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10 Feb
AIDE Premium Key

Posted by appfour in Tools | Feb. 10, 2016 | 75 Comments

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This is the premium key for the app "AIDE - Android IDE":

AIDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing real Android Apps directly on Android devices. This premium key enables the following features:

- Saving files in pure Java projects
- Saving files in larger Android projects (5+ Java files)
- Direct run without user prompt on rooted devices
- Git push/commit
- APK publishing
- Offline SDK Help
- Some customization options

Whats new

    Improved: Android 6.0 compatibility

appfour part of our Tools and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Feb. 10, 2016. Google play rating is 88.3467. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

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Andrew Hirst

I subscribed.... As I want to learn Java and code an android app. Tutorials are very good and for what it's worth I've had no problems with the subscription and/or premium key error. If you're new to Java I recommend highly.

Alex W

Cool but hate subscriptions The software is good so far, but the subscription for all lessons bugs me out a bit, they should have been included in my opinion. Now I just end up using competitors apps instead to learn programming. So this app developer loses customers by being greedy.

NJ Boyd

Great Toolset but intrusive ads This otherwise great app is severely let down by the pushing of Appfour's subscription services for learning to program - even to the point that not even purchasers of this key are immune to intrusive Notification area ads that take you straight to a checkout screen for their subscription. I was happy enough to pay for the premium features (which include many basic pieces of functionality, not least: Saving!) but the marketing tactics are now becoming obnoxious.

Jory Ferrell

Decent app. The app looks awesome. Few gripes to be had though; premium key occasionally malfunctions, the keyboard occasionally gets stuck after disappearing and only shows back up after rotating the device or selecting text and de-selecting (as if to cut or copy). Also, the sensitivity for selecting code, while the keyboard is visible, is kind of finicky, leading you to unintentionally scroll down very quickly, selecting lots of unintended text. Really annoying, but only a minor concern.

John Maenard Elauria

Cool, but lacks support for libgdx Hi appfour! This is a really great app, but lowering my score down to 3 stars as I'm struggling to continue developing my libgdx game which is currently in github. I tried adding the libraries within AIDE but it seems to require massive work to accomplish this. Would rate it back to 5 stars if I can easily continue working on a libgdx project from pc to aide and vice versa. Thanks.

David Young

Had worked until latest update I've been a premium AIDE user for a year and a half, and after updating to L Preview and after AIDE's latest update, I don't have premium features anymore. Would really like to see this resolved soon.

Logun Needtoknow

Makes Development Possible This App makes developing on the go possible. I use my tablet a lot more than my laptop so to have to bring my laptop along just to develop on was a pain. Now I just make sure to save to my dropbox and I'm good to go. Thank you DEV for this App!

febri widhawanto

Need help, Premium key problem :( This key doesnt recognized on my tablet, but it work normally on my smartphone with the same google account. I have sent a mail. Im very interested with this premium key work normally on my tablet, so im still giving 5 star. Help me please...

Raymond Tan

Aide is good, but the license key app runs every few minutes. Please don't force me to force stop the app!

Michael Arruda

Great, except for ad notifications Just received a notification for some deal they are offering. Checked the settings and there doesn't appear to be a way to disable these notifications. This is unacceptable for a paid app.

Aj Balash

Premium key? Hey guys! I loved the application and progress your getting. But now I see that premium key is useless? I don't see the point of it now. Cause of the subscriptions? Seriously. What happen?

Abo Ryhan

Premiuim key error Today when i opened the aide app i have lost all the premiuim features, paid so much to buy this but what is this.. is it just for a week.. bought a week or less than that.. c'mon if is it like this its not worth to buy.. if there is an alternative way please tell me.. thank u rated 3 stars due to this..

chad wh

Lack of support The app is good, but when you have issues there is no support. Had to completely redo a project because some weird error is not rebuilding

Abdullahi Usman

Swipe problems in AIDE open browsers by swipe have a very serious problems on mtk devices with poor screen quality.., popping up the browser unexpectedly. wish there could be somewhere in settings to on/off it.

lalo lalouve

please keep your push ads in your free spamware. It isn't hard to disable notifications for your app, so you don't get anything from them except annoyed users anyway.

Ben Moon

Bugs I sometimes download this and it doesn't apply offline. That defeats the whole purpose of coding on my mobile device, since I can just use my desktop PC when WiFi is available.

javier cappo

Use daily Indispensable. I published two apps directly from my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and I regularly whip up constructs to test.

J. Bright

Amazing app but extremely poor support Amazing accomplishment but loses a star. 2.99 for a UI designer, at least 2 dollars a month for lessons Google gives you for free - in the premium version. Support is poor also. The Google group is filled with questions they either never answer or answer once without following up.

Frank Hodum

Subscription and premium key?!? Seriously, having both is very misleading. I used to speak highly of this tool, but not any longer.

Vince Emigh

Did I just get scammed? I paid for the premium key, but now I must subscribe to save more than 4 files?

Korey Johnson

Superb! Very glad to support a mobile app development system!

Taylor McCormack

Deceiving I bought this premium key to support the app a while ago. Decided to launch the app recently and get back into it and it requires a subscription for more options. Completely defeats the purpose of having a premium key. Have one or the other - not both.

Amos Ogra

Premium Key Malfunctions Whenever I turn on/off my phone I find it difficult for the premium key to be recognized by AIDE UI. This slows down my projects. Otherwise its a great app. Correct this and I will rate 5stars

Matt Charvat

What the **** Why in the heck can I not save large projects..., I paid to save big projects fix or I want my money back!

Zafar Ahmad

Key not working. I Purchased this key but its not working.

Chora Uoc

AIDE is the best application for me I just buy your key because I love you app,thanks for your finest quality work on this app

Adrian Scarlett

Subscription model is a bad idea. I paid for premium features, how many useful features are going to be unavailable without a subscription?

Cristian Popescu

Awesome Lets me code while on the road

Sam Bagot

No support Canceled my subscription, kept the 23 dollars, refuses to answer support emails.

Luis Feliú

Keyboard Shortcuts Great app! Would love to see the ability to customize the keyboard toolbar/shortcuts.

Lucas Bee-Sea

Refund please I would like a refund please.

Sean Pedersen

LogCat feature doesn't work any more.

james burnison

Great app New to developing apps. Love the tutorials.

Spencer Williams

Wonderfulness Awesome training and service and subscription is fair. And cheap. Just include more lessons though. I couldn't find anything on asynctask

Hakan Serce

Really annoying notifications! I loved this app until recent updates. Now this is becoming very annoying as I get a notification to "continue learning Java" every night! Please provide an option to disable all learning stuff, otherwise I will uninstall it altogether very soon.

Chaz man

Feel cheated from 5 stars to 1 I liked the tutorials included in the free test APP. So I chose to support the APP by buying the $10 premium key. As soon as I did that the tutorials would not run WITHOUT further fees for a SUBSCRIPTION!! I'm on disability and a fixed income. I feel you all took advantage with this HIDDEN fee ON TOP OF PAYING FOR PREMIUM APP. Now I have an APP I can not use because I can not learn the tutorials that were free before. Fix this and 5 stars again... I can understand subscription for FUTURE tutorials... however the ones I was able to run for free SHOULD REMAIN FREE. Also NO replies to emails sent. Disappointed.

Matt Penney

Excellent despite misunderstanding. I have always wanted to develop applications and with this program I have the ability to achieve that but one thing i misunderstood was the premium key doesn't unlock the very reason this app is the best, it doesn't give you access to the tutorials. Still excellent just need to research instead of learning within the app. Those who give this app a poor rating for understandable mistakes made by the development team, they should give the development team a chance to approach the issues instead of rating low.

Ken Bowd

Five Stars even with bugs. First off well worth the four coffees I paid for it ! As soon as I saw AIDE I knew this was the best this since MS Visual Studio. With use I have come across some issues. --when I use my blue tooth keyboard the soft keyboard keeps poping up every time I touch to move the cursor. Seems to me AIDE should automatically sence the hard keyboard and disable the soft one. - for some reason once I installed the premium key my OpenGL app hangs with a Virtual Memory heap error. I understand there is an app to fix this but for AIDE to really get the stars, it should not be troubled with memory management glitches. The problem is further exasperated when I interrupt the compiling process the thread doing the compiling seems to become orphan, not stopping until the AIDE app itself is stopped. I think there is a memory leak when the app stops though I can't prove it. Changing to a new project will leave the live icon in the top left corniner busily working away. I am using a Samsung Note 8. with an external SD chip installed (32g). The memory problem is not affected by the Bluetooth keyboard. This compiler can mix java and C! Wow.! I gave it 5 stars with the alpha level bugs.

Jason Green

Fantastic Much better than Gen 1 version I tried a year ago or so. Great GUI, comfortable text viewing & the ability to have API documentation offline via downloaded zip is very awesome... After all who can memorize an entire API? Nobody. This feature is awesome when not on wifi On my nexus 7(2013). Keep up the great IDE work.

Pavel Brilliant

Key is not recognized Just bought this key, but AIDE still says I need to buy premium access, even after rebooting. Tablet Pipo U8T 3g. Both key and AIDE are latest. Fix it.

Vasily Laushkin

Nice Hello! Please add IDEA project support.

James Lomic

Cmake I need cmake projects support

Алексей Заблоцкий

Bug! Bug! Bug! I have gradle project with internal module in it. Not android, just pure java. AIDE thinks internal project is android. Do something about it, please

Denis Zagayevskiy

OMG Random crashes on AIDE start and on device boot. Then AIDE can't recognize premium key. Wtf? You made awesome ide, why you can't made good key? Nexus 7.

Dmitry Shubadeev

not run without user promt Not run without user promt if the path have space.

Пользователь Google

Michael This app is very useful! Dear, developer! I think that it has very high price. I recommend you to add some projects in your app. It would be very nice.

Scott Reid

Nickel and diming This developer want you to pay for every thing. I bought the premium key and now I see it was a huge mistake. Bad move!

Sean Pedersen

A great app I keep saying, but the app store keeps reverting my comment

Amos Ogra

Premium Key Malfunctions Whenever I turn on/off my phone I find it difficult for the premium key to be recognized by AIDE UI. This slows down my projects. Otherwise its a great app. Correct this and I will rate 5stars

KC Cole

Stopped working Auto install is not working, will click but I still need to accept the install which was one of the primary reasons to buying it...

FENG berd

Couldn't install Native Code Library. Error:Status Line 250,please fix.

Troy Dalton

Was 5 stars, without a doubt. 1 star rating retracted for now. ORIGINAL: Sure, it's not perfect, but it's so much better than I could do! How great is it to write Android apps entirely on the Android. And now, with C support. It's getting there and well worth the relatively inexpensive price they are charging. I'm a happy camper.

Howard Harrison

Unknown entity R error I keep getting this error when I use AIDE to open a project. The project works perfectly in Android Studio but as soon as I open it with AIDE that's the error I get. How do I fix this...?

Milad Saeedi

Good app but.... I bought this key to day,and know i see i must pay for lessons and even debugger,i have a question,why i bought the key?

Tim Strawbridge

Paid for & doesn't work I have the premium version on old phone and tablet. Both work great! However on my new phone, it installs and doesnt put a shortcut on the phone. When going directly to the apps path, it wont run either.

Kyle Cox

AIDE, The Perfect Aid For Android They squeezed the power of Android Studio into..... a mobile application that can design and code, build and run, and even publish..... a mobile application. But its not just an Android IDE. As if a Dev Environment wasnt enough, they threw in a truckload of tutorials and guides, interactive course lessons with a slick and easy user interface thats jam packed with features and tools, resources, intuitive functions etc etc etc. Dude, just buy the app.


Great App. So why only 1 star? Neglecting to deliver worthwhile updates. Update your included libraries. Add the SDK features you promised in 2013. Update your PhoneGap AIDE app so apps made with it can be published to Google Play (Your phonegap version is out of date and not allowed by Google), monthly/yearly subscriptions to use all features of your other apps that naggingly get greyed out in this one? Offer one time payment. Stop holding out on features. We paid for the full version, give it to us. Shady company.

Raj Rajan

Unable to compile apk. I am unable to compile apk for demo on Aide phonegap, I have aide premium key as well, still unable to compile apk on my phone, rooted stock android lolipop, Xperia M4 aqua. Error: aapt: Use -x to create extended resources. No help from Google and tried emailing appfour still no help yet.

Виталий Якубов

Есть недочеты Good support. Program work good. Only one problem i have now - bad import projects to Android Studio

Johan De waal

!?!?! i thought i will get the ui designer with the... and nowi cant even get a refund?? what do i actually get with the premium key??

adam smith

WORTH EVERY CENT Publish key making is A Must Have !

Encik Fahmie

Why my debugger not working? i already buy this premium key on 2015. fix this asap

Robert Kirchner Jr

Won't recognize the premium key

josh thomson

The best IDE out there. Along with building such a wonderful application,they have an excellent customer support.

Tom Travers

Awesome toolset Would love to see option in menu to download Google dependencies. Auto repository downloaded does not retry if download fails.

Kevin Fathi

Great app for on the fly developing and debugging.

Jon Foster

well worth it see my review for aide. the off-line docs downloaded but don't appear to get used. it just takes up space. git integration is pretty good. someone like me misses all the other stuff i can do with git on my ws. but there is enough to get the job done.

Mikhail Tokarev

Thank you! Thank you for fixing my previous problem with license

Sayan Goswami


hilman shini

its ok git username is not saved i need to input git username over and over again. logcat viewer is hard to filter. some dependencies like aws deps and firebase cannot be fetched. but so far. good app

david king

Is this working!! Also bought this thinking it was giving me the full version of aide!! Seems to do nothing!! I am disappointed! I had very Hi hope in this product..10.00 I'd way to much, should get the full version like advertised, but this doesn't work at all.?

Madsen Altamirano

Premium Key Not Working I contacted support, and from the other reviews I expect they're gonna fix it. ;-)

Media Banten Plus

Premium key not function after upgrade after upgrade to xos premium key does't work. I use infinix phone with xos. Please fix it

Melvin Foo

Can't tell if app is premium There should be a way to tell if the key is working.

Dani S

find key hashes how to find key hashes of my app project?

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