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14 May
AirWatch Samsung Service

Posted by AirWatch in Business | May 14, 2014 | 73 Comments

Apk file size: 202.0 KB

AirWatch introduces a service application for Samsung enterprise ready devices. This application is a “plug-in” application that should only be installed and used in combination with enrollment of the AirWatch MDM Agent. It allows for additional MDM capabilities described below that only pertain to Samsung devices.

Depending on the AirWatch MDM console version you are using, please follow these steps to deploy to your Samsung device:
If using a 6.1 console or older:
1. You must first download, install, open and activate the Samsung Service
2. Then, download install the AirWatch MDM Agent available in the Google Play
3. You may now enroll like normal and the Samsung features will be activated

If using a 6.1 SP1 console or greater:
1. You must download, install the AirWatch MDM Agent available in the Google Play
2. You may now enroll like normal and the Samsung Service will be pushed to your device during enrollment

Samsung devices are enterprise ready with enhanced security and management capabilities. Remotely manage settings, policies, applications and functionality on Samsung devices. MDM Features include:
1. Device Restrictions
2. Native Mail Client Configuration
3. Wi-Fi Network Setup
4. VPN Network Setup
5. Certificate Management
6. Application Management
a. Blacklisting Apps
b. Required Apps

Whats new

    New Features in Samsung Service v2.2:
    -APN Settings
    -Date and time settings
    -Allow Account Addition
    -Global Proxy
    -Detect Samsung MDM version 5
    -KNOX Smart Card
    -KNOX Restrictions
    -KNOX VPN Certificates
    -Update KNOX VPN Connection
    -Disable or Uninstall KNOX apps

AirWatch part of our Business and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update May 14, 2014. Google play rating is 52.7903. Current verison is Actual size 202.0 KB.

Download airwatch-samsung-service.apk 202.0 KB


Nick Blackstock

Worst App Ever Why is the latest update 2014? The devs HAVE to have seen these horrible reviews and *should* be willing to do something. For those who happen to be rooted... I suggest freezing this app with Titanium Backup.

Tanuja Muni

Can't uninstall This app can't be uninstalled. Tried unchecking it as a device administrator but there's no option to uncheck. Does anyone know a way to get rid of this app without a factory settings reset? (It forced me to password lock the screen and it's getting annoying now that I don't need it anymore)

Joseph Foo

Error 26 After enrolling device via airwatch on Galaxy S5, unable to install or update any apps from Google play store. Must Un - enroll from airwatch to update apps or install any apps .

Gary Paul Calpito

Fingerprint scan not an option Too bad the fingerprint scan is not an option to unlock my Note 4. It may have something to do with company security policies but why does the iPhone with Touch ID work. I hope this option is made available as well.

ashish khullar

NOt worth even one star Pls consider the one star rating as 0.1. Why wud u not allow a simple feature of fingerprint scanning to remain active. Dont u pay ur IT folks well? Anyways fir people wanting to u onstall have to first goto device admin settings and uncheck airwatch..then uninstall as anyother app.

chris clayton

Simply rubbish AVOID !!!!! Company i work for insists we have this on our samsung s4 phones. It installed and crashed . Cant remove or re install. Blocks normal function of phone and renders it usless.

David Titivanich

Causes lags and battery hog Ever since I was required to install this, my Note 2 lags frequently, and average battery consumption has increased 25%.

pallav dubey

Hate it ... worst app I cant uninstall it.. can not deactivate from device admin also.. airwitch. Please push an update for this stupid malfunction.

Guus Klaas

Leaves mess Leaving a company that uses this bloatware, I unenrolled, and decided to remove admin and after: the apps. I never regained control over my lock screen settings so I reinstalled the apps to retry. Now I can't disable the Samsung service's admin nor uninstall it. Few more attempts and I fear nothing other than a wipe remains. Booooooo vmware. Embarrassing this software.

MDM Ryder

Great MDM app Along with the MDM Agent this app is great. Regular users won't like it since this app suite is for security and protecting Corp data.

Rob Farris

Stupid errors This stupid app has rendered my phone useless. I can't install or update any application. Please fix yesterday. MDM AGENT update still didn't fix this error. Its within this app. I hate this. When will you fix the error 26? Five months later still no fix. Can I give negative star?

Omri Gal

Native mail client doesn't work This app force me to use Airwatch inbox which is a terrible mail client. Tested on Galaxy S6

Beth Bejcek

Not worth it No longer works to allow my email from work. Can't uninstall to try to fix.

Phil Tew

It is what it is Amazing battery killer. Two days on a charge? Not after installing this....

Jomon Ng

Problem application 1) after removed it somehow still didn't fully release the Encription on external S.D card. After reboot, need to login so that the S.D card can mount. 2) for some reason, it pushed to my device again, and I not able to "Unchecked" from device administration and can't uninstall it.* from portal didn't see this is required

Craig West

And NOW a warning? I wish I'd read the reviews first. Doesn't work on my Note 3, and NOW I learn it can't be uninstalled. A previous version worked on my Galaxy Nexus.

Christopher Tolmie

Stops handsfree calling So, in the car, voice activated bluetooth headset, and a desire to make a call. Turns out that I cannot make a voice activated call until I log into the phone (Samsung S3). What! I can't login while driving, so a useless lump in my jacket pocket!! Btw, if I login before setting off, the software logs me off anyway after a 10 minute timeout.....

Jeff Buldak

Galaxy s5 I need this app for work use. And I agree with a previous post. The finger print not being used is a poor choice. Apple 5 users can use theres. When did Samsung become second rate. Please fix this.

Josef Mehle

Bad. Just bad. The app causes constant freezes and crashes (on an s4,) requiring battery removal to unfreeze. Absolute crap.

Anthony Evans

Cannot rate it lower My employers insist on using this. Doesn't work. Can't be uninstall. These people are lower than hell

Ryan Mok

Listen to everyone else, this does not work and cannot be uninstalled

Sushma Arodi

Doesn't let me deactivate to reinstall it? What is going on? I get a blank blue screen when I attempt to even open it

Customer Support

Airwatch + Samsung = disaster We've had so many issues trying to manage our enterprise Samsung Android phones using Airwatch. Android users should avoid this product as they seem more focused on Apple/iPhone. Samsung coverage looks like a money grab.

Tammie Norris

Sucks App will not work and I can't delete it

Sandra Williams

This is a horrible app and once you install it you can't get rid of it. It drains the life out o f your battery. Wish I hadn't needed it for work email. Hope some one fixes this app.

Bruce Schnell

Can't uninstall this spyware! DON'T INSTALL! I can't uninstall this spy wear on my personal phone.

A Matthew Truban

Samsung Galaxy S5 I Would like to be able to unlock device using fingerprint.

Shaun Santino

Horrible Can not delete this app and it restricts what you can do on your phone

David Rodrigues

Does not work. Does not deactivate. Does not uninstall. What woul you do with an app this useless but having access to all sensitive information.

Rohit Nigam

Fingerprint disabled It's stupid that fingerprint unlock doesn't work with this app

Justin Kibler

About the bad reviews Give bad reviews to your IT department / Airwatch administrators, as they're most likely the real problem, not the application itself. (Except for a few legitimate reviews I've seen) Of course, don't give a bad review to your IT department if you haven't bothered to bring the issue to them yet! Thanks

Patrick Price

Trouble My phone runs at about half speed right now. These AirWatch apps ruin phones. Might as well not own a smart phone if you have to use this.

chinenye orajaka

Uninstall Silly thing doesn't understand that I hate it and don't want it. Uninstall is not a word in Its vocabulary

James Stout

Can't in install hangs on S6 Hangs during install and can not uninstall.

Praveen Kurapati

Cannot uninstall It's very annoying that the app does not allow to uninstall and I have to now format the device....crap...

Jonathan White

Can not uninstall Unable to uninstall the app once it is no longer needed.

Igor Soyfer

Can't get rid of it Had to reset device to get it back.

Erin Tsosie

Won't uninstall at all can't get it off my phone!

Daniel Walmsley

Help. How do I get this uninstalled?

Jennifer Bosley

Cant Uninstall My company required this application and now that I am no longer there I cant get it off my phone. Very frustrated. Contacted developer via email for support and no response. How do I get rid of this app for good?????

Stacy Woods

Horrible! The application is frozen and I can't deactivate it or uninstall. Can't access my email or anything

Agent Smith

Sucks I would rather not have a company phone then one with this crappy app.

Harsh Arya

How to uninstall this shit Really a bullshit app. No way to uninstall or remove administrator rights. Please don't install else mobile will keep crashing

Hiren thacker

Unable to un install the app I don't have use of this app anymore,after trying a lot I am still not able to un install the app. Can anyone help me with this? plz

Greg Perkins Sr

Works Great While reading the reviews one would think the app doesn't work. For the technical advance users, app works fine. I'm using it on Galaxy Note 3. My employer uses this and it works flawless. So I agree with others who say blame your company own IT department. Mines is better than yours! Airwatch along side this background interface work great as well. If you don't understand this app, sure, you're to rate it poor but for those that understand it, stand by it. You be the judge! Thanks Airwatch! Follow me in Google+!

Kishor Manik

Worst app.... Ithere is no option to unroll/deactivoate/uninstall the app. I would suggest not to install in galaxy s4 device.

Rakesh Samilla

Uninstalling problem Not abke to uninstall this app. By this app the "usb debugging" option is getting disabled. This app is not deactivating from device adminstrator.

Amanda Minchella

I can't deactivate it, can't delete it off my phone and can't even get it to open up on my phone to verify my password that I need for work

Ketki Kulkarni

Unable to uninstall This app broke my normal install work flow & now I can't uninstall it. Not sure how I'm going to get my emails working.

Marcos Skoobie Montenegro

It doesn't work at all, won't let me do anything, I can't open it or Uninstalle it

Mark Hampton

App works fine First, for those writing the bad reviews: do not install any app if you do not understand what it does. Lookup AirWatch on the Internet and understand they are in the business of providing companies solutions to secure and manage mobile devices. If this app is blocking functionality on your phone it's because your company has pushed a policy to disable that functionality. Uninstall can be blocked by your company. The only reason not 5 star - last update may 2014. Still waiting on full Knox support.

Paul Czalij

Don't waste your time nothing good about this app

Derek Zurfluh

Pervasive and worthless. It turns out that it's unnecessary, but now I can't remove it until deactivating. Pressing the deactivate button initiates a do-loop that says I can't remove until deactivating it.

Cher Mc.

Terrible Cannot deactivate....nor uninstall... it has never worked! Please help

Emma Leone

SUCKKSSS I can't even "deactivate" it before I can uninstall it. I wouldn't recomend installing it. Don't waste your time.

Madalina Balanescu

Cannot be un-installed I the Deactivate button does not work, and once installed there is no option to un-install it.

Kassie Whitford

It's not letting me uninstall. It's like it's frozen on the app and I can't deactivate it either and I don't want to factory reset my phone either. So what can I do to remove it from my phone?

David Haley

I can no longer use personalized ring tones in order to let me know who is calling. Will this ever get fixed? Everyone now has the same ring tones. I can change ring tones bur everyone gets the same

Raghu Panchakarla

Worst with I ever seen ? Too bad, not able to unintelligible or work after installed.

Pranav Amin

S5 Cannot uninstalled or put it into work.

Ashwini Anand

Un installation problem How do you guys release a app with out even testing basic features. Guys don't install.

Kanwal Jayot

Most pathetic application I have ever used. Installed two years back and still struggling to uninstalled this. But no luck. Totally useless.

Mark R

Waste of resources NO ONE installs this unless their corporate IT makes them. If they do (like mine did), you're screwed. Best of luck.

Gautam Johar

Does not uninstall Horrible experience. Does not deactivate and lingers on in your phone. I wonder why the app managers have not responded to even a single feedback tbat users have given on playstore.

Daniel Torres

Its unacceptable that this program does not support S5 finger print security Its unacceptable that this program does not support S5 finger print security. Iphone can use the feature and we with Android must use the old and slow password/pin option

John Ugbelase

Airwatch samsung is completely not useful. Cannot open and cannot uninstall. Just sits there taking space. It makes me look differently on samsung!

Kevin Worden

Worst app ever New update 6 times a day, can't Uninstall, can't deactivate. Freezes phone every time it has to update, and the app won't open. Unless you truly hate yourself and want to make your life miserable, do not get this app. I've even tried to email the developer of this app. No email back.

Lynn Dennis

Can't uninstall. Stopped working and can't uninstall to reinstall program to troubleshoot the problem. Want this app removed and unable to do so.

Rupam Thakuria

The worst innovation so far Fails to sync properly, drains battery, ugly interface and most importantly worst ever support.

Joseph Catalano Jr.

Blank screen It installs then brings me to a blue screen and does nothing else. Unable to make any configurations.

Mesfin Kassa

Blocking all my apps and phone calls. I can't uninstall it very very annoying. Probably a law suite is needed a lots of users are complaining about it and we might seek legal help if this can't be fixed right away by the app creaters.

Anthony Arana

I cannot activate the app The app keeps installing, now for months and does no activate. Keeps popping up in the middle of my activities asking permission to install, which I grant and the when you open it it goes into a loop when clicking on activate. I don't know if it is really working on my phone. Terrible app

Ahmad Ali

Very bad app Can't uninstall it...stuck my phone...I hated it....can't use other app...what to do now? I need someone to answer to remove this horrible app?

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