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3 Apr

Posted by TwangDev in Music & Audio | April 3, 2016 | 108 Comments

Apk file size: 12.0 MB

AlterniaFM, the best Homestuck Internet Radio station, now on Android!

Listen to our 24/7 broadcast whenever and wherever you want.

Check our official site or our social media pages for announcements of Live DJ shows. During these shows, you can request your favorite Homestuck music to be played on the air, participate in games and contests, and much more!

If you enjoy listening, we ask that you call in a request sometime during a live show. Assuming it's available, we'll play your song as soon as possible and maybe even play your call on the air!

Some stuff to remember:

1. If you're on a mobile data connection (even 4G) the music may not play instantly. John Egbert walking across the screen (and the word "LOADING") indicates that the music is loading.
2. It's recommended that you use AlterniaFM on WiFi for the best listening experience. If you have limited data, streaming music can use up that data very quickly.
3. //WE DO NOT OWN ALL OF THE MUSIC PLAYED ON ALTERNIAFM//. A majority of the music we play has been contributed to the Homestuck community. Some of it is official music. We attempt to correctly title the artist of each song we play, however, mistakes do happen. If you have a song that we play that is incorrectly titled, or you would prefer we refrain from playing, drop us an email.
4. When you press the home button, AlterniaFM stays open. Since AlterniaFM does not have focus, the music quality may decrease depending on the performance of your phone. At the moment, the app is not intended to run in background mode. The app stays open to prevent you from having to completely re-buffer music upon reboot. If your phone can handle AlterniaFM in background mode, that's wonderful! We hope to support all devices running background mode soon. To completely close the app, on most devices, press and hold the home button, and swipe AlterniaFM until it disappears. There are other methods to do this.
5. Some devices are incompatible with our apps. If your device happens to be one of those devices, please don't leave us a low review! Send us an email and we'll ask for some info about your device to see if we can get it supported.
6. Please keep in mind that AlterniaFM isn't like customizable internet radio networks - we have scheduled broadcasts like the stations you listen to with an FM radio. This is why you can't skip songs. Everyone is listening to the same song you are. Please, stick with it, we have a huge variety of Homestuck music to enjoy!
We are not affiliated with MSPA, WhatPumpkin, Andrew Hussie, or Homestuck in any way. MSPA, Homestuck, and WhatPumpkin are all (c) Copyright Andrew Hussie / WhatPumpkin. We are not affiliated with Broadway Karkat in any way. We do not own the song Karkalicious.
All songs played are the property of their copyright holders and/or original artists. We have been granted permission by WhatPumpkin? to use Homestuck content.

Whats new

    This update adds the immensely requested "stop button" that took two years to deliver! Also, update if you're experiencing issues listening to AlterniaFM.

TwangDev part of our Music & Audio and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update April 3, 2016. Google play rating is 83.2164. Current verison is 1.3.0. Actual size 12.0 MB.

Download alterniafm.apk 12.0 MB


Erica Henneigh

It's great app. It's not only great for listening to songs you already know but it's great to for finding new songs too

Keira Quinlan

Thank you for making it support android! I just wabted to say thank you for adding support for android, it no longer crashes! Happy 4/13!

zoey mcbeth

A bug I like the app yes but I wish it was kinda like Pandora where you can go past a song or pause it. Plus if I go to another app, it stops completely. Pleeeeease fix

Anasty Clynch

Good, but still room for improvement I love this app, but the connection isn't always that great. Other than that, keep doing your amazing work!

Azure Skyheart

Slight issue Brilliant app, but one bug I found was that when I play it in the background and go back to the app to check the name of the song it won't update. Happy 4/13, by the way.

Kawaii Arie The Gamer

The best Homestuck App on the store!!!! Seriously! I listen to this 24/7!!!! I love it!

Shiteyanyo ._.

I love it But is there any way to pause this?

Ary Maarx

Thank you! I'd just like to say thank you so much for fixing the error. It now runs perfectly on my phone. :33

Nama Nema

Awesome app for awesome webcomic It's not heavy or hard to use,i ended up listening to the music all weekend! Would recommend

Blaze Quakes

It's really gopd But the description for songs is off

Kristina Flint

Sometimes it randomly stops playing music and I have to go to the app to continue it. Its very random of when it stops. Other than that problem I would have given this app a five star rating.

Ludwig Beilschmidt

Its good but how do u pause it

Sollux is a bee

Broadway Karkat Love this, you need it

Natali Gonzalez

Awesome app! It's just awesome that's all I have to say!

Crystal Cupquake

Yay!! I'm so happy it finally works!!

Bonnie The rabbit

I love it but... I love it so much but i cant get it to turn off.I have to turn my whole phone off to get it to stop.

Tiffany b

^.^ Yay, it works!!! and it's really cool, this is aweaome, thank you Happy 4/13 ^.^

scarlet fangkelseylong

Uh Its amazing but I can't stop it without uninstalling it

Irene Lovik

OH MY GOG 0k h0ly 5h17. 7H15 15 70 wh0 3v3r m4d3 7h15. 1 FUCK1NG L0V3 y0U!!!!!

velvanteen VAL

MEAHHHH I love this app so much! I use it everyday! It's great for listening to homestuck songs!

Snow Winchester

It's awesome. This app is amazing but I wish you could choose the songs.

Hailey Tucker

Doesn't work Every time I try to enter the app it says that Alternia FM has failed then automatically exits out of the app... Please fix

Luna Starr

Broken I was hoping that this app would be able to listen to the Homestuck songs I loved, but I couldn't be more wrong. The app doesn't work AT ALL on my Android phone, a Droid Mini. Every time I start the app, it shuts down immediately afterwards, with a message that reads "Unfortunately, Alternia FM has stopped." Now, I've download other apps from this developer, and haven't had any problems. However, this app leaves me disappointed, and could use quite a bit of work. I would love to be able to use this app.

Ryan McCourt

Please Patch As others are saying, it does not seem to work for newer versions of android, however, this is an amazing concept, and if you do fix it, I'll listen to it constantly, and recommend to all my homesick buddies ::::D I have the LG G3.

giga n

fantastic plays a wide range of great music. really cool, though it would be useful to have a button you could use to stop the radio when you want to close the app, instead of having to sort it out manually.

Zachary Perkins

All of my want All of my want but can not has, this makes me very sad, you should fix what ever is wrong with it because it won't run on my google nexus 5

The Abstracted Whisperer

New phone I got a new phone (galaxy avant) and it no longer works, I used to have the galaxy s 3. If the problem can be resolved, that would be awesome! I still can use it on the older phone though.

Kawaii Star-Chan

New songs ? All tho the songs are already awesome enough you guys should put some more new songs I'm always constantly listening listening to the same songs over and over again I here advert target spot at least 5 times a day and it gets quite annoying ....plz fix

Alicen DiPiano

Just what I wanted!!! It opens on my HTC which is amazing and plays Homestuck music so I don't have to sit on YouTube constantly making mixes and having to stay in the app. I just wish you could search for certain songs

Andrea-gail Barton

I like the whole idea of the app, but it will not open for me. It's seem from other comments that it doesn't work for a lot of people. If you could get this fixed I would use this app all the time and it would easily be my favorite. Hope it gets fixed soon.

Amanda Martinez

I love you who ever made this app I know all the songs the latula song and this is my United State wwhatever

Jun Burgin

It won't open! I have a newer version of android and can't open it! ;-; I'd love to use it when you fix it though

Phoenix Twomey

Nice, but.. Its nice, but it closes on its own every two or three songs, so I have to keep reopening the app :/ please fix

Francis Anatra

Good!~ I love this, its so amazing that you guys made an app for this! Sadly, while my tablet downloads it just fine, I just wish there was a exit function on the app, so I didn't have to force close it every-time I wanted to stop listening. Just using back doesn't work on mine.


L9ve it 6ut.... I really like the app and everything 6ut I want t9 6e a6le t9 st9p and start it when I want with9ut having t9 f9rca6ly cl9se it 9ut.

Cadey / Erisolsprite

*cries* Please make it to where it can open on all phones, if you can.. I had downloaded it before and loved it, but now it won't even open on my Moto E .. Please fix?

Kternae Spores

Help It doesn't work for my version of android, please please fix this, thank you.

Dave Strider

*sad face* Wow I was really disappointed when it didn't work for me...Please let it work for all phones..

Alice Feng

Very good! Great program, I used this all day! But now, it stopped working, I upset about it :( Fix it please!

Shyanne Shackelford

I would love to rate this higher but it skips every time I try to leave the app. Also I'm not quite sure how I turned it off... fix some bugs and try to strengthen it and I'll be happy to change my review.

eridan ampora

I take back wwhat I said, its a great app.

Kami Conway

Great app Lots of good music~ The only problem I have is that it sometimes won't show me what song is playing, it will keep the title of the last song that played. (If that makes sense)

Anna Steves

No problems It's a really good app. All the music is just...hmm how do I explain it...ASDFGHJKL. ITS ASDFGHJKL.

Vriska Serket

Awesome app It's an awesome app, just whenever I go to a different app it closes! D: and maybe you can add on a feature where you can skip songs please? Thanks!

Mituna Captor

????? I would give it 5 stars but I can't turn it off

torri caru

Literally the best app ever I love everything about this. But I can't get it to shut up once it's playing stuff. I have to turn off my phone.

Chay Goldsworthy

Help How do i pause and change songs? I can never find the ones that I want to hear

Adam Goldstein

Lovve it Evven though i am wway more awwesome then anyone else, this is the second coolest thing i havve ever seen. Besides my mirror.

Josh fox

AHAHA This is such a great concept but I'm laughing so hard it doesn't even have a pause button?? And it doesn't even stop if I play a song on a different app lmaoo itS STILL PLAYING AS IM TYPING THIS OMG overall great concept but omg could really use some work lmao


Its so cool. It's a really great app and all, but the only thing I dislike is that when I leave the app, it continues to play the music. I'd greatly appreciate it if you could at least make away to mute it when you want to.

Noah Ahmed

WHERE WAS THIS APP BEFORE!? This app is so perfect. The UI isn't beautiful, but don't let that fool you. It's so freaking great. As with any radio, you're not going to love every song, but that's no excuse not to use it. They just do so well.

Stephanie Wonders

Amazing Music! This app has all sorts of Homestuck music, even some stuff from the official soundtrack. The app is simple, but it works great! I highly recommend it, especially for people who find themselves going on the Homestuck bandcamp a lot.

Iris Bliss

Um..Can't turn it off? Dont get me wrong. I love the app. It is simple to use and plays Homestuck music as described. That's why I'm giving it at least 3 stars. But the problem with it is that it keeps playing the music, even if I close the app, go into another app, and turn my device off. I don't know if it's because I'm using a tablet or if its an issue elsewhere. Could you PLEASE make a stop button at the least, or fix this problem?

Veronica Mickle

It's like an actual radio station so you can't pause it but I am just having so much fun listening to all these songs I didn't even know existed and when one I had heard of comes on i get so pumped and every once and a while there's a cute little message like "Hi, this is *character name* and you're listening to AlterniaFM and I am just really happy right now!

Leia Amerson

Wow This is a really great app. It amuses me that some people complain that the music still goes on after they close the app even though it is clearly said in the description that the music WILL still play. The only problem that at I have is that it isn't available on apple since I use an apple phone but an android computer.

Rachel Peek

It's... eh. The concept of the whole thing is nice, the idea is great, and it works perfectly. Great job on that. But I think it would be a lot better if you could skip songs, or search up ones. I know its supposed to be a radio thing, but maybe make it like Pandora. It'd make things a lot better.

heather williams

Love this I think this is the most beautiful thing ever. I benevolently ask that no one takes this down. (P.S. That moment when John walks to the beat of the song)

Kyla M.

Amazing This is an amazing app full of beautifull song to another great webcomic. I just have one question, how do you stop it other than going into an app like youtube?

Ichsan Datau

Real nice but.... It oftens stops by itself. Like it would stream for about a minute, then it crashes until i opened it again. Pleaee fix? Need my daily dose of karkat telling me im listening to alternia fm lol

Nepeta's Little Kitty Karkat And Terezi

Love it but Th3 4pp 1s 4w3som3 but 1 th1nk 1t n33ds 4 l1k3 or d1sl1k3 for th3 songs. ♌

A Google User

Yes I love it so much! It has most of my favorite songs on here :33

Kittyn San

Wonderur! Lol this is THE BEST radio station ever! Don't know how to make it stop though...

Kayla Bennett

Doesnt work It doesnt play and it only says one song..please fix :(

Yuri Chezavik

Needs work I love it so far it just needs a pause or stop button added to it

Rei Neko

LOVE IT OMG. I love this app. Never laugh so hard XD

Gracie Swind

My whole life now. Everything about this makes me so happy! The lovely little details like the trolls between songs are the greatest things ever!! The fact that there *isn't* a pause button and that it *doesn't* stop playing when you exit the app makes it even more like an actual radio! There are no flaws, absolutely none.

Isabella Mero

My New Favorite Station As someone who normally HATES radio, I ADORE this. I love whoever made this.

Isamu Winters

Haven't found a song I hate yet lol .. It's a great app, get it!

Cori Davis

Great! I love the variety and all the new homestuck fan artists I'm discovering, but I've found a bug where it sometimes doesn't say the song and artist, it just says "Aranea" or "Feferi" or sometimes it just says "Song" and "Artist". If this is be fixed that would be great.


Great! Wish I could skip songs tough. 'v'

disappointing Cabbage

aaaaa i love this way too much. there might not be as much visual effort put into it as the alternia fm website and no pause button, but i can listen to homestuck music and whisper-sing along like the dork i am so that's great :D


Hella cool! Its simple but really amazeballs! though, I cant seem to find out how to stop the music :/

Rufioh Nitram

it actually works Wow....I've tried this app for like..since it first came out... and this is it. it works

Repere Sochet



♥ ! I really love this!! It works great, too.

Genocidal Bacon

Pause or mute button? I really like it but can there be a button or something to mute it?

Tamia Hopkins

Amazing I love it there's just one problem how do I pause it I would love to please

Laura Salas

... Love it! But how do you pause it?... >:?

kelsey evans

Good but It is a great app but they put the wrong version of songs on

Melany N

CRIES So when I first got it the app was so amazing! But after a while I forgot about but when I saw it again and wanted to listen to some homestuck music but nothing would want to play I was so disappointed D:

Rike Castor

Very useful for my projects I was writing on wattpad my new story youtube didn't really work, so i turned to this and it actually helped.

Brandon Whitt

Really great for music The amount of work put in to this is phenomenal. I use this app constantly and love it a lot. Especially good for reading! I can't help but sing along to the songs.

Karkat Vantas

It's ok Wish you guys played more songs, you just play pretty much the same songs :/

Excetera Cooper

Well.... I didn't dislike it I didn't dislike it but it's not working i'm not sure if I am using it wrong or what because it played an add about some kind of taxes thing but it never played a song.

Isaac Ambrose

Great Nothing bad to say, great for boredom (especially mine).

mariannepauline gulapa

AMAZING I love it a lott :D <33

Jess Scarlet

Love it This is amazing!!

jean-louise carroll

Same as the other's I really really love the idea for this and it seems super cool, but I'm having the same problem as a few other's. It says it's been playing friendleader for about twenty minutes but I'm only getting Spanish music? Bit odd but still a good app!

Iris Bliss

Edited Review+Suggestion Thank you for the stop button. I know a radio app technically doesnt have them, but it makes my life so much easier when I need to stop the music to do something! Five stars. Love the app, love the music. HOWEVER, could you please play some more songs? Like maybe Dance of Thorns or w/e. The song variety played is kinda please add more :33 Thank you.

Horse Radish

What I love the concept and all, but I feel like it's not working. Maybe I've encountered some kinda glitch? It says that Friendleader is playing, but a song that is definitely not Friendleader is playing. Am I missing something or..?

Sharky Plays Games

This is a really fun app! For the reviewer saying 'You can't pause it!', you can't pause a normal radio, and if I want to save battery, then this is my go to app because my phone can be off while it's working! This is a great app, i recommend to everybody who likes homestuck!

Dirkjake Is BÆ

So Much Fun! I highly recommend this! I don't have to keep going on YouTube to listen to music! Ha, but I love it! I also found a lot of songs I didn't know existed. I had a few problems at first but they stopped, so I've changed my rating to 5 stars. Great job!

Zara Jones

Suddenly Can't Listen? I got this app and immediately noticed some issues. It would display one song and play another. Not a big deal. It then seemed to fix itself which was a bonus but all of a sudden it is saying it's not available in my country? Now I can't listen to it.

Krystina Kane

Ummm So hey, a lot of people seem to be saying that there were issuse getting the music to stop playing in the background, but the thing is I can't get it to start playing in the background... It's, in a word, frustrating.

Chara Dreemurr


Pizza Kitty

I love this so much

Iris Bliss

Edited Review+Suggestion Thank you for the stop button. I know a radio app technically doesnt have them, but it makes my life so much easier when I need to stop the music to do something! Five stars. Love the app, love the music. HOWEVER, could you please play some more songs? Like maybe Dance of Thorns, How Far We've Come or w/e. The song variety played is kinda please add more :33 Thank you.

Monica Tran

okay app 0u0 It's good for music and I like the songs it would be better if there weren't ads but I get that you have to make money somehow. 0_0 And also on my lock screen this app doesn't show up like other music apps do but that is a small problem. So yeah good app

Natasha Hunt

App Stopping I'll be listening to it and all is going well but then it will suddenly start getting static-y and then just stop. I have to open the app again just for it to start playing again. I would change my rating if this got fixed, but it's starting to get annoying now.

lysha jade

Pleasantly suprised I'm used to low qual-eel-ty games from this company. Its its ob-sea-ious this is the best one t)(is company made 38D. Can you improve t)(e set up t)(ough


I loved it! Just one thing... I loved this app! But i also wish i could listen to this offline

Sammy 141618

this is amazing i'm already bugging my friends to get it sadly its only for android so only some of us have it >8(

Zian Doland

It's okay It'll only play one song cooler than me

Sarah Clark

Amazing! I heard songs I never knew existed on here! This is cooler than the Hammer of Zillyhoo!

Cassie Rojas

Love it Awesome app but I cant listen to it out lf my wifi signal :(

The Signless Lps

I love it It does has add but it great to just listen to homestuck fansongs


Really great but needs 1 small tweek It works really well! A perfect radio! Except the song labels are a bit off sometimes. I typically need to restart the app a couple times to see the right title. If this could be fixed, this app would be perfect!!

Mickayla Has A Username

Good but.. The concept is wonderful, but it says its Ben playing friendleader for a while now, all im getting is I think Spanish music?? I hope you guys eventually fix this or its a April fools joke..

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