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10 Sep
Alien Zone Plus

Posted by Hummingbird Mobile Games in Action | Sept. 10, 2016 | 103 Comments

Apk file size: 68.0 MB

[Game Intro]
Space station under invasion, city on the verge of plague, even the whole world, is moving towards devastation.
You are the Savior!

[Exquisite 3D Graphics]
Real-time light, shadow, lambency and depth effect...
Enable you to experience a 3D next-gen console game on mobile platforms.
22completely different stages, i.e. 22 distinctive scenes
Ensures a breath of fresh air every minute in the game
Romantic park, perilous factory, trap-filled power station, besieged lab…
Are you ready to set off?

[Extremely Exciting Battles]
Are you fed up with fighting against only one or several monsters at a time?
Here's your chance to sweep away an enemy swarm
A wide variety of traps that make your every move full of suspense
You have to break through waves of monsters and become the true Savior!

[Perfect Combination of ARPG and Shooter Games]
Is it an ARPG? No, it is a shooter game
Is it a shooter game? It is an APRG with character levels, equipment, perks and treasure hunt systems.

[Unique Game Systems]
* Character Level:
Characters will level up by means of defeating monsters and completing quests.
* Perks System:
Characters are endowed with multiple perks and can enjoy different gameplays.
* Random Equipment System:
The game offers millions of equipment like Diablo, in this way you can choose your own game mode according to your preference.
To be an iron warrior or bloodthirsty killer, or both of them? You call the shots on your battlefield!
* Random Monsters:
Different monsters will randomly show up in different places, spices up your gameplay
* Package System:
You will get various help and fantastic packages at a specific level, times and stages.

Whats new

    .fixed some bugs

Hummingbird Mobile Games part of our Action and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 10, 2016. Google play rating is 86.9259. Current verison is 1.1.9. Actual size 68.0 MB.

Download alien-zone-plus.apk 68.0 MB


Kostas Doukas

Buggy mission bar Game looks cool but my mission select bar doesn't work properly for me, it keeps dragging to the right even tho I try to move toward left - to the first missions.

Scott Carter

[email protected] Y0u, Thieves and Rats! Made purchases, nothing gained in return. No support option, do not invest a dime into this game. It will error, and no genes or whatever you decide to purchase will be given to you. 5 stars to top of the list so everyone can read this! 5 star thievery!

Mark Mowry

Good game Good graphics and easy to get guns without spending money. My husband only dislike is that you have to pay to receive the other characters. Ps you should make one like this but with zombies.

agung tama

Excellent, this is the game i have been looking for, rpg shooter, no complicated quest, doesnt limit with energy, and most important, not pay to win, free user can enjoy playing this games too, and also can be played OFFLINE Just some suggestion, on the next updates, would you mind make the character, enemies, also etc size bigger, it is small i cannot see them clearly, if you devs willing to do this, i will re rate to 5* thank you

lee culbreath

Great game but .... Really great shooter rpg and so far it's not pay2win. Gameplay n graphics are very good. Add multiplay.The devs don't respond 2 ur problems. Game cuts off during purchases n I get NOTHING!!!! Devs don't respond or correct issues.

Melissa Gani

Good Good game. My only complain is i can't see my character and the alien. Only the shadow remain. Any option?

Romah Uzunov

Good promise but sadly unplayable due to frequent crashes. So far its pretty good. Largest gripe is constant crashes. I mean like 99% crash before the end of the level. Keep losing fanceh gear because of this. Current stat modifiers on gear are rather boring. Needs modifiers like life steal, stun, arc, slow, aoe, etc to give the game flavor... I'd buy a character especially since its fairly priced, but due to constant crashes I'll wait to see if the game gets patched first...

facundo cañette

Really good The graphics are really good, the gameplay is not as boring as in some other games and the lighting is really good,tho the lights sometimes make me pass some enemies and I can't see them!

Gordy Drake

This game is great till level 6 then the pay wall comes up and ur totally overwelled! It's stupid greedy and insulting you need to meet a happy medium . win win for everyone .

yuuki chan

I can give you 4 stars to stop doing my tablet that it says un fortunately alien zone plus has stop but why after my mission then boom it stop

Abu Fadhil

Great but... With its beautiful graphic and nice gameplay and performance, this game is supposed to be more than great if it's not because of the lack of story to make it more alive and pulls the players deeper into the game. Another issue is the display. Though the graphic is beautiful but looking at the menus such as inventory is disturbing. It still needs polishing. The layout, the design, it feels awkward compared to the graphic. Also the font selection and its size. You didn't make this game for ants, did you?

Paul Mag

Thiefs Purchased extra person ( male character) says clearly that I've purchased , also has nice error ...fix or refund please

Michael Bickley

Nice run and gun shooter. Running backwards shooting aliens. Not original but it is done right. Good graphics and controls. Lots of aliens blowing up. Cool Sci-fi setting. Lots of gear to collect and upgrade. Fun game.

Dwight Peterson

AWESOME GAME! Perfectly done. I love everything about the game. Plus, you can play without spending real money thanks to the plentiful redeemable items within the game. Nice work HUMMINGBIRD MOBILE GAME

Shaider Dayao

5 star for gamepad Please add gamepad support and option to remove on-screen touch pad. Also to buy genes using credits, like 10,000 credits for 1 gene or something

Simon Lee

Wow Nice job on this game guys and gals...keep it up!!! The devs don't respond because they speak Chinese not English

Adam Wilson

Good game I love it. And heroes are very cheap thanks. Only complain is that I don't like the light on the aliens because I can't see them

Mandilsu Tigga

Love it Need more game like this.

IlBar 42

Why!?Whyyyy!?!? Why did you have to buy if you wanna have a new character!?!?

Rogue Racer

You want 5* rating add PvP and MOVE TO SD CARD OPTION. Graphics are awesome, Gameplay is awesome, needs a real tutorial.

Aras Vaskelis

If there would be storyline, it would be EPIC! Need some storyline, cause the game now is more like arcade contra.

Torin Johnson

Best scifi rpg ive played Well done with no ads so far and plenty of customization works well on my phone keep up the good work 5stars :)

Jo Tuyor

Black Screen. Id really like to play this game but all I can see is the HUD. Im on a Cherry A690, with Android 4.2. Please fix.

Alwin Lechido

Good job developers...really like it,good game

Daryl Silva

I really like it this game. But it stop in level 8 please fix this problem .NOT WORKING

Paul Wilson

Wow! Very well done. Great visuals, accessible gameplay and variety.

Karl Suhendro

Mission selector error always bring to the last mission


Great game, and one ill keep, smooth controls, good graphics, light download, my only faults are its only really optimised for large screens, the weapons and armour sets are exactly the same, normal looks exactly the same as epic loot which is a huge shame, its also a shame that the turrets are extremely expensive But grinding levels for better stat weapons is easy enough to do... Id give this a 4.5 in all

JessicaSR Hippy

Pretty good Not a bad little game. Works on lower end devices. A little laggy now and again. Good graphics, could do with maybe a co-op function.

jeffsie Core

Good game but need to create an offline mode and add more character and weapons I like this game but need to improve more and create an offline mode for other users want to play this games plss reply us..

Tadi Lomdak

Cool But too slow try guys this game guys and tnx creator for making it for free we need more games like this

IiBENiI Wolfer

Cool game I love this game

Karuru Kezonshu

Amazing Keep up the good work! :D

Chris Gianti

Not worth it Expect to pay money. Not satisfying to play all the way through. No completion animation. No point of check points if when you die, you're back at space station or pay to revive. Enemies go through each other so you get mobbed quick. Leveling up seems to make no difference in terms of ability to kill. Just more weapons and skills which you have to pay for to get anywhere. I spent 4 bucks on this game and wish I hadn't.

Mikey R

It's an amazing game But if I had one complaint, it'd be that there is no option menu. You can't adjust the sound or the visual settings, but most importantly there's no way to save or keep track of your account. I bought an outfit and have made decent progress on my phone and when I downloaded the game on my tablet, neither carried over. The premium currency could also be a random drop, but otherwise it's everything a game should be :) I love the equipment drops and the level up system!

Macdavis Igbafen

A good game I've heard but too bad I can't agree... After reinstalling still have issues... Can't see d character or enemies wen playing d game... All I see are gunshots and d game stage... Its annoying and frustrating.. Fix it and I'll giv u 5 stars

Joe Shimamura

5 star game but 2 for gameplay D game is 5 star worthy with good graphics and gameplay but it is 2 for the gameplay. D game is clearly rigged so player will b forced to buy with real money. Lv up doesnt make difference in terms of strength. It still comes to buying expensive weapon. And if u try 2 buy weapon, d gd ones only appears when u lack money and by d time u have enough it will only give u weaker weapon. Buying armor wont help sqat. U will still sustain big amount of danage upon hit.

Tee Mack

None Stop Shoot em up! I love this game. Read some of the others comments, and I disagree with those who give this game a low rating. If a game is completely free, imo, it is it's probably not worth playing or it will be playing sponsored ads every 30 seconds. But I love the game, graphics, controls, I'm actually addicted to it. Finally, it's nice to see the lead female character is modeled after Pamela Anderson. Hope you guys make a new version soon. My only knock is this, there are too many equipment drops, fills up bag fast.

Kevin Haywood

Amazed This game is great so far. (made it past the second level) I would like to see Audio options, character customization(limited hair and gender) and some sort of storyline dialog intro and mission information to give a bit of lore and explanation in places it needs it. This game so far has amazed me completely. I love the graphics and art style as well as the combat. I've been looking for a sci-fi rpg of this caliber for a while. Great Job. I hope to see plenty more updates enhancing gameplay in the future!

Edwin PJ

Awesome Graphics One of the best Android Games I have ever seen. This game have excellent Graphics and effects. Even though storyline is not so clear to me, this game made me an addict..... I experience smooth gameplay with high end phone (mine is 1.7GHz Octacore with 2GB RAM - Lenovo P70). I suggest developers to give option to lower graphics for low end phone users. Also a customizable control scheme instead of a static one. ☺? Also a free Male character should be there.

Mark Devita

Alien zone plus Great game but cant find 4he bronze key to open supply creates

Tài Nguyễn

Good game Hope you guys can add video option which can change video quality to reduce lags for some weak devices like mine!


Wow, this game is awesome! Amazing graphics and pretty cool sci-fi shooter gameplay. It's good as it is, but if you expand on it, you have a real contender for a top game.

Shahrouz Ayazi

Only Only game in Google play that's doesn't such money from u thank u for free gift hope u upgrade it with more level

ice jade

New Player and Love it Developers please don't abandon the game. Keep adding content and levels please.

Dr. M.

Nice graphics Fun game play n weapons. Very minor glitches or black screen at times though but still good.

Jose Hernandez

I'ts alright Great game and great graphics. I don't know why people complain about buying stuff and dying. This is the easiest game ever, which is why it is so boring after a few levels. Everything is the same over and over again. That's not exciting

John Gilbert

Alien zone plus The Game is set in the new world, monster every where, my job is to kill them, take them down, no problem because that's what I do best....

Romeo Ramirez

Very Nice Game! I love the game so much.. With its great graphics and so much more but the only thing i don't like was the other characters are needed to spend a real money just to be played.. Please make at least one character especially the guy be available to be purchase only by coins in the game.. I will rate it five stars if ever :)

Plam Clam

Very cool But force close and lag more update

Deeptak M

Only one thing missing. Amazing game, loved it. It's missing only one thing, Play Games achievements.

raymond sukoco

Error still cant see character n monster Character n enemy is blank. Means cant see which one my hero which one enemy, only can saw bullet from gun n shadow

Jesse Anders

Better menu interface im experiencing some lags issues the app keeps closing the game and restarting my phone other than that good game

Keith Chick

Bloody best game out there ! Lose time playing this game , amazing game

Toni Thurmond

Like it Its a nice game and all but after getting most skills to level 3 or so, they force you to pay-to-level by buying their genes. That's just not cool. I would suggest people play this, but don't think you'll get far without paying


Josh in VA. Awesome game you should download its very addicting an spent 4 hours on the game and it was the first time ever playing it. If I could give it more than a 5 I would that's how awesome this game is

max craig

Love this game One of the best games I played for long time. Please make more

erwin delaraga

The Best ever Thank you for 500 gene capsule..this is the best game i've ever played. Thanks guys!


currently at level 45 Thanks for the free 500 genes, devs. :)

caesario sogata

A really good mobile game Please more abilities like Dodge, using melee weapons,various strength, and would be better if you can add this.

Darrell Jeric Paguio

Wow super badass This is awesome feel like ailen shooter 2 in 3D!

Fabricio PH

Terrible performance In Nexus 5X it's really difficult to play, it gets delayed a lot.

Steve Pemberton

WOW Just ..... WOW. Download. Play. Nuff said.

Silver knight

Reminds me of Alien syndrome for psp very similar to each other just storyline

daz corbett

This is what Xenowerk should have been.

Kal Bhart

Alian zone plus its brilliant.

Mahmoud Mohmmed

No characters appear ....just shades

Subh Kaithal

Good game But we can't buy good guns and items in money. We need capsules to buy guns and items and for play the game

Alex Cntorion

Great game. But it's just missing one thing! Where is the sound sittings? One for actions and another for music. I listen to radio and the game music clashes with it.

Dennis Lukhoba

Hell yes!! Great game Spectacular game play! Is it in you? Just do it! I'm loving it!


Map selection is horrible It doesn't work period


From the best game ^___^

Albert Chan

Good but could have been Great Graphics are good and I love the combined elements of Aliens eggs n facehugger, Deadspace inspired background props, Warhammer40K's dreadnaught and Starship Troopers ? but would be nice if we could adjust the sound as the music is a bit loud. Also this game is artificially more difficult than its supposed to be because you get big swarm of tough enemies dropped right on you with the door closed right behind so its a sure dead situation

ongnan siang

error why on my phone just shadow i can see the characther or even enemy please fix it

Elrond Alexandra

Would be awsome with more weapons/armor in the loot table. Saw someone complain about spendimg $4 in the other comments. Lol mate its $4, dont go missing your mortgage payment


Fun I had a lot of fun playing this game however I do feel like there are some bugs to fix. I also feel that there needs to be some story or some type of animation. Also one glitch that I have problem is sometimes Audrey (the character) will spazz out and will be placed out of the map boundaries. If you could fix that, that would be great.

Jimryan Secretaria

Alien Zone Plus very very very!!! good and nice challenging game i really love this.... and lastly, i rate this 5 more stars and it's 555 stars yeah love it... got to go and it's time to play...:-) ;-) :-)

Zinned Dennis

Easy game. Those who complain that this game is too hard or have to pay to win are not a gamer. This is such an easy game. Lv17 cleared stage 13 on the very 1st day. Without paying a single cent. Edited- 2nd day cleared rookie at lv 27.

Eric Magers

I'm only giving this game a three star since I can't find a way to restore my purchases. Any help please?

mitchel cool

Just 1 mistake!! If i play it with a long time it will force to close app..this quite annoying..but the game is really good

Zachary Walterman

Addicting I love this game! It may be simple, but there is a lot to it that makes it fun.

James Carruthers

xlnt one of the best shoot em ups ive had to date..

Izumo Takeda

Awsome Genes are hard to get but it's still an awsome game

fares elmur

Nice game I am not a fan of zombie games but this one is much diffrenet then any other (si-fi VS zombie ) games nice work here hope you get to update this game more and more


A marvel! 5 Stars -across the board! --Joel

Walter Scott

Really fun game, but... I opened it up to play, and all my progress, items were gone, and I was back to Level 1. Same phone, no updates or anything. It really needs cloud backup before I would spend any cash on it, for fear of it being wasted by another mysterious reset.

Aleksey Tselishchev

No player or enemies' models The player and the enemies are invisible in the game. I'm on samsung galaxy note 3. EDIT: some updates later it is apparent that the dev doesn't care about players who do not see any character models In the game. The issue is still present and no fixes for it have been issued. Oh well...


No character and enemies again... Everything is great besides the fact that both character and the enemies are...invisible! Only shadows and gun shots can be seen. I have a Samsung tablet SM-T520 with Android 4.4.2. Any advise?

Nasir Ibrahim

Good game but... Good offline game but please make a cloud save like google or facebook acc. What happen if I wanna play this game on my new device?

Chris Vydas

Is free always a good thing? It seems to be in this case, more fun than I thought it would be. Needs more customization as I found that the game is lacking even basic audio controls?! Sad because the background music gets annoying such that I have to play with the volume off. Perhaps an update will address this oversight. One can only hope the developer is active and reads comments. Update: for some reason redeem gifts have stopped working?! Initially, gifts were sent to my player periodically and after reaching a certain time, stops.

Robert Leinweber

Refreshing Nice to see a game that doesn't play itself! I would have went with 5 stars, but it is heavy on the IAPs, and there are no Goog Achievements.

Atoy Embalzado

i like ds game...d only prblem is why i cnot see the enimy in the small monitor screen same like broken dawn 2..

Alexander K

Bug Nexus 7 tegra 3. Same as broken dawn 2 - graphics do not work.

Fortune Sindane

Good game I love it is pretty good

Mohit Gupta

Amazing 3rd person shooter Feel the rush!!!

Andrei B

played a couple of stages...the game is great... the only problem i have it is that there is no option menu to change language ... the game language for me it's set for spanish, and it's the worst translation i've seen in a videogame so far (reminds me of the "engrish" era). It wouldn't be that big of a deal, but many of mistranslations have to do with the game itself (items, mechanics,... and so on). Even simple stuff such as "miss" (as in missing an attack) it's translated as "senorita" in spanish ... and you don't need a dictionary to know what senorita is. I like the game, so if the devs need it, i'd be happy to lend a hand with the translation... free of charge

Gerardo Espino

I like it But I need option menu, because I want to hear music but not the game. And there's a bug that just drag me out to my home screen. LG g stylo and Alcatel one touch.

Thor Fillenworth

love it the game is easy, fast action, when you beat all levels, play again & try harder levels & get better loot. Only things that bug me, is the chance to drop rare or epic gear or weapons is a dice roll that seems against you, to fully upgrade you will need to pay. If they made a way 4 you to get the special funds like a login or something it would be even better because at this time all you can do if you dont want to pay $$, You will be going to tapjoy alot to get the gene capsules. guys could you fix that.

Russel Valencia

I like it. I have an idea to how this game more interesting. You just need some mechanics & effects. Like type of guns with fire, ice, lightning effects. And armor can absorb the class. Like diablo of blizzard.

James S

Alien zone plus Where's all the free gene I earned?! All I get is spam and endless phone calls.. Thanks.

Akshay Anand

What a waste Waste of such nice graphics and environment and game physics... No story. Unable to hold u in the game. Its like. Stages over stages. Shooting reloading. Using sci-fi powers. And repeat and repeat .......

Wei Cheng Chen

Wasted potential So many things could be added to make this into a GREAT game. A wasted opportunity.

dota2 gamer

Black screen sorry to my bad english hello, developers can you help me with my problem the game are starting but i can't see anything even my character the only show in my screen the controller and also the life bar what should i do plssss reply sir.. thank you!!

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