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13 Aug
Alima's Baby (Virtual Pet)

Posted by Alima Studios in Casual | Aug. 13, 2016 | 136 Comments

Apk file size: 51.0 MB

Feed your baby, play, bathe the baby, put your baby to sleep. Newborns need to rest! Take care of your baby and the little one will grow strong and healthy, but beware! if the baby cries or coughs it might be sick, and needing medicine!

Make sure the baby takes a bottle of milk when it’s time, but be careful !! your baby can get skinny or fat depending on how much you feed it.

If you take care of your baby properly, you will be rewarded with golden stars. Save them and you can buy clothes, toys, food... you will have the happiest baby in the world! play with your baby and watch it grow!

Use the arrows below to take the baby to the different rooms and click or drag items from the sides to use them. It's very easy and intuitive!

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    Fixed bugs and improved performance!
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Alima Studios part of our Casual and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 13, 2016. Google play rating is 72.0808. Current verison is 1.103. Actual size 51.0 MB.

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Jill S.

Riding ft f get fajitas get cut get so much going great fakes do very very good condition Sit for as g I am not the samples and for you, for example of how much you love to see the full story. the other side to side effects and the other hand is the only thing is, but the fact, the 5th

Rae Ann Shull

Not many options There are only some things you can spend your stars on. You need to make it to where you can do more with your baby.

Malika Petersen

Junk Why so little money to start I can't even buy a T-shirt.I want the baby to grow and I want to choose the gender of my child I want to name my child teach it to walk and talk and also add mini games

Starlight Breeze

It's fine but... Okay, I like this game but it is a little repetitive. If I were you I would add a few more things and make it a little more realistic. You don't earn money from your baby, and you don't purchase stuff with stars.

Clara Sage

Worst game EVER You start out with very little stars and a lot of stuff costs real money wait almost everything .toy can't buy hardly anything ! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!

Rebekah Jervis

Good My baby is so cute and realistic it is average weight if only we could choose a name and gender and watch the grow up and meet of baby's and why doesn't it sleep in its cot why does it sleep on the adults bed please update :)

Kit Collins

Creepy & poorly made! This game is one of the poorest made games from the play store. 1st off the baby looks creepy with his eyes that change from blue to solid black. My 10 year old called it the "demon baby"! Another thing that is creepy is that you can't see the adult, then if you want to pick the baby up it just flys out of the crib to the next room instead of there being an adult simulated or hands (with actual arms) to hold the Baby. A wig that is a full head of hair for a man or a woman...for a baby? Crazy! On crack much!

Carol Fehrenbach

Cool I liked it. It made it seem like it was a real baby. But I don't love it because you shouldn't have to pay for stuff with real money and some stuff is to expensive. But that's all. Anyway is was awesome I always wondered what taking care of a real baby is like. If you are thinking about getting the game u should get it.

Virginia Atencio

Cry baby cry I enjoy this app from a whole dif level just wish it would cry more .,Mommy dearest



Eve Conklin

This is awesome I love this game it is so realistic it is the coolest game in the whole wide world if you are reading this and you did not install it you need to if I love it you will love it too

Amelia Smyth

Great This game is crap the baby doesn't grow so it's not fun and it shouldn't be 3 and a half stars arghhh, I like it but needs more things added to it

Rachel Martin

Eh I havent actually played the game yet cuz it takes forever to download soo umm ya thts the only thing i would change so far

Coral Schnur

Download it if you like being scarred I check every time I get (every six hours BC of school) and its always dying and dirty and anorexic looking can we fix that so the baby only gets dirty and a tad bit skinny I hate seeing it look so thin I almost passed out the first time I saw it like that

Sasha Lenahan

Doesn't work The game doesn't work when I do any thing he doesn't even go to bed when I want him to

Regine Eugene

It's fun but need improvement, why you have to buy the supplies with your money, when it's FREE , the game it said FREE,how a child going to pay for the supplies to play the same game, ?Free should not have string attach turn into buy ,or spend parent money. But the game it fun need some improvement ,it's Freeze. to often, love love this game!

Kayleigh Birch

My game keeps messing the up baby has gone huge an its upside down plz fix an also the baby had no colour at one point it was completely white fix it plz

Kerris Peel

I don't even know why people download this RUBBISH I mean ive had this app for about three weeks now and it was perfectly fine except for the expensive clothes and stuff but of a sudden my baby goes upside down and wont move I DONT KNOW WHY ITS NOW JUST STUPID AND BORING YOU BETTER REPLY YOUR REALLY STUPID THINKING PEOPLE WOULD DOWNLOAD THIS I CANT BELIVE YOU ALIMAS STUDIOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lynn Chandler

Haven't seen.... I don't know if this game is any good but I like the concept...I see it as small gentle push in a child's life to show some sort of responsibility....I don't think it is like many other things in Media Today that Glorifies being a Mom to Children and Teenagers having this unreal fantasy of being a Mom and how much fun it would be to dress them up like dolls....Adolescents shouldn't be having Children at such Young Ages, it has been told by Therapists,and maybe even Scientists that have proven in this day in age the Brain of Teenager is not prepared Emotionally and Physically to become a parent to a Helpless little being that needs constant Love and Attention....I know some Teenagers actually do what's right by their Young offspring....But where there is good there is Bad.....I know I shouldn't blame these Young Girls and Guys for being Responsible enough to have Sex but not have a Baby....I just get so frustrated seeing these Teenage Moms and Dad's taking for granted the Lofe they Created....apparently too young to really grasp the Concept.....I Love my Child to bits but even when I had my Baby in my 20's I freaked out a bit I was so scared of ruining this piece of Me somehow....

Danielle Simmons

Nice but the. . . . . . I love this game but I got it on my grandma phone and the baby was super skinny but on my phone the baby was fat and healthy and I'm on my grandma phone a lot I feel sorry for the baby and wish it was OK well that is all I LOVE THIS GAME.

Faith Bennett

Not The Best ? This Game Is Fun Probably Only For A Couple Of Minutes . After You Run Out Of Things To , The Game Becomes Boring . There Should Be More Things To Do With Your Baby Other Than Keeping It through The Same Five Activities . Also , The Baby Is Automatically Assigned With A Certain Race . Not Everyone Is White With Blonde Hair And Blue Eyes ! Also, There Is No Way To Customize Your Baby To Your Origininality . I Just Think That It Should Be More Creative As Far As The Activities , And Race/Gender Goes .

Ice Cream Addict

Cute The only prob is that the baby's eyes look so scary when they close cause they look like they turned black. Cute baby but that's really creepy. And also that everything is so pricy and I can nearly afford any of the good stuff. Who would buy a shirt for 800 coins when u only start off with about 15 or 20 coins.

Krystal The animatronic snow owl

Can't do anything what's the point? This isn't realistic its a perfect baby you don't burp it it doesn't do much! - -

BaM bAbY Scroggins

Only a Caucasian baby, this baby stinks trust me Takes for ever to earn points adds don't work for 20 point bonuses because video does not play just redirects and 100 for like on face book also does not work LG-870 update/upgrade I chage my view maybe all depends on you creator's

Christina Addis

Game kept freezing up Annoying everytime I played the game would freeze up and I couldn't do anything had to uninstall and re install twice... over it Uninstalling for good now

aaron dazey

Helps alot Helps to have it cause I might get a baby of my own some day

Morgan Mullins

Love it but make us do more let it grow I love my baby but literly let us breastfeed hold the baby make it cry

Jacqui King

Fun Yes you might have no mony but end of the day it is not real so if you dont like this game download my angela

Shakella Shirley

The game is okay but it gets boring after awhile because there is nothing to do with the baby for one certain items for the baby cost $$ but the game is free if the game is free why would I purchase items for the baby that should be free the baby has no name and u can't choose the gender the only reason I don't uninstall this app is because I like my baby I guess and its cute in a creepy way because the baby deff looks a little off especially with those creepy eyes This app needs an updated version 4 sure

Akhome Wrap

Is there a way i can retrieve back all my purchased stuff for my alima baby? My phone was being reformatted all my downloaded games were gone and wasnt able to back it up.i want to have back the hairs and clothes for my baby.actually i want to get back all.hope theres a way to get all back.thank you

Jamayra Esperanza

The baby Why is the baby so skinny it looks like if I don't feed it but I do like whenever she is hungry and why doesn't the baby age? And its getting boring can you add some more options like playing with other babies or going to the park with the baby stuff like that tahnka :)

Savina Angelova

Please help Please help me this looks like a really cool game but I can't download it because it says error 919.Please help!

Jailynn Perry

Sooooooo adorable. But it keep in saying error 429 when I try to get it.

Levi Hollister

I love it but it would be better if we could pick a gender and my child wont grow ?₩hy? ?

Brianna Smart

BORING This game is not fun at all. they start u off wit only seventeen dollars and I dont even know how to feed my baby. plus they should start u off like any other game.they should let u pick the gender ,pick the name ,and pick the babys race ,and at least make the baby wit hair.

Beauty Belle07

Bad I would have put 0 if I could it sucks you cant do anything not a lot any way

Ellen Julianne Burdeos

About the tittle I love the baby just like the real baby..but the tittle I see that it says "( Virtual pet)" but its a baby. I think you can edit that... Thanks

Bre'Asiah Royal

Need More Details I want the baby to grow and learn how to walk and maybe even have a twin and earn money more easily, I want to name the baby and pick the gender. Also, I want to be able to change the skin color and they should put better clothes and better hairstyles.

Sarah Quame

Alima's baby It's a good fun however u may end up getting bored with the game cos there aren't other levels u just keep on playing the same part over and over

Denice Lindsey

Boring The thing about this game is after u open or buy everything u keep doing the same thing over and over again its just I don't like it at all its really boring how did is it is just a boring who wants to keep on doing the same thing over and over again

cutnqueen shawn

Wish to give better I wish I could give it a better rate but I don't know the gender of baby I'm getting rid of it that's a bid part of parent hood to me

Amy Joost

This looks creepy af

Lissy Wood

Amaze, but can you please do this, too? Love it. But can you have less for real money and more for virtual stars, please? Also, as you play, does your baby grow up, or can you add that?

Feroudja Baleh

Stupid game !!!!!!!!!!!!! Hate it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

Amanda Garrison

Horrible game. I had this game for my five year old sister and she played it for not even two Minutes and got bored.

Aniyah Davis

ANIYAH I hate this game because it is boring.

Stellar Kelly

Its cool but you need to add in more options and when my one gets skiney it can't get to normal size again

Naeemah Fisher Ellis

I like this app It's like a real baby but i think u should at least no wat ur baby's gender is and have hair on it's head and u should make little side games to earn star's and some thing's don't have to be that expensive and that is it

Kathryn Hull

Worst ever I hate this game all the sudden it just freezes up and then I have the power down my tablet and I have to restart it its so annoying don't download this game

Samantha Mason

Its a good game I enjoy this game everyone should play this game my baby is doing good she has not coughed or anything that says she is sick

Courtney Davenport

Amazing To me it's amazing!!! I couldn't ask for it to be better ????

Chaffon Williams

Idk how to rate it! I can't see anything to be able to play the game...smh I have only sound, no picture

Christina Roten

I've had this game before and gave it five stars. But now it just has a blank page and I can hear the baby at first. I've seen that other people are having same problem I am now with the blank page. If u want to hear the problems so they can be fixed and y'all can get a 5 star rating, then why can't bugs be fixed. I'm waiting a while now. Getting in- patient. Plz fix soon. I would like to add on thus date of 12/23/15 that this app problem still hasn't been fixed. Do y'all even look at ratings and why some if the ratings are low?????! Plz, bugs need to be fixed!!!!!!!!!+

Becca Walden

Awful I just installed it and there is a black screen with sound. Can't do anything. . I'm thinking this is a scam to get information out of our phones or tablets. ... RIDICULOUS

Lisa Torres

Stupid game Baby is disgustingly ugly. Idk how people can say it's cute. All I do is scare the baby. Can't wait for it to die. And this game is absolutely nothing close to teaching you how to be a mother in real life.

Becky Thomas

3 Stars I thought it was okay. I don't think it was as good as it could have been. I liked most of the qualities, but it had less graphics than I thought it needed. You can't tell if you have a girl or boy. I really wanted to rated this a four, but it just wasn't enough. Thank you for your app and I hope you fix the mistakes so everyone can enjoy your app the way you want them to.

Janiya Mouton

What is it Y'all need to upgrade because u don't even know what you have a ? or ? so fix it and when the ? get alder all they have to feed the ? is a bottle u have to buy the big food it should be able to buy all with stars so I take off ? stars

Erica Palmer

Hate it It was in helpful as I've got a baby sister to look after and i wanted to say to my Mum I've already got a baby to look after but no.So I rented this game a 1star so...

Crystal Austin

Liked it It make's me fill like I am taking care of a real babby if you thank about it

Emma Maynard

Graphics are horrible I like the idea of it but it would be awesome if u could do more with the baby and the graphics were better.the baby should be able to grow after time maybe learn how to walk at some point or hold it's own bottle

Mecayla Moore

Galaxy s6 It goes to a black screen but I can hear the music and the baby. Fix that bug please

Clevet Tellis

Don't work It will not show you can here it but can't see it

Jaila Warren

Meh It's not bad I just wish u could chose the baby

Nicholas Grey

Alima's baby I don't know?

Charlotte Astley

Hmm I really like the game but its a shame that the baby can't grow

Synlie Johnson

Warnig Tryed to get rid of it i started kring write back if i should get rid of it or not

Devie Tagadiad

Sad Hey i over feed over hygiene the baby, he got coughs and cold, but still have lots of stars and money but i could not buy the medicine but still have more stars. His health is only 41 percent now. What should i do? Ive been taking care for him for almost a month. need some help coz i dont want to lose my baby. Theres nothing to do with it, i dnt know why.

Suresh Kumar

It cant work on my tab but I love this game why!!

Nuredin Alarahshun

:-D It is like that it stays like black screen I don't care if it is black screen as long as I can play it I'm fine with this game!:-)

Cynthia Jackson

Eeh I mean all i can say is that it could be better

Courtney Anderson

Really You can see nothing but you can hear really? Please fix this ?

Jaymie Stewart

It made my tablet freeze and I still haven't been able to use it. Its been like this for two hours

Sheila Young

I hate it it will never let me go Pats going to bed time the stupid game tablet

Deb Mauro

You need to make sure that he grew up and stead of this baby gets fatter and fatter let make sure that he grew up and can ready for the first day at school

Jena Dooley

:( I opened it up and all I saw was a bland black screen I could hear the baby but couldnt see anything

sara Thompson

But... I didn't play it for a long time and now my baby is super skinny!!!???

Freya Edwards

Awww♡♥♡♥ ;-) I am gonna have a child when I am a grown up

Genny Grammer

Awsome I love how it is so real and cute

Patricia Colwell

Wouldn't let you bath or feed child horrible game


Not that fun at you play for awhile You basicly just feed,bath,change,play and put the baby to bed.

Shiina Mashiro

hahaha nice for ADS Ü wahahaha funny looking baby looks like chucky haha poor graphics and theres no instruction how to use that how to do that etc

Inail Hasbin

G......r........e........a.......t Good game but things cost a lot of money try getting this game on mobogenie

Ivana Marshall

Cool baby The baby was making to much noise but still cool

Kiera Hill

Hatted it You can't feed the baby is born and you can't do anything with it this game is rubbish

Roshell Person

Love it It helps my daughter learn about babys

Monica Fletcher

It's cool with me My sister doesn't like it because she can't play I like it my sister doesn't

trina sumler

No picture!! Fix this and maybe I'll try again.

Vanessa McMurtry

Videos Can't watch no videos to get stars on my tablet

Liam Brock

Feeds baby to 20,000 and skin glows soooo sucks!!!

Adri Van der Berg

What's the sex? Love this, but we can enter an age if you want but we want to see if we have a boy or girl... seriously

Rylee Osgood

I like it There is a lot of things to buy but it is hard to buy them it is a cute baby I guess I wish it was real. I hope you like this game.

Carolyn Levin

This Is Blah It's frozen all the time, has bad graphics, etc. This "game" is more like an inapropriate example for kids. The baby is an ugly weirdo!!!

Elise White

I like the game but I'm haveing the same issue but instead it freazes.please fix, also its very bad with grafis it sucks.So please fix so you won't get sued.

Amanda Seamster

Awesome game ??? But I had to reset my whole phone and now I can't get all of the things I paid for!!!! With real cash??? Please fix this??????

Nokwanda Nzuza

Don't download this game It's so useless.. I Live is so much better

Katie Wilson

Pretty good,!!!!! Don't talk that way, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicholas Houck

Boring This game has nothing to do it shouldn't have been made

sarah hatch

Best game!? The best realistic baby game I have played but the baby doesn't grow at all !?

Sam hills

Vgftfh I tried to feed him and I can't? And all he/she does is cry? Really I'm 8 on St George's day and this is bad

christin kling

Hate Hey liked it first but come on

Harley MacDonald

To glitchy I HATE it.When you put him in the bath you can't get him out

Alexis Rawding

Wouldn't uninstall I played it but it was boring so I started to uninstall it but it won't uninstall it is so slow

Jerusha Bazile

Zombie much.. The baby creeps me out. It looks like a zombie, I had to delete the game.

Ayanna Frank

Loved it I love this game but the baby looks like a zombie and a little creepy

Bryana Bryana

Slow Its taking forever for the baby to grow but the baby is cute and funny


Very very nice................ The game is very nice. It is so much fun. I felt like I was taking care of real baby. Burt only things was there was no instructions. But I managed it some how.

Edwin Romero

But could like be two baby ..fixed this put taking care two baby and more fun

Christina Cormier

I like it but it freezes up and I bought pants pink took my stars but I never got the pants.

Olivia Haggerty

Cute The baby is adorable that means so cute I wish I could rate you 100 stars keep up the good work

Justin Shaw

Doesn't work like the comments and ads say they do It doesn't register to my touch. When I touch the screen, it doesn't register. I totally deleted it. Its stupidly annoying that you get a game, and it doesn't work. Oh, I'm a girl, by the way. I just got my dad's old phone and he won't let me change my phone name. Back to the point. I HATE this game. It sucks. DONT DOWNLOAD IT! ? I was so disappointed because I thought it worked like the ads and comments said. You guys are so wrong about this game.?

Saul Benitez

Love it I like it but I don't recomend yall of the 2 one

sireen's channel

Loved it.. It took so much time to be installed but I loved it...And i have 1 question ummm does the baby geow or no ?

Jammie Bates

Really love it I down loaed this game for my 2 yr old. And she enjoys wanting to help take care of the baby. In which she has named hannah... Lol.... Keep up the good work.....

Dakota Capes

It Dosnt really tell you what to do and its really confusing

Kaianna Daly

How do u feed the baby help me

melissa salmon

I love this game but does the baby ever grow up


I love baby I am telling you about this topic and a lot of people who are you I Anton I pinky to be a good time to time to time and money on the phone with you and your family and friends and family members and friends and family members and friends I

Lila Papadakis

Cool It is a cool game but not the best details it makes my eyes hurt but I love playing it so I were my glasses

Destiny Trussell

Good game This is the bomb af

Jazanna Cabaca

Not too bad I got this game for my sister and she gets upset because she cant name the baby

Alma Mohammadi

The newborn You first need to nudist it then let it grow up sensubally

Kelyiah Harris

My baby I love this game but the baby does look creepy. I like that your baby can get sick. Maybe they can add walking your baby to get stars.

Laila Whiteman

love it it is such a good game

Shay Trapp

Its not the best Its kinda boring for a baby game i wish there was more to do than what is provided

Chartell Mott

Alima's baby

Rebecca Hansen

Boring, creepy , and it glitches alot ! ! ! !

Madison Oberle

Love the game, but one question.... So, I love the game and it's fun to take care of the baby but I have one question for the game developers. Does the baby grow and get older, or does it stay a newborn the whole time? I like the baby as a newborn, but I just want to know if it grows up like a real baby. It'd make the game a bit more fun and realistic.

all things weird 101

Adorable and Entertaining! So entertaining! It kept me entertained until I had to go run errands! Great app you should totally get it! But not only is it entertaining, the baby is SO cute!!!!!

Amanda Crutchfield

Sucks can't pick up the baby seems fake

Casey Lawson

Sucks. Won't let you do anything!

Angel Anderson

Like it So I'm pasting as a kid lol

Leslie Rasey

Does it ever stop crying ?

Sarah Hochstetler

I loved this game Sooooo much The baby was adorable!!!!!

luzella faulkner

It's great! Honestly, best story line of a game. I've never seen so immersed in a game and it feels so real. This company really outdid itself by adding smell-tek technology so you can smell everything that is going on. Also, using real cries from real babies was wonderful. Easily surpasses every other game and this is the game of the century. In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit, Amen.

Chris Rivera

This game saved my life... I was alone and sad after the loss of everyone I knew in a supertornado. I spent every day looking for something to fulfill me and I was at such a low point. I had been dealing with this for months and I got so fed up... I was thinking about injecting 7 marijuanas instead of the usual 1.5 to end my suffering... until I found this game. This game gave me a reason to live, a reason to love. Alima's baby is the best thing to ever happen to me and I love the developers for saving me. I've never felt so happy.

Shavon Breland

Its ok for my 8yr old daughter This game is boring to me. It needs better options and things to do with the baby. We should be able to name the baby and how long does it take the baby to grow? Is it real time or no? Also what is the purpose of all the points you get for watching videos if once you buy everything in the store there is no more need for them? Also i wrote this review yesterday and today i awoken to find all my purchases removed and points also removed over 4,000 of them. Please replace or im uninstalling and removing two stars. I just bought a new milk and can not feed the ugly baby. You all have 24 hrs to fix all problems or im uninstalling and rating 1 star

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