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16 Jun
AIDE- IDE for Android Java C++

Posted by appfour in Tools | June 16, 2016 | 239 Comments

Apk file size: 33.0 MB

AIDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing real Android apps directly on your Android device. Follow interactive coding lessons and step-by-step become an expert app developer. Visually design apps, write code with the feature rich editor with code completion, real-time error checking, refactoring and smart code navigation, run your app with a single click and use the Java debugger to find bugs.

AIDE features interactive lessons with step-by-step instructions to learn Android app development and Java programming skills. Follow the lessons, become an expert and apply what you've learned in your own app projects.

AIDE will turn your Android tablet with keyboard into a real development box. We use the Transformer Prime to code with AIDE. AIDE will turn your Android Phone into a small development computer to browse and touch your code on the go.

AIDE supports building apps with Java/Xml and the Android SDK, apps with C/C++ and the Android NDK as well as pure Java console applications. AIDE is fully compatible with Eclipse projects. You can just copy the sourcecode to your device and open the Eclipse project in AIDE to start coding. Alternatively you can keep your sourcecode on your Dropbox - AIDE integrates with Dropbox and allows to easily download from your Dropbox and sync back your changes. AIDE can also open Android Studio projects, which follow the default folder structure. AIDE also supports Git for professional development

A brief summary of features...

Learn-to-code (in-app purchase):
- Interactive lessons with step-by-step instructions
- Java programming course
- Android development course
- Game development course
- Android Wear course

Edit-compile-run cycle:
- Create a sample App with a single click
- Build Java/Xml apps
- Build C/C++ NDK apps
- Build pure Java console applications
- Run your App with a single click
- No root access required
- Incremental compilation for fast build times
- Uses Eclipse .classpath project format for compatibility
- Open default Android Studio projects
- Integrated LogCat viewer

Debugger (in-app purchase):
- Debug Android Java apps and Java Console apps
- Breakpoints
- Step-in, step-over, step-out
- Inspect thread trace
- Inspect local variables
- Inspect object fields

Real-time error checking:
- Real time error analyis throughout the whole project as you type
- Automatic Quick-Fixes for many errors

UI design:
- Preview XML layouts
- Jump from view in the designer to the XML element

- Rename
- Inline variable
- Introduce variable
- Extract method

- Code formatter
- Organize imports
- Out-comment code
- Create setters/getters/constructors from fields

Code navigation:
- Goto defintion
- Find usages
- Goto symbol
- Goto class

- Very fast editor even with large files
- Code completion for Java and Android XML
- Android online help directly from the code
- Syntax highlighting for Java and XML
- Unlimited Undo/Redo
- Pinch zoom
- Smart expand selection
- Keyboard support with configurable keybindings
- UI optimized for small screens to show as much code/content as possible

- Built-in file manager with the most common features: Rename, delete, create file or folder
- Dropbox integration
- Git integration with Commit/Dicard/Push/Pull/Branch/Merge and SSH support.

To summarize: AIDE offers Java programming for the beginning, intermediate or advanced programmer. Beginners can learn to code, developers can do real development. Using the advanced editor with code completion and syntax highlighting to edit Java and XML files, then compile the software, the use the Compiler to turn it into an app. AIDEs incremental Compiler is blazingly fast. Interoperiability with Android Studio, Eclipse and commandline SDK Tools is provide. Not only does AIDE Support Java development but C and C++ native development is supported as well. AIDE is the tool for professional coding and hacking.

Whats new

    New: Support for Google Firebase libraries
    Improved: Updated Android support repository to latest version
    Older changes
    Fixed: aapt issues with latest support libraries
    Fixed: Gradle 'exclude group'
    Improved: Updated repositories to latest version
    Fixed: NDK support on armv8l/aarch64 devices
    Improved: Updated Android libraries
    Fixed: Use Gradle jniLibs directory
    Fixed: No error for testCompile Gradle dependencies
    Fixed: Inject ${applicationId} in AAR file manifest

appfour part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update June 16, 2016. Google play rating is 85.6609. Current verison is 3.2.160525. Actual size 33.0 MB.

Download aide-android-ide-java-c.apk 33.0 MB


John Dunn

Linked payments After a very brief start the application linked at google+ as a designation of cool dummy oks finds the user to pay onwards. As jealousy is money so can fortune fine them.

Ed Poor

Good, but had a fatal error on my Galaxy Note II It would exit without warning if I tapped the build button ... unless I changed a source file or turned off the debugging facililty. I'll try the 3.03 version later today.

Evgenia Kaneva

Great. What I need . I think it will be better if you add more features if the development environment like error panel.

Devin Hussey

Been a while, but I love it now... Remote gradle libraries save a headache from my last review.

C McEwan

Pay to learn You get a very basic lesson which explains structure, then you have to pay to continue. There are better free apps available.

Raymond Torres

Amazing IDE! I would rather use Google drive, not Dropbox. Can you please add that function.

Jan Rolih

No saves in free app In an older free version i was able to save my apps, now i must pay 10€ to do so.

Morgan Babineaux

Great app for programming on mobile devices but can there be a feature where there's 2 files onscreen at the same time like Eclipse?

Nick F.

Love it There may be bugs such as the blue arrows pointing at light speeds and the equals sign always turning into a period; this approach to interactive programming on the go is the most successful I've found to date. Now all you need to do is add more languages and bundle everything under one package. It definitely doesnt take a year to learn java and c++. It takes longer to master it. Paid the subscription. Love it!

Achwaq Khalid

Downfall! From the best in it's category ===to==> a money grabbing app, not worth the install anymore

Chisel Wright

Very useful IDE The lack of support for annotations is becoming increasingly troublesome.

David Salas

Great For Coding on the Go. I have enjoyed going through the lessons, and I am looking forward to the next couple of sections. It is really great that I can put newly learned skills directly to use, without a laptop or PC. Please add a section that we have to locate and fix various runtime, syntax and logic errors.

Marcus Case

Meh, Well, for one, you can only have one .java, secondly, I'm trying to make a multi class app, and I know java, so

Mike McClure

Code Anywhere Feature rich development environment on my phone. Integrated drop box makes it easy to bounce back to eclipse.

Silvester Chaka

Great Great app thanks am enjoying it work'd

Máté Tüske

Great app But i can't figure out how to use c++. I read all the tutorials, installed the compiler and still not. I can only see a c file, and no c++, no c++ library. I work mostly with c++11 and i would be happy to use aide with my git projects for c++.

David Heisnam

When are you guys fixing... ...the problem of the app randomly and very often activating text selection mode while scrolling?

Mehmetcan Oralalp

Useless Support packages should be included or it should be easy to add libs.

Lesamel Malquisto Bañares

unknown type or package? why? import java.awt.event.*; import javax.swing.*;

ayoub mohamed

Nice Gammed gedan and saved my time thanks

Cj Smith

SlidingTabLayout, I miss that on kitkat It's difficult to navigate on lollipop, everything is smudge and so hard to close files. Would it be possible to add refactoring for moving files to a different package/folder and automatically changing the package name ontop. Can you please have the ability to disable debugger

Erik Felipe

I think, i'd rather use Laptop and Android studio, too expensive.

KC Cole

great replace feature is still missing sometimes if I make a mistake (because I'm a newbprogramer) it will not only crash my app but also AIDE which really sucks because then I can't just ctr+z my mistakes away but have to manually remember and remove them =_= BUG: sometimes when I put compiler in background it stalls at the "signing apk" step and I have to close/reload aide and then recompile

Jibar Mahamoud

Wow! Amazing App! Edit, Compile, and Run Java on the Go! Great for beginners and seasoned programmers.

Stuart Wehrly

Great app for developing on the fly

Sergey Savenko

Its amazing.It is what I need

Leo K

Great stuff Works well, clear and concise.

David Omboke


Spencer Williams

Literally genius! Genius! An idea and hands on training. This is pure genius!!! I'm reinspired all over again

Jamie Spruce

Great app but subscription too expensive. The devs would probably make more money if it was priced more realistically. The expensive subscription puts people off.

Rhys Halsey

Push notifications to sell me stuff now? Please don't push a notification to my phone to sell me your goddamn courses. I know how to code, I don't want to learn from your app, leave me alone. If you don't remove those annoying notifications in the next version I am uninstalling and never giving you a penny. I enjoyed the app until now, it allowed me to code my apps on the go, but this notification business is crap.

NJ Boyd

Great functionality but tainted by Push Ads In terms of project functionality, AIDE is unmatched. That said, the obtuse route of consistently having to select the "code - for experts" option at the foot of the subscription items list and the fact that even the paid "premium" version pushes ads for it's subscription tutorials to the notification area without the app being open (or run since the last bootup) is edging dangerously close to the last straw. AIDE is definitely a fantastic tool, but by and large, the marketing that accompanies it is insidious, unwelcome and now: intrusive too.

Tomasz Fiszer

Good IDE but... Wanted to purchase the premium version, but won't do it unless the ADS are removed. I will not let your app to spam me with your ads.

Bryan Fortnum

Love it and is worth every penny Unlike others, I do like the notifications and I like how the training is compact, not massively explain tho I feel I learned more that way as I learned the feeling of how things work. Not much help by the community and I would like to get more training for new games and new way to implement the code. recommend this of your a begginer

David Cullingford

Its getting more and more frustrating Touching the screen to the left when selecting text displays a debugger notification. Wish there was a way of turning that off. May be its time to go back to my laptop.

Тим Фан

Super Thank you! Your app its very cool!

Ivan Ivanov

Great! Very good app. Thanx.

Victor Shapovalov

Great work App perfect for compiling not large projects and study android development.

Denis K

Language Please, add the russian language. (Or Multi-Languages)

Vitaliy Larkin

Can't save my files without buying a key? Really? How I can test this app if I even can't save a few letters of code? Return the "Save" option for us!

Руслан Мельк

The program is very good The program is very good, but I do not know much English. Please add the Russian translation.

Иван Рычков

Everything seems just fine Guys, please add the option to compile code to JARs! Also, I really want the ability to collapse methods that I don't need right now into this {...}. This'd make code much more readable. Thank you!

Макс Приступа

Не пойму что здесь делать? Increase the size of the text by adding an android:textSize attribute with value 30sp to the TextView element. Hint: Just type textsi and use code completion.

Никита Праминов

Dependency '...' not found. Add a local maven repository in the settings.

Nikola Gerogiev

Minor font issue. After update to v 3.1.1 font is little bigger, I tried to change it in settings, but no matter I choose font size 14 or 15, there is no difference when open app. I can still zoom out, but when reopen app, they are big again.

Corey Murphy

Good if your trying to play around it you try to develop for real you have to pay 10.00 just to save

Julia Kreya

Java Output doesn't show up. I thought this is an awesome IDE but Its not

Felipe Sprovieri

Nice! It really works. It even compile the code and generate the apk on your cellphone.Congrats for the developers!

Kevin Sergyo

Save Feature The application is good enough. But I'm hoping so much for the save feature to be free.

Muhammad Akram

Great IDE for Android It is great simply for it provide all functionality for android app development on android device. Simply the best.

Emma Adenuga

It tell me error I create a java file it tell me error and it does not always tell me that before please fix this app I like did app

Ace D

Awesome app but not saving Better than coding on laptops Way faster than Eclipse (I`m taking back the 5 stars, saving a file requires premium version)

Ted Lapkin

Love it so far. This is great, being able to compile and run apps right on the device, plus the Dropbox integration. ?

quaillinn plotner

Riskware Every time I make an app with this my tablet tells me that the new app is malware

John Doe

Proprietary Needs build w/o having to pay.

Joe Paleto

Bad Awesome mobile tool, but last update sucks.


C++ C++ sources missing redricts to gp when clickes

Corwin Hicks

Awesome app gets the job done

Dale Whitmore

Love it Please where is the c++ skills

Norpy Is Cool

Limited You can do very little. You can't even save what you did without paying money.

Tonmoy Tewary

Nothing free Only two tutorials free. For others Rs 178 per month. Not for one time. That's too much.

Rifat Cholakov

The best app ever

Ashesh Kumar

Great Editor Awesome syntax highlighting and compiling speed!

Chris Flux

Great I'm just a child but I love coding but I really want to code without publishing

Prayag Mukhi

Loved it Simply the best learn to code app out there.

TT industries

To complicated

Ahmet Selim Çavuşoğlu

Good Realy good this app

Glaiza Motus

an outline of a project like in eclipse would be a nice feature for this app.

Ajibola Joseph Olasunkanmi

BRB The 1st time I make an application with this, I'll come back to give full star. Nice application though.

Pete Andrews

Run without user prompt broken? Latest version will not run without user prompt, though my device is rooted. Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910F running Android 5.0.1 (ongoing as of 14/06/15)

Arni Inaba

sends push notifications at night I don't need to be woken up by an IDE to learn about new features. Uninstalled.

Mehmetcan Oralalp

Useless Support packages should be included or it should be easy to add libs.

Shuli Hershberg

Really cool Very responsive devs. I had a problem caused by Google keyboard. I asked about in the google+ community. It was fixed in the next release.

Thoriya Pari

Thoriya prahalad Not all facility are available

Matthew Arnold

You added c++, niiiice

hisham bahaa-aldeen

So great Really very nice and helpful. I have made 3 apps using aide. But app needs more features like auto code complete in mainfest file, sometimes aide show lots of errors in app code but for real theres no errors... Thanks.

Jeff Rebadomia

5 stars for now I'm hoping that this app could help me code in my thesis... Well, I'm gonna rate this again after testing...

Jamster M

Great app There are a few bugs but I reported them to support and they said they will check them out right away. Great support team.

Vishalvikram Singh

An absolute beauty No prior experience of coding but this helped me developing intrst in programing! Kudos ?

Gray Cassaregh

Thank You! I am an IT student. I have no laptop or computer to use in programing but thanks to this app! Thank you so much! Please make the tutorial in game development free!

Randell Tan

Please I Need Some Help. I purchased the debugger but my program is still logically incorrect is there any way to correct this? For now just 1 star but when the logical error is fixed i'll give this a 3 star.

Ravi Kumawat

It doesn't have support of ndk for x86 because apps compiled in native java are running fine but app compiled with ndk ar not running in my zenfone 2.

Vladyslav Kolonskyi

Premium key Why I can't use designer if I bought premium key already?

Steven Hay

Great app Great app but it's shutting down when I try to open a tutorial on galaxy s5

Althea Sioco

Helpful It's like a pocketbook. It's easy to use and carry around. Helps me in my subject which is Programming. But lacks something. . . Not like the BlueJ. But it's okay.

Jonathan Baker

Great! Works as advertised. Very useful.

Rui Li

Great but not without issues The latest update did rosolve the majority of the issues, but not all. Some samples (for example native codec) still doesn't compile.

Marconi Christophe

Free version not enough The free version is not enough to know if it's worth it... Yes, the app looks amazing. But the content of the free lessons is ridiculous.

Dervish Syklonn

Great! But please add french language for learning ! :)

Devan Hunt

TO appfour. Would be nice though to have an "Undo" feature for when adding or deleting code. Also being able to share any project file through AIDE with the G+ community of AIDE. But it's good so far. Will rate 5 when I see these features. maybe more suggestions will pop up lol.Keep up nice work and THANK YOU.

skullkeeper 94

OK, so... An Android export has errors... Is this a bug?

ty harness

Nice Could do for android what Borland did for the pc

Suhaimi Sutomo

Worth to subscribe. Quick & easy to learn by doing. Many thanks. I hope you will make and use the same Java tutorial module for learning C and C++ as well.

Maksim Zhouner

Great tool

Mohammed Elsuissey

I love it This app has really great value

Bahri R. Özdemir

Language We need to more Language

Sam Chesnutt

Great app but... Didn't have any issues on my note 3 but on my new note 5 I'm having trouble. I'll delete something and type something else. That action will then randomly delete something else and add things I typed somewhere else. It's frustrating and renders the app a pain at best and unusable at worst.

Steve Buckley

Been using it I do indeed really like this app. I've created an android version of a program I wrote years ago, and will continue to grow in my skills, and code more.

Daneel Rakow

Will we be able to make applets in Java sometime? That would be nice, other than that I'd like to see my GitHub info remembered!

FENG berd

Great Could you please add java8 support?I need it,thanks.

Becan Sams

Saved my night! Now I like my phone than my pc, perfect work!

Sakima x

Good job Sent this to friend that is new to codeing helping them out a lot

Dimitar Dyankov

Amazing This application is amazing and it lets you turn your android tablet into a productivity machine. I have replaced my laptop and just use my nexus 9 for work now thanks to this!!

Kerry Wilson

It works, and quickly at that. No flaws yet.

Saha Debojyoti

Best one stop solution All web languages fit under one application with error display and live preview

mahesh lakra

Good app Well overall app is good all the learning stuff and I have issue with downloading ndk support every time I try to download it says I don't have enough space and it ask for 200 mb even I have lot of space in my internal storage well as I learning....u can learn so many skill...with this app

Sneha Prasad

It's just mind blowing...

anisur rahman

Saved time Don't have to work on pc.Easy way to build and test the it bro.

chandra sai

Excellent I learnt a lot of programming using this app... Nice for simple programs and applets

Leon Tumatar

Awesome Now i can train my coding skille with this app really helpful

Muhammad Alnahrawy

Pay for everything! This app take you back to the jurassic age if you don't pay them for every feature you may need, and if you didn't pay? Just use it as a notepad!

Grant John Bacuaha

Yeah ! <3 The Beast ! No words to say :)

Lehi Thomas

Works pretty great Lessons are simple and slow (good for beginners) and the text looks good in the IDE itself. Auto-complete works great too. My only issue is that when I hit space after typing it erases the word I just typed, super annoying. Would give it 5 stars if this was fixed or pointed out to me how to edit the settings.

shruti prakash

Ubercool app The most amazing app I've ever come across! Let's you code seamlessly anywhere! Very easy to type as the characters most frequently used are added as favourites for quick selection. Also, pretty easy to debug the errors. I was amazed to see that there are options to add external repositories ! From GIT! Awestruck !

Durgesh Vishwakarma

Best app for development but It does not had library file. So I cannot do many things because it requires support library for compilation. Plz add support library soon. And everything is so good for developers. Thank u so much so such a great app.

Isaac Pheko

Good alternative I like this app but due to it's limited java functionality I can use it only as an alternative to my main pc

Moritz Messner

Awesome, but somehow I can't reference libraries in the build.gradle file using "provide". Please fix

olis muolis

:/ You guys rather add adds instead of pay policy. I hope your program is good enough to buy, but i don't know really.


Unbelievably good It amazes me how they have managed to cram all these features and functionality in to an Android app. The Android SDK for Visual Studio is over 10GB! In fact this is quicker and more reliable than Visual Studio. Microsoft should learn from these guys.

Richard Denton

Really good... ...but REALLY need Google Drive integration to make it 5 stars.

Jiawei Tchea

Luving it Excellent android mobile ide that allows developers to work on the go. Keep it up!!!! :)

Randell Tan

Please I Need Some Help. I purchased the debugger but my program is still logically incorrect is there any way to correct this? For now just 1 star but when the logical error is fixed i'll give this a 3 star.

John Cook

Actually love it except... The editor when run on both my samsung phone and LG tablet randomly mangles what I am typing. The dot (a very popular character in java) nearly always deletes something. This leads to 2x to 3x more typing. If the developers can help me figure this out, i would happily change my rating.

Asif Ahmed Shuvo

Small problem compile '' This doesn't work, I hope you guys will fix it up soon. Thanks for this nice app.

Bhavesh patel

auto complete doesn't work sometime

Kieran Betts

Very good It's programming on android so don't expect the same level of ease as mouse and keyboard. Thiss app does a brilliant job, I have no complaints. Don't expect to start learning to code with it's tutorials if you don't want to pay a huge premium.

Rohan Khandelwal

Good for practice Good app for start the learning the java. No need to internet. We can done basic programming on this app.

Chris Basinger

Weird bugs related to onclick listeners Both the XML onclick and Button classes onclick listener weren't working but great app

Bs Omkareshwar

Great app Great app.. i juz want to know where is the assets folder? Where do we place our files if we want load the them from webview feature? Thanks...


This app is jz oosum..!

Nicholas Reeder

Great for beginners and experts Easy to get into fast to output, great app overall

arun sharma

Good for practice butttttt This IDE is not correct 1)I can't use my variables without initialization in this ide 2) I never come to know what is default value of diff data types in java by using this ide so please update it

Сергей Перов

No bracket highlights? Really?

Rohit kumar

Rohit Very useful app

Conner B

Incomplete implementation of Java The first thing i tried on this app failed. Lambda expressions dont seem to be suported. Fail

Reinout Holtrup

Asks you to pay after the first 5 minutes of the course

Vishalvikram Singh

An absolute beauty But i am unable to make payment?

Joshua Garner

Pricey The pricing is a little step but worth it

Joseph Poole

Does anyone want to get a time traveling application? There's a website called Ramsey has a time machine, as an Android user you should request him to email you the Android version of his personal time machine.

Morgan Freeman

GREAT! But keyboard.... The app itself is GREAT and (from what ive found) the best java ide on the play store only problem i have is the keyboard! Cant turn off auto correct and when im typing it will auto insert words i did not want. And when pressing space it removes the word i typed....

First Last

C compiller is not included, aparently doesnt work. offers to download 200 mb and im not sure that it will compile anything even then. also crushes at start often.

andy nugraha

Walkthrough needed Please provide the correct answer when we are stuck or just a simple "i surrender" button and show us the completed program should be. Asking the community is not that simple and time consuming

man vu

I love this app It's so convenient. The app is right there on my phone whenever I have a new idea for my project (like when it just pops when I'm doing something irrelevant). I like it because I don't need to get my bunky laptop to try out that idea.

Goddamnzilla !

Nice interface, but won't let me run a program It keeps saying that there is no main method to run, even though the only function in the program is public static void main. In fact, it doesn't even detect the word main, as I tried numerous other words and it still gave me the same name. Please fix this issue. Otherwise it's a flawless app :)

Jordan Moore

Skip, unless you go premium Debugger as a premium feature, sure. I get that. But the ability to SAVE your project is a premium feature? I can do that in a text editor.

imad elamir

Great android app Apple could really learn something. Using it with dropbox syncing is just heaven

Ram Sanath

Wow it's really amazing You can learn the over concepts of Java

Nathaniel Clark

Sortof useful. It is not compatible with most projects on github, it throws thousands of errors, or it will not compile native code.

GT Jadeja

Awesome work guys 5 star to support your work just one feature request is that please add separate activity add and Android manifest edit option so we could build basic android apps without that heavy running Android studio and cheers I bought your app..... Enjoy

petit anglais

Nyc I loved the app but where do i add permissions from ?

Andrei Cool

Worst app Did not save my project. It didnt compile it neither run the program. Don't even try it!! They asked for money when I tried saving the project. False opinions on app store. Wasted precious hours.

Anand Betanabhotla

True IDE experience Awesome for getting to grips with Android development

Dimitar Dyankov

Amazing This application is amazing and it lets you turn your android tablet into a productivity machine. I have replaced my laptop and just use my nexus 9 for work now thanks to this!! P.S - Thank you for continuously updating this application, its awesome!

Peter Laboš

Purchase on save This app is unusable. It has purchase on saving files. Before it was very good app.

Qingxiang Bao

Too much pop up likely virus

rey mago

Didn't meet my expectations I don't dig this app

yash mathur

Amazing i love programming and am so happy this app was made! helps me program on the go, and unlike many others i used, it has compile and execute the program too :)

Luke Goodwin

Extra awsome. Now I can make my own app or game but might be very hard to make my own app.

Sridar P

Gud But we can't save it for free

tanvi parkar

Thanks aide app App is very useful

Aayushyamaan Shah

Hey guys it is a realy good application. i would have given full stars but many-a-times it shows many error in conditions which are actually correct plsease solve it

steve burk

Just what I was looking for Could use folding

khubeb kapadia

Help Can anyone help me how create app I want to jst add PDF inside

Seth Walker

Had great development environment I love the development environment and it's ability to create testable apps on your phone. At the same time it only gives a few lessons before it locks up.

abikhit Das

it's not good until u people stop charging money just after 2 lessons!!!

Levi Graham

Love it! Coding on the go! Nothing could be better :)

Md. Abdullah Al Maruf

Useful...But!!! The idea is great.. but keyboard problem...

Ben Schwabe

Only the first two lessons are free Tells you how to Widen the text. That's it. The rest you have to pay for.

Matthew Reynolds

Works well Thank you for creating this app.

KC Cole

Superb I learned Java in this app, and will continue to use it for a long time. It has almost every feature eclipse has, but runs on the device you program for so no silly emulators, bridges, etc. Root powers makes it wonderful.

Avetik Arakelov

Good A very good app, it's the only one that work without problemes

minecraft gamer2000

GREAT just the app i was lookin for

Faisal Al Shamsi

Very nice for programming

Tony Shaw

Premium Question Does anyone know if it is possible to download the native code (C/C++) support separately, as for some reason I am have in trouble installing that part on my Android TV stick (it gets as far as downloading 75% and stops.) I can not fault the rest of the apk and would love to make use of the C/C++ sections as well

Randy Magruder

Perfect but for a few "if onlys" Some larger projects downloaded from github fail during dexing regardless of gradle modifications. Also no plans yet for them to support Java 8 capabilities of new compiler coming with Android N. So still no lambda expressions. But for what it is and what it does, it is brilliant and worth having.

Donald Subert

This app is bugged and completely unusable on both of my current devices (Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy View). I'll start typing a word, some characters will be inserted twice, or 3 times. When i hit the backspace, it inserts even more characters. Something is going on where characters are being added to a buffer and, then, not being properly cleared, when handled. With all the backspacing, it takes me 20 (about) keystrokes to type each character. Despite having paid for premium access, I have been unable to contact the authors for technical support. Fix this and I will revisit my rating.

Christopher Akinlade

Great app. Works perfectly on phone & tab. Just tried some lines of Java code on my Note 3 and tab. So far, it works perfectly as promised. Great for times of coding inspiration when you're away from your desktop/laptop. Sad that I can't pay for it now because of the foreign exchange crunch in Nigeria. I'll pay for it ASAP. But thanks for the free and advert free version even though I can't save my Java & Android projects.

Jacob Waters

This is not a Java IDE, do not claim such I took a program that compiles and runs a graphics program of a ball dropping, and inputted it into this "IDE" and it did not compile. None of my imports registered, and as a result the code was covered with "errors." I don't know about the android part, but don't buy this for Java, go to college kids. Seriously a cheap mockery of Java that cannot draw a rectangle, let alone an equation. Give more free android lessons, and if it works, I'll buy advanced lessons.

Jon Foster

most complete and useful android dev tool so far this is the most complete and useful tool of its kind, that i've seen (haven't had a chance to try native c++ building yet). still its not intuitive and documentation is lacking for the ide so you have to fumble around a lot to get the hang of it. i have not bought in to the lessons since i want to own them, not rent them. the android doc download doesn't seem to do anything for me other than consume 100s of MBs. i really wish that worked! i want it all self contained.

Ralph Lawrence

Dear AppFour, I am sorry for my bad rating because I gave you two stars. During that time, I have not checked the AIDE version that I am using. I use a restored copy of.apk from a backup .apk file and I haven't updated the app that's why I got errors.. I am using the old version(3.2.0) After the update I can now build apps without compile errors. Thank you for your quick response to my comment or questions. You know that our feedbacks gives you some information for troubleshooting or for updating your apps. I am not a developer. I just want to make my own app to amaze / impress my friends. I also use your app for educational purposes. Thank you..?? -- Ralph?

mohammed shaibaz

Best best best best I love is the best app I have ever seen .....:)

karan vishwakarma

Very good and great app for android Best for new devloper otg on the go devlopment app for devloper you can devlop apps without pc

Jeffrey Nielsen

What good is the premium key for They keep changing the app to find ways to charge you more money. Bunch of bs.

Dan Patching

Great app Very useable UI. Supports C++ and NDK. Nice to be able to be productive on the move.

Mikhail Tokarev

Super! But I have a problem Can't build gradle-based regular java project. AIDE shows option "open this Android App project" and build fails saying AndroidManifest.xml not found. It's the only limitation that makes building modern LibGdx project structure impossible

Cedric Sapno

Best AIDE Ever!! I'm Apologizing About What Happen Last Day or Last Week that I Reported that it Crash! After I Reformat my Phone I'm now Return in Android App Developer! Thanks for This Man! Thanks Trixi Martin!

A Google User

Ndk! Though upgrading the ndk from a few hundred mb to almost 750mb is insane! I understand the need for space to be compatible but how about the choice of how compatible we want to be? Maybe we are ok with the smaller ndk but can't choose it as 'we must use the latest, greatest, and biggest.'


Libgdx support and support is terrible Some of the libgdx code does not work. There is broken code in the first lesson and the auto-fixer does not work. I emailed support and they just sent me to ask in there google+ community. The problem is I only see 2-3 people actively commenting and helping out in the community. It's been 20+ hours and those people have been answering questions. I paid for the premium key and a year subscription. I expect better support, and even if I am just looking over something. Why first lesson errors?

Andrew Kawalya

Fantastic This app is a must have for all programmers out there most the Java programming and c++

William Walker

Awesome IDE On-phone development environment and build tool, what more could you ask for?

Henry Yi

Very Powerful, Very Useful, The best IDE in Mobile Market. Very Powerful, Very Useful, The best IDE in Mobile Market.

mid rigs

Best editor Love the app, works about as good as you can get in an Android development environment.

Curtis Cook

Love it but not a fan of the subscription coast Great for testing & learning on the go. I understand that devs need to get paid for their work but at $5 per month it's hard to justify the cost.

Alveen Chriskofasius

Eclipse android version I can coding with this like eclipse in windows.. but not at all, and good for beginners too who want coding not in windows... really helpful

The GameR1992

crashed after i haven't run it for a month... so i'm gonna re-install (EDITED: ok it doesn't work anymore AIDE has stopped why? what did i do wrong?)

Richard Denton

Really want to use this app more, but it STILL lacks Google Drive integration and the developers never reply to any questions. Don't get me wrong, it's quite good at what it does, but is only a toy until it can be used with current projects. Come on guys, it's only been a couple of years we've been asking, you have Dropbox, add Drive!

Sombatte Lovefree

my app stopped hello sir may i ask a question ,my created app alway stopped when i click button to open other funtion that i have created i think i write my code it all right but it still stopped any time ,my phone is version 4.1 jellybean

Aman Deep

Solved The enter button issue is now solved, thanks!

Simnikiwe Mtshazo

I like this app I just recently unlocked all features of AIDE I will be starting to program my own apps

Jacob Sommerfeld

Don't ask for money if you can't get it right Lint is throwing a bunch of false errors. Apps are throwing virus alerts even with custom key store.

Vivek Jha

It's pretty cool but should be more language added like C..

The Dancing Stone Hopoe,

Storage I would like to offer my unlimited Google Drive Plan.

Trnod P

NOT FREE And completely useless if you dont want to pay a lot of money. Uninstall.

Anthony Wyatt

Not free and no trial Can't even really try the app. Can't save the files without paying money. Not going to work hours on a project to get a mvp and be unable to save...

Franky star Hujon

Simple and useful Thank you for making it available in the market. It's useful for everyone who love to program

شمس الدين المنصور

can you add apk decompresor? i can't edit my apps and when i use an apk decompresor it give me many unexpected errors.

Deesha Vora

So useful Developers can code on the move. Just what i needed

Nwanna Richard

Best java programming app for Android phones. Great job

Jamison Kirk

Noob This is pretty cool. Great way to try out concepts without having to crack open the computer.

Steve Buddy

Material Design Support? How about making it easy to add Google's Material Design Support files using github or NuGet or some other popular project sharing site?

sethy sang

Thank you I can help me to retry any code when I feel I feel that code

Nakul Sahis

Hated it. It stop every time and I can't change other lessons.

Aidan rooch Bermingham

Please answer!!! I'm a beginner at programming, love this app so far and it's very addictive, but I really want to learn c++ most of all. Can I learn c++ on this app? I decided to subscribe and pay monthly so hopefully I can learn c++ or I'll be unsubscring and finding an app that does teach c++

Chris B

Nice I really enjoy being able to code on my phone. It's with me anywhere I go which is very helpful when I'm too busy to sit in front of a computer. The only complaint ( or I can't figure out how to do it yet ) is you cannot run multiple java programs at the same time. I've been working on network programing and it would be great to be able to do a loop back instead of using another device. Also deleting could use some work. Thank goodness for undo

Mandeep Hundal

99% awesome Everything in detail explained very clearly. However, There's problem in adapter lesson list view. If aide creates system scripts lessons like that, so its going to be perfect app and eligible app for 5 stars. Well, when I started lesson everything was going well but after using listView.setAdapter(adapter); it was showing unknown entity, I tried alternative method to clear it, however, after changing method it didn't work I did everything what was told in lesson but it didn't solve it.

Gregory Jensen

Seems Great! It would be 5* if the premium content didn't feel so shady and scammy. You can't even find the free limitations without knowing first that there's another app you'd need, finding that, then reading the limitations. The limitations aren't displayed anywhere in app (no purchases are) unless you try to do a tutorial (explains how I missed them). Really takes away from the app comfort and that's why 4*.

Priyansh Rathi

At the top of all but... This App for making android app is at the top of all desktop softwares but need improvement. Firstly I cannot import Google Maps in my app. Secondly menu for inflation is absent. Developers of the app, please look into the matter. With these improvements, I think, there will be no other android app maker software that can beat you.

Carlo Ruiz

It's a good ide This is clearly the best ide on the play store for android development. The only thing is that if you want to use all of the features, you have to pay. And this app is hard to use on a small phone to create complex applications. Other than that its perfect.

Richard Denton

Could be great! This could be a great app, as it is a very good IDE for a phone, but it fails to build and throws errors for menial things like widths and heights which are pretty fundamental) on code that I know is valid as it's what I'm currently working on and works elsewhere. Says it's downloaded the necessary libraries for other projects but fails to build and the developers NEVER reply to any questions. It's a real shame. When I was starting off I used the HTML version of this flawlessly, but not this.

David Ogur

Great for Beginners only The app is really good for beginners. Sample codes are running okay. That is till you unlock the expert mode. Pure hell. Can't import a project without tonnes of errors. "Unknown entity R" One day your app compiles and runs ok,next day its full of imaginary errors. Does compiler suddenly forgets some library imports

Eleanore McClary

Why is there an unstated limit? It doesn't declare anywhere that it has a limit to the number of files in a project. It simply starts begging for money in a subscription or the premium key. Clearly you people are taking advantage of this being the only kinda decent IDE for this work on the market. And to be fair, it's still pretty crappy, especially with its constant begging. We need to run projects, not pay for services that we can find for free elsewhere.

Deo Favente

Removes/replaces basic keyboard functionality. For some reasons, I cannot copy or paste codes or texts into the code editor or even the console. Makes this completely useless to me.

Jakub Stonavský

Waste of money The functionality is changing a good professional IDE to a rather lousy tutoring platform - and the tutorials are really basic .. would refund in 10 minutes if it was possible. Would rate ** if the top-left button would be opening something useful and not the training menu since I use the app to do a real WORK ..

Laurence Harbeck

Great learning tool I use this to brush up on skills whilst commuting. The inability to skip lessons can be frustrating though.

hilman shini

tried full version git username is not saved. logcat viewer is hard to filter. some dependencies like aws deps and firebase cannot be fetched. but so far. good app

Lazaros Dinakis

Great piece of software This app just made me love android development. If you're not an experienced developer you can start developing in a fraction of time, compared to the traditional methods of using a laptop running OSX or Windows 10. Congratulations!

Disciplined Coding

Good app but they charge $2 every month. No videos to show examples either, I would recommend "SoloLearn", 100% free with a compiler.


Good features, bad UI The application has an impressive amount of features which work well but what lets it down is the UI. It lacks the intuitive aspect (it took me a while to find how to open a project or how to switch to a different language). I'm not exactly a beginner when it comes to coding or using android and it gave me a bit of a headache...

Marc Lee

would AIDE consider adding support of more cloud service providers? i am now forced to subscrube to dropbox. i had subscribed to onedrive already. the aide itself lacks some basic files movement function, have to rely on cloud. Sep/14 added: about the added row of keypad, please add the forward slash on it. while the period and comma is generally available on the stock keypad, no need duplicate on the top additional row, wasted 2 precious spaces

Orest Hopiak

Saving is disabled Saving pure java files is the thing I mostly needed in this app. However, saving java projects for free is disabled now. So that I am deeply disappointed.

Imred Gemu

Good For What It Claims to Be I wouldn't ever want to develop full time on some tiny screen with keys smaller than my pinky nail, but if I have nothing better to do, and I don't have access to my laptop, it's a nice way to kill time and get some work done. Plus, it has some nice design tools.

Thomas Zili

I've been developing on my laptop, but bought this application a while ago. Rediscovered, and since then developing on the GO. Waiting for the train, in the train, in bed, on the beach. It is so easy to write, compile, run. This is RDC. I still have some issues with the logcat, but I suppose that's just me. Well done. Well worth the money spent on the KEY. Now connected to my SNA GIT server. Good integration.

whendric so

Simply the Best After trying many different android-based development environments, I can definitely say that AIDE is by far the best. For starters, it's the only one with code completion. But beyond that, I'm actually able to work in it, and be productive, whereas with any of the others I spend most of my time wrestling with errors. This is a really professional product, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Blake Thibodeaux

Newcomer Read articles on coding, and got me interested this was my first app and I've enjoyed it so far. It's great for noobs, it's not detailed herendously, but can be

Kari Or

Works great but... I needed to reinstall it because C++ didn't work (even after installing the C/C++ package). Now works great and it's the best IDE for android (in my opinion).

Umair king

Wasted My Time...Hate It I had Installed Support for Native Code, So that I Could Code in C++, When I Wrote a Big Code and Run it, I got "Hellow World"....Helll

Stephen Carlson

Pay to save Nice editor, but you can't save files unless you make an in app purchase. Sneaky business practice, makes me want nothing to do with this app or developer. Just be up-front about the price, ok?

industrie burger

Bad! I am not paying for Google play to save my number of files that I would like to developed. Screw the designer or Creator who made this pathetic app, I am not paying for this particular app to where It completed charges me on the maximum number of files when I can save or not I am in uninstalling. ???

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