Download Make Action! PicoPicoMaker apk 3.3.0 free for Android smartphone

3 Mar
Make Action! PicoPicoMaker

Posted by in Action | March 3, 2016 | 131 Comments

Apk file size: 18.0 MB

The Power of imagination can touch the sky!
Make your very own action game stages and share them with your friends & family!

You can play this game absolutely free!
This game is perfectly suited for everyone including KIDS.

-Basic Instructions-
There are [PLAY], [MAKE] and [SEARCH] option buttons on the main menu.

Tap [PLAY] button: Play the games all you want!
You have a variety of stages to choose from.
The range of stage levels are widely prepared,
from beginners to advanced level,including the extreme levels that are crazy difficult!

Tap [MAKE] button: Make your own stages. You become the game creator!
Simple tap controls make it easy!
Select from 30 types of items you can place anywhere you want.
Tap an item on the list and then tap on the position where you want to place it.
(Squares like a chess board are shown in a stage screen in order to make this process simpler.)
Once an item is placed, you can place the same item continuously by alternating between tapping the position (square) in a stage and the "PLACE" button.

You can also tap an item you've already placed to see additional options.
(e.g. You can choose specific settings for the speed of cannon shell movements and the moveable range of blocks!)

Play & find out if you can complete the stage you made!
You can even do the test play during the process of making a stage by using the "TEST" button in the upper right corner of the screen.
Try your own brand-new stage right away!

Tap [SEARCH] button: Find popular stages -- stages made by other users and more.
-Random: Search for random stages made by players using this App.
-History: Look through stages you've already played. (You can also check if you've completed a stage or not.)
-Official Website: Open this App’s official website to start the search.
When you have found the one you want to play, tap on the stage and use "START" button.
-Enter ID: Paste the GameID and tap "Enter ID" button, if you are unable to start the stage after using "START" button in the official website.
(32 alphanumeric characters shown on the official website is the GameID.)

Now, you're ready to start the game you found. Enjoy!

[Send your original stage to friends & family]
If you want to share your original stage with someone, send them the copy of your stage's URL via email!
(Downloading this App is required in order to play your stage.)
Post your original stage on Twitter, Facebook and LINE are also available!
You can also have fun searching online for "PicoPicoMaker" in your free time!
Enjoy finding new stages other users have made!

Everyone loves the retro-looking pixel graphics games they grew up with!
Connect with people from all over the world with PicoPicoMaker!
Start your global action game adventure!

Whats new

    re- translated part of our Action and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update March 3, 2016. Google play rating is 78.7888. Current verison is 3.3.0. Actual size 18.0 MB.

Download akushiyonzuo-rou-pikopikomekaplus.apk 18.0 MB


Faizal Susetyo

I only give you five stars if you fix this bug. I cant open it anymore!

Brayan Maravillas

Challenge Accepted Sometimes my own stages are hard to pass.

Michelle Velarde

its cool this is awesome u did a great job

Abbie Gibson

Love it but... I love but can you please add in more stuff like enimes please?thanks

Tommy Harrison

Love it Loved it!!!

Joao Pedro Janes

Awesome It's so fun.I also downloaded the wide version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roca 1221

Plz fix I want to open it im done im if you fix ill give 4/5

Gwenieleigh Marinas

Its got talent ........ Its agood game just please make it easir im only a kid.also it takes too long loding im uninstalling it untill fixed.

Nico Lopez

Awesome Who could hate this is u do u suck

Ranmaru Kirino

YOU WANT 5 STARS? Need to fix it first. ;)

Vandana Sinha

Avazom! It is very good I laved it

Lauri Waldvogel

Soo This game is Mario maker but not Mario I can play this for my just of the time

Kelci Brain

I can't even make my own game

Mandy Owens

Do It how you want

Tashania White

cool game! just like mario

Volkan Kutlubay

Great app! Loved the idea. Good game!

Jaiden Fonseka

AMZING Its awesome keep making more games cause this ones awesome love it

Charliemane Cariaga

Great but Can you add more stuff and enemies

Riley Smart

Needs an eraser tool Selecting an individual block and erasing one at a time is so inconvenient.

Joseph Hoffman

Love it Its works and gives me no problems and its super fun. By far the best game making app

Nico Buttacavoli

Amazing! its so creative and awesome because you can make you're own old fasioned video game

George Malek

I really want to do my hard course! It says loading but it never really loads

Sean O'Toole

Its just like making a game

Ashley Rorrer

No characters My dream is coming true

Edwin Chavez

Love it Do not have no problems so fun and make you eat it

Freddy Fazbear

Cool I made a giant ghost with ghosts

kieran monk

Could add in vehicles Dear game developer or develpers add in guns, more enemys, players, blocks and vehicles and ill rate it 5!!!!!!!!!

Sandy Ramirez

Awsome This is so awsome

Riyann Sandhu

Awsome Amazing to play it is also the first game I like that u cn do your self to make


Awesome I love it it's amazing i have both versions and mights get Japanese version.

Jammy Dodger

It is fun

aaron leaman

It's good

Gage Smith

Best game ever!!!! I love to build

Telma Dragon

I like it like 1 000 coins because Creat your own level and play i like so much love with it never delete it because its the best

Lilly Lillyball

It is so much more fun than the other games Loved it and it is not the boring game that you get for fre it is asome

jaclyn frankenberger

Needs updating It's a good game and all but you need to add the following: more enemys,a way you kill goasts,more power ups and people+new blocks:-)

Eve Chan Chan

Great beast I can find but I wish u added fire plant that lets u shoot monsters and also add land enitys please and I will rate 5 stars. I know it a lot of codding and I know how hard it is to code but please do it anyway

Lol Moore

Cool game! You can make so much cool stuff

Ian Emberson

? I have the other version of it and it is awesome!

pm fehr

Very good game

Yanely Arrieta

OK Its a good Game i love it soso

Teon Campbell-Pitter

Sick Jove it and so does my brother

Keri Galusha

Trash! Not good movement, as when you jump in midair and move you slide equivalent to one block over...If you're trying to recreate Mario bros. You did a real decent job, that's my only complaint. More stars for more movement!

Maxwell Pittman

AWESOME! I love this game so much!But can you add/fix the following: Power to climb upwards in pipe and tunnel,Enter sideways through pipe,Fix random black bar on right side randomly appearing in test mode,Boss mob,cannons aiming downward,and color ANY block?But anyways AWESOME GAME!!!?

little bolian

Lame we only have a little bit of lame things so this game is LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????why cant you add cool things like make it multiple and have it when you can talk and race also add more things like new backgrounds that look real and let us pick our own players too and

Bilqees Maged

Goth group Its a bit lame ???take my advice I do think this game can catch up on it's climbing... if I had to rate I would give a 3 out of 5

sevensaynt 7

Glitch I can't believe it, but I found a glitch, by myself! It's awesome, it let's me go through non threatening pixels and it's so much fun to play with. It's kinda weird though, you go through the blocks at hyperspeed and whether if you press left or right you'll always go right inside and if you jump you go down in the blocks. It actually shows how the game was made. I won't tell you how to do it, it's too much fun for me. Sorry, still an awesome game though.

d'Weldo Lad

Can not do it ? Ya can't do anything at all I tried to place down a block and it just keeps making weird sounds fix it and I'll give it 5 stars ?

modesto ragasa jr

AWESOME THIS GAME IS COOL.........but toca blocks is more cuter Toca blocks is more cuter but this game is cool too but not cute butttt......I give it 4 stars and I liked it a lot I can create many stuff its cool


AWESOME But can you add that people can decide any mp3 music they want and any wallpaper and by mp3 I mean by their music downloaded plz if you can

Tasya Xheart

Tasya Xheart I am so like this games. Make me wanna play it all day. Im never delete it like my another games! (Loved it)

Kaden C

Great game When my friend showed it to me o was like awwww that's the only game you can play on your 2 bit phone then I played it and I was like OMG so good

Eli Garner

This application kinda looks like Mario to me? You could design your own character but you need to place more stuff in it to make it just like super Mario maker I would add one more star if that is seen...

Doolittle Pete

The BEST This is fair by lame...5 stars

Jude Fosmire

Great But, when I got the angel wings token, I couldn't even fly. Please fix it so I can fly.

Diann Bell

Best game Atleast he let people create their own game its hard to let people make games for other people llllllllaaaaaammmmmmeeeee that the people that say it is lame

TomIsAnAtom Gaming

Amazing! Build your own 2d platformed just like Super Mario Maker! There should be more texture options, though, and maybe a few more enemies. Also, the character walks normally in the pipes, and does not crouch. Otherwise, perfect! PS: if you like this, you should try game creator. It gives you much more control over everything, but is harder.

Connor Backtrom

Amazing! I love this game! And it's a good game to play until I get Super Mario Maker for my birthday! 5 stars definite!

Isaac Thomas

Great but... It needs way more items more enemies and the game should have a bigger setup where you can scroll up and down its good though and add plz add sub areas and pipes that are safe

Berry Boys

PEACE and HARMONY!!!!!!! I create levels based off other ones. I still can't find out how to add levels can you tell me???????

Levi Byers

So much fun! It's like Mario maker but very limited.

peashooter 5

Awsome! I wanted super Mario maker but I think I have found the second version!

Vincent Defonce jr

Okay+awsome-stuff= Please put more stuff in it please and I'll put a extra star (one of my favorite games) BUT I wish u speak English so u can read this :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

Robby Burton

Game maker!! I like game makers if you like Super Mario Maker get this

Emily Hermenitt

Loved it! And here's a tip Never do this game after a long stressful day.. I now need to get a new phone....

Tara Dohn

Love makin levels Dis stuf here is like Mario maker

Vondelle Tatom

Awesome! I can rebuild if I delete and install again! :)

uriel rodriguez

Awesome I don't have mario maker but this is better. Here is some ideas... Thunder Power, 5 new backgrounds and TNT.

Leah Whittingham

Cool It wont load i used to love it but i cant even test one of my games its on 1-25

Said Hipolito

Cool and sujestion The game is perfect but I got a sujestion for a update let us design our own character

Tyree Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Love it You can make your own game. Then publish it online to Facebook or Twitter.???

Thomas Delagarza

A ripe off of mario maker but pretty cool.

Ben Sutcliffe

Ok This game is OK but needs a bit of work if you find it buring try sketch nation or scratch

Christy Watkins

Cool Awesome!

Mike Desilets

Make it give it love it

Veetha Goldstein

Love this dahm game a

Sijiye Family

Awesome Awesome

The Fighting Rooster

Cool but..... Its cool but, it gets laggy when I test my course or start building, I will rate it 5 stars if you fix it.....

Cheyenna Landry

Make U make it its so fin who has a creative mine

Alana Adamson

Add upDate I LIKe it alot I like how you can make your own challeng and you can play other peoples challenges BUT they need to have a new update that you can make your own person thats all.

jedm33 M33

Its bit laggy anyway When I started my game its a bit laggy but anyway its great I can make Mario levels ?

stephen rosie

Run Good like Mario but more levels to get

Nikita Neverovskis

Keys It would be cool if you could put more than one key in each level so it could be harder.

Dynomite 3.0

It takes up too much space It is a awesome game but it takes up soo much space

Aiden Fandrich

Nice Fun good and sometimes i can't get off

Ryan Schram

Look out Mario there's a new awesome pixel game and that's this game

Adam Pasley

Fix it If you don't fix this I will kill you

Axcii O

Perfect Basically Mario Maker for Handhelds.

asis nepal

mm its good okay but...

Anthony Castro

Awesome app totally recommend to get

dave buffham

Fnaf 1 the same time as it!

Russell Brigham

Great This is my favorite game because I love to create things!!!

caitlin burns

Wasn't the best..... It was OK apart from it stopped a few times

Carys Cooper

Sooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooood I love this my brothers found my levels fantastic.

aubrey awesome life

It's hmm...... good?


Easy to make I love this game it's easy so make stuff ?

Dog on a House

Awesome Build build play

Richard Baltazar

Awesome!? Its fun and you can make your own game

Metroid fan boy

This isn't making your own game but ITS SOOOO GOOOOD!!!!!

NinjaLewis M

Pico pico is the best game its fantastic!

Jood Nanaa

BUMB Hate it make it better plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

Glenda Shoemaker

Awsome building! You can build whatever you want it's awesome! and there are fun levels!!!! but most levels are so hard but practice makes perfect so play it it's awesome!!!!!

Vincent's Animations

Almost like Mario Maker I like how this game is very creative, but it's a little limiting. I still love it though.

BrokenSonic65 - Gaming, Videos & More.

10/10 Awesome game, looks like Super Mario Maker but this is still awesome. 10/10 ~ HollywoodUFan54321

Jess and the troops 123

Awesome It's just like super Mario maker but different

Lori Dawson

Like minecraft It looks just like Minecraft I love it

Gary Chung

Just wrong but great game!!! How do you delete stuff? The only way I can delete stuff is that I have to delete the WHOLE game that I made!!! That is just wrong!!! Not saying it's bad but,How Do You Delete Stuff!!!!!!!!!!

Jayne Whelan

Yeah! It is OK but will not respond on my clicks!

Billy Scollick

Swag That's all you can say it's swag

Tammy Cunningham

So freaking awsome You can make super cool levels its jusr like jacksepticey + markiplier

Z Braniac

Before This game was made before Mario maker I've had it for a year and a half

Lavern Werner

Community full of psycopaths. Also serial killers and murderers.

Mustafeez Ali

It's not play don't try this

Karina Stockley

Build Its good when we build

Daric Decker

Cool It is very cool no question

Romaigne Dozier

Fgd dc gf Xbox b gfs Happy anniversary

Tom Barker

Good Maybe add a few more enemy's


I LOVE IT It is so good

Mathew Clegg

Love this music The music in stage 7 is so awesome to me I'd just get up and have a better day then usual like its really hot and quite boring even though I can watch DanTDM or Thinknoodles or Martyn (in the littlewood) or stampy or slipperyfellow (squiddy) and whoever knows!!! The way its boring is none of my parents are at home.

Sam A

Bad pop up ads Anybody get a nude pop up ad? I had to Uninstaller because my 7 year old kept having it happen..didn't seem E for Everyone. .

jedm33 M33

Its bit laggy anyway When I started my game its a bit laggy but anyway its great I can make Mario levels ?

Trisha Jones

You should really get this game You can make share and search levels! The only problem is on my tablet I can't search

Jack Tube

4 Stars Can you make more things to build with? It would be amazing if you could! I'll give 5 ?????

Nike just do it

I am a boy that I Love This game Is there any other way around the world

happy cookie

Game Hello this a great game if you want to know more about this game go to YouTube and write Hannah Richard when you see the game screen click on it


Easy to make I love this game it's easy so make stuff ?

Benjamin Prince

This app sucks we have you complete a round and go to the next round it doesn't go like that you have to click on a new URL to go to a new round

David Kroto

Easy, fun My boy and I play this off and on. Good pastime. Would like to see level statistics to give your created levels a sense of accomplishment.


Best game ever! So cool u can make and play really addictive!

Mega Crafter Boy

The Grafics Suck These grafics suck because when I test it I don't get the full screen.

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