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23 Dec
Age of Civilizations

Posted by Łukasz Jakowski in Strategy | Dec. 23, 2015 | 148 Comments

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Age of Civilizations is a turn-based strategy game in which your object is to dominate the world.

• Maps:
- Earth | [342 Provinces]
- Kepler-22b | [404 Provinces]

• Orders are submitted before each round. The number of orders you can submit during each round is limited by your Movement Points for that round.
• After orders are submitted, civilizations execute actions in turn order, which is randomized at the start of each round.

• Map
- The capital is the most important province in a civilization. If you lose your capital for 3 turns, your civilization will no longer exist. If you capture another civilization’s capital, you obtain all of its provinces. Capitals have a defensive bonus: +15% and an offensive bonus: +15%. Capitals have all buildings already constructed.
- Transparent provinces are neutral. Provinces with color belong to other civilizations.
- You can scale the map. To go back to the standard scale, double tap the map. If scale is other than standard on minimap you can see '!' in top right.
- Use the Economy and Population buttons to view each province’s Economy and Population values. Use the diplomacy button to view each province’s owner and engage in diplomacy (see Orders- Diplomacy View).

• Treasury
- Money is added to your treasury through income tax, which is based off your civilization’s total population and economy. Money is subracted from your treasury for military upkeep, which is based off your amount of military units (units at sea have a higher upkeep than units on land).

• Orders - Normal View
- Move: move units from one province to another. You can move between provinces you control or attack another civilization’s province.
- Recruit: recruit units from the selected province. This costs money and is limited by the population of the province. Recruiting from a province reduces its population.
- Build: construct a building in the selected province (see Building Types). This costs money.
- Disband: remove units from the selected province. This decreases military upkeep.
- Vassal: creates a vassal state with another civilization.
- Annex: brings a vassal state back under your full control.

• Orders - Diplomacy View
- War: declare war on a civilization.
- Peace: submit a peace offer to a civilization. If accepted, your civilizations will no longer be at war.
- Pact: submit a pact offer to a civilization. If accepted, the civilizations cannot attack each other for five rounds. This can be canceled through a War order one round in advance.
- Alliance: submit an alliance offer to a civilization. If accepted, that civilization will aid you in your military efforts. Use the War order to let allies know who your targets are.
- Kick: end an alliance with a civilization.
- Support: give money to a civilization.

• Building Types
- Fort: gives a province a defense bonus.
- Watch tower: allows you to see army numbers in neighboring provinces.
- Port: allows units to move into the sea. Units at sea can move back onto any land province, even if it doesn’t have a port.

• 193 Civilizations
• Vassals
• Offline and Online achievements
• Offline and Online Hall of Fame
• Google Play Game Services leaderboards and achievements!
• Random placment
• Random fill
• Random games

• Scenarios:
- Modern world
- Modern world Full
- World war I
- World war I Full
- World war II
- World war II Full
- Custom scenarios!

• Three different types of fog of war:
- Off
- Standard
- Full

• Tutorial

• Available languages
- English
- Čeština
- Español
- Deutsch
- Français
- Italiano
- 日本語
- Nederlands
- Polish
- Português
- Russian
- 한국어
- Türkçe
- 简体中文
- 繁體中文
- العربية

Special thanks to all translators!

Contact: [email protected]

Whats new

    Province names
    New scenario: World War II - 1942 made with a fan, Jim K.
    New: Sandbox mode
    New: Borders
    New: Colour of Civilization
    New: Army view instead of Economy view
    New language: Português
    New language: Čeština
    Scale of achievements
    New language: Nederlands
    New language: Italiano
    User can select Civilization in the Random Game mode.
    New: Random Game -> Civilization
    New language: 日本語
    New language: Français
    AI improvements: Diplomacy
    New language: 한국어
    New:Landscape mode

Łukasz Jakowski part of our Strategy and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Dec. 23, 2015. Google play rating is 89.2035. Current verison is 1.153. Actual size 19.0 MB.

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Michelle Williamson

List Of Things You Could Add. #1 Make it possible for someone to name their own civilization. #2 Add all the civilizations from the world. #3 Draw land expansion.

Brayden Sparks

Fun game. This is a really fun game. Maybe they could add some new maps/landmasses. And when your country is defeated, you should be able to create a rebellion and reinstate your county in it's capital. And you should be able to buy provinces off of your allies. You need to be able to move your capital.


Simple Game The game is not very sophisticated. No civilization has anything special, you cannot be named as leader or name your country, the naval AI is very weak, and there is no sound support or music. However the game s is charming in its own right, and needs to be updated. Good updates would be flanking options, spying units that tell a rival's money and military size, and better AI.

craig findlay

Great Game Sat and played this all night. Its now 8am and haven't slept cheers haha. No loved every bit of it maybe suggest you can negotiate how long the peace packs last. Another thing is maybe if your conquered they can make you a vassel state. And this is the most important one put Scotland in it please that's why I missed the final star was looking forward to taking UK and Ireland over with them haha

Jack Langston

Love the game. Some ideas though 1 Modern nations and borders It would make in my opinion make a WWIII mode which would fun to play 2 Another suggestion I have is to allow the user to move their capital city. Say I have this huge empire and I lose my capital city, now I've lost the game. But if you allowed capital cities to be moved it would allow the user to play in longer games and have a more realistic feel 3 Have more ancient civilizations like the Aztecs or Incas 4 Have a WWI and WWII mode with the entente vs central & allies vs axis

Tim Briner

Please add something new Please add culture like things like that if u keep your Citizens mad u might have rebellion on hands just something please add this to u control the tax and happy meater and ill rate 5 stars

Keegan Veihl

Great game, but not without flaws A fantastic grand strategy game with tons of replay value and plenty of micro management for even the most die-hard strategy fans like myself. My only issue, is that the AI seems hyper aggressive most times, going so far as breaking pacts and peace agreements while stealing territory literally the turn after the agreement was made. With a little AI polish and a few new game play features, and we could have THE winning strategy game on Android!


Good Simple land grab game. Bigger army wins. An addictive w/c game that will make people wonder if you got flushed down the toilet for how long you've been in there. But it will get boring after a while. Adding TW pixel battles and a tech tree would make it more interesting with a lot more replayability!

Troubled Troll

Awesome! Awesome game, once bought it's pretty entertaining but time consuming. Maybe you can have more modes and settings (eg: earth with less provinces for swifter games) and i would HIGHLY suggest adding more countries such as Azerbaijan!

Brady Hall

Great Game!!!! This is literally the best strategy game I've ever downloaded and probably ever will download! The game is great how it is, but it would be nice if you made it to where the lucky people that download this game can name their civilizations. It would also be good if you made it to where u can sell and buy provinces from other civilizations. I hope I am not asking to much from you. I would understand if you didn't make these changes because you are the one who made this game you know what's good for it. Thanks

Brian Grittner

Fun and engaging Finally a free game that's just designed to be fun. easy to learn and entertaining. just a really solid game.

Chandler Campbell

Good but lacking Im having a good time with this game, but I have a few suggestions: 1: each civ should have a unique ability of some sort (similar to civ V) 2:more units besides just men? 3: just general polishing, making menus easier to read and prettier to look at. Otherwise a good game for the price. Also I find thw late game to be far too easy. In this game you get bigger and bigger, but also stronger, which doesnt make sense. When you expand too quickly, there should be some sort of penalty to promote slow growth.

Robert Lafferty

K.I.S.S. & a small glitch(?) Strategic Simplicity , GREAT for "down time" lunch, airport, work all done. Own them all on Android. I am hesitant to "suggest" improvements - would hate it to become something else. Will +1 some that I've read. A way to become a vassal and work/earn your sovereignty back? Read the Vassal thing happened accidently. Especially on Asia or The World - sorta like the rebellion idea. +1 for trading land spaces esp with a Pact Partner. Move Capital maybe, but if the AI does it - Im screwed lol No to the tech tree or culture seriously Keep It Simple Stupid. Going have to look at AOC Europe for some changes you said are there. Now the glitch(?) I call it that because the AI can do it and I can't. I've seen it reported by another. Espcially on Extreme - The AI breaks the Pact the very next turn. I can't and am screwed when it does - usually attacking my Capital.

Chris Viermann

I love this game! Best strategy game I've ever played! But it would be cool if we could create our own country and design our own flag! That would be awesome! Amazing game can't wait till next update!

Michael pantuso

Excellent game. The game has a very good feel, the free version alone was enough fun for me to play for about 2 months then I bought it and oh my god it's so much fun. I play between work so right before I go in I'll start a game then play at lunch and after work within those times I can fully beat a game on easy and normal but only half on anything harder.

Luke Ficarro

Amazing game Really good game the ai are pretty smart (aka annoying) and overall the game is great the only thing I wish would be added is nukes and more that one kind of military

Chris Dockery

Suggestions Game is great! There is nothing wrong with it however I would like to make a few suggestions that I think would make the game a bit more immersive... I love to rp on this game and pretend I'm an actual ruler for the Civ and sometimes I'll have an ally that takes a piece of land I wanted... you should add something so that you can trade or even buy land from other civs. I think that would be pretty cool.

Adam Cotton

Great game It would be great if you can make and name a new nation also if naval units are added the cross from land to sea to land would be a lot harder

Ady Ady

Good solid game Good game. But strategy is very basic. More troop, build and research options needed. Gets repetitive because game play is very basic. I would be happy to pay for a deeper upgrade or deeper version. Upgrade and I will happily give 5 stars

Tyler Piontkowski

One of the best risk games on Google play Should be number one game. Easy to get used to, don't really need instructions, and enjoyable for everyone. May I Recommend a 1776 scenario?

Jim Harrell

Good game, needs more content It's a great game and I enjoyed it. But I think that additional maps would make it worth the money

Ean Ries

Very very fun Iv played this game for hours, days, I have no complaints about it, its great. One thing I was confused about though was one day I was playing as the uk on hard, I lost, Finland defeated me, then for the first time I became a vassel, I couldent recruit or disband, but I could support and move troops, is this something new or was that a glitch, or did I just never know about it? Also you should make a option to pick a few allies or axis before the game starts. Also you should make a NATO vs Warsaw pack

Trey M.

Great Game. I really like the game but could Scotland be added, like mabye have a like a set of civilizations set in the middle ages?

Bradley Hayes

Lag Good game but when navigating the map the lag is annoying which shouldn't be happening on a nexus 6.

Marcus Hall

Good start! I guess this is just me but could you add more involvement into the ecomony? For example, add resources for regions and trade with other nations. It does not have to be about dominating the map !

Mário Negrão

Where's Portugal Nice game and all ya. it doesn't have Portugal, one hell of a country with a lot of history

The Chief

Amazing The game is amazing with great graphics. I do wish there was an online mode where you could play with other players. Magnificently done.

Jason MacDonald

Getting there Some more diplomacy options would be nice like conditional peace treaties and more economic factors & geopolitics are always a plus

Tj Jordan

Will definitely keep you occupied. I've been playing this game non-stop for 5 days now.

Chris Ratliff

I love this game but whenever i try to play Kepler 22-b on the 400% scale it runs out of memory. I've uninstalled a few apps but it still runs out of memory. Also, no matter what civ i play as or on what map, when i close the game the fill colour of my civilization changes to a default dark green/brown colour when i try to resume it. I would've rated 5 stars otherwise.

Wyatt Celentano

Love this app I could play it for hours. Best of all my games, and I have more that a few. However, I have a few suggestions. There should be a pre-ww1 era scenario. Also, you should have the nations that were allies in these perticular wars (such as US and Britain in WW2) be in an alliance when you start a new game, without having to ask for an alliance. Also, a multiplayer would be great. That's about it. Great game!

John Helman

Strategy fun This is a very good and simple example of a risk like turn based strategy game, its is very easy to learn how to play but not easy to master a strategy for it, depending on you and your strategy you'll either win after conquering the world or you become a vassle for another city state. Best of luck.

Katsuragi Keima

Strategy gamers like me with love it I'm a RTS and moba player I could say its really got my taste of world domination.. If ur still not sure..u should chk there lite version.

Vladimir S

Nice app Font is huge on 100% earth map. Please make font size stable

Raymond B

Try adding more features This game is really fun, however, sometimes I would like to create my own placement of countries. If there was a feature where you could edit country placements, I would give it 5 stars

Joseph Rose

Love it Can't get enough. First games in months I've actually paid for.

Jonathan Harrell

Local multiplayer? This game is one of the best mobile games ive played. More maps would be nice though... I was also wondering what your thoughts were on multiplayer? Or if thats possible?

Christian Miller

Nice game I think it would be cool if you could play against other people though. But other than that its a good game

Thomas Wheeler

Amazing I love this game it's so much fun, if there is one thing I could change that would be being able to play a game inside one specific region

Jack Mehoff

Great game. Needs more scenarios. Could use more depth/variety and multiplayer.


Amazing! I looked for a "Risk" like game for a long time and finally found one that I liked! My only complaint is it can be VERY difficult. But none the less fun and entertaining. Enough features its completely worth the price.

Wojciech Kuczyński

Best strategy you will spend long hours in this game. A lot of fun!

Алексей Филиппов

Great game Many thanks to the developer!

Никита Белов

Game needs a multiplayer

Роман Алексеенко

Brilliant! Awesome, but add a multiplayer mode

Вячеслав Чернявский

Awesome game! But.... Please fix "out of memory" bug. My phone have 2GB of RAM and still says this. Problems with zoom in/zoom out. Does this game going to be for iphone?

Grant Engel

IDK what to say... Okay so I was playing (and winning) but then suddenly ALL of my allies just quit the alliance and decided to go to war against me! Y did this happen? Also some suggestions to make it better: 1. Fix the AI's problem (above) 2. Make a timeline so you can see what happened every turn 3. Allow teams that can be set manually at the beginning of the game.

Andrew Walden

Addicted I'm addicted to this game. It might be interesting to have a realistic economic element for building your army (ie resources in certain regions) as well as technological inovations as you go (ie tanks, special weapons, planes). Just a suggestion because the game is awesome even without it.

Michelle Williamson

What if you could name your own civilization! Make an option to name it please i would play this more i would name mine the empire of australia or the canadian republic

Ryan Cameron

Love it !!! The game is great and I have a few questions .One is I was playing and all my allies went to war with me .Was it that I allied with an enemy that made peace? Second why is it that the AI never asks for an alliance? Lastly are you going to make a really detailed map of the world like in Age of Civilization Europe.Hope you will make great games like this Lukasz!!!

antonio martinez

Great game don't change Simple and addictive adding lasers and atomic bombs would only make this game like every other overrated hyped up game in the strategy category

Ricky Colon

Very fun!!! I love playing this game!! It makes me think soooo much! Don't let a country expand too much like Russia or else they will be to strong and you won't be able to win! I love it! Supper realistic! I'm in love with Civilization?❤


Fun and challenging This game has that rewarding sense of accomplishment when you start expanding your territory. Strategic to a point. More build options would be sweet. Auto attack options would be nice, if you could set a country to auto recruit and designate which countries to attack, and attack for how long. Ex. Attack for 3 turns or attack until captured. And an option to move troops to farther countries without having to manually click and click and slide. Good concepts, needs polish. Worth buying

Austin Evans

I feel like you could add a navy. It doesn't make any sense that you have ground forces fighting in water there should be a option to build ships in the port.

sam harrison

Great game but a few suggestions 1 move your capital 2 higher populations 3 add more countrys 3 make Russia less op. 4 add more provinces 5 less aggressive cpu 6 more about the economy Other than that great game

Aiden Howard

Epic!! But needs variety I started with the lite version to pass time while waiting on CoC, buy it soon became more then just a time passer and I bought the full game. Epic!! I would recommend a Colonization Era Scenario with the British Empire and the Indians and stuff. Also it would be awesome to buy provinces, and give certain provinces "Mineral" ratings which can improve income. I'd also suggest tech tree and rebellion systems, as well as smarter AIs and a Unit System. I love AoC ? But it could be better.......

James Reid

Awesome This is an amazing strategy game. I recommend this game. Only one thing. Could you add settings so you can make alliances in advance. Thx! Great Game!

Todd Sila

Great game. Simple but great game! Recommended to anyone that likes strategy games. Worth the price for the full version. Thanks!

John Domalewski

Hours of fun This game is very addictive, easy to play and I haven't run into any bugs. If you like strategy games like this then you'll love it!

Edmund Stewart

Amazing Love the game, its hard to put down. Thx so much for putting in so many black countries I've never had that option in any of these games before. Highly recommended!

George Waldron

It's very laggy (Samsung Galaxy s5 neo) On my Samsung S3 I loved this game, so when I got my new phone i decided to buy it again. Unfortunately it runs extremely slow. I would like to receive a solution to make this game smoother otherwise I would like a full refund. I would have gave this a 5 stars if it ran well.

Kiril Kirilov

i want my money back There is no Bulgaria and on the pictures you can see it. I wanted to play with my country not bloody greece.


Good strategy It's a good strategy game. The only problem that I have with it is that the ai can just spam units. Also a big empire can grow so big that is almost impossible to take them out.

Calvin Lopez

A few suggestions, although very addictive 1.) Colonies can be created 2.) Colonies are self-governing but still must support the ruler militarily and financially. 3.) Treaties can be mediated between warring nations. 4.) Money can be lended/borrowed and vice versa, along with mercenaries. Colonies can also revolt against colonial rulers. These are purely suggestions. Whether or not they're taken seriously won't change my point of view on these games.

Maksims Galkins

If you would add an simple tweak A option to rename countries and play as your own "Empire Of Baltics" instead of Poland. Just a lil textbox...

Jakob Hawkins

Great game Well defiantly to get. Also I discovered a weird thing. If you click (tap) on a vassal of another nation for an alliance, when the nation accepts you can then kick them out but the vassal won't attack you and still be in the alliance. So to do this, click (tap) another nations vassal, ask for alliance, kick the nation out and their vassal is your friend so when the nation wages war, the vassal won't attack. But the nation still controls the vassal even though you taken the nations capital for three turns.

Osvaldas Golubovskis

Its great Its awesome and addictive, and it even doesn't consume a lot of battery power like other games, btw what does out of memory mean? Or how to fix it, cuz I can't play bigger maps anymore

John MacIsaac

I have never had so much fun for only 2 bucks. This turn-based strategy game is easy to play and hard to put down. You know how it is... "Just one more turn ...".

chris chambers

Fun for awhile, serious flaw There aren't enough games where every country is on any reasonably close footing to start. Most have several countries all grouped together with others isolated with plenty of free space to expand. It leads to seriously lopsided games, which when played on the hardest difficulties makes it nearly impossible to win with every country, even if played well. Other scenarios have some countries start with large areas and others with nothing, yet give no advantage to those with nothing. Realistic, not fun.

Ibrahim Abbas

Brilliant Update is amazing i have one suggestion which is a complete sandbox mode where you can make alliances with countries before the game starts and also where you can select bits of land and make them your own. Also i really enjoyed WWII full i would love to see another full scenario with premade alliances.

Melissa Norton

Great Game Add a scenario based on the "legend" book series that's what people look for fantasy worlds (most addictive game I've ever played mobily

Tata Pramitha

I would like to request : Three kingdoms era, Along with their famous generals and warriors... And please make its numbers more dan 2 billions... Maybe 9 billions or up... Thank you

Jesus Chavez

Awesome Game! It's really fun to play and its better than other games because it doesn't restrict the number of troops you could have in a single space. Very Worth the money.

Sebastian Quezada

I have a suggestion! Hey, do you think you can add an option to make a custom nation? I'm sure everyone would enjoy that.

Greg Cipolla

Amazing! Well worth the 2 & change it cost. Great tun based game. Best app I ever bought!

Alex Wood

Addictive Amazing game took 1 or 2 games to get everything but it is so addictive. I would love to have more control over the economy of my country and when I annex a country It'd be good to receive all or their troops

Emperor Oliver

Amazing but as a suggestion I love this game I play all of them but ccould you add a thing where you can change country names too that would be great.

Andre Gonzales

It looks so promisong I tried it on the free version it was still so much fun thanks for creating this game

Stepan Churyukanov

Interesting but lot of bugs Definitely this game should have 5 stars, but currently it too buggy. Especially disappointing bug is enemy attack in the next turn after accepting of piece agreement. From other side you cannot attack in this case.

Hiram Elías Sosa

PLEEAAASEE! DO IT MULTI-PLAYER! This is probably the best risk-like game I've ever played! In some ways, it's even better than Risk! But please, put a multi-player option! My friends and I are dying to play with each other from our mobiles!

Joe Billerman

How the hell does diplomacy work? Almost had the thing won, and then all of a sudden my alliance turns on me and starts attacking my provinces. Htf does that happen?

John B. D'Ambrosio

Great Fun & Challenge it can be. Play small area, or buy full version for under $3 and conquer the world with alliances made with other countries, make pacts, and peace at the right times to win the game! Reminds me of a WWII game.

João Farinhote

Looks like old good risk Very nice game, it does what its meant to, but it gets too repetitive after a while.

Jafet Rodriguez

Amazing but... U have made all the maps of the world, but if you were to make the world in smaller provinces it would be my favorite game on playstore other wise i love your games keep up the good work plz

Dominic Merilic

Great Great game I just wish for random games you could pick where your capital starts

josue elwin

Pretty Fun Game!!! - It's pretty fun and some realistic, since in the real world big countries will always stomp on the smaller ones. - Does get some what repetitive after a while.

G McWherter

An Idea You should make a scenario with all the European colonial superpowers like Britain France Spain Russia Germany and all those superpowers of the 1700's

Vitamin Burrito

I've had this game for a while I've been wondering, is there a way to change the names of the provinces? Because I see province names in the "what's new" area and I'm not sure what it means

Stanisław Onacik

Absolutely BRILLIANT It's very simple, but an outstanding strategy game. You can have a quick fight when using lite version or rule the world and play for hours. Suitable to every mood and place ;)


Fun and very addictive Better keep an eye on the time because that "one last turn" will keep you going for hours. It also had me sold at no special permissions. Very few apps don't want full access to your phone and network.

Luke Brazier

Really great! I have long breaks at college so this fills the gap nicely.

anonymous guide

Great game You should make mini maps to play as a old eropean city state

Darragh Lally

Enjoying this game. Hope ye keep working on it as i can see it becoming repetitive.

caleb danger

Still play it and sore and got it 1-2 years ago Fun civ war syrat game conquer the world

Leigh M Aucoin

Global Arithmetic Simulator Drag numbers from one oddly shaped box to another and watch other numbers increase or decrease as compelled bt the AI. Very few variables but like,good waste of time. Maybe worth $2!

Dav Days

Its a good game but it deletes saved games frequently. ?

Robert Mackay

Contagious game So much better than risk.

Farreez Alik

The best game ever in history of humanity Can u try add more country?

Kyle Ayers

Addicting This is one of my favorite games on my phone. But i wish there was and option like allies vs. axis powers in a WWII scenario or the U.S. vs soviet union in the cold war. Also multi-player with other real people would be really cool. Do you think an update with those feature could be possible? Then i would give it 5/5 stars anyday

Dillon Ropp

I do love this game a lot but some suggestions. First when you make an alliance you should be able to name the alliance or something. You should be able to name your own country. Also make it like there could be rebellions within a country possibly like maybe a rebellion could brew and your country could split. But don't make it too complicated. It's a really simple and fun game to play I love it 5 stars

Jesus Pina

Perfect game really. This game is amazingly fun. I just wish you could do more with alliances like control their attacks. Also another cool thing would be building a air field to fly over troops to another zone. One more thing is secret attacks inside an enemies territory or start a civil war inside a country. But other than that, I recommend the hell out this game.


Amazing At first glance i was unimpressed, but after understanding the mechanics it got really addictive

Andre Francis

Incredibly Addictive 96 countries at the start of play. Although many will disappear within ten minutes. I prefer to have conquered countries set up as vassals that over time (and with financial support) build up military strength. Creating allies of other countries is great for combating much larger entities. In all I love this game. I feel that the different nationalities should have been carried forward, such as the game being set to ensure as many make it into the later stages, even as neutral states and smaller empires.

Jake J

Amazing game I always play it in my free time. However it doesn't show all the provinces' names. Possible additions: Custom Civilizations (make your own civilization), Custom Alliances, Maybe a new map. Could you please add custom scenarios as well.

Joshua Dressler

Great game Awesome game to kill a few hours each day. I do wish it was more in depth, and there were more maps to choose from, not really a fan of the Kepler Map. If they made continental maps, with smaller regions that would be great.

Ian RN

Diplomacy is very buggy. Amazing game, but the diplomacy feature is extremely buggy. Sometimes my allies go against me out of nowhere and you never know when it will happen. Also, sometimes other countries ignore pacts. 5 stars if you can fix this issue.

Nforce Guy

Please add more updates You should make it so that we can create our own nations.

Joel Beauman

I am a frugal person when it comes to apps, but this was worth the 2 dollars. If the creator charged even more he could do, that that is how much I enjoy it. Never had a dull moment and it was always enjoyable.

Konstantin Ries

Fun for a short while, improvements would make it much better Fun game. Sometimes, non aggression pacts and alliances get weird and incomprehensible. A multi-player would be incredible. Unfortunately, you can only play the world with this version

Regency Throne97

Amazing Tons of fun, and I especially love the World War 2 scenario. It'll be a lot more fun if there was a Cold War scenario though... Anyways great game!

Mason Madness

Superb Hex empire lovers will fall in love with this advanced version. Worth every penny. Cant find any faults. Been playing for just over a week and just mastered hard.mode with fog of war to full. Was extremely fun. Next difficulty awaits

Dominic P

Game is almost too good I played this game, and after learning how to use it... Loved it. Then i showed it to a friend and he loved it too, so much so that he got a new phone to play this game. I love it but there are a few things that would be cool to see. 1: other time periods (American revolution, American civil war, crimean war, etc.) 2: is a second sandbox mode. One where you can select provinces to be part of your own custom countries and select allies you can get right away. However it is currently a perfect game.

Destoyercon Show

It's very good, needs more countries and scenarios It's is an amazing app and I play it all of the time, but it seems as if I'm playing the same game over and over again. I wish the A.I. was more even, it seems as if the same countries constantly end up winning the game. I also wish the alliances were worth more, there is basically no point in making them. The game also needs more nations for the big full nation game, like a tile for N. Korea and Sri Lanka. Also, the game needs more scenarios, like a new world colonization, cold war and civil war scenario

Sebastian Quezada

I have a suggestion! Hey, do you think you can add an option to make a custom nation? I'm sure everyone would enjoy that. EDIT: Also, couldn't you also add zombies? Idk. Even if it's a reskin, it'll work. But add the stuff to this game

jacob hirschfeld

Some big flaws The game is promising, but there are some flaws. For example, a computer is allowed to break a NAP the turn they make a peace deal, yet the player has to wait. Also, it is quite easy to win the game, as the computer does make some fatal flaws. It is recommendable, but it needs work.

David P

Super strategic Takes forever to comple a game but it does save. Even on easy they gave me a run for my money at the end

Aaron Meaders

Like this game I really enjoy this game. The only problem I have it that, whatever civilizations have the most starting providences are always the most powerful mid-end game. Needs more balance for sure. Has lots of potential!

Lucas van Dongen

A great way to destroy my battery percentage. So be sure to have a charger with you or something because it does the same thing as Civ V: "one more turn..." Till the end of the game

Noah Monnig

Great but could be better Please make as detailed as other versions like Asia and Europe. Also might be cool to do a mode set in the 16 century and have some areas unconquered

Marcin W.

Cool game, addicting. Not a simple click and move - actually requires some thinking. *dobra robota*

Nick Serra

Great game Great game, would recommend it to anyone & I am excluded for flute updates with more sinarios, the only thing I think they should change is how other countries should be able to make pacts & alliances with other countries other than your own (the player) but other than that which will probably be added in, in a future update, great game

thatguy gaming

Bugy When I first got this app it ran fine and had no problems. But know the screen seems unresponsive when playing sometimes. It can be very difficult to accept peace or declare war. It is also hard to zoom in and out. It's a shame because I enjoyed this game very much

Victor Ulisov

Great game. lukasz, how do vassals work? Because they somehow seem to be created themselves and when i try to "kick" that nation from the alliance to claim the province, it does not work. No matter how many troops are in the province, the country remains. Is it how it should be?

Rodrigo Pazos

Loved the game!!! It's fun, it's simple, it requires strategy. Really good. I loved the scenarios and I would like to see more, with more complex alliances, pacts and wars. For example, in modern world it would be great to have NATO or/and (Maybe economic alliances or some kind of mechanism could work) the EU while having Russia and China on the other side while the rest of the countries fight their way through alliances and wars.

Pete Welch

Almost perfect causal strategy game Could do with a couple little tweaks. In the modern civilisations mode, include all 196 current nations instead of just 96 (even if you have to update to reflect current states of certain nations status etc). Also have the ability to move your troop into a neighboring country (whom you're not necessarily allied with) without attacking them. Cos it's annoying attacking a neighboring country to find a second country is also attacking, but the second countrys turn is first so you end up going to war with them.


Horrible flaw The Kepler 22b map country placement and fill is horrible, with most games giving you 3 provinces, while some countries have upwards of 15. This often makes that map unplayable.

Cristian Ramos

An obsessive amazing game I love it really great features and fun to play, you should add Tamriel, The man in the high castle, and for modern world put the alliances that are already set like south Korea , Japan, France and more

Noah S

This game has ruined my life. This game is very well made, and honestly a little too well made. It is far too addicting. Before uninstalled it, I would spend any second I could play this. It is awful. Please, if your reading this, do not get this game!

Patrick McColloch

Great game! World War 2 (1942) scenario is definitely well made. Perhaps one should be made for Operation: Unthinkable (1945) with the Western Allies versus the Soviet Union. Maybe even have the Soviets and Japanese aligned against their common enemy?

Nuño Official

Incredible Hey, Ho. I like this game very much and this is adicting! I would like that you maybe add some more Maps of Worlds like Keppler 22b. It gets sometimes bored to conquer the world. That would be very enjoyable. Other Countries should be able to join alliances or get some non attack pacts. What would also would be cool is that you can develop your country in that way, that you can attack other countries with different kinds of weapons or troops strengh. Thank you for that wonderful game!

MeerkatPlayz 567

Best App Ever This app is amazing. I was a bit skeptical over wether to spend money or not but once I got the lite version I was hooked. The only possible suggestion I have is letting us set up our own scenarios however we want. If I could I would give 6/5

Ethan Sparks

AWESOME! New things to add? I love this game and I play it everytime I get bored. I think it'd be really cool if you could create a civilization, like name it and if possible upload a picture and make that your flag. If you cant add an "upload your own flag" option then maybe make some new flags that people could choose from and use them on their civilizations. Overall cool game but it'd be 10x as awesome if you added that in :)

Tamara Frankiewicz

Amazing One of the best games I've ever played! Despite this, there is one small problem I've been having. Sometimes, if I'm in an alliance with a bunch of nations, if I ally with 1 more, all the others suddenly leave the alliance and declare war on me. Still an awesome game but, what's happening?

Christian Fairweather

Betrayal There is betrayal and then there is your entire alliance consisting of 2/3 of the world declaring war on you betrayal... I can't believe it, I'm in utter shock, like one minute I'm one country from ruling the world and then the next all my allies start stabbing me in the back... it's Ceaser all over again. Love it

Keaton Erickson

Westeros I've played a lot of this game and I love it so much. As a kid I played the free versions of games like this often. But they were short lived when the free version expired and they wanted me to pay. This game was a fair price though compared to those! To the point though. I would love to see a game of thrones map. It would be new and interesting. Especially if political marriages were added and a calender.

Martin Yanakiev

Missing Can you tell me why in 96 countries map and a few more, Bulgaria is missing and it is merged with Greece? It is annoying, they are about the same size, any reason to merge them into Greece? I think there are a lot of maps you can find in google... ;)

Shocking Python

Played almost every country I love this game but it would be even better if you made a "Create your own Nation" because it kind of gets boring after the First year. If you don't add this mode, I will not be upset. If you do add this mode, It will just be the cherry on top :)

Thanos aStrein

Can't stop playing this game on my spare time, much appreciation to the developer! The only (possibly) issue I'm having is I can't form alliances in extreme mode- meaning that whenever I attempt to form an alliance, nothing happens in the next turn- no rejection, no acceptance, only the fact that the alliance option becomes inaccessible (red). Perhaps alliances can't be formed in extreme difficulty?

Christian Edds

Fun, but there are downsides The game is a lot of fun, but there are some things that I don't like. For one thing I think you should be able to move your capital for a certain amount of money or movement points. You should also be able to give your vassals more territory. There should also be earlier dates that you can start the game like the Roman era or ancient Greece. There should also be rebellions if you expand too fast and add like a percentage chance of a rebellion. Other than that the game is great.

Sebastian Quezada

I have a suggestion! Hey, do you think you can add an option to make a custom nation? I'm sure everyone would enjoy that. EDIT: Also, couldn't you also add zombies? Idk. Even if it's a reskin, it'll work. But add the stuff to this game. EDIT: so I'm assuming ur not going to update this game amymore. Shame. Was so fun to play.

Viperbreath 05

Fix the A.I Well I would give the game a 10 if I could. The only problem with the game is, I was doing great but then all my allies just declared war against me. I don't know if this is a bug, or whatever. Great game besides miner bugs. :)


Awesome but 1 problem This game is the best mobile game ever. But there is one problem. Everytime I'm the UK and making the British Empire, it leaves the game and the saved game said an Error eccured and all my progess is gone please fix this.

Marcus Webb

Nigh on perfect After only two games I'm addicted. I have long commutes to and from work but this game is so absorbing (and I haven't even started on the diplomacy properly yet). Highly recommend this to any strategy fan.

tyler swales

Great game but... Whenever you ally a island country they stop moving and just begin building up an army that isn't used has happened when I've allied Jamaica, Papa New Guinea, Madagascar and New Zealand all different games can only imagine the same will happen with other islands countries.

Tyler Peterson

Great game Only thing I would add is custom factions. Upload a picture as a flag and choose a name or something. Thanks so much. Don't know why people are complaining over $2.50 for a great game worth every penny. Maybe add a total version sometime? All the versions into one massive world. That would take hours of not days to complete? Great game

Richard Locke

Idea When you add multiplayer make it so you can play with your friends on a LAN or make it so we have to be on the same wifi. If you worldwide multiplayer it will cause havoc. People will spam, not everyone will be able to do the moves in time and can suffer. So please add multiplayer in were u have to be in the same wifi so u and ur friends can do it later. So if one guy is off the wifi, no one can continue unless they forfeit , then it becomes neutral. Or give it to the player that captured their capital.

Gabe Stribrny

Good game, needs updates This game is very good and is for the people that are interested in war games and strategy. However, I've been playing this game for a long time and it is rarely updated. If it was updated more it would certainly get better reviews and more sales.

ugur mert

Time flies when you have fun :) Game is really cool.. it is quite like risk.. rather than lite version, this one has more play-time, larger maps, etc.. so, thanks to devs :) BR

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