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19 May
AcuraLink Connect

Posted by American Honda Motor Co., Inc. in Lifestyle | May 19, 2016 | 88 Comments

Apk file size: 20.0 MB

The next generation of AcuraLink®* moves beyond the car, as cloud-based technologies enable you to connect with your vehicle.

With the AcuraLink® Connect app, you can:

• Remotely interact with your vehicle, including checking your fuel level and locking or unlocking your door
• Receive Maintenance Minder alerts and schedule appointments
• Send destinations directly to your vehicle navigation system
• Receive useful Feature Guide and Quick Tips messages about your car
• Remotely flash lights to more easily find your car when your key fob is out of range
• Easily make Assist Calls to Acura Client Relations
• Receive Alerts when your car is disturbed
• Concierge provides high level personal services for reservations and more

*AcuraLink® Next Generation Features are available in the United States and Canada on selected 2014 Acura models. AcuraLink package requirements may apply.

Whats new

    Minor bug fixes

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update May 19, 2016. Google play rating is 49.6078. Current verison is 2.2. Actual size 20.0 MB.

Download acuralink-connect.apk 20.0 MB


Dave Roberts

Poorly maintained Spurious notifications, appointments not registered, very slow performance. Mapping feature is very poorly done. Absolutely No way to get app support.

Pat Loonam

New message notification issues I'm being notified about new messages but there are no new messages that I can find by looking at the dates. There doesn't seem to be a way to highlight new messages. The initial sign in shows there are 5+ new messages, then it resets to none, then I get 2 sms notifications that there's new messages.

dan lim

Slow booting up This app takes a long time to acquire status. Once status acquired, it works slowly. I have been getting messages the past week for 1.4 but NO message???

Matt Kaminski

Poor functionality is a understatement Slow, intermittent at best connectivity, and now stopped functioning. Not the product a 'upscale' auto manufacturer should be offering the purchaser of their vehicle.

John Deosaran

Good...when it works I used this to send destinations to my mdx and it worked well. Unfortunately, the entire app has quit working so now it is basically worthless. Great job, Acura.

Brian Chang

Doesn't work Keep getting msg popup but there is no msg

Mark w

Overall liked it but stopped working Will not renew and wish for a refund for this year. Has not updated for near a month. This app is an expensive toy that is fun when it works. It can be slow to update and is really unnecessary.

Domenic Padula

Completely disappointed GM and Hyundai have far better apps including remote start. I'm stunned that Acura, a premium vehicle, has inferior features and an unreliable app. Why would I pay for this?

Yauhann Billimoria

No value demonstrated I get notifications daily but zero messages. Not sure if it's value.

Brent Harvey

Very poor Slow when it works. Doesn't work on android 5.x. The only useful feature I have found is sending maps to the vehicle, but that is unreliable too. Neat idea, but not worth paying for the service.

Todd Jackson

Works well Has worked well for over a year now.

Alex Decarie

Rarely works as described. Almost never connects to vehicle. Acura should never promise this functionality if they cannot deliver the goods.

Matthew JP

Needs to be revised It describes my Acura as an RLX. I own a different model with the same last 4 digits of the VIN. I am able to connect about 50% of the time. Acura needs to revise this app.

Romie Holmes

R H This app is totally useless ! It has never worked as advertised. I agree with many other who say that Acura should scrap this app and start over.

Rohan Christie

A bit slow but love the map feature. There are clearly some bugs to work out in this app and it uses a ton of system resources. That said, the send to car feature with maps is a huge time saver for me.

Rob Small

Doesn't work! How can you market a product that doesn't work???

Bob Ogus

Very unreliable When it works which is not often it takes forever to retrieve the vehicle status. A terrible app. Acura should start over with this one

Stephen Moore

Doesn't work with lollipop.

john nguyen

Johniack Can't add my new mdx what's so ever.... got my Vin but don't know my pin!

Michael Del Greco

About as useful as voice recognition For the life of me I can't figure out why Acura can't have a functional app that does something or functional voice recognition.

Igor Irish

Someone who can help me why can I sing in. Eg:creation for email

Mark Walker

Useless app Since last app upgrade, this app never works (connects) with my 4g Android phone. The app is useless!

LaMarr Gordon

AcuraLink This app is so far behind. Do not pay for this. Use it for the trial then dump it.

christina tremains

I wish I could give it lower With my subscription I'm supposed to be able to "pin" car and find it. I'm not finding that on this ap and it is not easy to understand. I've used for a week and really hate. There are no instructions.

ramakanth mannava

Wish it was working when needed Too slow and wouldn't open today

Patrick Andre

What is the point? I have had similar problems with this app as others, like failure to connect to the vehicle. I guess I just don't understand why I have this app.

Gary Kahrau

Not reliable I cannot get my Nexus 10 to view the car status. My Samsung S3 does work about half of the time. Downloading maps is a nice feature. I also tested the light flash and horn. It worked, but there is no way to stop it from the app! I had to go to the car and open the door. This could be very annoying in a parking lot. I am doing the 3 month trial, but with these issues, I will probably go back to the basic package and skip connect.

John Auer

Little value without subscription & battery hog I have an MDX with just the basic acuralink subscription and the app provides no real value - I can access the maps which are very primitive compared to Google's offering and I can download user manuals - that is about it. Worse yet, on my moto-x, the app uses about 24% of the battery over the course of a day (higher than everything but the OS itself - even more than 1.5 - 2hrs of active GPS usage via Google maps).

Joe Wong

Does not fully work... Just bought 2014 MDX Advance and excited to use this app. Cannot get accurate status of vehicle and and remote feature does not work all the time. Sometimes takes forever to communicate with the vehicle and when it does return data, no odometer, no tire pressure, no fuel level, no oil and the door lock/unlock not accurate 50% of the time. Either app is bad or service is bad. Search for POI and download to vehicle works fine.

Louis Maisel

LM The results can be hit, or miss. I think Acura uses Bing maps and there frequently are destinations it cannot find, or the navigation is erroneous. The app search feature is a mess. Unless you give it an address or name that is an exact match to it's database, it splatters numerous unlabeled flags as potential choices for you to select from. There are frequent "communication errors" that prevent getting the destination to the car. It takes what seems like an eternity for the destination to be received by my 2014 MDX. If I put the car in reverse (which changes the display to the back up camera), before I accept the destination, the destination disappears into the electronic ether, never to be seen again without re-sending it. But when it works, it a handy feature. I wouldn't have to resort to using it so often if the onboard system worked well. Naviation system on the MDX is slow and not intuitive. Google Navigation has a superior map, is more accurate and faster to re-route. How can a built in system with a hard drive be so slow? At least the app is free. Car not so free......

Cory Capps

Really? So, setting up the login takes me to a webpage that looks like a Microsoft ASP page designed in 1995- When someone who manages Unix systems can't register an account your application sucks.

Sasha Bell

The car status doesn't work. Map and road assistance icons are clickable, but car icon is not.

James Lee

2014 MDX Driver James Lee I used 2011 MDX and I bought 2014 MDX last month. Many design fix from old MDX, (head rest angel of front seats, etc) I am not happy about some designs; 1. Nav Map has too many wrong information( there is no way from 401 west to Bayview north), and then hard to find the some place. 2. AcuraLink app is not useful ( too slow, program doesn't work in most times) 3. Radio on and off switch located beside of volume switch, it is very unusual it doesn't need two (on off and volume should be on switch) 4. Warm Seat switch button should be one, now need three time to press the button, 5. Engine must off automatically when key is out, If someone can drive away when driver is unloading or outside of the car, there is no program to protection. etc, If these thing doesn't change, I am not going to drive another MDX after 4 years. Thanks James Lee

Håvard Skinnemoen

Excruciatingly slow When it takes five minutes to bring up the car status screen, it's usually faster and more reliable to just walk over to the car. I like the concept, but the implementation has a long way to go.

Sumon Chatterjee

Crashes every time Unusable and complete waste. App crashes every time I try add a vehicle.

Jeffrey Homan

Aweful user interface and vehicle diagnostics doesn't work. $250 a year for this is a joke.

Huong Nguyen

Not very useful This app is some what useless. It would be very useful if it can do remote start and/or track where my car is.

Ameet Sampat

Key feature not working I cannot search for an address to send to my vehicle. Works fine on my much older Motorola Xoom tablet so I think they can fix this quickly.

Ernest Morgenshtern

Not reliable Take forever to get status. Work 50% of time. Gas rarely coming back. Mileage some times. Really useless till they fix it.


Incorrect data shown. Checked app new download just now. I'm in bed. It told me my left rear door is open. Got up, went to garage, found it closed!

Patricia Jackson-McDaniel

Message not shown I am receiving notifications that I have a new message but no new message shows up on my phone or tablet. Message shows up in the car. Very frustrating!

Amit Khanna

Works well with Acura TLX ...but has a few issues - only shows system check sometimes, takes a while to contact vehicle. Great for sending addresses to the car's GPS and for booking service appointments

Dmytro Post

I bought used car. Where can I get pin code for regestration?

bismark camilo

Pin? How i get the pin of the car? I hace acura TL 2012? Can someone help me

Hunter van Leeuwen

In theory the app would be good, in practise the app doesn't work well if at all. Don't waste your time installing it.

Demi X

No longer works Really slow, doesn't update the vehicle status at all now. Can't even use the app for anything useful such as unlocking the doors.

Thomas Vambanatt

Does not support remote start option(Major option to have) Does not have remote start and notice major delay in reciving vechile status. We need more options like where is the vechile parked etc... also alert setup for guest drivers and car alarm notification.

Rajeev Tyagi

Poor interface No remote start capability.. very poor search capability for gps

Tim Siropaides

Greatly limited, but helpful Lot of little annoyances: wish it could sync address from google/waze, wish the address search feature was better able to find desired location, wish the search hits/flags showed text rather than just a black box, send to car feature is intermittent, etc.

Zain Qayyum

Lacks important features No remote start, no remote vehicle locating, no remote window control. Looks like an app made by an 8th grader in a third world country

Christian Lanctot

Worst navigation ever! I type in "fallsview casino" It brought up a ton of locations in Niagara Falls except the actual casino. I'm looking at it right on the map and I can't even click on it. Frustrating! Who wrote this piece of crap? I paid a premium for this car and the acuralink service to get an app that a high school kid would do a better job? Even I've done better and I'm an amateur coder! Why reinvent the wheel Acura? Just overlay on top of Google maps you idiots!

Barry Libenson

Lame In this day and age this app is pathetic. Map search is terrible, use Google like everyone else! No remote location capability. No remote start...should have stuck with Lexus.

Enrico Fok

Cellular network does not always work App is basic but works, however, the cellular network does not always work as described. Not sure if it is worth the $130/year annual subscription.

Ramin Babaee

Is there any plan to add engine remote starting capability?

Rob Reiser

Acura needs to step it up Very slow to connect, very glitchy. Does not have remote start. In comparison, my Chevy app was fast and had remote start. Seems like a luxury brand like Acura should beat it hands down, in fact, quite the opposite.

alan macdonald

Not working With the latest update (November 2015), the app fails to retrieve data pertaining to the vehicle. Earlier versions, scored much higher as they delivered useful vehicle diagnostics.

Vikas Kohli

Navigation is practically useless. It is unable to find addresses even if I tell it the country, province, street and number. Just make the app connect to google maps or waze if you can't make your proprietary software work.

A Google User

Junk with limited functionalities.

Aviram Zagorie

Map doesn't work The feature I was most excited about was sending a destination from my phone to the car nav. But map search doesn't work, meaning I can't choose a location.

Durell Willoughby

Missing functionality Two big functions are missing--remote start and vehicle location. A friend's 2015 Ford C-Max has this functionality, but a vehicle in this category doesn't? Lame. It does provide some useful information so two stars.

Nigel D'Souza

Good but needs work! This app has the essentials to he great but needs a lot of work!!! The mapping function is great and is much easier than entering an address in the nav system by hand. The vehicle function is where things go downhill. It is slow to load and the lock/unlock/flash lights/etc functions take a long time to reach the vehicle, if they ever do. For as much money as Honda has, they should put a little extra effort into this app to truly make it useful for the long run!

Jason Newton

Very poor app from a premium brand The app takes over a minute to connect to the car and to perform each step. It is missing remote start which would be the most useful item. Can we as your customers get an answer on when these things will be fixed our other cars Ford and GM work much better, I know Acura can at least catch up with them. Forgot to mention it is missing locate my car on a map like the others as well


Worst app ever I have a 2013 TSX with technology package and app won't connect? This Acura app blows.

Pino Silvaggio

Slow, ugly, doesn't really work. Hey Honda, do you really care ?

Randall Berliner

Doesn't Work/Horrible Customer Support Cannot get directions from the app or the website. Not what I'd expect from a high end car.

Shawn Duguid

Needs remote start and vehicle location or would be 5/5

Shan Yazdani

Can't add Won't even let me add a vehicle

Todd Handel

Works I use it all the time to send an address to the car. Map works fine. Communications for car status a bit slow

Mike Gerdes

Fix this dated app

Latoya Pichon

Works when it wants to

Taryk Campbell

Why doesn't it have a remote start, if your gonna make a app for a premium vehicle make sure it works well...why do I have to wait 6 second for the door to lock, it should lock Sametime not seconds later

Ant Y

Not working at all I just got the update, tried it, was saying that it just sync'ed but info showing is not updated. The data in application is deciving.

Kailash Mannepalli

UI is good. But takes a lot of time to contact vehicle.

Steve Scott

Nice idea but lacks remote start Come on guys. Remote start is the single reason for an app like this.

Ramin Babaee

Is there any plan to add engine remote starting capability?


Good now. Works very well for me.

Nola Prince

Searching map not working Since last update, I am no longer able to search for destination. Even if I enter in an address, city, stare and zip as destination. When tap search, nothing happens. Uses to work just fine but now it doesn't.

Christine Brewer

Never worked! GARBAGE!!! I installed this app 9 months ago to register my 2016 MDX. I received and continue to receive an error message stating that the Acura servers are unavailable.

5 ohniner

Used to be great... Haven't been able to get the app to work for months. Tried uninstall/ luck.

Rachael Lapaglia

Unable to link car. Says I have the incorrect vin number. Worthless.

Ryan Vella

Hardly ever works and very limited Pretty big swing and a miss with this app

Nigel D'Souza

Good but needs work! This app has the essentials to be great but needs work! The mapping function is great and is much easier than entering an address in the nav system by hand. The vehicle function is where things go downhill. It is slow to load and the lock/unlock/flash lights/etc functions take a long time to reach the vehicle, if they ever do. Since the last update the app seems to work faster and syncs don't take 10+ minutes. The new look is much nicer and I like that you don't have to move through many screens. 3.5!

Lori Masslieno

Pin Just bought this vehicle where do i find the pin

Stephen Chen

A little clunky But it works as advertised. Syncing with the car is very slow.

George McCullen

Does not sync vehicle status Freezes while requesting vehicle status. The car was parked outside and I checked the car AcuraLink. AcuraLink in the car showed it was connected. The app was taking a long time, and after three hours I had to kill it. It never can received the car status.

Jaime Ibarra

NO REMOTE START? NO REMOTE START? what's the point of paying $250 a year for the Acura link if I can't get remote start from my phone? Chevrolet has it on their app, CHEVROLET, that's embarrassing.... please add that feature to the app, I'm already paying $250 a year for this, please be better than chevy...

Aneel Kamran

Connect issue Whenever i try to connect message appears technical issue please try later

martin pechersky

The connection to my RLX is not reliable. If it doesn't improve I will.drop it after my trial period.

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