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8 Sep
AE Coin Mania : Arcade Fun

Posted by AE-Mobile in Casino | Sept. 8, 2016 | 147 Comments

Apk file size: 30.0 MB

AE Coin Mania coming! Win Gold Coins and Prizes! You won’t be able to stop yourself!

Ornate castle, Mysterious Egyptian pyramids, Ancient artifact with powerful forces! All these are waiting for your discovery!

Try to push off as many as shiny coins and exciting prizes as you can, make sure to push them towards you because if they fall off the left or right side they are gone and don’t count.

Numerous prizes will appear in the game, crowns, diamonds, chests... each type of them have different bonus, and you should at least gather one tier for each type of prizes to unlock the bonus. Also, you can sell the prizes for coins.

It’s ok if your coins run out; more will be filling up your pockets very soon. When you are online, the system will add on a gold coin every 30 seconds, even if you are offline the system will also add on a gold coin every 9 minutes. Beyond of that, you can use Slot to win coins.

Also, if your gold coins quantity is low, visit the Coin Shop to Top-Up for more gold coins.

If you like Coin Push-LasVegas, Slot Machine, Solitaire, Spider, Roulette, Baccarat, UNO, Texas Poker, Card Ace: Casino, Blackjack, dice and other card and casino games, you should not miss this game!

Game includes:
-Impressive 3D graphics
-Amazingly realistic physics
-Lots of Daily Mission
-Over 20 Special Coins and Prizes!
-Lots of special effects

More updates coming soon!

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Whats new

    Dear friends, are you ready for the latest update? You will enjoy the following updating:
    - Fixed the bug that coins didn't regenerate when offline.
    - Performance improvements.
    Thank you for your feedback, and your continued support will help us bring you new content often.

AE-Mobile part of our Casino and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 8, 2016. Google play rating is 85.7698. Current verison is 2.3.2. Actual size 30.0 MB.

Download ae-coin-mania.apk 30.0 MB


Rosemary Kunselman

I love the new version. Now it's a game.

Larry Fricks Jr

Average right now Why want it let me collect the last key so i will have my prize collection?

Indiana Munoz

SLIPPERY COINS It's a little fun & all, but it's difficult trying to get the prizes in. Before I realize it, the prizes slide off to the sides. Plus it's a bit too fast to do what I wanna do as I play.

Spenser M

Cant even say its a fun way to pass time :( If you enjoy coin dozer games then you know that most are chintzy on their coin generation. This one is the same. 40 coins in 24 hours. Its not even a good way to pass the time you can only play about 60 seconds. Chintzy on prizes as well. Don't bother DL. There are a lot of greedy scams like this one out there, ive only found 1 dozer game that doesnt care about making a buck, gives lots of coins and prizes. Seems anyone can design an app these days, try and steal peoples hard earned $s and blink an eye.

Iisa Ryan

Got all prizes so what do I do now?? There are no new prizes. I don't understand. ..HELP!!!!

Stephanie Passmore

Well.. The game is fun but why are there no puzzles to unlock or anything? This game is basically pointless. My boyfriend has this same exact game on his windows phone and it has puzzle peices and such. Would be more fun with that!

Mary.c. Burksfield

Recently uninstalled this game due to all the probs.reinstalled today n probs r still there.cleared levels 1 to 5 n went to use slot machine n got booted of game so ive lost all the prizes n coins.please fix these probs as this n coin mania 2 r both good games but annoying wen I have to keep complaining.thanks x Recently uninstalled this game due to all the probs.reinstalled today n probs are still there.clear levels 1 to 5 n

Melissa Shipley

DONT waste your time or data space on this game. This game isn't takes 1 coin every time you try to knock some coins off [which is totally fair and right - that's not what I have a problem, obviously :)]. I DO have a problem with the fact that when you knock more than 1 coin off the edge, you only get credit for 1. That is unfair. I am uninstalling this game. If this is changed to be a fair game then I would reinstall it.

Sarah Adams

Unimpressed. I was extremely unimpressed with this game. I love dozers and have been a fan of the circus games version for years. This one, though leave a lot to be desired. The dozer moves too fast, for example.

Bridgett Bowie

Louisiana Chix The game is OK but the coin get stuck on level 9 and won't let me finish the game. Need some improvements to the game ...?

Deanna Robles

This game has great features and fun filled prizes! You can easily push coins and prizes to your bin with a bit of a challenge to not let coins and especially prizes fall off sides. In other words, it's not too easy nor too hard. The challenge is just at the right level for all ages, all young and old alike. However, letting coins falling off sides can earn you shake points and points for a wall to go up to help you earn even more coins and prizes! Know what I would say? I would say, "What you pay to the owners will eventually be brought back to you in return for helping them make things better, especially when you respect them by accepting their offers..


Great...but... I would give 5 stars but your gifts have very little points and the belt line looses most of the coins. Very slippery. I'm liking Coin Dozer a bit better because of the gift points, but your game is much brighter and pleasing to the eye.

Rich Bell

Loved this game as a kid. Here though, prizes slide off the side without a chance to catch them. I lose more coins needlessly on this game then the hundreds at the fair. Nostalgic, but disappointing.

Bari Kinne

Updated 5/26/14 More frustrating to play than other coin dozer games. Dozer is way too short and quick, making it difficult to time coin drops. Also, the coin bed is extremely "slippery" so it is harder to control the coins. Because of that, the majority of high-value coins and prizes seem rigged to fall off the sides. It's a decent game otherwise with a generous coin rate. Uninstalled game when I realized I wanted a soothing game - this one isn't.

michelle davis

Would rate 5 stars if the following issues are dealt with. When more than one coin falls at a time you are only credited with one coin which is unfair and considered cheating. Out of the very few prizes that fall 90% slide to the side and fall out of bounds and the slot machine sucks out of 10 spins it hits once or twice and only for a few coins...very user unfriendly in my opinion... I was being generous rating 2 stars...will probably uninstall because it is really a waste of my time right now...

Kelly Rainwater

Really fun app What's the difference between tier and level with the prizes? How do you add to collections? The app eats battery life.

curlene walker

Silver coins useless. Prizes are hard to collect. Keep giving prizes you already have. The slots run part you receive 2 or 8 coins. Another useless feature of the game.

Sandy Schmitz

Gold Mania Used to love this game now it sucks...14 minutes to get 3 coins. The slots suck even worse with 2 or 3 cherries or others you DON'T win coins. Please fix your game .. Don't want to find another ga

Katie Rose

Awesome game I love this game but i wish u got more coins offline & online. & bonus coins everyday for signing in like 50 coins. & other games i play if i run out of coins i can at least get chances to get to get more like downloading a game & u get coins for it.

Terry Dale

Tedious Time filler but don't expect much. Fruit machine pays out nothing more than one cherry over 35 levels. Coins are drawn to the side constantly. Lots of quirks to make you waste coins

Sam Carley

Addiction Incarnate If I were to suggest anything to improve on is the quickness of the wall and shake reload. Other than that, LOVE this game!!

leslie denny

AE Coin mania Now that I have collected all the prizes and the collection won't work. That sucks. Why collect if the game won't give you anything for it.

Adam Wickett

The game is fun because you can win prizes and you can do the slot machine when the three lights are blinking at you .But you can triad the prizes you have for coins when you need them .But they also have power ups that you can use.

Paul Sapsford

6Great game but not a lot of things to do could you think of more exciting thing to make it a lot more fun thankyou paul sapsford from wolverhampton5

Victoria Roberts

Quick and easy way UPDATE: 30/01/2015...still awaiting answer to an email I sent one week ago. Prize of Collection Bonus not working. ORIGINAL Post: A quick way to waste a little time. Needs a short instruction manual. I can't figure out how to get the collection bonus. When I click on the cart it tells me no collections, even after refreshing. Is there a reason for the dollar bill and the sealed envelope under and behind the collection shelves?

Jo Crab

Can't get last few prizes Did enjoy this but only need 4 more prizes & it doesn't drop them down very often anymore. Been needing last 4 for 6 weeks. Bored now so uninstalled

Charlotte Rapsey

Fab Love coin games but this one is my favorite as you can win spare coins via the slot machine

Archie Nisbet

The game is rigged Im on level 105. Ive had several blue clocks yet its only showing 8. I just got two more in a row and the prizes dont show it. This has happened sooooo many times. I quit. This game is rigged. Dont waste your time

Jo-Ann Fourie

Addictive Fun to play. In spite of adverts to buy coins, it does not totally throw one out for not purchasing coins. So.e skill require to get the gifts to not fall away... be patient.

Cheryl Vaden

AE Coin Mania Would have given 5 stars but slots suck, no matter how many coins fall off u r lucky get 2-10 back

P Whittington1

AE Coin Mania Would give it 5 Stars but it's like it's on glass and they slide to one side too much, And it takes to long to get prizes and when you do they slide across and off the sides.

Mary Pledger

Well now that I have all the prizes it says I have no collection and what's with the envelope and dollar bill behind the prize shelves Needs to let you get the last prize I guess im fixing to uninstall it cheats you out of getting your collection

Terry Thomas

Ae coin It is amazing but need to up grade it as I have a nokia lumia and its more up graded

Tracy Hagan

Disappointed I had this game on my lumia and it was great this one is pants the coins slip all over the place and there is only one machine very unhappy

Jay Najwa Abdul Halil

Prizes doesnt work At level 65 and i cant even upgrade. Fix it. Right now, Uninstall.

Randy Trainer

just ok lags everytime coin walls come up....coin walls drop before u can drop over 3 or 4 coins.....ugh

Martin Batchelor

Up and down game When you get all the prizes it don't go to another level .quite boring after you get them all.also fruit machine pays 8 or to for 1 cherry ?

Jill H

Force close I did enjoy the game before the update but since the update it will open and then force close. Please fix it!

hollie spinella

Force closes Yup. It pretty much won't allow me to open it. Don't waste your time. I'm deleting.

Heather Iwasiuk

Addictive I love this game but I wish the walls would stay up for like 5 more seconds. Also, I wish they would have help menu. Other than that it is a fun game for all ages.

Kelly Malone

Coin Mania Awesome & totally addicting!

Tiffanie Hutchins

Its ok But could be better

george rebello

Its agood one The one thing is we should have 130 coins

donna mcfadyen

Quite average Its ok to pass time but seems to take so many coin before any others drop :s

Ann Mintram

Not since its wiped out my game and won't let me reopen it , bug free !!! It s a joke !!!!

alice velasco

Entertaining and addicting.

Kim Sportsman

Fun My only problem is I run out of coins too fast

AJ Chan

New version still no improvement and even getting slower. Loading of token is too slow. Wall drop to fast. Enjoy the game but sometimes getting quite frustrated.

Tim Callister

Update ruined the game Loved the game before the update. It ran smoother with a nice in-line slot game which has been removed. Also comes up with error when opening. Uninstalled, don't bother

Tracy Neill

Annoying Everything I go back on it puts me back to level 6.i feel like I'm stuck in the twighlight zone.

Mrs Brennan

I don't like the new version as much as the old one. Please bring the slot game back

Grant D

Restarts every day Doesn't hold my prizes for the next day, so I wouldn't pay for coins till fixed

MaryMargarita Alamos

Coin Mania This is much funnier. Play it you'll like it.

Danni Webb

Update The most recent update slowed it down a lot but other then that it was pretty addictive.

Michael Fisher

Rating Fun,with good few difficulties.

Sarah Webb

Fab game. :)Do have to wait for the coins to regenerate :(

Loreen Dandrea

ae coin mania I love this game I have played this game alot and i always have fun

Dawn Pettersen

Easy but slightly boring Although easier than some coin games

Pennsy Richardson

Had this on Windows phone So glad it's on Android now!

Ros Brya

Unable to play Since the new update I can't play. I've even sent email. Nothing

Pekka Korhonen

5/5 5/5 would play again in office toilet.

Mike Devers

Gold coins You updated the game and all my gold coins I had are gone.

Yolanda Martinez

Cool It's awesome

nick hall

I downloaded it and went to start game but all it does is FEERZE THE MANI SCREEN Program froz

Jayesh Thacker

Update has just killed this. It was much better earlier. This one doesn't have any challenge.

Michael Zimmer

AE Coin Mania Liked old version much better. New is slower, not as many prizes.. Now it's the next day and everything is GONE??? After 3 months of playing I'm unstalling

Lorna Barra

Coin mania I rather older version this one is slow an no videos

Cerrisa Schake

5 stars It's a really fun addictive game

Chels Louie

Awesome game Just started and im addicted ! Nothing wrong with this game , accept i wish the video bonus was on more

Shez Alleyne

? Downloaded but it wouldn't load, kept bringing me back here to download another game. Weird.

Chan Lee

Its a good game to pass some time

Douglas Anthony

Repetious & boring. Sucks up data with the constant ads. Drains battery drastically. Latest update requires Google play games... Completely erased all my progress. Even worse then it was before. Uninstalled.

Joyce Burt

Coin mania Very brilliant game

mark lewington

Mark This is one wicked game

faye tweedale

If you have a few mins to waste this is the game for you

Brian Fernandes

Loved it It's fun and easy simple and sweet!!

Nixaliz Garcia

This game is awesome

Alan Leung

Good game to kill time

Vapeing Forlife

Too many ads

Anna Rodriguez

Reminds me of the state fair So fun takes me back to the excitement of getting those coin and falling. So much fun like being a kid again. Lol !!!!

Kate Merrett

Pretty good Happy to waste 10 minutes!

Tarik El Bekkali

Coin To much coins Fall at the sites left ans right

Stephen Primus

Starts you from the beginning every time you start the game!

Angel Hust

The game keeps frezzing and dont give all coins when dropped ..and takes coins when i log out

keri ann

Really fun Lots of chanches for more coins

Kathy Perry

Coin Dozer Addict Awesome!

Robert W

Addicting Least can get 10 for ads so cool

Karla Buxton

Amazing and fun Lots of good touches to make it more interesting, love the achievements. Better than the Coin Dozer app, and more fun.

elmer wilbur

It's a great game I just love how there are no ads an u get a lot more coins

jessie wise

Disappointed!! So I'm watching video ad after video ad earning coins and all of a sudden the screen goes black and the app closes. So I think OK I'll go back into it so I open it back up and all the coins I had just earned were gone and this isn't the first time it's happened some time I lose prizes and coins in the middle of playing. Hundreds of coins!!!

Marisam Villadares

AE COIN DOZER I love this game,when you

Mom Cassidy

Start of game drop 2 coins then crashes every time

Emma Meadows

Coin game Love it lol

Cosner Tjew

Petrina tjew I like the prizes

Duchess MCcray

Great game Alots of fun addictive

Veronica Burks

Fun and a good way to pass the time

Valerie Hunley

It is great. It gives you lots of prizes and you can redeem them for coins or power ups

amanda reeson

Addictive and fun!!! It's so much fun cannot put it down

Julia Webb

Nice game It can be addictive and forget to do housework etc great fun

Shelly Moffitt

Great Game Great affects and winnings and ability to get more free coins watching ads for other games

Amy Thomson

Coin dozer Mad game not enough free coins

Lynda Brinkley

Can play for about 10 minutes before you run out of coins. You would have to buy coins to play longer.

precious Brennan

Coin mania Like this one,no pop ups

Adrian Richards

Great app Like the way,u can get slot machine as well,if u drop 10 coins in slot at bottom

Richard Cardinal

AE coin mania not bad at all

Debra Hildreth

I really do like this game

Quek Kheecheok

Absolutly Cannot stop

Jody Gibson

AE coin Maina Before the update on this app. There was a place u could click on and u would get a 100 coins and $1.00 every 8 hrs.. That option is now gone. You could also get 10 spins on the part of this game where u get only 1.

Cj Oliver

Good but takes too long to load coins n uses all my data

Misty Gunderson

AECoin mania Better than all the other coin dozers I've played.

Amy Gill

Addictive Lots of fun, especially when wait for a appointment. Very addictive but just a simple game, that entertains you

Gem lou

Love this coin app!!! you more of a chance than any other coin app i have played!!!..

Maureen Cameron

Takes to long Wish the refill was quicker. The coins go in minutes,

Rene Vanzaelen

Coin. Mania I dont fine anything. Wrong. With. This. Game. Can't stop. Playing. It... Love it.

Tracey Jeffery

Blooming Fab ? Totally amazing but very addictive game.....I can't put it down ?

Alex Rice

Not bad Played better, not building coins up when off line.

Julia Webb

Nice game It can be addictive and forget to do housework etc great fun

Jennifer Kniffen

Jen review the crazy for coin Mania this game is great

Elmarie Willers

Nice Very cool game to consume time!

Danaka Nuyen

Its fun to play this games love it .

Zef-Side Andy

Good time waster, reputable company...

Pennsy Richardson

Had this on Windows phone So glad it's on Android now! I'm addicted!

Igor Skaric

0 coins in offline mode. Please fix it to change rating :) Update: still 0 coins (not every time) if you activate power saving mode through optimisation :-)

Cathy Maines

Why doesn't it give me coins when I'm offline If I don't Play it it doesn't generate coins. Have 2 wait around or purchase them. Not 2 happy


Good Takes a long time to unlock the other game board lol

sarah jane france

Still not giving coins when offline this used to be my favourite game sort it out please.

chris huckaby

Coins still won't come back while off line even after the update

cherisse hall

Nothing what I expected

Teddy Clemens

Fun It's good to pass time

Jason Boland

ok one of the better ones

Krystal Bullimore

No coins!!! Was off-line for a day and never gained any coins. Came back to play but 0 coins... Please fix for 5 stars.

Known Person

Great way to stay out of trouble It keeps me doing something so I don't end up doing anything stupid.

Leonard Hammons

Isabadar Need more ways to get more coins faster. Get tired of waiting on coin refills. Plus my offline coin acruance never shows up.

Roksolyana Galychanivska

After the update, coins don't renew while the game is turned off. Otherwise, love the game!

Jasmyne Taylor

Creative I really like it its a fun game for people to play who can't go to las Vegas its kind of real to me

Paul Clark

Excellent Very good game but endless shite adds ruin the fun, for crap you'll never download.

I had this game on my windows phone and the graphics were 100 percent better than this version. I am ? but still a good game.

Lora Vanscoy

Boring It's not fun

Legion Imega

Megacooool Took my time got too 200 coins and extra for a couple of survays

Jason Davids

Great time waster that keeps you playing. Enjoy this game

Angie Harding

Its ok Theres not a whole lot to this game

Elizabeth Mourton

Lizz Cyr Its ok candy party coin carnival is my favorite

Coins no longer seem to go up while offline

ferry mews

I like coin,lot of coin...

dewayne smith

Like the game

Abigail Dean

Loving it

Nicole Tarleton

Good time passer. The only thing that's been bothering me is the game just shuts off and completely disappears and then I have to reopen it. But when it's working it's fun!

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