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2 Jul
AD-II Spirit box

Posted by AppyDroid in Productivity | July 2, 2015 | 117 Comments

Apk file size: 9.9 MB

The AD-II HYBRID Spirit box

Please note, this applications is constantly under development and may crash or periodically bug out, the application is currently intended for BETA Testing but still offer full support for the application, Please feel free to submit bug reports or suggestions to us.

Best regards AppyDroid

With all our apps, we support every single user, our help is completely free, just ask or email us and we will respond to you.

Please note the IP Mode Usually it takes between 30-60 seconds to pre buffer, On lollipop devices this is much longer and could take over a minute to complete buffering, Donot use the app untill the led status lights are scanning , Touching buttons can result in a crash or freeze up, Its best to tap the button once and leave it be,

Once running the device will not suffer any lag or issues like the AppyDroid spirit box did, And works with lollipop devices fine once it plays

Providing no buttons are pressed during pre buffering the app should be stable

Remember press only once!!!

Whats new

    2.5 update FINAL
    Fixed dead channels and added more.
    On the 15 July we will no longer be able to update this App, Please see screen opening notes for further information, After this date Production and updates will no longer be available.. In using the app after this date you accept any bugs or glitches that may arise.

AppyDroid part of our Productivity and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update July 2, 2015. Google play rating is 65.8416. Current verison is 2.5. Actual size 9.9 MB.

Download ad-ii-spirit-box.apk 9.9 MB


Pete Mould

Good progress This app has the most potential of all the apps of this type I have tried. For those who say it's pre recorded , don't be stupid. If you stop the sweep, one channel carries on playing, live radio. Think about it before posting ffs!

Steven Ruvolo

Not working Ever since i updated to lollipop 5 it doesnt work no more

AT Jenna

Great Keeps getting better and better love the new bits and bobs.

Jami Huff

As you know, I think this app is fantastic but just like the spirit box app, when you start the recording function on my ALCATEL ONE TOUCH POP C1, it automatically force closes. Apart from that, it's top notch!

Etherial Flame

Fake Just a bunch of prerecorded crap sliced, diced and strung together.

Brett Shepherd

AD-11 ip spirtbox Getting better and better mate well done

James Poche

Works Great, Thanx Appydroid Only one question, can I really summon demonic spirits with it Or is it just an app for fun?

Antony Atkins

I really like this ghost hunting app. I've yet to have a response but I will keep on trying but its such a grand app

Nate Vega

The best free ghost app yet! The new update makes this app even better. I'm a investigator so I used it at a hunt. Got more spirits clearly than on Huff's app. Besides, you have pay for his, and this one is free to all. Here is to bringing the spirit world into everyone's grasp - free of charge. Thank you...

Becca Lawson

Amazing!!! I was a bit skeptical at first with it being a free android app but had some great conversations. The first time switching it we asked who was with us they replied James. We then asked how old they were we got the reply old with a laugh so we were more precise and asked how many years old are they and he replied 90. I couldn't believe I got all this within the first 5 mins of trying the app. Would deffinately recommend.

Matthew Mahs

This is a great app man you and DannyBigBeard always come out with great apps and always have great results thank you and keep up the good work!

Matt Tucker

No working anymore Had new system update last week and quit working. Samsung Galaxy s5 for AT&T. All you Spirt box apps are not working please fix

Christina Fanning

Seriously... All you hear are radio stations. It's not a spirit box at all. If it really was you wouldn't hear the audio from the radio stations come through it would just sound like static noise. Nice try but this app sucks.

Brian Splane

Wow this really works and its free!!!!!! Better than Steve Huffs Scam box that's $50.00! I look forward to more of your apps.


Heyy this is amazing spoke to a confederate soldier Yeah hands down this works. Id like to know what settings are best to keep on. Steve huff refund all those people you ripped off. Its sad when people try to get rich off stuff like this and I love who ever made this YOU rock brother. Steve huff your videos are cool but stop charging people.

Danny Taylor

Recent update no good So it just about worked when it hadnt had the update. Now it doesnt work at all? Its a 4g signal on a S5, yet 5mins passed and still nothing has loaded??

Dustin Register

Not bad I've used this and I'm glad you think it should be free because I'm tired of spending money on apps that work but you have to rely on audio to pic it up with this it's clear and clean class a voices with that sed can add a few things best of all it works and I will be making a YouTube video soon as I can keep up the good work

Tom cross

Wtf I got a woman that came through the voice said I love you tom wtf

Chauntele Kali

So far Giving this one a try already its crashing. Smh. 7 days. Just 7.. then that is it.(if issue continues)

cliff mccray

Good app, new update rocks Dont be fooled by most ghost hunting apps, however this app can help comminicate with spirits, has great potiential, needs little more upgrades but make sure u record ur sessions and review them using audio software.

Sarah James

Hard to read The sweeps that run are all people talking so its hard to decipher who's who ... I don't even know if I heard a spirit because of all the random talking.. Makes no sense why the app was made like that.

Amanda Seamster

Highly recommend u to download this app if u r n2 ghost hunting:) Awesome app!!!!!

Robert England

Looks so cool! Works once you wait I clicked IP and put the app in the background, a while later it came to life! (And scared the bejesus out of me! LOL) but it does work.. it needs. Speed Control, its too slow on each station. .. ten times too slow..

Russell Bob

Never get anything Lots of voices but they all just sound like radio voices. Only once when I was shaving and had the app running and I threw my razor away and a voice said need a new razor. Weird. Idk if I'm using it properly. might just get the SCD1 On my Windows:<<< old review: I don't have an issue with it being not live radio or it using ip radio. My only issue was I don't hear anything but the voices from the radio scan except from that one incident whilst shaving.

Betania Castillo

Suprisedd This is 100% real. I asked what's your name the respond with Dave. I freaked out so I asked again and again it said Dave. I said how many spirits are here with me. The respond, said scadderd. Then I asked can you move something for me and a big clear loud noo!! Scared the life out of me. Then said leave. These are not COINCIDENCES they are reall. I also like the way he treats his customers by responding not leaving and ignoring like most apps and don't even fix the problem. Great job appydroid. U just made one new customer happy.

Andrew mckown

Need to try it in a real atmosphere I go to a old Army base. Myself and a couple other MP's have seen and heard spirits. I hope this will the us to talk to them. Once I try it out I will give you a true review.

Bella Beauregard

Another failure Downloaded this and it keeps forcing close. Couldn't even send a report cause that wouldn't load either.

Rozana Jordaan

Error 702 Hi there it still gives me an Error 702 and MP player 1978 etc could not be loaded. . .am I doing something wrong the IP mode works but not the Banks

stephen Obrenski

Awesome app.... I try them all. Works great tks......

GARA paranormal

Fantastic Another great app from appydroid

Spaz29 Mcnaul

Wish it had records on it and will stop saying can't load 1952 error 701 but I love it other than works great I gave 5 stars

Daniel Courtney

Really good for free I always ask for anyone to say my name and always hear someone say Daniel courtney aha

yani naranjo

OK so how do you use it?? I sometimes hear answers but I like your appy android spirit box that one is great I can hear clearly every word

Jan Read

Fingers Crossed! We are going to northern France this year so this app would be ideal for us to use offline. It will be interesting to see what we pick up because both of us have come across a spirit or two in the houses we rent! Well done on producing all these apps guys x

acir earthfry

I am trying the offline version beside the connected IP internet version Hope this offline beta version will be completed and have malay languages version in the next update

Janice Victoria Ryan

Loving comments Can I ask which Bank should I use and how much of it if to use both banks or 1 of them? How long does it take to warm up or does it not need it. Good comments of this app I can't wait to try it.

Christopher Caldwell

I love this ghost box Grate work this ghost box is grate

Aaron Kindoll

Not fake This app isn't fake. It's real and you should be careful with it.

jeremy gatsos

Fake I am a ghost investigator this tool is used very well if it's the real deal sad to say you need real radio stations to sweap between the the white noise this is not real the fact it talks about one part in the bible over and over again shows its a fake best thing to do if your really into seeking answers in the after life buy the stuff to do it like the sp7 spirit box only 120 but be aware playing with stuff like this is risky and things could fallow you home be safe hunters

Sami Jansen

Works Found a way to make it double sweep. First select desired IP stations in lollipop activation mode, make it run on THAT screen, then go back to start screen to make it run TWICE. Have to find responses in recordings yet. Thanks developer!

Ross Best

Think it works Used for 5 minutes asked questions mentally and I believe I actually heard the answer eg I lost my baby a couple of months ago and I asked what happened and I swear I heard wouldn't grow!!!

Dave Lisa Sorensen

Real or fake Is this real i seen it work on YouTube but i don't know if people are faking it. please answer ? sad face

Samantha Lee

It works perfect for me..Ty so much

Smiley Brew

?wow What should I do? How does it work? It never flashed blue... Yet, I heard a lot of things people talking saying a lot. I understand the lady that tapped on speaking a question in her mind then a response. Wow. I called Jesus name in my mind then I heard someone mention the word Satan. Remember, I was in the sweep mode for 20 minutes. I heard many voices with words. I thought Jesus!!! A voice said he's here. Numbers and dates also.

Ade Markus

Work perfectly in my Lenovo A6000. I lives in Indonesia.. But there no spirit talking in Indonesian language here.

Kevin Colin

I've tried many apps, and paid for one I regret This app works, I tried it and instantly got results, we had a couple of voices come through. Will recommend! Thank you for your work !!!! I trust this more than those overrated paid apps.

Judy Doolittle

Oh my goodness what an app You did a good job on this one. Out of all your apps I think this one is the best. I mean crystal clear words for me. I did record but I could still hear direct responses to my questions in real time. It even works on my computer with blue stacks. I am very very happy. All your apps are wonderful. I know you work really hard on these apps and then you let us use them for free how kind of you. And for those people who do not have a kind word shame on you. This app is free you should not even say one word about it. I you don't like it then uninstall. If it does not work you have done something wrong. Keep up the good work Pugster. I appreciate the free apps that you let us use it is really kind of you. I am on a budget and would not be able to buy this. It really helps when you have someone like yourself that provides these free for us. You are very generous. Thank you.


Love it, hey spirits r energy all energies r on a frequency wave. If u analyze the bio electro magnetic field and tap into the basic frequency fields u will hear them perfectly. Will the application be able to do this soon

John Whitfield

Why Is it everytime I install one of your app's I get a orange color saying warning please make it to where your guys app's won't give me a virus. I have a galaxy light g4 android. Want to give five stars but can't.


WORKS! ENOUGH SAID! Definitely works! On replay I heard someone say "Hi KRISTINA " that is my name what are the odds! Just like any psychical spirit box but better! ??? I don't know if the newest update works that good I had better luck with it before, I don't know.. just saying, yes just tried again I definitely I like it the way it was, and I think spirits did also

Brett Shepherd

If u could add reverb settings like on vox that wud be awsome

Johnathon Thrall

I like it. but something's weird about it... :/ Good....It works well... but i think its also picking up radio stuff too... :/ Is it supposed to pick up radio too or no?...


Question Does this actually work, if yes how can I get it to work, thanks

Zechariah Van Houten

What is reverb and I don't quit understand how to use the app

Kaleigh Hathcock

Great I love it ready for next updated

Shaun Sheep

Horrible Did as told as nope. Useless

Jared Haskins

The best things in life are free. I love this app. Simple and produces great results. I paid for a similar app. that became bloated and unusable. Definitely can produce names on cue.

Zaheer Ahmad

What is the purpose of thi app? Please tell me

Pim Vesters

Why only english Hey, I live in the Netherlands, but I het only english response? Why is that?

Sebastian Petralia

The only Itc so far So far out of all the fake apps that just served up random audio that just plays nothing. This is the real deal . so far as I see ITC in real direct response with using Bluetooth or hardware algorithm analysis I find pretty much helpful to the paranormal community.

Rozana Jordaan

Error 702 The best and most amazing application to date. Thank you Appy. Please try to keep it updated.

Krystal Harrison

Wow I honestly didn't expect anything to come through. I know I have many ghosts/spiritd in my house but didn't think one would be willing to talk the first time I tried this. I asked if anyone here would like to talk. "John yes" I asked several other questions then asked if he was in the light. "Jesus". I asked if he was happy where he was. "Yes". He then said mom so I asked if he had a message for his mom. "I love you". I asked who his mom was and at first i thought he said i was....

Mark Reaves

Meh All the stations not in English. Some errors as well. Would probably be great if it was using English stations and updated. Why is there no good free spirit box apps?

Nick Ven

Alright, nice app and all but... It's not on my language, and if I want to capture a ghost in my country it has to speak my language, I don't know how to do that...

pat A.

Iowa User The best app I've tried! Even Paid apps didn't perform as well. Cemeteries became Alive when this is on. In a cemetery with many Irish names-picked up Irish accents-only time!! It really performs!

spirit breaker paranormal

Puggster Please find a way around it so we can have more updates I love this app

Estrellita Santiago

Enjoyable Me and my husband love this's amazing they know us by name and so do we its cool all real love it you did an amazing job with this box...

Kelly Chaidez

Wow Well I got Rick who said the name of my town, and died by gun...THEN I asked how many at one point and I got several answers in a row, 6,7,9,12 lol pretty amazing app I just REALLY would love instructions on the best way to run it...thank you for this being free!! :-) :-) :-)

Bud-duh Vapez

Astonishing Gave me multiple unexplainable direct responses to my questions. It started working as soon as I turned it on. Voices only come through intelligently when I ask questions. No voices when no questions are asked. Definitely have to download this app if you're serious about the paranormal. To the creators of this app: please don't change anything on this app. It's perfect the way it is. Thank you.

Joshua Ribakove

New Review 10.02.15 It's been awhile since I've used it so I uninstalled it but I just installed this app again after I got a comment on my review by the creator. So I began messing around with this and within just 2 minutes it said: "My dad said ____," "Mrs.Peter," "The Devil," "The Boy Scout motto," "Stop playing with evil ____," and my personal favorite, "A forest full of death." This is actually pretty cool but I'm afraid that I'll be salting my room before I go to sleep tonight.

Mae-Mae Anderson

Lol Mine said he was f****** dead and he died from being a fat man. How does it feel to be alive?

david jenkins

Strange permissions? Hey appy I wanna know exactly why this app needs full network access to my WiFi along with my phone call records and identity and the ability to see and alter the contents of my device or whatever this device plugs into not to mention full network access gives u access to other devices on my network if there so happened to be a say backdoor written in this app please explain seeing as other similar apps do not require such security risks

Sarah Bayer

Really does work!!! Absolutely 100% Real, don't really feel getting into it right now cus its sort of a lot of typing BUT I can definitely say that this is the real deal because of the personal experiences I've had with it I came to the conclusion that no doubt it HAS to be true cus its IMPOSSIBLE to get the responses I've had and it not be the real deal. FIVE stars!

John Carter

This is the best free spirit box app I've used highly recommended

john bunker

Why are all the spirits American? I live in England all i can hear is alot of jumbled up words in American

Rev. H.P Orion Silverstar

Liked it I keep using this one. Even though I have newer versions, this one doesn't let me down...good direct responses each time.

Malgorzata Strzalek

super its amazing thank you so much ;)

Matthew Healy

Is it really real cause it said we are coming I am terrified

Jessica Cook

It doesn't work

shannon moore

Help me Not sure how to use this better instructions would be nice do I need something more with this app?

Stasia AJ

Cannot record Whenever I try to record the app stops and starts over

BigFlow MastaCSpan

AD-II Spirit box It could've had some potential... but it crashed. :(

The Chronic

Testing it against A verified haunting. Will let you know. Was ok , worked the spirits that were on other boxes actually came through . Thanks for the fun.

James Walker

Happydroid. Yet another quality app guys. Thank you.

Subigirl Forester

Hope to see more apps Very good app hope to see some paid versions with quality controls and options you have my support ?

Matt Tucker

? Working great since last commented

Brett Shepherd

Ad 2 Love this bad boy when will the update be ready looks mint dude

Brandon Chapman

I have a question Who is Charlie Charlie?

Roma Sanchez

Really Is this really real bc it keep saying my name and my mothers name

Mike Benno

Just radio stations Sorry but all i hear is different radio stations

Sami Jansen

Works Got the double sweep to work, thanks!

phantom paranormal

Must have spirit box!, Love it,great tool.really a paranormal investigators dream

Connor Fewster

I have a question...... Does this actually work or is it a prank app

Hannah Shepherd

Actually got a response on this thing it said my name

Roman Candle

it's just repeating the same thing over and over.

Caddock !

It instantly crashes

death metal kid

Paranormal Im in love with this. Perfect for anybody who dosn't have an actual spirit box

A Google User

Super This application is great because I heard my name,I love it

kyle sullivan

4 stars It works but crashed when i use online

Vincent Hafford

Might be a good APP but... It's not good on my RCA Android Tablet, it sometimes freezes up and also crashes when I hit the record button, thanks anyway.

Cherry pie

Ghost box Its real, I had my doubts until I had a full blown conversation with a dead relative.

Alyssa Walker

Please read K so I have tried all the apps and wanted one to work so I would just try to make sense out of something the spirit said even if it wasn't reasonable. Now this one I didn't believe in like at all. But when I went to stop it at the very end I heard " Wait wait what are you doing "


Fake Hi Appy I have an Question are these real spirits or is it fake spirits just let me know now

thejaswini nandakumar

Good Good but it hangs a lot and I want to meet my grandfather and hear his voice again instead I can hear my friend's voice nice app.

Brian Taylor

This is fake nothing but a bunch of random radio stations playing at once I can't even to get a deceased relative to speak so I'm giving this one star

Teresa Bowman

Sweep I tried different sweeps, what is the best position for the sweep

Many questions to think on

Fake Fake but Makes a great form of music when sped up! :-D

Jean Hubbard

The stations r all running forward not backwards. Not getting spirits

Amanda Brown

I heard it say god then said come join us then it said your name is Amanda in scared lol

Brian Day

Crap Gave this app the benifit of doubt and after a very long time, never heard a thing.

Melissa Orler

Help Seems like a good app. I have a note 5. But what does the reverb button do? Can you give detailed instructions on how to use the app and settings please?

donovan garnes

Wtf You lie! Not at all a ghost box. All it is is you the creator flipping through your radio channel's. Do NOT DOWNLOAD


Joke This app is stupid even if it is free

Subigirl Forester

Hope to see more apps Very good app hope to see some paid versions with quality controls and options you have my support ?

Makayla Harris

I hear cleary I lost my uncle 4 days after Christmas on 2015 and i can hear him and other family through this thank you

Alyssa Duvall

JAWS DROPPED!!!!!!!!!!!??????? *is there anyone here?" Hi" *!!!! Um what's your name?!!!!"Jesus" *!!!!!!!!!wha whatt is m my name?!"Alyssa faith" *!that's my name!!!!!!OMG the actual real live Jesus is talking to me! ?????????*=Me " "=spirit this is the actual conversation I had with JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!

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