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20 Sep

Posted by Active911, Inc in Productivity | Sept. 20, 2016 | 219 Comments

Apk file size: 4.5 MB

Respond to calls faster by getting the essential details right in your phone. No more copying down dispatch information or trying to enter an address while driving.

- Uses Google Cloud Messaging instead of SMS to get your 911 pages
- Converts hard-to-read dispatch data into legible sections
- Manage past and current calls in an orderly way
- Automatically maps alarm location
- “Active” response for tracking response efforts
- View other responders in real time on a live map
- Access relevant photos and documents from your phone, including pre incident plans, photos, and more

Whats new

    * We've rolled the app back until we fix a serious bug
    * Added NFPA icons
    * Deleting multiple alerts behaves correctly again
    * Reorder agencies by longpressing any agency name in the personnel and alert tabs
    * Alert reports: response history for an alert. Tap 'Report' under the responses link in the alert view.
    * Notify devices of assignment change. A dialog will pop up when you change or create assignments.

Active911, Inc part of our Productivity and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 20, 2016. Google play rating is 87.8151. Current verison is Actual size 4.5 MB.

Download active911.apk 4.5 MB


Jim Mangi

Helps locate calls. Does not replace pagers. Lag time of two to three minutes, so this does not replace pagers. After upgrading to 1.2.9 the call location marker only showed one or two times after restarting phone. Map marker issue appears fixed in release.

Shawn Leightcap

Needs Option for Alert Tone This app would be so much better if it had an option to repeat the alert tone over and over until aknowledged . I've missed several calls because it only alerts one time.

Jesse Gearhart

Latest update broke the apk I no longer receive a notification when a call is received. I've tried several different settings, along with a full re-install. Nothing helps.

Angie Meres

Maps and directions quit working. Gps enabled on my android phone and in app. Before that would have been a 5. The globe opens a map of the world...not helpful.

Matt Elkins

Great This app is a awesome tool if your dispatch does not support it. Get them on board we've been using it over a year now works great can't wait to see what the new updates bring in very excited

Dave Weis

Great app, but now not receiving alerts since latest update. I checked mobile data setting under app to make sure the restricted part was not enabled, it's not that?

Jeff Umemoto

Has been great in the past. Since last few updates, I get alerts over an hour late.. Dispatch is ValleyCom.

Matt Lucas

Very good app for receiving calls in place of text or pager. Support is great and very helpful in fixing issues.

David Wood

No alerts since update The app WAS working great until the latest update. Now I'm no longer getting any alerts. Multiple people in the reviews are complaining of this... It needs to be fixed.

Jennifer Walker

Update It was working good then I did the update and no longer get pages. Only every once in a while. Disappointed since im paying money and its not working like it did when I got it a few weeks ago. Change it back.

Sara Dixon

When ever I use ultra power saving mode I have to Uninstall and reinstall the app in order to receive alters...

Tyler Price

Update Since I've updated the app, I haven't been getting any call notifications. I've looked under settings and their not disabled. I have to manually open the app and wait for it to load.

Dan Arndt

Critical App. As a volunteer firefighter/engineer, this app is critical to having the call details available immediately including maps and directions saving on response times.

David Riley

No longer getting alerts Same as others, I'm no longer getting alerts. I open the app, and a few seconds later, it starts downloading calls that were queued.

Greg Smith

I love this app but... I have to delete and Reinstall because I stop getting pages sometimes

matthew myers

You have to be with an active fire dept and im retired and it wont let me set up an account but it works and i support it anyway

Bryon Moore

Great app. It would be even better if there were the same functions on android phones as there is for ios phones.

Mike Sors

Can't even open it without forcing close on me

John Wilburne

On point, but needs additional.. Good timing on getting calls. Usually not delayed. Good alert options. Things I wish didn't happen -1. It goes directly to navigation mode when I click the address, I'd like it to just show the address. 2. The screen dims also when I click the address.

Ryan Moffenbier

Great app Comes in supwr handy when our mdt is perfect just need the ability to swipe to clear calls from the main screen

Hunter Sharp

I use it every time we get a call. Its great. Wish i could get more details though. Other than that its great

Robert Sprague

Does not notify My app does not open automatically or notify me of an alert on my Samsung Galaxy S3. I have the notifications turned on.  Worked great on my IPhone 4.

Keith Michels

Love it. It needs a delayed response button to be perfect.

Laura Hammett

Was great but app no longer opens automatically when a call goes out.

Casey Craven

Really wish I could configure the widget. I have no use for the auto setting. If I did, I wouldn't really need to turn the app on or off quickly.

Clell Maples

I don't get the alerts til later! Missing calls!

Dan Collins

No calls Not received a call since update on samsung s5. Duty status is on and everything else looks right but not one call comes through!!????

Doug Stednitz

Phone updated to Android version 5.0.2 and notifications stopped coming in, LG G2

Bobby waite

its a good app when or if you dont have a pager. kinda slow dont know if its just my phone but takes usually couple minutes after pager to goes off to receive the notification. other then that pretty good app.

Isaac Cuny

Good way to get GPS and know when storms come thourgh Great job on this app

Steve Leonard

Good app WISH WHEN YOU CLICK ON ADDRESS YOU CAN CHOOSE MAP PROGRAM FOR NAVIGATION...Nice to have when you miss the address on the pager.

David Searle

Fire police need a text for responding to calls. Also a map corresponding to the call.

Jeremy Whitehill

So far so good Great app, helps keep track of what is going on.

chris turley

My department uses this app its a great tool

terrance keene

Active 911 Perfect for starting reports when on the go

John Miller

Great app. Works every well

Brian Johnson

I also no longer get any notifications on any calls

Robert Wolfe

Latest Update Don't get the page until about 20 mins after dispatchers send out.

Jefferson Gilley

A must have for emergency responders!!!

Alan Ramsey

Unreliable This app is worthless if you ask me. I have tried every setting, search forums, looked all over Google for help and still this app will not work properly. No matter what I do this will not notify me of incoming calls until we are in the truck responding. It might take 5 minutes or more to get the alert. The maps are not accurate either. Love it when it shows direction to an address way outside my district. Can not believe my department pays for this app for all us guys. Junk, Crap, worthless.

Anthony Barnes

No alerts Reinstalled several times to no avail, I am not getting alerts but I do get the messages sent out by line officers. Useless if I'm not getting the calls immediately. Also make the alert tone repeat until acknowledged... like cadpage that we had before we got this.

Kyle Driver

Very good This app is very useful seeing who else is also responding as well as where the incident is. Comes in usually simultaneously as the pager. Wish there was a way to make the tone repeat until you give a response. Overall very good and cool app

Bobby Miller

Great app, with one exception. When a new call comes in and I select it's corresponding alert, it opens to the last call I viewed and not the current alerted call. Although I could check to verify it's the correct call, when I'm on the fly to hit responding I may miss it. When the occasion does occur it is frustrating enough to take my review from 5 to 3 stars. Other than that I'm very satisfied. Thank you Active 911 for your hard work and dedication.

Doug Bowers

Having issues Since my phone updated calls at night come all at 1 time the next day, regular text messages come thru normally....don't know what has happened...deleted and reinstalled twice help

Joe Martin

No exit?? Is there not an exit button for this app? I don't really want this app burning my battery for an entire 24 hour shift when I may only use it for a few minutes at a time

William Beckton

It's a good app only receives alerts on WiFi on the galaxy s5 active

Kelvin Roberson

Okay... I can not make auto open work.

Scott Bock

Mapping issues Addresses continue to map to the exact same location, which is wrong. I have screen shots to demonstrate the faulty result.

Charles Cicero Jr

Great App, the people who can't get it to work are just dumber than thier smart phones

Blake Stokes

Great tool for first responders This is a great tool and has been extremely helpful to our agency the only thing I wish it did was track units in real time

Brandon Nelson

I like the app but! Would like it even more if it Alerted me while I was on the phone, is there somthing in the settings I can change to fix that?

John Pilkington

My calls are coming through but it still want send the alert tone for me to hear when I have a call and it don't automatically pop up anymore!!

daniel harkabus

No longer getting alerts The only thing keeping me from giving 5 stars is that I no longer receive alerts when they go out. I have to go into the app and wait for it to update. It worked up until the last few weeks or so. Android operating system.

Carson Brown

Galaxy s5 App for some reason won't notify me. It's getting the pages but I have to know I got a call and then look at the app. I wonder if the power saving mode on my phone is doing something to the app if I reinstall it fixes it but that's annoying. Anyone else having this problem?

Shelby Brock

Needs work My map feature does not pull up address of the call only gives the directions to a city and zip code not the physical address. Also the program began to start and stop and restart. Will do a flicker like motion and map continues to zoom out even while attempting to zoom in

Kevin Kellerman

It's getting there compared to cad page. Coming from cadpage on Android, this needs needs some work. For example, how about a background color other than non burn out your night vision white? Can I change the led blink color? Map is nice though. Would be nice to have a refresh button or pull down to refresh feature for when the server screws up and gets out of sync.

Jim Mangi

Helps locate calls. Does not replace pagers. Map font issue. Lag time of two to three minutes, so this does not replace pagers. Lag time may be due to cellular networks, but regardless of where delay is, pagers still needed. Changing device font setting changes size of street labels in normal Google Maps, but not in Active911 map.

Michael Holley

Great app for first responders I love having this app. It works great and you get all the information you need for a call. My only issue is when I pull up the map on my phone the screen dims. I've checked all my settings and there is nothing wrong there. When I exit the map to go back to the dispatch page the screens brightens back to normal.

kelsey ward

Needs to be fixed Was working fine until a few weeks ago I am no longer receiving alerts . Android operating system

shelby shivers

Very helpful app especially when you don't have your radio on you and there's an emergency right around the corner.

rob columbus

It's ok... Definitely has a ton of bugs.. maps don't look right, open an alert only to find it was the last alert you clicked on, instead of the new alert. Very buggy.

dean hamilton

Was working good but the last couple of weeks my whole department is not getting alerts please fix this.

Robert Willis

Not working It was working fine until about a week or so ago and now I am NOT getting alerts! If an alert has occurred and I click on to open the icon, it will update and show me the alert that has happened but it will not send out the alert sound when the alert is happening

Danny Tizon

Awesome sauce! App works great and is a very useful tool on duty! One thing I'd like to see, though, is that when we get the alert, an automated voice stating what type of call and where follows the alert tone. Ex: *alert tone* Structure Fire, 123 Sesame Street. Other than that, its great!

Amber Washington

Not Getting Alerts App worked fine up until last week. Not getting alerts. Fix please.

rocky b

Notification issue When I first installed the app I got my notifications on wifi and my mobile network, now I only get them when I am on wifi. Any idea why?

Ryan Hursey

Alerts not working I have to open the app and let it load to see alerts. Not automatically alerting like it was a few weeks ago. Please fix!

Ryan Logan

Doesn't work correctly I have to uninstall and reinstall the app atleast once or twice a month so I can recieve notifications again

Gee T

Will not connect to my lg phone. called tech support and they it connected to internet but phone says not connected.

Jammie Mcmanus

Help After installing it says to click help if you don't have an account so I clicked help and nothing happens I don't understand

Andrew Stricklin

Works great I'm a e.m.t and firefighter this app helps me out a lot wit my calls I highly recommen this app for e.m.t and firefighters

Joe Hernandez

It's ok Constantly have bug issues with app not wanting to confirm my choice of specific unit choices...need to fix this major bug

Bc Florian

Worked perfectly until 2016... Now I don't get any pages

Kelvin Roberson

Okay... I can not make auto open work.

Josh Lippincott

No alerts Seems to work ok but i no longer receive alerts on incidents. A patch would be greatly appreciated.

Robert Stehle

No more popups??? Why do they no longer appear on my seen. I have to open the app.

seth brinson

Locks up my Android. While scrolling through personal, my phone locks up. Also it does not show were people are so you know how long you have to wait for help.

Keith Fones

Not getting alerts! Not opening nor receiving and calls on app samasung s6

Blake Stokes

Great tool for first responders This is a great tool and has been extremely helpful to our agency the only thing I wish it did was track units in real time

Don Beard

Not the best Very unreliable in loading correct call information. The pop up alert is correct but when I click on the more info button, it loads the precious call inormation. So far, no response from developers.

John Morrow

The app is good but on my galaxy s5 it stops working then I have to take an remove the app an then install it back agen this is really a pain when tryinf to get to a call an it does not work

Billy Jones

Needs work I have an android phone. The app only works part of the time. I can not depend on it like I wanted.

Sean Carter

Up and down Been bouncing back and forth between fully functioning versions and half functioning versions with updates every couple days. Current update seems to be fully functional, will see if it stays that way.

Scott Leonard

I'd give it 5 but hear lately i don't get the alarm til an hr or two after its happen

Jennifer Walker

Update No longer getting alerts since Friday the 12! Did something happen?

John Posko

No alarms I don't get alarms any more on my droid i have to open it up to see alarms now

Trent Davenport

Alerts only on wifi When not on wifi I do not receive notifications, on wifi it works fine. I see many people have had this problem since December, make this a priority and fix it!

Matthew Hatfield

Awesome but, It would be nice to read all the dispatch notes instead of the first few lines. Buts it's awsome knowing where the accident is , who is going, where the crew is. And who is on scene...

Katrina Ullman

No longer getting alerts (notifications) have to open app to see call outs please fix has been this way since December

Earl Mccomsey

No longer getting notification Since my dept started using this app we have liked it, now over past few weeks my android version is not getting the notifications coming through to my phone. I get the call info if I open the app and then wait for it to load, which by that time in already on the apparatus or almost on the scene. Please find what is wrong with the Android versions. I would give it 5/5 if it worked properly.

Jerry Pera

Not updating calls It's not uploading new alerts when they are dispatched. Please fix

Cult Doctor

NO IDEA WHY EVERY STATION DOESN'T USE THIS I had problem receiving alerts but was due to our fire station administrator setting my account up wrong. Not the apps fault. This app has improved my response time and location accuracy a great deal. No longer asking dispatch for a cross street or which unmarked house. Tech support is fantastic. No need for pagers with built in page recording, for the Garmin i just purchased, of missing a pager call due to signal strength, to write down or remember address or to turn on pager for your shift.

Ed Matthews

Love the app Love it, wish it had a few more features but getting better. For those who complain about not getting alerts the app is only as reliable as your network connection and if it isn't reliable the app won't be...

Cristian Damian

Great app His app has work for me since day one Idk wht we would do without it

Chris Carlson

Works good when it works Don't always get the page, keep your pager with you.


Used to work fine. No longer sends alerts. Have uninstalled/reinstalled multiple times.

Alfred Bartels

Great tool Great way to get a snapshot of what's going on when audio page outs aren't immediately clear on detail. Just wish I could see hydrant locations on the Android OS version.

Tim Nordstrom

Great app but.... I just got the Galaxy s7 edge and active 911 won't alert at all. The calls show up when I open the app but I am not notified when the come through... Please help.

Ed Jackson

Have to reinstall this thing so much I know my code to well, it's works most of the time then you have to reset it

Don Stevens

Awesome App Many times, would get my alerts before I would on my traditional pager.

Justin Greco

Awesome Active911 faster than my teacher actually gets alerts in the it says in the correct area with GPS roughly the correct area not perfect but close

craig zale

Keeps getting better Great support and easy to work with

Joe Carter

A really handy tool for first respondets Easy access to mapping and directions is first rate.

Danny McCarthy

99% It's 99% fast and accurate. Get the occasional wtf directions but would recommend it to every ff

Trudy McBroom

Fire fighter/ fire police App works to my specs!!

Matthew Gray

I have gotten in contact with them and all is well. In the trial stages of testing.

Roger Kacmarcik

Great app! Use it regularly at work...reliability is solid.

Christopher Batton

Don't get all the pages.

Roy Welch Jr

Active911 Active911 house the first responder finds a patient

Jarrett Holcombe

Works great Works great. Fast and reliable.

MJ Anderson

Amazing Great app, mapping is awesome.

Bill Lewis

SPECTACULAR Awesome app for emergency responders.

Terri Gamlin

Great tool for work This really is a useful application and I love that I have directions at the touch of a button. If I could ask for two things, it would be to have the notes on ALL calls....not just a select few, and to have our times.

Cary W. Brugh

Buggy App is great for responses and for finding the location of incidents, however I have found a very big bug that will render my entire phone useless unless I remove the battery and restart my phone. When looking at the map of an incident location, and I turn my phone or tilt it to the side the app crashes and gives an 'unfortunately Active 911 has stopped working/running' and I am unable to exit out to the home screen or hold down the on/off button to power my phone down. I have to remove the batt. completely

Scott Kreamer

Great tool The app is a great tool for the department. Allows officers to see hydrants and the oos ones so they can give propper hydrant assignments. We had a problem with the hydrants not showing up on our maps. That has now been fixed...was some kind of problem on the Active 911 side. The staff worked hard and fixed the problem now it works great! We put IPADS in the trucks with the app on it for the Officers to use as well as on the guys phones in the department.

Sean Carter

Up and down Pop up response window is hit or miss whether your choice registers or not. When you open the full app, sometimes your response is selected (highlighted), and sometimes it isn't. Kind of a big deal for first responders trying to develop a plan in real time.

Alex Munoz

Automated voice feature An automated voice after the alert tone would be nice! Really love the work you guys are doing with this app.

Lorin Acree

Average, It works good just could have so many more possible features. Map never seems to update locations have to constantly refresh to see where every one else is. And depending on phone may lag up if it's older.

Daniel Leichty

Used to work great The app was great when it worked. I have a Samsung 6 and it worked great often times getting a notification before my pager would get it. Now we (all androids ) get nothing over the station WiFi. However ever all FF's using I phones are having no issues. What the H-LL

steven daniels

Awesome App Enjoy using this at work. Alert goes off before the alarm in the station. Awesome map directions and love adding markers in for hydrants and hazards.

Jim Mangi

Lag time of two to three minutes, so this does not replace pagers. Lag time may be due to cellular networks, but regardless of where delay is, pagers still needed. Changing device font setting changes size of street labels in normal Google Maps, but not in Active911 map. On 2016-02-18, Active911 responded stating to contact them for the lag time issue, and to set the "Map Scale Factor" (under Advanced settings on my device) to "2 or 3". I changed the Map Scale factor and restarted the app, and this increased the text size of the map MARKERS, but not the STREET NAMES, which are still small. As for the lag time, I have seen the delay for others as well, but again this could be do to network issues outside of Active911's control, but regardless of where the problem is, I still consider this a supplement to our pagers. The pager goes off, and by the time I am behind the wheel, the alert has been received on Active911, which is when I need it.

Adam Olson

Needs to have ability to have scanner radio with it. So if i go p.o.v. and i dont have my radio. I am able to keep up .

Devlin Semmler

Works, sort of Alerts seem to work fine on HTC M8 and come before pager some times but mapping is awful. Many mapped addresses are completely wrong and route to addresses 100km away, or in some cases even the middle of the ocean. If mapping worked I'd give it 5 stars.

Trica Breitenbuecher

Good app The only thing I can day that needs improve is the timing. Sometimes I receive the page after my personal pager goes off or hours later. Other than that I love this app.

Mark R

Active 911 Message feature needs additional room. Our dispatchers can be rather long-winded and a great deal of info gets cut.

Ralston Reid

Firefighter Great tool and every fire dept should use it, can't wait to see the new updates coming this March 2016. Also a big plus you get the alert before your pager tones go out.

Dennis feuston

Awesome Used e-dispatch before this is a major upgrade. Every department needs this.


Used to work fine. No longer sends alerts. Have uninstalled/reinstalled multiple times.

Michael Orichuela

Doesn't work well at all I have to keep deleting app then reinstalling it

David Freeman

Fire chief We have been operating for two yrs now with this system and have loved it. It is a big help with directions for those new firemen and so much more. Would suggest all emergency service organizations put this in place. Great job


Good app Helpful but seems to force close allot lately, not sure if it's phone or app. Helps locate calls quickly

Austin Kohl

Alerts Would love to see Android be able to keep Alerts forever like IOS!

Chris Reed

This is another review after the latest update: I like the new delete feature, however having a simple slider switch at the top to go "on or off duty" would be helpful. I suggested this over a year ago. It's a bit of a hassel to drop down out of the hamberger menu and then go into the Duty Status section to change my status. Also, I suggested having dynamic alerts based on units selected in the Pagegroups section, whereas a user might want to get an audible and vibration alert for a "primary" pagegroup, but only a vibration for secondary selected pagegroups. This is helpful when monitoring neighboring stations, but you don't neccessarilly want a full alert. Lastly, is there a way to have the app control volume? At night someone might want their volume turned all the way off, however you want the Active 911 app to push through the alert at a predetermined level. This is especially important for volunteer organizations where members are at home and not in a fire station.

Travis Melvin

Customer service is outstanding! I was having alert issues after an update. I posted in the comments and was contacted immediately! It's not often that a company takes the time to find you when they have a issue with their product and works with you non stop until it's corrected. Great Job

Elaine McPherson

Mapping issues I work in a rural area & it is helpful whenever you need Dispatch information details, however the maps feature doesn't always work the way it's supposed to & sometimes directs you to an unknown location, in the middle of nowhere, that isn't showing up on the map or doesn't even map the route at all.

Matthew Reynolds

Directions Problem When I click on an address and the map pulls up I click on directions in the bottom right and nothing happens

Keith Fones

Not getting alerts! Not opening nor receiving and calls on app samasung s6 has missed 10 alerts since update

Daryl Trim

Active911 Great app love the updates that keep making it better and better.

Bill Johnson

I like this app, very useful. My only issue is I cannot find any information on how to connect a scanner app to this one. If I could do this, I would give 5 stars.

Aly Thunder

Issues The app has an issue where it will stop receiving new messages and I have to reinstall to get it to work again.

Todd VanBuren

Can a feature be added where you click on a member that is going on a call you can see what time they accepted the call?

Katrina Ullman

No longer getting alerts (notifications) have to open app to see call outs please fix has been this way since December

Chris Stephens

Was 5 stars when it worked. I would have rated 5 stars, but ever since our department switched to a new dispatching system it doesn't work at all. I am paying the annual fee for nothing now. They said that they were working on fixing it and it did work for 1 day. Now the past couple weeks the app has been completely worthless. Wish they would fix it for real.

Dave Bentley

The future of notification. This group obviously has its heart in the right place. The app isn't perfect but is maturing into a very reliable means of paging and notification. Active911 is the most responsive dev I've seen and when you call them, they actually answer the phone AND HELP! Keep up the good work!

Eric Cornett

When I upgraded I do not see the added NFPA icon but I also have not been receiving alerts for the past few weeks. Will give 5 stars once fixed

kelsey ward

Needs to be fixed Was working fine until a few weeks ago I am no longer receiving alerts . Android operating system

Amanda Brustad

The phone won't ring I think this is a neat app but when a page comes through i can't get my phone to ring (Droid turbo).

Ryan Thomas

Not showing I love the app but whenever I get an alert it doesn't show what trucks are suppose to respond to a call

Philip Sutphin

Great First Step This app is a great first step for integrating our emergency response communication with our smartphone technology. The next step should include adding items like water points, preplanned structures, and responses of our mutual aid departments onto our devices ...

William Martin

Not bad. It would be nice to have audio as well like on the pagers. I still get the adrenalin rush when I get the alert

Tony Perkins

Glitchy Very cool...when it works. I often get disconnected, or the alerts won't come up unless I open the app. Right now I can't see any personnel listed for my dept...there's always a new glitch of the week.

Tanner Handshoe

Great app Only problem is it can't find some places my dept covers and just points me towards the middle of my town

Michelle Sanchez

Can never have too much communication! Nice to be in the loop-I don't always have my pager but almost always have my phone. Favorite feature is the listener alerts-no pager can do that!

Billy Williams

Like the app It's ok

Colby Burkett

Great For The Fire Dept

Steve Rudkin

Need to scale mapping better When using map to view route in google maps, it is impossible to see who is where as even when you zoom in on a person it remains unreadably small. Using Samsung Galaxy 6 with android 6.0.1.

alex gibson

Great app! Is there a way to set different tones for different units? That would be awesome !

Joel Baugh

Great additional tool Great app. makes a great back up to the pager. The map function and description of the call helps in preparing for the emergency.

Adam Rosenberg

firefighter I can never get it to work


Lieutenant Job/side job every shift, it's on and very useful. I use it over the provided mapping system.

Puke 91

Great tool to use in conjunction with your Pager. Never relie on the app solely.

James Nelson

Good app This program helps me on my emergency calls.

James Myers

Amazing Really helps out when the area is unknown.

Todd VanBuren

Report feature keeps causing the app to crash

Wayne Johnston

Good It's a good guideline,

Shon Johnson

Great Service We have used this system for a couple of years now and I must say it's great. A lot of negative reviews are operator or their Dispatch center's error and not Active911. I suggest seeking a solution before giving a negative rating!

Sam Bashioum

Map Centering Love the new update so far! Only one suggestion is that I believe it would be more convenient if when the "World" icon was selected and the map popped up that you could have a preferenced area to be centered on the screen such as your county or regional call area instead of a full world map and having to scroll into the area you want. If this is already an option I've yet to find it and would love the input on how to do it! Thanks! -SB3

Randy Wheeler

Mapping The paging system works OK, but mapping is NOT available. Anytime I try to locate an incident, I get a notification of "can not map destination" . Got a fix for that?

Nicholas Murphy

Good app I like the app but I also think that the Android version is a "sloppy" look and not as easy to use as it is on the iPhone.... So if you could, make them the same or similar

Tyler Harris

Need to update Maps not working all the time but other than that it's great just need to get some updates available

Michael Hough

Active 911 Very helpful application I couldn't do what I do without it

Greg Armstead

Active 911 is great. Would suggest sorting responding personnel to top of list so they are immediately visible with scrolling thru incl and not reso

leo hingley

Good It works very well but mapping sometimes isn't even close but all in all good app

Andrew Herban

Great app Never an issue with the app but our dispatch is another story

Keith Long

I see everyone.. Like the program. I gave it 4 stars. I am linked with multiple squads through this. I would like to just see the responders for the station dispatched, not everyone who has active 911 through my other synced squads on the map view.

Albert Brunetti

Station 270 President/Firefighter Extremely reliable

Alex Munoz

Automated voice feature Automated voice feature would be nice after the alert tone goes off.

Ashlyn LA

Good I like it cuz after school I can check to see if we had any fire calls

Richard Mitchell

Captain It works good

derrick holbrooks

Great app App works great. It is a very useful tool for volunteer departments.

K Elric

Awesome! Most of the time I get the Active911 alert before or at the same time as he tones. I get to read the Dispatch notes that aren't always mentioned over the radio, which helps out a lot. It will even automatically pull up the scanner app if you have it and you're area Fire/EMS is offered on it, which mine is. One thing I wish is that we could set our own sounds for the alert. If that's not reasonable then I'd like to request that Turtle Man (yee yee yee, live action!) be added as a new alert. Thanks!

chad cavinee

Crashes Used to be a 5☆ but now maybe a 3. Always get a active 911 not responding pop up.

MJ Anderson

Amazing "Update" Great app, mapping is awesome. 5☆ ("Update": use to work great, now it lags and crashes. Ineffective for trying to get info from dispatch and respond. 2☆)

Justin Bruster

Update 9/21 Crashes anytime you try to open up map from the address. Never did this before the rollback.


Crashes since last update. Was 5 star until a few days ago

jeremy brubach

9/16 updates Won't open maps, also deleted all past calls. Need fixed asap

Kelvin Roberson

Latest update Love the app but the last update makes the app crash when ever I try to open the map.

Justin Blanton

Don't ring Does anyone else have problems with it not going off?

Daelyn Wickerham

Love it a lot I have been a user of since it came out and I have not had any problems out of it it is a very good app

Christopher Imoe

Liked the old format better

Noah Naylor

Love it Awesome how it works

Michael Savi

Bad Update That last update was really bad. I get an "Active911 Not Responding" pop up practically every time I open the app and I can not see others watching or responding when a call goes out. Please fix this!

Shawn Y

CRASHING CONSTANTLY Used to be a 5 star app. With all of the recent updates this app is becoming extremely unstable. We pay a lot of money annually for this app, please look into recent issues and fix or we will be forced to review your competitors.......Hope your new update today fixes above mentioned issues. If it does, i will re-evaluate and give higher stars as this app was in the past.

Colby Burkett

This New Update Is Garbage Before The Update It Worked Great But The New Update It Shows No One Is Responding Please Fix This!

David Grasso

App crashes all the time. App crashes all the time, problem is recent. Needs to be fixed.

bryan jones

Useless Keeps crashing

Steve Schwab

WTH did you do App and service used to be great. Now I can't see whose responding, the app freezes, the mapping isn't working, and it keeps booting me off system. We pay too much money to have these problems. I hope you guys get it together or we may have to look elsewhere

Cult Doctor

Crashing and not popping up App crashes and doesn't pop up when a call comes in with either original or pop-up setting. Also, and this may be on the dispatchers side, but have been given wrong locations by MILES! The wrong GPS location is wrong on all phones in our department, not just mine.

Kyle Grawunder

Always crashes. Fix it please. Has not been the same since the last update. Cannot hit responding, or arrived. Have to close out of it multiply times, then it might work.

Justin Rutledge

Always crashing Won't let me hit responding, takes 20 times or so restarting app to work, won't show all the responders, locks up sometimes when trying, locks up when trying to view map, for an app the so many people rely on for public safety you think it would work better

Summer S

Was good Mine crashes all the time lately and just stops working randomly and shows I'm offline. I have to reinstall it a lot. Loved it before now it's just becoming a nusincance that I have to have for my job. Please correct the crashing issues.

Chris Jones

Crashing more and more Not showing responders, not letting us hit responding button, keeps showing a not working message

Kody Hummel

Needs some debugging... Very good app, but has not been the same since the last update. The app crashes and I have not been receiving calls...

Jeremy Hicks

Crashes Awesome app when it's not crashing when a call is toned out. Not sure y but it does it so much more since update.

Ben salapka

Crashes Crashes when you open the report, crashes when I try to delete runs, crashes occasionally when I try to open directions. Needs to fixed asap, responders rely on this app

Zachary Laskey

Bad update Used to work well, now can't see who is responding and also crashes a lot more often

Alex Munoz

Keeps crashing Every time I click on to see whose responding the app crashes

Skip Knudtson

Extras? Ever since the last update, the satellite layer is gone. Please bring it back. I keep seeing the "Extras" button, but it always says Coming Soon. When are the "Extras" coming?

brandon mitchell

Like the GPS navigation. There should be a button for out of service and for clearing selected enrout, standby, and station buttons.

Larry P Jones Jr

Latest version crashes Latest update crashes on Android N. Nexus 6P

Awesome For us react guys it's awesome.because it helps u help fire medical and police when there is an accident

Joseph Mariano

Crashes to much Crashes every time I open app

Robert Bellflower

App crashes The app has been crashing since last update.

Carrington Steward

Always crashes and I can't change my settings. Fix this please

Ryan Thomas

Not showing The app keep crashing

Jason Koscinski

Nice Good when working. Dependent on Google maps data which often needs correction.

Jacob Marcotte

Update Last update has been terrible

donald elkins

Firefighter I love this app makes getting information so easy... thank you!!

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