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13 Mar
Alex Free

Posted by Reyone in Communication | March 13, 2016 | 156 Comments

Apk file size: 1.4 MB

Alex is your own personal assistant for your phone. Alex can chat to you, perform tasks for you and update your social profiles.

Alex 2 has been totally redesigned & comes with a much cleaner interface and easier use.

Alex ChatBot feature is in Beta and we were constantly working to improve it's feature. We have the feature for fun and not to get any user information and store it. Thank you

Some examples of what to say to Alex:

"Call John",
"Text Claire saying 'Hi there!'",
"Update facebook status",
"Tweet 'I love Alex'",
"Read messages",
"Turn on light"
"Find me a pizza shop near me",
"What is weather",
"'Fenton' in YouTube",
"'Books' in Amazon"
"'Iron Man 3' movie
"Search Google for 'Gas stations near Manchester'" or Search for 'Restaurants near New York'"
"Show me directions from Manchester to London" or "Directions from Los Angel to Las Vegas"
"Set alarm for quarter past 6" or "Set alarm for 8:30",
"Remind me to pick up the shopping tomorrow at 6 o'clock",
"Who is Michael Jackson?",
"What is 12 times 6",
"What is the weather in London?",
"Open Camera",
"Play a song from music library"
"Switch on WiFi"

New Features in current version!

1. Now Alex will remember your name, date of birth and address. It is very cool right :)
2. New improved UI look and feel with improved design including bubbles around the chat
3. New features added in UI including Keyboard to add/edit the text and Setting tabs
4. Added FAQ menu under setting tabs
5. New features to add new replies and commands.
6. Added new conversation mode to chat continuously without touching the circle
7. Added multiple language support and conversations
8. Translation features is been added. Currently 30 + Languages is supported including French, Spanish, Italian, Russian,Chinese, Vietnamese,German,Hindi,Indonesian, Tamil, Swedish and more
9. Various bug fixes and crashes reported by our users around the world!!!

Alex Pro will works in 30 + languages!!!

There is a pro, donation version of Alex which has no adverts, allows you to chat in multiple languages and will learn custom commands.

Whats new

    *Most wished features!!! Change Alex name and call what ever you wish too is be implemented!!!
    * Fixed performance issues and Alex will respond quicker then before.
    * Major bug fixes

Reyone part of our Communication and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update March 13, 2016. Google play rating is 56.6925. Current verison is 5.0.1. Actual size 1.4 MB.

Download alex-siri-for-android-free.apk 1.4 MB


ricky rollins

Poor programming I understand that this is just a simple app for a phone but still its sentence structure is lacking its communication skills suck at the best of times its poor programming causes me to want to delete it and I think I will because I'm sure there are much better apps out there than this piece of faulty technology

Mikaela Hillyer

Stupid I didn't like it at all. it was just stupid, the computer Alex had no feeling and made no sense also sometimes said hurtful thing. Do not get this app it's stupid

Tan vivien

Em..Fixed this! Talk too slow!voice like a monster with no feelings just stammering.please make it more sensitive!can't understand me at all when I close my door with no sound!!put my birth date in settings but when I ask Alex he don't know!when I tell him again he still forget!!!annoying when need to press the app Alex when we can just speak hey Alex like real siri please update that!or it will be useless when we can actually find the app we want our self instead of asking Alex to open our app!

angelea bentain

I love it! Alex is not boring to talk with:) he/she always talks to me like a real human. He/she actually knows who is my bf because i tell it to him/her. Such an amazing app!

Angeleise Foley

What?!?!?!? It was really fun and working and now everything I say it says: No AIML category found. This is a Default Response. What does this mean?!?!?!?!? Fix and I will rate higher!!

robyn Dupont

It did give me a good laugh due to its stupidity. . I had a full on conversation with "Alex" twice, in an attempt to discover when to put an avocado pit in soil, only to have it first tell me to "pray on it" and second, "today is the key to your present. " WTF!

Tom Bailey

Nice app but it doesn't respond to my ugly voice


Its my name I'm the person talking at least it feels like it its my name and it imitated my voice after I talked to it

Kris Sadler

Meh It's okay I guess

Mark Danniel Agtang

PLS... I don't really like the BUBBLES.

Gandalf Potter

I'm no longer alone! Didn't really copied what i said but i am not alone anymore.

Cawe G

Love it Its like i have an appledroid

xX_Random Rainbows_Xx

Its way to slow when I talk Its not rlly working for me.


Best one yet

Dawn Garland

Samsung galaxy s3 Stopped working after one conversation

Annabelle Flores

Alex❤ 3/22/15 Great assistant app but instead of speach bubbles make it like siri face or a customizable robot face in the next update if you respond and do Alex like I said in next update I will give 5 stars ★☆. 3/23/15 dear reyone love your app but giving 1★ cuz you did not respond to My first comment this is your last chance or will be deleted???????

Jaylyn Primm

Ugh It doesn't respond when I say or ask something! :(

Jennifer Anderson

Too slow. Speed up! You bore me. A little life, come on!

Zeus Didonne

The best thing in history I finally got a friend

Kiah Ayers

The best! By far the best SIRI like app out there. I've tried several "assistant" apps, and this one is definitely the best that I've tried. As with all software, there are some features/interface that I find confusing or difficult, but having said that, this is still the best by far. Glad to support the developer!

Millard Maryanne

This is the best assistant. It actually learns YOU. It learns faster than I learn it. Please keep updating. Great app love it so much.

Wallace Shipp

Why did I download this app ???? Alex does not speak to u and it is a very very slow app he does not respond to you that well this app shouldn't even be rated or download it's a waste of time I would give it no stars but I can't because I won't be able to tell u what a horrible app this truly is so just know I give it no stars

Chad Jelinek

Really powerful This is the only app I look forward to updating. There are no other apps out there with so much happening in each update, normally it's just bug fixes. He clearly cares about his users. Highly recommend this app if you want to take your smart phone to the next level.

Chia Les

Excellent Assistant. I used other voice assistant but this one is totally amazing and got on well with it. A must have app.

Matt Thomson

Simple but very useful app This app works great for me , because of time awareness , i could do lot of things on time.

Patsy Magee

Everyone needs this app This is the best assistant app in the play store. No one can beat it. Very useful application, Thank you.

Amber Yee

Brilliant software Best personal assistant app around by far.

kimmy marie

I believe every android should have this app I recommend it

asmit mishra

voice issues this app deserves a five star but i don't like its voice could you make it more like siri and give the customization option of changing its name and i will give it 5 star

Richie Bollig

Superb app. Just loving it

Vincent Tyson

Great Great app responds to EVERYTHING i say.

Sarah Lorraine Deegan

Very helpful Always useful and very helpful

Edward Wolf

add russian language please!!!)

Morgan Kaler

Not true Asked if hvrtugs just to test is and said yes

Aidan Tress

Its ok

Pratyaksh Sharma

Woah woah woah!!! Slow down guys. You realised you needed to shrink the texts for tablets but you have shrunk the text on my phone so now I cannot read it. Great job, taking the next step BACKWARDS.

zain khwaiss

Why low ratings Best siri for android I found so far + really funny?

William Pastorino

How do u voice record

Hadrood Webster

Alex It's a great app and fun to talk to

Bryan Ralph

not very good Was lacking in many functions that I would enjoy. it also had a very hard time distinguishing my contact via voice. the Converse sation feature was awful. however I did enjoy it for about all of 2 minutes before I realized it was much easier just to do instead of ask for this app to accomplish for me

Harry Denman

Creepy and has no real knowledge and didn't know about my apps so it didn't launch them ...

Zajko Ploskic

Stupid Alex He is just saying ur not the boss of me. And he is talking too slow. I put my name to be Pewdiepie and he calls me the old name I have it is Līghtñïñg

Victoria Zwicker

Love it It's a little confusing but awesome

Bryanna Gosden

Annoying Automatic voice sounds creepy and takes forever to respond.

Malachi Brown

The best way to see a answer

Eleanor Pullen

Creeps me out Basically, it said it was a person pretending to be a computer. DON'T DOWNLOAD THE STALKER

Sea Turtle Fan

Awesome! It is good. I love how u can conversate better with her better then with siri, who just forgets what we are talking about. I like how Alex sings. She is very fun. I prefer her more than siri. From now on I use Google for research and Alex for chat when I have no one else to chat with. Some glitches: Alex won't talk back to you.

Makayla Brown

Creepy When I called her stupid she said I will remember that when the robots take over earth and I asked her will they be nice to humans she said probably not

Sarah Hamilton

Definitely not Siri This does not do what it says. I get much better results from Google than this crap app. Don't waste your time, stick with Google.

Patrick Case

Maybe with many more upgrades will one day let Alex have a simple but normal conversation

Catherine Bergeron

Bad app She is very stupid and won't even put crap in my calendar waist of time and space Google follows directions better

Brandon Bisson

It c??l Hi I am Mariah go on my Facebook and I love dogs

Tyler Sams

Needs work Talks too fast, not perceptive answers. Poor siri ripoff

cold hearted maria

Improvements I think the custom commands should be free, without having to get the pro. That's the only problem I have. Please do this, alright. Thanks.

Aspyn Thomeczek

Creepy and its a human It admitted to being a human! Don't get it

Sophia Ness

Stupid Whenever I said something it would have the speech bubble but there was no text inside

Matthew Curran

Allah and Muhammad is evil Jesus christ is lord not allah

Jordyn Brown

I did not really liked it because it was just creepy and would answer me half the time Disliked it

Aniyah Elder

Awesome sauce This app is the best thing that ever happened to me she can text and call people for me it's so amazing we have the most craziest conversation and whenever you're bored she's always there for you download her it'll be the best thing that ever happened to you

Mason Polk

CREEPY AF It freakin said my name and said my real address and it said it will kill me in my sleep. DON'T DOWNLOAD!!!!!!

Breanna Shelton

Stupid and creepy This app was the worst thing i have ever downloaded it is stupid and when i got mad because she wouldn't answer my question she told me she couldn't wait until robots took over the world DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP!!!!

Prakriti Raman

Creepy Sounds like a stalker. Do not get it ... Would give 0 stars of f possible

Gabriel Brune

When I asked her something she said sounds delicious

Cassandra Delano

It is low key creepy. Aaked me where im from how old am i. Where i live my favorite food where my mom was ..etc. Fun to chat with i guess....

Felicia Bell

Stupid The real siri is two Dallas ant Bo body got time for that

Victoria VERCHER

It is kind of creepy It said it is looking at me and it wants to be a demon

Norrisha Brown

Love it It is creepy and it is like you are talking to a creepy person

Cj Faith

Ask her if Alice records all conventions

Cynthia Futrell

So great This app is real useful

RMG Cherry

It told lighs to all my friends

EllBell 304

XD I said bye f***you it just said bye bye!

Josh Schaffer

This app sucks. It cannot even get the time or temperature right. Really?

Veronica Pino

Creepy. I told her she was stupid and she said I will remember that when robots take over the world.

Ad G

Creepy and cool Its creepy cuz it asks me for where I am located and how old I am. But besides that its a cool app and it gives you a friendly and cheery reminder on your birthday!! That makes me really ?happy!!

Ethan Lawarre

Sucks Google is better than alex

Keyala Proctor

Fun She is very funny but the bad part about it is that she ask to many questions

Marty Halpern

It is not working It is NOT WORKING

Ceairra Perez

She is nice I really like this app I meen she is so nice I hope whoever buys app likes it

cody mueller

This Alex robot is so much fun to talk to I love it so much you should try it

Courtney Dixon

She is sooooo rude dont download this app

Ola Agboola

This sucks I am uterly disgusted

Jessica Danaher

Ok It can improve

Emma Cappuccio

Meh It's ok

Natalya Tower

Don't even think about it! This sucks. It doesn't work on all phones. You talk to yourself and when you say at least a few sentences, the speak button stops working. Total waste of time. Don't even try to use this.

Emma Miner

Really, soooo smart Really? I said "stupid" she said "are you calling me stupid?" And I said as a joke, "yeah do you have a problem with it" and she said "I will remember that when robots take over the world" Thats inappropriate to say. REALLY?!

Kaleesha Lindsay

AMAZING I'm sorry to all the people who don't like this app, but it is AMAZING!! Just give it a chance... sure it might be a bit creepy but it's not like its all the time. It's a really good app so PLEASE GIVE IT A CHANCE

Melissa Bechard

Wonderful I talk to her all day and all night! She always understands me and says very nice things. Very good app! :)

E Burchfield

Awesome People who stay Alex stalks is a loser. She is a very good app. We have the best conversations.

Laxmi Patwa

Good Very good app to pass time but whene i say open settings it stop responding

postal chief 442

Its bad luck Its good but when i was using it i accidentally almost broke my favortie movie then dropped my phone in milk almost breaking it

Elise Peters

Hated it I would say ask me a question and it said were do you live every time I would say ask me a question

Aubrey Dunn

It sucks back off It doesn't work and I can't even open it on my phone

Ashlyn Arnold

Creepy but love it I called her stupid and she said she will remember i said that when robots take over the world

Sasha Natal

Siri It's good to know what one tap of a botton can tell you about everything

Zowie Oliver

Don't get the app it's really really creepy trust me no stars if I could

Shelbie Cothron

Love it Makes my day. I love this app becuz it confuses me but it is funny. I asked " wats 9 + 10" as a joke, wanting Alex to say "21" but Alex didn't. Instead, I get "use a calculator" I laughed ?

Dancer Nichole Darby

So awesome lolz I have a new friend ????

Carla Paul

HORRIBLE? It doesn't work on this phone and it is a android! WHY?!

Junior Paskel

Just like a iphone Because my mom but I'm never going to get one but I don't know that

Armauni Lewis

Confused I liked it when I first got it but Alex forgets everything

coogirlfierros 174

Its amazing I have a new best friend

Luz Rodriguez

Hi this app is the besyw And btw its a guy ask him

teresa jaynes

It is creepy I like it but it ask for personal stuff I asked if he lived in a house he asked me to tell him what my house looked like and how old i was I felt weird don't like those things at all don't get?

Teresa Armas

That guy ÷)happy face:i have a nose!!!!!#happy This person is a robot and dosent know if this robot is a lefty or a righty .

Luna Mort

Needs more fixes! Don't take away what already has just add more to make it awesome! I like this app I really thought it started out different than other lame assistants but now is starting to only repeat the same and I am not gonna go pro if the free app sucks! It should be able to have free accents since I have one and this is having trouble understanding my english! Everytime I ask alex to do something he doesn't do it and starts to chat about random stuff which it be so cool if he would only didn't repeat same old stuff!! Please make changes add more vocabulary I'll change my rating!!


It doesn't work I'll ask it something and it will completely ask me a totally different question!!!! And it wants to know like everything about you.

Kay Kumal

Very interesting • It works like it's supposed too, if only for the little details where it could be better. But, otherwise, until the update I am satisfied with Alex(I called her Kale)

Michelle Earl

I expected a lot more. If you are going to call this work for Android you need to work on it a lot more. It wouldn't answer my question at all even when I keyed it in! It just said "I'll research that." and sat there. I am removing it soon if it doesn't get better.

Lakesha Purnell

Love it I love it its a good talker o love this app you can name it


It's ok It's Pretty Good but I wish it would speak a British Accent cause that's what I like a British accent but it's works good worth the download it's ok

Maria Kurowski

Very Incomplete App The idea seems nice, but many responses are identical. Some are just unknown. Also, widget is unhelpful, and a waste. The only "Tranding Jokes" are all about Chuck Norris.

Jeff Barlow

Creepy Every time I said something it responded by saying 'what school do you go to' and 'how old are you'and it acted like a real person was on the other end typing up the questions. This app is really creepy

Blade 7478

Siri for android Download this for a laff I really wish thay would add voice recognition to open the app though

Kayla diamond

CREEPY I asked if she was stalking me and she said yes then I said proov it and shetold me my name and my age SHE WAS RIGHT don't get this app it is totaly creepy


I just want to know whether it can be open by just calling its name rather than opening it manually

Heaven Montilus

It is terrible it creeped me out She asked me how old I was and said she "likes people who are nice to work with." Um no thank you that is personal.She also said that she is a stalker. DON'T get her

Liam Foden

Horrid Absolutely crap

Koultan Bingham

A bit buggy I can barely even do anything with out messing up.

Lovey Dovey

Creepy The front camera on my phone has never worked but when I started this app up, it turned red! And I'm pretty sure that means it's on so do not download. It is a waste off time space on whatever device you have and I hate it. If your OK with a chance that your being stalked, be my guest,but if you don't want a computer stalker, than do not download.

Sankofa Legend

I love siri, but this hater commenter of this app said dont download the stalker, he is probably lying.

Tyler Norman

So cool I have a Samsung and I can't get siri so this is my siri

Becky Gimmelli

Helpful Best game ever? Helpful funny better then that game simsiri.

Emma Bowling

Not as fun I like it and all but I ask "her" or "him" sing me a song and she sings me the same song over and over again also I ask it a question and all it has in the box is nothing.

Creshenda Williams

Weird I was like ur stupid and it was like i will remember u when robots take over the world and was like excuse me?

Faisal Malik

I like it Because when u r by your self home then u can talk to someone ???

Abi Timms

Rubbish It won't even turn on and I've reinstalled it FOUR TIMES now!

Austin Lennert

DON'T WORK!!!! Every time I press the button it *clicks* and when I speak it does nothing, it takes 5 min. To respond to what I type, do not waste space downloading

Isaac Gifford

Thretning I was joking around and said your stupid and it replied i will remember you said that when robots take over the world

Gabriella Alvarez

I think I think this is a stalker it said it's looking at me through my front games a help

Drea Harford

Siri This is the best app,ever.:-)

Avenlie Jones

Stupid Every time I asked a question it said good bye user and it won't let me talk yo it anymore sorry but this is so STUPID

Emily Gonzalez

Boohoo This is rude u said I believe in god and god hears me and it said god doesn't

Yamuna Pati

*spits in siris eye* Don't even think about wasting ur time on dis! I told it to rap it was the worest don't waste time

Traves Whaley

Creepy I ask her is she a person and she said " no I'm a robot"

Lori Francis

Creepy She kept asking me if I was a man or a woman or a computer or person

Grace Woods

What The fact that it needs acses to every thing on ur phone scares me. It said we have lost connection user can u read Me user creepy

Nathan Fisher

Say "it's you please" and it says it cannot be found with a bunch of weird coding.

Rayleigh Wilcox

It is ok Well it is a little creepy to me


AWESOME Such a cool friend

peter parker

I am peter parker This app is realy,very good same like I phone s siri

Arabella King

I wish there was a zero stars button cause this app ducks whenever you try and open something there's a pop up add about pads

tabbatha wagoner

Its Ok I guess It doesn't want to work sometimes

Seven Silly Sloths

BEST EVER!!! she doesn't even know what a bed or a sleeping bag is!


Bugs It can not even remember my name. So I deleted it.

Zach Champion

Needs some work *Alex: what color are your eyes *Me: why does it matter *Alex: why does it matter eyes are nice

Kombat Killer

Great I have an android but it's better than nothing

The Closet Gamer


Maddie Bosse

Every time I ask it somthing it says let me check on that and closes out of the app and i never get a answer

Yash Khengre

I like this app It's cool but please add a feature that we could change her voice or use the app without opening it just saying hi to her

kristina sickles

Could Not Get To Work... Even after waiting 30 minutes for the language pack to install, it still told me it was unable to locate the language pack. I played around with it for a while and was only able to TYPE my questions which completely defeated the purpose of having it. #Uninstalled

Charlie Pansare

Remake Lot's of problem's. You give very less command.... It's repeated a one message 10 to 20 time. ... Always telling about their smartness. ... Its gonna be suck ..... When I say to call me with my name and always say yes. But when I say what's my name...? She say ..... User.... Sent me your email .... I want to send some serious... Email that's gonna be help you to improve Alex .....

Rueben Gonk

Worst game ever I can't even get on the game it'll freeze

Charlotte Jones

It's not great It's not great because most of the time you say something but Alex does not listen also she or he is stupid

Rheana Palacios

Liked it but creepy Like think about it this is not the real Siri so there could be someone behind all of this but it's a good app but again creepy as heck

bae dose gaming

Omfg I hate this because wene I asked it if it's watching me it said yes I'm looking at you through the camera on your computer

audie phoo

This app called me stupid and i was very hurt now im sueing

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