled it), spinners and duplicated buttons that stay indefinitely, randomly forgets your login credentials, overall counter intuitive and very, very sluggish. This app offers a very poor experience. Definitely better than talking to a sales robot-person, but still garbage, really.

Nikhil Suresh

Very poor breakdown of data usage and horribly outdated UI Struggle to use this and have basically relied on other apps to keep track on my usage.

William Termini

Dates are miscalculated How can you provide an app that can't even count down the number of days until your plan resets correctly.

Daniel Cheshire

Great app but needs data monitoring capabilities This app works really well for me. It's simple and clean. I would absolutely love it if they could create a data monitoring app that would link up to my account so I could get more accurate data usage related information.

Debral Spingle

Garbage. Every time I go to use it, it won't allow me to access my details until I update. Complete time waster. Thanks for consideration team.

Mick Malins

Great telco, ordinary app. Tells you nothing but how much data used. Not even days left til end of cycle. Needs more. Ps. Getting far better coverage now than when I was on Australia's "premium" network. Just depends on locations you frequent.

Alex Just

Has usage but not plan roll date = useless Also does not have a widget for usage or roll date.

Quinna Redding

Wowe-- if there were 10;stars-'I`d give it 11 Future Science for certain, i `ve been waiting for these guys ....between Amaysim & chrome, they have probably saved me. Smoother faster than 1000 before I'll never go anywhere else and what about Google speak everyone should have a dictation on the go fantastic with the future

craig mcinnes

No access to chat facility in this app! Why not? Don't even bother trying to speak with a consultant on the phone. I was on hold once for 18 hrs!

Topsy x

Amaysim in general has problems. Bad coverage in Brisbane/Wynnum. Been with Amaysim for awhile and get horrible connection where I live and I Go somewhere with 4 bars it still randomly cuts sometimes.

justin potter

Broken Can't load voucher always comes up with invalid voucher tech hasn't bothered to fix this problem poor service

Amy G

Very basic Would love it more if it showed the remaining days left of the plan

Joe Taliano

Not working App not working re showing my balance and usage. Please fix

Fred I

Usage not working anymore Used to be a good app, now doesn't update any usage, all show 0. Only use the app to check my balance quickly, anything else have to use the Amaysim website. (The app is poor, but Amaysim as a telco, plans, coverage n stuff are excellent, wouldn't use another provider)

David Swan

Love amaysim but Both my partner and I have prepaid and turned off auto renew setting and it still auto renews. One turned off on site and one turned off on app

Kenneth John Lita

Very fast data usage Hey what's this thing? my data is run out so easily? What gives?! How can you enjoy this service if it runs so fast? Like seriously i'm in 9Gb, but it's so fast, I ain't much used of data! ?

Arthur Sales

Improve your service. Customer service sucks. Everytime i will call they will hung up or unable to queue my call and everytime i will chat i will need to wait for 1.5 hours and will be disconnected eventually. Hire more people to assist your customers.

Sam Winchester

Very average app I don't understand why this app STILL doesn't provide days remaining as well as data and international calls remaining info. It should be a given that the customer can see how much data is left as well as when it expires.


My favourite feature is how it turns on auto-renewal even after you turn it off. I wish more companies where as money hungry and disgusting as you :)

Auto-recharging Last month, I made sure that the Auto Recharge setting is ticked off but still it automatically recharges to the plan I previously had. It happened 2x already. I was hoping to recharge on a different date and get a higher data plan but amaysim won't let me and cannot even wait for me to decide on my own!

rebecca b

More improvements needed I wish the app had an ability for the customer to view how many days left they had in their cycle, as well as confirmation to see whether the payments for each invoice has been made. It would also be nice if updates on usage could be more frequent and if notifications about percentage of usage was made through the app rather than through email.

Michael Sayer

Love Amaysim!!! Sick of getting ripped off? Try amaysim today! You won't be sorry

Oliver Glover

I like this app I would recommend this app and I would recommend amaysim to anyone. The only thing that could change is that they need a material design update of some sort

liam bryce

NO lock in contacts my ass The web site said I could cancel my plan through this app.yea nah I can't find a way to cancel my plan only look at the data that I can't use since I'm sadly working in a remote area oh well I'll pay for it and just switch my account to the cheapest

Jordan Watson

No problems as of yet Good app I get good reception where Eva I go could be improved though but you guys need to have a wedget with the balance and live data with set warnings. That way you know where you stand with evrything

Christian Smith.

Christian smith Amaysim app,calling a may sim,no help at all!.will have to change carrier if I cannot get my data.this phone says I have none and have unlimited plan!,HELP!!.

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