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17 Aug
AirWatch Agent

Posted by AirWatch in Business | Aug. 17, 2016 | 259 Comments

Apk file size: 28.0 MB

The AirWatch® MDM Agent allows you to authenticate and enroll your device in AirWatch. The intuitive enrollment process will prompt you to authenticate, accept a Terms of Use agreement and to install the applications, content and profiles set by your IT administrator. From the AirWatch MDM Agent, you can view device details, read messages from IT, verify your compliance status and request support from your IT administrator. The AirWatch MDM Agent will report device details and compliance status to the admin console.

Note: AirWatch MDM Agent works in conjunction with and is managed through configurable system settings within the admin console. AirWatch MDM Agent will not operate without the required AirWatch infrastructure. Please contact your IT administrator before installing AirWatch MDM Agent.

AirWatch MDM Agent Key Features

• Easy user authentication
• Intuitive, prompted device enrollment over-the-air

Access to Corporate Resources
• Automatic access to apps, content and resources configured by your IT administrator
• Single sign on for all AirWatch applications

• View device details, such as free memory, current compliance status and telecom usage
• Receive messages when out of compliance
• Contact support for additional assistance

Instructions for Activation
Step 1: Download and install the AirWatch MDM Agent on your device from Google Play Store
Step 2: Enter your corporate email address
Step 3: When prompted, enter your credentials and accept the Terms of Use
Step 4: The apps, content and profiles configured by your IT administrator will prompt you to install automatically

Whats new

    • Support for Android N
    • Marshmallow permissions in the Enrollment Wizard
    • Enterprise wipe on reaching maximum number of failed attempts to login with SSO
    • Integration with Google's SafetyNet APIs for Device Attestation
    • Enroll into Android Work - Work Profile without adding a Google account
    • Bug fixes

AirWatch part of our Business and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Aug. 17, 2016. Google play rating is 53.4126. Current verison is Actual size 28.0 MB.

Download airwatch-mdm-agent.apk 28.0 MB


dan bailey

Total crap Too big, uses too much data, kills phone performance, and DOES NOT SECURE ANYTHING. All it does is force the phone storage to be encrypted. I'd rather not work from my phone than use it and suffer the affects of this app.

Soban Bashir

Broken since it auto updated gah Was working perfectly now completing an enrollment although it's stated as successful achieves nothing and is constantly making me download the inbox which then tells me I'm not configured...

Thomas Perella

Doesn't work with Galaxy s6 Would have given a zero if possible. Been waiting patiently for almost a month now and the 5.2 update is still not available. When my IT department conacted them to inquire about the update they were'nt really sure. Or maybe they said they thought it might have been submitted. What kind of Mickey Mouse operation is this? By reading the other comments I appear not to be alone. Get on it and update your crappy app! Thanks for putting this at the "top" of your development list. I can tell it's been a priority as it hgas not been resolved for over a month now. What kind of clowns do you have on your development team? How hard can this be? Release the update please! Thank you for finally releasing this update. Can finallly use my device as intended. No noticable battery or resource drain. Will bump my rating to 3*.

Nick Verderico

Company-enforced malware Keeps on asking me to encrypt my device when it's already encrypted. One star is being charitable.

Jeff Toner

Terrible battery drain Once I was forced to install this by my company I started losing 35% of my battery in an hour. My phone is always hot to the touch now and I am starting to see total phone reboots. None of this happened before airwatch.

Bradley Bishop

Good lord this is terrible! Barely works half the time and I've had to reinstall it on every one of the five devices I've used it on SEVERAL times just to get it to work... STILL working in it. Only using it because it's required for work.

Tyson John

Crashing The recent update now makes this crash non stop, I can't access my email at all. Samsung Note3

Leon D'costa

Still doesn't detect HTC One M9 properly This updates says it's meant to allow my lollipop based HTC smartphone to work, it loads the HTC service agent but still says it is not a enterprise device.

Noelle Tiongson

Ugh! Same problem as everyone else here. Was doing fine until yesterday when my phone started overheating for no reason. I thought I had to do a factory reset before reading these comments. I have to use this for work. Please fix this battery drain issue ASAP!

Anna Willoughby

Battery hog This thing is killing my battery. It's tied with my giant high def display for most battery usage. If I didn't need it for work I'd never keep it on here.

Malay Nayak

Works well This is enterprise Mobility Management MDM agent App. Not your normal apps. If you don't know how and why it is deployed with what strategy in mind you won't understand it, so stop complaining. No issues e have as We design the solution well and deploy it with right knowledge and skills.

Akhil Chugh

Battery hogger Air watch agent took up 31% of phone battery after an update. Terrible app.

Michael Knych

This as pm is draining my battery on S5 Active My battery now drains in about six hours after this app updated on 5/13. I can:T get rid of this crap since I née to access work email. Come on folks fix this terrible app!!!!

Abhigyan Modi

Power hogger Nexus 5, 50% battery at any given time is consumed by "agent". Please fix.

Indraneel Kulkarni

Pathetic update. It was working fine before the update. Now I am running in loops to configure it and it still isn't configured.

Adam Wortmann

Terrible Battery Life Ever since the last update, my S5 needs to be charged every two hours. A quick look at the battery setting shows it's the #1 offender.

Hitesh K

My battery life has come down to 2 hrs. It keeps heating up my handset. Being forced to keep it

Ashutosh Verma

Battery hog This app has been eating more than 15% of the battery on my Nexus 5 since the last update... Please fix this ASAP...

Andrew Chang

Newest update breaks the app on 5.1. Enrollment loop. DON"T UPDATE!! After finishing the enrollment process again (i was already enrolled prior to updating) it puts me back at the star of the enrollment process. You guys broke your App!!!! FIX IT PLEASE. I NEED THIS FOR WORK!

Vageesh S.

Battery drainer After the update on S6 the battery is draining very fast. Vmware team, fix the issue ASAP.

Karan Khera

Waste Overheating my device and draining battery since yesterday. Please patch/fix this ASAP.

Dan Baxter

Fix your app! Latest version,, is a huge battery drain, at least for Lollipop.

Steve Schneider

Severe battery drain on nexus 6 Took 15% of my battery in 1hr while screen was off. Was forced to uninstall yesterday it took 62% of my battery while I was at work after I updated it. Also getting certificate error for touchdown but that's probably on my side of the fence

Bob Hart

Battery drain Since the most recent version battery life is awful. And the device is running hot. I see that the app is consuming 23% of resources. Yikes!

Anurag Saxena

Killed my battery Latest update won't let my phone sleep. Killed my battery life. Can't uninstall since I need it to get my corporate emails. Hate it.

Seshasai V

Battery drainer The only thing that keeps this app going is.. my company mandates it.. otherwise NO CHANCE..

Brad Larsen

Bad Update drains the battery Latest update drains the battery, needs to be fixed

chtoya dobbins

Doesn't allow sync with other calendar and doesn't allow email to be combined with other email horrible

Duncan Hickman

Terrible Battery drain HTC One M7 - now 30-40% of battery usage. Would not recommend to anybody.

Martijn Groothuis

Crapware Slows the phone to a grinding halt and drains the battery, it uses more energy than the screen.

Jeff Hock

Battery hog Killing my battery since latest update.

Dilip Jivan

Latest update draining my battery Since yesterday - 5/12/15, AirWatch has been draining my battery faster than it can charge - DROID Turbo.

marco careaga

Draining battery since the update fix ASAP please.

AVS Prasad

Consumes high battery Highest battery consumer on my phone.

Jan Muchna

Works perfectly

Sheree Johnson

Never did anything, just sat there after several attempts to make it work

Ian Hughes

Terrible update - drains battery Using 32% of battery since latest update. Just killing my phone.

Girish Keshav

Disappointed Way way too much battery.. Slows down the phone

Alex Taradov

Crap How is it even possible to make crap like this?

Alexander K

Too high background traffic consumption

Nick Nikzat

My company requires this app And my phone has never worked this poorly because of it! My battery life is nearly halved after the lollipop upgrade and the battery settings show that this app is more active than the OS!

Sudssma Sudssma

Issues with MotoG2 Hi, the agent is unable to authenticate my connection to my organisation network. It used yo work fine, but suddenly stopped working and updates made matter worse. Kindly provide a troubleshoot guide for connection errors.

Rommel Bhargava

Reseted my phone. I put the phone in my bag, accidently the screen was on. Next thing i know my phone is reset. Because may be i reached 10 unsuccessful tries. App should change this to "SHUT DOWN" the phone after 5 attempts. To avoid accidental flash. Fix this I will increase my review.

jennifer mckenney

Stops working whenever I power off & have to reinstall it Need this to access my work email & calendar but since lollipop update, it stops working whenever I power off & I have to reinstall it. What a pain!

Lawrence Dee

Recent update fixed battery impact Was fine a year ago. Early 2105 updates causing all kinds of performance issues, but this latest update fixed battery drain issue. Calendar (Inbox, not agent) still broken after a month. AirWatch needs to improve quality quickly or start losing enterprises as customers look elsewhere

Bruno Lasrado

Very rudimentary... This and related air* apps are very rudimentary in the features they provide and ease of use. Dont get fooled by the 1M+ download count... I had to reinstall this app about 3 times before I could get it working right :). Don't expect this kind of quality especially when its coming from Vmware!

Nick Verderico

Company-enforced malware Keeps on asking me to encrypt my device when it's already encrypted. One star is being charitable.

Paul Thigpen

Horrible! Worst app ever! And I HAVE to have it for work. The developer really needs work on the android usability.

Balaji Maruthappan

Non compliant My MI3 phone is not rooted and i have got confirmed using root checker apps too. But, AW is showing that my phone is rooted and compromised. Because of which i couldn't configure my o office E-mail

audrey julien

Wth I can't uninstall the app. It makes my phone and other electronics work like hell. I honestly recommend not to install it

Corey Allert

Fixed Battery issues, now fix the rest App used to eat battery for fun, recent updates have returned battery usage to normal levels. So thanks for fixing that, now get on to fixing the performance issues. This is the slowest email app ever it lags on scrolling and message opening

Justin Blackwelder

Does not recognize encrypted device Stock Nexus 5 and encrypted. Airwatch Agent does not recognize device as encrypted anymore and excessively notifies me to encrypt even though it was encrypted during the setup process.

kunal priyadarshi

Not working after i updated my phone OS. It ask me to provide pin but it doesnt allow me to enter 8 didit. And the button doesnt enable. Pls fix as i will not b able to use my office email in my phn.

Conner Samuels

Awful, just awful Forced to use this application from my company. What a waste. Too many issues to name.

Chris Ogorzalek

Battery consuption Good job Airwatch team. Battery use is back to normal after the update :) the phone is finally not burning through my leg.

Hanna Triplett

Company requires this app Battery drains MUCH quicker than before and it takes forever for the content app to load....

John Teller

Battery drain fixed! Thank you! Working great again! HTC one M8

Joey Deeb

Spend a dollar to save a penny. Running in background, this app eats my battery for breakfast. Mail app is lacking features native to Lollipop. Calendar is not efficient for quick scheduling. Saves hundreds in mobile bandwidth usage. Costs thousands to your organization's productivity. Needs optimization and better UI for daily use. If you like memory leaks, battery drain, a hot mobile device, app crashes and phone resets, then this product is for you.

Agent Smith

Junk Junk is this nicest word I can use and not get fired.

Tim Rapp

Horible Support from Airwatch Since moving to Airwatch from GOOD we have had nothing but issues. The biggest issue is the support from Airwatch. Unless you are willing to pay for an Enterprise Support contract the support you get is horrible, worse I have ever experienced. Working hard to get GOOD pricing down so we can switch back.

David Morcos

working fine it's true, if your admin is competent then the app is harmless. otherwise go bug them about it

Vikram Sival

I don't know why my company payibg for this...prefer browser to check my corporate maul on mobile. .then this

Adam Michaels

Someone sold our WWHQ a bill of goods This App is terrible! Intergration is clunky, UE os awful, and it randomly dissappears requiring reinstall. They must have great sales reps because the product sucks!

matt redding

Okay Slow going sometimes.. but it may because of all the info coming through. It works though

Cassie Perry

Horrible! Drains battery Can't Uninstal. Bought another battery not thinking about this app :( Very disappointing and frustrating

Mark Daniels

Poor performance Poor performance overall. Slower than similar apps. Limited search. Cannot access attachments in email search results. Cannot access attachments on calendar appointments. Need more sort options.

Shannon Paige

Horrible app This app is a big steaming pile. Forced to use by company I work for.

Angie Musick

Can't uninstall! This ap has so many ways that it stops you from uninstalling. Keeps giving errors so it won't come off.

Lindsay Squires

S5 Thank you for fixing the battery drainage issue. Where we'll airwatch recognize finger print as a security lock?

Chris R

Crap Won't complete the setup to connect me to my company so now I have no email on my company phone. Wish I could have stuck with my Blackberry, it was old, but at least it worked.

Matt Sullivan

Sucks - but required by work This is the worst eMail app I can recall ever using. Can't designate high priority messages. No text formatting. Other annoyances. Only people who have no other choice would use this

David Jones

Need it for work Contacted the developers with a question. It was not answered but they made it worse by sending a canned "don't bother us" response. Lost all respect for AW. A simple yes or no would have meant so much more. Update, as I said above tried to get some info. Now I get spam from airwatch.

Geoffrey Oxholm

Doesn't work. It says the setup is complete, and then goes right back to the welcome screen. Super frustrating.

Ron Toups

Stay far away from this app if you can! The Airwatch Telecom Service app (Part of the MDM Agent) is the single largest cause of battery power consumption on my device - More that screen use or any other app by far. It has knocked down my battery life to less than half a day between charges and chews up hours of CPU time for no apparent reason. I'll be very glad when companies find other methods of hosting apps than requiring this application.

CharviSai Reddy Gundre

Worst Installed it as there was no choice and seems i can't uninstall it now.

Shrey Kaushik

How to uninstall it? I have seen hundreds of people complaining.. can please someone tell me how to get rid of this application? Have made the battery life to 25%. Please help.

Siva Govender

Since lolipop update i have to restart my phone often as the numbers are distorted

Edward Smathers

Confused with all the 1 stars... This app works flawlessly on my Galaxy S6... is it possible there were issues with the implimentation of the app from these users IT?

Sam Tate, Jr.

Poor support for the GS6 Native email is still not working.

Darrell Annas

Password resets It never stops asking me to reset my password. I have to change my password multiple times a day and every time the phone is rebooted. I always have to have my IT department uninstall then reinstall the app to get it to stop for the next 60 days until I have to reset my password again. I've done this at least 4 times already.

Mohsin Shaikh

Want to uninstall I wannna uninstall this app but unenroll option is not available in my account.. m not able deactivate the admin services as well.. the deact button is not highlighted.. please assist...

Chinyere Anyanwu

I went ahead and updated this app again because they said they fixed the sd encrypt thing but it is still doing it. Nothing has changed.

Pramod Bhat

Elegant ! I admit its not that intuitive to use, but you'll realize its the best after you get used to it..

Febriandi Rahmatulloh

Too many problem It didt works om xiaomi red mi note and assus fonepad agent stop works! Reduce productivity

Pritul Kothari

Latest update messed it up. Keeps popping notifications to encrypt my device though it's already encrypted. Restarted couple times but didn't help. Fortunately, corporate email is still working but I am not sure how long. I am already getting notifications that device will be unenrolled if it's not encrypted.

Ricky Zou

Heavy CPU + memory My phone has been hot since I installed it, and looking at the services list, it's taking 1 GB of memory!!! I stopped the service, it then came back. That's on two different stock pure android 6 devices. Brand new Nexus 6p with 3450mah battery didn't last for half a day with this installed. No choice, can't use it !

Mark Vandendyke

Setup flawed Will not completely set up on the galaxy note 5. With the recent Android update to 5.1.1 tech support probably does not have the same menu as me. There is no option to DEcrypt the phone, only to encrypt it. Even so, this app will not recognize when I have encrypted the phone. EMC tech support is clueless here. Meanwhie this crap is still on my phone asking me to encrypt it every 5 min. Cannot uninstall. Be warned you'll be in tech support hell if you install on a 5.1.1 device.

yanick müller

DON'T INSTALL THIS SOFTWARE!!!!!! It's like a virus, it's horrible!!!!! Once started to login, there is no way back, even if you restart the phone! Airwatch Agent is from the first click admin on your phone, until you have resetted your phone completely! Also very bad answer from the support, they don't want to help you. so... ...DON'T INSTALL THIS SOFTWARE!!! P.s. If it would be possible to give less than 1 star, i would do it!

kapil malviya

Worst app ever It takes a lot of nonsense to create such pathetic apps. They are spying on us by getting this app installed in our mobile. They can erase all the content and transfer data through Bluetooth without even acknowledging us. I am uninstalling this app after 10min of usable and tell my IT guys to get some other app. I can't live with this app

Karl Martin

No Problems, So far. Not for non tech guys as it's hard to configure if you don't have any idea what you are doing.

Darwin Ammala

Does not save changed pin. I'm asked each morning and after reboots to enter, then to reset my pin. When using google play, i am asked again to enter, confirm, and reset pin. Your support folks tell me that only authorized admins may open tickets. Nice timing for your update during long holiday breaks. This will hopefully be fixed for us all in your next update. Older versions did not have this bug. Nexus 6, Android 6.0.1

Yung-Lin Ho

Dead loop on unlock page The latest release is a disaster. Upon launch, this app ask for an unlock pass code. Once I enter my pass code, the app closes itself immediately.

parag joshi

Irritating!!! Worst App Ever!!! I have installed this app a month before. It worked very much fine for a month. However after a month, its automatically asking me to encrypt my device, although its already encrypted. Its keep giving me pop message to encrypt my device again and again. When I click on Device Setting, , it take me to encrypt my device. it says it will take an hour or more but my phone restart within two mins. when I click on AirWatch Agent icon, again and again its asking me to encrypt my device.. Please look into this...

Enrique Susemihl

Made it so if I turn on my Wi-Fi, the Galaxy S5 crashes and restarts. Then when it turns back on when the wifi turns on it crashes again. It's an endless cycle. I managed to turn off the wifi between cycles (have to be quick), so now I can use my phone, but can't use wifi. Then when I tried to un-enroll the app crashed and now I can't uninstall it. I'm probably going to have to reset my phone to factory setting thanks to this app.

Jason Tschohl

So work recently forced everyone to this. Once you get it working I guess it does it's job. My issue was getting it working. The app didn't support my LG V10 properly during setup. I installed the agent. I scanned the QR code from my company. Security policy was set. I then had to encrypt my V10. That's where I hit a snag. The app couldn't kick off the device encryption. Instead it told me to do it via Settings -> Security. OK that's fine except for the fact that the security policy grey's out the option to manually encrypt the device. So I had to disable the device administrators to remove the security policy. Encrypt my device. Then start the whole enrollment process over again. After that I still couldn't get this and Airwatch Inbox to properly sync my mail for about 4 hours. Huge pain and completely subpar experience compared to Touchdown HD which I had been using previously.

Skip Brott

Crashes at midnight The app is required by my employer and I don't even notice it is there until midnight every single night when the telecom agent crashes over and over again for several minutes. Then it works fine until 24 hours later. Crashes interfere with everything.

David Rose

Worst app ever It just did an update and I have to change pass codes twice a day. And I continuously get messages to change my pass code. This is aweful. I have complained to my corporate IT department along with dozens of coworkers to get rid of this horrible app.

Richard David

DISAPPOINTING HTC One M8 was already encrypted when I installed this App., and it kept badgerng me to encrypt! My Corporate Email finally stopped working, after the App was unable to report back to Exchange that the device was encrypted. The only solution was a backup, factory reset, then a restore. And then all the pain of getting missing Apps reinstalled, and corporate Connectivity working again. I lost about an hour's productivity sorting everything out. Restarting the phone doesn't fix the issue. DISAPPOINTING!!!

Krishnan Devarajan

Horrible Crappy disgusting application. My organisation mandates it. Wants me to change password every few hours or threatens to wipe out data from the device.These annoying pop ups keeps showing and pretty stop you from using anything. Unbelievable lack quality check done before release. I had wrox before and it used to work like a charm. I am gonna ask my IT Dept to remove this and bring in a better option.

John Nazareth

don't use crappy app. drains battery, heats up cpu. only reason I have to keep is corporate IT team insist - idiots don't know how to recognize bad software. avoid at all costs if you can.

Dileep Mohan

Hate it Never install this. you won't get the purpose of installation- ie keep mails sync , it always popup with one or other errors .

sagar potdar

Battery killer It just killed my battery of iPhone. Developer please fix this app to reduce battery usage. It always runs in background even though I force kill it.

Todd B.

Terrible Forced upon me by my employer, this app is about as stable as Charles Manson. It "forgets" that my phone has already been encrypted and insists (as per security policy) that it needss to be encrypted again. You follow the steps and the encryption doesn't take. You then get repeated messages interrupting your phone use, pretty much making your device unusable, until you factory reset it and start again. And this is after you are told by Air Watch that the encryption process can't be undone - clearly it can.

Joseph Lussier

Intrusive at times Regularly rendering my phone useless by running every single app at the same time is unacceptable. Clearly this company only cares about the companies it gets money from and not end user experience. I wish I could rate this a 0 star.

Malay Nayak

Works well This is enterprise Mobility Management MDM agent App. Not your normal apps. If you don't know how and why it is deployed with what strategy in mind you won't understand it, so stop complaining. No issues e have as We design the solution well and deploy it with right knowledge and skills.

Peter Lim

resets my phone and keeps telling me its not encrypted when it is and I have done it twice now. No support for this as well how am I meant to access my emails without it wiping out every few days???

Christiaan Kent

I, like others I see commenting on here, repeatedly get prompted to change my password. I changed my password. The message to change my password still appears every 5 mins. Will this ever be fixed ?? Happens on Nexus 5x with Android 6.0.1 and Moto X 2014 Developer Edition with Android 5.1. I'm urging my IT dept to switch to another MDM solution like Microsoft InTune.

Karthi X

Poor interface.. Erroneous.. Throws variety of errors every time. Though everything is fine. Unable to find server id, group not allowed and so on. Aannoying and frustrated with multiple attempts.

Mason Bourdeau

Used to be "acceptable" I'm an AirWatch admin and I have watched this product nose-dive from when my company bought into it. They rush ahead with development without thorough quality testing. Then once it's broken they say the fix is to simply re-enroll EVERY device. Also misleading advertising, they claim to support Android for Work on their website but the truth is they don't. Apparently the Agent is unable to properly read device Mac addresses on Android 6.x, kinda basic functionality here, how long to fix? "No eta"

VinuUthappa BN

So far the best Mobile Management Application.. Battery consumption is lil higher so if fixed can be very helpful.

Juan Alejandro III

Awful! Doesn't work and now it doesn't let me delete. Works well on my wife's phone. (I did both.)

Ali E.

Worst Apple in the Market App keeps asking to encrypt the phone when it is already encrypted. Our IT administration cannot deactivate even after removing my account from backend. AirWatch admin pls do not ask to reboot. We have done restart and cold boot multiple times to no avail. Take this app off the list until u fix it. You are charging companies for the backend use of this worthless app. :(

Tatooine Planet

Worst App Looks like scam why are companies asking for this doesn't go forward and is stacked in agreement page..shame

C. Onyango

Encrypt my device? How many times? I've encrypted my device after an app I gave access turned off encryption. Now agent is swarming my phone with messages that my phone is not encrypted. In settings it shows encrypted. I've rebooted 3x.

Arman Ghasemian

Sony Xperia z5 Had to downgrade back to a Galaxy S5 because my new Xperia z5 was not functioning with Airwatch. Even though though no SD card was inserted, every 5mins Airwatch would ask me to encrypt it. Airwatch support and IT states anything but an iPhone or Samsung generally leads to issues.

Németh Sándor

Battery eating shit enforced by company One of the apps company is forcing us to use in order to kill the devices we are paying hardly earned money...please close EVERY similar grage store and use ONE unique app that is optimised!! PLEASE!!!

Derek Reeves

Messes with other apps I've had to have this on multiple devices and every device it's messed with my camera in particular saying it cannot connect. Have to force stop the camera and clear the cache THEN restart my phone... Why?? Please fix this!

Max Kelly

Better than "The Good App" but still not good Typing in this code every time I open my phone, even when it should have the fingerprint reading functionality is ridiculous. C'mahnn now, get real and fix this issue for the android Gs5.

Scott Juskowiak

My company makes me use this to access my corporate email, otherwise I would gladly stick to the Gmail app for all my Mail needs. I hate having to have something like this on my phone, even though I am part of the IT department within the company. If anything, knowing more about what it does, and how it works makes me like having to use it less. All around it is a very rudimentary suit of applications, missing a lot of 'modern' features and functionality. Improvements to the app suite could make it a tad more tolerable. I haven't encountered any noticeable battery issues, just the fact that it frequently prompts me for my PIN, at seemingly random intervals, and I can't use Google Imprint as a substitute, despite iOS devices being to able to use their alternative. I suppose that may come down to the OS implementation of the scanner, but this is also something that should be added for Android as is becomes a more prevalent feature.

Elizabeth McKinney

Lost my data I kept getting error messages from the program (every few minutes) until my phone ceased to turn on three days later. Now verizon can't get past it to get my data (and it's mysteriously vanished from the cloud?) Had to buy a new phone and lost everything.

John Lefler

This app is horrific!!!!!!!!!!!!! My British overlords at work require me to have this on my phone even though I only want to update my calendar which my phone does just fine on its own. Once I installed this app., I started getting notifications from AirWatch Telecom asking me if I want to install it. Even though I decline I keep getting the notifications. I don't want or need AirWatch Telecom but never mind. If I were to install the AirWatch Telecom app., that wouldn't end it because then I would get notifications for the Wi-Fi watcher.

Jasmine Gee

Newest update broke the app Keeps asking me to change my password, which I've done twice. This issue occurred a few months ago after an update. Guess I'll have to wait this out until another update is pushed. Super annoying. Nexus 6P on Marshmallow.

Mason Bourdeau

1 Star is too much... I'm an AirWatch admin and I have watched this product nose-dive from when my company bought into it. They rush ahead with development without thorough quality testing. Then once it's broken they say the fix is to simply re-enroll EVERY device. Also misleading advertising, they claim to support Android for Work on their website but the truth is they don't. Apparently the Agent is unable to properly read device Mac addresses on Android 6.x, kinda basic functionality here?! UPDATE: 3 months & counting

Randy Johnson

Latest update now crashes Ever since the latest update I constantly, and by constantly, I mean every few seconds, I get the message "Agent has stopped working"

Nicholas Caito

Broken! Nexus 5. Stock Android. Encrypted. Passcode lock. The app says that I am compliant, yet the device cannot get online. My iOS devices work just fine. The issue? This doesn't work with the current version of Android. Why not?

G1 and-only

Ok, now you can unlock the phone with fingerprint On the s5, so it's not so bad if you have to use it for work which I do.

Louie Ortega

No Integration with Native Nexus Apps I now have to use a separate contacts, calendar and mail app.

Aditya Mathur

Forced to use it. My company has made having this app installed mandatory! It is extremely heavy n sucks up battery.

John Couch

Doesn't work on Marshmallow Does initial sync then fails after. Only started after upgrade to Marshmallow on Note 5 Verizon.

Dustin Thomas

If I leave the screen of my LG G3 on constantly (with the brightest setting) it still would not drain the battery as fast as this app does. BBUUTT Airwatch doesn't care because anyone who has this app is required to have it. If I could downgrade 1 star to a steaming bowl of dog crap I would.

Ashish Sharma

Facing issue in encryption continued message for encryption popping up . Any help line for this

Cody Blotske

Malware beware! Literally a root kit. Avoid at all cost!

Rajan Pandey

Very bad.... Very bad not be able to uninstall this app......

Imran Siddiqui

Very bad Does not work captcha very bored go to unstall

Lakshaman Tiwari

Tiwari It is OK

Rudra jain

Good Very good

Michael McKinley

This app sucks My company required I install this app. My battery used to last 3 days, now about 4 hours, maybe 5. The only reason I keep it is the stipend I get for being "available" by email 24/7.

Snow DaddyO

This app is such a resource hog, it will reduce your reduce your battery life by at least 30%. Not recommended to have it running on your personal smartphone. If your company is too cheap to provide you with their own device, get a secondary device so they can't intrude on your privacy. Big brother is watching you.

Ryan Brown

Rough setup but OK Setup was a bit rough. Had to run the setup procedure a few times but that was probably due to our internal servers from last year. Once running this app is pretty passive. Maybe once every 3 or 4 months I have to manually go into this app and "re-sync" to get the horrid VMware Inbox app to work. But for the most part, it seems to keep up with my password changes on the domain 80% of the time & the device audits report back without issues.

Paul Pfeffer

Cant believe I'm forced to use this It is a huge battery drain my 6p barely stays charged all day. After uninstalling I'm back to 2 day battery life

Ivan Chan

Issue with My Knox Installing this app inside of My Knox always yielded error "AirWatch Agent has stopped". Installing and activating outside of My Knox was fine, but then this way business and personal spaces are not separated, defeating the whole purpose of MDM, and the breaking the promise of My Knox and AirWatch. Please fix with highest priority

Prabhath MP

Terrible! Hogs battery like a parasite.. Well my rating for this app isn't surprising at all! I can't understand why this app hasn't been improved after 3.5k people hated this app! It would either mean the company that manages this isn't all ears or the companies that subscribe for this app aren't bothered about this app's inconsistencies. Pathetic, either way!

Rupam Thakuria

Glorified crap sold to enterprise customers Worst support, lack of features, bugs, sync issues which makes it an overall winner at being the worst.

Jim Jackson

Doesn't work with Android N

Dave Frederick

Drains Battery This last update really is draining my battery fast! Please fix it!

Neha Kapoor

Does not works Does not sync my mail

Sagar Desai

Worst app Always getting Sign In error due to Exchange Active Sync..My company forced us to use it that is the only reason using it

David Mak

Drains battery, slows down my S5 and restricts some of the features as well. Have to use it due to company requirements. Worst corporate tool ever.

P Bos

Terrible app It drains the battery significantly, it no longer allows the addition of trusted places to lengthen the screen lock, on-body detection no longer works, and the calendar doesn't synch with updates. Poor app, bad design, I've used other enterprise apps and this is the worst.

Alex Guasco

Location services was stuck on and could not be disabled. The "fix" was to re-apply the basic Android policy.

Durgananda Kateel

Terrible to use !!! The system gets very slow and also drains the battery very quickly. At times takes about a minute to update new mails. Forced to use it as per company policy requirements

Vaishnav SR

Good idea, Terrible Implementation I recognize that IT departments are required to use apps like airwatch to ensure that the corporate data is safe and secure. But the airwatch email client is sub par at best and after an update the airwatch agent doesn't work.

John Kennedy

Killing my phone This app drains the battery to point of high heat & constantly being charged. Has not been able to update on its own in six months. Have had to do two factory resets on the phone because of the encryption. The only reason I endure this, it is what my company IT makes me use!

Malaynz AstaLavista

Works well This is enterprise Mobility Management MDM agent App. Not your normal apps. If you don't know how and why it is deployed with what strategy in mind you won't understand it, so stop complaining. No issues e have as We design the solution well and deploy it with right knowledge and skills.

Smooth Bobbie

Wish i didnt have to use My company requires this for email but it drains battery ridiculously fast and my phone is sooooooo slow now

Nagaraj Hegde

Unable to enroll, application says enter the characters shown in the image below but there is no characters displayed, not possible to pass this step at all, need a smoother step to enroll.

Simon Lewis

Disgusting battery pig Fix this shameful waste that I only use because I can't sync my enterprise calendar any other way. Not worth my phone dying before the day is out...

Eric Gemunder

New security? I had the software on my old Samsung S5. I was always able to use Trusted Locations and Show Password. Now those are disabled by administrator on my S7, although my employer says they didn't change anything and it works on other phones. Is this a software difference or a phone difference?

Max Bartolomei

Battery drainer Sometimes you realize that your mobile is consumimg more battery than the usual and you find this app in the top 3

Vincent Thomas

The worst app Keeps telling me to encrypt device but then will jump n say encryption is complete, and sec later jumps back n say encrypt device....smmfh

Puma Rod

Terrible. It was company policy to install it and my battery drains really fast. The location services get stucked. Really poor app.

Uzair Farooqui

Battery drain due to Agent keeping high accuracy GPS mode ON 24/7! Latest update is keeping High accuracy GPS ON 24/7... why dows this agent need that service? , this is draining battery badly. please fix this asap.

Mark Hansen

Slow, clunky, annoying. One of the firstn things I'll do even leaving my current company is removing this junk.

Mohit Dandona

Very bad fool app kyo ki latest Android me chalti ni h Very bad fool app kyo ki latest Android me chalti ni h

Ankush Saini

Too much power consumption App in fine, however too high power consumption for some reason. Uninstalled the app and battery life improved considerably.

Shekhar Chavan

Pathetic app Eats up my phone battery and slows down my phone like hell. Please fix the issues.

Peter kirwan

Awful and a waste of time Probably one of the worst Apps I have ever had the displeasure of using. Our company uses this in conjunction with probably the worst Telecoms provider in Britain and the combination means no e-mail and a calendar that never syncs. Avoid this App

Soumya Puttappa Ramesh

The worst app You can call it as bug more than app.. It doesn't work and hangs your phone after installing it

gHosH mohaN

Such a stupid application..used by so many people only because of company's security restriction on email..

Nishit Mahajan

Very poor application It drain battery very fast and mobile becomes hot

Keith S

Can't enrol App says "please enter the characters shown below" but displays a blank screen... Can't get past this so can't enrol.

Narendra Manne

High battery consumption after update. Generally airwatch will drain battery but after installing new update its even too high. Max in 5 hours ur battery will die.

Dillip Mohapatra

Encrypt device is pop up though encryption has done on redmi 2 prime

James Lewis

Crashes and unable to uninstall Crashes when I open the app. Unable to deactivate and there unable to uninstall

Michael Dauffenbach

People complain to much At my company I have used mobile iron, blackberry BES, and even dabbled with MS intune. Airwatch is hands down the best MDM out there and leads the way in innovation, features, and support.

Steven Ondishin

Stunningly poor in execution Excessive battery draining, as others have stated, is to a degree almost unimaginable in 2016. Horrifically sloppy coding and an unresponsive development team. No one installs this becasue they *want* to, they do it because corporate IT departments require it. Surely, better options must exist.

Chris Baughman

Works as Advertised The company I work for recently switched to using this app. Everyone at work has been dreading installing this, even refusing to. No big deal, it isn't a requirement, but it is necessary. I installed this a few days ago out of necessity. I haven't had any noticeably increased power consumption, I haven't experienced other apps failing to work, nor phone features no longer functioning. Only words of advice I have is: Ensure you have plenty of battery for installation and restart your device afterwards.

Ryan Bell

Battery issues I can turn off WiFi, Bluetooth, and be in power saving mode and only get 5 hours of battery life. So frustrating. ***Updated. I'll mention that turning off Android Location Services has improved battery life. Such an awful app.

Kyle Tan

Crashes all the time! Horrific app! It is obvious that VMware had hired amateurs to develop this

lee horner

When are you going to fix your app? Forced to perform a factory reset. Had to re-register to get email back. Hopelessly broken. That was 3 weeks ago. Work IT says you are aware of the problem. But I have no work email on my phone.

Jake Rohland

Can't deactivate or uninstall I had tried this for work. Started reading the details of this app. In no way shape or form do I want them to monitor my phone. Extremely annoying, can't deactivate and u can't uninstall it with out fully installing it. Which means doing a factory reset. What bullshit

Geraldo Toledo

Doesn't work properly with Android devices No integration with email or calendar, no for iPhone only...badly implemented and designed...please fix!


Latest update on android ruined it I am running Android marshmallow on note edge. Have to use airwatch to install work email. The latest update asks to change the passcode every time I enter my passcode. Please fix this problem. It's annoying and I have no other option but to stick to it due to my work policy.

FJG574 Cofely

Battery killer After last update it eats battery live at an enormous rate. Please solve issue

Keary Dosier

Destroying my battery!!! And stop forcing me to change my device password every 2 minutes. This is unacceptable!

Joe DeCarlo

Does not work with LG G5 Just does not install and does not allow Corp email to sync

Ajay pr

Unfortunately MDM agent has stopped I can't even get this running once. I'm on stock a Android with latest updates. Pathetic experience...

Wade Miller

Broken Since the most recent update, the agent starts on the screen everytime I unlock my phone.

Tamilarasan J

Application stopped working After installed updates the application stopped working... Every minute appears error message in the screen. Its irratiating ...please fix it

Cassandra Lawrence

App did not download correctly - I had major problems getting it Uninstalled from my phone

Conrad Read

Update sucks Everyone I enter the unlock password Airwatch opens and says to change my password... even when I change it, the next time it asks me to do it again.. Annoying

அபுபக்கர் இஸ்மத் பாஷா

Need to improve a lot I have multiple folder under Inbox and I need to navigate to each and every folder to see unread email. But in touchdown I can see all unread email in a consolidated view irrespective of folders

David Morcos

working fine on stock android if your admin is competent then the app is harmless. otherwise go bug them about it or blame them for using Samsung bloatware devices

Florin Ciobanu

Very bad app Slow, battery drain, useless calendar

Mike Via

Destroys battery life. Please fix Running Android marshmallow on a Galaxy S7 and AirWatch uses 46% of my daily battery. I have to charge my phone 2X in the day.

Rohit Gupta

Worst It is not properly configured in Android. Not able to installed. share the proper guidance

troy gomm

Terrible Cooks your phone, ruins your battery. Stay away from it, unless your employer requires it. Even then they should know it destroys your phone.

Ryan Bell

Poor reviews So glad we checked these reviews before considering this application for our enterprise. We'll pass.

Stephen McNeil

Hate it!! Here we go again!! Why must with every update, it drain the battery beyond reasonable use!! 35% battery usage and dead battery after 2 1/2 hours is not acceptable! ! Please fix it, again!!

Declan McArdle

Horribly implemented Error ridden application with terrible implementation. No integration with Google apps for calendar, provides clone of very old version of Google calendar. Cannot handle scheduled password resettings

Ajay Iyengar

Crashes on startup Can't sync corporate data. java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: No implementation found for com.airwatch.(...).openssl.(...).awFipsModeSet

Udaya Shankar

Not good Buggy, eats battery life..

Todd Wagnon

And recent update seems to have brought battery drain back. How does one app eat though so much battery in a morning. And the battery drain issue has returned. Test your software or just draft and release?

Tyler Caughill

Annoying The agent starts every time I unlock my phone... this is getting tired. I wish I could turf the whole thing.

Craig Gowin

F this app Killed my battery, didn't help at all

Lucian Guran

Rubish After last update, each time i unblock my phone the agent opens as well.

Maria Brennan

Tired of being asked to update pass code which makes no difference if you update it or select cancel.

Bobby Atanasovski

Drains Battery What have you done with this last update. It's killing my battery!!

Sourabh Tewari

Battery drain Please fix the battery drain. Its killing my phone. The latest update is the culprit.

Sudarshan Kabra

Not working on S7. Android 6 Getting error "Error connecting Host" Same setup was working fine in Nexus 4. Android 5

Arvind Thakur

Battery drainer It is a good battery drainer, you have to keep your phone with always charger. Poor credit.

Sreejayan Kavilery

Couldn't get the installation completed

Ben dukey

Very unpolished Unable to uninstall. Slows my phone to a crawl.

Hugh Bradlow

Latest version is flattening my battery and making my phone run hot

Bill Conrad

Crushes my phone As the title implies it crushes my phone. I am restarting 10+ times a day so I can make phone calls and get texts.

Md Sajid

Superb working its a awesome working very very good app more than whatapp and hike also

Jason Gotsch

Battery drain and resource hog!

Howard Williams

Battery Kills the battery

Jalpesh Zalavadiya

How uninstall this app???

Loren Jones

Invasive, parasitic Terrible app. When I got to the terms of use, it says it will have the permission to do a hard reset among lots of other very invasive things. Of course I did not agree to this term, since the phone is my personal phone and all the data contained on it is mine. Tried to stop the installation process after reading the terms, but it now will not allow me to uninstall the app. So I have to give it permission to wipe the memory on my phone, to then be able to deactivate it, and then uninstall it.

Won't allow me to utilise my sd card Says to encrypt the sd card but it wont actually do it and therefore i cant utilise it at all. Just gets stuck on encrypting sd card. Only inserted 32GB with nothing on it and yes i have tried multiple sd cards and they all work in orher phones. Using Samsung s7.

Eric Weise

This is the most asinine thing I have ever had to put on a phone for work. And it is a horrible app. My Exchange app had me do everything this app wanted. But did not kill my battery or annoy me with an icon now stuck in my status bar. If I ever make my goal of IT manager I will do all I can to stop stupid apps like this. It makes me want to rethink my employer.

Mark R

NO ONE installs this unless their corporate IT makes them. If they do (like mine did), you're screwed. Best of luck. The Android Nougat update causes this app to crash (even when not actively being used).

Brian Jones

I would give this MDM less than one star but that's not possible. Causes google hangouts to be WILDLY unstable in android 6.0.1 and 7 on both the nexus 6 and 5x. 30-50 crashes a day. Manufacturer has no way for users to contact them.

jenn h

Do not install!!! This useless app keeps asking me to encrypt even though in my settings it already says my phone is encrypted. I can't deactivate the app or uninstall... So I can't fully install and I can't uninstall.. and every 10seconds this msg comes up asking me to encrypt. So annoying!!!!!

CLC apps

Does not install properly on Android v6. Does not properly acquire appropriate permissions to run. Too many bugs. need to fix location services.Administration nightmare on Android devices. Can't get Android for work to work properly. Feel like we wasted our money.

Conrad Read

Update sucks Everyone I enter the unlock password Airwatch opens and says to change my password... even when I change it, the next time it asks me to do it again.. Annoying. I updated to the newest version and still the same problems.... Everytime I unlock it, it asks to change my password... this app really sucks

Dipanshu Talwar

Battery Eater This app needs correction as it takes a lot of battery. In today's world of smart devices the main concern for every user is battery life only. So please AirWatch Team work on that area to make this app worth while for us. Its very useful app and well designed but battery saving is not good and needs to be addressed. Running it on marshmallow version of Android.

KEN Miller

Negative reviewers are incompetent This app works flawlessly and is very simple to use. If you cant figure it out then maybe your doing the wrong thing. Good job on the app, I love it!

John Norman

This program causes my phone to be warm to the touch at all times. Cut the battery life on half. Also causes some lagging. Not a fan. update -- it also kills navigation on the device... no waze or google nav...

Venu vinjamaram

Freezes my Android Can't dismiss a meeting reminder therefore can't do anything on the phone until the battery dies and I reboot.

Mitchell Facer

Keeps failing checks Wish I hadn't updated it. Now it pops up every 5 minutes or so and says I fail passcode and encryption checks, both of which I have activated. Still happening. Good thing it tells you what the passcode req is I'm failing...

Battery killer I have this app installed on a s7 phone I use for work and it drains the battery in less than 8 hours. It consistently shows up as consuming 50% or more of the battery. My personal phone is a s7 as well and the battery lasts nearly 2 days and it has 10 times as many apps installed.

Michael Chan

Request every permission It would have requested the right to blow you up if Android allows. Ridiculous amount of permission requested which grant it to do virtually anything !

useless app! every time you update all you airwatch apps, they would stop working! and it affects our everyday job! like now, it stops working again after the update few hours ago! I'm sure it will be fixed after minimum of 3 months like the other past issues!

Bal Mukund

Love to use This software is under development and might face some popup msg which gives you irritation. But still love bcs of its functionalities

Stuart Clarke

Corporate requirement I only have this App as my employer requires to access work emails. It's not intuitive and causes issues with other apps. Its ok when it's working but not easy to sort when it doesn't.

Richard Krajewski

I wish I didn't need this useless PoS app on my phone. It accounts for 10% of my battery usage. In this day and age that is unacceptable.

Angelo Motta

Battery drain on 8/10/2016 release Do not install. Drains battery life

Wes Williams

Run like hell This app is terrible. It is buggy and tells you the device is out of compliance then says you have already performed the needed actions.

Dayton Waters

Entirely Unacceptable My company requires this for email use. This ridiculous app is not compatible with the latest OS update, constantly prompts to encrypt no matter how many times you run the encryption. Once you get that, you can't even un-enroll because the app locks you out. I had to do a factory reset to get this POS off my phone. Thanks for nothing -- I guess my job will have to get used to me not responding to emails unless I'm at my desk. Technology is just too hard sometimes. EDIT: Add 1 year and review echoed by ALL.

Karen Rothschild

Horrible battery drain Samsung s7 - accounts for 44% of my battery usage even when I turned push email updates off. I hate this app and I hate that my company forces us to use it.

Sivashankar Ramakrishnan

Encryption issue Not sure why is the app asking for encryption when it is already done. It's really a pain to see the encryption pop-up window.

raja choudhary

Not able to un enroll I am currently using ASUS ZenFone cell phone. I am trying to un enroll my account from air watch agent, but sadly the option to un enroll is not appearing in the menu which was given in the instructions to un enroll air watch from android devices. I looked for the issue online but no information is available in this regard.

Daniele Callioni

Thanks for nothing Says my SD card needs encryption - but it is already. Had to remove the card to stop the stupid error warnings.

Ken Tompkins

Update is jacked up Keeps asking me to encrypt. Device was and is encrypted already by Airwatch. Started this after latest update. Approaches unusable.

Bugs and more bugs Development guys, your app seriously stinks. Even when the device is encrypted, it constantly keeps asking to encrypt it. When we go ahead, it says device already encrypted. Then why on earth does it pop up every 5 seconds to ask for encryption? It worked well in last version, but after the automatic update today, this annoying message keeps on popping. For God's sake, do something about it.

Sean Bradley

Extremely invasive Although my IT department forces us to use Airwatch it actually breaks company policy and some Canadian laws for privacy.

Ray Wintzloff

Encryption pop ups annoying Hope this doesn't force a factory refresh due to security policy. PLEASE FIX

Abhishek Joshi

Unable to uninstall it as I'm unable to remove Agent from Device Administrator list.

Romit Sethi

It's showing parse error Hi plz help neither it's getting deactivated nor's just stuck up showing some Parse error plz suggest solution on the same. Thanks

Elsa Howell

Serious faults for such a widely used app Continuously asks me to encrypt my phone even though it's already encrypted. Ruins the battery life and performance of my phone too.

Robert Vaughan

Battery killer My phone died after only 7 hours and battery monitor shows as this app using the majority

Nicholas C

Battery guzzler This app uses about 50% of battery. Its pathetic but my company insists i have it.

roshan mohanty

Just does not work It behaving strange. Connectity issue even though I am connected to Wi-Fi. Sometimes it connects if it feels like but most of the time it just refuses to connect .. Not recommended to anyone

hetanshu thakore

Does not work Force close all the time, unable to access corporate account.

Mahendra Singh Uikey

Forced to download on yureka plus As soon as I installed stock ROM , I am being forced to install this rubbish app. No matter how many times I close this download page it gets opened again.

Tor-Olav Berntzen

This does not work well on Xperia z5 and Lollipop Eats battery and sucks data. Massive waste of space. You would think a enterprise supplier could do 1/10 of this suff. Avoid if you can...Review updated for New verson and still sucks

Tony Eyles

Doesn't recognize encrypted SD card and demands you encrypt it Latest combination of this app and my 5.1.1 Android don't mix. Can't use my SD card anymore dye to obsesive warnings about SD encryption. But it is. Reformated in windows and re encrypted 3x times yet it still complains. Let's not talk about battery consumption either.

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