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29 May
All Pony Radio

Posted by Black Apple Research Facility in Music & Audio | May 29, 2016 | 115 Comments

Apk file size: 1.8 MB

All Pony Radio App.

This is a third-party mobile application for accessing all the Ponyville Live! radio streams.

All Pony Radio app gives you access to all of Ponyville Lives' radio stations, playing some of the best brony & My Little Pony Friendship is Magic music, and pumped straight to your ears!

Featured Stations:

•Celestia Radio
•Fillydelphia Radio
•Luna Radio
•Alicorn Radio
•Sonic Radioboom
•Bronydom Radio
•Everypony Radio
•Wonderbolt Radio
•Best Pony Radio
•Pegabit Sounds
•Radio Brony
•Brony Radio Germany
•The Hive Radio
•Bronies Radio LA
•PowerPonies Radio
•Radio MyBrony

•Clean layout.
•New screen layout (fits most phone screens now)
•Fast loading time (well, it is at times).

•Ponyville Live have had no hoof in the making of this app (apart from giving the OK), and therefore, please DO NOT contact them about any issues arising from use.

•Black Apple Research Facility DO NOT run Ponyville Live, and therefore, we have NO control over what music is played, neither what stations are available.

Recommended a good Wi-Fi connection, otherwise you MAY experience issues with running the app.

All Pony Radio was been written using MIT App Inventor 2.
No ponies were harmed in the making of this app.

Whats new

    After almost a year, I've managed to get an update out.
    It's been redesigned from the ground up.
    All references to Cutie Marks and Character names (both Official & OC) have been removed (to stop any conflicts with certain businesses).

Black Apple Research Facility part of our Music & Audio and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update May 29, 2016. Google play rating is 82.801. Current verison is 2.9.053116. Actual size 1.8 MB.

Download all-pony-radio.apk 1.8 MB


Daine Dusome

Great but.. I love this app but my only gripe is that if you try to tune in to Celestia radio it gives you a notification prompting you to close the app. I have an Xperia Z3

Logan Swenson

Just tried it, crashes imediately on fm I like apps like these, especially since I listen to these radios on my computer all the time, but there's something wrong when tuning to a single station crashes the app indefinitely so you have to reinstall it. I'll try it again when this problem is fixed.

Manu Gala

Great! Works great, and I am so happy to see that Iberbronies Radio has been included in your station tuner. Thanks!

Angelo Gonzalez

I love ponies This is 20% cooler

Jason Ribbeck

I don't get any sound from any radio station at all fix it please. now its not playing any music

Jonathan Murphy

Awesome Radio yay for life!! I love the new look!

Michael Abrantes

Nice when it works. It works just fine sometimes, but others the app just stops in the background for no reason.

Hunter Baumgartner

Last update was so slow but fixed now! The last update was so slow on my device I was glad to have titanium backup. I went to the previous version but now it seems to run faster with a decent amount of bugs but I can live with them for now. Maybe another update with make it run like a big software company built it.

Coy Kirchner

Bugged badly Bugged to wear it has an argument to." Nothing" I have turned my phone off and on again and it's still bugged please help

Ice .Hybrid

I love the app but i am having a issue with a html text argument *nothing* but i hope you can fix this soon i really want to open it butbit keeps closing the app so i hope you can fix it soon

Jason LaMonica

It lives! With the latest update it has risen from the grave and it plays again. 5 star.

Gamzee Makara

Nice But i keep getting "something broke" errors when switching stations. I usually have to uninstall and reinstall for it to work again

Nate Weber

Sound it does buffer every 5 seconds on 3G network. Just recently started saying bad variable *nothing*

Olivia McInnerney

Awesome! I have been looking for an app that plays ponyvillefm forever and I found it!!! Thanks so much!!!

Avie McBurney

I can hear all the bring music I love and all the music I haven't heard

Kenneth Jackson

Beautiful I was hoping someone would do a mobile version of hoofsounds and here it was the whole time. I frikkin love this fandom <3

Harlee Thomas

It a great app (Insert text here)

Dakota Kriss

It was cool because I love my little pony

brandon moore

AWESOME! I bucking love this app!

Jodi Nicholson

Awesome This is awesome. Five stars

Marcos Oakes

Awesome but one thing I wish you would put some more fanmade mlp music i would appreciate it, and also my favorite radio stations are ponyradiofm and sonic radioboom

Donovan Braman

Yay Now I have something to listen too on the radio

A Google User

Awesome! Works amazing on Motorola DroidX2 five stars!

Shannan Scalzo

Buttons The buttons are real slow

Zachary McCabe

Awesome! Hey y'all love this app. I listen to this in the morning before school and on my way to work, but the latest update won't play anything. Pressing play does nothing and no sound.

A Google User

Problem Umm... the update now has made it so that when i press play nothing happens, the only thing that does happen is that the play icon changes to the stop icon, but no music.

Darius Lim

Why u do dis Well recoloured pinkie looks terrible. Please bring back the radio pony you used before the update.

Daemon Hinton

Selecting PonyvilleFM crashes the app. For some reason, selecting PonyvilleFM crashes the app. The crash report states a "Bad argument to HTMLtextdecode. Unable to resolve the argument *nothing*" and only allows me to exit the app, permanently locking me out until I reinstall. Other than that, fantastic app.

Kathy K

Does a great job The fast startup and small size make this a very good radio app. However it doesn't stay running in the background, and going back to it through the recent apps list to hit play squashes the graphics. My phone is an LG Optimus F6 if it helps any.

Hope Smith

It is a grate radio for listening to if you walk to school

frank kenny

Perfect Has every station I've ever listened to and more. Highly recommend.

Undead Seth

Something wrong It keeps saying index page 2 large please fix or tell how to

Максим Нечаев

I like it. But, can you add a notification of this app in the status bar?

Yarite BLS

I like it. Also program don't contain Russian language, add please.

Just Dave

Dude! Thanks, now i can listen to my favorite music, almost everywhere! Thanks!

Weegeeboom Un-Pro Entertainment

Update of Oh. I can say I support this app's development fully, and know developers Apra and a few others on their dev page. Frankly, there was a unique style held in the old APR build just an update ago, before the giant button implant. It works perfectly, yes, but the sizing for a phone I plan on getting isn't seeming well as the buttons take up more than enough room, giving the app a bad feel for me, and the text size available. Personally, i recommend a way to keep qwirks from previous builds in the new builds.

Brandon Chavez

Spelling Apparently these guys don't know how to spell brony :/

Tyler Drakon

I love it ? but.... I think it would be pretty amazing if there was a way to chat with other listeners... This kinda music, this kinda vibe, there should be some pretty amazing stuff tuh talk about? heh.. Probably wayyy out if your range tho. You up for the challenge.? ??

Cayla Huffman

A few bugs But is still awsome!

John IceShield

Love it The music is Fantastic.

Phillip Kody Garner Garner

I love it! Every brony should have this app it gives you all the Brony music you love right there <3 AMAZING!

brandon moore

AWESOME! I bucking love this app! Also, would it be possible for you guys to make a widget for this app?

Logan Swenson

Great app This app has improved a lot since I first got it and provides all of my pvfm needs. Great work and can't wait to see the improvements in the future.

DJ .Colt

One small problem (BUG) Phone: Samsung Note II (Verizon) Problem: Any time i try to tune it to The Hive the app crashes and must be uninstalled and reinstalled before it will stop crashing on load.

Matt Rypel

Awesome... been listening all day and night yesterday. Great app.

Alex Brackin

Wow I can't even describe how awesome this is for bronys

jacob droneburg

Worked fine at first Well I downloaded this and at first it was great, Fillydelphia Radio and all the others, but now it opens, tries to load, then crashes out. Uninstalled. Might reinstall later if that bug gets fixed.

Mason Grainger

Good idea, but app sucks This thing is always freezing up. And when I'm on 4g or walking around a large wifi network like a university, it always stops each time the phone connects to a different router or tower. So annoying.

Diego Gallardo

Pretty gosh darn amazing! It's pretty interesting to see how this app acts like a typical everyday radio, except with ponies. On a side note it would be neat to Brony convention ads on this app.

Spencer Burton

Because it is unique Normally I am indifferent to most fan made music; and obviously this is not on the same level as other radio apps. However despite not been able to skip or favorite songs, this app still offers something you can't get anywhere else. And on a functioning platform no less. So four stars from me. Also Luna radio is my favorite.

Will Pettingill

Sorry. It looks nice but, it doesn't load or play any music. It might be that it's not compatible with all devices.

Aero Hooves

Best radio ever! (For bronies) I must say, I love the radio stations and songs, but I wish there was a way where you can play a song that you love dearly and have a play list of your favs songs from the radio stations, but still I love this app a lot ^-^

Apple Jam

Holy Sh*t this is awesome. Brony music, and I do not even have to go to Bronycon? I must be dreaming!!!

Makenna Smith

IT GRAET It's great but can u add the main six and vinyl and Octiva Thanks!

mitchell Hasto

Good but not perfect. I guess I just expected it to be too much like Pandora radio. Its a good app really but not my thing. If I could suggest anything it would be a skip button or ability to create a favorites playlist.

Moises Hernandez

BETTER THAN MY AVERAGE EVERYDAY RADIO also it whould be cool to have a rap and hip hop station


Would be good, but the audio crashes. The audio will crash every 5-10 minutes and the app won't respond unless you restart the app. By the way I have an HTC A9.

Galen Record

I love it to death but... I have used this app many times in the past, and loved every bit but now our WiFi is down and I'm using mobile data, and the mane( you know what I did there) screen and the music won't load. I've tried it with two different devices on data. So the question is, what gives, does it just not work on data?

Dakota Kelly

Meh I always seem to have trouble with Celestia Radio... It always stops playing in the background and I then cant open the app... :/

Ian Ellchuk

Preferred pony streaming app Much more stable streams than ponyville live, nicely done. The app can be sluggish at times, but not unbearably so.

Brandon Russell

Super interesting I guess it works.??????

Alex Brackin

Wow I can't even describe how awesome this is for bronys and pls add Octavia

Maria stevens

I would love it even more if you added a rarity/princess celestia theme

mouser shepherd

Add features and radios Add fallout Little pip theme and fractured frequencies radio please

Strombilly Gamebill

Problems with the gs6 This app does not work on my galaxy s6 phone. I only get the screen with the blue Pinkie-like pony and a few buttons. When ever I tap a button it crashes the app. I am on WiFi and I have the latest version of my phone and the app. I tried un- and reinstalling and even rebooting my phone. Nothing worked. Please fix.

See Jian Shin

Awesome, excited for more. Awesome app! Hope there will be more functions, songs, etc (you know what I mean). Awesome anyway

Zachary McCabe

Awesome! Hey y'all love this app. I listen to this in the morning before school and on my way to work, and it sounds and works great!

Night Mix

It used to work.... But I unstalled it and installed it again and I can't listen to any of the radios....can u plz help

Music Heart

Great! I love it, I hear it in almost any other app I go, and I can get to know more music. :)

Kiara Quivey

Should have They should have a like button please. I think like for example discord comes on I like it then next time it comes on it tells me. That would be cool! ???

Girl M.

Um.... Not working says its not responding

Flaming pony32

Best app Love it but it doesnt play songs while i go into games such as fnaf and other ones but still amazing.

Maria Segovia

Keeps me busy Its epic for on the go

Cinder Woods

LOOOVE IIIIIIIT! The best radio ever! I listen to it all the time, its just really really slow, BUT ITS WORTH IT. #?

theInsanityPony 8879

Meh I got the radio so I can listen to music WITHOUW WYFI / 3G fix and I'll rate 5

Renee Awtrey

Good but... It'll bit a bit better if you add vinyl scratch theme to this app.

Shantae Dash

Awesome but....... what happened to sonic radioboom!!!???!?

Jeorse Deansen

Very very good! If there 100 star i will give it! This app is the best for bronies and pony fan outhere!!

seanna the winged Wolf

Omfg this app is amazing!!!!! It is amazing the remixes and everything!!!! U should definitely download this!!!! Bye!!

Lauren Wright

AWSOME!! This is just what I wanted!!

Hell Bound

Amazingly cool I like listening to good music, and this app has lots of it.THANKS

Ryan Lopez

Love it Honestly no other pony radio app compares to this one at all. This one is the best

Calleigh Magmer

Its dang hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every time I got on the app it sends me back to my home!!!!!!!

Indy Surage

It kinda sticks on me

Ryan Wirth

Awsome i love it . It really works.

Jake Leigh

So great Real awesome to be able to listen to all brony stations. 5 star worthy!

princess saffron smile

:D Awesome themes,remixes,and wubz can you maybe add the songs from season 5 too?


The app seems to have improved in the last few years since I used it. Functionality has improved greatly, a lot of the more serious bugs are nowhere to be found, and I think UI has changed (may be wrong on that, it's been awhile since I've used it, but it seems to look different.) There are still a few bugs lurking though, namely semi frequent shut downs when running in the background. Honestly though, this app has come a long way, and improved greatly. Good job to the people making it.

hope nichole

Its good, but... It freezes up a lot and that gets annoying. Other than that I like it.

Hinata Linn

Love it Listen to it all the time. Best pony radio plays all my favorite songs, and I even found a few new ones

Diamond Dust

What?! This app isn't real. I must be dreaming.... ;-;

A Google User

It won't work because i can't hear anything from it and it isn't working I am trying to listen to it it's not working!


Decent app. I like the app but it stops rather frequently. Also it would be nice if we could see what is playing in the notify bar like a phones standard music function.

mouser shepherd

Themes and interface I wished you never had to get rid of the themes. And the interface is confusing for getting to a different station now

Patrick Allen

Update might need update I notice the app stops quite frequently now.

Kenneth Jackson

I think you broke your app with the update. Remember what they say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

burn hun

Really cool Haveing a radio with all the fanmade mlp songs is fantastic


Great radio station I Love the songs

shadow dash

all pony radio

Michael Abrantes

Rainbow Crash. Crashes with a list index too large error.

Flannery RedBear

Slow Biggest problem I have is how laggy it is. The menu comes up with no problem, but getting music to play, or bring out the portal takes a good while.

Vincent S

What am I supposed to say? I like it? I'm not sure what to say... You can go read something else now I think, assuming this isn't the last thing you read, or you're busy or something and can't go read a thing, comma or you don't die while reading this, or something else comma or not... nevermind! I DK. Who knows if you can read something else or not but I like Luna Radio exclamation point

Dj Pluto

Loved it is so good Omg this is the best mlp app ever like omg


I loved this so much! I stumbled upon this by accident and I've been using it for about half a year now. But, I am sorry to say that I found a new brony net radio app that is just a little bit better. I had fun, but it is time to move on. :)

Thr MLP Genius

It's ok. It needs to have MLP songs from the episodes. I don't really like the songs.

Great but... It's great! I love it but it randomly stops playing the song and it uses so much data just to play music!

Mark Banluta

This app is so cool I love it 20%cooler

Josh Cruz

Amazing So many choices. Calm music? Dubstep? Spanish? They got it.

Zombie Violet

AWESOME I love it bc im able to listen to it while im play one of my games

Decent and usful Its a OK app I would not recomend it for _10

Captain Phasma

I can't pick It doesn't let me pick!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue bell

Ahhhhhh I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it

Kiara Quivey

Should have They should have a like button please. I think like for example discord comes on I like it then next time it comes on it tells me. That would be cool! ???

Cinder Woods

LOOOVE IIIIIIIT! The best radio ever! I listen to it all the time, its just really really slow, BUT ITS WORTH IT. #?

Mathew Bledsoe

Why no Rarity? Is she that bad of a pony? Do you hate her do much that you wish it was the Mane Five?

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