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9 Dec
AlertID Mobile

Posted by AlertID, LLC in Lifestyle | Dec. 9, 2014 | 78 Comments

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AlertID Mobile
Live Safely with AlertID™.

AlertID’s mission is to help people live safely by providing a secure way to receive trusted public safety alerts and share information with neighbors. Visit us at

AlertID provides important alerts from trusted sources that you can use to keep your family safe. We provide local crime information that covers more than 80 million people, sex offender alerts that cover 270 million people, severe weather, fire, earthquake, volcano, hazardous material and other alerts across the US.

Secure Social Network
We also provide the Secure Social Network that is used around the world and lets you create public or private groups and share information safely and privately with neighbors, friends and coworkers. Critically, we do not scan the contents of your posts and sell them to advertisers nor do we claim that we own anything you post. We want you to share information knowing that you are safe.

We work with great organizations like the National Crime Prevention Council (McGruff the Crime Dog), the Department of Justice, and law enforcement agencies across the country. AlertID has proven to help people reduce crime rates.

AlertID offers other services that help you and your family including:
•My Family Wallet – A secure, convenient way to protect your family members, including pets.
•Homeland Security Reporting – Report suspicious activity directly to authorities.
•Emergency Alerting System – Free for schools and any other organizations.
•And much more.

We will continue to rapidly expand our coverage map and add new information, resources and features to help you keep your family and communities safe.

By downloading this App you are agreeing to the AlertID Terms of Use -

Whats new

    • Easier to securely communicate, share information and receive important alerts and messages.
    • New ways to see your maps, groups and alerts to help you personalize how you see what is important to you.
    • We have added hundreds of new cities to our crime reporting alerts.
    • We now provide sex offender alerts in more than 40 states.
    • We now offer crime information for England.
    • Add your pet’s profile to My Family Wallet to help you find your pet if he or she ever goes missing.

AlertID, LLC part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Dec. 9, 2014. Google play rating is 75.1874. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

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Brooke Price

Worked one time This app would get five stars if it worked. After the first hour it stopped working. When you click on it all you get is a black screen with their logo at the top left. I am using this app on a HTC desire. Very disappointed it isn't working.

Yvonne Washington

Needs some work Regarding Groups, I can never seem to click on "Schools". It's always as one group up or one group down. Notifications sticks on the loading page. The app crashes quite frequently.

Travis Confer

Nexus 5 Won't work. Can't register through the app, so I registered on their site. Then I still couldn't log in through the app. The blank spaces don't specify what to put in them. I could be filling out my last name, email, or password... But I don't know because I can't see what it wants me to put in.

amy ernst

Good app, some issues When I try to click on the settings button or the other button, they very very briefly pop up then go away. I can't even see what my options are because it disappears that quickly. Also, when I hit the refresh button (? little circular arrow), it takes my map all the way to the middle of the ocean by Africa. I like the app, but these issues earn it 2 stars from me :-(

Loretta Harry

Novel idea, terrible programming. Menus close inexplixabley after seonds, unresponsive to nearly half of all taps/clicks, no clear way to delete your account, change email addresses or remove all notifications or alerts. As a consequence, I will now receive email alerts forever, despite removing the app and not wanting the alerts. The app also only shows alerts and info near your address, making it a huge hassle to look at other neighborhoods you might frequent or plan to move to. The app runs laggy to the point of being infuriating.

Royal Ottmar

Doesn't work very well On my Samsung Tab. I have the same problems as others seem to

Tina Blair

Thank You This App. helped a friend find out her daughters best friends father was on the predator list. She showed it to her daughter & her daughter is no longer going to the friends home. Thank You!!

Preppy Jock

it still doesn't have the metric unit. i wrote them one email suggesting to add the metric unit long time ago. nothing happened. i sent them another email recently, they still haven't changed. so i am giving it a one star. the rest of the world is using metric system. and lots of apps have that, too. it can't be that hard to do. i will change my rating if they add the metric system.

Shannon Shea

This app hardly works. Keeps closing and turning black screen. Needs work. Not helpful

Dudley Walsh

Will not allow address or city. I want this to work I am an alarm tech my stock S5 is not the problem.

William Etter

Trouble Loading First alert comes in fine but details load very slowly. Also distance from my home are very inaccurate. Uninstaling and reinstalling to give it another try. [Still not right, I'm done]

Ryan Potts

Broken Doesn't work. Can't exit app unless i force it to close.

Tracy Brown

Doesn't work properly This app force closes all the time :(

Ryan Jones

App does not work as described Nexus 6. Text entry does not work properly. Map does not work in any form (satellite, hybrid, and other). Great concept, horrible implementation

Matrix Dufek

Uhg Wish this worked well. So many bugs its like a crackhoes mattress. All menus only stay open for 2 seconds, cant refresh cuz it takes me to freakin Africa, and cant change any options, it does nothing. Just annoying...

TJ Eagle

Horrible Could even sign in to do nothing. Worst program I have seen. Don't bother to instsll.

Janice Lindsay Colao

Won't launch Just installed and the app won't launch. Completely useless. Uninstalling.

Debi Corriveau

This is a must for all. I really recommend this highly.

Nona Johnson

I uninstalled this app until today...someone broke into my home...I won't delete it again.

Jamie Jamie

Galaxy 5 The app seems like it would be informative. .. if only the tabs weren't closing and I could read the info without it closing. .. it's useless like this. needs an update! Thanks!

Lars Dennert

Meh Incomplete info compared to other apps. It seems to just post they're own info. Not really a social app for neighbors to discuss crime in the area.

Theresa Sanchez

Can't get the app to work. There is no way of know what information is need in each field. I signed up via the website but I still can't log on through the app. If you fix these problems then it would be a great app.

David Barnard David Barnard

Im sad After a day when launching app will go to a black screen, try to reload still a black screen will wait for a reply here, as i could not find any trouble shooting pages on the main site.

Lisa O'Riordan

Very informative

Kimber Bradley

Just what we need

Anastacia Melendy

Good but doesn't allow use without gps I think this is a great app but I hate that it requires your gps to be turned on to use it. I keep my gps off and don't see why I should have to turn it on to get more information about alerts near my home address. I have no problem hand entering the addresses I care about in the system, I wish you could disable the gps requirement.

J Jazz

Fix the dang bugs The map doesn't come up i my area...takes FOREVER to unload. Junk

Lee Harker

Don't Like it! Your doesn't work! It just stopped working it doesn't load it just opens to a black screen. It forces closes everytime. So I am uninstalling.

samantha richards

Not user friendly..... There is an issue of not know what icons mean what, takes forever to load from screen changes. And last but not least you cant just hit the back button to go to the previous screen

Michael Grant

Meh Locks up my phone. Sends alerts greater than my distance/range. Tech support doesnt answer.

Sheri Barsoum

Irritated I love what this SHOULD BE but hate that it's crap! Nothing loads properly, the map is just a grid, I barely get info or alerts for MY actual neighborhood, and honestly there is no real information given about the actual incidents... Now I remember why I uninstalled it the last time, shame on me for thinking it might have gotten better... Get back to me when you get it fixed for real this time! :/

Dee Soule

Good when it actually works! 9 times out of 10 it freezes on start up and is useless. When it does start up its a very useful app. Fix the crash issues please!!

Diana Woodrow

New Alert ID App Not working This is not working on my Android .. I am getting the New Alert sign, I click on it on my phone but it just brings up the community map.. I was getting bombarded with this new sign now today nothing..I'm not getting the messages in my Gmail like I always did..I was able to click on the message click on the map at the rt and see where the crime was located .. Not getting that message now..What's going on ?? I go in to see if everything is set up and it says my Alias is in use .. WTH ...I've had it set up like this for a yr and a half.. what changed?? 5/3/14 Some of these issues have been resolved.. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5/314 For a very long time I have not been able 2 get my Notifications on my HTC 1 and Now my Samsung Note 3.. It always tells me Alert--Something has gone wrong please try again-- I have reset and checked everything..I uninstalled and re-installed and still same message..Please help..I also do Not get all alerts like fire and earthquakes and weather alerts....

Jill McKenna Reed

Terrible Constantly forgets my home location, doesn't update for days and then does so all at once (often update alerts are a week old), shows me alerts for random states or areas, crashes upon opening...

Heidi Solterman

Not current The alert map isn't current like the website. Keeps shutting down. Not user friendly, not sure what any icons mean. Needs a lot of work.

Teresa Loomis

No Alerts Every time I get a notification, it gives me an error message. Can never read what my notifications are. Uninstalled and reinstalled to see if it will help. If it doesn't, I'll be deleting it for good. Please fix!

Dan Osborn

Too bad Probably the worst app interface I have. The map disappears for no reason. Can't scan to other areas. It's too bad that the developer doesn't have more skills. The concept certainly is great.

Daniel Gallegos

I want to love it, but it sucks... Every single aspect needs to get fixed I want this app to work so I can keep up to date with crime in my neighborhood, and communicate with my neighbors, but everytime I turn it on it crashes or doesn't work right in one way or another. Too many bugs to describe. This is a seriously useful app, but it doesn't work right at all. One star until the update gets released.

Tara Tabler

Terrible App This app sends you notifications that are two days old!! I have never received an emergency notification the same day. A lot of good that does!!!

Jordan Loza

All messed up The map doesn't even load. I can see where anything has happened. Gonna uninstall for now

Preppy Jock

it still doesn't use the metric unit. i wrote them one email suggesting to add the metric unit long time ago. nothing happened. i sent them another email recently, they still haven't changed. so i am giving it a one star. the rest of the world is using metric system. and lots of apps have that, too. it can't be that hard to do. i will change my rating if they add the metric system.

Raul Rodriguez Jr

Horrible Downloaded this app and won't even allow me to create a profile and when I did it said invalid user name or password but yet it matched what was sent in my email.....waste of time...if you guys can fix this and get your ratings up...then, THEN I'll redownload and try again

Cindy Taylor-Lalla

Personal info To register it says personal information. There is 2 lines there. I've tried different user names and email. None worked.

Jenn Nelson

Ugh Doesn't work nearly as well as I had hoped.

Elizabeth Work

Its a pretty good app Could use some updates but I love the concept!

Kelli Boyer

Waste of time! Most ridiculous app I've ever seen... It takes forever for it to let you create an account then when you finally do, it won't let you log in! Uninstalled!

Sean Cooney

Map doesn't load properly Map layer does not generate and is replaced by a grid. Icons for alerts are too small to be relevant. Sticking with the mobile browser version.

mikell williams

Showing stuff in my area from 2 years ago, and when i refreshed it took me to africa. I believe it has potential, it just needs some fixing.

Serena Bunch

Great idea App wont let me sign up. Shows partial info. Then I registered online, try to sign in ERROR. SO as great as the idea the app is only good if it works.

marshall durr

Does not work Installed app, only to have it not work. After entering information, it says to enter valid domain..

Rhonda Amador

Terrible! It asks you to fill in information in the app, but it doesn't tell you what information it wants then when you hit next it tells you that you have missing information or it's not filled in right. Also, the map doesn't even load. I saw it on a friend's phone and it was great, but has been terrible on mine.

Miriah Lee

Doesn't work Wont let me sign up. Doesnt tell me what information belongs in the boxes, it's just blank boxes. A friend has this app and loves it but unfortunately it wont work for me.

Michael Burke

A bunch of bugs This app has a bunch of bugs, such as the back button not working to exit the app. Wish they would fix and polish the app better.

Shannon W.

USED TO.... I used to love this app on other devices but it will not work with my Lenovo Yoga 2.

Diane ceja

Crap App try to log in won't. .1 time works with Facebook then doesn't I can run and chase crooks by the time this works..uninstalling

Eric Howe

Buggiest app ever! WOW! Where to begin?! When prompted for personal information, you're provided with blank fields with no indication of what to put where! Force closes in between screens and during setting adjustment. I could go on but won't waste my time...

Donna Bailey

I just installed this on my mobile phone yesterday and it worked like a charm. Today it does not work at all. It won't bring up any information, just a blank screen. I get my alerts on my PC just fine but the app doesn't seem to live up to it's potential. I really hope that can be fixed.

megan parcelluzzi

Can't even make an account I can't even make an account it keeps saying please enter a valid user name there isn't a spot at all to make one very disappointed

Adell Guittar

Adell Guittar You can not even create an account. Information does not show up. Just blank spaces labeled personal information, Area, and password. With two spaces. SMH:/

Barbie Lynn

Delete I can't even login. I tried to create a account with the app doesn't work so then I tried the website didn't work either!

Alan S

Barely launches Installed and logged in....tried to set map to standard and then nothing but crashes left and right

Topper Bottom

Ugh.. Can't sign up. When I fill in the boxes with the information that I think goes there, it keeps telling me that it's wrong. So then I go back and change it to what I think it might be again only different, that doesn't work either. When a map popped up on my screen, I zoomed in on the tiny icon I wanted to look at, it kept getting more and more tiny! I think a first grader could have designed this app better.

Staci Riddle

LOVE IT! Love that it has every sex offenders location in my area, and alerts me of new ones. I feel my kids are safer for it... Thank you!

Aaron Blevins

The worst app from the worst company I tried this "free" service and found that while it is a good idea this service is not. All I want to do is to delete my account and their web site will not allow me to log in.

John Waudby

Crap!! Absolutely crap app. Crashes and doesn't work. Uninstalled

Jo'Von Callaham

It sucks I will continue to use the web version as the app will nit even recognize my login info. When I first tried to login, I received a message saying my home address was incorrect. The 2nd time, it told me that my password was incorrect, so I asked for an e-mail reminder, which was an hour ago. I still have not received it.

Erin Lombard

Map won't load Had to go inline to create an account. The map don't load! Waste of time and data!

mike rowe

Unable to log in! Although a great idea! Clearly just a copy cat of next.door. once you have multiple apps. It's makes it extremely hard to have your neighbors all in one place

Sarah Daniels

Keeps shut down On my s5 and it work update past 2014 and keeps closing

Sophia Dougherty

Awful, worst app ever This is the most annoying app I have ever used. The only thing it "alerts" me to is the weather. I get a minimum of 2 emails an hour about the weather. There is no unsubscribe link on emails or on the actual website. Changing the settings does nothing. This app is a scam. Don't bother with it!

Jessica Mason

Fix your App! This app is horrible! It won't even allow me to sign in. Deleted it!

Donnie Epps

Such potential :( Thus could be a great app. However it doesn't seem supported. The emails are great I get notified of near by accidents and etc.. sadly I don't see them on the app. If I try to refresh the app it relocates off the coast of Africa. It also doesn't clear old messages. You will see user and weather reports from years ago.


No Longer Works This app use to be great. Over the last couple months, I no longer receive push notifications. I do occasionally receive email notifications, but the link in the email does not work. I hear more from my community FB page than I do this app.

cherie carey

Doesn't work I got an email that there was a crime in my area. The app did not show the same crime.

Ali Shade

I cannot make an account. It doesn't tell me what info to put in so i guess and then it says i entered wrong info

Corey West

Updates Needed Maps don't display correctly and app crashes when you try to change map type. Also, signing up on the app is a headache as input fields are blank leaving the user to guess what info is required.

Alta Holly

Useless Could not get past the creation an account. Kept saying invalid. Had same yahoo account for years. Finally uninsatalled.

A Google User

Alert Id Has this app been shut down? Nothing loads, no push messages, broken links, cannot get reply from support? What gives?

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