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25 May
Alim Quran and Hadith Platform

Posted by The Alim Foundation Inc. in Books & Reference | May 25, 2016 | 73 Comments

Apk file size: 15.0 MB

Alim – Quran and Hadith Knowledge Software: Application focused around various Islamic content, including the Quran, Quran Translations, Quran Recitations, Authentic Hadith Translations, Prayer Time, Qibla Compass, Zakat Calculator, Islamic history and complete Islamic Guide. Provides tools for studying Islam and memorizing the Quran. Explore the new unique and intuitive way to discuss and share your Islamic knowledge.
Alim – Quran and Hadith Knowledge Software is brought to you by the Alim Foundation Inc., a non-profit organization created by the same team behind the Alim CD-ROM software for Windows. is the next evolution of that project, creating a new medium for Islamic knowledge enthusiasts to research, study, teach, and discuss Islam.
The application is now updated with a lot of new features to have one mobile app to all your various Islamic learning and daily usage needs. The main sections are the following
• Quran
- English Translations (Mohammad Asad, Muhammad Farooq-i-Azam Malik, Marmaduke Pickthall, Yousuf Ali)
- Mushaf Pages
- Recitations from 13 Famous Reciters.
- Ayah bookmarking option
- Search in the whole Quran and the selected Surah
- Quran settings
- Storage And Data
• Hadith
- Hadiths with 8 Famous reporters
- Hadith bookmarking option
- Hadith settings
• Prayer
- Adhan time
- Never miss salah notification feature
- Hijri Date
• Qibla
- Qibla Direction
• Zakat Calculator
- Zakat on Gold
- Zakat on Precious Stones
- Zakat on Silver
- Zakat on Silver
- Zakat on Cash in Hand/Bank
- Zakat on Loans
- Zakat on Investment
- Zakat on Funds
- Zakat on Landed Property
- Zakat on Business
- Zakat on Share in Partnership Firms
- Zakat on Agricultural Produce
- Zakath on Animals and Poultry and Fish Farming
• Islamic Guide
- Learn Islam
- Asmaul Husna
- Prophets In Quran
- Life Of Prophet
- Khulafaur Rashid
- Hajj And Umrah Guide
- Nikkah Guide
- Duas
• Search
- Basic
- Advanced
• Settings
- General(Theme, Font size, color, etc.)
- Quran(Set default Quran type, reciter, surah)
- Hadith(Set default Hadith book)
- Recitations
List of reciters available in the application are as follows:
• Abdul Basit Mujawwad
• Abdul Basit Murattal
• Abdullah Basfar
• Abdurrahmaan As-Sudais
• Abu_BakrAsh-Shaatree
• Hudhaify
• Husary Mujawwad
• Minshawy Mujawwad
• Hani Rifai
• Minshawy Murattal
• Alafasy
• Muhammad
• Saood ash-Shuraym
List of Hadith books available in the application are as follows:
• Abu-Dawood
• Sahih Al-Bukhari
• Al-Muwatta
• Al-Qudsi
• Al-Tirmidhi
• Sahih Muslim
• Fiqh -us-Sunnah
• An-Nawawi

Whats new

    • Added location change option in Qibla page.
    • Corrected the never miss salah notification of default adhan audio.
    • Style corrections.

The Alim Foundation Inc. part of our Books & Reference and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update May 25, 2016. Google play rating is 92.8446. Current verison is 3.1.0. Actual size 15.0 MB.

Download alim-quran-and-hadith-platform.apk 15.0 MB


Shariq Mohammad

Love it! Used to have the software package when I was little, please let me know if you would like more installs! I can help.

Zahid Rehman

Need Some Help ..... How to expand or read whole article when you search something e.g I Search " fish " with " Khalifa Umar Bin al-Khattab" its display some text but i am unable to read whole article and don't even have where to look for the whole article ....

Ammar Aftab Shaikh

Update app for fatwas on important issues by scholars worldwide I have just donated $10; Insha'Allah the developers of this app will be rewarded. .

Masud Shorif

No offline support Would have given it 5 star only if it had supported offline Quran and hadiths as like pc version. Please upgrade to that.

Asia vp

Alim Excellent apps for reading Al-Quran and Hadith .. MashaAllah i really love it.

Kamran Hashmi

Great Great interface to the best source of Quran and Hadith on the web.

Shafat Khan

Jazakallah khair. Mashaallah Best app. Need bookmark I think . Keep it up.

Zulkifli Hashim

I like this app very much. Thank you

Tosikul Alam

Excellent Very useful. Everyone should have a copy of this amazing and educational app.

Abid K

How to open and scroll articles Cannot open full articles

Saud sayyed

Jazak allah khair, Excellent effort by this app, specially translation of more than one translator is best, if off line mode available will be more easier,

Jouhar Oravingal

Excellent app I really liked it....

jamsheer thottathil

Jazakallah Very good and helpful Application. May Allah bless the people behind this beautiful effort and Everyone.

Memo Safarov

Hello This program is best

Khursheeda Abbasi

JAK for the hard work!

Baki Imeri

Very good

Khadijah Ibidapo

Awesome! When i saw d app in d app store, i wasn't sure it was al-Alim software have used on my PC. But now, i discover it has the same package as d Alim software have used. It is beautiful, useful and lovely. I pray Allah enrich us through it...

umar farooq

Alhamdulillah It is the best application ever made for islamic knowledge and easy to use.

Mustaqim Malim

I sincerely hope a new PC version is being worked on, I have the original one and hope an updated version will be released.

Abdulrauf Abdulfatai

Good and wonderful, please make the application available offline even if people will have to pay for it. Jazakal llah khayran

shafaatu ali agbo

Alhamdulillah! Found it at last!!! I have installed this in my computer years back and i was totally addicted to it. But then I lost it & have been searching ever since for it. Many are missing in this. Like biographies of the companions, messengers, different types of hadiths & so many other things I can't find here. Pls bring them all back

Sayf Chowdhury

Please fix the issue on Oneplus two. I installed the app, but the contents are not loading. If I try to search, it shows that it is searching, but nothing else happens. I also use this app on Note 3, and it works great.

Mobeen Ahmad

I haven't had a great experience with Quran apps. Most of them think that 'holiness' can compensate lack of professionalism. Well guess what... in real world, it doesn't. This is a great app. Layout and accessibility is great. Wonderful experience so far.

Iqbal Dinho

Masha allah I have used this back in 2001 for a few years in cd form and it formed the basis of my knowledge in uran & hadith literature. I am so thankful and happy to allah for the developers that it had survived for so long on donations alone. May allah improve it and grant his highest barakah to all the people behind this. Masha alla

Comrade Hadi

Great work guys. Great work. Am looking forward to a feature that allows repetition of aayat for number of times.

Salman Tariq

Fabulous app. The only thing missing are the notes which I personally find immensely useful.

Exalta Hamza

Very interesting But I visited the official website and I loved the story of prophets but I didn't see in app

Abdullahi Badrudeen

It is free but has a lot more than what is paid for Not only Qur'an but also relevant hadiths


Best Islamic app I love this app. Because of this app I have learned so much more of Islam and my religion al-hamdulillah

Moc Bouba

Nice Great app everything works as it should

asif iqbal

Jazak Allah for this app.

Mujeeb Baag

Best browsing of Islamic subject possible at one place Mashaa Allah I am using for more than eight yrs.....jazaka Allahumma khairan to webbsite devolopers.

Abdulrauf Abdulfatai

Good and wonderful, please make the application available offline even if people will have to pay for it. Jazakal llah khayran

Junaid Ma

Alhamdulilla Alhamdulilla this app has honestly allowed me to understand the quran through the translation feature.

Anwar Moola

Good Will get 5 stars if original Arabic text included for all hadith

Semeena Yousef

Alim Masha Allah super app!! Everything offline including hadith.. Simply liked

rahim kallungal

Excellent work. hats off to eanas

rubina mohammad

good stories of prophets r not included :(

Abdul Razak

Awesome Very good update. Entire Islamic items in one application and most of them available offline... Very good application.

Saidalavi P

Excellent!! Masha Allah.. Everything we need under a single app with low size. Very good Alim team..

Saud sayyed

Jazak Allahu khairan Katheera.. Excellent update.. Excellent update.. Many new features updated in this update..

Abul Kashem

Easy Eloquent Well presented for knowing and understanding the holy messages


alhamdullilah, it is excellent assalaamu aleikum alim org/inc. unlike the other applications on quran, it unleashed almost all the basics of quran and hadith. although there is something I like to suggest on graphics for ui and ux. with due respects I am requesting that where can I contact you for this.

amjad mehmood

Be praise to Almighty lord Allah Can't imagine , that most sacred scripture Is available in such a authentic,beautifulll, approachable way. OMG I can't Amazing May Allah bless you

Larry Thompson

Great tool, saves time flipping pages and caring books. Alhamdulillah!

Nahid Parvez Mithun

splendid very helpful.

Marian Ismail

Happy camper Very happy with it

Maryam Kabir

My location not available in the App Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah, I am in Nigeria and I can't find my location to use the Prayer and Compass module of this app. When I choose use current location, an error "Postion not found" appears. Please help!

Alabi Taiwo

Nice app but... I'm in Nigeria but the app is not detecting my country. When I search, it says position not available. That means I cannot use the prayer time. Try and fix that. JazakAllahu khaeyran

Abu Nusaybah

I would like to give 5* but.. I love your alim app for my android tablet.. Even when having downloaded mushaf, when wanting to read offline or change pages message erroreads no interne 1) Please allow for Arabic text search of Qur'an (as currently, it does not do..) 2) Please allow/enable font size changes of text 3) Please could you allow for option of reciting/playing ayah when individually selected by finger placed on ayah/ayah icon..(in the mushaf) And similarly allow option of translation and book marking of that ayah selected.

Abida Hoti

Awesome It is a fantastic app one of a kind I can recite from where ever I want any ayat that's pretty amazing have been looking for something like this

Abubakar K-Bai Lawal

Wonderful but Salam. Kindly include "Page" in addition to "Ayah" & "Surah" repeats. I just figured out how to download the Mushaf pages. It is under "Storage & Data" on the menu. It is nice being able to download both the pages & audio from there! I wish U Allah's highest reward 4 your efforts

Kayus Taofeek

Taofeek Am sure U don't know the greater good Allah as done for u by using u to make the needs of Muslim learners available for them... May Allah reward U and keep u healthy... Just advance it and work on the graphics... May Allah help U....

Mohd Bashir Abdulkadir

Alim Good work..Please try to review the point of recitation selection. It doesn't play from the ayah chosen, It will rather revert and start from the beginning of the surah all the time. May Allah reward you and bless us more. Thank you.

Renee Kirk

How do you set the alarm there an alarm..other than that app is good mashallah

Sunusi Aminu Minjibir

Very educative Assalamu alaikum. I pray to Allah to reward you abundantly for this invaluable service to humanity. Alim remains at the fore front in propagating Islam. Jazakummullah

mohd taufeeq

Cld u pls introduce the 'keep screen awake mode' and the facility to continue with the surah frm where we last left. Nice app. The surah shd open frm where we left it off. Pls do sthg abt it. Every time I open the app it starts frm surah fatiha. The screen goes to sleep position if we keep the phone aside for tkg notes frm da translation. Cld u pls introduce the 'keep screen awake mode'. Jazakallah khaira

Abu Nusaybah Ahmed

Please fix errors In mushaf one can not turn to next page. For eg surah 45 when i want to read ayah 24 error message 'no internet' even though i have downloaded all the surahs, it wont let me enjoy offline. Which was the whole point of downloading each surahs? Please fix.. and update.. i have emailed you also.. jazaakAllah khair..


Very very good Very helpful,organized app.

Andre M

Only English translation for Quran? Please other language like Indonesian or other.thanks

Fe Hu

Highly recommended Highly recommended due to 1. search in English 2. Qur'an SUNNAH & other similar items at one place.


The best Islamic app I have used The best Islamic app I have used

Hassan Malik

Go ahead and guide Muslims same like that... God blessed you

Sadaf Shan

Totally fantastic.Allah guide us all towards straight path.Ameen

Abdul W. Muhammad

Awesome May Allah reward you, this app is by far the best app ever. I still can't believe how you was able to get so much in one app. Thank You

Reza Alhadar

Please add translation to Bahasa Indonesia


Jazakallah khairan. One of if not, the best Islamic app and certainly the first comprehensive.

Aavez Shams

Qibla not working correctly

Aqviro Engineering

Superb Work May Allah blessed all of you.

Abubakar K-Bai Lawal

Wonderful but Salam. I just figured out how to download the Mushaf pages. It is under "Storage & Data" on the menu. It is nice being able to download both the pages & audio from there! Salam. Kindly allow Alim to read Mushaf & MP3 recitation from external SDCard. My internal memory is full, while my 16 GB SDCard is sitting empty. I am not asking for permission to move the whole App to SDCard, only the mp3 & Mushaf. Shukran. I wish U Allah's highest reward 4 your efforts. Salam.

Abu Nusaybah

Jazaakallah khair for reply.. But Asalaamu'alaykum.. If you select surah 45 al-jathiyah (and both mobile internet and WiFi are off) and then you turn few pages swiping with your finger that is when the error message "no internet" comes.. Please fix.. JazaakAllah khair..

An important companion Very good app, user friendly and quite recommendable to both Muslims and non-muslims

sayibu nashiru

Alim the wonderful app God bless the developers. Keep it up

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