Download SAP Mobile Secure for Android apk 6.60.11651.0 free for Android smartphone

17 Oct
SAP Mobile Secure for Android

Posted by Sybase Inc in Productivity | Oct. 17, 2016 | 85 Comments

Apk file size: 11.0 MB

This is the Mobile Secure 6.60 Build 11651 release of the Android client

This app is the re-branded Afaria Android Client. It is the device management client required by SAP Afaria and SAP Mobile Secure solutions.

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Afaria enables enterprise IT organizations to centrally manage, secure and deploy Android devices for enterprise use. Please consult with your company’s IT organization before installing this App.

The Afaria App is a component of an overall Afaria implementation, and requires communications with a back-end Afaria server in order to operate properly. The Afaria client provides an App portal that will allow IT departments to distribute and update Apps over the air to their users. Users can select from a list of authorized Apps.

This is the Afaria 6.60 Build 7005 update of the Android client that is compatible with Afaria server versions 7.0, 7.0SP1, 7.0SP2, 7.0SP3 and 7.0SP4, and 7.0SP5 as well as Afaria 6.6FP1

Use this client on Android OS 2.3 and above, including Samsung SAFE devices.

What's new.
* Support Android for Work private channel applications
* Various bug fixes

****** Uninstall instructions ******

If you wish to uninstall the Afaria client please follow this procedure on the device.

Goto Settings>Location and Security>Device administrators
Remove the check mark from Afaria, and select Deactivate, then remove the application.

Whats new

    This app is the re-branded Afaria Android Client. It is the device management client required by SAP Afaria and SAP Mobile Secure solutions.
    Afaria end users will see a different app name and different branding. All functionality for Afaria end users is the same as before, they will see the list of available optional apps in the client.

Sybase Inc part of our Productivity and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Oct. 17, 2016. Google play rating is 56.3592. Current verison is 6.60.11651.0. Actual size 11.0 MB.

Download afaria-client-for-android.apk 11.0 MB


Mark Bradley

Amazing App for battery drain & overall slowness That's right, get the best smart phone money can buy and watch this app crucify your productivity with features like drain a fully charged battery within minutes, or click on your favorite app when you need it the most and watch it wait... The feature list goes on, I'll spare you the excitement!

Terry g

Crap I'm forced to install this for work for Enterprise solutions, this is one of the worst apps, crashes, slow, memory hog.

Meij Racpan

Android Lollipop problem Please fix this. It does not support Android Lollipop.

Sruthi R

Horrible Drained my battery severely, would crash all the time, slowed down my phone. Its a terrible app. My company requires it for android users in order to receive corporate email. Is there an alternative app to this appalling one?

Joar Fransson

WTH? No Lollipop support after this long??? Upgraded my S4 LTE+ to Lollipop just now, but turned phone into a stuttering crash-prone mess. Factory reset and then it turns out that Afaria doesn't support Lollipop... great. Nice SAP... Updated: Now Samsung has updated the MMEP plugin to support Lollipop, but Afaria is still rubbish... just installed it asfter waiting for Lollipop support and the phone turns into somehting completely unusable. Stuttering, apps crashing, even making a phonecall is difficult at times.

Padraic McGuire

An unreliable, bloated piece of apcray This app is a battery killer. Crashes regularly and comes with incredibly odeous terms and conditions. It is designed to keep IT managers happy. Not You...

Kristian Maynes

Waste of space Not working on Android 5.0. Device already installed still no email. Uninstalled!!!

Newton Apostolico

Crappy Useless, cumbersome and unstable

Rohit Karan

Keeps crashing I use Sony experia c 3. This app keeps crashing

Avis Got

Can't uninstall it It's really bad that I can't even deactivate it and so can't uninstall it.

Dustin Nash

Afaria Definitely bogged down my old galaxy stellar. But then plenty of things did...

Chetan Thakkar

Fully Shit Doesn't allow to whatever. Total crap. Also consumes lot of internal memory space. ...unable to move to storage card

Sam Chalvet

Crashed right out of the box Using S4 with KitKat, you would think that they would try to support the popular devices... Also had to try and downloaded it 5 times before I was successful. Kept getting error (927) or some such.

Dan Fuior

If you can avoid it. Unfortunately, Afaria has stoped. I keep receiving this for 3 months every day. Even send reports. No update. If you can avoid it; do not install.

Trent Ditto

Lollipop? So far it doesn't work on Android lollipop. Can't get corporate email now. Get to work Afaria. Fix the battery drain too please.

Robert Rogier

Constant Crashes As others have said, this seems to cause constant crashes and phone overheating.

Cyndi Fink

Crashes constantly So is this the reason my corporate email is so slow? App crashes several times per day. I don't know what this is for, but causes a lot of issues.

Winifred Mgbemena

Get it off my phone. I want it uninstalled

Anthony White

Battery killer Drains the battery and won't let me deactivate and uninstall it

Madan Bellamkonda

Afaria It kills battery and adding does not get updated automatically.....


I want to remove it from my phone

Joonhyuk Lee

Please cope with lollipop updrade of Android Afaria Samsung MMEP cannot be installed onto devices with Android lollipop version, such as Samsung Galaxy S5 or Note 4, etc.

Vishal Patil

Battery & RAM drainer Hate it. App drains battery in a matter of minutes. Phone became laggy with the installation of Afaria. Needs serious improvement.

Peter Eijsberg

Crashes often

Mohammed Al Waary

What is it for ???? Useless app does nothing at all, just bcuz I work in an international enterprise I'm forced to install it.........

Norman Gerona

Unable to uninstall Lags phone and overheat cpu

Tom Booth

Battery killer

Francis Gandicela

This sucks This sucks

Urbano Freitas

Another layer of security Good app for remote management of mobile devices and allows have another layer of security

Jonathan M

Bad app..but company requires it to recieve corporate emails. Unable to retrieve app list error and can not connect..pls fix also, I think this app is what is SEVERELY draining my battery!

Peter Wang

Terrible Utility App Forces users to install unwanted apps, changes administrative settings. Overall a bad application with numerous bugs.

Thomas Flicker

tom User is suppose to make this a simple install.will just go elsewhere.your are the weakest link goodbye

Jon Carlo Chavez

Do not install! Changed my phone security settings including screen lock, hard to deactivate! PLEASE Help!


Won't enroll and won't uninstall This app will not let me enroll on an S5 and it won't uninstall from my device. The uninstall button is grayed out and its been uninstalling from the play store for an hour. I will factory reset my phone..maybe that will work

bo masta

Terrible requirements to access just about anything on my device.

Adam A C

More info on errors please I often get the message 'Afaria has stopped working' and this was a minor invconvenience as I needed to restart Afaria before syncing mail, but today it won't sync and keeps telling me to Encrypt my phone - which is already encrypted. tried uninstalling and reinstalling - no joy, eventually discovered that what had happened was that pin required at boot up was turned off. However message from afaria didn't let me know this, only digging around I found the link between accessibility and security settings.

Leone Cesca

Not good on Android 5.0.2 - Sony Z1 After firmware update to 5.0.2, it's crashing all the time (more than 4 times per day). I'm using Sony original firmware (14.5.A.0.270).

David Soyk

Horrible experience Closes during logon. I must reboot everytimt that I try logging on to my phone.

Meij Racpan

Android Lollipop problem Please fix this. It does not support Android Lollipop. SAMSUNG MMEP does not work

Anubhav Mishra

Worst android app ever Can someone please guide me how to uninstall it as it is unusable at the moment and i am unable to uninstall it


Always crash on android lollipop Not compatible with Android Lollipop. Always crash

pie valencia

Does not support MyPhone Rio2 yet. Hope it will much like the previous model. Thanks

Charles Lai

Repeated activation prompt on s4

Phuc Khanh Nguyen

Bad experience Crashes. Unsussessful log on by android. Reinstall again n again.

Raymond Zheng

My company forced Afaria on my phone that I use for work email... shouldn't complain since I am using the phone for work email and presumably, it protects it to some degree... but man, Afaria drains power! I used to be able to sustain the phone use for all day, now by evening, it is down to the last drip, and by 8pm, the phone is out! I hate it!

Elliott Marks

Battery killer Continues to hammer my battery life. Uses over 6hrs of radio per day and continues to be a huge problem. Fix this.

Ramkumar Ramasamy

Went to Boot Loop The recent update which happened automatically today took my phone to Boot loop condition. I have to factory reset my mobile.

Rick Maurice

Lock screen It automatically locked my screen. It won't let me uninstall. Do not use this app.

Chris Green

Afaria drains 10% off battery every hour Had to install since company demanded it because I have access to email on my phone. Fix this already, people have been complaining about this problem for many updates now. Not cool.

Lotus Lein

Keeps phone awake and drains battery Never lets phone go to sleep and eats battery.

Ash J

The app does not function

Rik Boven

Battery drained Drains my battery fast.

Yasser Fahmy

Battery killer Kills the battery

Francois Crous

Battery hater Just kills my battery. My phone was fully charged when i went to bed. I woke up and my phone was dead. Afaria used 50% of my battery in the night.

Harish Gaddam

Doesn't even deserve one rating bit I have no choice. Tried 3 devices over 2 to 3 years never succeeded. .

Charley Jacob

PIG! BATTERY SUCKER PIG! Enough said.....

Dion holswilder

What a piece of sh*t Can't even use a swipe code for my phone, HAVE to use a pincode. And I just can't uninstall this app. It irritates me very badly

pawel wolanski

Huge lags on Galaxy Note 2 I've been using a lot apps on that mobile until I was forced to install Afaria. Reset to factory setting does not help. Works better on more powerful mobiles like galaxy S4 mini. Because of that app's overhead I need replace my mobile

Jaafar Atch

Big battery drain Galaxy S4 LTE with android 5.0.1 and having Anker 7800 battery. Your softwares ate 33 % of total power in 20 hours. Such huge power consumption (bigger than the screen consumption) is not acceptable even on the stock battery.

Omar Garza

It is perry cool Well let you open up what you need when you need it I have had no problem with

Andre Larbiere

Still buggy Even the latest .6409 build is still buggy. As soon as I activate device administrator mode for Samsung MMEP and do a Connect in Afaria, my Samsung S3 reboots (reproducable at will). Only way for me to use my phone with this cr...p installed is to NOT let the MMEP enable device administrator mode...

Michelle Ebert

Terrible! Crashes Crashes all the time. My owa (outlook) for work can only be retrieved through afaria plus owa. My email has been unaccessible by phone for 3 weeks now. please fix it! Samsung galaxy s4. Update on 7/13: deleted owa in hopes to redownload. No apps available to DL through Afaria. I also cannot Uninstall afaria. What the heck?!

Keith Proseus

Battery killer On average uses 25% of my phone's battery power per charge cycle. I understand the need for this app, but it NEEDS to be optimized

Miguel Angel Jaime Seade

It ask me to give permissions every 5 seconds

christopher henderson

Requests code No code works and now no connection which is impacting productivity. Poorly explained on where code is supposed to come from.

Astrit Kadriu

It drains your battery

Manoj Shah

Loving it

Salim Mehta

Kills the battery Installed because of work policy

Astrit Kadriu

I had the issue with battery draining at the beginning, but after a while the issue goes away.

Alan Hodgkinson

Always my top battery drain and completely non configurable. Mandated for work unfortunately.

Ryan Nelson

Kills battery... How can they not make an update to improve? Uses more battery than OS.

Robert Labrie

Kills battery and CPU Garbage app, work demanded.

Matthew Yin

Galaxy S6 battery drain Drain most of battery and cannot deactivate or uninstall

Chris Gault

Horrible app, required by work. Drains battery really bad. Awful app.

Kenneth Platt

Crap! The worse app. Never worked.

Andy den Otter

best for users who can plug in a lot I wonder if the developers know or care about this issue. Otherwise it does run stable.

Kimberly Stone

Drains battery If this is required by your work expect to charge your note 4 a couple times a day.

Michael Foy

Battery killer.

Steve Estabrook

Battery killer Samsung S7 edge reports that this app consumes 48% of the battery. Way more battery usage than the os even.

Jack McGwire

Killing my battery I have to use this for work, but it destroys my battery life

Nick Oliver

Unfortunately there isn't an option lower than 1. This app KILLS the battery on a Galaxy Note 5, it is really absurd that one app running in the background can drain a battery that used to last 16+ hours in 7 hours.

Katie Yamada

Um. It drains a ridiculous amount of battery. It's awful.

Руслан Ковалев

No menu button Only search and refresh button on my device. Can't connect or update settings.

Filipe Moreira

Draining battery How can a app suck more battery than the screen?!! Well this can :(

Bryan Young

Killing battery Hope this version fixes the battery drain issue I've been having on my Samsung S6.

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