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13 Jul
AFCU Card Guard™

Posted by America First Credit Union in Finance | July 13, 2016 | 104 Comments

Apk file size: 4.1 MB

With Card Guard from America First, your Android device puts you in control. Using America First Card Guard, you can determine where your Visa® cards can be used and where they can’t. You’ll set the amounts, locations, merchants, and/or transaction types your America First cards will process. Control or alert changes take effect instantly so you can make changes on the go.

• Receive real-time alerts anytime your card is authorized or declined or create them based on your preferences.

• Lock your card when you're not using it and turn it on when you're ready to pay.

• Set a dollar threshold that limits your card transactions to an amount you specify.

• Define a geographic location where your cards will work or select My Location to authorize charges in the vicinity of your Android device.

• Specify which kinds of merchants or transaction types can clear your account.

America First Card Guard - Security you control™

To find menu options in Card Guard:
For Android users, there are the three common methods for opening the menu.
• Press the dedicated menu button on your phone. This will pull up the Card Guard app menu while you are logged into the app.
• Press the icon on the screen that has three stacked dots or stacked lines to reach the Card Guard menu.
• For devices that don't have either option above, hold down the recent apps button next to the home button to activate the Card Guard menu.

Whats new

    Added a static menu button to improve navigation.

America First Credit Union part of our Finance and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update July 13, 2016. Google play rating is 88.4293. Current verison is 1.0.1. Actual size 4.1 MB.

Download afcu-card-guard-tm.apk 4.1 MB


Colby Thompson

Step in the right direction I like the features of this app but honestly it should just be integrated in the main afcu app. No need to have multiple apps from the same bank on my phone.

Samantha Rachiele

Nice Concerned there is no way to log off. Why create a username and password if you can't log off. Otherwise I love the control of my cards, every once and a while I misplace my card and it is much nicer to turn it off than call and get replacement.

Morgan Wilson

Stuck no more. Thanks. Invite Email alluded to tapping card which made me believe there was NFC or tap to pay options which there are not. Hopefully features will be added. I'd like to control my ABC deals within app also. Would be nice if back arrow exited app. I like the security features.

Jordan Lindsey

Love it, but have concerns... There is no exit or logoff button. I must open my tasks and close the app, which is another concern. Closing the app doesn't log me out. Someone gets my phone. They now have access to my card controls. Super excited to use this though!

Troy Rackham

Useful, but... It's a nice app to use and like to see my purchases but would like to be able to close the app when finished viewing.

Andrea Rhea

The app got stuck so I am going to un install and re install and try again. Love the app though just needs the kinks worked out. Okay I tried to re install and I can not...

Jami Stephens

Username Went through the motions, told me to pick a password, and success, but it never asked me to choose an username. Now i have no idea what to do cause theres nothing for forgot username or anything. And cant log in.

Holly Moore

Ok but issues I like the features but I agree with what other people are saying about it needing to be integrated into the main app. The reason for the 2 star rating is because it is laggy and 90% of the time it will not establish a secure connection so it just sits there and makes it so I can't use the app. I would love to give it a higher rating and if these issues get resolved I will.

Chrissy Ah-colt

Pretty good. 1- needs integrated into the already mobile app. 2-lags on updating things that are already cleared through bank doesn't show that in this app. However it is perfect besides that. Always notifies me of every purchases and easy to navigate.

Mike Larsen

Works better than it did Nice work fixing some bugs. After the update the notifications don't show up on Android wear. It pops up with the notification, but it is blank.

Stefanie Harward

Saved my daughter I didn't have the app until today, but my 19-year-old daughter did. She got an alert on her phone last night, Black Friday, of charges that looked suspicious. She immediately called AFCU & customer service didn't even have some of the charges in their system yet that Card Guard was showing as possibly fraudulent. AFCU immediately shut off her account. There were 4 more charges that tried to clear overnight. CardGuard worked perfectly for her. Not sure how the actual app performs, but it saved her a lot!

David Weikel

Decent Just started using it. Understand from bank teller will "soon" merge w main app. But have issue logging off, I E using instruction in previous comment. Is "home" the Card menu? Doesn't say. No area in upper left to target for a long tap. Help?? Oh. Just stumbled on "area left of home button". What's referred to is physical Home button on lower phone face itself; not the screen!


Would never let me register Refused my email as valid and just kept telling to enter a valid email. I have 3 and it refused them all. Finally got tired of entering the password and gave up. That address has been valid along time and AFCU sends emails to me all the time. So I guess it would be a good app for me of it worked

Josh Brotzman

Won't go to home screen I was in the app, went to the page of "contact us" seen the phone number to call, it took me to my phone to call, but when I go to reopen the app it takes me back to the phone screen? It's like it didn't log me out or something? Please help/fix. I have the HTC M9 phone.

Sarah Mendez

Login Every single time I attempt to login, it tells me I have the wrong password. I have to reset it every single time I want to login. I know what my password is but it won't let me login!

Kallie Nicoll

Every transaction denied I received an email about Card Guard and had seen a commercial and decided it was probably a good idea. Why not add more security, it couldn't hurt. Well now every transaction I have attempted with my AFCU card has been denied and it is driving me mad. It thought maybe the problem was in the settings so started to browse and thought maybe I should just turn off the card; I attempted to do so and a notification popped up informing me that if I turn it off all transactions will be denied! What am I to do?

A Google User

Good Idea I like the idea of the app but as others have said, just make it part of the main AFCU app.

Jana Kennedy

Not working at all When I first installed this, it sort of worked, but in the last few days it hasn't worked at all. I have notifications on, but don't receive any. I'm getting every transaction declined except physical card swipe even though I allowed all types trying to all types trying to figure out why I was getting declines. Even if I turn off checking for the types, my transactions are declined. If I Uninstaller the app, can I get my card back to normal??

Joy Lyn Dawson

Works fine I still cannot figure out how to log out. I read a previous post, but still can't figure it out. Also don't know how to add cards from another account.

Ronald Griffith

deny deny deny Everything denied and when I try to log in...deny. I have to reset my password every time. In fact I am locked out right now still waiting for the reset email ( over 14 hours) . I am removing the app. My power bill was denied so I have late charges.

Thad Van Ry

So so The choices don't always match up to what the transaction types go through as. For example, Amazon you would think would be ecommerce. That's not the case. Amazon goes through as in store transaction in Washington state. This makes limiting to my local area break. Also my local Walmart doesn't go through as an in store transaction type. Thus I've had to open more transaction types than I'd like to.

Adam Manning

Doesn't work Every time I press the login button, it just goes right back to the first screen that says login.

Milo Ramirez

It doesn't give an option to retrieve the user name or reset it. I have been trying to retrieve my user name and Cannot. It doesn't provide an option to reset it or retrieve it.

K Pittson

Sits on "Establishing connection" I have great Wi-Fi and data connection yet this app won't load after I put in my pin. Sometimes I can trigger it to go to the full login screen and it lets me in that way, but the pin screen we'll hang for over 10 mins.

Shell Preston

Not usful for multiple accounts You can only monitor one person's debit card on one account with this app. For example, we have a joint account with my husband and I each having our own debit card. This app will only monitor one person's card. We also have a second checking account with America first with separate debit cards and there is no way to add that account on the app. Basically useless unless you have only one account and its not a joint.

Aaron Mauchley

Needs to be combined with Banking App. I love the functionality of this app, but I agree with a lot of the others that it should be combined into the actual AFCU banking app.

Kelly Johnson

This functionality is great to have. I am glad AF is providing this to their customers. I have two comments about the app. 1st- Their is no excuse for an app to look like a website from 1995 with an unrefined and confusing UX. 2nd- I agree that this functionality should be added to the AF app.

Ryan McLaughlin

Nice Nice app to have, but it should be built into the main afcu app. Also it needs more notification settings. I like getting the notifications, but I want them to be silent.

Rachel Graham

This is my favorite app. I love being able to see when I use my card. I love having control to set preferences and limits. Sometimes I still have to log in to set preferences but I still get my notification. I think this makes it more safe. Once in awhile I will have to change the preferences. Like if I go to a redbix, their charges come from another state so it looks like I am using my card in another location so I have to change my settings to out of state. This app is great..

Radomir Adamov

Very good idea How about to be able to control my associated card with my business account too? Can you make that happen down the road? Not bad at all. Love to be able to lock down the whole account. Just another piece of mind. Thank you AFCU.

Colton Leatherow

I like the control it gives me but I agree with everyone. Make it a standard feature in the AFCU mobil app. It is not necessary to have to have two separate apps on a phone to deal with the same thing.

Steven Stoddard

Need to update to the new camera api Love the app and being able to do my banking on it, but I just did a mobile deposit and the camera was upside down. The new nexus 5x and 6p need the new api for the camera to work correctly. Update this please!


Great Features Cool control features. It needs to have a better menu. I was confused on where to log out, but eventually figured it out.

Randy Fischer

Every transaction denied since install I heard of this great option. After setting up my account I was eager to go give it a try. So we when for ice cream. To my great embarrassment my card was declined 3 times. I did not have any other options to pay so I had to leave my ice cream on the counter with the sounding disapproval from my kids. Thank you America First for the embarrassment. How do you recommend I test my card now with out looking like some kind of thief or financial slob?

Summer Johnson

Ha I signed up input all my info and I didn't get to create a user name and that's what it's asking for to log on. Garbage!

Jeremiah Zohner

Seems to work well; however, ever since installing, Google Wallet transactions are always declined. I've tried changing settings but to no avail. Great concept though.

James Mounts

Seems superfluous, but it does give you immediate notifications of transactions.

Brian Hanni

Pretty good It's good, but I wish I could change the notification sound and also exit the app without the task manager stopping it

Gladys Quintero

Notifications At first I would get notifications about purchases, now I don't... it would be nice to have it all in one app

doughboy freshcak

Works! But may be bugged on Galaxy s6 This app works great and I love it, it's just I have a problem with it not sending me notifications after a while. Not sure if my phone is restricting it or if it just is not posting.

Mitch Skinner

Nope praste What kind of app doesn't have paste...

Spencer Andrus

Sort of works Tap the receipt to veiw details... and blank screen. Also can't exit app by hitting back button. Please fix.

Brian Hanni

Pretty good It's good, but I wish I could change the notification sound and also exit the app without the task manager stopping it. Also it denies charges at random times, which is quite annoying.

Carla Miller

Worth it! This app alerted me when someone used my card info fraudulently and I was able to alert my bank immediately.

Cassie Williams

Needs to link cards from multiple accounts I'd really like if I could see all my cards from all my AFCU accounts, not just one. A specific Login and Logout button would also be helpful

Hannah Martin

Doesn't close I like the concept and having control of my cards and I can set the amounts of charges to decline and etc. I just don't like that I can't close the app without closing out all of my recently used applications. Also, should be part of the afcu mobile banking app.

Andi Carroll

Cool idea, poorly executed I really think this should be integrated into the main afcu app. Also... why is there no menu button? I've tried the suggestions for accessing the menu to log out posted in the comments and it doesn't work. My phone just tells me I can't use split screen with the app when I long press the menu button.

Justin J

Doesn't work I can't even create a log in ID, PLEASE FIX TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES!

Rick Morgan

Needs work running on S7 Worked great on S4. Cannot log off on S7 giving anyone control of my card who might use my phone, security risk!!

Mike Stenquist

No notifications What's the point in the app if it doesn't tell you when your card has been charged/used? Used to work but no longer does...

Chris Norlem

No logging out I read the other complaint about not being able to log out and tried their instructions. There is only a Refresh button once logged in. My Samsung S5 Back key wouldn't even work. I had to crash the program to shut it down. I agree that this should be incorporated into the original Am First app.

Amber Henderson

Instant security I had my credit card number stolen I the weeks before Christmas and was devastated. Although the bank came to my aid and saved the holiday I still wanted more security in case, God forbod, this happened again. I love this app and especially the ability to set limits. It's peace of mind and under my immediate control. Thank you for such an amazing tool. One of my only apps that I rave about.

Gary Maynard

Good App This app recently notified me of transactions that I was not making. Very shortly after the CC company notified me of suspicious activity on my card. It worked as advertised. There have been times when I haven't received notifications but I don't know if it's the app or the phone service fault. Usually I get a text before I get the receipt from the checker.

Cheryl Sever

Love it When it actually works and sends me notifications regularly it's awesome! I lost my debit card two summers ago and had to wait to contact the bank to freeze it until we found it or had new ones sent out. It's nice knowing I can block our cards when needed in my own without contacting the bank!

Jake Stokes

Great idea not great implementation I work as an Android developer and I love the idea behind this and the standard America first app. I do wish they were together though. Also I feel like both apps don't have any amount of polish and like they were just thrown together for the sake of having an app. I would love to see a nice fresh ui and also correct usage of the options menu.


Pretty good When it works like it's supposed to, I appreciate the security it offers. If my card is off, it rejects every transaction. But sometimes it won't open despite being in an area with ample signals, saying "unable to contact server." That is very inconvenient, and embarassing, particularly when I'm in line at the store trying to make a purchase.

Karen Thompson

It's great All banks should have this type of app, I had forgotten that I had turned off my card and a bill couldn't go thru, so I had to call the bill company and explain why it couldn't go thru and the man thought it was neat that I could do that. He said he was gonna request that his bank did same thing.

Charles Thornton

Great but security is irritating I love this app. I have it setup so anytime a transaction hits my account a notification appears on my phone. I don't need to keep most receipts to balance my checkbook (app). The security is irritating tho, you only get 3 password attempts and then you must call in to have it reset.

Daniel N

Nice This app is amazing and I have way more control of my cards. But the problem I have is when my phone dies then I have no way of turning my cards on or off. There needs to be a website that you can log into if your phone is not working.

Zach Yocom

Works flawlessly Gives you, ya you complete control over what transaction can take place. With great and very prompt notifications when things clear or denied. Although the prices seem to differ from what it truly costs for some weird reason. That's why it lost a star. But still just bein able to control what gets approved and what doesn't is a stress free lifestyle I'm already enjoying

Shandra Corbitt

Great Information, Wish It Took It To The Next Step This app does a great job of notifying you of transactions and providing controls. I wish they could have taken to the next step by asking you real time about transaction denials or fraud.

Jared Mcdonald

Doesnt work properly Ive checked my setting to make sure their right multiple times but this app still gives me issues with all my cards. Wish i had never downloaded it.

Chrissy Ah-colt

Pretty good. 1- needs integrated into the already mobile app. 2-lags on updating things that are already cleared through bank doesn't show that in this app. However it is perfect besides that. Always notifies me of every purchases and easy to navigate.

Tom Usher

I mean it works... Sometimes The idea behind the app is great however the app itself sucks... Bad. 5 plus minutes some times to connect to the server or it just plain won't connect. Not a whole lot of things More embarrassing than having to have your wife leave the restaurant to go to the bank and pull money out while you wait and explain what's going on. Thank God it wasn't Sunday when the banks are closed or after hours... Please fix this server issue so I don't end up washing dishes at IHOP

Thomas Tanner

Prevented a horrible vacation Without this app I would have never known that someone skimmed my debit card and was stealing $500 a day from my accounts. I got notification the first day, which was just before a family vacation to Florida , and was able to change my pin online. Without it, I would have been stuck in Florida and only known when my card was declined.

Deanna Haddock

I've gone to get food and then to get gas and I get denied over and over again. Its really embarrassing to be in front of someone to show them hey I have adequate money in here to pay for it. Where is the closest ATM? Taking time out of my day and pissing me off to the point of wanting to switch banks. To be denied on a charge I can clearly afford, but for some reason the "location" isn't just right even though I've frequented said area still baffles me.

Christina Slade

Saved me!!! I woke up to a denied charge of 1000.00 from Vegas one morning. I had the threshold set at 50 so the fraudulent charge didn't go through. Love Card Guard!!!

Andrew Soelberg

Good app My card was compromised two years ago and I only found out because of America First being on top of things. Found out about this app last year and love the thing. I like being able to set a trusted area. I have greater peace of mind because of this.

Zealand Youngman

Like it a lot helped with FRAUD Got early notification of fraudulent activity. I was able to stop card immediately which stopped from overnight charging spree 4 states away.

Matthew Nordgren

Life saver I can turn off a card at any moment. That alone has saved me from a huge hassle!

Craig Blanch

Always know if there's a charge. I caught an unauthorized charge thanks to the notification from this app. It saved me a lot of time and hassle.

alicia lambson

It alerts me of transactions before they're even done. I know for a fact that if my cards were ever stolen and or compromised that I wouldn't just be helpless or in serious debt. Its amazing.

Diego Garcia

Easy tracker I like the auto alerts when there is a transaction made. The cards I don't use I can turn off and not worry about them being fraudulently used.

Lacie Slagle

Always sending me false information. Telling me I have made a purchase when I haven't.

Georgette Kendall

Love it My son recommended this to me and I love it! It stopped a fraudulent charge against my account. I like knowing when my card is being used.

Darwin Sass

I see every transaction as it happens This app has improved over time. I've had my cards used fraudulently in the past and this app gives me confidence I can prevent or catch such attempts much faster. There are some features I hope to see in the future such as the ability for more than one account owner to receive notifications. Also, to be able to peruse a much longer activity history. And to choose an activity and mark it for automatic approval going forward.

Venette Thompson

Love it when it works Every once in a while it misses a transaction but it declined 5 transactions in the middle of the night from someone who stole our card number...

Nick Stanley

It's great! The notifications have helped me avoid a fraudulent charge already.

Jeremy Reeder

This app is essential for staying informed I've been alerted to fraudulent charges and attempts real-time. SO helpful!


Great app Great way to manage my cards. You can get very specific or very general. It helped to stop some fraudulent activity. Love it

Gregory Clark

Great app This is really simple, but important. The notifications are instant. The changes are instant too. You can keep your cards locked until right before using them.

Jonathan McBride

Card info robbed 4 times, helped me know We've had our cards hacked 4 times in the last 10 months and card guard let us know every time. This is a must have.

Megan Garrett

Great App This app has notified me of mistakes made with purchases on my card. Because of that, I've been able to quickly resolve the issues.

Jan M

Great Security I love being able to block most merchant types for my credit card. I can turn one in, run my card, and immediately turn it back off. Works just as expected.

Ryan Lark

Works like it should Great way to get fraud down on un chipped cards. Easy to use and in my experience it has been very responsive.

Joe Shaw

Retired Pro FANTASTIC. ..???07/13/16, the new update is great. More buttons sealed the deal. Great Job! Keep up the good work! ??

Dustin Phillips

Saved me This app has saved me from fraudulent charges. Gives me all types of thresholds on my visa cards.

Adam Schulz

Great app wish it was integrated Wish this app was integrated with the mobile app somehow. But I love getting an alert for my transactions and it's another example. of how America first tries to treat members right. Also wish it worked better for spouses with two phones rather than just sending updates to one phone.

Brian Downard

This is a great app. I have caught so many surprise charges, and stopped them.

Tim Andrus

Very fast, peace of mind This app had worked flawlessly on two phones. Often I've got the transaction before I get home, sometimes before I clear the parking lot. Great piece of mind after having 3 cards in 3 years got lifted. I wish all cards had an app like this!

Christopher Medina

Fort Knox for your credit or debit cards. I can rest assured that my credit card will not be used unless I know of it. Puts you in full control of your credit or debit card all from the comfort of your smartphone. Great security feature you'd expect from a a bank or major credit card company, but you get it from a credit union.

Chelsey Charlesworth

Pretty good ? This is an awesome app! There are however a few things that would make it a 5 star app for me if they were changed. #1-it bothers me how behind it is with my actual bank account. Card guard shows pending transactions that have been cleared for days. #2-it would be nice if it showed in the main display, the transaction limit. That way when my card declines because the amount is over my transaction limit, it doesn't take me as long to figure out in the store what is going on.

Jake Stokes

Great idea not great implementation I work as an Android developer and I love the idea behind this and the standard America first app. I do wish they were together though. Also I feel like both apps don't have any amount of polish and like they were just thrown together for the sake of having an app. I would love to see a nice fresh ui and also correct usage of the options menu.

Jordan Newren

DECLINES EVERYTIME! :) I have tried multiple times to use my card, when it was turned off. I forgot that it was turned off, while I was trying to use it. It showed every transaction history, "EVERY SINGLE TIME" that the card was shipped or used at any point. Great app. I'm very glad I switched to American First Credit Union :)

Mason Savage

Location I've this app! It allows me to change my charge cap on the fly. Sends me a notification of any charges applied to my card. My only problem is the UI needs a bit of work or simplification. I'm constantly using this app and love it

Todd Fowers

Not %100 on anything I have the app set to give me notifications on ANY transaction. Sometimes it does, sometimes it does not. It needs to work all the time otherwise it's of no use to me. Sometimes they show up an hour later. I expected better from this app.

A Hancey

Security risk? Why does this app request access to so many different features on the phone? And why isn't this app rolled into the America First banking app? Is this app owned by America first, or a 3rd party?

Teri Cherrington

It saved me! I was alerted that someone tried spending money on my card. A $400 transaction! So grateful for the alert notification. I made all in my family that have an account with AFCU download the app.

Christopher Potvin

so far so good. a few minor annoyances. Even having all the options open, my debit card get randomly declined. It's also random with the notifications about purchaces

Kenna Sine

Great for fraud monitoring This app helped me catch two fraudulent charges. It notified me of the charges and I was able to turn my card off instantly. I love that I can turn it off without canceling it. So much more convenient.

Arlene Erickson

Great to have. It has more options than I've even had time to explore. I like the notifications every time my cards are used. And I like being able to shut off specific types of transactions, or to turn it off altogether, if I think I've misplaced it. It's very helpful to have.

Troy Hart

It's nice to get realtime alerts each time my card is used! I don't think it's the most beautiful app, but I guess it does the job.

Spencer Salisbury

Good function, poor interface 5 stars for the functionality (most important). 1.5 stars for the antiquated user interface and poor usability. Also, why is this not just integrated with the other AFCU app?

Andrea C

Mostly trustworthy This keeps my mother's finances under her control, with me as her more tech savvy assistant. It's usually been exactly what I need, the problem's remembering to turn it on - DECLINE *red face*- Keeping it simple: ON/OFF is best. Using location, merchant type, or something specific it often declines for an unknown reason and we usually get embarrassed - *mom quickly leaves, never to return* - I'm now wary of even trying again to see if they have fixed those issues. I do expect better from A.F.C.U.

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