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25 Jun
Ally Mobile Banking

Posted by Ally Financial in Finance | June 25, 2016 | 219 Comments

Apk file size: 15.0 MB

Ally Bank’s mobile app puts everyday banking tasks at your fingertips. It’s fast, secure, and free. All you need is your online banking username and password.

What you can do

• Deposit checks with Ally eCheck Deposit(SM)
• Transfer money between your Ally Bank and non-Ally Bank accounts
• Pay bills, see scheduled payments and review payment history
• Use Popmoney® to pay anyone with a U.S. bank account
• Find nearby ATMs
• Check balances and search transaction history
• View statements and tax forms

How we protect you

• We never store personal or account information on your phone
• All transactions are encrypted with the same secure technology as online banking
• Our Online & Mobile Security Guarantee protects you against fraudulent transactions

More details

• Our mobile banking app is free – your mobile carrier’s message and data rates may apply
• Compatible with Android 4.0 or higher

Questions? Call us at 1-877-247-2559. We’re here 24/7.

© 2016 Ally Bank, Member FDIC

Whats new
    Automatically capture images for Ally eCheck Deposit(SM)
    View 7 years of statements and tax forms
    Easily view full account number
    Zapped some bugs
    Bug fixes
    Bill Pay rush delivery
    Bug fixes
    Bug fixes
    View CD preferences in the app
    Bug fixes
    Updates to ATM locator
    Bug fixes
    Minor fixes
    Minor fixes
    Minor fixes
    Bug fixes
    Bug fixes and improved stability
    Additional fixes for timeout issues

Ally Financial part of our Finance and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update June 25, 2016. Google play rating is 67.0649. Current verison is Actual size 15.0 MB.

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Susan Rudbeckia

Eventually it does what I need it to do. The app does not log you out automatically, so when you go to use it the 2nd time, all it says is to call the number because your account cant be accessed. Also, I dont know how many times I need to verify my device. Im logging it on the same phone that has been associated with my account from the start, and every so often it asks me to phone verify AGAIN. So instead of quickly checking my balance, I have to wait on Ally to do annoying things with security that are useless.

Betsy Healton

Works well enough It does a lot of what I expect an app to do, however, it doesn't let me deposit checks. The feature pops up when demanded, but it's so incompatible with the android Galaxy s6 camera, that any image I try to take is stretched, out-of focus and so distorted as to be rendered unusable.

Colten Tuescher

I've been patient... Update after update, I still cannot make a deposit with my s5. I can take a photo of the front but when I hit take image of back, it says unfortunately this app has stopped working. Hope it's not just my phone. Anyone else having trouble? At least I have an s3 that can deposit for me. Any suggestions?

Travis Baker

Please test this app before making available I've been using for over a year, and the ability to use this app goes in cycles. Specifically for depositing checks, which is imperative in this app for an Ally account. For a while it will work great, and then all of a sudden I will be unable to deposit checks. This sometimes last for a few weeks, where you may or may not be able to make deposits. Ally, you must get this right, consistently, or your banking service is not worth having at all.

Jeff Rothman

Our New Bank Great bank and great rates and the best for last WOW wonderful and great customer service there rights on it Go ally

K. Josh Hughes

Camera issues Updated: I'm now changing banks because I literally waste an hour trying to make a deposit... |Ally bank is wonderful, but their Android mobile app doesn't focus the camera well on my Note 3 making it very difficult to deposit $$$

Brooke Fletcher

Can't deposit checks I loved ally when I switched two years ago. Then they updated their app about 6 months ago and it was terribly broken. They haven't bounced back. I can't deposit my checks. What's the point of having these guys if I can't deposit my checks with my phone? I don't want to mail them in. If I felt like going through all of that I would have a local bank and go that route. It'd be faster. Just about to take my business elsewhere. I'm on a Note 2.

andy vancleave

Deposit images When depositing a check its hard to fit within the guide markers.. Also images turn out blurry a lot. I do not have this Issue on other apps.. Note 4

Keegan Witt

Good, but could be improved Works well enough, but here's what could be better 1) app rejects non-personal check images (e.g. tax return, ADP). 2) Camera seems to freeze if the screen went to sleep while taking a picture for mobile deposit (at least on my Moto X). 3) No ability to control flash during mobile deposit picture taking. 4) My last bank's app (Fifth Third) automatically detected when the check was properly aligned for the picture, which would be a nice improvement (though not as important.

Leonerd Kirk

No Quick Login Option? Fail! No method to login quickly. Doesn't support pin login. I use a password manager to protect my banking sites and need a better solution to logging in than remembering its 16 digit, Camel Case, numbers and symbols computer-generated password.

Gena Zerbin

Really great but needs a few fixes It should recognize my device when I have successfully logged in with it and give me a simple unlock code to make my car pmt. Having to remember login and password each time is frustrating and time consuming. Help make it easy to make my pmt on time. That's the point of the app right??!

A Google User

I've left... I appreciate that there is an app. It's nice looking. I would like there to be more bill pay features and easier log in. After 8 years, I've left Ally because how slow this app and website are and navigating this app and the host of missing features is unacceptable for a online-only bank. I now bank with Discover Bank with Cashback Checking.

Jeannine Schafer

Locking up often It's a good app when it works, but failing happens more than working. Locks when I log in, locks when I submit a check deposit. It works fine on my ipad, but major problems on my Samsung note.

Michael Bayless

Latest update has serious issues I am constantly getting crash messages. It is extremely slow going from page to page. Particularly going to bill pay.I get kicked off all the time. I have alot of the same issues with the new website interface. I have an LG G Flex fully up to date with the latest updates for the app and plenty of space. So the phone is not an issue. The alow speeds happen wireless connection and 4G LTE. Ally is an online only bank and it above all other banks needs to have a stellar website and mobile interface.

Carl Trujillo

Fix the ATM map please! Great bank, great app. Not perfect. The ATM locator is constantly updating. I can't search it without it jumping back to my current location.

Steven Blatz

Images and pending Id like to see a pending list in my acxounts so I dont have todig in deposit history to find it. I am having imaging issues with desposits as well. Note 2 goes blurry on every picture. Also check is stretched in view finder and not fitting in the guides

Adrian Belinne

Junk App. In the 18 months that I've been using this app I have never been able to get the mobile deposit function to work even after hours on tech support (is your device turned on?...). I use a couple of other banks with mobile deposit on the exact same device and have never had a single issue. Ally Bank has a problem with their app: keep moving.

Todd Sheive

Recent update deposit problem The recent update did something to the camera feature used for making deposits. It doesn't focus after touching the photo button meaning the photos are blurry now. It used to refocus after touching the photo button and worked well. Please fix!

R C Thomas

Mobile bill pay The app stopped working on my note 2 after sending 7 checks. I am upset.

David Harris

Does what it should Does everything acceptably. Annoying that the camera focuses on the center of a check (which is often blank on the back). The camera should instead focus where the endorsement box/signature is or allow tap to focus in a region.

Angela Pennington

Please fix. Latest update means I can login, but cannot get into my transaction history. Tells me there is a system error every time.

Spence Rogers

Deposit Not Working Galaxy S6 Trying to make a deposit, but the checks are stretched to where they are deformed.

A Google User

Newer version seems to have more crashes Restated the phone and it helped but there are a few times when switching between accounts where it will hang up

Tim Cunningham

Doesn't work with my Note 2 for pictures of checks. Other banking apps and the built in camera app work fine.

Russell Read

Works great and now has a great design Great app with new design that follows android design guidelines. There is really no reason to have a separate tablet app on android, but at least it works well on tablets as does this one on phones so I can't complain.

A Google User

Very buggy as of late. Random login screen refreshes. Random system errors. Annoying 'we have logged you out' notification. No account quick view. Probably moving to another bank soon as all my banking is done from my phone.

Dan Souza

Thank you Can now view check images. Glad to see this feature brought back. Update: Noticed you've gone back to the red font for debits. I like this. Easy to see at a quick glance which is which.

David Yauney

I like the bank but.... The app has recently started to crash every time I try to open it up. I can't even get to the login screen. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it, but still suffer from the same problems. I am on an HTC one M8

Jacob Rex

Currency issue For some reason my graph is displayed in pounds..? There's no way to change it from what I've seen.

Casey Webb

Impossible to do online photo deposits I have an older phone *a Note two, but this is rediculous. I took a pic with the android camera and google camera and it came out clear but no matter how many pictures or how still or what angle it still comes out blurry. ALLY please fix this asap or I will need to change banks.

Will Law

Sluggish Slow to load pages once signed in. The app occasionally freezes too. Could be a smoother experience

Andrew Fessler

eDeposit blurry pictures Something is wrong with the auto focus for Galaxy Note 2 users it seems. I get the image in focus then it snaps a blurry picture! SO frustrating! Would love this app if I could actually deposit a check. Will update rating when fixed.

Eric Radcliffe

Used to be good... Not sure what happened in the last update, but I am no longer able to do a check deposit on my Note 4. Anything in the image slot for taking pictures of the check is stretched about 2x its normal size. Unfortunately, it is now a useless app.

wale O

Check deposit image stability needed My only problem is with the check deposition. But otherwise, it is a decent app. The check pics are not too clear, but since my deposits go thru, I am OK for now.

robert fleming

App does not work correctly. You can not photo deposit a check with this app.

Lance Mace

Great, but more features please... Great overall UI, clean and to the point. Check deposit should have a pinch and zoom feature after picture capture so we could better see if all the info is legible. Please add chat to the app.

Collin M. Barrett

love the bank, but app still needs work

Soo Goh

Photo focus Having trouble taking my check photo. It would focus as I'm framing but right before I take the photo, it would refocus and take the photo halfway through the focusing process. The end result is blurry. Please fix.

Lauren Robinson

Needs work Overall, this app allows me to do my banking on my phone. It does need some adjustments on things such as deposit pictures and overall speed of loading and searching. Would be less hassle if these things were fixed.

Joshua Everhart

Last update was 2 steps backwards Previous to this update everything would load fast, logging in, changing between screens. Now when I log in,if I can log in, the account screen just has a blank circle and doesn't even show the accounts

Ken Marks

Use it all the time. Has improved tremendously. Minor suggestions - please remove excess instruction screens from check depositing.

LeMonJello WhatAboutIt

Worst app EVER I've been trying to use this app for years now. There has always been problems, with the exception of the first version, maybe. Ever since the updates, I've not been able to make deposits... Ever. Now, since I have a new(er) phone, I can't even log in. I mean can't, because the keyboard won't even come up so I can type my user name. It comes up fine for the password field, but, nothing for the username. Absolutely useless app!

Craig Wellman

The pie chart to me is really kind of pointless. If it were customizable & could incorporate the bill pay subtractions, THEN it would be very helpful. All in all, - 1 star for having to go to the website to see my weeks balance less my bill pay.

Jennifer Whyman

E deposit Seemed to have improved since upgrading phone to Galaxy S5 but still can be a b!+€¥ about focusing and accepting the picture of the check

Brian P

Sucks Sucks.....I'm switching to chase. Chase has account preview on their app. Best app ever is simple bank. This app sucks. Their call center is horrible, asks same 12 questions every single call. Also, no text notifications or push notifications. Worthless.

Steve D

Still terrible Transactions not displaying randomly

A Google User

Privacy please Must you really display the sum total of my accounts full screen with locked scrolling... Thanks for the native app!

Varad Kandadai

Worst mobile bank app Had to deposit a check for the first time.. The camera would focus and take a good pic and then the pic that the app shows is blurry.. Don't know what [email protected] post processing the app does, but it is an epic fail.. I tried taking the check pic in different backgrounds, lighting.. Must have tried taking about 30 pics and none were good. Got frustrated and went back to my credit union app.. Boom.. First time it worked! Shame on you Ally Bank.. Why offer deposit option that is so subpar..

Blake Haas

Galaxy s6 camera aspect ratio The aspect ratio for the check deposit window is way off on galaxy s6 phones. Extremely squished and makes it very difficult to take picture of check.

Morgan Boyd

Basically useless Time outs, perpetual loading of activity, etc. I have considered changing banks due to this app. Update: I just noticed that my available balance is not computing properly. That'll make you rip hair out during a reconciliation. It's not like accuracy matters in banking.... Update: I just noticed that not all of my cleared transactions are appearing in my register in the app. Awesome.

Corvin Adkins

Nice design & function Good design and easy to use. The feature set is good. A little slow but overall good performance.

Destiney Ryder

It works, it's just spotty It will always tell you something is wrong,click ok,and it works fine.awesome bank,horrible tech people

Jason McCune

Constant crashing Like others have said, this app shows errors a lot. Not just occasionally. I can't do bill pay at all right now because it gives me an error every time I pick a payee. It also crashes almost every time I open it (usually it works the second time) and it is slow to bring up different sections of the app (like transactions). I hope they work out these issues because I really like Ally overall, but having a good mobile app is very important to me.

Julian Thompson

It's OK This app had small glitches which is a shame since you'd think that an online bank could develop a better mobile app. The recent revamp is an improvement. I'd like a 4 digit pin option to let me get in and it out of the app really quick to check my balance. Also,I wish they offered credit cards to simplify my finances. The only reason I stick around is that they offer free atm withdrawals.

Sajid Wasif

Much better design. Better design and functionality. A little slow, but still workable.

ix David

Good app. I like ally services

A Google User

GALAXYBACON2 GS4 II I Love the ability to have my banking needs at my finger tips. This App allows me that ability. Two Thumb's Up. ;-) :-)

Stephen Schmith

Does everything I need it to. Never had an issue with the Ally app. Works as expected.

Raymond Googs

I can't use it. Everytime that I try to log in it tells me my password is invalid. Can log into it online just fine.

A Google User

Works well. Much better than it used to be.

Julie Niemi

Works great No problems on Galaxy S3.

Svitlana T

Nice app Very convenient and user friendly app

Matthew Berg

If CD maturity dates would show up under "scheduled activities", that would make me sooo happy.

Andrea Drake

Love the bank The app finally works again so I'm back to loving it!

Brittani West

Won't login It is only good for finding atms. Every time I try to login to my account it times out trying to load. This is with both mobile web and wireless networks using the HTC M8.

Andrew Sottile-Jackson

Latest update causing app to crash I cannot get to the login screen because the app crashes immediately after trying to open.

Joe Rossi

Unstable App is highly unreliable, after using it for 2 years im pretty confident the mobile deposit feature only works 20% of the time. App frequently crashes at the login screen...basically one wonders why a business would associate themselves with this pathetic piece of software

Jared Humphrey

Looks nice but functionality is non-existent This app just can't get it right. After logging in and clicking on an account to view it loads for 15+ seconds. Then another loading screen pops up. When it does load it says I have no transactions from the past 120 days. This isn't occasionally but rather every single time I try to use the app. I'll stick to the web version.

Lee Brown

Zero stars Worked great, first install After Update, now I can never login. disappointing for a web based bank. After Update, much improvement. This is rather nice now. And now it's unusable again. Crashes after taking the front image.

Suzanne Ito

Agree with others: mobile deposit is worthless As others have mentioned, trying to take a picture of the check is impossible. The app stretches out and distorts the check so much that it's never accepted. But I can go to the Chase app and make a mobile deposit with no problem. I will say this: it's better than the Schwab app, which you can't even log into! You would think these banks could afford better app developers.

Santosh Jangiti

Disappointing Pathetic app ,lots of loading bugs and issues,depositing a check seems almost impossible Update 5/27/2015 Still the crappy little app, for an online only bank you would expect a better app I wish they spent a little money and though in developing an error free app. Despite the multiple bugs it seems amazing that they don't think fit to build a new app that does simple tasks like depositing a check.

Josh Robinson

The app is alright in general... But when trying to make a deposit the camera is flipped making it very hard to align properly. When you are an online only bank, making deposits easy is like the most important thing, but it is a major problem with this app.

Billy Hu

Needs Android specific design The app seems to be reusing assets from the iPhone version, with blurry graphics as a result. Please create an Android specific app.

Kyle McDevitt

Backwards camera For some reason, taking photos of checks to deposit them flips the image both vertically and horizontally. This makes it near impossible to line up the check properly to take a photo. Other than that, app works fine.

Greg Zahariadis

Time to catch up with the big boys! Where's the thumb print verification? The NFC for debit? Checks are stretched. For an online only bank you should be investing into developers.

Dan Kay

Hangs Alot, Very Slow To Load Still Hangs when loading account transactions and takes forever to load, even when viewing details on a specific transaction and going back to transactions takes same amount of time.

Amelia Fischer

Needs to uograde for latest phones The pixels are confused when taking photos of my checks to deposit, making the view extremely elongated (stretched out) and impossible to fit inside the lines. The picture does properly work out, but you can't tell until after the photo is taken. Customer service tells me it's because the camera pixels in my Samsung Note 4 are too advanced for their software. Why can't they fix that? Every other bank app that ive used (2 others) have given me no trouble with this phone.

Matt Clarke Gina Yarmel

Camera view for depositing checks is incorrectly rotated 180° This app works great on all our other devices, but on a Nexus 5X the camera image is rotated 180° during check deposit. Makes depositing checks almost impossible. Update: Noticing that other Nexus 5X users have been reporting this issue since October 2015. After three months, any plans for fixing this issue? Remember, you are an *online bank*.

Chuck Brown

App is slow... Half the time, nothing will load or it will crash.

Albert Slocomb

Depositing a check needs a miracle The app zooms your photo in and out and makes it blurry and impossible to deposit a check spent an hour and 20% battery still do not have a deposited check.

Daniel Hong

Great but has some issues Most functionality works great but I've noticed two issues which annoys me greatly. 1. The map view of ATM locator does not refresh when I move the map location. I wish I could move the map then click refresh to get new list ATMs. 2. I have nexus 5x with marshmallow 6.0.1. I've tried depositing check today and the the display for the camera wa upside down. I had few other apps with similar camera issue which had been fixed with an update. Hope theses issues get resolved soon!!

Matthew Creveling

Decent banking app but... There's one major issue when you're looking at your transactions for an account half of the screen is taken up by the tan bar that says your available balance and the option to view scheduled transactions. This only leaves the bottom half of my 480x800 pixel phone screen for scrolling through transactions which is very frustrating. Please fix this and I will update my review to 5 stars.

Camron Walker

Sluggish and Out of Date I don't think Ally realizes that, in a lot of ways, your mobile application represents your company. This app is sluggish and out of date. Had I downloaded the app first, I probably would not have opened an account with Ally. It's interesting to me that the app is so old it can barely run the cameras on modern phones. App was probably built for Android 4, at the time I'm writing this I'm running Android 6, i.e., 4.5 years later.

Rein Shope

Decent app Doesn't crash any more, but the camera for depositing checks is now mirrored vertically and horizontally which makes it difficult to use.

Aaron Karp

Camera orientation is broken on nexus 5x. This is due to using the old camera api. Please fix Ally!

Annie H

I love ally bank but.... I love this bank. Great customer service and no bs fees. Camera is now showing a stretched image when taking a picture of checks. Picture comes out fine, but harder to take initial picture.

Ryan Sammer

Inverted Checks on My 5X App is easy to use but the developers need to update the camera API because the mobile check deposit images are inverted.

Brenda Grolle

I only use the app on rare occasions for mobile deposit and have not had a problem with it so far on my Google Nexus 7.

Lauren Detjen

Camera doesn't work The app itself is fine, but when depositing checks, my camera is quite literally turned upside down and warped. It is ONLY happening with the Ally application as well. I have a Nexus 5X - please fix!


Works great Yea the app needs an update but I just use it to transfer money back and forth between banks so it's a good service for me

Holly DeMuro

Checks are hard to scan and upsidedown on new phones Would be great but Checks are hard to scan and upsidedown on new phones. Will improve rating when check scanning is fixed.

Vaughn Parker

Camera to take deposits is legit backwards In this new app update, the camera is flipped so it doesn't look like you're taking a normal picture. The camera view is upside down...

Chris Thach

Simple but Elegant Love the ui. Super fast and straight to the point. One request: please allow users to access their checking account number from the mobile app. Thanks Ally!

Alex Keyes

Camera sensor reversed When trying to take pictures of checks for deposits, the camera view is inverted makes it near impossible to line up the check properly before the screen times out. Minor problem. I'm aware it's because Google changed the way they designed the camera sensor in its rear facing camera in the Nexus 5x. Just thought I would make you aware so that it can be fixed.

Thomas Rogers

Note5 Finally can deposit checks on note 5. But Ally has overdrawn account even when money was showing available and now as a penalty they are holding deposits for an extended time frame?? This bank is no online bank, they are still gmac. Crooks

John Sagan

Needs PIN for login Just started using. Works well so far for my basic banking needs. Would LOVE to have a PIN to login

Brad Radaker

It's not too bad but its favorite word is "Loading..." Everything I've tried works (check deposit, bill pay, etc.), but it's just a slow app in general.

Dest Droid

Check depositing sucks I've never had so many problems depositing checks through an app. Aside from that the app serves it's purpose.

Taylor Waldron

I'd give 5, but app.. App needs rework. There are many users experiencing sluggish response times as well as problems with e-check deposits. Appreciate it if ally would assure us that these fixes will come soon. Other than the above, I think ally is the best online bank out there. Like please, if you agree.

Aaron Kissinger

Need to fix check deposit I have had no problems in the past with depositing checks. However, the camera is now out of proportion and it is impossible to fit the check within the lines and get an accurate picture. I have no complaints about Ally other than their poor App development. You would think that a bank that STRICTLY operates ONLINE, would make software usability their priority...

Edward Van

Needs to have PIN Unlock The app is decent, its usable, but it really needs to have a PIN unlock feature. I use a long, randomized password from my password manager, so it would save quite a bit of time if I could just enter a PIN. If Discover Bank can do it as well as others, I don't see why this isn't available.

Byron Kim

Deposit Check deposit doesn't always work. On mine the image is stretched and doesn't focus properly. Galaxy note 4

Andrea Lainez

Good I love this app and I haven't had an issue depositing checks or transferring money. The only flaw is that it doesn't let you log in via pin or pattern. I would love to see this feature added sometime.

Larry Sherman

Broken You guys are an E-bank and can't even get electronic deposits to work, like every other E-bank. Used to work (albeit weird stretched images). Now just crashes when taking picture of back of check. Get some professional programmers.

Jamie Thomson

Please fix photo deposit! Can't deposit checks since installing on Nexus 5x due to upside down camera issue. Please fix soon, very frustrating

A Google User

Great banking app Check accounts, transfer money, deposit checks, pay others, and more. Ally Bank has dramatically improved the app over the years. I've used it since the first version.

Justin Scheibel

Crashes when depositing App crashes when trying to take a picture of a check for deposit on Nexus 6P, Android 6.0.1. Works great on other older versions of Android

Stacy O'Dell

Almost 5 Stars For me personally it is a solid 5, no crashes or bugs of any kind. Ally loses 1 star because after reading other posts I realized that the app has some long term issues that are not being fixed. i.e. I don't use mobile deposit, but for the people that do it needs to work correctly. Their phone and chat customer service is awesome, & I feel their app should meet the same standards.

Andrew Acuna

Solid app but camera has a hard time focusing unless it is very bright in the room.

Mark Kennedy

Camera for mobile deposits dont work Fix the camera for mobile deposits! It flips the view so it makes it extremely hard to center the check to take a snapshot! When this is fixed ill edit my rating

Kenith Sobel

I am leaving ally because I am unable to upload checks via this apt that does not work on my lg v10 or any other phones nor am a able to upload via PC and on the website, images must be under 500kb each and 1MB max are you kidding me? Should be set at 10MB max, if they are afraid the site will get expolited then block certain files from being uploaded, if I could leave no stars I would...

Divine Dugah

Doesn't work App use to work before. I have uninstalled and installed it several times, and still it does not work. An app should be geared to simplify your mobile browsing experience, not instead meant to taking one into the world of rocket science.

Dustin Taggart

Just wow For an all online bank I was surprised at how bad this app is. Sure nice graphics for displaying your info but the functionality has nothing but flaws. Had to call tech support to login for the first time due to errors and to deposit a check electronically. Being that this is the online bank the two most important functions of there app were flawed... just wow. Need to hire some good developers. This is only my 2nd bad review in 7 years. Well done, it takes something special to be this bad

Lauren C

Good, but need to fix bug with check deposit Check deposit photos are very elongated and make it difficult to e-deposit checks. Otherwise, the app works great!

Leif Maxfield

Fix check deposit camera orientation on Nexus 5x Please fix the check deposit camera orientation on the Nexus 5x. It's upside down and quite mentally taxing to use properly. The 5x has been out for 4 months and so many apps still have this problem. Thanks!

Kaitlyn Petersen

At first it was great... A few months ago the app updated and ever since I haven't been able to use the eDeposit option. When I try to do a deposit it stretches the pictures out, then says it can't read the numbers or anything. I would rate 5 stars if I could use the eDeposit again.... FIX IT!!!! It's been months!!

Geoffrey Fortier

Runs well enough for retrieving account information, but the check deposit feature often fails. Often simply cannot upload information or the back-end system that processes deposits is "down" with no real explanation or timeline. Rejects photos all the time (though same phone, same conditions works fine with other banks). Seeing as Ally lacks physical branches and the only other deposit options are scanner/desktop or mailing checks in, you'd think a LOT more attention, testing and quality control would have been given to this app. Very unreliable. I usually end up putting my funds in Bank of America because their app rarely fails to process a deposit scan.

Eric Stone

Great app, but one big problem According to a Reddit post by Eino-Ville Talvala, the tech lead for Android's camera framework: Youre using the old camera API (which is deprecated, but most apps still use it) isn't terribly user-friendly, and requires application developers to explicitly set the preview rotation. The outcome is near impossible check images when depositing. Please update your Google Camera API and explicitly set preview orientation!

Dakotah Jay

Terrible for an Online Bank. . . You would think with it being the biggest online bank they would have a better app.. The UI looks as if a 10 year old made it.. Gives you very Limited Features , wouldn't be that bad if they had physical locations but... They don't...

Lauren Vandebrake

Glad the app exists I know Ally isn't a greedy bank and probably budgets programmers very lightly, so while this app has some problems, it gets the job done and I am glad to have an app to use.

Scott 47933

App basic App is very basic and the bank service actually socks. Told new checks were free then charged me

Kyle McDevitt

Recent update fixed camera For some reason, taking photos of checks to deposit them used to flip the image both vertically and horizontally. Latest update fixed that, thanks! Now the app just needs to incorporate a touch to focus feature while snapping photos of the checks.

William Kray

missing features, pretty basic can't see routing or account number from the app, can't use fingerprints to authenticate, scheduled transactions don't match up to online banking when depositing a check, can't change pin or manage cards... this app pretty much just does the bare minimum that a banking app is expected to do these days. USAA app has all these features and more. but they don't pay impressive interest like Ally does, so i guess you just get what you get.

Larry Kahhan

The previous release was working great, with check images auto focusing nicely with my Samsung galaxy s3. This version mostly produces blurry check images because it doesn't auto focus. Requires multiple attempts at taking check images before I can get one good enough to be accepted. If you have the previous version, and it's working great, don't update this app. Update 4/15/2016 - The auto focus problem has been fixed. Also, I've since upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and had an issue with checks being photographed out of proportion, appearing "stretched". This problem was reported to Ally support, and yesterday, they issued an update which fixed the problem. I no longer have any issues with this app, and highly recommend it.

Josh Goben

Nexus 5X Mirrored Camera The main reason I use this app is to make mobile deposits. My Nexus 5X, which has been out for six months now, still causes the check photos to be mirrored (upside-down). It's extremely difficult to take accurate photos in this manner. In all honesty, the app has very little use for me until this is fixed.

Andie Phan

Works Perfectly! Perfect for my weekly needs. Easy to check funds and make eDeposits. They recently fixed an issue where the check would display upside down on my phone. Updates are good. ?

Taoist Elf

How can this have a 3.3? It's awesome! Easy-to-use nearly full-service banking on your freaking phone! What's not to love??? A clean and stable interface and lots of options like transfer and POP money - pay peeps. What's not to love?? I've never had app snafus. Ally has been my only bank for 3 years and I've found their rates awesome, convenience better (even w no brick and mortar) and better yet their customer service rocks!! I always get a U.S. rep and they help me immediately w the customer service an online bank should have, day or nite.

Justin Weyenberg

App works Glad that the rotated picture issue is fixed for check deposits. Would like to see some of the UI quirks fixed as well, such as the left hamburger menu being partially off screen on the Nexus 5X.

Justin Gomilla

Hysterical. Hey Ally. Gingerbread called, they want their app design back! This app is extremely outdated. Sure it gets the job done, but I expect so much more for the reputation that I've heard about this bank. And to add insult to injury, I submitted a transfer for $3 from BofA and it's been over 3 days. It is still processing! This is insane, I'm moving my money to somewhere more reliable.

Ryan Mutton

Functional This app is functional, but touchy. Everything works, usually by the 2nd or 3rd try. Sometimes the home screen is blank and sometimes it will freakout while finding an ATM. It eventually gets you the information needed.

Adam Sparks

New phone, new Android version, now edeposit "works" Edeposit still glitchy with having to retake pictures that appear clear

Cory Dunbar

Updated finally! I finally got the update that allows me to deposit checks because the viewport when trying to deposit was upsidedown. It needed to be updated to Google's "Camera 2" API. Only 9 months of waiting. But it's fixed now, so the app is back to perfect.

Kevin Seitz

Decent Haven't used it much because I just opened a savings account, but I do wish it had fingerprint authentication!

Feanil Patel

Camera is inverted on the nexus 5X App was generally good does everything I need.

Jonathan Petersen

Much better after updates. Very happy with the current app, stable accessibility, easy to use. Mostly use it to monitor balances and deposit checks.

Irfan Khan

Check deposits fail even when they go through Camera doesn't focus well. Front of check ok but back will not focus. All the needed features are present though so that's a plus. Cannot leave app feedback through the app so i have to leave feedback here

Coleman Connell

Developers fixed the issue with rotated camera on Nexus 5X. Check deposit works now!

Sam Bearden

Can not use unless on WiFi.(Nexus 5X) Using the Nexus 5X on Project Fi, Ally will not allow me to use the app, Ally has sent multiple texts for registering the phone, but not one has come through, because Fi is not a recognized carrier. Can not figure out a fix or way around the issue except going to the website via Chrome. This is a bummer, forces me to use website, app is useless.

A Google User

Thanks for finally fixing deposits on the 5X Not sure why it took nearly 6 months though. You guys need to step up your mobile app it's embarrassing compared to your competition.

Megan Pritchard

Backwards, flipped photos on new Nexus 5x Took 9 months and finally the camera issue is fixed. The new Google phones (Nexus 5X) uses a new camera lens type, or something, such that these outdated apps position the check flipped and upside down. It makes taking photos of the checks almost impossible! It takes me 5 minutes to get the check lined up. Please update the app! I've been dealing with this since 10/2015!

A Google User

Works Check deposit is finally FIXED! With an upright camera image it's no longer a test of reverse hand eye coordination...?

Christopher B.

Underwhelmed by features A local credit union offers fingerprint sign in and yet Ally an online only bank doesn't offer it. Other than that the app is fine.

Peter Kay

Picture of check is stretched and blurry on the phone with an amazing camera, please fix. Galaxy S7 Edge.

A Google User

Good Good...but why can't I view statements? That's a basic thing!

Jeff Willig

Latest update fixes camera problem! Camera used to be flipped upside down on brand new Nexus 5X and newer flavors of Android. Ally finally fixed the problem! By the old gods and the new, all is right in the world again.

Steven S

Camera won't focus on galaxy s7 When I try to deposit a check the camera won't focus on the image making it really hard to deposit any checks as this is the only way to do that

Lee Southwood

Implement Nexus Imprint on this. Please implement Nexus Imprint, other financial apps have already. Ally behind on the curve again

A Google User

Getting Better This app just keeps improving. Deposit options that are beter than most "brick and mortar" bank apps and even lets me see how many transactions I have left. Always happy to see new things but this had just about all I want. Multiple username being saved and fingerprint login and it would have 5 stars.

heathen scumbag

check deposit upload fails check deposit upload fails. just spinning circles. called and helpdesk couldnt solve either

Thundervore NlN

Needs fingerprint login For an online only bank I am shocked there is no fingerprint ID. BofA has feature, you think it's fun entering a 20 character alpha numeric password every time I want to access my account on S6?!!!

Brenda Grolle

I only use the app on rare occasions for mobile deposit. It worked for that until today on my Google Nexus 7. The check images won't load, although the photos come out fine. Just a couple of spinning circles with no progress, so I can't make mobile deposits until you fix the problem.

Delaney Waldron

Blank account screen It's fixed when I switch between a different tab, so not a huge deal. But it happens almost half the time I open the app and log in.

Subha Ramesh

Very convenient Easy to use & good feature set compared to web.

Rosela Arce

Better than most I like the option to be able to deposit through your phone, tablet, or computer. Many (both online and not) bank features allow this only through a phone app. The free checks come in handy. I wish there were a better way to deposit cash, though. It would be nice if they could partner with 7/11 or Target or something, like other online banks have. If it weren't for that I would give it 5 stars. It's a great low maintenance bank.

Rob G

This app is ok. But, Ally needs to participate in android pay.

Arturo Maldonado

Nexus Camera fix Thanks for finally fixing the upside down camera bug!

SonnOf Sam

Heeeeeeeeelp This app won't let me log on.

Chris Kellenbarger

Check deposit It never works. Very glitchy app.

Hollywood Jenn Carr

Yooo! This is Allyson au Jensen ø

Jonas Borkholder

awesome this is my favorite banking app to use, I feel it is very simple and to the point. I also love ally customer service

David White

Improving Only way to log in is to type out password each time. Fingerprint authentication would be nice. Depositing a check has drastically improved. Went from the worst mobile deposit tool I had used to the best with last update.

Anthony Pettinato

Update fixed camera issue This app works perfectly, it's super easy to do all of my banking from the app and to deposit checks. There used to be a problem with the camera being oddly stretched but it's been fixed so I've upgraded my review to 5 stars.

Monica Edmonds

Basic Bank has been great so far but app needs improvement. A simpler ui would load faster, pin or pattern accessability is a must. The ability to 'peek' or 'preview' without sign in would be awesome. (Barclay or Capitol One apps are ideal, simple and quite fast). I will remain an Ally customer for sure but the app is a nuisance, please fix.

Kurt Lydic

Terrible e-deposit features after update Since the last update, the app won't let you take the image of the check until it tries and fails (which happens almost every time), then when it allows you to finally try taking the image yourself, it usually indicates that it couldn't recognize the information on the image. I have been using the Ally e-deposit feature for years and never had this many problems. Very disappointed with this change.

Patrick Hall

Far behind competitors, missing fingerprint authentication The app is just so so with the features it has and missing some big ones like fingerprint authentication, like all their competitors already have.

Sue Clymer

Good, but could be improved Overall the app is pretty good and I am very happy with the change to Ally on the whole. I agree with others on forcing the update installation before you can use the app. That is not customer focused. The thing I find really annoying about the app is when I set up a payment for an ebill through phone, the app doesn't include the box about applying the payment to the latest bill, unlike if I log into my account online. If I log in online, the system still shows the bill as due for this reason.

Sara Montecino

Best bank in the world, by far Ally is the bees knees. It makes me want to buy a car, just so I can get an auto loan through them. And this app is just an extension of their supreme awesomeness. If I could marry Ally Bank, I wouldn't, because I'm worried it would tarnish the beautiful relationship we have already grown with one another.

Marcus Pixler

Small bug When I log in it gives me an error message saying the app has "encountered an error it is unable to recover from." After I dismiss the message, everything looks good until I open the account details. It doesn't show anything except the account number. Which is clickable and shows my full account number. Everything else is blank, interest YTD, apy, etc. Mildly annoying since only have a money market account which I keep as a rainy day fund. Acct balance, all buttons, and everything else appears fine.

Alex Smit

It Works The app is fine. Some areas aren't the most intuitive. It crashes from time to time and the login screen if always funky for me. At the end of the day it does do everything i need it to do. Over the last year it's fallen behind other banking apps and could use a new coat of paint. Especially considering that this an online only bank. Otherwise, the bank itself is fantastic and I recommend it to any looking to switch.

Mer S

Not working properly Can't change graph color. Graph is not interactive. I have many accounts. Bank to bank transfers take too long. Account transfers don't save the account name in history. Forced update not appreciated

Monica Meadows

Used to be great I have loved this app for a long time, but over the past few months, I have had times where the app doesn't show the most recent transactions and I have to get on a computer to see them. Not very convenient for me.

Jeremiah Stichter

Convenience This app is really convenient and easy to use. Their newest update has automatic deposit capture and that is a splendid touch.

Dennis Goetz

Check pictures finally fixed As of the July 2016 update it finally works great for deposits. The rest of the functionality in the app is about what you'd expect but deposits is the main function I use.

Jackson Carr

Improvements are appreciated Ally as an online bank has been fantastic, but this app can still be improved. The latest update has brought account numbers to the mobile app (thank you!) along with some modest UI improvements. I'm still desperately waiting for fingerprint authentication. When that's deployed, I'll consider this a 5 star app. There's still a lot that can be done to improve the UI, though. ;)

Jacob H

Forced Update Broke It Was great, this last update was required to continue using the app and now it force closes before I can even log in

Eric Kuhns

Fixed mobile deposit! Works great now, only took 2 years.

Jeff Axelrod

Don't force me to update Poor form to disallow app use until updating!

rob g

Never a problem Wish they would offer more services like mortgages...

Chad Wilson

Great update Finally... an easy to use check deposit! HUGE improvement...thats the only thing i didn't like in previous versions, and you nailed it in this update. Thankk you!

Joseph Lee

new auto-capture check is as broken as WF's Now it takes 5x as long to deposit a check because the auto-check capture never takes a picture. This camera is OIS and the Flashlight is on! Have to wait for the AI to give up before we can take a normal picture. This is the same failed AI as the one WF uses. Now looking for another bank that can do mobile check deposit properly.

Bill Fuss

Better and worse at the same time. Seems to take pictures better and less rejections. The "let us take the picture for you" function doesn't work and is pointless.

Chantal Pierre Jefferson

Deposit issues on HTC One m8 Can't make mobile deposits. Won't focus and only shows portion of the check no matter what angle I use. Please fix! I'm tired of mailing things in that can be done online. 10/25/14 update: still can't deposit checks! 6/26/16 Update - app is vastly different and improved. Thanks for listening to your users!

Chris W.

Getting better! Thanks for fixing the check deposit feature.

Eric Dow

Update broke it The update traded functionality for design. If I have to choose, I prefer the former.

Michael Knipper

So much better camera capture update fixes the issues I had capturing check images reliably. THANK YOU!

Thundervore NlN

Needs fingerprint login For an online only bank I am shocked there is no fingerprint ID, this same app for iPhone has this feature but Android does not. BofA has feature, you think it's fun entering a 20 character alpha numeric password every time I want to access my account on S6?!!!

Suhas Wadadekar

Generally liked this app. Useful to manage my account. Would have given it 4 stars before (-1 star for the lag when launching the app) As of 07/01/2016, the app is showing duplicates or the existing accounts, this is terrible. The total is also affected as a result. This needs to be fixed ASAP.

Delaney Waldron

Blank account screen It's fixed when I switch between a different tab, so not a huge deal. But it happens almost half the time I open the app and log in.

Phil Nichols

Wish it was fully functional to change payee info, etc.

Erwin Jones

Easy to use The new auto picture of depositing checks makes this app even better. Love it

R R Rawls

It was working... I have never had an issue making a deposit until the last update. I have an LG K10 . Mailing my check is not an option when I need money now (the next day). Please FIX!

Herb 619

App needs a while lot of work. There are better alternative options.

Adam Pryce

I love the new check deposit system!

Jeff Towner

Ugh! Won't let me log in on my S7 Edge. Invalid user credentials it says. Then I have to dig out my old tablet and type in those same invalid credentials and it ALLOWS me to log in. Been like this for weeks and very disappointed.

Mark Pictor

Greatly improved check photos I mainly use this to deposit checks, and that feature works great now. To whomever reworked that, thank you!

David Colón

Works great There were problems with deposits initially but everything is working great now. Good app for what it was designed for.


Needs the option for me to access to my message center. I dont have a desktop to do it.

Matt Moschel

Fingerprint Sensor Please add as sign in option. Edit: three months later = 1 fewer star.

Anthony Grimes

Great Works for me as advertised, simple navigation like the website with an easy to use interface reminiscent of the website. Add in easy to use e-deposit, what more do you want? If you want an over engineered banking app that's barely a bank and offers horrible interest offers, switch to Simple. You'll run screaming back. Best app ever, but they don't even do atm reimbursement.

Dest Droid

Bad app Generally a bad app. Why do you have to press a button to login in when you open it? What else would I be doing? Sometimes it doesn't load account data until you go to another page and come back. It pops up a notification saying it logged you out when you stopped using the app 10 minutes ago. I don't care! Sometimes when I open it it just crashes!

Steve Peters

Not usable ... I have attempted about 15 times over a period of a few weeks to launch the app. I can't get past the security code issue because it never sends me one. I've verified my phone number and notification settings from my laptop and there should not be any problems from that perspective. I've liked everything else about Ally but this is a complete fail for me.

Gary Yager

Fix button placement Move buttons to the top of screen. Smartphone keyboards cover the bottom 1/3 - 1/2 of the screen. This app's buttons, login, ok, done, cancel, etc. are all at the bottom of the screen. The buttons are always covered up by the keyboard. This creates the extra step of hiding keyboard everytime you want to do something.

Jackson Carr

Fingerprint authentication, please! Ally as an online bank has been fantastic, but this app can still be improved. The latest update has brought account numbers to the mobile app (thank you!) along with some modest UI improvements (this still lags behind iOS, though). I'm still DESPERATELY waiting for fingerprint authentication. You've had it on iOS for months... What's the hold up?? When that's deployed, I'll reconsider my rating.

Will Vrabel

Ugly The app is semi-functional but it desperately needs a redesign & some very basic features (PIN/fingerprint login is a huge one). Material Design pls?

Steve Spera

Fingerprint needed!! App works well, but having to type my password everytime is annoying. Give us the option of signing in with fingerprint and then this is 5 stars

Ray Wise

PLEASE FIX THE CAMERA FOCUS This app wouldn't be so bad if the camera had any adjustable focus - but it doesn't! It makes it nearly impossible to get a quality picture of a check when you're making a deposit.

Tochi Chiang

Serious security problem persists long long time Login to the app, view one of your accounts and hit home key. After several minutes the session timed out automatically. Drag down notification bar and clear the logged out message without viewing it. Do what ever you want to do with your phone for at least 30 minutes except opening Ally app. Click open the Ally mobile banking app and there's a chance you can immediately see the last screen with sensitive account information without login. I noticed this issue months ago maybe over 1 year and it has never been resolved. Called Ally and the rep. could only tell me to uninstall and reinstall but it doesn't help.

Justin McDaniel

Broken Deposit - Makes App Useless How is it that an online only bank does not better test their application? I run stock Android on a Nexus 6, and deposit has been rocky for nearly a year now. The latest update completely broke it. It has been nearly 3 weeks since I've been able to deposit checks. Thinking about taking up Chase on their $300 incentives.

Anthony Carbajal

Annoying re-login glitch where it erases the name and password after a second or two, making you re-type it. But it's not too bad

A Google User

Getting Better This app just keeps improving. Deposit options that are beter than most "brick and mortar" bank apps and even lets me see how many transactions I have left. Always happy to see new things but this had just about all I want. Multiple username being saved and fingerprint login and it would have 5 stars. Update: Still waiting for multiple logins to be remembered and fingerprint login for at least the primary profile. Come on ally get with it.

Mike Kozelsky

Clunky and invasive It requires way too many permissions in order to just check balances, and move money. Also it has this big circle graph which is nice the first time you see it, then becomes immediately useless and a waste of space afterwards. It feels like something a big old bank made, trying to stay relevant ... instead of an innovative tech savvy user-focused company.

Joe Brady

Smooth & Simple Check Deposit Previous version was incapable of check deposit. This version had a simple work flow and was able to quickly deposit the funds. I did not try any other feature.

Kyle S

Keep a checkbook. A standard banking app. Transactions are like roulette; you never know when they're going to hit your account. Want a good laugh? Read their core values page on the website.

Trevor Cline

Can't login Makes you send a text message to your phone to login, only you never get the message. Verified that phone number and login info is correct on the computer. Just can't use the app

Iqulah Malcolm

Some suggestions Please implement a feature for whenever a transaction is made, you get a text/pop up notification on your phone? Basically how PayPal does, because that just seems like a smart idea. Just make your app more convenient and user-friendly.


Check deposit doesn't work for me. Auto image capture doesn't work, and there is no option to manually take the picture. I understand supporting the myriad of devices out there is a pain, but at least allow manual check image capture! All of my other bank apps have no problem taking check deposit images or if they do they allow manual capture which has no issues for me. This is not acceptable for a bank that has a mostly on-line only presence. The complaints about forced updates are unfounded though. This is standard practice for banking apps. For security reasons you do not want people running older versions of the app and connecting to their accounts.

Natasha Gomes

Needs updating Could be a good app but it freezes and kicks me out whenever in do a internal transfer. Very annoying. Otherwise its ok.

Mark M

Works Works, but sometimes it freezes when trying to check a bank account balance. Not a huge annoyance but an annoyance nonetheless since I have to force close and reopen the app

A Google User

Issue on Nexus 7 No issues (so far) with the app. Grateful that I'm no longer forced into landscape mode (as was the case with the previous app).

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