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17 Jun

Posted by AOL Inc. in Communication | June 17, 2016 | 207 Comments

Apk file size: 4.0 MB

Wondering where the Yellow Running Man had gone? He just got back from a long vacation!

We've been listening to your feedback and we've rethought our app to provide a cleaner, richer experience that is designed for the latest Android devices. We're always happy to hear from you so please reach out to us at [email protected] to let us know how we can make the app even better!

AIM is the best way to keep in touch with people and groups, no matter where they are. With AIM, you can chat with friends on AIM, Facebook and Google Talk. You can also start or join a group chat, share images and your location, and continue conversations with your desktop and web clients seamlessly.

- Chat with your friends from AIM, Facebook and Google chat networks
- Chat with a friend or group of friends with the new "Start a Chat" button
- Customize your groups with features like add/kick members and edit group icon
- Share photos and your location without leaving the conversation
- Copy and paste messages by long pressing on a message
- Tap on icons to quickly view user details or group chat settings
- See your news feed updates from AIM, Facebook and Instagram in one easy to navigate window
- Like and comment on AIM and Facebook updates without leaving the app
- Go "Off the Record" with a friend in your conversation
- Clear your message history directly from the conversation menu
- Update your incoming message sound alerts
- Update your LED notification color

Whats new

    Thank you for using AIM! This version brings more goodness based on your feedback!
    - Worried about missing messages? The AIM icon now shows the number of your unread messages! (available on select devices)
    - Reach your loved ones quicker using the new shortcut feature (Go to a chat and look for ‘Add Shortcut’ in options)
    - A host of other bugs terminated
    Please continue to report issues by reaching us at [email protected]

AOL Inc. part of our Communication and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 17, 2016. Google play rating is 72.2404. Current verison is Actual size 4.0 MB.

Download aim-2.apk 4.0 MB


Patrick Steele

I gave it a try I decided to try it out because of the good old days. I signed in and got an email telling me to link it to Facebook and google. I went back to the app and couldn't figure out how to do that so I gave up and uninstalled it. I tried, but if basic things aren't user friendly enough to find for a new user it's not worth my time.

Mandy d'Nadie

Duplicate IM bug It randomly starts receiving duplicate IMs from people I talk to. I'll sign out and sign back in and it stops, but then after a few hours every message I get from a friend is given twice. Fix this bug, please.

Zeto OOI

Bug: led notification lollipop If you swipe away a notification on the home screen of lollipop, the led notification doesn't go away until you go into the app and read the message. There doesn't seem to be a way to report bugs from inside the app.

Andrew Claasen

Need ability to vibrate phone and ability to prevent aim from automatically updating your status to busy or idle or whatever...i want no status and i want my phone to vibrate when i get a message.

Shellena Partida

I like the app but s there anyway to access the chat rooms on this app?

April Reynolds

Wtfson Can't get to user settings?

Humberto Herrera

Note 3 Facebook login There is always a problem with my Facebook login . I haven't been able to login for a while now

dragon prince

App keeps crashing The app keeps closing when outside of it so i keep losing notifications. So i have to open the app everytime to see if i got any new messeges or not. Any way to fix this?

jacob albert

Horrible app Won't sign in on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Logged in one time then logged me out after 5 minutes now won't connect. Tried wifi and regular 4G signal

Gabriel Flores

Connection is being weird So I have been using this app for perhaps 3 years now and it has improved a lot but for some reason lately I cannot send messages. I can receive messages from said person but every time I try to send a message it tells me it failed and I usually have to restart my connection on my phone and it will work for maybe 20 seconds. Please fix, if not for this I would give it a 4 or 5 stars

Kerrie Skidmore

Disgustingly sad.. The app won't let me create a username, saying I already have one. I had one years ago that I haven't signed into in years. I can no longer access it, because I no longer have the alternate email. So, pretty much I can't have a new username, because I used your service before. It won't let me sign in through FaceBook either. Just keeps reverting to he main screen after trying to connect. Thanks for the disappointment since this was the only way for me to talk to my fiance and daughter at work...

Damian Plunkett

Red ! I was having sending problems where a red ! Appeared and i had to restart the app to get it to send again but i havent had this for a few weeks now c: very happy to not worry about it and have a stress free app that works well. Thank you very much for a great app 5*s

Erica Romero

I don't know What's going on but I haven't had issues until a couple of days ago. Now I have to continuous resend because It'll keep saying message failed. Yet my data and Wi-Fi are just fine. Please, fix this problem. Also, I have had the issue of it logging me out occasionally. Why hasn't this gotten a response or has this bug been fixed yet?

Ian Leyco

Works as a good FB msg alternative but ... FB msg uses up a lot of my phone ram, space, and battery, so switching to AIM was for the better as it rids of these issues. However, this is the major issue that I found while using AIM: Reauthorizing my FB account for messaging every two days or so. MAJOR issue as I'm not notified right away if I've received a message or not if I don't do this every time. The FB app was at the least reliable in receiving messages and notifying the receiver ASAP, so I hope this issue can be fixed soon.

A Google User

Wonderful, but one problem. Everything is working perfectly, but I don't like that the AIM app is always displayed now. It makes me anxious, thinking I have a message when I don't. I liked it better when it only there when I had a message. I don't like it.

Itis MeHere

What happened? It's been a month now and I tried downloading AIM again. It still won't let me sign in and stool continues to say that AIM has unfortunately stopped. I emailed AIM a month ago and only got back that my messages was passed on. A WHOLE month and the problem still isn't fixed? AIM is seriously slacking, one star no stars if possible. I'll tell all my friends to just delete the app since the problem isn't being worked on.

Lori West

Working smoothly, thx for listening! Edit 2/17/2015 - thank you for adding the icon back to let me know it's running. Also have had none of the connectivity issues I had a year or so ago (looked connected but no IMs going in or out). Working great! Revised up to 5 stars! (prev review: use aim for work but don't want it up all the time. Need to bring the little guy back to the top to show aim is running!)

Alzarath Quelisk

Decent It works. Only a few features I could want to make it as good as I'd like. The emote command. The ability to filter out Google contacts whom I have added in AIM so I'm not getting double messages from them. Facebook also doesn't seem to be working (can't authorize).


Cant reply! For the past week i cannot reply to anyone. I have to keep hitting resend..and that doesnt really work. All my messages have the red exclamation point. Also..the app will just crash. Right now i can't even open it to anything but a grey screen. (i have the lg g3) ive uninstalled the app twice and it still doesnt work.

Cami O'Brien

Seriously, this is a joke You would think it is pretty easy to make a working chat app but apparently not. I'm getting pretty tired my messages falling to send every few minutes and needing to stop the app just to try and resend. It doesn't seem to matter if I'm on Wi-Fi or data, it still does it. What's the deal? It can be a really nice app if bugs didn't keep showing up every update.

genna howarth

WHY? I love aim, it is the best thing to stay in touch with my friends around the world! HOWEVER, when I go to log in, it freezes. And this happens every single time! But it's not that simple! I log in and it freezes on a black screen, then I try to close it and my whole phone freezes and i have to turn it off. I turn my phone on again and then we have to do the same dance 3 to 4 times them eventually open aim and let it freeze leave it of the black screen for over a hour and it finally corrects it self....

bad kitty

Message failed This has been happening nearly continuously in the last couple of days and I've had to resend messages multiple times. I do appreciate you taking the time to reply to people's comments. That's something that you don't see a lot of, so thank you for that. -Update did all the suggested fixes and still having the same issues. Also authentication errors and keeps logging me out. Not reliable or stable at ALL

L. W.

Its not letting me log in. I think it wants me to log in from FB...but im not. So please fix this asap. I have really important contact for school. Thanks

Lee-ann Mc George

Yay This app is superior to Skype in performance, speed, aesthetic, functionality, and in space used. I just wish that I could format my text and insert line breaks. Then it would replace Skype for good! Also, if the logged in notification could be different than the message notification that would be great!


So mad. Aim used to work fine all the time but ever since I updated it and my phone to the 5.1 update of lollipop its been acting like garbage. Why Aim whyyyyy? I'd like not to give up on you but I am so close to breaking up with you! This relationship might not go on any further unless these issues get fixed. Seriously.

Mike Hammond

Messages get stuck sending & receiving When sending a message, I get the red exclamation mark about half the time. Have to long press and resend, resend, resend. Sometimes receive messages an hour late. Doesn't matter if I'm on Wi-Fi or not. Running lollipop on Sprint, LG G3.

Erin Doyle

Messages unsent Until sometime last week this app worked perfectly and I preferred it over all others for its reliability... And now it's not reliable. It will randomly pop up the red ! on all messages and refuse to send anything despite my Wi-Fi connection being perfectly stable. I have to completely reboot the app to get anything to send again. Happens very frequently and is incredibly annoying.

Ugly Myfanwy

Unusable lag Still problems with outgoing messages hanging up for several minutes or often permanently. Would be a great app if it actually supported two sided communications. I see from recent reviews that I am far from alone in this and it has persisted for MONTHS. App worked fine for a long time, now this. Unfortunately every other mobile aim client is broken in some other way. If my friends would switch I'd ditch aim entirely.

Rebecca Burton-Hirsch

Like aim but I can't seem to like or comment on people's stauts. Once in a blue moon it works. Most of time when I click on like it just loads and when I type in a comment it load and won't post it. How do I fix this problem. I've even uninsulated and intalled this app many times and nothing. Please help

Ashley MB

Mediocre - EDIT It's a lot better! Doesn't stay signed in after changes in connection occur, and loses old conversations. -- This has been fixed! Added chat rooms make it wonderful! It's so great to keep up with old friends, again!

Enalia Devereaux

Another revised review Recent update to have the persistent icon is kinda funny. Icon is persistent, yet aim is even worse at staying logged in. Good job. I mean, it had trouble before but this is bad. Still better than Skype. Fix for star retrieval.

Travis Rigg

Doesn't work as advertised I was told I could connect my Facebook chat through this app, and I sure can't. I tried setting it in third party preferences, then I went through the help documentation, and it told me to tap my profile picture in the upper right hand corner. There was no such place to tap.

Jimi Eaton

Needs work. You've really impressed me with this update. I've noticed one problem though. You can't close the application. I've even tried force closing it.

Matthew Valdez

Horrible since the update. App keeps crashing. Can't send messages. Keeps giving me an error when I reply to an im. It's very annoying.

Alex Bonneville

No notifications Worked fine till today now every time I set the sound and led notification it resets back to silent and no led

Jamie Choi

permanent notification is good but.. do I have to log out to stop aim from running on my phone? its great we know it's running now but how do we stop it from running so I can get rid of the permanent notification? doesn't give us that option so I'm unsatisfied for now.

Keana Moats

Aim is refusing to send my messages to half my contacts. My messaged keep failing and I've reinstalled it twice but it refuses to work. Aim is one of my favorite apps and this is disappointing.

Russell Hart

Won't let me log in No matter how many times I reader the app and my phone I just get stuck at the log in screen with the rising circle

A Google User

good at first Keeps shutting down saying there is a error loading then wont let me sign in pleass fix asap carried out new update now hlf my messages will not send have to log out and back in fix needed quick

Пользователь Google

Nice messanger!!! But please fix cyrillics and add history ! (Desire) One more: why does it accidentally expands hidden groups?

A Google User

Why? I tried it, I really did... but this new version of aim just doesn't do anything as well as the previous one.... The one cool feature it has, the ability to know when a message isn't sent, is marred by the fact that these unsent messages then are forever at the bottom of the thread, at least until you delete the whole thread. There are just so many bad design decisions here; save yourself a headache and stick with aim 1.9, or find an apk file for it if you've had the misfortune of "updating" already.

Nieves Familia

Crash crash crash Multiple crashes. Won't stay on standby to receive messages. I used to love this app. Now I will switch to KIK. It's too bad since I've had this for years.

Frank Keller

Problem Aim used to work fine. Get messages on time and message them back fine. Now with the newer update I get messages over 2 hours after its sent to me under 4G and under WiFi I get them like 10 minutes later. On my computer it works fine but the phone app now delays a lot. What is going on?

A Google User

Horrible Thank you! It means soo much to me that I get my messages 3 to 5 hours after someone sent them....... and yes I'm being sarcastic. Worst aim messenger ever. Wish I didn't accidently delete the old one. This is just soo horrible!

Lyn Kotuby

Bugs: persistent login + "has entered text" The app functionality is great - much better than when I last used it ~a year ago. However, signing out from the app never actually signs me out of the aim network, so if I log out from the app one night and sign in to desktop aim the next, it says I've been online for a day. I don't get a message saying I'm signed in from 2 locations + uninstalling the app still doesn't sign you out. Also, people I IM complain that I'm in a perpetual state of "has entered text" any time I'm not actively typing. Please fix!

A Google User

Garbagw This app is truly one of the worst I've downloaded. It crashes multiple times, freezes, doesn't sign on (even with full WiFi or 4G), messages come in hours late. So disappointed. Used to love this app. Oh well.

Anee Hightower

Messaging errors I would send s message and a red exclamation would pop up everything was checked. I even deleted and relaunched the app. Every time I get the red exclamation point. I would click on it to resend the message and it doesn't do anything!!!!

Jim ODonnell

Not working at all!!! Please fix this Takes forever to log in not getting messages back at all.. Please please try to fix this it was working fine now it is not hardly ever.. Come on I'd even pay. Fix this please

Sarah Lulu

Decent This app has improved very much since I first downloaded it. However, there are still a couple of minor problems. When I shut down my computer and therefore logoff of my desktop AIM, the AIM app automatically sets me to busy, and I continually have to manually change it. Additionally, there have been an increasing number of times in which I will lose my connection, but only in regards to the AIM app (regardless of Wi-Fi). Other than those things, the app works very well.

Brianna Harrison

Not worth it I still cannot choose to stop the "enter" key from sending my messages, and AIM just spontaneously logs me off.

Taylor Richards

Update causing glitches This new update is quite glitchy; its constantly logging me out, and I'm getting every incoming message twice at irregular intervals.

Courtney Sohler

Good, except.... It double posts many messages. Drives me nuts. For being around so long, you would think they have a better, not so plain product

Susan Marshall

Awful I'm not recieving messages until about two hours after they are sent to me

Tyler Lyon

Can't log in This app is useless. I created an account and now I can't log in.

Nera Seveneightnine

The heck is going on? Ive used aim for years and while its had its bugs, ive enjoyed it and its never been this bad. The loading circle either just continues to spin, "log on failed: rate limit reached" comes up, or it says something happening with the servers. I tried emailing aim support, but no answer. This has been going on for maybe a little more than a week.

Robert Lentz

Notifications The notification features will not stay locked on i keeps going silent and no LED notification

Jason Overstreet

Doesn't connect Terrible. Like the majority of apps. Install - uninstall, install - uninstall.

Joey Di Domenico

Won't send messages I tried to send some messages but fail to send every one even tried my Mobil connection instead of my Wi-Fi and still won't send

Dae Nah

This is such a terrible app. Crashes. Shows chat windows from months ago and hides current ones. Chat area turns white. It's so bad. I'm going back to yahoo messenger.

Vladimir Kudryavsev

Doesn't work Crashes when I push create account. I'll stick with Facebook messenger

Jorden Higgins

A lot of little annoying things I like the app and being able to use on the go, but the app will never keep me signed in for more than 20 minutes and quite often fails to notify me of any new messages unless I have the app open on the screen of my phone. This has led to so many missed conversations that it's not even funny. Using version on galaxy s4

Maudee Melendez

Wont let me sign in! I made an aol account online and tried signing in with this app but it always tells me there is a problem with server authentication and to try again later. Please fix, I have a ZTE ZMAX phone

Jacqueline Lehman

Good app Love it but it needs to be for windows phone. Please update it for the windows app store. I have a nokia lumia 1520 and id really love it on my phone.

Shannon Roberts

Suck? It not let me log in

A Google User

Miranda Refuses to attach to my data, only works with WiFi now. The bugs used to be tolerable, but not anymore. I've had this app for 5 years, but it's time to retire it. Do NOT install.

April Reynolds

Wtfson I have to do force stop to close it

Rafael Negron

App sucks. It never loaded.

Angela Grace

Too many bugs. Double messages, messages are being deleted and or not delivered. Been going on since last update and has yet to be fixed.

Eric Erzah

you're still here??

Teresa Blair

Teresa Blair Aol is nothing but junk

A Google User

Needs video chat support

Robin Chen

Disabled until update. That permanent notification is no good.

Blair Hunter

Personalisation The fact that I can view chat history across devises is really awesome. There's delay in receiving messages sometimes, though. Also, give options for personalisation and I'll be very happy!

Patrick Lane

Great app Has worked flawlessly for me, had to switch from Yahoo messenger because they did a horrible update they haven't fixed yet. Loving AIM though!!!

Stephanie Hill

I'm really happy you added the emojis and i can see them on my phone, however it's not letting me click them! I'm currently using an lg L70

Aki Uta

it's good and basic I'd love it if you were able to customize your font and color like on the desktop version, but for what it is I don't really expect more. the only issue I've run into is that every now and then it will double up the messages, but restarting the app usually fixes that.

Joedy D.

this app would be so great if messages ALWAYS sent and messages would actually be received. i know aim stutters at times. and it would be nice to be able to scroll through the feed, look at a comment per se, and be able to keep scrolling because it just refreshes automatically to the top and its hard to go through a very constantly updating status feed when it keeps doing that. plsplspls fix bc i love aim and no 3rd party apps can beat it

Alicia Harrison

still having issues still having issues with the enter button giving me a new line instead of sending my messages. and now my notification sounds don't sound when I get messages. i use an lg g4 with the original installed keyboard. and i use the default notification sounds that come with aim.

Google User

This update is a joke Same problems as always 1. Man won't turn yellow to notify me anymore. 2. App stops working when it goes too far into the task background. 3. Random spasms where you dont receive your messages for a half hour then suddenly they all come at once. 4 spinning loading wheel for days. Not a connection problem, not a hardware problem, yes I've redownloaded. Please fix.

Gabriel Aguirre

You need to update your screenshots. There is no login with Facebook option, and I have been waiting over an hour for my confirmation email. When you sign up, they don't have field validation, it just says "could not create an account" until you get it right. I am in shock that this was developed by a company such as AOL. Yeah that's a great PR response but I never even received the confirmation email. By always working to improve it do you mean not working on it at all?

Staci Concepcion

Love the app....when it works properly Like the title says love it when it's working properly. Lately it's been giving me problems where it won't let me log on an the only way to fix the issue is to Uninstall an then reinstall the app. Might want to fix that.

Teresa Johnson

Needs more essentials. Because of the new update whenever I open an image in the preview menu it automatically becomes stretched out and looks disorted. I know errors can occur, but it would also be nice if messages sent through mobile would properly show up on desktop as well. One of my main concerns is that you can't be logged into more than one account at the same time, and I'm sure a lot of people would love if they could be logged into two different AIM messenger accounts at the same time.

Amber Cena

Update The new update is great except for when I hit enter to send my message it starts a new line instead of sending a message. Other than that I like the app I just wish it would send my messages the way it should.

Dominique Smith

It's good, but the app keeps showing the messages double, I have been having to reinstall the app at least 3 times a day

ashley matysik

You guys should get multiple accounts to be able to be logged in. Then you can achieve the final star.

Casey Gow

So frustrated Not getting messages for hours after the fact. Won't forward to my phone (set for mobile when I am signed out). Takes a long time to sign in if it ever does at all.

Lisa Savell

Couple things Would have been a 5 except that i can't clear my AIM status from my phone's notification bar and it sends me double incoming chats about 30% of the time.

Jamelia Bill

Awesome The best way to share vids and pics and stay connected with my sisters and penpals from way back when. I never have problems with this app ever! Love it!

corrupt gear

Good but I would like an option to enlarge profile pictures cus my friends use memes and I can't read the text also this might just be my phone but sometimes it sends the wrong pictures

Lindsay N

This app is pretty decent when it comes to sending notifications and stuff. However, it would be five star worthy if you allowed us to sign into more than one account at a time. Please consider it! I know many people who use different screennames for different things. Like one for work, school, personal, and so on. It would make things so much easier if we could have multiple logged in.


Smileys Why did they change the smileys? Most of them don't work.

Raynalynn Grimaldi

Like it Be nice if. This app would include yahoo messenger. To what. They have already.

LeCassie M

It's not letting me log in, it stays on the loading screen and continuing to try it over time just ends up rate limiting me after a bit.

Crys K

One of the only multisession IM programs out there Love how I can connect from multiple machines!

Cher Kim

Everything is fine with the updates but I can't even use the emoticons....

Peggy Mogush

Insufficient error message right off the bat Downloaded. Tried to create account. Error message: "Sorry, Could not create account." No reason why. A problem with my data? A problem with the server? No idea. Bummer. Will uninstall. No reason to keep an unusable app.


Awesome app My tablet can't text but this app makes it possible to have tablet to phone messages. I love it!!

Flora Jiang

Doesnt work I hate this app so much. It doesn't even let me log in. The loading screen/sign in screen is the only thing I see. If I make it past those screens then I have no contacts or messages. Nothing works for this app. Worst thing ever

Nerdy Girl

Love the AIM app, but for some reason the little icon in the top corner of my phone doesn't turn yellow anymore when I've got a message. It also doesn't make noise (tho it will vibrate), even when I have the sound on. I still use it everyday to stay connected to my friends around the world, and to RP, but that one issue irks me, haha.

Kimberly Marie

Emojis I love the new emojis, but they won't let me click on them D: I hope this is fixed soon. They're so cute!

Richard Smith

This app used to be great. It gave me my AOL and facebook feeds as well as a great chat app. NOW? CRAP!. I get nothing at all. My AOL friends call me and ask why I'm not replying. I DON'T SEE ANYTHING! This app SUCKS!

Mikayla Ricks

It's alright It still shuts down every so often, but it's okay. Lately, my messages have been coming in threes.

Marissa Rothschild

Good but touchy Great app, but it has a few bugs. Sometimes I sign out unexpectedly without receiving a notification.

Kimberly Statham

I got locked out of my account from time to time

Ken Miller

Slightly broken? Only thing that annoys me is that for some reason the app won't let me use the built in emojis. Hence the three stars.

Jessica D-H

Aim old school I still aim. It isn't a crime. Thanks to the app I can actually use it.

Georgette McPherson

Better than before It's faster, and more dependable as a messenger service. I do still like it, but I am unable to use the new emoticons, therefore I cannot use any!!!

M. Roth

I really want to love this app, but I never get notifications. Yes, they're turned on. But the app never says messages have cone in! And whenever I exit and reenter the app, I have to log out then back in just to view the message I got probably hours earlier. Kinda sucks, really. Super obnoxious.

Yaniuris Espinosa

It's okay I wish I could change my privacy settings better, also it crashes with incoming messages and makes my phone overheat :\


This is my jam AIM for life. Absolutely love the evolution of AIM.

Chelsea Cahoon

Works great so far. No issues here. Obviously I prefer my desktop keyboard, but the app is clean and reliable when I want AIM on the go.

John Brugge

Good program I haven't found a better chat service for group chats with perpetual chat records. It also links to my computer so I can use it on both mediums and continue chatting with my friends right where I left off. It used to crash a lot but it hasnt in a long time.

Royce Cetlin

Works, No matter what When all the other chat programs fail this keeps on doing its thing.

CiCi G

Problems after update: App was good before update. Now notifs for messages won't show up/are spotty and the little AIM icon that hangs out in the top left corner of phone won't turn yellow anymore either. Sometimes it will hang in limbo when trying to sign in and I have to reboot my phone for it to work. Had none of these problems before the recent update.

A Google User

Good It's alot better than when I first started using it. I love being able to keep in touch with friends when not able to get on thru my laptop.

Jason Chuon

AIM the Classic IM Work as expected. Thought there are sporadic chat scroll issues with Android 5/6 on Galaxy S5 and S7 Edge.

Julia Heredia

Please fix this problem! EDIT: Now it's saying that I have the wrong password or username when I try to log in. I uninstalled and reinstalled this program and it still won't work. Seriously, you guys need to fix this. This is really bad.

Doctor Zaius

Double posts I've been using this on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and it's been working for the most part. However, I've been getting double posts from other users of AIM. I don't know why this happens.

carl bergholtz

On Android... Can't load photos all the time without the app going back to the friends list .. Sure wish you'd add video chat on mobile devices... And emotions don't work no matter how many times I reinstall app

Shea Hale

Improved! Been using the AIM app for years, and I really have to give the team kudos. Watching it improve build after build and seeing the devs be receptive to feedback is really wonderful to watch from an end user standpoint. I really like this latest build, and its really stable in my s7 edge on 6.0.1. Keep up the good work, and thank you!

Claire Christopher

Half the time it has trouble "connecting with the server". There's nothing wrong with the servers, this app just sucks.

Benjamin Wiley Sittler

Doesn't know how to vibrate! I run it with silent notifications but miss messages because it doesn't have an option to vibrate. I'd upgrade the rating if that were fixed

Adam jelinek

No reply I send messages to people but they never get them. I can try all day and for days and they still don't get my messages. But I receive then but not all the time. Fix this POS

Derek Elling

Update Can't log in. The issue was I needed to change the saved password and with the sign in I had three options. Sign in, sign in invisible, delete account. Turns out to change stored password I need to click delete account. Intuitive? I don't think so. Recommend 4th option or changing title of third option from "delete" to "other options" or more...or....

Toni Nolan

Rescued me during computer problem I'm currently without internet access so this app keeps me on touch with some of my friends. Thank you for larger font setting!

ash Bagshaw

OK.... It froze it wouldn't let me talk to certain ppl

Liz Beth

Photo Unable to edit/upload a photo. I had one up before the upgrade, and now I don't. I clicked to add one, but it does not allow it. Please can you fix this?

Sean Dlouhy

Pretty good Although it has issues at times, it's pretty much the best chat program I've seen

Rai mira

The chat doesn't update if I don't log out and in again, it's a real hassle, please fix it.

Justin E

Unable to connect after update. Looks like AO-Hell is back to the usual antics again.

Sam Sprunger

Just like the old days... AND better!

Serkan Gurbuz

Overall pretty good app It is efficient. I wish there was an option to have messages delivered to my email address if I'm offline.

Thurman Merman

Best chat app so far for my needs

Nathan Trost

Simply a good Instant Messaging client for AIM users Does what it should. Easy to use. Doesn't try to reinvent instant messaging into something else.

Timothy Marsden

Good o'l aim Keeping in touch with old friends

michelle hoffman

AIM The phone app works when the desktop version will not.

A Google User

After the last update, I'm unable to log it.

Breawna Hudson

The app is inconsistent with sending and receiving messages. Horribly unreliable and frustrating. Doesn't matter if using mobile network or wifi, I receive a "message not sent" error.

Amy Shutter

I have to uninstall and reinstall weekly to get this app to work. I love aim but I'd love not to have to do that all the time.

Jeni Smith

Group chat Keeps me in touch with my Co workers we can reach out if we need assistance.

Chris Genosis

It works Not too bad

Sarah M. Negrón Pagán

Help!!! Right now-- I'm experimenting some issues with the login. It literally stays loading and loading and never let me access my acount, and I have no idea why. Please fix this-- I've done everything from cleaning the phone cache to reinstalling the app and it still doesn't works properly

Katy Diaz

Useful but could be better. It works ok most of the time, but it seems to have some crashing issues. Needs a little work to keep consistently working

Holden Byer

Aim lies about function It says you can send sms messages, but when you try to add a number it always fails to send the message. I know online it works about half the time. The format it wants you to imputed on the web version requires a + sign and a 1 before the area code but on the mobile version there's no + on the keyboard. Unless you are living in the 90's there is no point in wasting your time downloading this app.

Melinda Sharpe

I want to love it. I've used AOL and AIM since they were released but there always seems to be a bug that comes up that makes me seriously think about switching to a different app. I have to constantly uninstall and reinstall the app so that I can actually sign in. Otherwise it says that an error happened in the application and to try again later. I also wish that if someone wasn't using the aim application that their messages would save instead of disappearing.

Erin F

Please fix I have been using this app for a few years now and it just recently started having major issues. Won't stay connected, won't give notifications, will show that messages have sent even though they haven't. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing but I am still having these issues.

Jenna Deo

Cant log in I havent been able to log in in over a month. Ive tried to uninstall and reinstall a couple times but it still wont work. When i try to log on it says "unfortunately aim has stopped"

Reed Rodriguez

Has a few bugs, good overall The app is connected to the one I use on my computer, so continuing a conversation is easy. the app freaks out and sends me every message twice or forgets my friends, but overall is solid and simple. The app will save to an sd card which is really nice, and turns photo links into photos (which is more than I can say for Skype,which is bulkier and just as buggy) if the app didn't bug out at all I'd give it a 5/5.

Alicia Harrison

still having issues - not impressed my notification sounds don't sound when I get messages. i miss messages constantly because of this. i use an lg g4 and i use the default notification sounds that come with aim. i have sent feedback several times and nothing has been done about it. i really love this app, but i cannot afford to miss messages since i use this app for work and personal.

Bree Patarini

Disconnects and won't reconnect I keep AIM open all the time, and periodically it will stop working. When I try to log back in, I just get a slowly spinning circle and it doesn't connect. I've tried doing a force stop, but that has no effect. The only thing that works is to entirely uninstall the app and reinstall. Not cool. Notifications are delayed, if they happen at all. I've missed messages because of this. Also not cool. Get it together, folks!

steve s.

What exactly does this do? So, all this is is just another text engine? ????? What the hell? My regular text works just fine. Epic fail. Uninstall.


Okay but having a ton of problems. I have been using the AIM app for Android for a few years with no trouble - until about four weeks ago, when my Samsung Galaxy s6 updated to Marshmallow. The app does not stay connected. The alerts are active but are not responding - I can only receive messages after logging in and out, and have missed people being online as a result. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the app three times, and I'm still having trouble with it. I certainly hope these issues will be resolved soon!

Kim Stuart

Won't allow me to log in at all. This app was working fine until midnight tonight. It said my password and such is incorrect and tried to sign on the desktop but it says it was unable to sign me in, please fix this!

Rachel Fotheringham

Fix please For the past 3 weeks I have been having major issues/bugs with the app. Messages I send not going through when said they were sent. NO notifications of new messages and keep getting the "you are not connected" no matter if I am using wifi or my carrier's 4G. Please fix this, it's beginning to get annoying. I have uninstalled and re-installed a few times already. Once fixed I will change my rating, but staying at 2 until it is resolved.

Scott Jalbert

Buggy Seems pretty buggy, notifications never work and many times the incoming messages show up twice. I wish they didn't keep breaking the API for third party apps, other clients are much better.

Kaiser Matthews

Decent I'm a bit upset that my little running man doesn't turn yellow when I have new messages waiting on me like before, and like a few other users I can no longer hear any new message notifications, or even a vibration. Still, aside from that and the problem I've been having where it crashes if I try to send a picture directly through my Samsung Galaxy S5's camera, or the sensitive connection issues I face with it using some other wifi networks than my usual choices, it works well enough. Spambots are gone!

Ren W

Why does it need location permissions? And suddenly since the last update it's significantly making my phone lag, and it's constantly crashing

Benjamin Wiley Sittler

Doesn't know how to vibrate! I run it with silent notifications but miss messages because it doesn't have an option to vibrate. I'd upgrade the rating if that were fixed. Update: sent by email too, as requested

Lauren Saldi

Keeps saying try again later When i try to IM it keeps saying try again later and the icon is all grayed on the lock screen of my phone, which has never happened before. What's going on?

Trina a

Refresh Could you add some type of in app refresh to reconnect the app or a way for the app to tell you it's lost connection would you like to reconnect? Having to sign in and out all the time is tedious.

Shannon Johns

Buggy and unresponsive I have to sign out and back in to get messages or wait up to a half hour to receive every message sent by the other person since then. It frequently logs me out and cites server problems or logs me in but gives me the spinning wheel and nothing else. Please note: I HAVE UNINSTALLED AND REINSTALLED SEVERAL TIMES ALREADY. Stop giving people a canned response and fix your product.

August Kaminiwa

Does the job, no notify sounds It does what your expect. Issues with notification sounds not playing subtract a star.

Cecil Green

Verizon's AOL Making changes for the better! This app now really works well, have not had any problems with sense it been in use by me. One thing I don't like about it is the message that people get stating they may incurred cost if they respond,

Jovane Wright

Log in no work The log in keeps failing and I renenstalled and installed the app a few times and still doesn't work :(

Robert Crowe

Eh Ita fine for the most part, but kind of buggy here and there.

Steven Skinner

AOL is still a value added online service I have been a long time AOL user since early 2000's. I always enjoyed the service. AOL was a social medium before the discovery of social networks. This is app lives up to the AOL brand of products name. I can't imagine my life without AOL in it... or my AOL buddies! Thanks for a great product!

Laurel Ardle

Love the app... Use it every it! Best way to communicate with people around the country.

Small Font Font is small. and compact. I still prefer Kik as it is not connected to my main, personal email account for the last 21+ years. I think AIM is OK as web browser chat platform, but not so great as an Android app. Update, 9/2016---Bigger font is good, but it's only one size bigger. AIM to SMS is great. Getting more spam from AOL these days.

Angela Grace

Still can't turn OFF sound.... Since the last update back in, what June? I have been unable to silence the sound notification on the app. And I'm not dumb, I know where it is on the app and if I could show you that I have it selected I would, but I can't. Not only that but now I won't get alerts for a message until hours if not days later. It will suddenly update to show over 400+ messages that I was unaware of. And currently as in right now, it is being slow. As I try to toggle through various chat windows I get the loading symbol.

Derrick Whatever

Unreliable For all the updates it has undergone, there's no excuse for it to be working so unreliably. I've been disconnected multiple times only for the app to seem unable to reconnect me. There should be no reason why I should go through the trouble of uninstalling and reinstalling an app just to log in.

Venda B

Hmmm Had to unistalled now 3x, freezes up, sound never holds, never opens first try only on second.. used to be great! Yes I contacted you at the email address you gave previously when I gave it 3 stars, note my update your down to two!

Google User

Bad Update Nothing broken was fixed. New notifications are horrible. Only way to stop pop up notifications seems to be to mute everything entirely with "quiet hours". Can't we just have the yellow running man back? So many missing messages all the time. Have to close out and reconnect to see everything. Please focus on fixing what's broken instead of adding new features.

Anaid Perez

Old one but a goodie I love that I can relive my younger days with this app and it so easy to use. You just have to follow the instructions, if not than I understand why alot of people put negative comments on it. It's old school.people,it was meant for our dirty 30 crowd. It was our idea of socializing back in the day before Fb messenger,or others like hangouts,whatsapp and so on. Their is nothing wrong with the app. It's fair and I love how you can put the classic mode on and still be able to link it to modern messengers.

Enalia Devereaux

I'll say it again. Better than Skype by leaps and bounds, but right now we're comparing trash with trash. Consistent issues with staying logged/getting/sending messages. Constantly have to shut down the app and restart. This is on both my cell and tablet so I know it's not a single device issue. I love you, I wish more of my friends used AIM than Skype, but please. When you first brought back the running man this app was amazing, bring that back! (Then again maybe Skype had set my expectations low haha)

Frank Keller

Won't work Was working fine for awhile but now I got a "something went wrong while authenticating with the server" and can't even connect on the cpu, I get a 502 Proxy Error. Why a sudden drop? It worked fine this morning.

Messaging problems. As of late it's been sending messages multiple times. I've gotten at least 20 duplicate messages from someone and they say that they receive duplicates from myself as well. Also it won't let me respond until it's done glitching with the duplicates.

splatcat eighty

Still the best messenger app across pcs and mobile devices. AIM is the ONLY one who can do this properly. Notifications live on PCs at work and mobile devices. We have tried every major program on earth. AIM is beyond question #1 in true cloud messaging. It's not perfect, but it is as close as it gets out there, people. They've been doing it the longest, so I hope they hang onto the people that realize how this should all work. We use this for mission-critical IT operations.

Michelle D

It's okay......but, I would like to be able to send a message to someone's e-mail address, but this program will not allow me to do so. Definitely do enjoy it, though. Sometimes messages (received) are duplicate, & I don't know why. In one instance I also tried posting to Facebook, & it didn't want to work.

Samuel Fore

Effective, odd on phone AIM is a reliable standard in IM but the app sometimes will not display messages that are part of the same conversation stream, but received on another device, and vice versa. If this is an expected consequence so be it, but I personally was surprised at first.

A Google User

Getting very frustrated!!!!! First time user so I created an account but now it will not open at all or give a reason for not doing so!! It just goes back to create account page. Fix it ASAP ok & will maybe get three stars.

Cat Quinlan

No notifications and connection issue With the latest update, the app keeps saying I am not connected and when I am connected, I am not notified of any messages I get. I wish for this to be fixed as soon as possible.

Not consistent Keeps telling me AIM is offline when all of my other apps work. I have tried reinstalling...using my hotspot and my phones 4G network. Nothing works!

Debra Williams

Major issues Having trouble logging in to computer for two days straight. ...error message say... "Something funky is happening. Please give us a few minutes and try again" Please fix

Raikaze Mizukiri

Can't log in Okay, so I got this app and the AOL app, hoping to access my email. The site wasn't letting me in. However, I tried my passwords, and it said they were wrong. Then I tried 'forgot password' and it didn't do anything. If you could fix this, or let me log in any other way, I would appreciate it.

Al G

Never had a sign issue Never had a sign issue yahoo, then yahoo did something stupid forcing me to AIM and these can't unfold a napkin. 3 days to active account, and issues logging ever since.

Brandi Schlenker

Unreliable, TOO many glitches After the last update things ran smoothly... For a while. Now it's back to not always sending me my incoming messages and forcing me to restart my AIM each time and now telling me my username or pw is incorrect when it's been the same all along. I can't even fix the issue because on the website it tells me its unavailable.

Drakeotar Finley

Good buut The aim app works pretty well its just that i wish you had color or font options for the phone versions. It would make it more like the real thing

Justin Bennett

Can't log in. Can't remember my password from 15 years ago and when I go to "forgot password" all I get is an error page that says "your sign in got derailed" with no mechanism for retrieving my password. I'm assuming this app exists for the purpose of new users considering that most people probably forgot their passowords by now. Don't see how that is useful considering we have facebook and dozens of other ways to communicate with people. Hmm, no wonder aol became useless a long time ago.

My little running man never lights up since the June update. No LED notification Ever works, the Only time I get any sound notification is when the app is not open, and half the time the icon notifications dont work either. It was bad enough when you "fixed" the rapid blink LED notification, but these last changes are the worst! !!! ever. I have nothing good to say. I've been using aol for twenty years and I've not hated a change this much since AOL upgraded from 6.0 to 7.0.

Sarah P

Don't like the updates I wish there was a way to turn off the pop up when a message comes in, it's very distracting if I'm in the middle of something else. Also, why are the emojis three times the size of the text?

Faiyaz Quadri

Get the job done. Use it at work, it gets the job done. My only complaint is that it crashes a lot and it takes longer to load very often.

Adrian Maxwell

Glitches with the new update I don't mind having the actual notif thing pop up and show how many notifications I have but they keep freezing and i have to delete it and redownload it.

Terry Clary

Good but.. It's been ages since I used it more cause everyone was on yim. But downloaded the app. It works fairly good but takes long to sign in. Then the posts are a lot of times doubled so it gets confusing fast.

Christopher Nice

Sometimes a few of the other person I'm talking withes messages don't show will show that they sent something but the message it self won't be there and I will have to get them to resend what they typed.... please fix this

A Google User

Finally! A decent messenger app I've had it for 2 days and it seems pretty easy to navigate. I can find friends, add friends, send pictures and have a status message.

Rakine Takemi

Messages won't send Every time I log in its hit or miss if any of my messages are sent or not. I have no idea why. My connection and phone are fine.


Used to be really good. The UI is kinda clunky and outdated in my opinion.

Loki Golden Trixie

I'm pissed AIM updated and now I don't have an alert when someone messages me and it was there before the update. No... it isn't on silent. It's on classic AIM bumper. And it keeps crashing... very annoying. Fix please.


Sound won't turn off. I've turned notifications to silent in preferences, muted under buddy, and checked in phone settings yet there is still sound notifications and it's irritating.

Christopher Lee

Login Issues Sometimes the app doesn't login properly on start up requiring me to restart the app. Otherwise it serves its intended purpose.


Won't even load I love this app and it is a great way for me to keep in contact with my mother in law and friends but it won't even load and I have even tried reinstalling it... I hope a new update happens soon to fix this...

Amy Gendron

Aim is eh. Aim likes to randomly kick me off. Or sometimes I'll get notifications for aims i don't have. Also it lags a lot.

Danica Mendoza

Suddenly stopped sending or receiving properly. Rarely sends or receives messages, have to sign in and out multiple times a day. Completely unreliable suddenly. :(

Stunt Chan

Love this app! After yahoo decided to up date and change it's look, it's layout, and sent my IMs a fraction of the time, I decided to check out AIM. I haven't used AIM in many years and they still had my information and is very reliable. My IMs get through, i can see different colored text, and send pictures without any hassle. Just excellent!

Bella Espinosa

Can someone who takes AIM seriously make a better goddamned update? Absolutely ridiculous.

Olivia A

Problems Whenever I sign on it keeps saying rate limit reached and then it kicks me out.

Little Pirate

3 years and no problems Had this app for 3 years on my Samsung Galaxy 3 and 5, never had problems, very reliable for keeping in touch with old friends who moved away.

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