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30 Aug
AirWatch Inbox

Posted by AirWatch in Business | Aug. 30, 2016 | 230 Comments

Apk file size: 24.0 MB

AirWatch® Inbox for Android is a secure, containerized email client that provides complete separation of enterprise and personal data on devices. Protected with AES-256 bit encryption, AirWatch Inbox is configured with advanced data loss prevention capabilities to secure sensitive corporate data, while providing you with quick access to corporate email, calendar and contacts. AirWatch Inbox is ideal for highly regulated deployments and BYOD programs.

Note: AirWatch Inbox works in conjunction with and is managed through configurable system settings within the admin console. AirWatch Inbox will not operate without the required AirWatch infrastructure. Please contact your IT administrator before installing AirWatch Inbox.

Key Features of AirWatch Inbox v2.6.3:
• Protect with AES-256 bit encryption
• Protect with password/pin authentication

• Create, rename and delete folders and subfolders
• Search for email by ‘To’ and ‘Subject’
• Filter flagged, unread and high priority email
• Preview attachments before opening
• Perform bulk actions to emails
• Support HTML email
• Insert custom signatures automatically
• Support Exchange ActiveSync (EAS)

• View all events and respond to invites
• See chronological list of events for each day

• Create, edit and delete contacts
• Call and send messages to contacts
• Search for contacts in Global Address List

Steps for Activation:
1. Download and install AirWatch Inbox on your device through the Google Play Store.
2. Enroll your device with the AirWatch® Agent
3. Based on a profile set by your IT administrator, AirWatch Inbox configures itself and prompts you for additional inputs.
4. Once you complete the configuration steps as prescribed by your administrator, AirWatch Inbox starts syncing your email, calendar and contacts.

For more information on the AirWatch solution, please call 866.501.7705.

Whats new

    Android N support

AirWatch part of our Business and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Aug. 30, 2016. Google play rating is 54.7206. Current verison is Actual size 24.0 MB.

Download airwatch-inbox.apk 24.0 MB


Steve Randall

Works well enough for e-mail but the calendar events are not published to the phone... My other day schedulers cannot see the events (alarm clock daily briefing, Android Wear reminders etc). Can these be synchronised please?

Petros Paxinos

Drains battery like crazy....and contacts / calndar events are seperated from my android no caller id on those....forced to use it as my company uses this to synch android devices, very bad least inbox is ok but if you can avoid it, please do! Works a bit better on iphones though, please fix! Airwatch sales team must be really good on their job as i cant find a reason why companies keep selecting this method for their users...

Bob H

Reduced functionality and poor battery life. Lost unread message count on the Icon like the stock android had, and swipe to mark messages read. No black color scheme, I believe is the major issue with battery usage viewing mail. My corporate RAZR M.

Scott Pulley

Sucks This app sucks I have had nothing but problems with my phone since its install. My battery life is half wat it was and the only reason I am using it is because I have been mandated by my employer

Chris Pehrson

Mailbox sync days I need to be able to sync more than 1 week of email. Anyone else have these restrictions?

Chris Hernandez

Broken Product Drains way too much battery. I used to go 24+ hours on my battery, now I cant make it through a normal day. Check mail frequency is also broken. Even though I set to 1 hour, or never, it still pushes mail. Priority contacts are annoying as it will keep notifying you every minute. Like many others, my company is moving to this software to continue to receive emails.

radhakrishna kodati

Not recommended! Unless your company imposes it! Features: Common mail box features. To fix: 1. Drains battery like Ice cube in Sahara. 2. Response time: My granny is faster. 3. Crash frequency: like a lady's mood. Now or next minute. 4. Access denial: Asks to contact administrator, like a girlfriend's wish - next day or allows two or three days, and logs out....the list goes on.

Tommy Dempsey

*insert picture of turd here* Still bad after latest updates. Always broken. Lacks features that touchdown had. Overall near useless.

Clay Elliott

Garbage If there was a way to give no stars I would. Worst app ever, in the past hour it has crashed an restarted 30 times. The only reason I use this junk is because my company mandated in order to access company emails. Terrible. Also after this last "update" it will not let me sync any further than one week, which is terrible because I keep a lot of emails that are old for reference. Still sucks.

Hubertus Renyaan

Solid app Solid app, 5 stars if there is conversation view feature where messages are grouped by its subject (similar to ms outlook). Also, if folders list is collapsible.

Jessica Fink

No widget and limited view settings Drains battery and has little option to amend notifications or use a home screen widget. Also color coding from outlook is not being taken over to the calendar and email.

Geno Trejo

Do not disturb not working Update disregards my do not disturb times, even though polling frequency is set to never, it still checks mail. Please fix.. Thanks

Ranjhith Kalisamy

Silently fails in functionality Two of my "Gentle reminder" one liner emails to my colleague were never delivered. They were not found in my sent items too. In another instance, an email response to a thread kept in drafts 1st & then sent silently trimmed recipients. It also silently crops email content.

Dušan Halabica

Doesn't work at all I've got two phones - Lumia with Windows OS and Lenovo P70 with Android 4.4. Unfortunately my company decided to go for airwatch, but this piece of crap doesn't work on any of these phones. I'm just surprised how buggy it is and why companies decide to use it.

Dave Caylor

Missing features, bugs. When using Google Now Launcher, calendar and contacts icons are not persistent on the desktop thru reboots. Inbox force closes when trying to use the on screen back button (top left) in an email. No Tasks, or widgets.

randy mathena

Draining battery and freezes Come on airwatch, my S6 will barely last 12 hours on battery life. Airwatch is consuming 73% of my battery life. In addition, it freezes up as you use the app.

Ryan Woods

Arggg Battery From the point of view of normal functionality; calendar, emails etc... this app is fine for what it is (a tool for our corporate overlords) but oh man does this thing suck down battery like it is going out of style. It regularly consumes more than any other two apps put together just running in the background, not even being used. What gives? Seriously; please make this app use a radically smaller amount of battery. Gah.

Lawrence Dee

Latest update broke calendar I can no longer open calendar events to get details

Danny Mallory

Very basic PIM Compared to where I came from with a BlackBerry this is like a beta. No task mgmt, no notes all in Exchange already and can't see any of it. No view of free - busy as you have to manually look at calendar, no conversation view, search mgmt sucks and the list goes on and on.

Andrew Moir

Very buggy... getting better Lots of force closes and ANRs - have reported them all! The app hangs repeatedly when you try to open it. This and the time/date error notification thrown up by the Workspace app make the Airwatch solution practically unusable. ... new version whenever it ANRs resets your profile so you have to reenroll! Downgrading. Update 12/Mar/15: the ANR still not fixed! Update: 2/5. Looks like they've swatted the ANR bug, thank you. Now 4 stars.

Anthony Flack

Only Have It Because I Have To I hate this mailbox app, however it's required by my company for email. The text in the inbox overlaps itself, there's no folder structure when attempting to move a message to another folder (so you don't know if it's going where you want or a folder in the trash), and there's no conversation view for messages. I much prefer the built-in mail app on my phone that has my personal mailbox.

Jo saja

Confused I installed the app after awagent but it wont run on my note 3 running lollipop plase

Kyle Getson

Suxks. Sucks. Sucks. Crashes. Makes me enter my pin sometimes 5 times in a row sometimes not at all. Some updates cause your device to get unenrolled.

Gregory Camera

Air watch inbox It stops. It just stops. So, no email. Uninstall it reinstall it, sooner or later it will stop.

Pranjal Swarup

Freezes on every use Email frequency option doesn't work anymore. Even if I choose 5 mins, 1 hour or Never, it's always syncing and draining a lot of batter!! Please fix it asap. Since the last update, it has become virtually impossible to check emails. App freezes every time I go to Inbox and there is so much lag. Any fix coming soon?

John Bergin

Not a great app Drains battery, can't even go into the notification area in settings after last update?!

Joel Tan

Drains battery & only push mail Set my phone to synch every 30 mins, but this app just keeps pushing emails the very second (or within a min or two) i receive an email. I think that's causing my battery to drain really fast.

Corey Allert

Destroyer of battery life Consistently responsible for 50% or higher of battery usage over the last month. Would be fine if it didn't abuse the batter so badly.

Susram Rahul

Hated it No integration with default calendar and default email app. So, no widget can show the events from exchange calendar. The email app keeps continuously checking for emails, even though I kept the sync frequency as never or something like 4 hours.

Piyush Jain

No calendar sync why it is enforced and there is no calendar sync. One Plus One

Shimir Srivastava

Rubbish app. I still need to bear.

Ashkan Manouchehri

Last update made into a battery killer!

Roxanne Peterson

Sucks. Took several tries to install it. Work phone requires its use.

Byung Kim

Double scrollbars A lot of my emails now have two scrollbars that makes it very difficult to read

Mary Edwards

Drains battery & consistant crashes

Mark Daniels

Poor features When using search feature for emails, attachments cannot be seen or accessed. No advanced search engine. Cannot reply to emails found using search. Frustrating.

Evan Johnson

Terrible Battery Management and UX Drains over a quarter of my battery more than compared to using a stick exchange client. The inbox and calendar UIs are generations behind the industry standard for mobile apps.

Hari Ramasubramanian

Very primitive email interface No possibility to thread conversions

Michael Folkerts

Personal contacts mixed in! It is not bad for what it is... Just email. But I am frustrated that it lists my personal contacts when I'm searching for a fellow coworker to send an email too. Anyone figure this out?

Jennifer S

Calendar is archaic Month view is horrible on the Calendar app. Its still in the dark ages. Even the stock android calendar app is better. Take a look at apps like aCalendar. Month view looks just like Outlook. That's how it should be! You should be able to read your appointments in months view, not just see a bunch of dots. For a business app, you should be ashamed.

brian heffren

doesn't load pictures not good. I have to foward my emails to my personal account to see pictures. this inbox stinks

Colin Garner

Rubbish Had an 'upgrade' no longer receive or send emails. Yet can from the Gmail account on the phone. So not the phone at fault.

Matthew Owen

I have never written a review before but this app is so bad it warrants one. Drains battery life, it took my company 5 tries to be able to view emails on my phone and I still can't access my calendar or work contacts...

Joseph Petro

Settings Love the feature that allows you to update the settings for notifications. I don't like that it immediately reverts back to the settings that were originally there. It's completely draining my battery ever since the update a few days ago. Never buy anything from Airwatch. Terrible customer service and a terrible product.

Arun Sridhar

If I could give lesser stars I would Unable to login on my Moto G gen 1 running Lollypop. Using the android native email client. Pls fix the issue.

Evan Carson

Stops working after a few days and needs reinstall Phone performance seems choppy with this app and also it stops communicating with the server every few days. The only way to fix is to remove my device and reinstall the app.

Vikram Sival

Third class of the worse ap with big name.. un installing. .

Lawrence Dee

Latest update broke calendar I can no longer open calendar events to get details after April update, still not fixed over 7 weeks later. Battery issue fixed with latest Agent update.

Steve Sullivan

My company forced us to go to this. I used TouchDown for years and although it was not perfect, it was very good. AirWatch Inbox is a poor, limited replacement. The app is poorly designed from the start. For the pin unlock screen, they don't even bring the keyboard up by default. You have to press in the input field to have it show. It seems like a minor thing until you have to do it every single time. It takes 2x longer to unlock your phone. This is Programming 101 here folks. No option to have more than two weeks of email. Touchdown allowed that. There are so many annoying little things with this app. I can't unread an email. What they should do is look at TouchDown and try to replicate as much as possible. If I was not forced to use this, it would immediately be uninstalled.

Donna Meyer

Rubbish The only option from company... Been complaining several times and still so many issues, lately ot tooks forever to update the email and sometimes it reload all the emails (must be consuming a lot of my data)... Tired and probably will just leave this and juat check from the computer...

sharath nagendra

Very slow in loading the emails. Hangs with the Air-watch screen sometimes. Lot of improvements to come.

Greg Cheek

If there was a calendar widget, I may give it 5 stars.

Anantharaman Br

Unable to sync email Changed my AD credentials No permission to sync error after entering new password in incoming settings screen

Chico Lam

Battery Hog, Calendar doesn't sync properly, cannot preview attachments Sucks up battery quickly as it constantly sends data packets back and forth even when screen is off. Responsible to 40% of my daily battery drain and my battery doesn't last past 12 hrs while it used to last at least 24 hrs! (more updates) parts of my calendar doesn't show up or sync, very random which bookings are dropped off. Also cannot preview attachments because it puts a weird file extension after. (.xls or .doc becomes .xls.awsec or .doc.awsec) no application will recognize the extension. HorribleApp

Farizal Kamarudin

Thumbs down This is such a dissapointing app for corporate use. Not reliable what a letdown especially when you have an urgent important email to send/reply to.

Daniel Nurczyk

Terrible App, Crashes on Nexus 6P, doesn't notify with rules sorting mail to folders Airwatch(VMWare/Dell) should buy Nine folders and integrate with them. Airwatch clearly doesn't know how to develop an app for Exchange. Crashes sporadically on my Nexus 6P, doesn't support exchange rules sorting to folders(no notification). If the company I worked for didn't require Airwatch Mail I would already be using Nine like previously. *sigh* guess this is what happens when Dell buys a company. They will kill it. Then again, maybe they should stay away from Nine so it doesn't go to hell.

patel chetan

Attachment issue I am not able to view any attachment after downloading. Error says no whitelisted all found on my device. Why do u need whitelisted app when attachment is already downloaded on device? Also, downloaded file is not stored on device internal/external memory. Please resolve .

Ryan Cooper

Battery Killer Big battery drain since update since last update. Please fix ASAP!

Philippe Muri

Pitiful Is it too much to ask that the "Inbox Check Frequency" actually respect my wishes? I have it set to "every hour", and it still pushes notifications. I force quit the app, as a work-around.

Hrushikesh Patil

App Hates battery 29% battery consumed in a cycle, isn't it too much, we should have minus star rating I wish

Mark Mikofski

Improved function but still clunky Works much better, # of emails number is fully visible, and it doesn't randomly crash or forget my creds anymore. Database sync also works consistently. But features are still lacking. Why can't I swipe left or right to flip through messages, or dismiss or categorize inbox? Or swipe down to refresh.

keerthi kumar

Unable to use Google maps after installing This app along with the agent has screwed my GPS - it simply doesn't allow any location based activity in my phone. No Google maps, no navigation. My company it folks were unable to resolve and they asked me to submit debug logs. But this app had blocked usb debug mode and now they can't do anything. Terrible app - has put me in trouble as I travel a lot. Total lack of support as well. Callous company and horrible app. Wish IT admins understood what's going on.

allan hale

It's OK. Not spectacular. This app is a little more fluid than touchdown we used before. But I can't get the calendar to sync at all. It's very frustrating.

Randy Cona

Not Ready for Prime Time Full disclosure, I only use this app because my company turned off Active Sync. There are so many issues with this apps features and functions I'll only list the most annoying ones. The calendar is difficult to read because it looks like the app threw up numbers on the screen with no indication of what one is looking at. I can no longer use the Android calendar app to view work appointments combined with my personal ones. There is no way to organize emails. Look at TouchDown for feature ideas.

Sajid Wasif

Frequent crashes. Terrible UI. Only using it because I'm being forced to do so. Will ditch in a heartbeat once a better option arrives.

Sunil Bolisetty

Bizarre app One of the most bizarre email app I have ever used. Doesn't sync up automatically. Unable to view simplest of the attachments like word, spread sheet even though I open then with any other MS office or similar apps. UI feels incomplete. Where is calendar? Can't look up contacts... List goes on...

Karthikeyan Kailasam

Keeps popping for PIN at random interwals My company mail used to work on stock client and I was much happier before they moved to AirWatch

Manjunath Beli

Working for me - the Nexus 5 This works fine for me, little battery drain. Annoying pop ups prompting for passwords. Rest all works fine.

Martin Heldring

Worst app on my phone There's not enough room here to list all the issues with this app but somehow they managed to produce something worse than Good for Enterprise. Today, there was no summary in several calendar events. Asks for my password in the middle of writing an email. Awful. Just awful! !

Oleg Gordeev

Who developed this piece of? Absolutely worthless app. My "important messages" subfolder is shown empty. Works with UI lags. And there are more and more issues I noticed in just five minutes. It is positioned as secure, but based on how it works it should be way easier to crash it than default Google email client. So serious degradation in usefulness and security - for what?

Tomasz Zarebski

What a crap. Always authentication failed... And worked so good with active sync, but company decided to move to this wonderful secure crap...

Chatan Mistry

Awful app A really awful email app. Terrible user experience. Some examples: it doesn't have a conversation view; you can't scroll properly; no support for smaller font sizes; tagging is awful. Avoid of at all possible

Ravichand Bolineni

Waste of time Because of some reasons i have started using this. Even though my internet speed is very high, but it is taking too much time to download 1MB file

Joe Lucarelli

Keeping phone awake! Draining battery! Top app in battery stats even though I haven't opened the app in 3 days! Battery details for the app shows that it is not letting my phone sleep! Unacceptable!

Tyler Rochwerg

Absolutely awful. Despite my setting for Sync being "Never", the app constantly refreshes mail in the background and keeps my phone 'Awake', using up battery life, which my Android Battery setting show me.

Mason Bourdeau

Nearly unusable As an IT administrator I recognize the need for enforceable security on personally owned devices, but Airwatch quality and stability has dropped significantly, every update seems to fix last week's serious issue and introduces a new serious issue. If the situation does not improve, I will need to reevaluate MDM providers... Currently email sync fails more than 50% of the time because Inbox is unable to verify the certificate (yet no other mail clients have this issue).

Malay Nayak

Could be improved Match with Material UI, Advanced features etc like Outlook App.

Shikhanshu Agarwal

More needed This is a decent app. But no group by conversation is a pain. Please add that feature.

Rob M

No wipe to delete, slow, buggy. It's horrible. No empty trash, slow horrible.

Michael Lee

Seems to work, no battery drain issues I'm not having the battery drain issues others are reporting especially on my particular device (Nexus 5). I have mine set to push once an hour. I was able to tweak some things which don't violate my employer IT dept.'s standards, but maybe others other aren't so lucky (shrugging my shoulders). The workflow is familiar as it reminds me of the older pre-Lolipop native stock Android email app, so a visual update to take advantage of material design would be nice.

Subrath Dash

Bull Shit I hate this product for what it is. These guys are waste as because they do not know what they are doing. This consumes battery like hell and they do not have solution for this. I am just stuck to this. This guys should quit business and go home.

Byung Kim

Latest update - bugs Latest update introduced a bug where opening the first email after the app loads will squash the email into a small iframe at the top. I have to exit and reopen the email for it to load correctly

Scott Juskowiak

My company makes me use this to access my corporate email, otherwise I would gladly stick to the Gmail app for all my Mail needs. I hate having to have something like this on my phone, even though I am part of the IT department within the company. If anything, knowing more about what it does, and how it works makes me like having to use it less. All around it is a very rudimentary mail application, missing a lot of 'modern' features and functionality. Improvements, such as swipe to delete and Android Imprint functionality)would make it a tad more tolerable. I haven't encountered any noticeable battery issues, just the fact that it frequently prompts me for my PIN at seemingly random intervals, and I can't use Google Imprint as a substitute, despite iOS devices being to able to use their alternative. I suppose that may come down to the OS implementation of the scanner, but this is also something that should be added for Android as is becomes a more prevalent feature.

Andrew Pastuszak

Wow. Just unbelievably bad. How exactly can you release an enterprise mobile calendar app that can't dial an extension to a conference line along with the phone number. This app is just an Exchange Active Sync client that provides a separate device ID. If you could spoof your device I'D, you could use your native apps. Oh, and did I mention the battery drain? My phone doesn't last nearly as long since I installed the piece of junk.

Szabolcs Horai

We're in 2016 This e-mail client would've been quite good in 2010, but now it's 2016! The customization options are ridiculous, no widget (!), calendar app isn't worth mentioning... How can a company like VMware publish such a basic and extra light app? It's a shame...

Colm Connolly

Fingerprint unlock needed Very poor that airwatch doesn't enable fingerprint unlock for android. Fix needed asap

Louie Nardi

Awful app Drains battery is unstable and keeps crashing.... Support is weak.... Need to keep unstalling and reinstalling..... By far worst experience with a work containerized solution.

Suvo Mera Bharat Mahan

It's good to use Recently can't open inbox.It's shows "unfortunately inbox has stopped working "...rectify the problem..

Ryan Lubrich

App sucks This app is horrible and I thought GOOD was bad this is just awful. Can't dial extensions, no ability to show unread count for emails, this app needs a complete overhaul. I can't believe my company switched to this pathetic technology.

kristin durant

Now that my mailbox is expanded I need all my mail not just one month. Please update soon so I can have all my mail!!!!

Anantharaman Br

Unable to sync email Edit : worked this time . Previous : Changed my AD credentials No permission to sync error after entering new password in incoming settings screen.

Ryan Brown

Do VMware Employees Use This? I've been using this for a year now & there are many issues. The latest update now treats URLs as phone numbers. The "star" icon in the email list is next to a scroll bar making it unusable. Composed emails do not word-wrap on replies. Messages often load up blank. Inline images do not display despite selecting "always show from sender". I could go on. If VMware really used their own product they should have noticed these things long ago but they're still broken. Can't wait drop this product after contract.

Damian Keeghan

Clone of the native Android client from 4 years ago Very poor rendering of emails, very old UX principles used from much older versions of Android. Typical crap from a company who doesn't care about the end user, just the overly sensitive corporate security trans with the purse strings. So disappointing

Gaurav Shrivastava

Calendar pop-up issue I can give 4+ rating provided the calendar meeting reminder issue gets fixed. Most of the times the pop-up reminder does not come for the meeting (even though the meeting has the 15 min default reminder set)

Brian Markus

Terrible email client. One of the best ways I know available to completely frustrate the entire workforce. The only positive thing I can say is it is slightly better than the GOOD APP.

George Lunguran

Worst email client ever. with lack of features Worst email client. Cant do basic features like conversations or sort by different criterias. Its not evem 1 star. Cant understand how companies purchase this solution. Worse is that the vendor does not care abt the feeds....its minus 5


Thanks IT department Airwatch and it's utter lack of notifications has made mobile email a mystery again. You never know what's actually in your inbox waiting for you because there are NO notifications. Glanceability is at an all time low as there are no widgets or even a counter on the icon. I haven't been this impressed with an email client since I was using Groupwise back in 1999. I may as well have a startac from the same era. So much for being efficient. Same goes for the calendar app.

Yoram Finder

This review is for the recent released AirWatch Inbox, which include additional updates for Hebrew support. Finally it works well. Good work !!

kristin durant

Now that my mailbox is expanded I need all my mail not just one month. Please update soon so I can have all my mail!!!! Please consider what makes everyone's job a little easier by being able to get to older emails from mobile.

Flavio Fico

Very poor Not having a widget makes it far unhandy. Synchronization does not work properly with old emails

Lee Goodlove

Like a pop up ad The email application randomly comes open when I've selected or am using another application and asks for my password. It is like a pop up ad of an app. Extremely annoying. Battery drain is incredible, constantly seems to be running in the background.

David Lathroum

Setting revert from what i ask for. No way to enable conversation view. Why cant it integrate with native email and calendar app? Why cant we sync all mail, not just a month? Swipe to delete? C'Mon maan

Brian Mulrooney

You had one job Be an email client ... Fail Fail Fail. Blackberry and Good run circles around this app. Mail client is so lacking in features it feels 20 years old.

S. Gates

Decent email option. This is a decent option for handling corporate email. It isn't as full featured as many mail clients, and it suffers for not supporting industry standard things like swipe to delete and pull to refresh.

Michael Spears

Garbage Can't access calendars like other apps. In a profession that is controlled by dates and appointments this app is utterly worthless.

Chad Miller

If I could rate zero I would Inbox constantly crashes, battery drain issues, no way to turn off\quit and unload from memory, emails show blank and if you pinch and expand about 20 times maybe it shows up, word wrap is nonexistent. Just poorly designed.

Dan Hardaker

Latest update has ruined hyperlinks Inbox now assumes all hyperlinks with a number in them are phone numbers! Did anyone test this?

Joey Deeb

I wish there were fewer stars Lag, battery drain, poor ui, constant disconnect from server. Better use EAS if you want productivity. This is is pre iPhone days of email/calendar. Many it departments chose ot to limit bandwidth. Trade off is lost productivity.

Randy L

I want to shut it down. I can turn it off when I no longer need it for work.

Melissa Cirtain

Fails a lot: crashes, can't search contacts, doesn't always sync... I'm running marshmallow on a nexus 6p, and lollipop on a galaxy s5. They claim to support marshmallow, but it is very crashy, and it can't auto-complete contacts from the Exchange server. The lollipop installation can. When I call the support number to describe the issues in hopes of finding a resolution, they told me to call my IT department. It is their policy to not support users. Only admins.

Brenden Soos

Cal no longer syncs After the last update the cal no longer syncs my entire cal is empty

Bucks Ashling

Freezes, doesn't work My company switched from GOOD to this. Awful. I never had issues with GOOD, now with this, it freezes, doesn't update email. I guess the only redeeming quality is I can't work from home.

Jayesh Bhadasia

Jayesh Need calendar entry to sync with Google calendar please.

Jasmeet Singh

Nice It is not sending mail put it in outbox

Ram Narayana Maddu

Its very easy to use...

Andrew Gallagher

Crashes regularly on Android 6.0.1

Chandrakumar Sekar

Cannot open attachments - word, ppt through this airwatch inbox.. It alwz says, u don't have required app to open it... Pls fix it..

Balachander Sankaran

How to change font type and size? How to change the font type to Arial? I do not see any settings for that. When I send the email through mobile, the receiver sees my email font as Times New Roman with size 12 (bigger!).

Mahesh Prabhakar

Poor performance! Mails do not sync for hours and when i try to sync manually, it says cannot connect to the server. I have to restart my phone every time I come across this error. One of the worst email clients I have seen. I did not find a negative rating on play store to award one. Hence, a single star, though this app does not deserve even that.

Sunil Bolisetty

Bizarre app One of the most bizarre email app I have ever used. Doesn't sync up automatically. Unable to view simplest of the attachments like word, spread sheet even though I open them with any other MS office or similar apps. UI feels incomplete. Where is calendar? Can't look up contacts... List goes on... 3 days of email to sync.. that's rubbish...

Chris Hernandez

Broken Product Drains way too much battery. I used to go 24+ hours on my battery, now I cant make it through a normal day. Check mail frequency is also broken. Even though I set to 1 hour, or never, it still pushes mail. Priority contacts are annoying as it will keep notifying you every minute. Like many others, my company is moving to this software to continue to receive emails.

Gordon Lo

Rubbish mail client Needs some work to make it functional like a normal email client. Images don't always show, formatting is inaccurate, slow and unstable at times, search function is slow and doesn't always work right, no email thread grouping. I could go on... Maybe learn a few things from BlackBerry on how to create a proper email client.

sree harsha

So bad I wanted to leave a strong comment on how bad this is. Others have provided the feedback that I wanted to say. Cannot believe I have to use this all the day. Worst email client ever. There is no update to this as well in a long time.

Micah Caler

Battery Killer! This app needs to be optimized for Marshmallow, ever since the update to Marshmallow my Note 5 battery won't last more than 8 hours and it used to last all day! If I didn't need it for work I wouldn't use it.

Francesco Calpini

Awful Worst app ever, complete disaster, missing core, crucial, critical features, crashes frequently or gets stuck. 50% productivity reduction, well done....

Chico Lam

Battery Hog, Calendar doesn't sync properly, cannot preview attachments Sucks up battery quickly as it constantly sends data packets back and forth even when screen is off. Responsible to 40% of my daily battery drain and my battery doesn't last past 12 hrs while it used to last at least 24 hrs! (more updates) parts of my calendar doesn't show up or sync, very random which bookings are dropped off. Also cannot preview attachments because it puts a weird file extension after. (.xls or .doc becomes .xls.awsec or .doc.awsec) no application will recognize the extension. HorribleApp

Pranav Dave

I hate it but cant ignore it!!! I hate it because thats the worst email client of the family... I seriously cant believe that the reputed company like VMWare can brand such rubbish thing. I am definitely sure the the application has been outsourced to the noobs so that VMware can invest the least into it.... I cant ignore it because my employers mail's are accessible in this client...

Christian Pelissier

Very bad E-mail client Since the last update I can't download images and attachments on my Nexus 6. We are on 2016 and this app looks like a 2010 email client. Please VMware update this ASAP.

Fred DeBolt

Works 10% of the time Most frustrating App I've ever seen, if company didn't mandate it I would have removed it after the first day.

Cam Joynt

Just poor. Emails do not display embedded images. Poor integration of conf call IDs in invites with phone. It is a battery hog. Word wrap doesnt work properly. Cannot see if invites are a conflict without launching the calendar app. Too hard to scan message contents without opening emails. Search functionality is weak. Overall it is just a second rate app, it is now much harder to work remotely compared to when I had GOOD.

Martin Heldring

Worst app on my phone There's not enough room here to list all the issues with this app but somehow they managed to produce something worse than Good for Enterprise. Today, there was no summary in several calendar events. Asks for my password in the middle of writing an email. Awful. Just awful!! Is there a rating less than one star?

Neeladri Rao Munagala

Most of the negative reviews here on this App are factual. It may work today, but may fail you tomorrow - no guarantees there. Outlook is a hundred times better product than this email client. Poorly designed and irritating. The moment my organization gives a choice, I will uninstall Airwatch.

Greatsaev Svyatoslav

Good app But following feature is needed: to disable notification at configured period. I don't want to receive mail except business hours

Andrew Milliken

Better off just driving to the office Slow, crashes, does not load imbedded images, does not update automatically or provide accurate notifications.

Jayesh Patil

Such a bad app, no stability Application is not stable on Android M. Also lacs many useful functionality....... no options to group mails or show as conversation......:( I actually wanted to give rating in minus but Google dont allow this.

Bejan Shamsy

Simply one word....JUNK Application is a battery drain. Not intuitive. Lacks basic email functionality. Crashes often. There is a reason the avg rating is 2.7

Makesh Ramalingam

Not at all an Apps Org can mandate this apps if they decide to discourage using mobile to see official emails.

Raul Blanco

It's ok I have all my emails, but when I try scroll down on email list, it's very low.

Stacey McGwier

Needs an "Unread messages" folder I like the fact that it tells me how many I have unread, but it doesn't give me an option to select only those emails. I constantly have mail coming in and I leave several of them unread so that I can go back to them later. But I have to dig thru all my mail just to find the unread ones.

pradip tiwari

Third attempt Trying for the third time now. Feeling confident it won't work :)

Gaddy Weissman

Very frustrating. Using it on Android 6.0.1 The login dialog pops up all the time, often in the middle of using other applications. Reached out to L1 and L2 support, but still no answer. Very annoying.

Tony Hyde

It works (but like it's 2010). Where's the material design? Shocking. Needs a UI/UX that meets modern expectations. It is completely lazy to have this bad/dated an experience from this app. You're definitely a second class citizen if you're forced to use Airwatch on your Android phone.

Thomas VandenOever

Refuses to sync some calender objects. Lost e-mails. Contacts don't work correctly for group items. Can't save attatchments. Missing items. This is the worst program I have ever had to deal with.

Luke Ash

Horrendous My company has rolled out airwatch and we're now forced to use inbox. My iPad allows me to use the native client yet on our samsung phones it's only inbox. It's slow, clunky, crashes regularly and limits the number of days and folders you can sync.

anne bui

Terrible Doesn't show when meeting changes happen and doesn't register when you've check a email on your desktop, still sends you an annoying notification. Doesn't go away until you click on it.

C. Michael Barsotti

Poor attempt Lots of little problems, and the fact the the app doesn't offer a way to contact the developer reinforces the idea that they don't care.

David Lathroum

Terrible No way to enable conversation view? Why cant it integrate with native email and calendar app? Why cant we sync all mail, not just a month? Swipe to delete? C'Mon man

Nagaraj S

Its not that great. I feel its unnecessary Its not that good app to be install. Also they take all permissions from mobile don't know why. Seems not safe to install this app, however they claiming it is safe to use. Be aware abs beware.

Rick C

Buggy Sometimes have problems getting my company email to open. Have to close it out and reopen it quite often.

Keyon Owens

Inbox by airwatch Doesn't sync with my calendar or send reminders when meeting/conference call. Recently logged me out stating my password was incorrect but just logged in a few hours earlier. Have to use with corporate email, so no choice

kristin durant

Now that my mailbox is expanded I need all my mail not just one month. Please update soon so I can have all my mail!!!! Please consider what makes everyone's job a little easier by being able to get to older emails from mobile.

Shawn Gordon

Airwatch- I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. I can't get the inbox to open consistently. This is frustrating when dealing with work emails. I would really like some help with this.

Abhishek Jaiswal

Garbage Wow. This app really sucks. Missing basic features. Can't attach files from the content locker. I would never use this app if I had a choice.

Ramanth Kannan

Bcz automatically in enrollment Don't know what reasons every time needs to contact my air watch team and consuming more memory and drain battery quickly?

Kimberley Shine

can't dial into conference calls with access codes or copy from an email can't copy from one email to another. or anyplace. tap in the wrong place in the inbox and I am miles from the most recent email. not intuitive. wish you could integrate calendar to dial conference lines better with access codes. this is my biggest pain (ready access). you would be better off leveraging the Google mail and calendar to lessen the battery drain. so security minded its no earthly good

Andrew Chinn

Better than GfE But still a poor show. Latest release states "Support for Android M", but you haven't even followed Android Material design guidelines (which were Android 5.0 L). Also you need better notification settings, allow disable vibration, all these things are absolutely BASIC. You shouldn't be able to publish apps if they don't meet basic standards, particularly not just porting across an app designed for iOS. Get your act together Airwatch.

Kent Dickey

Inbox inactive timer doesn't function correctly. Instead of locking on inactive use it locks based on login time. Pretty basic app, needs work.

James Lewis

S6 Active Continue to get server connection errors when trying to clear trash folder. Get old emails that have been deleted weeks ago from my PC in my deleted folder on my phone. When I try to clear them I get the serve connection error. I have to delete the app and reinstall it to clear the trash folder and get rid of the serve connection error. Works fine as long as I don't go into the deleted folder.

Rajeev R

Basic features like Last updated time & Conversation missing 1. Can we view last updated time ? How will I know that my airwatch synched with mail server ? 2. Can I view emails in conversations ?

Asheesh Mitter

Worst email app Fails to connect to exchange server every hour and only way to restore it is to delete profile and reapply. I am stuck with this idotic app since my company doesn't allow anything else. VMWARE, please stick to what you do best, this is not your forte

Rui Cabral

Security configuration issues Thanks.I have escalation open for msg couldn't connect to server due to security error. How do i send logs to you? Since i moved to s7 handset. Major feature lacking on inbox is ability to open attachemend with email format .eml.

Marko Bozovic

Vmware really?!? You should buy some other solution fast and shutdown this project so no one remember that this was vmware, and this review is after one year of usage

Vincent Fava

Having major issues with the app and data For some reason inbox has drawn almost 3 gigs of data in the past 14 days with almost all of it background data. No idea what the issue is here but that is more than 6x my average monthly data draw for the past 3 months. Something is really wrong here....

Carly E.

Was working fine until last update, email wont open at all. Please fix ASAP.

Narayanan A.S.

Good with basics right From an end user perspective, there can be good number of features that can be added without compromising on security. I had to move from Nine to Airwatch due to my corporate guidelines and there is a world of difference between the 2 apps (nine had a lot of small small user friendly features). I'm hoping Airwatch team would bring in updates soon.

David Lathroum

Terrible No way to enable conversation view? Why cant it integrate with native email and calendar app? Why cant we sync all mail, not just a month? Swipe to delete? C'Mon man

Josh McJunkin

Garbage The suite sucks. Have to download attachments to content locker, but compose new message with attachment and it doesn't look at content locker? Can't send email with high priority... really lacking basic features..

Adam Scharmann

Works fine Converted over from a popular mail client. This one works fine, no complaints and my IT guys are happy.

Chad Albert

SUCKS but company requires it. You really need to improve your native email functionality or invest millions in your inbox.

dae lee

It took forever to get it to work and then the recent update broke it. So frustrating. June 30, 2016 Update: after un-enrolling my device, un-installing the container and inbox, power cycle, re-enrolling my device, re-installing the container and updated inbox app, and enabling debug logs (I don't know why this matters but it wouldn't sync before I did this), this finally works again. It's so hard to get up and running. :( But at least it's working again. Running Galaxy S7, AT&T, Android 6.0.1

Christopher McAtee

CPU hog Uses a ridiculous amount of CPU time resulting in guaranteed battery drain. And the UI is rather unpleasant to look at. Terrible app which thousands of people are forced to use by their employer. Not sure how Airwatch is one of the leading MDM vendors with apps like this

Sachi Vachi

Not a great app. Serves very basic need of accessing email

kristin durant

Now that my mailbox is expanded I need all my mail not just one month. Please update soon so I can have all my mail!!!! Please consider what makes everyone's job a little easier by being able to get to older emails from mobile.

Gennady Garbovich

Calendar is very basic, needs a lot of work, also please add unread badges to show number of unread emails, normal widgets, allow phone to access the contacts for caller id

Joey Deeb

I wish there were fewer stars Lag, battery drain, poor ui, constant disconnect from server. Better use EAS if you want productivity. This is is pre iPhone days of email/calendar. Many IT departments chose this to limit bandwidth. Trade off is lost productivity.

Suraj Kumar

Keeps crashing Recent updates are causing continuous crashes on Nexus 5. Cannot even open the app, and every few seconds I see pop-up: unfortunately inbox has stopped.

Michael Brokaw

Works well for me Very helpful for my job. Better than the native Android Email App on my phone in my opinion. Love for replies it does not indent, add spacing or change look of the original message. Would be nice if reply above original message would have formatted headers like Outlook (not plain text and double spaced), line separator and formatted reply text such as setting font and other properties available in HTML Format in Outlook. Would like to be able to sync more than one month.

Sakthivel Sabanayagam

Possibly the worst email client. Never improves. I hate to use this nonsense.

Pranav Kulkarni

Can't sync red messages This can't even do a simple task, development team at-least read feedback and act!

Sumanta Banerjee

Screen flashes at times At timea when i open the app it keeps on refreahing and the screen flashes. Is it a known bug? Using android 5 on asus zenfone

Nishant Gaidhani

It's constantly crashing after update Since I updated today its not even starting. I keep on getting FC messages. What the heck

Adam Keresztes

USELESS. Very bad functionality. Especially the calendar. Its torture but I don't have any other choice.

Gorekh Satpathy

Nice.... Working pretty well on Nexus 6, Android 6.1

Christopher Russo

Lack of options - See the comments! This app is absolutely terrible! Why can't I choose the 'business hours' for the app to sync more regularly and have a different sync option outside of business hours? Also where is the option to draft an email and delay sending it till a particular time? This email app is not appropriate for heavy business use!

prathik M

Consuming a lot of battery My battery summary says that this app is consuming 70% of my battery! Very bad. I have sent the log as feedback.

Maja Grsic

Battery drainer It is slowing down my phone and sucking the life out of my battery.

Roshan Dsouza

Waist app Poor performance on 4g n/w, not sure how people use it on 3g... seriously should work on performance upgrade...

Syed Ali Momnani

Various reasons Most dumb thing is to save documents from email and then unable to attach them to any other email.

Anthony Hancock

Minus one star Horrible app. I really wish I wasn't forced to use this app at my workplace. Feel like blowing my brains out after using it.

Deepak Salgotra

No VIP notifications working I cannot manage my VIP email notifications

Brian Jia

Worthless I won't use it if I had a choice.

Always crashing or not connecting Constant Airwatch not responding and keeps trying to load up again and again. Have to use it as it's a works issued program and can't use a lot of things on my phone without it. Naff product and I'm glad I don't have to use it on my personal phone as it would have quickly been uninstalled ages ago ??

Krzysztof Bona

Android 7.0 readiness Nexus 5x: after update to And. Nougat app is crashing immediately. I hope it would be resolved soon :) Edit: thank you for your all quick support, Inbox is working fine again under And N :))

Shaemus Tarrant

Battery life utter rubbish Battery drain has persisted across application updates and across OS updates. Clearly their devs are unable to resolve this issue - for context, this app draws TWICE the battery of Android System. Surely you can do better...

marco D

Horrible app It's the worst app I ever had to use. I'd love to force my company to switch to any other supplier. It crashes quite often (and boringly is whining all along) and it drains the battery even just sitting. I cant complete my day without recharging it :(

Eric Awtry

Terrible app. I use Inbox, Calendar and Contacts because my company forces us to for their servers. This app is always the #1 battery consumption app. This includes weekends when I never even open the app so that tells me its not because I am constantly using it. The app is antiquated. It does not offer simple features such as swipe to delete or reply. It does not offer pull to refresh. Just a few simple update to the UI would help greatly. Overall I know Airwatch probably does not care too much about this app as many users can integrate with the native clients. But for those of us who cannot, please update the app and bring it into the present.

Tyson E. Dewsnup

Slow, unstable I really wish my company would choose a different enterprise MDM solutions for those of us who prefer Android and thus, bring our own devices. This application is slow, it crashes and fails to authenticate properly until multiple uninstalls, de-enrolls, and re-enrolls! And it is a battery hog.

Steve Veeneman

Behaves This version only gets mail when I say so now. I don't have to force stop it several times a day. Less of a problem now, so thanks! if I could request a feature it would be to specify sync quantity to even less than one day, so maybe 12 hours or 4 hours or less, or even the last 500 or 100 emails. This enhancement would help for corporate users.

Richard Taft

cumbersome, a battery drainer... no desktop widgets. no themes to turn down the brightness. Notification sounds will NOT shut off... designed by security managers, not end users

Claude Ndahayo

Sept 6, 2016 - 1 Stars now - This is one of the worst email apps when it comes to battery life on Nexus 6P running Android 7, I cannot go more than 6 hours with normal use without recharging. I have tested this multiple times with different sync intervals but the result is still the same. When I uninstall it and sync my Exchange email with Gmail, my phone easily lasts up to 13 hours without a problem as I speak now, the phone is at 42% with 11 hours of use. Please fix this app, something is obviously wrong with it.

Anthony Fung

Drains battery Your app is using 3 times more battery than any other app on my phone including the screen and Android OS. I'm using a Xperia Z5 Compact and have tried a complete factory reset and reinstall. Please fix. This is a major issue as my phone is almost completely unusable without constant charging.

Harsha Ramesh

Cannot handle large operation sets! I had selected close to 350+ mails for deletion on the mobile and it was unable to handle it ... Kept saying "connection problem". If my organization did not insist on using this app, I would uninstalled a long time back.

Mark Charlebois

Completely useless Crashes within seconds in Nougat. Updated to latest version. Now doesn't crash but is unusable because it constantly flashes and displays "please wait" and won't respond to key presses.

Greg Tataryn

Mediocre Mailbox App That Crashes with Android N The inbox app is ok for what it is but the functionality is dated. Swipe to delete is desperately needed. The app is also practically unusable on Android N as it constantly crashes.

Wendy Chuven

Drains battery Completely awful...will drain idle fully charged phone in a matter of hours. How can this fix my phone that worked perfectly fine before? Good app for work was a million times better.

Attila Nagy

Battery use seems worse after Android 7 Nougat upgrade - keep awake time over 2 hours (without active use, even if email sync is set to never). Please add Delete action to notifications.

Clumsy As if android wasn't muddled up all on its own, this app doesn't seem to resemble any other android mail app. Can't forward attachments. Can't distinguish between calendar and inbox notifications.

Mike Anderson

No longer crashing with N Update solves all crashing issues on N. Interface could use updating. Other than that, happy that crashes have stopped

Michael Jones

Forced to use it by employer This app is a drain on batteries and a constant battle just to keep using it. I expect enterprise applications to be better than this

LaShana Lewis

It doesn't work - "Authentication Failed" I've checked with work multiple times and they haven't been able to figure out the issue although they confirmed on the back end that it is talking to the exchange server, but every time I open it all I get is a spinning "Configuring Airwatch Inbox" and then I'm put back to a login screen with "Authentication Failed" in red. We've uninstalled, reinstalled, reapplied profiles, pushed Send Data, pushed Sync. Airwatch Agent, Browser and Secure Content all work fine. Not Inbox.

David Lathroum

Needs a lot of work No way to enable conversation view? Swipe to delete? Sync schedule? I feel like these should be a given for any email app.

Andrew Fox

Drains Battery on Android N This app prevents my Nexus 6 from going into Doze mode killing the battery. It has a wakelock for a little over 1 hour. Massive battery drain even when sync is turned off.

Terrible What year is it again? This may have been a good and feature rich email client 8 years ago.

Raghu Manchenahalli

Battery guzzler Drains battery on Nexus and OnePlus devices. Uninstalled the app until my corporate is forcing me to get the emails configured via AirWatch.

Trevor Stuart

Unable to load attachments. Both on wifi and on mobile data attachments just never actually load. It doesn't matter if it's an image, or a file they just never load.

Corey Allert

Meh! App seems to have lost the ability to look up users from Exchange GAL, this makes it tough to do anything other than reply to email.

Tommy Dempsey

Fixed crashing. Sometimes chews through battery now. Still bad after latest updates. Overall near useless.

Wythe Crisler

App Has Started to Flicker The app has worked for a while, but has suddenly started to flicker the screen. I have tried stopping the app and restarting, rebooting the phone, etc. The only thing I've gotten to work has been uninstalling and reinstalling the app. I wish my company supported Nine, which is what I used before being forced to AirWatch.

Dan Conner

N support but lacking modern U/I Finally N support! Thanks! Need U/I overhaul. Swipe to delete, native calendar/mail (currently IOS app has this)

Scott Vermeersch

Adequate Update fixed constant crashing. Now it is just adequate. Not near as polished as most other email apps.

linusai udhayshanker

Unable view attachments Even installing office suites from play store unable to open attachment like excel ppt. There is a error displayed no whitelisted application installed

shrikant Shingte

Useful application Kindly enable "Select All" button in every folder. For "Trash" folder also...their should be "Empty Trash" button.

James Kemp

Clumsy Only reason I use it is because I'm forced to for work. Couldn't like it less

kristin durant

When sending pictures that are bigger than 2mb the email sits in my outbox. Does it send? I sent one to myself and didn't receive it.

Kok Meng Lu

Need frequent reboot For whatever reasons, the app seemed to have lost my credentials after a couple of hours of use. It requires frequent reboot and reinstall. I never had this prior till a couple days ago. Hope this can be fixed soon .

Sankara Velayutham ShunmugaSundaram

Inbox is not accessible. It's getting struck . . Inbox is not accessible and not able to read any message . Happy to share any information in this issue . Kindly fix it ..

Tarun Gupta

Everytime it asks for new pin Team since this app is mandatory in several corporates, why don't u work to improve this app. I am using from a quite long however, now everytime I get a pin set up page. Most of the time it doesn't connect? I am not sure if you guys are even serious about issues?

Alex Deraps

Recent update seems to have resolved the crashing issue I experienced for the first few days after updating to 7.0

Eric Pearson

Works on nougat but lacks a lot of features If you could make the most basic mail app possible this would be it.

Nandhakumar Mohanram

Worthless Very less features. UI gives an impression that am using an outdated app.

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