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25 May
Adventure Beyond Time

Posted by Aircamp Games in Adventure | May 25, 2016 | 64 Comments

Apk file size: 52.0 MB

In this point and click, room-escape style adventure game, players are lost on the shores of a mysterious island. Clues and items await discovery in over 150 atmospheric environments, as players search for an escape while in pursuit of the ever elusive Dr. Teresa Von Awesome. An unfolding series of puzzles reveal the secret of the doctor's whereabouts and island's uncanny secret.

- Collect over 100 unique items and unlock puzzles as you uncover new secrets.
- High detail imagery and ambient sound
- Original thematic music
- In Game hints system can be toggled on or off.

We hope you come explore the Adventure Beyond Time !

Whats new

    - Update to Run-Time
    - Update to 'Read Out' in-game text system, including typo and grammar corrections
    - Correction of spelling errors in Hint, Read-Out and Inventory components
    - minor update to music system
    1.27 - 1.24:
    - update to run-time environment
    1.23 & below:
    - fix to inventory system - highly recommended for all users
    - better support for ultra high definition screens
    - in-game hint system added
    - graphics improvements
    - additional content: clues added

Aircamp Games part of our Adventure and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update May 25, 2016. Google play rating is 82.2165. Current verison is 1.31. Actual size 52.0 MB.

Download adventure-beyond-time.apk 52.0 MB


Jeaneine Hinton

Challenging fun Moments of frustration..but does have hints. Even so didn't feel like it was so easy. Game play enjoyable... Was really disappointed there wasn't a continuation at end!

Matthew Shepherd

Great puzzles, great landscapes, loved it Not too easy and not too short. Hints available when you get stuck. Very enjoyable.

Alice Whennen

But it needs a notebook. It can be frustrating because it's very challenging. I have to keep using hints for certain puzzles because I can't remember the order, color, etc.

Christopher Simmons

Great little game! Particularly challenging if you don't use hints. I finally had to give in and resort to hints towards the end. Zodiac stuff gets me every time.

jon fryer

Very enjoyable nice game... Plenty of scenes and lovely graphics. If you've played Monkey Island, Myst etc you may find the storyline is a bit 'generic' with pirates, aliens ancient Greeks and goodness knows what's easy enough to figure out the problem solutions in principle but the 'how' is likely to have you hitting the hint icon. Overall a very good game and good value but not a classic.

Colin Bewley

6 stars!! Take note other devs. Not one glitch! THIS is how a point and click adventure game is supposed to be! Totally immersive! Superb graphics. Continuous auto save for those of us with constant interruptions. Excellent response, story line, a LOT of game for your money, and I loved the story line! Finally, I get to use my brain. Great puzzles! I could go on. One word.. BRAVO! Please, please, in future efforts, don't ever shortcut the quality and effort that was put into this game. More!!!!

Nicole Conley

Great I really like the game but I'm stuck, the clue says pick up the spherical object on a ledge overlooking the jungle near a cave. I have looked and found nothing. Figured it out, awesome game, when is the island game coming out?

Xenolia M

Okay type It is a ok play, could have been better. Should have a notebook /diary kind of concept.

Scott Edell

Really needs a notebook/journal feature. There's a lot to keep track of. Needed to keep a pen and paper handy to get through a lot of the puzzles.

Jessica Volner

In love Okay now I am hooked on this developer's games!

Calin Brad

Super and very captivating puzzles, but I'm stuck, please help ! Alien spaceship door, I compare the signs from the wall with the signs on TV screen, but nothing. Please help ! Thank's, it was my fault (on TV I click just once, just first grid ... yeah I'm dumb !). Greatest game !!! I waiting another ! :)

Kimberly Dandridge

The game is too disconnected. It does not flow like most of the point and click games I've played. Confusing at times.

Joe Hawkins

This is a well thought out game.Great puzzles and hints.Well worth 99 cents.More like it.

Michael Oppy

Very good The game was challenging & fun. So many areas, it felt like a huge world. Worth the $.

Andrea Godthaab

Great value for money, not has easy as you think, hours of play, hope to play game 3 ASAP.

Kristen Droke

Love it so far This is a good one! Plenty of places to go and puzzles to solve. Definitely worth the price.

Melissa Corcoran

Loved it! This is one of the best games I have played. Very challenging!

David Shields

Great game! This is my favorite game of this type so far. I liked the theme of this game. Puzzles were generally more realistic for the most part. Puzzles were challenging. I needed a hint in the Pascal puzzle. :( Overall, a long game, challenging and fun!

Anne Continelli

Excellent Great game! Long, challenging, absorbing. Will definitely buy more from this company!

Draya D

So yeah...I like it. Cool game

Amanda Olivares

Fun game. It was fun and challenging but also has helpful hints when you need them.

Louise Servinis

It's ok But I'm not enjoying it as much as telescope hill ☺

Dewed G

Probably a great game But I give up. Was totally lost. The in game help, as well as online walkthroughs, said things like "go to the new area". What new area? ... Or a picture, and said "go back to this puzzle". I couldn't find it again.

Erika Contreras

Really good

Pam Pollock



Good fun at a great value

Celia Stephens

Difficult, complex point and click game Intricate puzzles, sometimes very tricky (I had to give in and look at a walkthrough nearer the end of the game as the in-game hints didn't even help!). Lovely art work and a huge area to explore. Navigation a little hard to grasp and it's easy to miss areas, so click everywhere. A map and in-game note book would have been really handy - having to remember clues was a pain so I ended up cheating quite a lot rather than trekking around re-finding clues. Complex game that would be perfect for hardcore fans!

William Cawlfield

Good old point and click! We get so few of these today. Very creative and hard to hit pause!

Toby Robb

Complex and rich puzzles Puzzles are complex and there is a good mix of natural environment, with some sci fi thrown in! Developer hard at work, patched the game a number of times to improve gameplay on my particular device.

Jane Medders

This is a journey that you must take. Never have I enjoyed an experience so fantastic as this one. This creator is a true genius. Waiting for his next mind blowing adventure to enjoy.

Dan Setzer

gamer good in depth game...a map for moving between locations would be a time saver

Simon Glass

Perfect Great puzzles and value for money


Poorly created Clues suck,its mainly picking up things.The question is where is the adventure at, if all you do is pick up garbage?

Claire Hilditch

Nice change (walkthrough helped a little )

Louise Alexander

Love it but stuck! Great game but I'm really stuck at the spacecraft combination even with both clues and hints. Any help appreciated!

Tom Renfro

Great game Detailed, engrossing, and complex. Highly recommended to all point and click fans

Nat Hayes de Freitas

Ooooo I love it... Absolutely brilliant, story line,graphics all really good! How ever I'm STUCK BIGTIME and have been for ages..... Definitely worth every penny..... Well done chaps! ( a tiny weeny hint for me would be awesome, as losing interest from sooooo lost pwetty pwease.... Merry Xmas

Gary Howe

Very good It's a great game so far. But there's a bug which means the hint system is stuck on a hint about the submarine (which I've done) so I'm totally stuck now. EDIT the developers are very helpful. Finished the game and it's extremely good.

James Neyer

Adventures beyond time Challenging point and click adventure. Entertaining and works great on Galaxy S4.

Tricia Zurybida

Great game! Keep notes! Unless you have time to play the game without stopping or an idetic memory, I encourage keeping notes and sketching your own map. One of the great parts of this game is that clues, tools and challenges are not usually clumped in the same area. You will not solve every puzzle in the order you uncovered it. I can't wait for more!

david morrier

This is a good one. Lots of good puzzles how will i know when the next adventure is ready?

Laura Lopez Bueno

Great game Quite tricky to find all the objects. Got stuck a couple of times because I hadn't touched all the things with all my items. Sometimes the way the English was phrased made it difficult to figure out a further action that was required (for example, the hollow stone). I enjoyed it immensely. Someone compared it to Myst. It's as chilling and spooky as that! Thank you for making such a great and challenging puzzle game. I'll be looking forward to the next one.

Jem Dixon

Almost perfect OK, there are some things that would make it easier like a map and a notebook or camera, but the length and difficulty level of the game is perfect. The music and visual presentation are great too, the only thing that makes it look less than professional is the bad spelling. I know that it's not considered important any more but it would add polish to an otherwise excellent product.

Barry smith

An extremely outstanding game This is one game I would recommend without hesitation. I can't say too much as I don't want to give away any spoilers.

Howard Weston

Very addictive Enjoying the challenge. Puzzles care very challenging, but I think it would be great if you have a map to look at.

Eireni Moutoussi

Good stuff Exactly what i want out of a nostalic kind of adventure game. Only things I would suggest would be to hire someone to check grammar and spelling and maybe skip the element of nostalgia for the design of the text in the main menu. Otherwise, the art is very nicely designed and it is a very good play. Thoroughly recommend.

Brett Thomas

Tough puzzles ..but we'll done game This is very much in the spirit of Myst (just you alone on a deserted island) trying to find your way off. Scenery is very beautify done, and the music is haunting and mysterious. I played this on my tablet and used my phone to take pictures of clues..otherwise you will need to take notes of patterns and images (no way around it unless you have a photographic memory.. ) Even with lots of patients..I still needed to rely on the some puzzle answers must be gleaned from several clues put together... Took about 5 hours of game time to solve...just about right...great thinking game for $2.

Soraj Sar.

Great puzzle game. It is not like clicking around puzzle game. You need to use your brain rather than your finger.

Tom Trembley

Good game But lots of back and fourth all over island. Good graphics and kept to storyline well. Had to keep lots of notes. May be better with log book or interactive map. Puzzles were a little brainy. But well rounded game.

Kishmi-booty Quick

Great point and click Really enjoyed the game, no mindless clicking just smooth flow, with thought needed plus pen and paper. ?

Maria Turner

Needs map As much as I wanted to give this 5 stars I cannot because 1) too many parts of the game with similar names makes it confusing to know whereva hit is directing the player, 2) no way to see where player is compared to where the player needs to go, 3) no automatic means of recording clues to minimize having to travel back and forth and back again. Otherwise it was a good game.

Luther Snow

deep adventure game much longer than others, and more interesting

tj samsung

Very slowwwww

M McShane Z

One of the best I've tried literally hundreds of these types of games and this one is one of the best. So much fun!!

Marenoff M

R U Kidding me? No way anyone can do this without a walk-through help and even then I felt like an idiot.

Timothy Kelly

Aggravating The puzzles are nice, but there is no way to capture clues for later reference and the app lags after clicks and scene changes are very slow.

Old Hand

Excellent game. Lots of exploring, lots of puzzles. Very enjoyable!

Debra Scott

Im stuck. Gave up. ? was a good game

Brandon Mullins

Great game. But probably easy to get lost without a... Map. Is there a map for this game? If so, where is it? If not, can y'all put in the map?

Lesley Leatherdale

Puzzle are terrible The hints are no help so you are forced to check the solution which ruins all the fun. Nothing like the room or even simple Fire Maple games. Action and point and clicks are awful too. Hard to navigate. Copycat of the mist which also is hard with awful point and clicking and obscure puzzles. I want a refund.

Chris N

Brilliant Loved the game, kept me amused for ages. More please. Reminds me of an old PC game called MYST, you had to buy an actual book to find hints and even then I never managed to totally crack it.

Sarah Hoover

Getting irritated It keeps saying there is a spherical Stone on a pedestal by the cave. I can't find it, I dont even know what caves its talking about.

Debra Scott

Im stuck. Gave up. ? was a good game

Kishmi-booty Quick

Great point and click Really enjoyed the game, no mindless clicking just smooth flow, with thought needed plus pen and paper. ?

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