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13 Sep
Alarm Clock Xtreme Free +Timer

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Wake up gently to your favorite music and avoid accidentally disabling your alarm with Alarm Clock Xtreme Free!
NOW with FREE Sleep Tracker!

Our smart alarm clock includes features that prevent excessive snoozing and get you out of bed. It also comes with built-in timer, stopwatch and brand new sleep tracker.
Join over 30,000,000 people who already installed this app and rated it 4.5 stars!
Download Alarm Clock Xtreme Free (with sleep tracker, timer and stopwatch) NOW!

This is more than a simple alarm clock; it’s highly customizable, allows you to wake up in a way that works for you and even helps you sleep better:
♪ Set your morning alarm to slowly increase in volume and wake you up gently (crescendo)
♪ Use the extra-large snooze button to prevent you from pressing ‘dismiss’ accidentally
♪ Force yourself to solve math problems in order to snooze/dismiss the alarm
♪ You can even have the snooze duration decrease in time after every snooze and set a maximum number of snoozes
New! Sleep Tracker - get insights into your sleep quality and start sleeping better and have more energy during the day!

Alarm Clock Xtreme Free features:
✔ Music alarm – choose your favorite music
✔ Crescendo – gentle alarm volume ramp up
✔ Random song alarm
✔ Math problem solving to snooze/disable
✔ Extra-large snooze button
✔ Nap alarm with countdown timer
✔ Decreasing snooze duration after every snooze
✔ Set a maximum number of snoozes
✔ Auto-snooze
✔ Auto-dismiss
✔ Built-in Timer
✔ And much more!

New! Sleep Tracker:
✔ Analyze your sleep behavior and trends
✔ See sleep quality by day of the week
✔ Get sleep scores, based on your sleep phases
✔ More sleep features coming

Stopwatch Xtreme is also built-in into our alarm clock:
✔ Our simple and reliable Stopwatch Xtreme can help solve all your timing needs. Use it to keep track of split/lap times and total times down to 1/100 of a second. Use this feature for games, sporting events, work, science experiments, etc.

Find the settings that help you get out of bed and start your day right.
Download Alarm Clock Xtreme Free (with sleep tracker, timer and stopwatch) NOW!

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** Important Note: your phone must be on for the alarm to work **
* Sleep Tracker is available for devices with Android 4.3 and newer

Whats new

    * Full Android M compatibility for alarms, stopwatch and timer
    * We’ve brought back the widget
    * Enhancements and bug fixes

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Sarah Silver

Uninstalled after recent update (Droid Turbo) Used this app for years, preferentially because of crescendo alarm function. Over past week, despite adjusting all system volume settings and alarm settings, the alarm screen comes on, but no alarm goes off. As that is this primary function of the app, regretfully uninstalling.

A Google User

New update sucks I've used this clock for at least 4 years and never had a single issue. After a recent update, my alarm hasn't gone off 2 of the last 3 days. Sad to have to delete

Rachael Ortego

Just works The stock alarm on my phone has a tendency to not work. This the backup and I have had no trouble with it. Been using it for about a year now.

A Google User

Samsung s3 The stock alarm app on my phone doesn't work when I mute my phone sounds. So for the alarm to work, you have to allow all your other sounds to play all night. This app works even with my sounds muted. Lots of settings so I can customize it the way I want. A+!!

Silvie Wynn

It's OK. Can you add background personalization? (Pictures). After latest update, I do not like this app anymore. Before it stood out, now it is an avrage app.

Matthew Sanchez

Exactly what it says it is. I've been using this app for a couple of years now and have had zero issues with it. I appreciate the option to have the alarm fade in gently rather than just blaring at full volume. The new update makes it look very slick and the devs have my thanks. Nice work!

Patrice Ragot

Excellent app I love the fact the "ringtone" just starts quietly and the volume increases litle by litle. I can however complain about the fact that it "snoozes" 10 minutes after hitting the button, meaning after a couple of times it gets defased to 11 and then 12minutes...

Kimber Bronk

Update issues Since the latest upgrade the alarm is no longer going off. It counts down to when it should be going off and then skips the alarm and goes to next alarm set up. :-(

Sean Shephard

Great Alarm. Love this alarm. I can set my weekly schedule, select my own wake up music and most importantly, it goes off when it should! If poss add a bed side clock and it would be perfect.

Josh Harmadi

New Aesthetic Seals the Deal This was always my go-to alarm app because it's the only one I've ever used that was 100% reliable no matter what. The only problem I ever had was that it wasn't very nice to look at, but the new update fixes that by a mile. There is literally no reason to have any other alarm app, this is easily the best of them all.

Dionna D. D.

Loved the customization I like being able to change the color with a black background. [EDIT: They've taken that away and now I'm limited to their stock images.] Tuning the snooze time and obstacles, alarm titles and repetition, sounds and loudness are all great perks. I wish there was a setting for the app to turn the phone on for an alarm so I could turn the phone off at night.

Brandon LeMaster

What happened? The newest update seems to be missing quite a few options from previous version. I also really dislike that I have to select whether I want to snooze or dismiss before I start solving math problems. Old way was much better IMO. EDIT: @AVG I want to solve my math problems BEFORE I choose whether I want to snooze or dismiss. Just like before the update.

Elizabeth Good

Thank you!!! This is PERFECT. After downloading 3 other apps, finally found this one that has all I need. Can set multiple alarms and adjust the snooze time. And it tells me how many hours until the alarm goes off. Lovely!

Nizuka Arashi

Mathalarm What? Can't wake up? F*** you here's some maths questions til you wake up. 10/10

Naman Yadav

Great but only 1 problem Whenever i use this app with alarm on and phone switched off it won't work.... I am using this app from past 1 year mand i want to use this more long..... Only problem is it never ring when the phone was offline and i usually turn off my phone during night sleep ...... So please kindly add an update 3 star given only for that issue .... I will soon give 5 star when that update of the fix comes

Gavin Cook

New upgrade I seem to have issues that when you switch the alarm off it now disables the alarm totally. Never did before the upgrade. I need to remember to switch on everyday now.

Dallas Opelt

Best alarm app available I've been using this app for years and only remember a few times it has let me down. I don't like waking up, and being able to set a random captcha or math problem to turn off the alarm helps. Plus there are many other options to choose from.

Armando Hedrick

Wakes me up without making me angry I work 3rd shift. I have to get up a couple of times per day. First to pick up my kids from school. After homework is completed then I go back to sleep. I wake up the second time for work. I am sleep deprived. This alarm app wakes me up to my favorite songs and solving math problems before the alarm shuts off ensures I'm awake and up. The multiple alarm settings makes it convenient for my crazy schedule and ensures never forget to set an alarm.

terrell vann

Love it Been using for awhile but I gotta say I love the last update would recommend to anybody that hate getting up when needed

Sara B.

For previous version... I really love this alarm! It does everything and it rocks! The new update makes me sad though, cause can't change the background colors anymore... Please bring that option back! I'm giving the new version 3 stars....

Josie Gonzales

Love the app!! Have used this ap for years and love it, so glad they fixed the battery drain issue!!

Israel Gonzalez

Might Change Your Life! Math practice and a good push to wake up on time. Excellent daily use app that has totally changed my sleep habits for the better!

Jason Chiu

V4.0.1 is great Meets all my waking up needs, and makes it hard for me to turn off the alarm (nothing like doing math to wake me up). Has crescendo alarm option to make the alarm less jarring. I'm glad they brought back the select music interface from a couple of versions need to search through folders.

Frank Kosmakos

Essy to Use Use to love it. Recently upgraded. Now under Default Alarm Settings snooze alarm is set for 5 minutes. HOWEVER, when alarm goes off, snooze is for 10 minutes. Also background colors have changed and I hate it but have no ability to change it. One simple thing it does is tell me how long before the alarm goes off. Other systems I have used never did that and i would be off by 22 hours. Love it. Easy yo use.

Kelly Prohaska

The best I've had this app for years and I can't love without it. The most recent updates make the whole look and feel of the app even better.

Bekah Cantwell

I've had this app for about 3 or 4 years now and loved it. But then came the upgrade. Used to, you could adjust everything on one screen. Now you have to find the Advance Setting button to adjust Snooze and Alerts/volumes which is a pain when half asleep and trying to set a new alarm. Also it's very hard to see in the morning when half asleep and just trying to reset for 15 more minutes of sleep because of the opaque screen. Been trying to adjust for the last week, but I'm moving on.

T Peters

No longer dependable after update I've had this alarm app for years but since last update I can no longer depend on it. Sometimes the snooze isn't even an option and instead I have to enter captcha to silence the alarm. Before I always could touch snooze then dismiss the alarm. Sometimes alarm doesn't go off at all. This is an app I cannot accept bugs in and I will not upgrade to the pro version and pay for something I can't trust to work properly now. Fix it or offer previous version. Previous version was also much more user friendly

Elizabeth Stockton

Does NOT work as advertised The alarm is embarassingly quiet. I just woke up an entire hour late. Apparently it snoozed 7 times instead of waking me up like it was supposed to? Luckily I didn't need to wake up on time today or I'd be in big trouble and have this alarm to blame.

Grant Williams

Debating uninstalling I loved this app completely but I severely dislike the new look and lack of color customization it now has,I had it exactly the right color and it wasn't so strange looking. Really upset I updated especially since this has been my app for almost two and a half years now.

Kevin Aptin

Missing two features from 3.x I don't see a way to disable snoozing completely. I don't want Snooze to come up at all when an alarm goes off, just Dismiss. Also I see no way of backing up my settings like I used to do with the previous version. Otherwise the visual overhaul is nice, but an alarm should be fully functional first. Thanks.

brook small

It works really well for me. I have always been that person that sleeps through anything and everything, but this alarm wakes me up every morning.

Zero cool

What the hell Alarm doesnt go off any more !! Never had this kind of problem before but since the last update i have no faith left on this app as who want the alarm app which doesnt go off.

Christopher Sanders

This new design sticks. I've been using this app some ice had a phone and it has worked great! B UT now, first thing in the morning when I go to hit the dismiss button there is always an ad that pops up. What makes me mad is when I accidentally click it, the alarm will not writer down but I will exit the app

Terri Piasecki

Removed features Used to tell you what the time would be for when your alarm would go off after you hit snooze. I liked that feature so that's why I rated it 3 stars. The new system is much easier to follow and no problems with crashing so far.

Joey Sackett

Great alarm I use the LG G3, and I love this alarm because I can have my phone face down and use the volume buttons to snooze. I just wished the option to sound while in mute mode worked. My phone will vibrate, but not play any sound. My wife's Galaxy S6 works great.

Caleb Garner

Wakes me up when i tell it to Title says it. Plus it has Captchas and math if i know i might not wake up.

Eshaan Thakar

Great App. Amazing app. Add another option of "Calculus" after "Hardest" in the maths section. Maybe that'll prevent me from solving the problems on a calculator, dismissing the alarm and sleeping off anyway xD

Jessica Allen

Not user friendly I had alarm clock extreme before maybe a year ago and loved it. This version is awful. There is way too much going on and is not user friendly at all

michael mosheyev

Missing feature. Hey team, This is my favorite alarm. Been using it for over 3 years and love the new design and less battery consumption . Big problem though. I can't find the feature that allows me to adjust pause duration during math. I do like 5 hardest difficulty questions. Takes me about 2-3 min and I can't concentrate with the noise. Also wakes my brother up. I remember adjusting the duration of the pause . I can't find that feature now and the 15 seconds is not enough. Swift response will be appreciated . thank you

Mridul Mishra

5 star For using this app you need to qualify for two things - 1. Good in basic arithmetic, and 2. Super lazy. Nevertheless, I found this app very useful and I have been using it for for quite some time.

Imatreke Cw

Great alarm! I love the options available I wish however they did not take the ability to make it not turn sideways to landscape. I want my phone to be able to do that but not my alarm, when it turns sideways the snooze button gets too small. fix that and you get 5 stars all the way

Austin Chambers

Clock Blocked Great app! Really wakes me up, but I don't like the 'temporary mute' button because half-asleep me pushes it with ease. I also have a habit of just turning my phone off to silent it, but hey, one problem at a time. 4/5 would totally recommend.

waqar siddiqui

Everything I need in alarm clock app Snooze. Start alarm low and then gradually gets louder. Side button snooze etc. All in one package

Gabriel Aceves

I had this app for a while and it was a 5 star without a doubt, I love the gradual buildup to my alarm, but after the update it stopped working . and when I uninstalled it and tried again it didnt work and I almost slept past my final!! Its with a heavy heart I have to delete it, let me know if they fix it.

Jane Murray

Doesn't work Had this app for years on my old phone. Recently upgraded to the Galaxy S6 and now the screen freezes while the alarm is sounding. I can't snooze, I can't dismiss, nothing. I've had to restart my phone multiple times just to get the alarm to stop. I've deleted/re-added alarms and even uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Played around with the alarm settings like using the side buttons to snooze, still nothing. Reluctantly moving on to a new app.

Matt H

Haven't had anymore issues lately. Very happy with the app. I like the recent updates, and I am glad that you brought other features back.

Angie Jay

This app use to work BEAUTIFULLY for the long time that I had it... until I finally came around to updating it (I waited on it for a while). Now the app will randomly black out on me and freeze my phone when I try to go to it... and will NEVER come back until I uninstall and reinstall it. That is a HUGE hassle bc I have a ton of alarms I constantly need to redo. I'm about to just find a new alarm if this issue keeps happening.

Christopher Stradling

I've used this app for several years (about five) now and until it stops working I will always wake up to my three math problems. Best way I know to wake up!

Samantha Ketcham

Really surprised and disappointed!!! I've been using this alarm app for a really long time and never had an issue until I updated.This alarm has failed to go off about four times now.I rely on this app solely to wake my daughter and I up everyday and to keep my appt's.What's up with this? Pls fix.Thank u.My daughter had to be at school by 5:30am this morning and the alarm did NOT go off.Luckily I woke up on my own with just enough time to get her there without her being late. I checked the alarm and it still said, next alarm [email protected]:15am.Really?

Joe Russell

Fantastic I picked this app up after I heart radio's alarm clock stopped working. I like the fact I can make it difficult for me to hit snooze or turn the alarm off. Very pleased with this app. Simple, but does want I need it to very well.

Eric Croswell

Great App Much better than the preinstalled app that came with my HTC ONE. It has an option to solve math problem to cancel, which is VERY helpful in preventing accidental dismissal of an alarm... Saved my booty already!


Wonderful I have been having problems with my alarm that came stock on my phone but this alarm is great. It allows me to choose different options to snooze and dismiss and it allows me to use downloaded music as an alarm tone. It has so many options and is loud! This alarm was just what I was looking for.

Alan Riddle

Latest update sucks. Wish I'd never installed latest update. All kinds of issues now. Switch to alarm clock by Macropinch in Amazon store for good alternative.

Lance Harman

Fully functional Schedule recurring alarms by weekday and also comes with a timer and stopwatch. The fade in for alarms is nice so it doesn't wake you abruptly. Would be 5 stars if the ads didn't jump in front of the "dismiss alarm" button causing you to click them accidentally

William Owen

Alarm problem Everything works fine - customisable, looks great, etc - But every time the alarm comes on, it only plays for a second then it immediately snoozes??

Errol Lawrence

Has potential Unfortunately my samsung s6 standard alarm came without 2 features I really like so I was looking for those features in a new alarm clock. 1. Unlimited snooze. 2. Some kind of puzzle to turn the alarm off. This alarm had both of those but it lacked some other basic features. You can't snooze alarm with home button and snooze screen does not appear when phone is locked (90% of the time before an alarm ?) the only snooze option without unlocking the phone is the side button and then only the volume up

David Ekiss

I did like it... After Marshmallow update on Nexus 6, alarm would not go off. I uninstalled and reinstalled as suggested to others and didn't fix it. I would wake up late, click on side button of phone only to have it start going of at that time and not 20 earlier like it was supposed to.

Tequila Rheams

Alarm count down TOO small I like this app, but the update from earlier this year changed the face on the actual countdown screen to something so tiny I can't see it unless I'm holding my phone. I would have given 5 stars.

Susie Ford

What's Going On?? Suddenly my alarms won't go off!! I've had it for ages and could rely on it but now the screen appears but no sound. What can I try please, Devs? Or it's Find Another time. :-(

shane omac

Been using for years and now uninstalling as 2 alarms were set last night and both didn't go off this morning making me 30 minutes late! Not impressed!

Jillzy Poe

No walk in the forest Like many of the previous people I have used this app for years needed to upgrade my phone and when I loaded the app on to my new phone I found it was missing the alarm tone titled "walk in the forest" I don't like any of the other sounds. So disappointed.

Sarah Mullen

Just started setting it up and it isn't working I just downloaded, opened it and started with a new alarm. I tried to set it up to wake me to music. The song "Never gonna leave rhis bed" seemed appropriate, but it wouldn't even save the setting. I tried it again and again and I could not set it to wake me to music. i was very disappointed and will be uninstalling it.


Not going off ! Seems like Doze is not letting the alarm go off... What is strange is that it's not systematically happening... But still, it happens and I cannot rely on this app anymore :(

Sulaiman Muhd

Missed alarm? What does it mean? Even though I've set the auto-snooze and auto-dismiss duration to never, I still wake up later with a notification that says I've missed an alarm. Why do I have to set 5 alarms just to counter this?

Rob Aprato

Two things missing though It needs to be able to pick a day next week as in Tuesday two weeks from now, or every other week. A single date in the future more than a week away.

Bruce Tomiyama

Works like a charm Setup on a regular schedule m-f as well as random times on weekends, wakes my fat butt up everytime.

Evelyn Lorenzo

Alarm clock xtreme free + timer I give this app 5 stars because it wakes me up when I have to go to school and you can choose your sound type

Meghan Harper

Good enough. I actually have two alarms just encase one don't work. My watch usually wakes me up.

Joe Maerkle

Does not wake up Nexus 7 Since upgrading to Marshmallow, the alarms don't wake the device up. It's not powered off, it's sleeping. When I wake up the device manually, the alarms start going off. Messages sent to support with no response, so I had to uninstall.

Alicia Terry

It's almost always great! I use this app as my daily alarm, and I've only had it not go off about two or three times in the two years I have used it. Usually an error where it didn't play the sound. I just wish one of those days hadn't been an 8am final exam I ended up being an hour late to. Still...use it though. Great app, about 99% of the time.

Prakash Somanatham

Needs to be fix the bug When call comes the alarm song should get stoped automatically. But it's not happening. Even after answering the call the song is on. Can't handle both at a time. Please fix.

Elaine Benton

Everything that I hoped for ... and more. I liked the Google clock that came with my phone but was frustrated that it didn't have a choice of sounds for the timer. This one has much more choice for the alarm timer and stop watch, as well as more backgrounds, a crescendo, laps on a timer that will mail your results to you and ... an ongoing countdown that will tell you how long you have before your next alarm will ring. It's great!!!!!

Prafulla Kulkarni

Not working after recent OS n app upgrade It's not working. Deleted all alarms and created new. But basic function of alarm not working. When I get up (post alarm time) n press lock button to see time, alarm will buzz. BUT I AM ALREADY LATE By that time.

A Google User

Very close to perfect Alarms feature has everything I could ask for and is customizable in nearly every way I can think of, plus this application comes with a timer function and default settings for both. However, it has ads that popup at the exact moment I try to disable the alarm and is really frustrating. Showing me ads when I can't even see is not helping anyone. Also, it keeps asking me to rate it 5 stars even though I rated it 5 before. They lost a star.

Cheryl Dahl

One song Should make it so we could set it to play all the music, or some music from our phone. Playing one song over and over is pretty pointless imo

Rebecca Jo Gray

Been a fan for a long time! Even when my phone is on mute for everything else, it still wakes me up! Never leave home without it!

Emily Frier

Missing feature I just got a new phone last week and this was one of the first apps I downloaded. I used it on my old phone regularly because it's more effective than the predownloaded alarm in waking me up. One of my favorite features was the +1 math problem after each snooze. I see that's gone now... part of the paid app only I guess. I wish you'd bring it back... 4 stars until you do.

George Estrada

Great alarm Always goes off when I need it, never missed a day yet, love hood start soft and then gets loud no shocking sounds to wake me up

Julie Foley

It's OK. After one hits snooze or dismiss, the alarm app should automatically return you to the app/screen you were last in if the alarm interrupts an app.

Sabria Urquhart

It doesn't play loud enough for you to hear it go off. I go to my settings to make sure everything is up and even when I test it the sound is still too low for me to hear. The volume needs to be fixed asap

Mykell-Ryan Buffum

Need to reformat for droid turbo I've been using this app for years and it has been exceedingly helpful and functional up until the latest droid turbo update. Now the alarms won't go off (or it will just be very quiet) unless I have my sound settings a certain way but the point of this app was that I could set it and it would go off consistently every time. Also, the app wont let me change the default settings to remove the crescendo. I'm not here for a gentle nudge, I want to be woke the hell up. I will uninstall in 1 week if not fixed.

Lauren Rendelman

I used to love this app, but I regret updating it because it's not as reliable (alarms are not going off, etc.) I've been using this app for years and am very disappointed in the update. wish I could revert back to the old version.

Kennedy doty

This app works really well! I haven't been late to work because it gets me up on time. I really like that it's a customized alarm and it's super easy to use.

Tami M

Wakey Wakey Nothing like waking up to the song that reminds me of my loverface... I wake up with a smile on my face everyday. ♡♡♡

Josh J

Alarm doesn't go off On Nexus 6p with marshmallow the alarm works randomly, have been late to work because of this.

Robert Timmermans

Getting used 2 it I Do wish they wouldn't change things just to change them!! If you make it better faster something.... But not just to change it without purpose.

Michelle Unda

Update disruption Had this alarm for the longest time... Now since I've gotten the updated Android system, it wont work anymore. I even uninstalled and re-installed and it still won't work ?

Dhiraj Rakhyani

Great but one feature missing post the last update The amount of time we have to shake the device to snooze or dismiss the alarm is only 1 second.. That feature is used while taking the cell phone near us.. Can we get the option back to select the time we have to shake the device

A Google User

Excellent To Dev Reply: update occurred while i was asleep. Unknown if fixed yet, so this is for the old version still. Will update tomorrow. Update 5/1/2106: still broken. Have to keep it plugged into charger for it to work. 4/19/2016 edit: After the latest Galaxy S5 update. This app has been having Issues with the alarms not going off. I think it has to do with the new app saving feature. I have tips spp excluded, so. .i don't get it. Old: Loved this app, been using it for years w no issue.

steve rudder

It's great, but.... New sleep tracker- if I plug in my phone while sleep tracker is on, my phone heats up. There are warnings about phones causing fires due to excessive heat. I don't think that putting the phone under my pillow is a good idea! Just saying....

Megan Chang

New update doesn't work Used to work perfectly, but since the newest update, the alarm doesn't go off at all. Happened two days in a row. Nearly missed an appointment because of it. **Update** I tried centering and recreating my alarms (which, with my complicated schedule, was no small task). It worked for two days, but this morning, it didn't work again. Good thing I set up a back up alarm on a different app. These bugs need to be fixed.

adli ramli

Great apps! Would be better if you add flashlight functionality in the alarm. It's annoying so I can wake up easier. Would buy it if this feature is in paid version. Thumbs up ? edit- why is there mute button in the alarm? Sometimes I can easily mute it off and go back to sleep. - - > yes, the mute button in dismiss and snooze when I want to solve the problem. I wish I have the option to remove the mute button or something else.

Steve Williams

Loved it until the latest update Works great and loved it, but the latest update puts a persistent notification in the top bar when an alarm is set. That is enough for me to look somewhere else for an alarm app. Fix that and I'll come back. The settings now only have timer and stopwatch

Carrie Ward

Don't update! I made the mistake of having the auto update box checked and this updated removing it from my notifications screen. I might have to break down and find a new alarm app even though I've used this and have been happy with it since the beginning of time. I just really needed it to be available in my notifications for how I use it.

Matt A

Only 1 noticeable flaw. The app works perfectly, the only issue I've been having is when I have my phone inside the belt clip I cannot turn the alarm off with the " side buttons aka volume" when I take it out of the holster it works as it should. Using on an LG G3. The sleep tracking is a bad idea, putting your phone under your pillow while you sleep could risk the phone over heating which could cause the solder points to melt or the battery to explode and catch fire.

Christi P

Alarm Not Going Off Because of Doze I love this alarm and have used it for years. I am hoping that it will continue to work well with this new update for Marshmallow.

Jason Murphy

I loved this app, until the recent update that puts a notification icon whenever there's an alarm set, which is always. Let me opt out of that notification icon PLEASE.

Deven Garber

Alarm Goes Off When Not Supposed to Alarm Clock Xtreme has always been a great app for when I need to get up for work. However during the recent update, the alarm clock glitches. For instance, my work schedule changed and I turned off the alarm for Tuesday. This morning, the alarm clock sounded, even though I specifically told it not to wake me up on this Tuesday. Please fix this problem ASAP!

Markus Hankins

Best alarm ever Latest update 5/4/16 causes a persistent notification icon despite the setting being disabled. Have not tested alarm, will do so in the morning and update if it has not went off correctly.

Emily Frye

Exactly what I need I love this alarm app, does exactly what it needs and the new update for sleep tracking is super cool. This has been my alarm app for the past like 3 years, and it has never failed me once. Perfect!!

Brad Dahlgren

Over the road truck driver I have had this alarm for about 9 months and it always went off on time I never been late for a delivery great alarm

Travis Graham

Still just ok No option to remove notification icon from notification bar, even on the newest version after removing and reinstalling the app. Settings only list disabling notifications for times and stopwatch.

Daniel Wallis

No more notifications Old versions of the app used to display a notification saying when the next alarm will go off. New version doesn't display this notification anymore.

Mike Economou

Pretty reliable alarm clock app. Pretty reliable alarm clock app. Lots of alarm sounds from which to choose. I like the fact that you can set the alarm sound to gradually increase in volume instead of immediately sounding off. There is an unlimited snooze function and you can set what duration you want your snooze time to be.

Andrea Fine

Easy and better than legacy clocks! Extremely easy to create any alarm for any combination of days. Easy to delete an alarm, too.

Steve Haflich

Excellent features & performance Have used on several android phones for years. Does everything necessary for a computer alarm clock, very flexible, and works well. Previous battery consumption issues have been fixed.

juanita nash

Alarm I love this for me every time...

Terri C

Easy to use Easy to set up different wake up times every day of the week.

Samantha Miller

More options Want to turn the notification bar icon off, but can't do that after the latest update. Why was this option removed? In reply to your reply, the option you suggest doesn't exist in the latest update for alarm.

Sammo H

Have to dismiss the lengthy ads before I can shut off the alarm. The popup says "Introducing Sleep Tracking" and always comes up every time no matter what I do. Please fix and I will update to 5 stars.

Moreen Miller-Dunlap

Rating for new sleep tracker not alarm Love this alarm but the new sleep tracker overheated my phone and it shut down last night. Love the app but no to the sleep tracker.

Kyle Dugovic

Alarm clock icon in top bar notifications that I cannot shut off! Please fix! After the new update there is a new alarm notification icon on my top bar! I read the other reviews and the company says you can shut it off under settings, but it is not true it only lets you do 2 other icons and does not get rid of the little alarm clock in the top bar! Please fix ASAP! I love this app and I use it all the time, but I will delete it if you do not fix that! Thank you for your time.

A Flynn

Doesn't show next alarm time on lock screen anymore :(

Kamaa Sutraa

Use to work For the past few days this alarm has not been working

Izell Green

Thanks for not making me late anymore With the Android M update.

Derrick Jones

Great clock!! I use the timer, clock and stopwatch!!

Jonathan Fortier

Good app A little tidying things up and we'll be a perfect general use alarm.

Rachel McClure

Stopped going off The alarm just stopped going off. I would miss important meetings because the alarm just didn't go off.


Good Only through the will of Allah do we wake up

Staci Long

Awesome Have been using it for years.... amazing

Austin Wilson

Great alarm! Easy to use, appropriate settings to make it convenient and efficient. Highly recommend

Ryan W

Does a good job

Joe Moutard

Alarm does not wake up a locked device running Marshmallow. Once it's fixed, I'll update my rating. It's made me late multiple times, so I believe a free upgrade to the paid version is fair. I use this app nearly every day. This is a 5 star, when it works. Lots of customization options and a great UI. Best alarm clock app I've seen. Unfortunately, it's just not compatible with devices running Marshmallow. Update: the alarm now works with Marshmallow...6 months too late. Very poorly handled by company.

Alicia Terry

Today upon dismissing my alarm with math problems my alarm went off again 10 minutes later as if I had snoozed it. It came up as if the alarm was turned off once I dismissed it with math problems again, but still went off 10 minutes later. I love this alarm app, but I can't use it if it's broken.

Brian Kelleher

Was great, now misses alarms since update Since update with the ad or whatever alarms don't go off periodically. Yesterday no alarms went off and I was nearly late for work. Will be uninstalling. Can't risk it

Doug Halverson

Alarm won't dismiss I have my alarms set up to dismiss by solving math problems. I snooze the alarm and then correctly the math problems but the alarm still goes off again at the next snooze time. I have to go into the app and turn the alarm off and then back on to get it to dismiss. This doesn't happen on another alarm that I don't have to solve math problems for.

A Google User

Use Not showing on lock screen as used to. Went through all settings. Please help to find. Maybe another reason why doesn't go off? Says it's saved but not showing on locked screen as next alarm set time and sometimes still doesn't go off in mornings.

Heidi Al-sahsah

Alarm does not work since last update Been using this for years and after the last update the alarm won't stay on...when you open the app my set alarm is engaged but as soon as I close the app the alarm set icon at the top of my phone disappears and alarm doesn't go off

Kitchen Boy

Great free app Free version gives one the ability to be awakened gradually using sounds of your choosing PLUS two timer functions that are as good as any out there. Count up or stopwatch & countdown timer for cooking, grilling or other uses. Those complaining about ads, pay the man.

kept smith

My favorite app I have been using this app for over 5 years now, and I tell everyone about it. I use the timer and the alarm part a lot. My favorite part about this app is the math dismissed, it has saved me quite a bit. You should totally download this app, you will 5 star it too.

Adrea Bailey

Works for me! There's not much to it... it's a simple interface. Works without fail. Always wakes me up. Everything I need. :)

Paul Tyler

It does what it says on the tin Nice touch... it goes off increasing volume slowly. BIG snooze button and it's free, what's not to like?

Jennifer Riggs

Track sleeping doesn't work, too many ads I have used the tracking sleep option for five nights and only two actually worked. It says I am not sleeping long enough even though I turned it on at 10pm and off at 6. Once it said I moved too much to track and another night that I didn't move enough. The sleep tracker is not worth the update. The full ads got to go. Going to look for a different alarm app.

Brad Gable

Timer doesn't work correctly Notification doesn't show correct time left. Instead, it shows one minute less than the time set.

Ibrahim al-beladi

Superb The application as a whole is superb! Regarding the sleep tracker, it lacks the starting and the ending times, hopefully, will be added in next updates. Is it raking environment's noise into consideration, because for me, I have about 25 records ranging from 13 and up to 36, I would say the average is 25 or slightly higher and it seems weird to have low scores all the time.

Fadhil Fa'Adilah

It is a really good product People seems to have problem with the latest version... i dunno why, mine seems to still work perfectly fine.

Ashlee Johnson

Best alarm clock! This alarm has never failed me! I'm not a morning person so I like the different settings for dismissing alarms, like having to solve simple math problems so I can't just turn it off and fall back asleep

Jimmie Tullis

Dependable Great app!! Easy to use. Simple in its design and extremely dependable. I always use it on business trips because I can sleep comfortably knowing this app will wake me on time!

Bonnie Beushausen

My only alarm I use this alarm app as my only alarm...for waking up, for reminders...everything! It is so easy and versatile. I love that you can choose which days the alarm is for. Simple, easy, flawless!

Ud Udulutch

8 out of 8 would rate great mate Let's me have unlimited alarms (I have them for 15 minute intervals around the times I get up so I just have to turn the ones on I need, no changing times or anything) and can set to my own music. It's all I ever wanted in an alarm.

Darth BlessYouAll

Help me please It's been working great for me... Until it didn't. I always set me alarm at 8am but nowadays it does not go off at that time. It does not even give me the time out message. And when I check my notifications it still shows that it has an alarm set for the day at 8am (when it is already past 8). I've tried to preview it and it seems all fine. But it gives this problem still. Please help!! Much appreciated :)

David Bolick

Was 5 star until ads overwelmed I was fine with the banner ads as it is a free app until now every time I set an alarm it " recommends" an app like a phone cleaner or other app that's useless. Other than that I've never had a problem with it and use it every morning to get up but now I'm going to start looking for another one.

Dyami Kaplan

the gradual volume increase makes my life easier. I am often in quiet places and this alarm never is jarring but is always effective. I like the collection of sounds and that I can set labels to my different alarms. the only thing I wish it would do differently is let me type in the times I want instead of needing to scroll

Frankie Blake

Wakes me up This app is amazing, who would have thought of waking you up to your favourite music and then maths quizzing you to dismiss alarm! Great app it gets me up!

kelly pinnell

What happened? I've had it a very long time. Never malfunctioned until recently. It doesn't go off. Made me late twice. It's been snoozing itself without even making any sound.

Abdulkarim Al-Banaadiri

Good app became completely disgusting. The advertisements are displayed every time you set an alarm. ???? willing to change the rating but this is how it will remain until it is resolved.

A Google User

Awesome I love the gradual volume increase option. This was a 5 star rating until the intrusive ads were added. I'm sure you're earning more for having them.

JJ May

Love it! This is one of the BEST alarm clocks I've had. It tells me how long I have until it goes off which is just a blessing. Like seriously. It's hard to find a good alarm clock that does that.

Adam Garden

Awesome Love that I'm able to use multiple alarms with different tones for each one so I know how close I am to being late for work, Which happens a lot less now!

Aj Gutierrez

Does what I want but.. Great app since it's one of the few alarms that allows me to plug in speakers for a louder alarm. The only drawback to this app is that it consumes too much of my phone's resources that it causes EVERYTHING to lag and even become unresponsive. This only happens when my phone is connect via WiFi or data so I'm assuming it has something to do with ads updating. Overall, I like the app for the audio out feature and that it's free, but the ads slow it down to damn much for me to really love this app.

BloodDraco LadyRedGrave

Great app Works great and I always get up on time for work I highly recommend this app it has never gave me problems and is able to be set for specific days if the week. Awesome alarm very convenient.

Julian Versluis

Timed perfection If you're looking for an alarm clock look no further, get this, it looks pretty, it feels good to navigate the menu's, everything is very clearly indicated, and most importantly of all, it never failed me, if you need anything to keep any kind if time this app will satisfy your every need!

Ty Tweeder

Still awesome. Simple Interface, deep settings and unobtrusive ads. I love answer dumb math questions to keep me from snoozing in the morning. This is a great alarm app.

Camron Hepp

Problems, late for work I have had terrible experience with this app, mainly I believe it to be my phone (s6) as well. The battery usage screwed me over for a week, alarm never went off during that period. Today I was almost late again, alarm set for 10:20 be out the door by 10:40. Alarm went off at 10:40....I checked the alarm time 10:20. OK why did my alarm go off 20 minutes after the supposed time? Better off with a physical alarm clock.

Randall Jewett

Worked great until.... I figured out that there is a sort of "silence" button on the top right of the screen, so then if I get stuck on a math problem I just just keep hitting that button and fall back asleep, and eventually it silences itself and only vibrates, doesn't wake me up. And to make it worse, the other alarms won't go off during this time. So it doesn't matter how many alarms I set. I can't find a way around this in any of the settings, this is the last time that I'm late because of this app, unistall.

Danny Noble

Good but Was perfect before the update now when you do the pull down menu it doesnt show the alarm setting like it used. Freaked me out the first time after update i had to use an old fashioned alarm clock cause i thought this one stopped working.

Greg R

Works, ads suddenly got pushy Loved it at first - now they decided to make room for more ads and increase difficulty it getting out of them. Plus they to force you to rate it 5 stars. Don't be fooled by the number of 5 star ratings - that's a scam. Just edited it down to 1 star. The full-page forced ads are obnoxious. Time to find another app. The cut/paste response to pay for the full version shows a total lack of personalized care. It's well known they get paid more for allowing ads than subscription sales. Bring back the original!

Melissa Herbstreit

Timer issue Very good alarm function. The timer, however, decides when it wants to make noise. I have 2 reminders set to go at 4 and 6 hour intervals, and more than half the time once the first has gone off and been reset, no alarms after that actually make any sound. PLEASE FIX THIS!

A Google User

Useful Best alarm clock app EVER! My old alarm was so loud and obnoxious that I'd wake up from a mini heart attack every morning. Now I can wake up to soft music and nature sounds . Where has this been all my life? I've been recommending it to everyone I know!

Steve Davis

Great alarm app It does all I need and more. Very reliable, and has a snooze option. It does exactly what I want and the two reoccurring alarms I have use pleasant songs that I never get annoyed hearing as was the case of older alarm apps.

David Morris

Like an annoying charm The app for the last two years has worked well for me every day exept Saturdays. The alarms are easy and intuitive to set with the ability to curse yourself with advanced mathematics required for turning off your alarm. Hate it some times in the morning, but the app itself has never failed me.

Robert Henderson

Simple and effective This has been a great tool. It is simple, and doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles I won't need, but it customizable enough and it works.

A Google User

Used to have 5 stars Ive had the update about a month... I haven't liked it since I installed the update. I used to give this five stars and even recommend it on my blog. The update ruined it. It barely works properly. I have had nothing but issues since I updated it. Not to mention I was supposed to wake me up hours ago but wait..... The alarm didn't go off because it is poorly programmed in the new update. Can't set songs, playlists etc even when you're supposed to be able too

Chris Bguess

New update = incessant ads I've used this app for years. I find it to be much easier and less cumbersome than the stock app. I've loved it. And because it was free, I never thought much about it. There was always an ad strip somewhere on the screen. Then the latest update....oh the wonderful fullscreen ads it brought for ever little thing. I'd have more respect for the developer.... I probably would have bought the paid version.... Had he had a little into letter that said he needed money. Succumbing to greed = me deleting app

Daniel S

Unreliable Worked well for past months. I updated to a fancy looking version but sadly I won't be using it anymore. Yesterday the alarm rang for maybe 10 seconds before the app froze and the sound stopped. Today the same happened within like 2 seconds. If I had not noticed the alarm in those 2 seconds, that woulda been trouble. There are many cool options in this alarm clock app, but they're no use if the thing doesn't work properly and is not reliable.

Ricardo Oliveira Santos

Math to unlock is just genius Almost throw the phone every morning but it's how every day is supposed to be.

Maddie Games2005

Won't let me even set an alarm dont waist ur time bying this dumb app It sucks never even click the button to install it u won't be able to set an alarm

Sandy Clark

I use this alarm every day its easy to use its never let me down ! The only thing it could do better is make me a cup of tea before waking me

Darryl Michaud

Fun options, good interface It wakes you up, and the math option makes sure you're actually awake. Solid program overall

Jason Rogers

Always working i have nit had one problem with this program unlike some other ones that i have used.

Kimberly Gale

Real Nice Love the way the music slowly gets louder allowing me to to wake up feeling relaxed.

Brandon Purdy

I like it Becoming worse with each new update

Laura Wade

Great basic alarm Does what it says it'll do. Has alarm, timer and stopwatch. You can set multiple alarms.

gretta schermerhorn

Great alarm I love all the options for ring tones. Very user friendly.

Dee Iser

Easy to use Timer is handy for breaks at work

Rodney Taylor

Alarm It gets me up up on time

Jennifer Schiavoni

Great alarm app I really like it :) :) :) :)

Love it I love this thing like my bestfreind so friendly

Jayda Grant

Loved it Is amazing great timer alarm and nice music to wake you up to

Atticus vonGryff

Alarms alarmingly well

Gunter Freimuth

Best alarm, that gives me all I need.

Pawan Kumar Gola

I am loving it

Vincent Thomason

Best Android Alarm I struggle waking up sometimes and with the original alarm it would just turn itself off after a couple minutes. No good for me! Since having this APP I am always getting up on time. It's easy to use and wakes me up! Can't beat that at all.

Scott O

Great app Great app. Been using it for years. An app that I love to hate each morning. Highly customizable with a lot of features. Create alarms all occasions and keep them stored for future use. Best alarm clock app, I've tried others before settling on this one.

Maggie Gagnon

My favorite alarm app. I like the different options, esp doing math problems to stop alarm, options for sounds and imports, multiple alarms...

Little Toy Soldier

Really useful I love it! I use it for everything. When I have to wake up, alarm for my work, my doctors appointment. It is worth downloading.

Shelsi Stolworthy

Love it! I absolutely love this alarm app i just installed! I put a fun hip hop song as the alarm tone and it got me happy and dancing!

Dave McCowan

Always reliable! Set up for work and weekends.

Jai Shankar

Great App No glitches. Does what it promises.

Collin Chandler

Love it! Great alarm clock! Very simple and great for weekly schedules

Brandon Smyth

Highly recommend

Moss Doerksen

Love it Much better than the default Android alarm clock. You can actually type in times rather than only spinning a dial. Imagine that! And for timers you don't have to create a new one for each time limit. You can have saved timers but you can also just type in an arbitrary time whenever you want. This app also has more options than the Android default, like the ability to have an alarm slowly increase in volume. Better looking imho too.

Genie Lauren

Best Alarm Clock Ever It has an alarm clock that you can adjust the snooze time for (much needed), a stop watch that can record laps, and a countdown clock. And, it's all wrapped up in an attractive interface. I use it to wake up in the morning and to tell me when to go to bed at night. This is actually the first review I've ever written for an app, and I'm only doing it for this app because I like it that much. Love it.

Paula Radder

My memory! Please give option to select no repeat - one time only alarm. When I set an alarm in the future it defaults to recurring when I only want a one time alarm. If you set an alarm with 24 hrs it defaults to one time. I use it daily to ensure I don't forget to leave on time for appointments. I am now never late or worse - a no show. I use it to remind me of favorite TV shows. I use it to remember that laundry us finished since my machine has no alarm. Great app!

Gigi Moore

Was happy with old version! Used to work great for me...everytime!!! Update: New phone- Not happy now! What happened to the "Good Morning" default ringtone? I've woken up to that tone for several yrs. Alarm tone not sounding in this updated version, only vibrates!!! It works in pretest mode, not on actual alarm! Ringtones are too mellow, not loud enough to wake me up...too soft & low!!! Please add volume levels or some louder, harsher ringtones! A response would be helpful! Thanks!


It's a nice alarm, easy to set up, plenty of options which I love! In landscape mode however, it does not work properly as it still displays as portrait sometimes. Why not use portrait then? Because I prefer to set my phone on its standard in landscape next to my bed. It would be great if the alarm tile showed the chosen music/sound, like Timely alarm. I would also really love some lighter coloured backgrounds or even choose my own background (I don't like the default ones, too dark and... manly)

David Stone

No alarm I used to love this app, but after the latest update, the alarms completely stopped working. It worked fine until I enabled vacation mode and it has never worked again since. I've even sat on the alarm page and watched as 'Time remaining: 1 minute' changes to 'No upcoming alarms'! I've disabled vacation mode, deleted the alarms and created them again and even reinstalled the app, but nothing seems to make the alarms work again.

Sharon Harrison

Sharon I who's this to help my son along in the morning before school. It is like a timer and he knows when I call an alarm went off and the time that it means he has two more times before he has to leave for the bus or at 6:20 he must go and brush his teeth! I love the change ability in this clock from Monday through Friday set 20 Saturday or Sunday set or just a weekend set! Way to go! My autistic son has really found this a useful tool for getting ready for school!

James Worthen

Good app but--- I like this alarm clock, most everything about it. The alarm tunes are nice, some are soft for casual reminders and some will rock you awake. The only drawback for me is having to leave my phone on 24/7 in order for the alarms to work. On my little, old Samsung phone the alarms would go on with the phone off. How 'bout an upgrade?

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