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17 Aug
AirWatch Content Locker

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VMware AirWatch enables secure mobile access to content anytime, anywhere on Android devices. An enterprise-grade file sync and share solution, VMware AirWatch® Content Locker protects your sensitive content in a corporate container and provides users with a central application to securely access, store and distribute the latest documents from their Android devices.

NOTE: VMware AirWatch Content Locker works in conjunction with and is managed through configurable system settings within the admin console. VMware AirWatch Content Locker will not operate without the required AirWatch infrastructure. Please contact your IT administrator before installing VMware AirWatch Content Locker.

VMware AirWatch Content Locker Key Features


• Enterprise-grade security policies and data loss prevention
• Device-aware file distribution, access and compliance with MDM
• Integrated solution developed on the AirWatch® Enterprise Mobility Management platform

Content Repositories

• Flexible content storage in the cloud or existing repositories
• Seamless VPN connection to internal content repositories

User Experience

• Anytime, anywhere access across mobile, desktop and web
• Intuitive user interface with smart views, folders and search
• Available in 17 languages based on user preference
• Native support for Office, PDF, audio, video, image, zip files and more


• Photo and video capture in secure, containerized application
• Content sharing, editing, feedback and peer collaboration
• Activity feed with latest updates and user collaboration

Steps for Activation:

1. Download and install VMware AirWatch Content Locker on your device from the Google Play Store.
2. Open the app and authenticate using your credentials.
3. Gain access to enterprise content and start collaborating with your peers.


VMware AirWatch Content Locker supports Android versions 4.0 and above for Android smartphones and tablets.

Whats new

    • Support for Android Nougat
    • Fix for sync not starting after switching from offline to online mode
    • Fix for incorrect metadata in upload queue
    • Bug fixes and improvements

AirWatch part of our Productivity and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 17, 2016. Google play rating is 66.3851. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

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ken rowe

Scl Great tool for content

Dave Caylor

Cannot view spreadsheets Xlsx.awsec files are blank when viewing. If I scroll the screen values appear, but vanish again as soon as I remove my finger. Brand new LG G3, no mods.

Greg Perkins Sr

Moving Files The app works well in accessing my files from work. However, it needs the available option to select and move files around. Therefore, its missing the ability to manage files as needed.

James Steverson

So bad! Ditto. Crashes even when trying to change its own settings. Unstable, broken, everyone just turn your back on this app. Pathetic!

Jeff Reinhart

It sucks Unreliable. Stops running all the time, does not open word files, worst program I have ever had to use. (My fortune 100 company inexplicably bought it and got rid of Good. Huge mistake

Kuldeep Pattanaik

Only first few pages of large files open.

Al Eadie

Poor Rarely opens larger files, can't show PowerPoint presentations.

Daryl Clark

Behind the curve The 5.0 SDK has been out for 6 months now and still no Lollipop support, makes this app useless

Ems Test2

Buggy Application Requires many reinstalls to resolve bugs. Duplicates network file share references frequently. Cannot clear credentials through native methods. Little to no configuration documentation. Not worth the trouble yet.

Robert Grass

Not very secure It appears this app his open ports which weakens the security. Not impressed, do not recommend.

Sajid Sadi

Buggy bloatware that's broken at every update in a new way This garbage would be out of business if corporate IT departments didn't keep it alive. Why build something that's good for users when your users don't actually use it?

Test User

Too big in size Takes a very long time to download on devices

Ted Moyer

Allows viewing of secure files App is way too big 17mb at time of writing & 95Mb ON DEVICE!. Uses too MUCH resources for the entire suite of apps to simply read when email! 3 apps! 17 - 95Mb,18 - 39Mb, & 28- 43Mb plus a bit extra for Samsung add on. 63Mb download for all & well over 100Mb of space on my device, just to READ SOME EMAIL!. Plus you have to sign in to SCL if you want to read attachment.

sainath choudary

Great...but memory constrains The app is great on androids. However inability to be moved to SD card memory is frustrating and limits usage

Dominic Duke

Doesn't work Input my login details, it asks me for my previous password for some reason, and then just vanishes and returns me to airwatch email without showing me any attachments. Airwatch seems to be a real pain in the a$$ to get working.

Graham Dutton

New version crashes after entering login details New version crashes after entering login details on my galaxy Note 2. No error messages, app just vanishes

Sergey Rubin

Does not save Unfortunately S3 at this time I can only view files from email client but cannot download and or save them.

Jacquelin Eng

Samsung s3 device not registered Cannot use at all

Sarath Pullabhotla

Awesome App

Ed Campos

Great features Love the new update. Picsel integration works flawlessly

Adam Coleman

Excellent for business use Great content management app for enterprise! Use in conjunction with the AirWatch management console to assure all content is safe a secure while data is on the move or at rest.

Donegal Coco

Isn't compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 1 or 2 The app isn't compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 1 or 2. Is this a bug ? Devices running 4.1.1 Works on a range of other Android devices, very strange

Gopinath Jayaprakash

Excellent user experience! I really enjoyed the recent update to allow support for phones. Very slick UI indeed!

Andrea Berger

Greatest MDM content access solution I've ever seen. Opens any file

Ilya Khorev

Unknown error Unknown connection error, meanwhile inbox and browser works fine. Nexus 7 2013 lte

Ida Shum

Hardly works

Owen Murphy

Doesn't work on Android 6.0 I'm running stock Android 6.0 (build MRA58N) on an unmodified/unrooted Nexus 5. After successful authentication I briefly see the Content screen with its list of Views and Repositories. Then the sync message is briefly displayed, then I'm returned to the login screen. If I manage to click on a View (e.g. Recent activity) before the sync message appears, then I'm not returned to the login screen, instead the app simply crashes. Bad form for an "enterprise" app, 6.0 previewed for developers over 6 months ago!

Tridip Hazarika

Demotivating reviews.. Need improvements It takes 12 hours to get activated as informed by GSD. However, after reading the reviews from other users and as an existing user of trumobi.. Feels like trumobi is much better.. Hope, the development team will work on issues and provide a good replacement of Trumobi. Otherwise please postpone the date of trumobi deactivation. Looking forward..

Anand Mehra

It takes too much time to open the content and at simply doesn't work.... It takes too much time to open the content and at simply doesn't work....

Pradeep Agarwal

Pathetic - very slow Previously my full charged battery use to run for 10 to 12 hours a day but after installing airwatch it only runs 3 hours on an average...lot of improvement needed. No proper sync with server, eat up whole battery, performance wise also not good. I will say we should say no to airwatch it's pathetic....don't have option else I won't give it any star to it....

mudit jha

Doesn't work I'm unable to login to open any attachments after installing this. Please remove this as it's not working.

Bikash mathur

Installing airwatch Having severe trouble with the browser connectivity with my corporate email exchange server

Umesh Mahindrakar

Very useful

pankaj dhiman

not working properly

Greg Perkins Sr

Moving Files The app works well in accessing my files from work. However, it needs the available option to select and move files around. Therefore, its missing the ability to manage files as needed. Follow me on Google+!

Epostle Torres

No Support A6.0M App doesn't crash but no content in app nor can up load anything. It doesn't make a local Storage/ folder to save content.

Anthony Chastain

No support for Android 6.0 Recently upgraded to a Nexus 5X and the app will close after stating device is not supported. Please update to include Marshmallow support.

Angie D

No sync It doesn't save ANYTHING! What a piece of junk.

pranab saikia

Says logged out Every time I open it after entering password, it says logged out, can't able to access mail attachments

J Manga

Does not work at all for me or anyone I work with

James Myint

2/5 stars since That's about the proportion of times that it actually works. This is a terrible app.

Wee Kiong Tan

Upload fail Upload file bigger than 100mb did not show any completion and no progress at upload activity. An app that can't upload file into it. Stick with dropbox works better. Cannot share a folder with a link. Search for a user to share takes years. No settings to select what to sync down to laptop.

BHeisler 201447

Cant download anything

Brian Fabiano

No Android 6.0 support I had no problem with this app on my old phone, but now that I've upgrade to a phone with Android 6.0 it crashes immediately upon opening.

Bill Chalfant

Airwatch Yuk - poor layout, limited formatting, uses lots of power.

ankit arora

Filter not working Need improvement as Microsoft office

Russell Anderson

Useless Airwatch all together doesn't work well. It operates in pillars so so it's choppy and hard to use. Not seemless with pictures inbedded in emails. If the picture is in bedded in the email and the email has references to it so you want to look at both simultaneously, you can't.

Neeladri Rao Munagala

I have installed Airwatch Inbox and Content Locker on my OnePlus One. Inbox works, but Content Locker does not. My IT Admin repeatedly installed and reconfigured it, but the result is same - Content Locker refuses to work.

Yakir Magriso

Works great! The last version fixed a lot of performance issues and it works smoothly.

Rene Veerman

Slow and cumbersome Bad for productivity. There are much better alternatives around.

Hemant Pandit

Does not work It's doesn't work on one plus one at all

Rehmi Post

A bloated piece of battery-sucking spyware that gets worse with every release == job security for your company's security chief.

Calvin J. Smith

Expired/invalid token error Ever since the latest update, I receive an error that says "User logged out because of expired or invalid token. Please log in again." How is this to be fixed?

Prakash Raval

Login problem Please give an example for login in content locker

Martin Heldring

Brutally bad! Never was able to open a single attachment. Have to use the inbox for work but not this. Deleted it.

Muralidhar Gopalakrishnan

Just ok Crashes all the time, downrated

Martin Harbert

What does it do? Wont open any downloads!! Why waste time, money, and whatever this thing cost to develop.

Ramjee Panayur

Unable to edit Unable to edit any document


Tanjir Some time this software do not work properly. Can't open attachments.

Corey Jong

Garbage Whoever is the technical genius in my corporation that switched us from Good to Airwatch should move on with their career and go somewhere else.

Jake Budde

Extremely slow. We require our users to use this app to lock down attachments and the struggle is real. It adds serious time to any workflow requiring you to open an attachment.

Sharath Kumar

Not at all user friendly TruMobi is far better than airwatch.... Looking forward for TruMobi 2.0 ?

Chris Garcia

Terrible Slow, clunky. The only reason your company uses it is to spy on you.

Braj Kishore

VERY heavy, downloadable is 80 MB

Srikanth D

Srikanth Very slow, can't keep pace with such an app

Andrew Moir

Token error Doesn't work since update. Don't update the app.

Henry Joseph

Good Very good

alla bakshi

Jio Its use for Jio

Oscar Esteves

Works Poorly Forced to use it for work. Does not work as well as the phone's email app. There is no option for silent notifications, so unless I turn them off all together, my phone is constantly buzzing vibrating. Required locker app for attachments crashes all the time. Also hate that it requires its own launcher to run, so now whenever I close all apps my phone's launcher gets restarted too.

Marcus Brockman

Nightmare Perhaps worse software ever...attaching files is cumbersome. Design abd functionality is out of date. Would never use if not forced by IT dept.

Costin Ionascu

Cant open attachments Cannot fetch decription key. Very annoying when im on the go and need to view an attachment

Ramneek Sethi

Too bad Does not work, keeps on crashing

Not usedul Forced to work with it

Rob Sterba

Worked for a week now can't open anything.

Sunil Kanyal

Takes a hell lot of time to open up

mayur khandare

Suddenly asking for login password Asking for password for opening the attachment????????

Colin Garner

Waste of time Ever since there was an update the other week I haven't been able to open an attachment on an email nor even forward an email with an attachment. Totally useless. Why bother upgrading things when it works perfectly before? If there was an option to give no stars I wouldn't even give it that.

Calvin J. Smith

AWSEC File Error Why must every update break something???!!! I cannot open email attachments. An AWSEC File Error message displays: "Unable to decrypt (unable to fetch decryption key)". This app is always plagued with issues. Do the developers not test things before sending out updates??!!

Jamison Frenzel

Would be nice to have a no star choice because it doesn't even deserve 1!! What is the point in having a lock screen with a pin number when every time I go into something I have to enter a user ID and a Password!? The app knows my information and credentials, so instead of constantly logging into everything with a username and password(which wastes my time to get to something simple), it would be a lot quicker to punch in a simple pin number! It would also be nice if you linked a battery saver concept into this as well, I'm getting tired of constantly carrying a battery pack!!!!!?

Luong Cuong

How to edit file How to edit Word or Excel file that downloaded from Airwatch Inbox? Or Airwatch Content Locker just provide read only?

hetanshu thakore

Crash Crash all the time...not opening nytin

Shubham Pandita

Attachment not opening

Karthik Natarajan

Unable to open email attachments The email attachments (.eml) version will not load. Other types as well have issues. Please check on this on priority.

Ram Vishawkarma

In last version was not able to open files. I do not know earlier it was opening...

yazdani adeel

Not working not working...

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