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18 Aug
AirWatch Browser

Posted by AirWatch in Business | Aug. 18, 2016 | 114 Comments

Apk file size: 17.0 MB

The AirWatch Browser application provides a safe and accessible alternative to the native web browser for Android managed device users. Corporate IT administrators can customize and configure the Browser to meet unique business and end-user needs, whether the need is to restrict web access from certain websites or to provide a secure internet "kiosk" for devices used as a mobile point of sale.

By securing all internet transactions and limiting internet access to custom-defined websites in the Browser's Kiosk and Restricted modes, the AirWatch Browser gives your corporation the benefits of mobile technology but with fewer distractions and risks.

The IT administrator can remotely configure the Browser simultaneously with other MDM policies from AirWatch's web-based console, providing centralized and easy access to your corporation's mobile device management and security policies.

Configure the Security Settings
• Default view that provides options for enabling/disabling features in the AirWatch Browser that may be a security concern

Enable a Browser Operation Mode
• Kiosk mode restricts users to a single landing page in the browser.
• Restricted mode employs either a blacklist policy for restricted sites or a whitelist policy to limit browsing to allowed sites

Support for App Tunneling
• Integrates with the Mobile Access Gateway (MAG) and F5 devices to allow users to browse websites inside a company’s firewall
• Integrates with regular proxies to redirect the browser’s traffic

Restrict documents to open only in allowed apps
• Allows an administrator to enforce that all downloads can only be opened in the Secure Content Locker or on other allowed applications

Whats new

    • Redesigned Login flow
    • Support for custom protocols to launch third party apps
    • Support for blocking end user access to sites with untrusted SSL certificates
    • Support for user to save preference for SSL exceptions
    • “Find in Page” improvements
    • Crash Fixes

AirWatch part of our Business and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Aug. 18, 2016. Google play rating is 63.7046. Current verison is Actual size 17.0 MB.

Download airwatch-browser.apk 17.0 MB


Ryan Dunn

Time/Date error Keep getting the time/date error when I try to login to the browser function. This use to work prior to downloading lollipop. Not impressed with the lag time it takes for the program to load either. Lollipop and airwatch do not mix....and yes I know someone will tell me to talk to admin about the sync issue but that doesn't resolve the issue. Was functioning fine. So not impressed.

Mark Vasquez

I will be honest, your getting better! Most everything is working, but the part I need most still isn't functioning properly. I have to log into a site within corporate network, this particular site is designed to logoff user after a specific time approx 10 minutes. When using this browser on that site it thinks approx 30 seconds is 10 minutes thus having logging me off. I know for a fact at least 10+ of us have the same issue. With that said. Browser still making byod for our department useless... Kind regards

Danny Mallory

It's OK is about it Works ok for a basic browser but it has some serious issues rendering proofpoint urls. I suppose if it wasn't intended for a secure work solution that wouldn't be a problem but it is.

Anthony Chastain

Good for what it does. I use this browser for a big retailer. I leave it up to you to figure out which one. To be honest it isn't that bad for what I need it to do. The only problem I have with it is that it doesn't support SAP iView which is part of an expense reporting and equipment ordering package that I use often. Not sure how to get around this other than going into the office and using dreaded IE which does support it. I know firefox can do it as well, but doesn't seem to be a work option at this time. Any chances of adding iView support or does my employer need to get with the times and stop using proprietary garbage to accomplish these tasks?

Angela Brown

Worked great then update now nothing, deleted and downloaded again still not working. Please fix

Lawrence Dee

Stopped working I loved single sign on and access to internal corporate sites. But stopped working, air watch has problems report for weeks and no fix

Sally Henry

Update Just updated. Now it doesn't work.

Glenn Zimmet

Doesn't work I recently downloaded this and it had yet to do anything other than turn blue, then black, then freeze

Justin Piro

Really!?!? This app is so unreliable almost never works! Crashes almost everytime!

Daniel chesney

Pointless Updated and still get error when downloading settings.

Kevin Lorance

Update breaks functionality Since today's update, no links to the WIRE are working, instead of redirecting to the requested link, it pulls up an enlarged image of the thumbnail.

Robbie Lundine

Needs some improvement Just a few things I have noticed so far: -Browser doesn't seem to play some MP4 videos -When downloading a calendar event it opens in your android calendar not the air watch calendar -Tabs at the top of the screen don't disappear on scrolling -HTML5 support is pretty good, but you still have a ways to go. Overall it is better than GOOD, but could do better.

Mike Bullard

Doesn't work. Was told it is a known issue 2 weeks ago. Still waiting. I have assistants that can get it to work.

Tom Wellings

Permissions don't allow access Just like every other piece of this productivity destroying software suite.

Jason Wehrwein

? Reached out to support and received a generic response to contact my admin. I'm pretty sure my admin can't fix your browser. Lol

Wayne Scott

Job Makes my job easier

Ben Spigener

Airwatch is terrible This is unuseable.

James Bell

Doesn't work... Absolutely useless!

Tommy Dempsey

More quality product from airwatch!!

Lokesh C Gowda

Useful For contractors its very much useful

David Brooks

Non intranet sites Why does the AirWarch app load non intranet sites? If I am voicing external urls from emails it should load my default browser...good does I have airwatch boooooo

eric oneill

Garbage Absolute garbage. Can't change my home page, times out my connection constantly, when I change my password it doesn't save it and I have to reenter it every single Web page I go to. Hands down the worst browser I've used, and I started on AOL 1.5.

Sheldon Kenneth

Worthless Doesn't load web pages from Air Watch email app - other browsers no problem.

Josh Starrett

Best The best

Micah Simmons

Hi Best app ever i get to track my device with 1 click not literally but yh

Jhonatan Garcia

Good app Having issues with white listed doc. What is kiosk mode and how do you fix documents that will not open. 5 stars if this works with my documents I am trying to open

David Wilson

No KitKat Support wondering if there is going to be any support for Nexus 5. Tried installing but it's not compatible it says

Christian Lagazo

I think its ok for work and all

Jim Spellman

Crashes at opening

Robbie Lundine

Just a few things I have noticed so far: -Browser doesn't seem to play some MP4 videos -When downloading a calendar event it opens in your android calendar not the air watch calendar -Tabs at the top of the screen don't disappear on scrolling -HTML5 support is pretty good, but you still have a ways to go. Overall it is better than GOOD, but could do better. Update 6/12/2015: Major problems with the browser on the lollipop update. Nothing functions like it should. File uploads are broken, scroll doesn't work correctly, even CSS isn't rendering properly. Huge problems. Please fix this as soon as you can. It is making it impossible to surf Intranet sites.

Tridip Hazarika

Takes too long It takes 12 hours to get activated as informed by GSD. However, after reading the reviews from other users and as an existing user of trumobi.. Feels like trumobi is much better.. Hope, the development team will work on issues and provide a good replacement of Trumobi. Otherwise please postpone the date of trumobi deactivation. Looking forward..

George K

Most recent update broke it It now times out when trying to visit intranet. It worked perfectly before the update. Airwatch is responding to many of the negative reviews to seem proactive but if you actually contact them they will tell you your airwatch admin needs to get in touch. Even worse, after you go through the trouble of getting your airwatch admin to contact them, your admin will simply get a canned response about it bieng a known issue that should be fixed in the next update and updates are released quarterly.

Jonathan Wright

Useless This browser is difficult to use. It is slow. It has too many compatibility problems with too many websites. VPN using Chrome is much preferred even with the sign in hassle of VPN.

Ron Hamilton

Pitiful Unable to retrieve additional security policies is the message it keeps giving me. This is how our company expects us to access the intranet. Works on iPhone, just not Android. Why bother posting on the play store if it won't even work.

Sean Nottingham

I can't view an area of my work site where I can search for open positions at other stores. It says turn off cookies but in the settings I have no such option.

Kristina Murray

To large When I try to open anything on airwatch it tells me it is too large and that is it. It usta work before update. Please fix this!! I have the galaxy 5


Android system webview Doesn't work well with latest android system webview update.

Pradeep Agarwal

Worst browser ever Previously my full charged battery use to run for 10 to 12 hours a day but after installing airwatch it only runs 3 hours on an average...lot of improvement needed. No proper sync with server, eat up whole battery, performance wise also not good. I will say we should say no to airwatch it's pathetic....don't have option else I won't give it any star to it....

Chris Garcia

I Miss Good Absolutely garbage. For people too cheap to buy Good For Enterprise

Martin Heldring

Brutally bad Switched from Good to get this. Something should be fired. Tries to become my default browser. Comparing this to Google is like comparing Mercedes to a Soviet era car.

Kelly Fields

Lots of potential Had it on phone for two days and it won't load. Running into login single use error


Wal-Mart Work's great. No issues.

Waymon Morris

Entry too large to display Did work good. Now that is all I get on work site. Won't load my byod program

Jason Brown

This worked great till a couple weeks ago. I constantly get an error message and it will not load the browser. This app is crucial for work.

michael fowler

Cookies Says to turn on cookies but I have them on

Jack Ballurio

Airwatch browser Simply put.. it doesn't do the job..

Diwakar Rathi

Not a mobility solution Yes it gives you ability but at the cost of battery, time and on performance. This is not at all accepted for mobile users for ss kind of pathetic solutions. The whole airwatch system is battery eater and performance lagging system

Stephen Forshay

Currently not working as needed.

David Coleman

Cookies I can't sign on to websites and all I am getting is "your browser does not except cookies" or something like that. There is no where in browser settings to enable cookies. I was ok with this app till the update. I am on a Samsung and my friends with iPhone say they are not having any issue doing what I am trying to do.

Jonathan Spurling

Horrible browser I have contacted VMware several times. I have received a generic response to contact my administrator. I am pretty sure is not administration. The more they update this app the worse it gets. I strongly urge people and companies to look at for alternatives to using airwatch it is horrible.

Brian Sawyer

Updated, now not working New update says it can't download a certificate and to contact IT admin. Was working fine before this...

Rick Parish

Lousy product All airwatch products are bad running on Samsung. Programs constantly abort. Calendar is useless. Do not use.

Tara Kania

Recent update Won't allow us to sign on since recent update. Says to contact IT administrator, unable to retrieve settings.

Sminkal Kacha

Horribly inadequate

Shailesh Mathur

Helpful but need improvisation It is helping me a lot with intranet site access anywhere but disappoint me when it prompt again for single sin on pin and after entering just close all my sites and head back to home page.

Allen Rowland

Lucky I gave it a 1 Have to uninstall and reinstall every time I want to use it. After I install I can use it till I close then I have to uninstall and reinstall

Chris Carpenter

It works Sometimes I have to Uninstall and reinstall because it won't work. Other than that I like it.

Jason Wehrwein

? Reached out to support and received a generic response to contact my admin. I'm pretty sure my admin can't fix your browser. Lol. Update broke what barely worked before.

Steve Roland

Works great! Does everything it's supposed to.

Jesse Marshall

Update is broken Since update I can no longer access Web links. Version 2.8 works fone. Have downgraded

Brian Cinelli

Beast Mode!! Seriously it's the best app for hitting your company's internal intranet and also keeping your stuff encrypted in the process.

Mahesh Hosalli

I like this App Nice one

Albert S. Thompson III

I use it for work and love it.

Krystle Zibble

Works fine. Hooked up through my work, does the job it's supposed to do.... just wish it had the option to be saved on SD card! This app along with the others required for me makes my phone so slow, and I can't even update apps, I have NO space left....

J Manga

Constant certificate errors even on Intranet sites. Painful to use. There has got to be a better way to access enterprise on Android.

Corey Jong

This is brutal Good was a much better and more intuitive application. Someone working at my company is an idiot to move the Good platform to this. Also now I don't feel as secure with this app on my personal phone since I feel big brother is watching me more intensely. Ya you heard me big brother! Pervert.

Kieron I

Note 4 user Moved over from ActiveSync and Good... Far better features and integration with browser makes sense it far more convenient. Best setup so far.. No issues yet

Vipul Kumar

Really poor Slow, takes lots of time n makes overall phone performance also poor.


Tanjir Ever time I have insert password. That is a pain to me.

Patrick Carroll

Forced software Can't get rid of it

TJ Lewis

Used to be great It used to work really great for being able to access work material from my phone. Now all it does is give a connection to MAG error and won't allow me to do anything. All of my other Air Watch apps are still functioning, but not the browser.

Chris Carpenter

Use to work Recently i can not use this app at all. Just gives me an error every time. Sucks because i need it for work. I hope they are working on getting it fixed.

Krystle Zibble

Used to work fine.... Glad to see I'm not the only one having issues getting connected. I NEED this app for work.... please fix!! Says connection to MAG failed.. net::ERR_PROXY_AUTH_UNSUPPORTED.

soloman aceves

Mag failed For those having trouble connecting after the update, I went to the app settings and changed search engine from Google to yahoo and now I can connect. Hope it works for you

Keith Keller

MAG MAG is fixed, just need to add the ablity to have video playback now. Otherwise back to normal thanks for the fix.

Nicholas Dreher

MAG Won't load. It's a mediocre browser when it does work.

Carly E.

MAG Errors with almost everything I try to open. Use to be great for my work applications, but now I can't use it at all. Fix ASAP PLEASE!!!!!

Muthu Giri

Browser is good but slow Used for office browser it's good for

Steven Elmlund

Will not work App has errors every time it is opened.

Trish Wagner

Meh I wish they'd fix all the bugs

Dean VandeKieft

Last update poor Can't access at all after last update.


Connecting to MAG... MAG error... like the rest. Unacceptable.

Shawn Davis

Connectivity Issues Will not used to be a good app

Roberto Simons

Mag error useless app It use to work after the update no more

Brian Siegfred

Used to work great Constantly get a connection to MAG error. Please fix!

Michael Weber

Mfweber Have to uninstall the app, reinstall it for it to work

Anthony Chastain

Craaaaaaaash Useless on Android x86 devices. Don't even bother it'll just crash every time.

Kimberly Bowling

App not working won't load

Rick C

Bad Integration Doesn't talk to Google Maps

Mary Sellers

Use to be great What happened

Sidharth Sharma

Glad with non performance It is not supportive on any format of phone

Nicole Salsgiver

MAG error I can't do anything for work!

Teerth Vyas

Worst app Connecting to MAGS............................................... ...................................................

Crystal Stephens

Disappointed I don't have time for it to keep telling me connection to "MAG FAILED" this is a huge app for work!!

Kalyan Chakravarthi

Doesn't work for me It doesn't open any links received through email address.

Sherry Wicks

Don't work Half the time does not work

Bbaw935 A

Unadulterated crap This app updates regularly and with each update it gets worse and worse. I understand that this app is necessary for some secure functionality with databases and things like that but the sheer sluggishness and unreliability of this app makes it frustrating to use.

Aaron Hutt

Latest update killed it Will not open after latest update. Crashes at "Connecting to Airwatch Proxy Tunnel".

f.k. b.

Blank screen. No address bar. Only works by clicking links in emails It starts with a Blank screen and doesn't have an address bar. I can get to some websites by clicking links in emails but that is it. What is the point of paying airwatch a load every month? Just so we can erase a phone remotely? Whoopitydoo!

Edward juarez

Doesn't work with owa

Megan Craig

Constant MAG error or file too large. Quite the inconvenience. Especially when it s needed for work. Would be great if it was fixed!!

Brian Law

Does not work As many people have mentioned, I keep getting a MAG error. This is very frustrating!

David Ferrer

It freezes on my Samsung s7

Rene Veerman

Can't differentiate between public and private Average browser which needs login and password for every http link, both intranet and internet. Uses the mindset of a 1980s system administrator. Avoid if you can.

kristin durant

Keeps saying error tunnel connection failed. Both my mobile and tablet won't do anything on wifi

Quincy Washington

Connection to Airwatch I have the Galaxy Note 4 for work and every time I try to open my work browser I keep getting "Connection to Airwatch proxy tunnel failed" it just started doing this all of a sudden. It has been frustrating and I use this a lot for work to take care of a lot of different thing. Can you please help or point me in the right direction to solve this issue. Thanks!!!

Aaron Hutt

Latest update killed it Will not open after latest update while on work WiFi. Crashes at "Connecting to Airwatch Proxy Tunnel". Verified with other co-workers.

US Security

The works fine, all you people that are crying because your company is forcing it and removing Chrome or Samsung Internet, need to stop giving bad reviews because your company device is only able to be used for company and is blocking you from what ever. If there is a site you need unlocked reach out to your IT and have them White list the site.

Robert Nepereny

The browser that constantly "loses" bookmarks If it weren't a corporate requirement to run this garbage this would've been ousted long ago.

Sandra Cole

Problems Update occurred now the app will no open .Receive error message that app is too large to open.

Scott Holmes

Version 4 won't load any sites Update to version 4 killed all use.

Dragoş Dumitriu

A useless, unfinished draft Forced install, can't get rid of it

Stefan Bukowski

Battery drainer. My battery is dead at 2pm. I'm hardly using anything, and mailbox uses 45% of my battery.

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