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18 Dec
Age of Conquest: Europe

Posted by Noble Master Games in Strategy | Dec. 18, 2015 | 74 Comments

Apk file size: 3.6 MB

This is the single player version for Age of Conquest, a medieval Risk-like turn-based strategy game. The game features the map of Europe.

Note: For strategy game enthusiasts only! Please try the free LITE version before purchase. Thank you.

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IMPORTANT: The game has been thoroughly tested and runs on all Android devices. If you encounter any problems (e.g. licensing error) running the game, try (1) a device restart (i.e. turn off completely) as well as (2) a complete re-install.

If you are having any problems or are not happy with your purchase, feel free to contact us via email at any time. For a full refund please include your order# with your message.


Whats new

    Version 1.0.42:
    Rendering Bugfix for all Samsung Devices (rendering/layout was broken)
    Version 1.0.40:
    Bugfix for Samsung Galaxy 4. Contact me per email if you are having problems with playing music.
    Version 1.0.39:
    Bugfix for Music player (not silent if unchecked in settings).
    Version 1.0.38:
    Bugfix for Toshiba-based Android devices. Should prevent crashes.
    Version 1.0.37:
    Removed the license check/DRM! Given the many problems it causes, it is simply the right choice to just to drop it.

Noble Master Games part of our Strategy and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Dec. 18, 2015. Google play rating is 89.6343. Current verison is 1.0.42. Actual size 3.6 MB.

Download age-of-conquest-europe.apk 3.6 MB


Max Rohleder

AI needs work It'd be nice if the AI actually tried to do the maximal move instead of being geared only toward taking out the human player. I've seen it many times where the AI players will ignore optimal openings in each other's defenses to make marginal gains against a human player.

xac caxzar

WW2 ?! Best game of its kind , no stupid dice or cards , this game has potential to be better tho. Like better communication between countries and more scenarios like WW2 like on online version. But still an awesome game i would recommend this game over any other on android

Chris Reading

Love it but Amazing app time killer fun but I love doing random because its a random unique challenge. Problem is random always is standard game mode which I hate becus I find it stupid that when I have a good foot hold nd am going to be able to win but the stndrd game mode alows the ai 2 win as soon as u get a foothold. Also I hate that the ai will target you ovr easy openings agnst other ai's. The diplomacy is also kinda sucky that I send alliances to pretty much every nation through a game and am lucky to get 1 ally

Simon Downs

Worth every penny... If you remember Defender of the Crown on the old Atari ST and liked it then you will definitely like this. A good addictive strategy turn based game where you try to take over Europe and beyond one province at a time. Would be even better if more options to strengthen attack/defence hits like: Siege engines More options to fortify provinces Soldiers fight harder if defending or attacking with their king A choice of infantry types/capabilities Sea costs dependent on distance travelled Better AI Great work and has potential to be best tablet strategy game of all time.

Iris Thomas

Great Really fun game , put many hours into...All I ask for is a much needed 'ALL' button. So much of a hassle recruiting, moving, and disbanding troops. Keep up the great work!

john rigby

John Rigby Easy game to play hard to put down well done but maybe more building options like total war but again a brilliant game

Denis Luark

I like the game and lpve thst i dpnt nees the net to play. I love the game play and how you play. I am really inhappy about the speed of the game. It doesnt allow you to do anything and the AI even on easy, if you dont expand quickly will always win. Development please slow down the AI and allow you to enjoy the,game and make more of a position and strategy game out of,it. If you want the faster play up the AI levels.

Hard Khora

Aweseom! I have been playing these for years now, and I love all of them (have all of them and the PC version). I don't care for playing against other players on-line though. I wish all of the android version would be updated so that there aren't difference in game play, such as AI modes. I would also like to see some scenarios (maybe start with an ally?) or other game play modes. I don't want in app purchases (I'd uninstall the game) but maybe sell a combined version with more stuff for like $20, I'll pay it!

Joshua Cole

Could be better if.... Its be better if diplomacy was more fleshed out and ai would forge alliance as well as the player and if they had attitudes towards you depends on your actions and it'd be better if ai didn't just constantly assault you.

Yasir Samir

A few modification suggestions I love this game. I've played it many times and will continue to do so but a few suggestions: It'd be nice to have a playback of the game when it's finished. It'd be nice if you could zoom out (just two settings, standard view as it is now and full map). For some reason, no matter how abject the defeat of an AI, they never ever accept vassalage?

Jacob Rominger

My story Let me tell you how this happened: My family travels to the florida keys every christmas. But we must drive from our home in Illinois in a rattling rv. Well, I defied my parents and used data to get the free version and I was hooked. I got this app Christmas day with a gift debit card I recieved that morning and immedietly bought it. Ive been conquering Europe ever since.

Noah Allgood

It needs more modes I love this game to death, it is my favorite game to use on my phone, but it needs more modes.

Iani Ionidis

Good concept - Needs better AI I like this game. But AI logic is very illogical. In Hard mode, for example, All of the AI players will attack you without "considering" protecting their own territories.

Peter Poliwoda

I'm the ruler of the world! Hahah, loved it. Great game. My girlfriend is hating me for it. So addictive.


AI focuses 90% on Player The AI really needs to be tweaked. Even on Easy the computer players will focus all their efforts solely on the human player vs making intelligent attacks on other computer players. Its hard to come close to winning when its 3-30 players vs 1. It would be a phenomenal game if the AI actually attacked one another more than just when they are unable to reach the human player.

Patrick Jansen

Bad I paid for this europe scenario thinking I was going to play the Age of Conquest Lite but it is nothing like the Lite version. The provinces are much bigger making it to where there are only 100 provinces in the European edition versus over 200 in the Lite version. It is. Great stratogy game but I wish the made a map like the Lite one where I can us smaller provinces.

Cal B.

Great Game with a few niggles To anyone interested, definitely worth paying for. There are a few strange things: - no ability to set up random games with set parameters - when you ask for random placement sometimes fills whole map - needs better setup interface. Ohh ... and I liked it ... a LOT :)

A Google User

Too complicated If I have to go online and Google stuff every 5 minutes then it's obvious this game doesn't do enough to teach its players

Cameron Plumlee

Online I can't get online vs online players anyone know why? I have a note 3

Chris Borak

Addictive Classic Strategy Game Works well, no suspicious permissions or advertising and really good fun.

matthew bienek

Kinda bs Please please please fix the fact that the ai will hoe you and and only you any chance it gets. Other than that i like the game thats just a big turn off.

vikramjeet gill

Way too difficult! Dont buy The game is ridiculously hard on easy mode. You'll end up wasting your money. That goes for all games in the series

Michael Hudson

Great game For turn-based junkies like me

John D.

Somewhat boring No strategy involved when AI just comes for you. Same map, not paying for diff. Maps using the same engine.

Justin Case

Online beats it. Can only play Europe legacy map from multiple and not the new updated one. If you are going to get into age of conquest then get the North America one. Played on different mobile device. Lots of fun.

Tadej Vodopivec

Great game The game is great, but do i really have to buy the whole game again for every additional map? Would give it 5 stars if it was possible to buy a map pack.

Larry Hart

One Sided and not worth buying The AI will only attack you and seems to be given way more troops than you. If I could give it negative stars I would. This game isn't worth a penny.

Eric Athmejvar

Great This is a great game. Keeps me challenged and highly addicting. Total war on the phone basically :)

A Google User

So happy The best game I've played so far on android. I will get much more than my money worth in play time, Thanks

Federico Lucignano

Addictive Risk with taxes, diplomacy and a challenging AI. Perfect mix!

Gareth Elliott

Great game This is a great game for all you megalomaniacs out there. Would be five if vassell states and alliances were easier to set up.

Shahid Hussain

Addictive! Love it, will eat up hours if I'm not careful.

Tim Slagle Jr.

Very good Only problem is the punic war map, it was rome and carthage not Phoenicia

A Google User

Just ok When I first got this game I was impressed but a couple of years later the game has not grown AI needs serious work. Not sure it's worth the money I payed now.

Jacky Muliandi

Good game It is very entertaining, especially when at the airport waiting for boarding call

Danny Harris

Simple but fun This entertaining for those times you want to occupy your mind but do not think to hard

Colin Girling

Could be good Reminds me of risk, but not as well refined. Also bugs like owning all the map but unaable to get beyond 99 so cant win.

Kyle Hampton

Great game Had it a long time love it

Khalonji Herring

Good This game is fun but it can be better. Like having the scenarios from the online version

Peter H

Good One of my favourite games for android

Tom Seigle

Still good I re-downloaded this and its still good I love it fast smart zombies allied with Portugal fun for hours

David Hunn

Awesome Game! Needs Updates! Awesome Game and series of games by the creator, yet the maker has failed to update since November of 2013, if they updated it would be amazing since after 2 years no one has anything similar that is even close to as well made as this.

Sarude Danstorm

Shows great potential In love to play all the different modes in different difficulties but the endgame eventually gets repetitive. It would be awesome to have an editor mode where you could make your own civilizations along with the flag and choose where which country starts and owns territory.

James Atlam

Black Maps I love this game and have been playing it on and off for a few years. After the Lollipop update, the map is just black and is not playable. PLEASE FIX!!!

Arnie Aldridge

Samsung galaxy s6 screen resolution Great game, played it for 3 years. But PLEASE fix the screen resolution problem for Samsung s6!!

Ryan Klasmeier

Resolution problem S6 This is truly an amazing strategy game. But the latest bug fix did not the screen resolution problem. Resolution is so large that not all buttons fit on the screen. Currently unplayable. If it is fixed, this is an addictive and fun strategy game worth 5 stars.

David Hunn

Awesome Game! Needs Updates! Awesome game finally gets updated (sorta) after 2 years, hopefully more to follow

Neil Martinez

Addictive While it can be tricked, the AI is a pretty good opponent.

Rich Pemberton

Great game - resolution screwed on s6 Unplayable on s6 as resolution is so low. Shame, loved this game.

Andrew Gray

Basic but fun Turn based. A.I. Not very good, since controls are a bit tedious, but fun enough.

Laurence Beale

Doesn't work on s6 edge plus I loved playing this game on my s3 but the maps are scrambled on my new phone.

Chris P

AI is broke Fix the AI to allow them to forge player alliances, peace treaties, and cease fires, and I might consider buying another one of your single player games.

Alex Salas

Fun, but needs improvements AI could definitely use some work, as they're horrible strategists, diplomacy is essentially useless, and many areas could at least use tweaking.

A Google User

Too complicated If I have to go online and Google stuff every 5 minutes then it's obvious this game doesn't do enough to teach its players


Nope I've enjoyed this game for years. Paid for it. Now is suddenly unplayable without registering. F. U. Uninstalling, never touching this developer again.

Joshua W

Needs update It will not play correctly on my new samsung galaxy note 5. Calibration and screen sizing off...

William Heath

THE closest game to Total War: Medieval II So much fun. This is the closest you'll get to Medieval II on PC until another developer creates something else. This really is so much fun. I personally prefer the Europe version to the World version as the countries to be picked are Kingdoms of the Medieval age. I know, I'm very sad! But it is a wonderful time killer.

A Google User

Love the game but new phone, Doesnt work S6 edge+goes past borders showing just black and lines of states overlapping others

Jonathan Guzman

OK, so. Demo map is better. Diplomacy sucks. Developer cares not.

Ryan Klasmeier

Resolution problem S6 Original review 1/3/2016: This is truly an amazing strategy game. But the latest bug fix did not the screen resolution problem. Resolution is so large that not all buttons fit on the screen. Currently unplayable. If it is fixed, this is an addictive and fun strategy game worth 5 stars. UPDATE: still broken as of 2/28/2016

bradley copeland

Please fix for Samsung s6 Works great for older phones but not new ones please fix!

A Google User

Love it . Good game! A update of map graphics would be nice. I noticed the map on multiplayer looks better then single player

max whittington

Fix for sg6! The version for the Samsung Galaxy 6 is terrible. You're basically stealing from me.


Africa?? Why African provinces provide soo little resources?

Tigran Jamharian

Outdated, bad graphics, overpriced

Fabian Goericke

Addictive An exemption to the generally disappointing android game market.

Trey Kelly

Shuts down for no reason Every time I get close to winning the game just shuts down and goes back to the main menu with no option to continue I just get kicked out basically 3/4 of the way thru

bradley copeland

Please fix for Samsung s6 Works great for older phones but not new ones please fix!

Jonathan craft

WW2 version please! I would totally give you that fifth star if you made a WW2 version on the age of conquest world version!!!! Please I've had this for years and am super loyal!!! Please!!!!

Strat Strat

great app I love this did have a screen resolution bug, but after reporting it here, the developer has fixed the kudos to the developer. as for the game, it doesn't look like much, but it's a really solid risk-like turn based world conquest game. lots of replay value.

Thomas Atter

Great Strategy Game Good, though, with all I've played, still haven't found the 'just right' difficulty. Not much else I can criticize on, good job. Worth the cost.

Vincent Gurbacki

Resolution On the S6 the map is zoomed in now suddenly and this game is basically unplayable...

Mark Begovich

S7 bug The dynamics of this game really stand out among the crowd. Have always liked it. Unfortunately, since I upgraded to my s7, the game hasn't properly formatted to my screen resolution. Needs fix. Otherwise great

A Google User

Used to be a great game This used to be my favorite Abdroid game, but a recent update has totally ruined it. Very buggy, very sad.

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