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4 Oct
Algeo Graphing Calculator

Posted by Marton Veges in Productivity | Oct. 4, 2015 | 110 Comments

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It has the best graphing experience available on the Play Store.
Draw functions, find intersections and show a table of values of the functions with an easy to use interface.

Use the following unique features to help you with your Calculus and Algebra class:
*Symbolic Differentiation
*Definite Integrals
*Calculate Taylor-series
*Solve Equations

Algeo has every feature a scientific calculator needs:
*Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
*Radians and Degree Support
*Result History
*Scientific Notation
*Supports Landscape Mode

If you need help press Menu button -> Help or send an e-mail!

If trigonometric functions give an incorrect answer, make sure you are in the correct angle mode.
You can check it in the upper right corner. To change it press more->DEG/RAD.

Whats new

    Small bugfix

Marton Veges part of our Productivity and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Oct. 4, 2015. Google play rating is 85.3265. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

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Santiago Gandolfo

Great app Great app, I use it as my daily driver. Only problem: values are not correct, like when doing 0,10035-0,10032


Graph oddities For some reason the graph of a function like y=sqrt(x) shows up differently with different levels of zoom. The section near the origin only appears as you zoom in. This might be a issue with screen resolution (though I'm using a 1080p screen).

Mike Roberts

Really well designed app, I use it for a lot of my engineering work as it's so much more convenient than an expensive graphical calculator.

Adri Rajaraman

Awesome with some glitches The value of cos(π) on the calculator is 1. It's suppose to be -1.

A Google User

Worst Priority. The most important thing to do was to add a way to plot more than four functions, not to update the old graphic, and please, add a checkbox to use the old graphic, thank you

Grayson Bianco

Used it for years, always come back I've tried many calculator apps over the years, ones with different functions and UIs, but nothing beats Algeo.

Omer Ondun

The best calculator hands down Getting both better and worse after each update :I

Robert Lee

Loved it Great visual tool for teaching.

Gabe Osburn

Killer app Graphs sine and cosine functions on different colored graphs! And finds intercepts! And makes customizable function tables!! Very well done app guys, beats any TI calc and does it for free

Lovish Singla

Please make calculator's widget for the home screen. Graph is not working properly. Please fix the issue. Other wise it is fantastic and just not kiddish calculator as many other apps.

Edgar Favila

Best Calculator on Play Store I use this app for quick calculations and it has never failed me. I routinely use it on assignments and it can handle long and complex input while maintaining a great UI.

Rachel Watkins

Love it This is THE BEST calculator app. It does everything and perfectly. The fact that you can go back and modify a calculation and then any following calculations that use ANS will be appropriately changed is awesome :)

Bruce Giron Jr.

Great calculator. I'm a teacher, and I use it in my class all the time. I always recommend it to my students for casual calculations.

Jack Sal

Pretty and functional Has some missing features but I rarely need them and its way cheaper then a 200$ calculator.

Black Android

it really help me tnx ?

Arthur Pinkhasov

awesome graphs of advanced functions aren't plotted fully

Patrick Yudha

Great ! Great application ... It's helpful to finishing up mathematics study ..

Mokhles Bouzaien

The Best So Far, But .. It's the best one for me, but needs to allow plotting non-fonctions (eg. x²+y²=1).

Atul Ramakrishnan

Could be better Nice ui,the graphs ranging till infinity are not shown properly...,cannot draw graphs of implicit functions..lacks certain functions like matrices.if these can be resolved then it could the best calc on the market

Praful Kothari

no option to plot implicit functions. such as (x^2+y^2)^2=x^2-y^2.why cannot we have an option for polar equations graph ploting

JiggsX 子阳

better than others! 1)It is free and is already full version. 2)I use it to draw graph, and it is good that i can scroll the graph, zoom in or out. 3)The graph section can show 4graphs at the same time, useful to compare functions. 4) The way we type, it shows friction, roots and many others just like we write with pen, not in calculator! 5) It has many others functions.

A Google User

Good, easy to use, but has a few problems This app easily has the best UI of all the graphing apps available, but is missing some functionality. It has annoying ads get accidentally clicked, and I would love to see the addition of integration and differential equations. Also why only 4 functions for graphing? Make it expandable so I can add many! Also, there are a lot of problems with some parts of the graph not graphing properly. The simplest example would be sqrt(x).

Mark Underwood

Almost Too Good I'ld rate 5 stars if a copy and paste was implemented even if it meant conversion to plain text and lots of parentheses .

Tony Salinas

Awesome :) Probably the best calculator in the play store if it had one little thing, Material Design, its perfect in function

A Google User

Excellent!! The most helpful app for mathematicians I have been ever used!!!


Perfect Easily replaces a Ti for basic functions. Easy to use and handier than carrying around a calculator.

aditya purohit

Zooming problem in Greatest integer function still not fixed..

Adailton Júnior

The best It's the best app. I really like it. It's helping me a lot.

Ward Jenkins

Works Great! This is very useful.

Joshua Baker

Best Calculator App Very useful graphing calculator. However, it has trouble rendering come curves (√x near x=0, for instance) and it lacks the ability to do anything with the plotted functions besides look at them. There is "trace", but you can only move the x-value by touching it on the screen, so if you're looking for f(52.016), you're gonna have a bad time.

Luke M

Great calculator This has the best interface of all calculators I've used thus far. My only complaints are a lack of function analysis tools and issues with rendering even roots, like √x. √-x is also not calculated as an imaginary (however, defining it in a function will draw an imaginary curve). This means, for a simple example, (√-1)^2 is "Not a Number" rather than -1. This is common programming practice, but calculatable imaginary and complex units would be nice for future support.

Vengful Angel

Thnx for all the hard work. Awesome, i needed this app.

June Limbs

Best graphic experience so far with vertical fractions view. But I really miss a binary logarithm function

Itaru Nariot

Could you make, please, third coordinarte Z to make graphics like x^2 + y^2 + z^2 =1.

Андрей Мартынов

Outstanding! But hangs up after typing taylor(tan(x),0,10 Please fix.

Пользователь Google

Disappears Suddenly disappears from the phone for the second time. Have to reinstal it again...

Master Yo

I use this in my 9th grade algebra classes quite often to enable the students to quickly, and accurately, see the graphs of lines and curves and their intersections. Just set it under the projection camera and go. I would like to see this app improved by enabling the graphing of inequalities. There are some better apps and I use them as well. But, this one is definitely worth the couple of bucks to have it ads free.

Emmanuel Baez

Great calculator Has helped me with test preparation for pre calculus and calculus I as well as assignments. I do wish it had material design but with the amazing functionality it provides that's a very minor request. It's almost equivalent to having an actual graphing calculator.

Lovish Singla

Please make calculator's widget for the home screen.

Pawan kumar

Algeo!!! Worth it, to have it...:P

Mohammed Aly Badawy

good output not in mathimatical formats , why?

Amine Amine

It is good It is small, simple, yet efficient !

Bill Simpson

Bill Simpson Great to have on hand when I don't have a calculator with a bigger screen handy

Md. Selim Hossain

it's an excellent app.I like it..

Shepherd vector

Very good It Would be more awesome if you add imaginary numbers

Amelia Dragon

the best It really helped me during this year, I wish oonly if I could use it un Baccalauréat exam ???

A Google User

literally the best calculator app I've ever used please give us a dark theme of that's possible! thank you so much for this, you are a king!

Arjun Ravindranath

A very useful app. We expect an update for an enhanced, buttery smooth interface.

Brianna Zaino

Calculate Them Mother Functions This is my go to calculator app! The best!

Astin Seyma

Great app. Thank u so much for created it.

Norlaila Bilal

Math! Help me to our Lesson.

Aslam Batcha

doesn't have mod | | function

Trixia Mae Velasco

Nice This probably is the best graphing calculator in the market.

Amos Milewski

Nice but can be laggy

Jantzen Deppe

Used to be great, ads have become intrusive. I used to love this app, I had no problems with it. However, the pop-up ads that appear on the bottom of the screen have become very frustrating. They pop up at unpredictable times and move the position of the calculator buttons, sometimes even causing you to accidentally open the ad. I don't mind ads, but could they please be at the top of the app?

Santiago Gandolfo

Great app Great app, I use it as my daily driver. Only problem: values are not correct, like when doing 0,10035-0,10032 or simply 1,2-1,1

Alex Omar

Please add complex number support I love the app but without complex number support I can't use it for some of my classes.

David Sharg

Excellent for teachers and students As a math tutor, i use this app all the time during my sessions. I've recommended it to all my students looking for a calculator app.

De Bailey

I think that this app is a great idea... however I didn't like because of the Control vibration feature. Handheld calculators do not vibrate in real life. At least none of the ones I use. The vibration is frustrating me because i need to slide the keyboard menu very often. Please remove this permission as its unnecessary to receive a more positive review. EDIT: I hated it because every button i press sets off the vibrator. :(

A Google User

Best App ever This app can do everything I want. It is the best math app I have found.

Iron Charioteer

I really like this calculator. I like that it displays eqns the way you would write them. Single line entry drives me nuts but this app lets you enter fractions just like you would write them on paper. And changing a number in a big equation is easy because you can just tap the screen in the place you want the cursor. 1 issue: the ads pop up while typing and shift the keys cause entry errors. Please change this.

Much Yasin

Smooth app It captivates you by exhibiting their perfect curves. It can't get any better. Plus, they're gorgeous.

John S

Best Calculator Simple to use, intuitive, and incredibly capable app.

Muktadir Rabbi

please include the domain and range finding that would help a lot more.

A Google User

Still the greatest graphing calculator out there!

Sehar Yousuf

Great app, but.... Adds are sucking...

László Makk

Daily driver Great app. Been using it for several years. Capable of everything you would expect and then some. Keep up the good work, please maintain compatibility! Bought ad-free version to support the dev(s).

Omer Ondun

The best calculator hands down For long calculations swiping to right instead of going to next line below would be better.

Mashilo Moabelo

Thank you This is just simple and perfect for me.

Lovish Singla

Best calculator i have ever seen. ? Please make a calculator widget........... It would be great.

Seth Nielsen

Love it so much I love it better than my TI-83. Utilizes touch so well. Displays everything more beautifully than any other calculator out there.

Rob Wolverton

Auto zoom Can't find auto zoom, must manually enter window size for graph. Would rate 5 if it had that.

Farrouk Berraf

Not as it suppose to The graph is not goin well i mean u need to zoom to much to see the graph when i press the reset button i dont see the whole graph fix please

Jacob Pøhlsgaard

1,2-1,1=0,09999999999999999999999999999 Possibly technically correct, but not very useful for everyday use.

Luiz Weerapat

Eazy Helpful for highschool

Cody Holly

Super clean, powerful, and easy to use

Shukurillo Isroilov

The best calculator

Chandan Mandal

Help to do problem Help to generalize graph

Rizki Fernando

Nice! Very usefull

Landon Wilson

My new calculator! Im happy I found this calculator. The way it automatically makes 1/2 into a fraction is amazing. And that you can make it do fractional operations is great! I used handy calc prior but it cosmetically was unappealing but this looks polished! Good work.

Anoop K R

Problem with graphs I'm using Android 5.1.1, in moto-g3. Graph crashes... Shows incomplete graphs and sometimes unwanted peaks at some places.. Please fix.

Jayce Bi

Almost perfect Easy to use, many functions including graphing. Great UI. Missing a % button though, which isn't a deal breaker as you can easily /100, but inconvenient. Otherwise, best calculator I've found so far.

Eldar Shamukhamedov

The app is great, but there's one glaring problem: both graphs and the tables treat undefined values as "0.0". Ex. graph f(x) = (x^2 - 1)/(x -1). f(1) should be undefined, not 0.0. Please fix this and I'll update the review. Otherwise, the UI is simple and intuitive. Feature set is not on par with a TI graphing calculator, but gets the job done for simple tasks. Well worth the $3 upgrade/donation.

James Curry

Good but one problem Best scientific/graphing calculator I've found so far. However there is one annoying issue. Some large expressions (such as square root signs with lots of stuff under them) will go off the edge of the screen rather than wrapping around. There is no side-scrolling, meaning there is no way to view or edit such an equation.

Omkar Pote

Perfect but… Why can't I input an expression in terms of both x and y? Please add that. Please.

Awais Khan

Good but experiencing some bugs. When i tried to clear graph history, this calculator crashed. similarly When i tried to make table of sin(x/x), it gave sin(0/0)=0 which is wrong it should be 1.

Alwin Hughes

Good but with small bugs. It's a great graph calculator but contains a few bugs. When zooming in on a small area on a graph the scale displayed incorrect sometimes duplicating versions of the integers are shown. The line also doesn't display correctly when sketching some graphs that have asymptotes, ln(x) and circles (when expressed in terms of y=(x^2+r)^(1/2). It would be great if it could handle relationships that arnt just in turms off x.

Hardeep Dhillon

Its awsm but I can't put expression in terms of x and y please add it, otherwise its awesome

Libby Fleck

Great The app works really well, I enjoy all the operations you can do with it! I just really wish it could be used in multi-window mode on my tablet.

Pawan kumar

Algeo!!! Worth it, to have it...:P

Kamadev Lucius

There is no better app then algeo I have tryed more then 50 diff calculators, and they all are tooo hard to understand. And still i am back and never leave algeo :)

Lakers Nation

Works Great This graphing calculator does everything I need it to do.

Mehmet Furkan Dogan

Successful Very successful app. Thank you!

A Google User

Excellent!! The most helpful app for mathematicians I have been ever used!!!

Toxic Candy

Amazing It's been almost 3 years since i started using this app and still can't find a better one... nice job !!

Doğukan Avşar

Vibration It's a nice application tho maybe best calculator app. But vibration is really disturbing. At least you should give a option to turn on or off the vibration. And maybe less adds.

Ramin Honary

Nice simple app, but not many mathematical functions.

Nick McEvoy

Would have recommend it until recently. Giving incorrect results now, e.g 127-126.1=0.900000000000006

Hari Iyer

Very intrusive ads Sneaky banner appears just as your finger hovers over a number key and opens app store. If you're going to have ads, have them load immediately so the user doesn't inadvertently click them, or offer a paid app without ads. The app is good, I would pay

Thomas McRoberts

Creating digits There must be an issue with rounding, because when I subtract two numbers with two digits right of the decimal point (ex: 5.83-5.74) it creates digits (the answer the calculator gives is 0.0899999999 instead of 0.09). Other than that, great calculator

Igor Dimidenko

Was my favorite.. Fails basic math I never graph with it, just basic calculator functions. Works for the most part but I realized it can't do basic math. EXAMPLE: Try 10.02(minus)10.01. Let the dev know if the Algeo answer is correct, it should be pretty simple!!

Kris Biebs

Got this app when I started algebra in the 8th grade. I'm a senior now. I've used for years. It's nice so you can still graph at home when you don't have an expensive graphing calculator. Best of all its free and easy to use. Love it

Shamarski Simon

Works mostly. For some simple equations, it works well... But for equations that have cusps, or tangents that become undefined, etc. The app isn't capable of drawing it.

Sanskar Nanda

How to solve integrations and differentiations

Wiktor Wojciechowski

Was good but the adds pop up in spot of the solve button. Cheap shot click bait from the developer.

A Google User

Would be great if removing ads were cheaper Lower to 99 cents and I'll give 5 stars

jonathan adam

There are some serious math errors here What is 3(-1^2) when you try it on this calc?

David J

Used to like it, ads are freezing it The app freezes now with the ads, awful

debraj das

Am I missing something? It can't calculate basic maths. Like (10.02-10.01) or (10.02-10)!!!

Mahmoud El-Zoka

Best calculator i have used in App store Simple and Versatile. I am using it for over 4 years.

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