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8 Jun

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Get the latest Alabama news, weather, sports, jobs and entertainment info on your Android device with The Birmingham News, The Huntsville Times and the Press-Register.

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    We’ve heard your feedback, and we're happy to present the largest revision yet. This version of the app has the following features and fixes:
    • Greater reliability.
    • Improved loading time.
    • Enhanced sharing.
    • Improved Push Notifications - Notifications will now take you right into the correct story.
    • Improved video playback.
    • Improved menu.
    • and Much more…
    Thanks for your feedback, and please keep it coming. We hope you enjoy the app, and more improvements are yet to come. part of our News & Magazines and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update June 8, 2016. Google play rating is 68.0241. Current verison is v3.6.2edda1d3. Actual size 6.6 MB.

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Carter Rogers

Needs some work. I like the content, but the app opens with last months news. The refresh button usually doesn't help. After a lot of button pushing it finally gets up to date.

Michael Roland

NOT GOOD! Alot of the articles will not load. Love the articles (when able to view them). Previous version alot better. Please fire current engineer and bring back the previous one.

James Hammond

App won't work I previously used this app often, but it now constantly freezes and will usually lock up my phone when trying to open.

Ray Scott

Arrrrgh Has worked well in the past. Now it keeps rebooting while I'm trying to read an article. Uninstalled, reinstalled. No change.

Austin J. Mockler

Love the content, but... Wow, does this app function poorly. Plain and simple. It does not function well. At all.

allen garner

Slow like Alabama This app sucks. Whoever created this app couldn't possibly use it themselves


Needs work There are a lot of bugs tht need to be workd out. Upon opening tis app da screen is black & it goes in & out & freezes a lot...please correct tis, had to uninstall cause all of da bugs...

Mark Hafley

Sucks Anything gump just SUCKS!

Jason Miles

Laoding...........crash.......loading This app on Galaxy S4 takes absolutely too long to load. I'm not talking about 20/30 seconds. It takes 2-4 minutes. On top of that, many times it will take that long then crash. Not worth being a free app. They should pay people to use this app.

A Google User

Aggrivating! Many articles won't load!

Michael Box

Tired of Reading bias left wing junk Seems most writers are too liberal for me pushing there views and everyone else is wrong. Love to Bash the State as much as they can too.

David Moak

It tries too hard to integrate graphics I liked the version from a year ago better. It was faster, didn't try to load a bunch of pics that had nothing to do with the stories, and let me see what was going on around the state with out a lot of navigating. Find the old programmer and get this app back healthy and usable... Then you will get more ad views because people will be usi g the app more!

Justin Dimoff

Now running updated version which touts bug fixes and performance improvements. App will still not open several articles and takes a long time to open. Deleting this app and using others for local news.

Larry Latham

I love all the info that i recieve it helppd me to stay connectef to alabama .

Gene Brown

Slow!!! BUG FIXES? STILL PITIFUL! Terribly slow and digressed from previous upgrades. Not impressed. New update is no better and buggy as ever!! Continues to freeze!! Too many ads!! Too many pictures t o load!! Absolutely the worst app ever!! I'm done! I have had this app for years and with each update it gets worse! It's official .. I'm done with this app!!!

dwain white

Journalism is dead It is sad that journalists can not spell anymore. It is even more sad that they can not put together a fully structured sentence or check their work. Many of the articles that show up are biased opinion pieces anyways.

Jimmie White

Awesome source of news & spotts

David LaDon Swann

Many articles won't load and it is slow

Shannon Jackson

Really bad Takes forever to load and always crashes.. The worse app ever

Lance Seibenhener

Used to be 5* Now it is buggy and freezes all the time. Major data hog now, too. The look is awful. The designers sacrificed a good functional app for being able to see comments . . . Except now most of the time you can't read any articles to comment.

Greg Perkins Sr

Freezes up! At first I hated the new format. I like the idea of knowing which articles you've already read. However too many ads. Must there be so many??. Good concept. I hate that you also took away being able to share articles on Facebook. Plus it freeze up a lot and you have to constantly wait to scroll up or down.

Allen Adderholt

Slow Slow Slow New phone on Android and trying to load this app since the newest update is like trying to load a page with dial up internet. Almost worthless.

Anthony Tamburello

Please improve app! This use to be the absolutely best app for Alabama Football news. Now the app lacks in performance and is very unstable.

Susan Sanich

Old version was great. This "updated" version is terrible. Freezes all the time, is slow to load, and it took away sharing articles on Facebook.

Eric Nguyen

Undo whatever you did! Can you please Ctrl-Z that update? It makes this app useless.

Rex Logan

Frozen Tundra Like other reviews have already stated, it freezes constantly with the new update. You guys want your footprint to be web based and this is what you put out? No wonder you are a failing business. I quit taking the paper b/c it was old news, now I am uninstalling your app b/c its un readable.

Louis Zook

Latest update is awful on Android. Slow to load or update, freezes up, and fails to move from page to page or section to section without taking forever. Not sure what the difference is but works better in ipad.

David Griffin

Was A good app Slow to load ... When it actually loads. Locks up more often than not. Tired of waiting for a fix. Uninstalling.

Bama Momme

I dread checking the news with this. Slower then a dead possum on the side of the road. When will y'all fix this?

Brandon Butler

SLOW and Very Clunky Hopefully the developers of this app are working to fix the many performance issues in this latest update.

William Bair

Very poor performance and has very high GPS usage.

roger vinson

Very slow The old one was great the updated version is very slow to load

Roger Jones

Trash Used to be really good, I've uninstalled on all devices now. Fix it and I'll consider coming back.

Dan Dollarhide

This "update" is garbage. It crawls to the finish line.

Allen Small

This app has turned to garbage.

Bracken Davis

The app is slow and often freezes.

Warren Wilson

Freezes Just as many have said, it freezes constantly.

Jay Hare

Freezes up and slow, may want to go back and start printing newspapers again; that would be faster!

Michael Sutherland

Painfully slow Whatever update happened, this app is now absolutely horrible. It used to be perfect, now it's awful. I have tried reinstalling and nothing works. I'll just use the website now and never download the app again.

Greg Perkins Sr

Refreshing Articles Articles doesn't always seem to refresh after launching app. I have to constantly hit refresh arrow for articles to repopulate. Video highlights are the only thing that seems to stay current. Also noticed that if you access comments it very slow to load. Please fix this bug! Follow me on Google+!

David Griffin

Was A good app Slow to load ... and freezes regularly. removed from Atrix 2 ... soon to Uninstall on S5 if not fixed ... still slow

Mary Ruppenthal

What's Going On? Keeps me up to date on Alabama "happenings". When, Where, and How to get in touch!

Ray Hicks

Painfully Slow This app takes "minutes" to load. Totally unacceptable! If you can make it through the 2-3 minutes that it takes to load, access to articles is ok.

Ken Langley

The latest update has slowed the load times significantly . Almost want to delete it and try some other news app.


Needs work There are a lot of bugs tht need to be workd out. Upon opening tis app da screen is black & it goes in & out & freezes a lot...please correct tis, I do like da app however, but please correct these issues...thanks

roddy gillespie

To slow to keep Worst news app I have. I take a 30 min lunch, and like to read the news. By the time it loads, I can read one article and my lunch is over.

David Han

Very slow to load and update. This has become worse with more recent versions.

chris wilson

Crap To slow, sluggish. Crashes and barely navigates through pages.

Christopher Thompson

Fire the IT guy!!!! With every update this app get worse.

Tom Snead

Extremely slow to load.

dwain white

Ridiculously slow The slowest App in existence. Takes forever to load.

Steve Luker

Too slow to use Fix it please.

Russell Terry

Slow as hell

Joshua Law

Journalism? Not only is the app, itself, severely lacking, but the content is questionable at best. Two high school girls fighting for 30 seconds makes the cut? Let's hold ourselves to higher journalistic standards, please.


Needs work There are a lot of bugs tht need to be workd out. Upon opening tis app da screen is black & it goes in & out & freezes a lot...please correct tis, I do like da app however, but please correct these issues...thanks

Freddy Beem

Useless App refuses to load , when it finally does ig will be yesterday's news. Terrible app

David Griffin

Was A good app Slow to load ... and freezes regularly. removed from Atrix 2 ... soon to Uninstall on S5 if not fixed ... still slow


Needs work There are a lot of bugs tht need to be workd out. Upon opening tis app da screen is black & it goes in & out & freezes a lot...please correct tis, I do like da app however, but please correct these issues...thanks

Shelesia Harris

App is horrible. Takes 5 minute to load then it moves slowly once it loads.

Bruce Gilliland

6-2016 Update Much Better The latest update improved loading time. Even better, articles update automatically on opening. Menu improved as well. Significant improvement. 2014 comments - Only real change is to make the app look like the iOS version. Sharing options more limited. No real improvements that I can see. Reduced to 3 stars. Older comments: I had problems last summer with this app, but it works much better now. With the printed paper only 3 days a week, I can keep up with local news and sports easily. Works well on my tablet.

Billy Powell

Definitely more reliable I love the website and I`m beginning to trust the app more. Erratic crashes seem not to happen. The photo gallery stuff as part of news articles is more reliable.

Carter Rogers

The graphics have improved. Better graphics, but still somewhat slow in loading between pages.

Angela Garcia

Excellent! I have always enjoyed this app! Very up to date news stories.

David Griffin

Updated version is better Seems to be stable now, still slow to load.

Michael Little

Good digital newspaper Easy navigation, fair and balanced information

Lee Ridgeway

Reliable Very good source to get updated news

Anil Patel

Update is much better.

Jerry Brown

Very informative. Keeps me updated on the news and the latest happenings with the Crimson Tide.


Old lady Works well

Randy Anderson

Good articles from across the State and nation.

Big Frank

It's ok

Tommy Walker

Loads much faster. Still not able to create an account on my Samsung phone, but that may be a good thing based on some of the silly posts I'm tempted to reply to. ?

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