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21 Sep
Age of Voyage - pirate's war

Posted by OASIS GAMES LIMITED in Strategy | Sept. 21, 2016 | 40 Comments

Apk file size: 84.0 MB

This is a unique war-based game, where you can create your own pirate fleet, strengthen your fleet to wage war against other pirates, use your strategy to gain victory and form a Pirate Alliance with friends to become the most powerful Pirate Alliance in the game.

Ocean Empire
You will play the role of a powerful Caribbean pirate and use your strategy in this PVP game to plunder resources and territories, build a powerful fleet and rule the entire ocean.

Establish the New World Order
You can create your own Empire or join a powerful Ocean Empire and work together with Pirate Captains from all over the world to create a new Empire Dynasty.

SLG + Card Training Playing Methods
Aside from the classic SLG strategy playing method, an additional Card stage and battleship development playing method have been created to allow casual players, who play for entertainment, to survive and continue to acquire resources in this dog-eat-dog world.

Challenge Friends Minute by Minute
Online multiplayer PVP, you're not the only Sea King! In the game you will face players from all over the world, and with the threat of war approaching, attack is the best defense.

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OASIS GAMES LIMITED part of our Strategy and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Sept. 21, 2016. Google play rating is 77.4496. Current verison is 1.2.0. Actual size 84.0 MB.

Download age-of-voyage-pirates-war.apk 84.0 MB


Andrew plowden

Not good support Was 5 stars but bugs take days weeks to be fixed down to 3. Daily connection problems. Sad really as this is a good game trying to get out of bad developers. Update: Latest update has left me and everyone else with black screen and music. absolute crap. Don't bother until it's fixed!

Thomas Pimentel

glitch after the treasure Island glitch. people are sitting on 14billion resources infinite log books and are running all maxed out fleets. I have watched people go from level 11 to 18 in one day. you broke the game. you will not respond to any of the patrons even to those who have paid for the game. I feel that 24 hours was well enough time to reset server. I'll keep looking for the class action lawsuit. I want my five bucks back. I don't think at this point you can make it right

Charlie Grace

Down all the time. The game had been down the most part of 3 days. And they reset the game back a couple days so everyone you did when you could get on was erased with pretty much no compensation. Developers seem lazy and uncaring about their players.

Russell Lewis

Ace All bugs are fixed, loved this pirate game from the start. My new addiction! Although my chat on Alliance or world chat are still in caps! Not that big deal. Love the game!! 5 stars. For those that cannot load the game, uninstall then reinstall. Please give this game 5 star rating all bugs are fixed and enjoyed the game!!

Brian Minke

Waste of time Developers must have zero intelligence. Updates about every other day nothing ever fixed just more and more problems and set backs dont waste your time or especially your money


Updated... Same thing happened. Update came and now I can't play the game. It loads only a black screen. Thanks for the update. Deleted and re-installed, then dawned on me that I deleted my own game. But again it is a black screen...

Aaron Coddington

It was a fun game you do an update and now i can't get into my account nice way to collect money. I've been playing pretty much since the game came out and was up to level 21 and lost everything

Dane Widner

Developers made good So many of these reviews were due to a bad update, but the developers fixed it asap AND worked to make up for the inconvenience. Awesome gameplay. Worth any trouble

Steven Smith

thanks.for update of crap. all we wanted was chat debugged and delete option. what do we get??? black blank screen and music.... way 2 go team every update you mess something else up. debug chat and fix black screen

Jason Grames

Game updated, seemed good, was going to give them another star, but things are broken even more. Treasure Island is beyond bugged. I lost 3 or 4 ships, which is beyond annoying. This game needs some serious TLC, I would not invest in money in it.

Kevin Hobbs

Update is Crap Installed new update, can't play anymore. Black screen and music isn't gonna cut it. Was a great game, I'll give you 48 to fix it, then I delete it...

Caryn Healey

got addicted! update crashed..then fixed THIS IS AN AWESOME NEW GAME! New app, some glitches. Like sentence going off screen, too big for box. other little bug is that English is hard to understand. unlocked master workshop means "unlock master workshop" ship already at sea means "ship at sea" there is one after you plunder resources from an island that makes absolutely no sense but i assume means "you took stuff". I really like this game. I hope to see it continue to grow and develop.

Sam Velez Jr

Will get through the load screen but... the screen turns black. It never gets any further. I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times to no avail. Suggestions?

Aaron Nemes

Bad update now just black screen Enjoy the game after this update I can log in but just get a black screen. If it gets fixed before my island is destroyed will continue to play and rate game accordingly.

Ryan Burns

bull nothing i love more in a game than blank screens lack of loading abd bugs. game could be awesome but needs to get its crap sorted. fast.

Paula Morehead

If I could give 0 stars I would! Don't bother downloading since it crashes at a rate that "constantly" is an understatement! Updates, HA! They say 4 hours, almost 8 hours later no game! All updates are like that too. Don't be fooled and spend money like me. If you feel the urge to do so, please go to the window and through it out there. This game has become a serious joke!

peter pring

Progress Nice bit of server maintenance guys. I dropped from lvl 18 to 17, and lost a boat. Plus bonus pack said I got 10 golden hind pieces, nope didn't receive them. And 5k blueprints. Not happy.

micheal munoz

Seriously??? Are you for real right now? I spent money in this game just for it to mess up completely and everything lost freaking fix the issue please....and yes I've restarted and all of that

nac cam

Bunch of c New update and they screwed over a lot of members many lost a lot of money real money and time! I lost a lot of items with the company only giving a little back to the members they screwed over. They messed up on there update and the players where the ones who paid!

Gavin Prus

If you like being seal clubbed by the secret alliances, this game is for you!!! If the bugs weren't bad enough, you have to watch out for the top alliances that secret alliances with each other, so they can maintain the monopoly of power. Definitely not what I was looking for in this game.

Nuno Alves

to many updates it seamed like a good game but to many updates. would not advise this game. It is a waste of time. google store should take this game down...


Dumb Developers? So many things keep happening with this game it's the most annoying thing I've played. My account has now been rolled back in level and buildings, and I'm not happy because I've spent money on this game for it to only become worse. EDIT; Now crashing loads (21 times THIS WEEK, aka 2 days)

update? The game had lots of annoying bugs but it was playable and fun. I love the game but it became a joke after last update. After the update, I was in another alliance which was not mine, CRAZY!!!!!!!!! Treasure Island event got even worse!!! When you hit a TI it gives you literally 999999999..... logbooks and sometime can't even collect what you have gotten. Some people even lost ships in the game. People have spent money here and this is disrespecful.It also left me with 0 everything of my resources once I tried to open one treasure chest, Come on guys!! What you did with the map is nice though. But sincerely, you just filled the game with new unbeatable glitches. Everybody is trying to reach you but you guys simply stay mute. Everybody is tacking about leaving the game after what you have done and those are only the ones who can enter it. I really love the game but wont keep playing unless fixed.

Sgt Anon

UNDER CONSTRUCTION - :)(~ - Making Progress though! Ok, well after a week full of issues, looks like game has been updated, & blank screen, & resource bug have been fixed. New UI is much better & the game has a lot of potential. I personally still get game crashes rather often though on Rooted Stock Galaxy s5. There are some other minor bugs but they have an open feedback system for that stuff so I feel like it's being addressed as soon as possible in updates. over all, not a bad mobile game, just needs some fine tuning.

Joe Rogers

but excessively bugged, and no support. latest update took 20 of the last 36 hours, and only accomplished black screen at load. game is a scam, don't spend anything on it or they'll take your money and run

Ron Hillis

Age of voyage 5th time in less than a week getting kicked doing endless sea gets annoying not receiving rewards now I can't get in to game

John M

Played this game regularly until the update. Now it's just a black screen.

Philly Day

Ive lost 2 saved games now level 16/17 not happy and im not statting again if not reinstated I wont restart please fix

Trevor Johnson

after update A fun game really enjoyed playing it till last update. now nothing works but a black screen.. very disappointed.

Abbie K

Infamous black screen. It's been over 24 hours and the server is still down. I will edit my rating when it's actually playable.

jayjay M00NN1GHT

Great game!!! Awesome game. Great battles. not a pay to play and win game. My only issue is its always saying unfortunaly it has stopped. It does it quite frequently.

Charles Butler

Awesome fun! This game is addictive due to the amount of diffrent things you can do and ways to earn plunder. The music is pretty awesome too.

Joseph Manck

New update screwed me... It seems as though a LVL 18 version of my account was saved.... I was level 20... I've lost many of items building levels pirates.... can you please help?

Cheryl Burnett

Update messed up Game is now a black screen since update. I hated changing my review stars. Will change again when fixed.

Rebecca Hill

Love it Having a blast kicking some a**. High level, w/o spending ANY $$ AT ALL, lol. You can do it. You should try. Definitely interesting game.

Barbara Springer

Black Screen I was enjoying the game but now all I get is a black screen since the update. I can't even play anymore.

Nicholas Buccheri

Update? The black screen I'm sure was very hard to do but kind of puts a damper on the entire game.

Cody Grudowski

Update sucks! Black screen after the update. If I wanted a black screen with music playing I'd turn music on and lock my screen!

Wehtam Fleet

Love the game Glad they fixed the game glad to be back playing it. Thanks for the awesome compensation you gave to all for there troubles.

Babs Iam

Samsung Galaxy S7 Took forever to load after hitting 50% if you want a decent Pirate game that you don't need to pay anything for if you don't want to, with ship upgrades, fleet capabilities, base upgrading, boat battles, base attacking, bartering and the like, then download The Pirate, Carribbean Hunt. It's not PvP at all but is definitely awesome and I've had no issues and spent 0 dollars ?

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