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6 Jun
Alarm Clock Xtreme & Timer

Posted by AVG Labs in Tools | June 6, 2016 | 163 Comments

Apk file size: 7.7 MB

Wake up gently to your favorite music and avoid accidentally disabling your alarm with Alarm Clock Xtreme!
NOW with sleep tracker!

Our smart alarm clock includes features that prevent excessive snoozing and get you out of bed. It also comes with built-in timer, stopwatch and brand new sleep tracker.
Join over 30,000,000 people who already installed our alarm clock apps and rated this one 4.7 stars!
Download the premium and ad-free Alarm Clock Xtreme (with sleep tracker, timer and stopwatch) NOW with just a low & easy 1-time payment!

This is more than a simple alarm clock; it’s highly customizable and allows you to wake up in a way that works for you and even helps you sleep better:
♪ Set your morning alarm to slowly increase in volume and wake you up gently (crescendo)
♪ Use the extra-large snooze button to prevent you from pressing ‘dismiss’ accidentally
♪ Force yourself to solve math problems in order to snooze/dismiss the alarm
♪ You can even have the snooze duration decrease in time after every snooze and set a maximum number of snoozes
New! Sleep Tracker - get insights into your sleep quality and start sleeping better and have more energy during the day!

Alarm Clock Xtreme features:
✔ Music alarm – choose your favorite music
✔ Crescendo – gentle alarm volume ramp up
✔ Random song alarm
✔ Math problem solving to snooze/disable
✔ Extra-large snooze button
✔ Nap alarm with countdown timer
✔ Decreasing snooze duration after every snooze
✔ Set a maximum number of snoozes
✔ Auto-snooze
✔ Auto-dismiss
✔ Built-in Timer
✔ And much more!

New! Sleep Tracker:
✔ Analyze your sleep behavior and trends
✔ See sleep quality by day of the week
✔ Get sleep scores, based on your sleep phases
✔ More sleep features coming

Stopwatch Xtreme is also built-in into our alarm clock:
✔ Our simple and reliable Stopwatch Xtreme can help solve all your timing needs. Use it to keep track of split/lap times and total times down to 1/100 of a second. Use this feature for games, sporting events, work, science experiments, etc.

Find the settings that help you get out of bed and start your day right.
Download the premium and ad-free Alarm Clock Xtreme (with sleep tracker, timer and stopwatch) NOW
with just a low & easy 1-time payment!

** Important Note: your phone must be on for the alarm to work **
* Sleep Tracker is available for devices with Android 4.3 and newer

Whats new

    * Full Android M compatibility for alarms, stopwatch and timer
    * We’ve brought back the widget
    * Enhancements and bug fixes

AVG Labs part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update June 6, 2016. Google play rating is 93.1657. Current verison is Actual size 7.7 MB.

Download alarm-clock-xtreme-timer.apk 7.7 MB


Tomas Barth

Basic function doesn't work It's not possible to change default ringtone on Samsung S5. Only Morning flower for any kind of alarm, which is more like Go To Sleep-sound.

Jelte Wolbert

Good, but the update messed some things up. Deleting my 'old' alarms and recreating them did help. But I still miss somethings... Like the 'shake time' I always used 5sec,now it's 1sec standard... Can't find where to change it. All the extra settings made this app the most perfect one. Now it's sort of back to a basic alarm. Less 'xtreme'

Jason Hall

The best Simply no other alarm clock has the features and usefulness of this one right here. Better than stock or any other alarm clocks I've tried. I'll use it forever.

Kordereau Sellers

I would (and did) pay for the old version, after update I will no longer use I had previously given the app 5 stars, and I really did try to make the update work for me...but it's now over with this app and I. I grew used to something that I had used every day for many years, now it's ruined for me. The previous version woke me up 99.9% of the time, since the new update I have yet to wake up when I had originally wanted to. I had even paid for the full version to support the developers after all they had done for me. At this point I would actually pay to have the old version back.

Neil Singer

Best multiple alarm clock I looked at many alarm clock programs before selecting this one. It's got everything I need. My only small complaint is that despite the major overhaul the program recently got, there still appears to be no way to sort the list of alarms to see the nearest future alarms first. I'm much more likely to want to check tomorrow's alarm than one for some random day next week. It would be intuitive to list the alarms in their scheduled order.

A Google User

Perfect! For alarm features it is great, setting up daily changes in schedule for complex schedules, etc. I thought this app had a timer already, but I may be mistaken by an app that has a similar interface. The timer is ok for some things unless you don't know the time you need to mark! I will upgrade my review when you add the stopwatch feature, thanks. Review updated!

Rachael Winnie

Does everything! Set multiple alarms, pick and choose days and times, wake up to built in sounds or pick your own music, customize snooze, make yourself solve math problems to snooze etc.....Never had any issues, always works. Also the interface is very user friendly. Been using it as my morning alarm for at least four years now across three different phones.

Teri Inverse

Few issues Fix the auto dismiss not dismissing. Where did my back up and restore functions go? Give us ways to organize our alarms for people like me that have 16 of them.

Czarandoms Eruditorium

If it ain't broke... AVG removed the silence button from the math screen. This wakes up my wife. No good. I want it back. AVG screwed it up. I've used this for maybe 4 years now. PLEASE FIX THIS. Also app does not go away when an alarm is dismissed. No good for when I'm using GPS. Please fix this too. Third edit: also doesn't turn the screen on when the alarm goes off. Edit 4: why remove the snooze, shake, math etc. features from the timer? Can you email me the old APK? Please?

David Bruck

For All Your Alarm Needs Does everything it says it should and has not failed to wake me up when it was supposed to, even with my volume off it turns on volume to go off.

Julie Annett

Digging the updates At first the new look was a bit jarring, but after a few days I'm really appreciating the new features. I've always loved the app, but it's even better now.


An Important feature is gone. !! It may look better at many parts this update ---- but I lost my most used feature " the ability to see when my next timer will trigger on reap time --- Before l, when I want to take a short nap - I will just set timer for 40 min and sees what time would be at then if it is going to be 4:05 PM - I will change timer to 34 min so that I will wake up at 3:59 -- and it is gome :( plsss do not drop my most important feature of all time.

Christian Garey

It's all it needs to be! It's an clock that wakes you up, so don't be alarmed if you were expecting more. I like this app way more then my system alarm. I used the free version for about a year which has little adds and finally decided to support the app by purchasing it. Thanks 5/5

Merritt Langley

I've used this program for years and years The most recent update removed some features that I used constantly and initially chose to pay for this app because of them (as opposed to using the fully functional free version). Things like increasing the difficulty of math problems after snoozing, or being able to completely remove the snooze option for alarms that were for reminders (and not for sleeping), completely hurts how I've always felt about the app.

Tomaz Stanovnik

new update can't find all music files New update works fine, but it doesn't find all music files on my phone. I had a song for my alarm in the old version, and after the update it doesn't play anymore. The "find music" feature doesn't show it at all, and if I add it to the ringtones, it registers it, but when I preview the alarm, it plays the default ringtone. If you could fix this or give to options to revert to the old version, it would be great. Any suggestions as to how to fix the problem would also be greatly appreciated.

Terrence Trezvant

A COMPLETE 5-STAR WENT TO A 3-STAR I been using this app for years. Why the change of interface? I downgraded to 3 stars because that move was totally unnecessary. IT TAKES FOREVER FOR THE INTERFACE TO LOAD WHEN PICKING MY MUSIC OR IT JUST STAY STUCK ON LOADING. Before this change of interface I never had this problem.....ever. Fix this problem and I'll upgrade it back to 5 stars. THIS IS PERSONALLY AND DIRECTLY TO THE DEVELOPER.

Victor Chacon

Best alarm app for hard to wake up people! I have been using this app for over 2 years, and it's captcha option is what wakes me up. I got used to the old look, but the new one is very impressive and I love it. Very intuitive to set up and use. I hope they include a "edge" version of the samsung edge.

Emma Pang

Love the ability to personalize your own alarms. But. In the previous version, I could adjust the amount of time that I had to shake my device for before it shuts off. Now with the update, I can't seem to select the duration of which I have to shake my phone for. Is this really gone or that I just can't find it? None the less, LOVE this alarm clock :D

Michael Molash

I hate the new look I am disabling the alarm now instead of snoozing and over sleeping constantly. The new design is awful. As someone else said, I would pay for the old version to come back. Thanks for ruining a good thing. FAIL

Warren Delamar

I liked this app quite well before the update, I had been using it for years. However, it now takes nearly a minute to load the interface to pick my wake up music. In addition, I do not care for the new interface. This upgrade feels completely unnecessary and counterproductive.

John Klocek

All I need No need for any other app. Flexible, Practical, Easy to use. Done. :-) Also, I love the new update; it's an even better interface, and it looks great! Keep up the quality work!

David Timpe

Time to start alarm app shopping Downgraded to 2 stars because next alarm widget removed, dismiss button on alarm screen now, UI unnecessarily updated, feature set reduced. Sad to not have my favorite alarm app any longer.

Doug Peters

The best alarm clock out there! Works great on my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 & Droid X. Never seen a better app for alarm clock stuff. Recently updated and still the best.

Terry D

Used to love it... not anymore Snooze goes off every 5 minutes instead of 10 (what is set in setting in two places). Dismissing alarm does nothing, snooze still goes off, waking up wife because I often leave on the bathroom counter as I'm getting ready.

Nick Ward

Top App! Installed the free version, and it worked well, but I hated the adverts. I simply installed the paid version, and they magically disappeared! This is a brilliant app, and does exactly what I need. Highly recommended!

A Google User

Great Alarm to OK Now! Used old phone to update and see if I liked it.. It's OK but the backgrounds are horrible and the smaller font within the app is a downgrade.. You know some of us are getting older and the smaller font is not user friendly. Something to think about. Won't be updating. To important of an App. 5 stars down to 3 stars

Donabed Kopoian

Love it! One tiny issue. I love this app as always. One thing. On a Galaxy S6, the phone requires unlocking before inputting math for snooze or disable, which wasn't a problem on my old One M8. Fix that and I'll give 5 stars again.

Jacob Torgerson

Almost perfect! The music browser went to crap after the update though! It used to use the default browser but now it uses its own... I have 34GB of music and it tries to load them all at once rather than allowing a filter.

Jeanne Probasco

Using Samsung note Great app. I sometimes need an alarm when my phone is silenced. This app does the job when I set it up this way. Purchased the upgraded version (well worth it) ...snooze, dismiss, repeats certain days, etc. - extremely customizable. Kudos to the developer???

Timothy Patrick Hinkle

Backup Feature Gone Lots of users are unhappy with the recent update. A number of features present in the previous version are missing. The new look is nice. The app is still meeting my alarm needs, thankfully. The option to create a backup of my alarms seems to be gone; I'd hate to have to set them all up again.

Steve Powell

Very good I really like this app for an alarm clock. It's great. I'm not sure about the timer. About a year ago, the ringtone I selected for the timer kept getting changed without my doing it. It was a disaster because I'd use it for meditation and forget to double check the ringtone, and some horrible tone would call an end to the meditation period. I don't know whether that's finally been fixed - I found a different app for meditation.

Richard Saville

Looks much better now I used to hate the design of this app, but they've done a great job of modernising it. It has all the features you'd ever need, and simply works very very well. Recommend, and well worth the money for the full version.

Pamela Davies

Very Reliable Alarm Clock I use this app many times every day. The option of selecting days of the week, skipping the next scheduled alarm, changing the ringtone, continuing to ring until I turn it off, repeating weekly, allowing many different alarms to be scheduled at once for different times and days, labeling each alarm are all important and work very well for me. Making different alarms specific colors would be nice for color coding the alarms.

Jack Dixon

One of my most-used apps... Update: Latest update broke the ability to use songs from playlists as alarms. The app searches and searches but cannot find my playlists. Please fix this. That feature was the main one that convinced me to buy this app. I'll change my rating back to five stars when this is fixed. Original 5-star review: Great flexibility and detailed settings to tailor each alarm for its purpose. Very nice app.

Jd M

Functional no more Liked the app. New look, not so much.New failure to load music: fire your developer and testing team. How can you possibly release w major glitch. Seriously. You took something, simple and easy to read and made more complex, and not more pretty. The addition of what day the alarm would be is good, however. If u are going the background route, I want to use the old one or one I choose, not one your unfortunately not really a designer figured out.

Andre Watson

Critical bug, hold off If an alarm is going off and you are attending to that alarm (aka answering a math problem), and another alarm goes off, it will set the second alarm to a "missed alarm" state. Now, if you dismiss that original alarm, the second alarm will never go off again. Thanks for making me late to work guys.

john blair

Loved this app, paid for it too! Too bad I'm looking for a new alarm clock. The old version worked great! Since the update, I have missed several alarms... I have multiple alarms set, and the old version worked flawlessly, since the update I never know which alarm will fail to work. And forget about shake to snooze, it simply dismisses the alarm and I end up being late. Please roll back the update or make the old version available.

A Google User

From great to typical AVG crap More permissions for no reason whatsoever, fugly look, but still no way to account for holidays. Sticking to the old version until it stops working. Curse the bloatware peddlers and their shroom visions about app development.

Huttser Anway

Dislike the new UI An option to switch back would be nice, also being able to completely remove the snooze button is a feature I already miss. Very displeased with paying for one product and getting "updated" to something I didn't want.

Ross Frank

New version buggy I really like the redesign, but please fix the auto rotate. When the phone rotation is locked, there is no issue. I am not able to disable the alarm when the auto rotate is on. Makes for a rough start in the morning.

Adam Rodriguez

Omg why... ... Why did you change the way we were allowed to search for music for the alarm? Now instead of being able to search through folders for a song, every song on my SD card shows up as one large list. This is a terrible way to have to look for a particular song cause is listed by a songs mp3 id tag. I have hundreds of songs on my phone and to look through each of them to find one song is impossible. If I can't get back the old method of choosing music through folders then I will have to be using a new alarm.

David Higginbotham

Best Alarm Clock EVER! Solving math problems is a fantastic way to wake the mind! I can set multiple alarms using my music and tweak my snoozes anyway I like!

Jason Rhodes

I recommend this alarm I am a bread man getting up about 2:30am every day and I set the alarm it wakes me up, hasn't failed me yet and it's better then a traditional alarm clock because if you lose power at your house it still works

Dwayne Hartin

Best alarm clock (app) This has been the most reliable alarm clock (app) I've ever had. I like solving the math problems to snooze or turn off!!!!!

David Timpe

Time to start alarm app shopping Downgraded to 2 stars because next alarm widget removed, dismiss button on alarm screen now, UI unnecessarily updated, feature set reduced. Sad to not have my favorite alarm app any longer.

Kenneth Taylor

Does everything well Works flawlessly on my Droid Turbo. Love being able to slowly fade in a favorite song for a stress-free wake-up alarm. More features than anyone needs, probably... the designers really thought of everything on this one.

Matthew Lyon

Dont ask for my rating again When I pay for apps, I give ratings of my own accord and will; asking for a rating in-app is, personally, like shoving ads down my throat. Perhaps, developers should offer incentive to accomplish ratings for their own benefit or agenda, however, not annoy paying customers with popups. This isn't Hulu's subscriber service.


Useful older features removed Setting number of shake seconds and removing the ability to save an alarm on hitting the back button appear to be gone, but these are minor gripes on what is a very useful and functional bit of software. Math problems have all but eradicated my compulsion to bash snooze.

Jean Sebastien Waltz

Still love it, but... I have an issue that started to appear... my alarms wont sounds if "locked" and not plugged in, which feels counter productive in a way. Didn't used to do that before and I don't know why it started to do that. Please help?

Ade George

Can't select Music Alarm Not sure what's wrong with the app but I can't assign music alarms..when I clickclick on just shows a spinning circle and doesn't list my music...not sure if its because I have a lot of music but that shouldn't should be able to show the folders in my phone so I can select the track I want. Please fix..everything else works.


Why Admob, Mopub & location tracking in paid version? I paid for an ad-free app, however it appears that Admob & Mopub are both attached to this app. And location tracking is enabled? Let me guess, "time-zone" determination, right? /s

Ernie Adsett

Too much music!! I rated this 5 stars yesterday but then I set it to alarm with music. It sure got me out of bed!! It wouldn't shut off no matter what I did. I was about to take the battery out when it finally rebooted. I sure won't be using the music option again unless there is a new version that works.

Mark Permann

Agree with review by Matt Mitchell - they have removed functionality we paid for. I also do not want a snooze button, and I recall that you could back up and restore alarms & settings, and that seems to have gone missing also. For that, this app is "Just OK".

Josh Hutchison

Not working in marshmallow When your phone is not used for a while in Android 6.0 some non essential apps will be frozen and their notifications won't show. This is called "doze". Alarm clock xtreme is one of these apps so if you put your phone down when you go to sleep, the app will get frozen and not show your alarm 8 hours later when you need to wake up.

Paul Tompkins

Easy to use - Lots of options Most useful alarm app I've used so far. I keep at least a dozen alarms per day. Only thing is transferring alarm configs from free app to non-advert one. Wish I could just transfer a config file, but had to set them all up again manually.

Daniel Chiodo

Not Reliable Paid extra to get the paid version and it no longer goes off at the time set. Have a new LG G4. Was working when I first bought the app a few months ago.

Pamela Rafferty

Alarm Xtreme I bought this app like 3 or 4 phones ago (6 or 8 yrs) & I've loved it - BUT with this new phone i got in April you will not acknowledge that i own the app! All you let me download is the freebie (usually the freebie automatically turns into mine within a few seconds) - What Gives? Also a complaint about this one this time is that when you have the timer going it IS NOT showing the "end" time as it always has in the past. Which is quite important! What happened to that part of the app?, please fix!! Thank

Jacques Reulet

As Advertised It takes forever to load my playlists, and I don't for the life of me know why there's no option to remove the snooze button. But aside from that, I get to wake up to a different song every day. Tough to give that less than 4 stars.

Beverly Trulson

I'm VERY HARD to wake-up! This app accomplishes that task and, mostly, I don't wake-up irritated! Think bear in hibernation and you'll understand how much I appreciate this app for getting my butt out of bed! Maybe not awake but vertical which is a good start!

Emily Fern

Was better before the update Before the last update I would have given this app five stars, but the update removed a lot of things I loved. Even the basic main screen for setting alarms has become less easy to use. I don't know why changes were made, and I wish the people involved with this app would revert to the old screen and the original options. I'll be looking for a new alarm program and won't purchase this one again unless the developers restore what the update removed.

Lawrence Nolan

Great app I use it for multiple weekly recurring obligations alarms, tracking clothes washer and dryer times, timing exercises, etc. But it is the user interface I like the most. Very happy, use it on my tablet and phone.

A Google User

Was Perfect! Update: every time i exit the app, it shows the stopwatch time in my notifications!? Previous: For alarm features it is great, setting up daily changes in schedule for complex schedules, etc. I thought this app had a timer already, but I may be mistaken by an app that has a similar interface. The timer is ok for some things unless you don't know the time you need to mark! I will upgrade my review when you add the stopwatch feature, thanks. Review updated!

Douglas KuddlKat

Works great, but... I have a bug in the music selection where it displays each title twice. Selecting a song highlights both but the radio buttons are still only one at a time (you can select either of the pair). Doesn't affect anything besides being annoying, so I still gave it 5 stars.

Scott Bee

App is Decent, Didn't notice much Difference in Paid vers. I've had this app in the past, and there was an option for "No Snooze"? I'm not sure what happened to it, but it would be nice to see it again. I don't want to always have to hit snooze, sometimes I just want to turn the alarm off. Other than that it's decent, and easy to use

Sanzhar Jekeshov

1 star atm Reason is next: I rely on alarm to much. And I really love this application. But after I rolled up to official android 6.0, alarm app is not ringing, until I wake my phone by unlocking or pressing power button. I guess, when phone "hibernates" the process of alarm is also feels a sleep. Due to it few times I was late on my work. Please, I ask you a solution or fix. Until then 1 star. :(

Eric Strandvold

Lots of Features Great alarm, all the features you could want. I especially like the option to solve a math problem to turn the alarm off

Wingus Krunkle

I would like the option to set the duration of a timer's alarm sounding off, so I could set a timer to beep for a certain time only and then turn off on its own.

A Google User

Because they removed the backup and restore features that made this alarm clock app great but since the changes in this app it now supports sucks. I paid for the pro version and email the person who wrote this application. And I explained what happened to the backup and restore features that this alarm clock application used to have built in. And he wrote me back and said he had to take it out of the app to make it compatible with the new Android versions. My advice is don't you use anything from AVG Soft

A Google User

Dissappinted with recent update I loved this alarm app, LOVED IT! Used it for years, recommended it to everyone but now with the recent update I've had to find a new one. It no longer has the option to continue doing math each time you snooze. It no longer gives you the eta for when the timer will go off. I contacted support about it and they said they would be fixing the issue, but nothing has been resolved. Instead of an upgrade, it was really a downgrade and disappointing. Sadly uninstalled :'(

John Andrea La Russa


Deborah Leininger

Alarm Clock Xtreme I use this alarm on a daily basis to wake myself and to set reminders for things that I need to do at a certain time. Alarm Clock Xtreme is a very valuable app that I couldn't navigate my busy life without. Also it is quite simple to make adjustments to times as well as add and delete alarms. I thank you wholeheartedly for a well designed app!

Justin Chiu

Great app Only complaint is the dismiss button is too close to the home button. When I'm half asleep, I somehow press dismiss by accident more often than never. Late to work :( early for lunch though! Should make the dismiss button smaller.

Lee Wilkinson

Avg? Edited: thanks for the responses but the fact still stands that the app I paid for is no longer delivering the options I originally paid for. Just a huge disappointment all round and it's odd in itself that an antivirus company would want an alarm clock app. Ironically it rings alarm bells. No ulterior motive, right guys?

Phlis WSRandVF

Ok Bought pro to get rid of annoying ads. This is the best of a bad bunch really but not worth 5 stars

Chris Wood

DOZE Hey AVG, when you going to fix the Marshmallow Dose issue... You know about it. You've had plenty of time to address it.. This is UNACCEPTABLE! You took my money so either fix your clock or refund my money.

A Google User

Hmm This morning I was surprised to see an icon on the screen that lets me silence the alarm without having to do math first. Why?? This defeats the entire purpose of the alarm. I can't find an option to turn that off.

Daniel Dallos

on Android 6.0 (Samsung S6) I have missed alarms. If the device is in sleep e.g. for 8 hours, then the alarm does not happen. When I wake up the device later, sometimes (not always) the alarm (the missed) happens.

David Andrews Beebe

After marshmallow installation alarm stopped working and I keep oversleeping. The frustrating part is I preview it, check the setting that the alarm should sound even if silent, then after it not going off once I tested for 30 minutes later with the phone down and it worked, but then again went to bed, tons of battery left, and the alarm didn't sound and I missed my second morning meeting. Also read in another review same issue and followed advice by uninstall and install again and still didn't work.

Jamie Willingham

Coming soon from AVG: NOTHING!! LAST UPDATE ALMOST A YEAR AGO! NO RELEASES SINCE! Another month gone! Backups broken. Auto-dismissed alarms show up in Notification area regardless of Notification settings. AVG promissed a bug fix, never happened. No longer the app I paid for. I'm done with anything that has AVG on it! I own a Galaxy S3. I foolishly upgraded this app on it. I don't do upgrades anymore, because they usually break the app on my phone. AVG never released the bug fix they promised. It's been so long since the last release that AVG will likely completely break this app for the S3 when they finally do (if ever) release something, so downloading a new release is not an option for me. AVG should put previous version in Play Store. I'm not buying a new phone just to use their app!

Matthew Sampson

BEWARE! WILL NOT WORK IF PHONE DOZES I reported this month's ago but still no fix. If you forget to plug the phone in and your phone goes into the power saving doze mode, this app isn't programed to override it. Your alarm won't sound until you plug in phone or you shake it enough to wake it. This can be HOURS after alarm should be sounding. Uninstalling app. Devs won't fix. You've been warned.

Larry Clipp

New issue When I try to set the alarm for 2:30 am it automatically goes to 3:30 am. Nothing I do seems to correct it. It doesn't seem to do this for any other times.

Donnie Darko

DON'T USE UNTIL IF ON MARSHMALLOW! Google has introduced the Doze feature in MM which turns off non-essential services when phone is idle. This means that applications HAVE to be rewritten to bypass this feature. This app was last updated a year ago so won't have this code in it so YOU CAN'T RELY ON IT TO WAKE YOU' - as I've experienced many times! Use the native system clock app until it's updated or you will miss that plane/train/funeral etc!!!

Duda Andrada

Alarm doesn't go off Sometimes the alarm does not go off and it shows it's on for the next day when I know it didn't ring. I put never snooze and never turn off yet it does. I missed critical meeting because of this, I will not give more than 2 stars until it's fixed

Tina Ho

Apparently I missed the memo that it isn't compatible with 6.0. It works half the time, but if my media sounds are turned off, it doesn't ring (and I checked 'ring even on silent'). Then I kept the media sounds on, and it didn't even show a notification that it rang silently. :(

Roger Rigby

Was a 5+, until a marshmallow killed it. Worked perfect for years, then it stepped on a marshmallow. If Android 6 puts your phone in "Doze", (ironically a feature designed to ensure you have enough reserve battery for your alarm to wake you), then this app does not function. I wish it was not the case, but it is. I am not uninstalling, as I hold out hope that a fix is imminent; but I am reluctantly startling my wife with the default app without the gently ramping up of the volume.

Jacob Nelson

Doesn't always go off Since updating to Android 6.0 (Galaxy S6) my alarms don't always go off. Just now my alarm went off 25 minutes late, and another day it didn't go off at all. (Thankfully I have a backup alarm through another app, but this is still my favorite app, so it would be nice if this worked reliably!)

Matt Johnson

Useless on Android 6.0 Some mornings the alarm goes off as set and the other mornings it doesn't. It's like playing Russian roulette with my job. Emailed customer support and no response. All I can find for troubleshooting tips is uninstall and reinstall. Did not solve the problem. So glad I paid for this.

Brian McKinney

Did not wake me up Been using this alarm for years from amazon app store. Recently purchased off play store to give the devs credit. After updating Note 5 to marshmallow, alarm only sounded when I checked the time on my phone ten minutes after the alarm was supposed to go off. Would rate 5 stars if it worked like before marshmallow.

Laura Cat

Unreliable on new phones Never had issues until I Upgraded phone from galaxy s3 to a s7 edge.... couldn't figure out why sometimes alarm would work and sometimes it would not....reading comments saying it has to be plugged in charging? Gonna see if that's the trick. Very Disappointing as I've used this app for years. Unfortunately this app is not equipped to keep up with new technology.......

mike lewis

Nope. Update screwed it. Well, that's a shame... I never minded that the interface looked like something out of a 90's hacker film... Extreme Alarm Clock was the best alarm clock I'd ever used. Now the alarm doesn't work at all, and the interface has been dumbed down, too. Please release another apk of the original app. That would make this right.

Seth Koenig

Fix Marshmallow Problem! This is not new and improved as it states. It is not compatible with Android 6.0! The alarm will not work. If you have Marshmallow, DO NOT PAY FOR THIS APP until it is made compatible. Waste of money otherwise. When it's fixed, it will be a great app.

Amer Ahmed

Marshmallow bug Have you guys sorted out the marshmallow bug out yet. Will increase score once I can use it again :)

Drax Drax

Simple best alarm :) I am just wondering why it needs internet access?also, it would be great if it was possible to: 1) select multiple snooze options (eg. to have big button and volume buttons) 2) have auto snooze as soon as you hit dissmiss button in order to solve math problem

william frame

Works when it wants to? Simple to use, has unique ways to set and dismiss your alarms But I have to agree with Rob Sporcic about the horrible update as I would pay again for the old version.

Riku Ruotsalainen

Lacks the option to disable the mute button. This app is great. However, the sleepy morning me is not. I end up just pressing the mute button while solving math , going back to sleep and missing all of my alarms. I'm kind of astounded that disabling that isn't an option. I'm gonna have to refund :/

jg fisher

Alarm clock Continues to be better as each incremental improvement enhances the app. Great work, folks! Very adjustable with the ability to utilize the music inventory of the device. It is well engineered. Excellent!

Ben Arneault

Potential security issue I like this alarm app, but I noticed that it bypasses my lock screen when disabling an alarm. Not terrible; but if my phone were stolen, the thief would just need to wait until an alarm goes off before having complete access to my device.

Daniel Quackenbush

Good alarm Still can't back up alarms, so must reset them, for example when extreme needs reinstalled because it glitched. Still after over a year of use, even after reinstalls, alarms set to silent still go off even when phone itself is set to silence. Really irritating when in a movie or other place where silence is needed. So I must turn all alarms off or shut down phone.


Simply perfect Simple to use, fully featured, and it works very well. Couldn't ask for better. Just don't forget to turn the volume on and turn off "do not disturb", otherwise when you finally wake up you will see that the alarm triggered properly but silently.

Darren Mooney

Unpredictable! Is it just my app that keeps going once you have turned it off? I have 3 alarms 2 min apart to make sure I wake, but despite dismissing an alarm, it keeps going! The phone re-locks itself once I tap dismiss, alarm keeps going, I then have to attempt to turn phone on, enter security pattern and then swipe down, find the alarm, then dismiss again! In the meantime I've woken my parter up because this has taken 20 seconds due to being asleep trying to accomplish all this! Why guys?!

Rob Sporcic

TERRIBLE UPDATE New update is a big step backwards. People liked this app for the simplicity and many features. New update removed features in exchange for appearance. Lost ability to disable snoozing (max snooze = 0). Lost the ability to set default alarm screen orientation. Another key feature leading to my purchase of this app. I'm really upset I have to find a new alarm clock app now. Even newer update removed AM and PM from next alarm! LOL! KINDA ESSENTIAL FOR ALARM CLOCK APP. I would pay $$$ for previous version.

Myles Chartrand

Doesnt work after update. Missed an early exam because of it. Wish I didnt waste my coffee money on this app.

Bill Phillips

Could have been a contender The only reason I paid $2 for this app is that Samsung dropped the sound selection for its timer (not the alarm clock) and gave only one horrendous tone. This app has multiple tone selections for the timer, and I found one that I liked. But, setting the timer, or the alarm clock, on this app uses only that scrolling numerical roller that I'm assuming Apple invented. Truth is, the scroller, however cute, is more cumbersome and slower to set than a numerical pad.

Chris Orford

If it ain't broke... This app is fantastic, I've been using it for several years and it does the job very well. However, in the latest update when running the app on my Galaxy S7 I am now unable to switch off the alarm notification, I can switch off timer and stopwatch but the option for alarm has disappeared. I'm a big boy & I know I've set an alarm, I don't need an icon on display 24/7 letting me know that's what I've done! Any chance of adding the 'hide function' back again. Thank you!


Very cool app... I recommend this cool clock to everyone. Very simple and reliable. Never failed me. Always on point. ??

Dan-Albert Pierce

Does everything I need or want With a varying schedule, I need an alarm system that allows me to quickly edit settings, such as what days an alarm sounds "this week". Other apps I have used require several steps, but this is as simple as opening the particular alarm, such s time to get up for work, and click on the days to set or unset that alarm. the creshendo function is very nice for work. I set a 15 minute alarm to creshendo, and I am the only one who hears it start. I quickly dismess it and back to my job assingment. I never wake my wife, as I dismess the alarm before it is loud enough for her to hear it.

Bruce MacLean

Great Alarm App No complaints, except that when setting a timer, the notification menu does not update with the remaining time. Other than that, great app! I love the feature where you set math problems (along with the difficulty and number of problems) to either sleep or disable the alarm (this helps me from subconsciously turning off my alarm).

A Google User

Perfect. UPDATE: Not perfect anymore Never had a problem with this app & I use it for work in the morning + other needs at night. For years I have loved this app and latest update has removed features and is no longer reliable, so now I need to look for another one. Really sad, honestly. Why mess up good thing?!

Chuck Tripp

Great alarm app!! My only complaint is that it won't power the phone on if it's accidentally been shut off. Found that out the hard way. Great app otherwise. Only one I've found that actually wakes me up.

Ryan Brown

Double charged to work I bought this app on the amazon app store and once phone took marshmallow update, it stopped working. Current version on Amazon doesn't support marshmallow so I had to buy on here to keep current. What a joke.

Hejji Darling

What a wonderful app! It's really nice and handy, and the customization makes it very easy to customize the alarm according to your waking habits. In addition, the stopwatch and timer functions are also handy for daily use! Definitely worth the purchase price!

Kelsie Bateman

Used to be great I used to LOVE this app, but a recent update messed it up! A) there is no longer an option for zero snoozes. B) even with volume crescendo turned off, the first second or two of an alarm is at an extremely quiet volume before switching to the set volume level. I use several alarms for very specific applications and now this doesn't work for my needs. I'm on the search for a new app, but ideally these issues could be fixed here!

Jay Shriver

This used to be my main alarm clock for months, it was solid and dependable. I gladly purchased the paid version. When I got my nexus 5x, the party screeched to a halt. The app was broken under marshmallow and the devs were amazingly slow in releasing an update. After six months of being unusable and me moving on to another app (Timely), an update was finally released (a year after the preceding update). I'm back to using the app, but I'm still unhappy that is took so darn long to release an update. Would an incremental marshmallow fix been too much to ask for while the devs were developing their latest version of the program?

Anthony Hunsberger

WONT STOP BUGGING ME TO GIVE IT 5 STARS ~~~~~~Update: It won't stop nagging me to rate it 5 stars. It looses another star which is a shame because otherwise it's a good app and deserves 4 stars.~~~~~~ Have to jump through hoops to change alarm or just delete and recreate. Then it has the audacity to prompt me to rate it 5 stars. I would have given 4 stars, but any program that annoys me to rate it automatically loses one.

Laura Jaehnig

Just what I needed I have a horrible time getting up in the morning. I've hit the snooze in my sleep or even turned off the regular alarm then woken up late. I've set the solve a math problem to snooze or dismiss on this app and now find I have to wake up enough to snooze or dismiss. No more waking up wondering what happened to my alarm. Awesome!

Rachelle Schutt

Just upgraded after years of free I felt since I have depended on the free version of this app for so long, it was time to upgrade just to give them props for keeping me on track all throughout the day, every day, for years.

Dave Stowers

THE ONLY ALARM/TIMER YOU NEED!! ***2016 update (5 yrs strong)*** This is the only one I use and endorse! Fully featured for the novice and advanced functionality for even the power user. Lightweight, Responsive, Easy UI/UX. Full of options from countdown timer to vacation suspension. Put your reminders on autopilot... Install this today... Set it... and "DON'T" forget it!!! Support this dev to keep the features coming for this awesome app.

Nikie Chance

Dependable I have had problems in the past with 3rd party alarms not working properly. Not a problem with Alarm clock extreme. Definitely worth the 1.99 for the paid version too!

Dorian Cara

Please increase the size of Dismiss Button Is too small, it's boring focusing every time i want to dismiss the alarm


Would give 5 but... You need to know the lock code to shut off the alarm on my Moto E Android 5.1 phone so if I'm not around to shut it off I guess they'll have to break my phone to shut it off because the battery is internal and it lasts a long time, it's a really good alarm clock though.

John Robertson

Best Alarm Clock By Far!!! This Alarm clock app is not only 1 of the easiest apps to use especially when coming to it being an Alarm App, but its also the best of the whole bunch. 1 thing that makes it great is its settings that let you manage it a hundred different ways easily & it also has features such as a stopwatch that you can pause & do jogging laps & recall them later. It has a timer option on it for cooking, timing a task, or timing a route so you know how long it takes in the future to get somewhere!!!

Vanity Acefake

Used to work but now... this was my favourite alarm clock but since update it won't even open. Just crashes. Using note 4.

Brianna Greer

Great alarm I love how the alarm starts out really quiet and gradually gets louder. That really helps you wake up peacefully.

Drew Keating

Every update, this app will break and not wake you up in the morning. It removes itself from the notification bar thus android will shutdown the app from running in the background and will not go off at the set alarm time. An unreliable alarm clock is unacceptable. Uninstalled. Nexus 6P default android

Mark Coggeshall

Nice features for the difficult to wake Solving arithmetic requires more wakefulness than pressing a snooze button. If you need math to wake up, get this app.

Thomas Hansen

It Worked for 1 week. The free one failed to operate a few times after 3 years. Paid $1.99 and it works perfectly! For 1 week. Just takes up space now. Time to give up.

A Google User

Had to reinstall. This app is NOT Marshmallow-compliant at all. 6/6/16 update SLOWS MARSHMALLOW devices to a Crawl. Useless. The new Sleep thing is ruining it. DO NOT CALIBRATE THIS. No alarm backups. I have installed "I Cant Wake Up Alarm", sorry AVG, u screwed the pooch and us. 3/9/16 APP HAS SUDDENLY STOPPED WORKING, NO ALARMS ARE BEING TRIGGERED, the only fix is to turn OFF Battery Optimization in Marshmallow settings. Then alarms work again (developer hint: check the phone version). OLD: Can app play asap and/or go directly to location (for asap preview) of an alarm's sound? OLD: Can add choice "Overwright this profile?" To "Save to another profile already listed"? FIXED: Timer wheels no longer appear after cancelling any alarm! AND: Still wish they werent wheels for input!

Noah Bishop

Incredible Worth every cent. Looks stunning and works perfectly. I looked for an alarm clock app for a few days, and ended up with THE alarm clock app. Really, this is probably the most polished and useful app I have. If you haven't downloaded it already, you won't regret doing just that.

Eric Kilroy

Used to be great until I updated to android m App worked extremely well until I updated my phone to marshmallow. Now it crashes every time I try to select the artist for "random song by artist." Really disappointed because this is how most of my alarms are set up

Steve O'Neill

The best alarm clock app! Highly recommended. I used the trial version for a few months and found it easily the best alarm clock app available.

Tim Simard

Fix it! This app USED to be my alarm "go to", but after the last update, it just stops & resets itself. This is quite frustrating & has caused me to be late on multiple occasions. I'm currently looking for a replacement for this mess...

Kathy Bowen

Works every time I can set multiple alarms to ensure I don't snooze through the beginning of the work day. Also, helps me remember to take medicine at the proper time.

A Google User

Loved the free version so much, had to get the paid one to go ad free. This app is awesome^10. Recently, my phone started freezing up and I was late for work. Now I have a new phone and made certain that this was one of the first apps I looked for to install. Another new phone and now I am thankful for the volume control! Newest version is even better, thank you! 9/9/16 - still can't live without this alarm all.

Jesús García

Great and robust alarm. Recent changes have been a step back though I've been using this app for years and I love it. Many recent changes I consider have been a step back (I. E no zero snoozes anymore) I'm personally not a fan of the sleep talking feature. One feature I have always missed it is the possibility to create a variable alarm e.g. I'd like to wake up every day exactly when the sun rises (which is based on my geographical location). This feature would be great and I how you consider implementing it. Many thanks

Michael George

Everything and all I want in an alarm clock I don't really need lots of fancy features, just a clock that will crescendo, so it won't wake my wife, and a configurable snooze. I found this one years ago on the Kindle fire and it was just right. Now that I've moved to an Android phone, I decided it is worth getting the non-free version. Sure, there are tons of free alarm clocks out there, but I really like this one and its worth buying!

Alan Brown

Simple beauty I have used this app for years now. It is simply an amazing alarm clock for my smartphone. Nicely updated GUI. Easy to set up and use. A simple yet exceptionally useful app! Kudos to the development team. Over a year later I still use this app daily! One thing I discovered by accident is that if I tell Google to set a timer for a certain time or set an alarm, it uses this app to notify me! Love it!

Tim Pettit

Essential. Good med reminder. An excellent app I continue to use. Tried free version then paid to support dev. I FIND THE "skip next" option very useful. I set it to ring same time every day, as reminder to take meds on time . If I remember to take pill before reminder rings I use "skip next" to put off without ringing for the 24+ hours until next repeat. That way it rings only when I need it.

Jimmy Scott

One of my first reinstalls After resetting my device I make sure I grab this right away. My only improvement idea is allow some sort of setting sync, either through the app or Google play services. I am having to go back and figure out what settings and sound names I used previously. This app is so reliable I never had to go in to recreate settings so I don't recall what they were. Well made app!

Rachael Osguthorpe

Excellent, but can't remove snooze option I especially love that you can have several timers running at once, stock galaxy s6 clock doesn't have it, stock Google does but not enough customization for alarms. This app does it all! Really nice UI too. One problem though is that there isn't an option to disable snooze button, so lose a star sorry.

Gary Feidt

Good alarm, but may not be for everybody They took away options (no snooze), and after my suggestion to bring one back they have not done so... 1 year later I'm done with this app, even though I paid for the fully supported version

robert henderson

This has worked perfectly for me, for what I needed to do. It is so funny reading the other comments, because so many people do not like the notification of the next alarm time. I can't go to sleep unless I double check that my alarm is set. So I guess it is a case of to each his own. Maybe the developers can make it an option to turn it off eventually. Please forgive any errors as this was voice dictated on the fly.

Brad McIntee

Fantastic, that's why I bought it It's awesome. It works. Suggestion for improvement: holiday and long weekend detection based on location so that you are prompted a day before. If you ignore the prompt, ring the alarm... But at least users have the chance to leave regular alarms enabled and still enjoy a long weekend or holiday

Peter Midgley

Very nice and full featured but no longer appears in notifications I originally installed this on my Note 4 because the date and time of next alarm using the built-in alarm clock didn't appear in notifications. At the Marshmallow update this feature stopped working so I'm currently using another alarm clock app that does show date and time of next alarm in notifications.

M. Nasir Khan

New version with nagware sucks I have been using this app forever and gave it 5 stars last year. Not any more. Since the sleep tracking features were introduced, they are thrown in your face EVERYTIME YOU START the bloody app and it pisses me off. This is unacceptable and not why I paid for this! Uninstalling this for good.

duane m

Apparently, I can perform simple math tasks while asleep I depend on my alarm clock, just as most people do. I am glad I can change the difficulty of the math problems because I have a knack for taking tests while asleep. No wonder I did so well in high school yet don't remember it.

Kevin Tray

Used to be great Sleep tracker doesn't work well. I had it on the bed right next to me and it doesn't pic up movement. Doesn't have an option to remove persistent notification that takes up valuable status bar space. Devs, read the feedback you're getting and just go back to the simple great app this used to be. Make sleep tracker a standalone app and remove persistent notification.

Jim Dodd

With Version, AVG has fixed the problem with Android M. Unfortunately they introduced another problem by changing the apps alarm volume control from STREAM_ALARM to STREAM_MUSIC. What this means it that if you reduce your Media Volume, you will also reduce all Alarm Clock Xtreme alarm volumes. Normal alarm apps use the STREAM_ALARM method which allows the Media Volume to control media, and the Alarm Volume to control the alarms. The way it is now, if you want to selective silence you mobile, it won't work as it is suppose to. For example, if you turn off Alarms only, you still will hear the alarm. If you turn off media only, you won't hear alarms.

Ferry Budianto

Updates ruin everything 1)There is NO OPTION to disable snooze button. 2)Snooze by shaking device is NOT working in my phone. 3)Setting up alarm by input a number in keyboard is NOT working. 4)And i don't wanna explanation about how to snooze or dismiss at the buttons (in text). Because that makes terrible UI. Please FIX that!!!

Scott Douglas

Great, but... I like this alarm app. Reliable and full of features. However, I used to be able to completely disable the snooze on an alarm, and it seems that is gone now. My sleeping brain can only be convinced to get up if it knows there is no snooze option. Side buttons, shaking, etc... these are still options, and my brain will learn them and use them as tactics to the disadvantage of my office timecard. Help!

Nick Abbondanzio

No longer works as expected I've had this app on all my phones for the past 6 years. I must uninstall it now due to the fact that it randomly glitches and causes me to either be late or unable to snooze/dismiss. I'm sick of have to restart my phone just to get the app to stop. I hate all the new changes as well. Time to find a new better app.

Lissette Torres

Not what it used to be! It used to be 5 stars but since I purchased this its starting to suck!!! Now it doesn't show the time set on my alarm in my notifications or lock screen! Plus it keeps on canceling one alarm if I have another set AND the vibrate works intermittently! Starting to get annoyed with it!

Julian Litcanu

Thank you for the great product. However, I've set the alarms this morning at 7:30, 7:45 and 8 AM. NONE of them went off and woke up by myself late. I wish to get a refund please, this product does not work for me. ===== UPDATE ==== The alarm does not go off if the phone is charging.


Almost Perfect Purchased this app after testing the free version, it does nearly everything perfectly, and supports almost all the options I'm looking for, and yet it still randomly throws a "hey rate this app 5 stars" pop-up on my home screen. I've clicked no, I thought that would dismiss it, but it just comes back. I've already paid you, stop pawing at me.

Ingo Ratsdorf

Preview is cool idea This app has a nice clean UI, I love the preview function where you can test your set up alarm. Plus the full screen buttons for snooze and stop are great. That's what you need when half asleep.

Jonathan Shields

Simple and reliable I've used this app for years on a variety of different phones. It's simple to use, reliable, and has lots of useful features. I use the crescendo alarm every morning, alarms for recurring and special events, and the countdown timer (occasionally) as my most-used features.

William Senior

I used to love this alarm This was a great app, which is why I bought the pro version, and it still would be if it worked. Unfortunately it doesn't work when the phone's locked which I understand to be as a result of the upgrade to marshmallow. I'm disappointed that the app hasn't been updated for the last twelve months. It's useless as it is. Now rectified so returned to 5 stars.

Lee Riley

Great except for the defaults and annoying persistent alarm notification. The defaults are a pain. I don't want my speaker blasting at 100%, setting my own default would be nice. If I go to default alarm settings and change volume, it doesn't reflect my changes in newly created alarms. The persistent alarm notification at the top is a waste of notification and drop down notification space, with no ability to turn it off.

J Dattilo

Does exactly what you need Wakes me up every time. Easy to use. Lots of options for sound and snooze time as well as tests to shut the alarm off. I usually switch it up every few days so I don't get too used to anything. 10/10 would recommend.

Justin Haralson

Vacation mode not working? Vacation mode stopped working. All of my alarms are crossed of, but they continue to go off. I have tried clearing the data and reinstalling to no avail. Also, feel free to add a vacation mode toggle to the main screen.

Joshua Klumper

Best alarm clock app I have found. I'm a heavy sleeper, so I set it up to only do headphone output, and have an old set of computer speakers with a sub hooked up to it. Top that with the increasing volume, and it wakes me up, something that no standard alarm can do for me.

David Donovan

Absolute garbage Ever sense the last update my screen would get stuck at a previous alarm that's been snoozed and I can't snooze a second alarm. Have to go to main screen reopen app, select the alarm that's going off to snooze. Damn near cost me my job because I dismissed an alarm I didn't want to dismiss. I paid for this app and have been loyal for years now I want nothing from this P.O.S.

Joshua Haynes

No longer has notification bar This app as of it's most recent update, removed it's notification bar from the drop down menu. I like to keep my home screen tidy and all my apps closed, so losing this feature adds a lot of extra steps to adjusting my alarms. Optional readdition of the feature would be fantastic otherwise this update is a noticable step backwards for me.

Robert Mc Donald

Doesn't work and they refuse to update Contacted support and they didn't respond. Then they responded after I gave a poor review. They just said "we are working on it." I'm sorry but my alarm clock MUST work, I rely on it.

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