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15 Sep
Action Launcher 3

Posted by Chris Lacy in Personalization | Sept. 15, 2016 | 202 Comments

Apk file size: 21.0 MB

? #1 on Android Central's "Best Android launchers of 2016" list! ?

Action Launcher 3 is the definitive Material Design launcher. Action Launcher takes the look and feel of Google Now Launcher that you love, then adds a wealth of color, customizations and unique features so you can quickly and easily make your home screen shine!

Standout features include:
• Nexus/Pixel Launcher features: swipe up from your dock to reveal the new full screen All Apps mode, tint the dock, use the new circular folder style, place the Google Pill and Date widgets and more.
• Quicktheme: marvel as your home screen is customized with the colors from your wallpaper.
• Shutters: swipe a shortcut to reveal an app's widget. Useful for previewing your inbox or Facebook feed without opening the app.
• Quickbar: customize the Google search bar with shortcuts and apps of your choosing.
• Quickedit: have alternative icon suggestions instantly presented to you, without having to dig through icon packs.
• Smartsize icons (Beta): icons are automatically resized to match Material Design's recommended icon size.
• Covers: an innovative take on traditional folders. Tapping a Cover loads an app, swiping a Cover opens a hidden folder which you have customized.
• Use icon packs, scale icons, hide and rename apps and much more.
• Full phone, phablet and tablet support.

Action Launcher 3 allows you to import from your existing layout from other launchers such as Apex, Nova, Google Now Launcher, HTC Sense, Samsung/Galaxy TouchWiz and the stock Android launcher, so you'll instantly feel right at home.

Note: Some features require the Plus in-app upgrade.

Whats new

    New in the September 2016 update:
    • Integrate Nexus Launcher's rumored All Apps drawer. Swipe up on the dock to reveal All Apps.
    • Two new Nexus Launcher inspired style folder types.
    • Add tinted dock background.
    • Customize colors of All Apps, folder icons & dock background via Quicktheme.
    • Add caret page indicator.
    • Add Google "pill" & date widgets.
    • Save backups to Google Drive.
    • Many miscellaneous bug fixes.
    Be sure to check Settings -> Version 3.9.x for a full breakdown of the release!

Chris Lacy part of our Personalization and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 15, 2016. Google play rating is 82.2327. Current verison is 3.9.4. Actual size 21.0 MB.

Download action-launcher-3.apk 21.0 MB


Nick Hobart

Look no further I've never been one to stick with a launcher for very long however AC3 has me hooked. I have the pro version and it's fantastic. The slide out feature from both sides of the phone really makes it something special. I've battled with Chris before on some of his apps but this one is heads above every other launcher. GETTIT NOW.

Naim Molina

Widget won't work after purchase After purchasing Launcher I could not edit the widget app to be one other than the standard free one. It will simply stay with standard . Why did I purchase this app then if I can't use full capability?

Wesley George

Worth the 5 bucks This developer infamously charged customers for action launcher 2. I took a stance then that I would never support this app. It's the principle.. Once I pay for an app I expect it to be supported for the lifetime of the app. He could have come with paid plug ins but no charge us for another version. When action launcher 3 came out I was hesitant to try it out. But the reviews were great so I figured let me try it out and if it doesn't work out request a refund... I'm glad I didn't request a refund.

Thiago Tardelli V. de Almeida

I really like you Chris, but... I feel really disappointed by now. This was clearly a rush release. It's missing key features that every other launcher has. How am I supposed to change the grid size if I cannot change icon sizes? My current setup just doesn't fit. No icon pack support just yet. Sorry but can't use the app right now. And also I should point that the "plus" features are not all that appealing. I can see many people using the free version. Wish I could get an easy refund.

Wallace Edward Newcomb

Action Now the best launcher available. A very smart launcher. (better with each update). Get the Pro version, worth it. (Problems with the new 5.1 Android update. Sometimes icons disappear, + no widget access.)

Pat Moffat

Absolutely fantastic! Stable, fast, visually pleasing, and with a unique and intuitive design, AC3 has been my favourite launcher since day one.

Matthew Moselle

Wow! Nova Launcher... How I love you so much, and you'll always have a special place in my heart, but you've been outclassed and your butt has been kicked by Action Launcher. This is just all around, impressive to me! Keep up with this Dev! I would love to see the dock icons match desktop icons in size.

Jari Beguš

"IAPs not available in my country" That's funny because apps normally plead for my cash. Just this week I made two IAPs. Other than this issue, there's nothing really wrong with the app itself, I just can't put my finger on what is preventing me from liking it.

Anwar Hashim

Loving it... Great work through and through...very smooth, and provides a great alternative to what I was using. I keep going back to compare, but there is no comparison to the experience... It's way better here... Keep those great updates coming. Good on you Chris.

Alicia Matyi Glasscock

Absolutely the best launcher out there I just installed this launcher and the next day bought the pro version. I've been using APUS because it automatically categorized my apps into folders, but this one is so much better. I miss the auto categorization, but this has so many shortcuts and features that I don't miss it much. This was the best $5 I could have spent and for everyone complaining about having to pay for it they've never been an independent developer and they don't know the hard work that goes into developing an app.

Brian McMillan

Pro fail Restored my phone and now pro won't load. It's asking me to pay again...

Samir Taylor

I love it.... But ever since I've been using it(since launch), any apps that I have saved to my SD card will vanish from my folders after a while. Everything else is great though.

Randall DeSear

Great Best launcher out there. But when I did have a problem I did not get an appropriate response. Still 5 stars though and I have used many launchers in the past.

Dominick Thomas

So impressive! I've used Action Launcher 2 in the past and despite it's lofty ambitions it could be frustrating. Action Launcher 3 though is a different beast entirely! This launcher is more intuitive than any manufacturer skin or even google's own. Hire Chris Lacy Google! Pay him all of the money!

Rob Clauer

Customizations are great Great unique launcher, but quick page is really buggy/laggy

Thibaud Peltier

My default launcher Action launcher's been my go to since it came out... Covers alone would be enough to keep me around, but QuickPage and especially the brand new QuickTheme in this version make it unbeatable.

Siraj Mazher

My primary launcher! Bought AL2 then bought AL3. AL3 now has the main AL2 features. Disappointed that some Pro features have gone free after paying. Grateful paid users still have more though. To developer: the right hand drawer stutter and is not smooth like the one on the left. Would appreciate a fix.

Trudy Conway

A lot of work Basically, a good launcher that would be great with more tweaking. I'm trying to find more themes for it. The settings are clunky. I love the general look of the app, but spend so much time resizing icons. It's weird but you have to make an icon smaller to see more of it. This is one I paid for and used more than 15 minutes to change my mind so I'm stuck. Will probably set it aside and wait until it (hopefully) gets updated.

Gary MacGregor

Great Very functional, without bogging you down with too many useless features. Been using Nova for a long time, but this has made me switch.

Sam Smith

My go to Launcher I like this Launcher a lot and it is regularly updated. My only criticism is that paid users should have more features. The features keep going free in the updates (70%+ unlocked now) which makes me kind of regret paying for it, and as others have stated there is no refund option. Keep up the good work though.

Keith Licht

Best launcher Lots of solid options, regular updates, and innovative features. Only thing I miss is having a "phone only" search bar at the top,but Chris has already said he won't be bringing that back. :( 5th star if he changes his mind.

Michael Weisberg

Quicktheme can't grab colors from some backgrounds.... I understand that it might not always be possible to grab colors, but can you make it just default to the regular material white/grey colors when that happens? As it is now, I get stuck with the colors from the previous background, which tend to clash pretty hard. Also, the free version should have more features! That's the reason this launcher isn't as highly reviewed as the previous one. Having no free version at all would be better than having the useless one that exists now.

Mauricio Osorio

Best Launcher for Android I have used countless launchers, such as Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher, Go Launcher, Google Now Launcher, etc. I eventually get bored with them or they're to laggy on my Moto G (Google Now Launcher specifically) but this is based off the Google Now Launcher, but unlike it, it's fast and has smooth animations. I haven't gotten bored with Action Launcher either. I would recommend this to all of my friends, but they're all off in boring land with their iPhones.

Kris Smith

Goodbye Nova Launcher I have/had Nova Launcher for years now. I decided to give AL a second try and I have to admit version 3.4 is f'n sweet. There's still a few things I need to get used to and implement better but other than that I can't complain. I use gestures a lot so this works well for me. Reminds me of Ubuntu OS. Well, what I seen in a video anyway... Keep up the great work dev! More docks or a way to slim down the Quickpage grid other than it syncing to the desktop grid would be great.

fourth letter

Vastly improved I was originally disappointed with AL3 but now that my beloved Quickpage is back i am very happy indeed. Definitely the most intuitive launcher I've ever used.

Adam Long

Great Love the design. Only problems were the minor performance issues. For me, this is a major issue, as I like to keep my device running as smoothly as I possibly can. Iron out these performance issues and for sure 5 star rating and will replace Google Now Launcher as my main launcher. Edit: these problems have been fixed. Now my main launcher.

Joshua deVille

Purchased it, its alright. So after trying the free version and liking it I decided to get the full version. It has some neat littles things but to be honest I still prefer nova. I have also noticed my Nexus 6 gets warm from using this app sometimes and there seem yo be a few bugs when going between the homescreen and action settings. I would also like a refund but their is no refund button which is kind of sketchy.

Michael Langwell

App resets everything Love the action launcher application. Every week my layout resets and I have to re do it. Tired of doing this and switched to nova launcher until this is fixed. Should be able to back up layouts.

Bruce Williams

Great Launcher Very unique interface. Nice seeing someone doing something different. The cover folder feature is awesome and reduces clutter on my home screen.

Paul Guerino

Works GREAT, but... I love everything about this launcher. My only gripe is that when I switch to ultra power saving mode (gs5) and then come back, my entire home screen is blank and I have to reset all my shortcuts and widgets.

Adil Aslam

Best...................But........!!!! Best Android Launcher For Ever...............!!!! Its Very Good Launcher in Play store....!!! But one Thing is bad .I can't add any widgets on my home screen.I am using android 4.2.2.when I add widgets its say "unfortunately Setting has Stopped ".please help me.i love this launcher app very much..other launcher apps like solo and holo or zero launcher work fine for me......i am waiting your response...

Marcus Thomas

A truly competitive launcher. I would say that AL3 is now at a point where it can truly compete with launchers like Nova. AL has always prided itself in being simple, but I’d argue that a launcher like Nova can be as simple or as complex as you make it. Recent updates, however, have added much more user control. While the settings still aren’t as robust as Nova, I can’t see myself complaining, nor have I switched back to Nova after a short while like I usually do. AL used to be just a basic launcher with an alternative app drawer and some clever theming options, but I’m happy to say that’s no longer the case and will continue to use this as my daily driver. It’s only a few improvements away from a full 5-star rating. For example, swiping left/right past your last screens should show some sort of pull animation so it's not just an instant, and often accidental, transition. Being unable to use swipe gestures over widgets needs to be fixed as well. Overall, a great launcher that I'd finally recommend in addition to Nova.

Billy Porter

Great replacement for Touchwiz, near perfect replacement for google now By far it beats the touchwiz launcher experience. I wish it integrated better with google (you can swipe to google now, but you cannot swipe out of google now back to the launcher...which is not AL's fault). It is better than google launcher, I just wish navigating to and from google now cards was eaiser. Covers are such a great idea vs. folders. 95% of the time, i want the first icon in a folder to launch anyways, and swipe up is very easy to open the cover; it is a great idea. Shutters are also a great addition. Easy access to a widget vs. creating multiple screens/desktops. I'm essentially down to one screen + quickdrawer + quickpage.

Mendel agterberg

One of the best designed launcers while being minimalistic Great launcher, has most of the important features from nova and apex while adding more user friendly options. My favorite feature is double tap to lock the phone. In combination with my phones ability to unlock as well with double tap makes it really quick to open en close my phone. Only one thing that keeps it from being the best launcher, the icons don't scale with the grid. So resize the grid results in weird glitches of the icons on your homescreen.

Mike Venegas

The best Hands down Great superlative Launcher !, it feels like its still in its infancy and will offer so much more. Some minor bugs here and there but its ok because this launcher is AWESOME. Especially paired with my wallpaper changer app takes theme to another level. The dev Chris seems like he is always working on this launcher and listens to requests and or feedback. Good job

Brandon Downs

Near perfect The touch range to activate the mic and search are a bit over lapped or screwed up. And can you make the transition to apps (swiping to the right on far left screen) a bit smoother.

Dustin Brown

IMO the best out for google now launcher lovers Clean customizable and unique. This is the only launcher that is better then the google now launcher. Nice work!

william scathe

The most functional and efficient launcher out there. Go Chris Lacy! UPDATE: The super responsive developer has done an amazing job interacting with users over their concerns via his G+group and I couldn't be happier with the results. Back to 5 stars. ×××old review follows××× I adored Action Launcher 2. I don't hate Action Launcher 3. I just don't think it measures up to 2, particularly in its subtraction of IMMENSELY useful features like Quickpage. It's a shame, because in many ways AL3 is a better piece of code, but it just doesn't respect its own legacy enough.

Marc Frigon

My new go-to launcher I've been a dedicated Nova Launcher user for a very long time, but after hearing Chris Lacy featured on All About Android a few times, I decided it was time to give Action Launcher a go. Boy, am I glad I did. I love the original features -- the "cover" folders, quick-access app list, and shutters all became indispensable features for me within minutes of first installing the launcher. So far it seems very smooth and snappy, and I find myself reaching for my phone more often just so I can play with it and discover more new stuff about Action Launcher. Well done!

Hobie Helbich

Best launcher, hands down. I've used almost all the major third party launchers; apex, nova, adw, golauncher, and then I found the beta of this. I was hooked. Action launched is one of the most unique launchers I've used, yet it still retains a lot of AOSP feel (which I love). It also has some incredibly innovative features that make using your device a hundred times easier. Definitely worth it for the pro unlock key! Chris Lacy is an awesome developer who pushed updates constantly, and listened for user feedback.

Анашкин Сергей

Best of all other But, please return function "open quick page or quick apps" in other working apps. Maybe optional view to example. And notification was be amazing in version 2. Thanks for good launcher

Denis Yakushin

Unlock device by double tap Make unlock device by double tap, and everyone will be happy

Dmytro Mamon

Very sympathetic launcher. The side panel is a miracle! Please. Need IconGrid option for Quick page regardless of the home screen. and Russian translation

Anatoliy Yanovskiy

Really nice launcher Woth to try at least.

Фёдор Капралов

Can not to restore in-app purchase

Денис Осипов

For now, it's looks like a downgrade from previous version. I hope quickpage will be back in the future updates, it's more useful than swiping for google now!

Егор Караяни

Very Good Bur please add russian in the side bar with apps.

Alex Bailey

Now that quickpage is back Glad that quickpage is back. The whole app seems much more polished since I last looked a couple months ago. I bought it now. There are some screen padding issues especially with the status bar off. Hope these will be resolved soon.

Leon Johnson

Shut up and take my money Best things about the launcher: (1) ability to hide apps (Evernote widget "app" I'm looking at you) from the app drawer; (2) covers are insanely useful and keep any phone layout clean but functional.

Kaivalya Sakalgaonkar

Am amazing launcher... The most favorite due to it's simple, and stock look But the icon change option should also be provided for the free version users. Just saying, anyways I'm going to buy the plus version soon.

Aidan Holmes

Display Padding? Upgraded from AL2 to AL3 and unfortunately bought pro before seeing that the screen padding option in display is gone. Huge gaps on sides now in landscape

David Berry

Great but i hate the unremovable google search bar as there is no need for it in any way. Thats why we have widgets or a spot at the bottom of the home screen. Dont need a big colorful material google search taking up all that room. Pls fix it. I love action but this has made it lesser than it once was

Trouble Doll

Keep getting error message That says "Unfortunately Action Launcher 3 has stopped." Otherwise I'd rate 5 stars.

Karl Jonny Kaspersen

It's great! But.... I've been using a different launcher for years, but recent updates made it crash way too frequently on my phone. So I gave this a go, and it's great, but there are a few things I'd like to see fixed before going pro user. Like mentioned, I don't use the Google search bar, I want it gone. Also, most launchers have a very simple 'tap and uninstall' feature. I need this. I don't like to go to app manager and search through hundreds of apps.

Bradley Gizzi

Too money hungry You ask for money to unlock features that are free on almost every other 3rd party launcher, for example icon packs. Please do not restrict everything. I'm not saying this is a bad app, don't get me wrong I plan on purchasing pro but the authors restrict too many features to pro only.

Reza A

Very laggish even on high-end end devices Pros: introducing new concepts, clean and aligned with android stock ecosystem. CONS: EXTREMELY poor performance even on galaxy s6, Since it is using in-app purchase model you cannot refund your money, at least some minor hints would be nice... I am a experienced user and a developer but I couldn't find out how how to use some of the pro features like quick panel.

Ch Siva Prasad

Please make pro version free, i bet your app will earn 5 stars from everyone. It also will beat nova launcher.

Randall DeSear

Great Best launcher out there. But when I did have a problem I did not get an appropriate response. Still 5 stars though and I have used many launchers in the past. The cover feature is innovative and used continually. It feels natural to me. Anyway there are other worthy launchers out there (Aviete and Nova) but this one is ahead of the curve.

souleymane sidibe

Nexus 5 perfect, but nexus 7 2013.... Love this app. It's awesome on my nexus 5. Really love it. But on my nexus 7 2013 it's slow, the touchscreen is not working properly. I was wondering if it was not my tablet touchscreen. But Since I replaced Action3 with Google Now Laucher, everything is fine with my Nexus 7! The touchscreen now works! Don't know if it's me or a real issue with nexus 7 2013.


Soo close Please make it easier to find icons when changing individual icon theme nova launcher has done this very well and it's the only reason I go back and forth between this launcher and nova. Definitely five star number one launcher after this.

Tony Tien

Back to Nova Launcher... App drawer and side shortcut bar don't load any apps or anything until I come back an hour later. Already bought pro. Incredibly annoying.

Ali Foote

BEWARE. Copy backups to SD card A previous disaster with Action Launcher3 caused me to lose all my desktops, widgets and backups. For no reason it crashed and burned! However, I'm giving it another chance which is testament to how good this launcher is. However, I now copy my backup files to SD card. So meantime 4 stars. If the Dev. Allows saving backups to SD then I'll give 5.

João Reis

Horrific support I love this launcher (period), but recently I traveled to Spain and I needed to reset my phone and reinstall everything and now it doesn't recognize my Plus license anymore. From the developer there is not a single word after two emails and I bet it will blame Google for that, but you know what? It's the ONLY app with this problem!! A shame to make us pay such a relatively high price for a launcher, then make us pay full price for an upgrade and giving us this poor and slow support. Back to Smart Launcher 3

Andy A

Love it The way the transition from 2 to 3 was handled was a bit iffy, bit in the end, I'm satisfied with what Action Launcher 3 has to offer. I've tried almost every other mainstream launcher out there, and I always come back to Action Launcher. Covers and shutters are indispensable now that I'm used to them, and I love how quicktheme works with my wallpapers.

The Marc

Good but I hate that I can only theme via the quick themer. It's not picking up the proper colors :-( I want blue and orange but it's picking up purple and maroon..

Adam Gooding

**BUG REPORT** So I loved this launcher even bought pro but now it won't work at all.. Pit my Samsung galaxy s5 into ultra power saving mode and now it's broken apps are gone on screen, the list that pops up when sliding to the right is gone.. It's all gone really.. Had to go back to stock launcher.. Tried reinstall and boot cache format and even after all that same issue please fix I love your launcher for now it's broken for me :/

Bibhuranjan Nath

Very good but This is a very good launcher. Very light on resources and very practical. I specially liked the shutters. But one thing I sorely commimg from nova is the ability to have a transparent status bar. I can hide the status bar but the HS looks odd. Hope the devs look into that.

Elio Campitelli

Excellent launcher with annoying ads This launcher kept getting more annoying after each update. Now it shows a constant and ugly ad at the bottom of the quick drawer. I'm aware of the premium features and I don't need them, crippling the free version of the app to force me into buying it is not cool, IMHO.

Frank Bernard

Awesome. Best around. I loved the first action launcher and got the pro. Saw this and fell in love immediately after seeing the completely redone interface to look like lollipop. I know it's new but please please please make the ability to lock the desktop from being changed liked the previous version. I can't stand every app I install to appear in my desktop. Also a couple of small bugs here and there but nothing big. Great job, great developer, and great future. Thanks for everything dev, keep up the good work!

Michael Anderson

I am struggling with my feelings about AL3. First, the coolest, most unique functions (auto theme and shutters) are only available if you purchase the Pro key; if you're looking for a free launcher with many similar customizing options try the free version of Nova Launcher (many others could do the job as well). Second, I miss the ability to have and hide my dock; this app allows users to completely remove the dock, but that's it. I've filled my Quickpage with Covers, many which contain Shutters inside; a lot of those Shutter widgets have been resetting themselves or simply not launching in the last day or so. I also wish that there was a quick app search function; the quick app menu lets you jump to a letter on your list, but it just doesn't feel as intuitive as Z Launcher or the app search function in Nova. The app also seems incapable of setting up a second Home page while keeping my primary Home page blank. All in all, this is an innovative take on the Android launcher interface, but I feel that it still needs substantial work to be my daily driver.

Chris Denyer

still has some work. Can't import my Go launcher backup into this. it only recognizes my touchwiz setup. The bigger issue i'm having is resizing of widgets as I end up with lots of wasted space, I cannot seem to get rid of it. Almost like cropping a picture. With previous launcher I could add my widgets and stretch or shrink them to match my grid layout.

Peter V.

Great launcher This is a great launcher. Very customizable and it just need a lockscreen with it. Five star.

Paul Newby

Newbs20 No longer working with S6 edge. Quick drawer, Quick page and widgets unable to load. This was one of my favourite launchers but now moved back to Nova for reliability and overall performance. AL is way too buggy to be taken seriously.

jordan whitehead

5 stars if issues are fixed... Great app, but in order for 5 stars fix the following. When I double tap to turn off screen on lg g3 it tells me "desktop is locked" and click to unlock. I can't turn off my screen using the phones' feature without it telling me this and it's annoying because when I double tap to turn it on the message is displayed over my dock and I have to wait 5 seconds for it to go away and I can click an app on my dock. Please fix this. I payed for this app and want this fixed. Also, allow me to change the folder shape

Owen Vidler

These ads are making me weep. I love the launcher, best I've used, but why did you have to add in ads? Some of aren't able to purchase the 'plus' ...

Jack Holt

I was looking for something different. I've used Nova, Sense Home, Touchwiz and a whole bunch of others and got bored with all of them. Nova has had some refresh/redraw issues on my Note 4 but Action Launcher doesn't. It's fast, customizable beyond belief and the shutters are a continued favorite of mine. Bought the pro version just because it's worth supporting Lacy. Well done.

Nick Dewey

No I was annoyed when the new version of action launcher downgraded me to the "free" version, even though I distinctly remember paying money. Now, there is an ever-present banner in the app drawer asking me to upgrade. I am actually offended by the audacity of this developer. I can't take back the money I paid for the now unsupported action launcher 2, but I will not be nagged to re-buy a launcher from a dev who could spontaneously drop support for something else.

Sam Sulkin

So great Looks fantastic. Feels fantastic. Really intuitive. Best launcher available right now. Supper happy with it.

Michael Teague Jr

Why can't Backup location be changed to SD card I love the launcher but it has one feature that makes no sense why can't you change the back up location to the SD card. If you flash a lot of ROMS its pointless to backup to the internal storage.

Timothy Swithyrat

Very well put together; some minor drawbacks. The launcher is great, the only problem with it, is the delay. I would love to see a lockscreen feature too.

Nick Hanscome

Pretty much perfect My go to launcher on any device. Smooth, good looking and Hella functional.

Matt Hitt

Cannot use on s6 edge The app drawer doesn't display apps, the left screen only shows a loading icon, and the quick screen on the right is blank and doesn't let me add anything

Arjit Bhargava

Bugs This application does not work properly with Lollipop which already has memory leaks. When the home button is pressed there is sudden reload of applications in the sidebar and wastes a lot of time. Secondly, the phone gets stuck sometimes and sometimes and it doesn't reload and just hangs up on me. I am not sure if this is a lollipop issue or Action Launcher issue but it's been working fine since I bought Nova Launcher.

Brian Matei

Unique and Functional Action Launcher strikes a nice balance between the simplicity of the Google Now Launcher and the customization of other third party launchers. Features like Quickdrawer, page, and theme are extremely well done and well worth paying for. My main problem with this launcher is that it doesn't work with icon packs very well. While it does support them, you cannot change icons in the drawer and you cannot change some icons back to their defaults. It's great besides that and is worth paying for.

Amber Standrey

I used to love this launcher but now it does not work 90 percent of the time all it does is force close every time I try to move an application icon or widget nexus 6

Pavel Drapak

Loved AL2, this is not worth it (for now)? I loved AL2 and paid for Pro version quite soon after it came out. While in principle I have no big problem to pay for SIGNIFICANT upgrade, due to much note limited feature set, I'm sorry to say this app is not worth the money being asked for it... Migration to new version should have been handled better too. Also begs the question when users will have to expect next paid upgrade?

Brodie Wallace

Bug When closing the last app on my active apps list the launcher tends to swap to the default launcher's home screen. Would have been five and will if bug gets patched

anita slater

I installed this then after a little while I upgraded to the purchased one. Later I realized that somehow the upgrade was to action 2. I returned to Action Launcher 3 to try too make it Pro & can't figure out how to do so. Please help! Also, I would love tutorials on it. I'm a bit technology challenged!

Sami Djerad

Force close when searching for contacts from the google search bar Using the pro version and I'm on Marshmallow 6.0.1 (nexus 6p) and when selecting from the universal google search bar a contact, I will get a "unfortunately, Google App has closed" error message. Tried using a different launcher and issue is clearly with action launcher 3 pro. Please fix!

Don Whyte

Loving this launcher so far. I don't like running widgets on my desktop, but Action Launcher handles launching widgets in a clean and easy to access manner. It also doesn't feel too far from stock, while integrating a good amount of options to personalize your launcher experience.

Russel Messick

Keep losing my widgets on reboot Darn thing has on occasion loses my widgets on reboot. It's been doing this for the last 6 months off and on.

Erik Martinez

Really excited! (Was) I WAS really exited but this launcher is just buggy. Keeps screwing up my widgets. Changes there color. Also the charges made to folders don't stick including color. Overall the theming is not doing it's job. Noting sticks. Well nothing custom. Man bad purchase. Going back to NOVA..

Neimann Smith

Great, but could use more customization. It would be perfect if we were given the option to change colors regardless of what wallpaper we use. Can't have a Black Search bar because it doesn't recognize black as a color (which it isn't ?) other than that its great!

Timothy Eikel

Quickpage not working I have upgraded my Action Launcher 3 to Plus, and i have enabled Quickpage. But quickpage does'nt show up

Aaron Miller

Nice Launcher. Kudos to Chris and his team Action Launcher 3! I have used many launchers out there; Go, Nova, Everything Me, Smart Pro 3, Total, Apex, CM, Next & Hola, but always seem to go back to Action 3. It's not perfect as it crashes from time to time, and I still can't seem to turn on accessibility via settings (Sammy Note 3) to get more out of the launcher. Good start though, looking forward to updates.

Nep sotic

Annoying Ads It's a nice and intuitive launcher, but being hounded to upgrade every time I slide the App Drawer is more than tedious, not to mention ugly. I get that people need incentives to upgrade but simply limiting features would do this perfectly

Kevin Nguyen

Worth the money This is one of the best launchers I've ever had the pleasure of using. No stupid themes built in, but you can add icon packs. No boggy "features". About as smooth as the Google Now launcher. The app will sometimes crash, causing you to reselect it as the default home app, but that is probably because of my phone. Overall 5 stars!

Howard Griffith

App is probably good but.... I think the app maybe really useful but it keeps crashing on my new G4. Therefore I can only rate it as 3 star.

Renato Janelle

Works as Designed Functionality.. It makes using your smart phone simply more functional and it's easy to use. Well done Chris, best 6$ spent

Jeff Levy

Beautiful, lightweight, reliable It's so functional with the covers and shutters. And this is one of the only launchers that cares about looking good but doesn't have a thousand ugly themes geared toward 12-year-olds. The automatic color theming based on the wallpaper is just genius. UPDATE: still stable and still awesome after using for a year or so.

Jack Cruikshank

Really impressed very smooth and so helpful. Love how you didn't try and change too much from stock android and what you did change makes so much sense. Keep doing what you're doing. Edit: would like to see a little more optional customization like being able to scroll between multiple docks. Lag on all apps button since recent update

Armando L

A little disappointed I just bought the launcher and it works great and probably the most innovative use of widgets and theming I've seen but I can't help but be disappointed that there is no AMOLED theme option. I really hope to see that in an upcoming update. Oh and I'm a big fan of the blerg.. Keep up the good work.

Shane Cheesman

Disappointed... 2nd edit: Having now fully experienced this apps' features, I have determined that there are just too many bugs in this app. Day-to-day usage is not possible until these bugs are addressed. I have contacted support numerous times, with no response. Disappointing. Now only worth 1 star. The same goes for Pro version and Link Bubble.

Carlo Teodoro

Much better than before BUT... After the recent update made, Action Launcher 3 has not crashed. That's a very good thing considering I really really love this Launcher. Koodos to Chris Lacey! Thank you for listening to your fans and the feedbacks. The one last issue I have noticed is when you create a cover for a folder and when you swipe upwards to open that folder then proceed to the quick drawer, it doesn't launch. Please fix this issue. That is all. Great app and my go-to Launcher.

Colin Holmes

A smooth and fast launcher with great additional features. I upgraded to the pro version soon after installing. One complaint: picking out custom icons from a huge, un-searchable list is a pain (but maybe this is a limitation of Android/the icon packs themselves, I'm not sure).

Richard Romero

It's allot better great job.. Although I can't believe you got rid of tap path and link bubble.. I'm sure you cashed in thoe.. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

Jeremy starkiller

You owe me a replacement 64 GB SD card!!!! Your application fried my freaking brand new 64GB SD card and I have just lost every thing to include photos of my grandparents that I will never be able to get back!!!! Thanks alot for almost making my phone almost permanently crash also!!! As of now, I will be deleting anything that you make and I will be contacting your people!!! I will give you till Tuesday to contact me and discuss this major f#$k up and how your going to replace my fried equipment.

Elliott Braganza

Top notch ***Chris, quick bar settings issue fixed, thanks.*** Was impressed with free version and purchased plus. Great look and feel, without sacrificing speed.

Nicholas Schilling

Severely underrated This launcher should be up in the 4.5 to 4.8 range not 4.1.... Great all around, smooth operations, and I love the side app drawer

Adam Burkholder

For me, I can't use anything else I've tried the stock launcher, Google Now launcher, Nova, Apex, Go... you get it. I've always come back to Action Launcher because it just makes navigating to exactly what I need so much faster. Covers, Shutters, and Quickbar... those are the big things that I can't do without. Quickdrawer's list functionality is available elsewhere, but it's uniquely accessible here in AL to the best of my knowledge. My only want for the app is the ability to place overlapping widgets.

Keith Licht

Best launcher Lots of solid options, regular updates, and innovative features. Only thing I miss from AL2 is having a "phone only" search bar at the top,but Chris has already said he won't be bringing that back. :( 5th star if he changes his mind...

Joel Smith

The first app I download on any new phone Though not as popular as Nova or Apex (a fact made all too clear by the reaction I get from completely flummoxed Verizon store reps and other so-called Android experts when they attempt to navigate my home screen) , Action is a slick, time saving launcher that keep everything I need at my fingertips - and, it turns out, I need a lot! I can keep the home screen clutter free and still get to all of my frequently used apps and widgets with a swipe or two, tucked away behind a Cover or Shutter.

Laura Suarez

Action has great features, but unfortunately it keeps crashing and does not let me add Web pages to the home screen. If these issues get fixed it will become an awesome launcher.

Angela Harris

What's happening?! I've been with this launcher for a long time, but am I the only one whose experiencing some issues?! Such as selecting settings or any other key selection from the menu it goes to the wrong command. For example... If I hold down my menu button to get to the action launcher settings options and select settings a memo pops up that I locked my phone. If I select unlock desktop it takes to me to Google...and it just keeps going on.... Please fix. Thanks

Delia Dahl

Great! I've tried almost every launcher and this is one of the best. It's fast and sleek looking. I was wondering if there was a way to integrate intimate scrolling on the home screens, multiple dock pages, and font changes from 3rd party apps. Also I signed up to be a beta but I still haven't gotten the update and it's been two days.

Kevin Johnson

Simple and fantastic I love this launcher. I've used about every launcher except Yahoo Aviate.. This is my favorite. It's so simple, fast and intuitive. Would highly recommend.

Hejay Lee

So much potential, but bogged down with limitations. The launcher works great, it's snappy and well polished. I love the innovative features like the shutters and the quickpage. Where it falls short is the lack of customizations. Everything feels so cookie cutter. You can't do simple things like change theme colors to anything other than the 2 default colors. You can't change desktop icon sizes independently of the dock. You can't adjust margins or overlap widgets. I really want to use it as my daily driver, but can't live with the current limitations.

Scott Bowen

Now the Top Launcher The latest host of enhancements really has pushed this launcher over the top (in a good way). Action Launcher sits comfortably between the simplicity you would like to see in a good launcher and the key features you can't live without in other launchers. The amount of tweaks or customization doesn't bombard you into creating a customized mess that you dread later. Kudos!! ??

Sven Fibelkorn

Best Launcher for me Nova has some good looking transparency options but besides that this works better for me. The quicklist is more convenient than the app drawer and the only widget I use is the calendar in the quickpage. For a single page home screen this is perfect.

jonathan X

I really love it, but I have one request. To start off, this is by far the best launcher I've ever used. From the intuitive features to the fantastic custom look I can give it, this launcher is almost perfect. I say "almost" because I've encountered a small bug in my use that makes the launcher hard to use. The widgets, whether on the home screen or in a shade, tend to freeze. They won't unfreeze until I restart my phone, but they usually freeze again after an hour or so. I would love to see this fixed so I can continue using this amazing launcher.

Craig Jones

I have tried almost every launcher in the store, including re-visiting many in the past two weeks; just to see if anything has improved to the level of Action 3. I had used Nova for a good while, and while it is still one of the best, Action 3 matches its customization and adds additional features that raises Action 3 to the top. A side note: for all the launchers that propose to structure the desktop based on usage, I have not yet found one that is accurate. It seems there is also some influence from some of the bigger providers because You Tube almost always is picked and I rarely use this app. BTW; this is the first app I felt led to provide detailed comments.

Jeff Isaac

I bought this launcher because I really like it, but it does crash a few times a week on my Moto G (1st generation) running Android 5.1. It doesn't happen often enough that I'd consider uninstalling the launcher, but it is an annoyance. It usually happens just after turning on my phone, but I will also get the "unfortunately Action Launcher 3 has stopped..." message at random times when I unlock my phone. Usually, the launcher just restarts and all is well, but today after a crash, my phone was running a bit slow when closing apps, and every time I looked at my recent screens page, I'd see Action Launcher 3 in there, even though I'd already removed it from the recent page. All was fine after a reboot. It also seems to disassociate itself. I'll swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open Google Now, and it will often ask if I want to complete the action using Action Launcher 3 or the default launcher. I realize this can happen if you've just installed another app that can use that action, but this will happen randomly, when I haven't installed anything. So, great launcher, but a bit buggy on my phone.

Kazuki Kaito

Best launcher out there (purchased) This + Rondo icon pack very nice. Can I request for the google keep widget to be fixed (crashes on android 6.0.1).

David Burkett

Bad launcher - advertising disrupts usability I liked this launcher at first - great performance and battery life, however after a recent update I'm prompted to upgrade the app constantly. I get it - its a free app, however when you cover up the bottom row of buttons and force you to click the upgrade message just to close it out you kill its usability and when there are other free alternatives without that problem it becomes unacceptable.

Aaron Heckert

Love this launcher sadly mine has broken. the app drawer just sits at "finding apps" I have reinstalled twice. Had to switch away for now. Would love to figure this issue out.

Obert Ye

6 months free had me sold It is fast and beautiful. After wiping my phone I decided to buy the full version and it's amazing how jumping between menus with two finger and swipe gestures on my home screen can save so much time - only let down is having too many preloaded widgets available makes switching back to the home screen a slow, disjointed experience. Not deal-breaking, but for those looking into a refreshing take on Android launchers go and support this Australasian app developer!

Sami Djerad

Force close when searching for contacts from the google search bar Using the pro version and I'm on Marshmallow 6.0.1 (nexus 6p) and when selecting from the universal google search bar a contact, I will get a "unfortunately, Google App has closed" error message. Tried using a different launcher and issue is clearly with action launcher 3 pro. Please fix!

Cody Wells

From a long time Nova user I tried many launchers recently, and I am very impressed and this is now my daily driver. I'm a huge fan of the dual panels that swipe out. My only problem is icons and folders keep randomly disappearing on reboot. Five stars when fixed. Other than that, I would love to see some more customization options similar to Nova(particularly with folders), backup location changing, and "Okay, Google" native support. Definitely recommended!

Jacob V

The best launcher Cover folders are the best thing to ever happen to my home screen. Everything fits on one page, and I rarely have to look in the drawer (which is a huge improvement on the app drawer). Worth the $5!

Tim Malone

Buggy (uninstalled) Nice features, but hopelessly buggy. Every so often it loses the icons on my home screen. No reason. Going into help and restarting helps. Sometimes it's impossible for me to get to the screen where I can add widgets and change the wallpaper. Have to reset as well. No reason. I guess I paid $5 to beta test. It's great when it works. Ultimately switched to a more stable launcher.

Arlene Warmoth

Freezing up a lot even with update Loved it for awhile. The it started glitching. Hoped the update would remove the freezing and lagging Issues I have been suddenly having, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Paid for the full version so hope it clears up soon or I will have to find a new launcher. Update: gotten better, still the best I have found

Zach Champion

Great Please add the ABC slider from Google Now Launcher's app drawer; I use it a TON and it's really annoying to scroll normally through the app drawer.

Hejay Lee

So much potential, but bogged down with limitations. The launcher works great, it's snappy and well polished. I love the innovative features like the shutters and the quickpage. Where it falls short is the lack of customizations. Everything feels so cookie cutter. You can't do simple things like change theme colors to anything other than the 2 default colors. You can't change desktop icon sizes independently of the dock. You can't adjust margins or overlap widgets. I really want to use it as my daily driver, but can't live with the current limitations.

jonathan X

If this issue gets fixed, I give it 5 stars. To start off, this is by far the best launcher I've ever used. From the intuitive features to the fantastic custom look I can give it, this launcher is almost perfect. I say "almost" because I've encountered a small bug in my use that makes the launcher hard to use. The widgets, whether on the home screen or in a shade, tend to freeze. They won't unfreeze until I restart my phone, but they usually freeze again after an hour or so. I would love to see this fixed so I can continue using this amazing launcher

Stefan Gangefors

Huge issue with current version and my G2 (running stock L, had no issues on custom M rom but wanted to go back to stock). After a clean install, I can't remove any shortcuts from the home screen without the application crashing. Please fix. Report submitted from my mobile.

David Kiriakidis

I Love it... But... When choosing a custom theme, if I select white quick bar, it makes the app drawer white as well. I have to select dark material theme to get dark app drawer... Please fix this bug and then 5 stars!

Louie Angelo Reyes

The option to easily customize the way the icons look prolly is the BEST feature. However it's too buggy. On the app drawer, when I scroll to the left, it keeps scrolling to the first page. I have to restart my phone everytime. And sometimes my dark theme flashes a white background. I'll give it a few more weeks, and if it doesn't improve, I will uninstall. Such a waste since I paid for the full version.

Guillermo Sanchez

Has become stagnated What happened?? For the longest time new features were being added on a regular basis. Now it hasn't been touched since last year. For a developer who asks for donations every chance he gets, he sure knows how let his supporters down. I put up $10 with the launch of AL3, because I believed in what Chris Lacy could with it, and now I'm being bombarded for more. Why would I contribute even more?? I feel let down.

Thomas Fisher

Buggy Downloaded this bc I really liked the idea of swiping right for the app drawer, but whenever I try to remove stuff from the home screen it crashes. I don't like the stock folders, but can't get rid of them, so this is basically unusable. Deleted within minutes

Toby Large

No Recent Updates Hasn't been updated since December. Doesn't seem to work as well as it should, especially after updating my S6 to Android 6.0. Having issues with icons disappearing temporarily from pages on home screen. Any chance of an update soon? Reduced rating to 4 stars.

Abdullah Al-Salloum

Customizable yet Stock I am a Nexus guy and I like the phone UI fast and simple. With this launcher I could tweak and customize my current UI look and feel without getting out of Android stock boundaries. Paid for it without the need of PLUS features, as appreciation. Good job!

Wesley George

Worth the 5 bucks This app keeps getting better and better. I've been a staunch Nova launcher supporter due to the animations. I now have an LG g4 and noticed alot of lag with Nova launcher. I put this app back in and.. Its amazing. Phone is much more faster now. I like the animations. Keep up the great job

Dan LaChance

Slow Not sure why but recently when ever I leave an app it can take up to 15 seconds to bring up my home screen. It simply stays black. I thought it was my phone so I did a factory reset, and the problem remained. I then downloaded other launchers and none had this issue. To bad as I really liked this launcher.

A Google User

Fantastic launcher Once I got used to shutters and covers this app has become the best launcher I've tried. The quickpage allows for a nice and tidy start screen. Unfortunately it's a buy it - then try it app, because all the features which makes it truly outstanding are plus functions. But it's still absolutely worth the cost.

Jordan Hrenyk

App drawer doesn't work Everything works great as long as I have all the Apps I need on the screen, opening the app drawer just gives me a loading symbol and crashes Action 3 when I try and search for an app.

Stalking The Reaper

Always has and don't see this being beat as best launcher There really is just no comparison to other b launchers. Yeah it may miss the little things your used to on other ones, but if you like me and got a lot going on, on your phone, this one is it. Paid version is great buy not needed. Just gives a bit if ways to tweak and set things just slightly different. However if you need these? Valuable! Recommend the pro version as well and putting down the extra cou few dollars for it.

Imran Virani

The best launcher ever used Action launcher is the ultimate launcher and the best alternative to Nova launcher; keep it up guys??... Just one thing being the icon scaling in docks also and also remove or change the icon (i.e start icon) of the main screen

Jhonathan Rodriguez

Love It A Must Install When I first came to action launcher was no to sure until I launched it and from there on fell in love with it... So I'm on here showing so love for this app. This is is one of the reasons I love Android and will always be Android 4 Life!!

Carol J

FINALLY! This is the FIRST time I am not frustrated with finding things on my phone! It is GREAT to be able to arrange everything in a way that makes sense to me and that I can get to easily. I really really really am happy I found this app.

Stan Barton

Power hog I like many features of action launcher 3. There are a few I don't, however, like no scrolling dock and not being able to remove the search bar. The killer, however, is that it uses three times the power of apex launcher. Typically, apex uses about one percent of power per hour at night. Action uses three. I've noticed a much faster drain during the day as well. It's a shame as I really liked action. Back to apex for me.

Ross Aeria

Efficient and appealing in several ways, but misleading in a few. Developer explicitly stated in his introductory video in the Play Store that Action Launcher 3's gestures could enable swiping to Google Now but then states near the bottom of his in-app FAQ that it can't be done due to restrictions made by Google, so that's disappointing. In his video, swiping down at the centre of the screen is shown to display notifications swiftly, but it's a lot slower in app, and I'm using a Nexus 6P. Hope he fixes these two aspects soon. I paid $6.49, a rather hefty price for this.

Aaron You

Having trouble getting list of apps installed Which is ironc because I didn't have this issue before I purchased ? please fix it. Using Samsung Galaxy S7 with stock 6.0.1

Ryan D

Best launcher Best launcher and new features all the time. Use it on all my devices for continuity and superior features over skinned manufacturer launcher

AJiT Ambesh

Really Awesome This Launcher Very good....and Amazing functions and usefull and very creative Good job & Thxxxxxx.......

Stefan Gangefors

Huge issue with current version and my G2 (running stock L, had no issues on custom M rom but wanted to go back to stock). After a clean install, I can't remove any shortcuts from the home screen without the application crashing. Please fix. Report submitted from my mobile.

scott alexander

Not working App will not open. I have reported it several times but so far nothing has happened. I'll Give It 2 more days and then I am uninstalling for good. Update 5/13/16 No help with this app not working on my phone. So due to this I am done with this crap app!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME INSTALLING THIS APP BECAUSE THEY OBVIOUSLY DON'T CARE IF IT WORKS OR NOT!! UNINSTALLING FOR GOOD!!


Mostly Good This app is mostly good however it makes my phone heavily lag and slow down, my phone also tends to heat up and drain battery power quicker with this launcher.

Chase Laizure

Great launcher, just like touchwiz Which is God awfully terrible, full of bugs, constant crashes, and just not very optimized for this phone in any way possible. I didn't pay 4.99 to have a roulette if the launcher would work or not

Michael Nicolayeff

"Walpaper change detected" Functionally it works great, but does there really have to be a nag bar that covers the whole bottom row of apps? That's more likely to make me switch to something else than reward bad practices by buying the premium version.

Isaac Gacura

Chris has always been on top of things and is quick to address issues one pointed out. Don't rate this so poorly if you don't report bugs to him first. I had issues on the initial install but he addressed it within a few days. It's not fair to compare this to poorly coded, cheap apps. Stingy whiners like some of you out there are what prevent some developers from delving into android development.

Charles Arnett

Close to Perfect Was frustrated at beginning because I had to many icon packs. That seems to slow down the app & causes a crash. This could be one the best launcher if a couple kinks are work out.

Colin Simone

The launcher that changed it all... Action is the closest thing to a customizable Google/Nexus Launcher you can get without root. Gorgeous UI and tons of features. Recent updates have brought many much needed changes. Yet there are basic controls that are still needed such as dock icon size, width/height padding, etc.

Omar Eid

Favourite Launcher I've tried pretty much every other launcher but this ticks all the boxes! Super fast, no battery drain and packed with awesome features! Only criticism is that you can't make folders on the app drawer...unless im missing something?

Eric Gilpin

Action Launcher 3 is the best Android launcher on the market. The developer is incredibly responsive and so is the software. It is chock full of useful features and I don't think I'd stay on the Android platform without it! (note - this was a 1 star review due to a recent update breaking functionality that was important to me. The developer deployed a patch to fix it within 48 hours - that's just how awesome they are!)

Russ Pickman

Love the pop up widgets And being able to assign different widgets to different apps is great. Every now and then it crashes and I have to reset all my widgets. Also my saved backups don't save my widget info. Lowered from 5 to 4 stars, and I'll drop it lower if it keeps happening, because the convenience of having the widgets hidden is ruined if I have to keep resetting all of them every day. Most recently happened as I was exiting Gear VR, in case the developer sees this and wants to find the bug.

Emmet Meyer

Improvement ad absurdum. Every time I think it can't get any better, it does. Other launcher devs should be embarrassed. One thing I would like to see is an "auto-shutters" option to match the "auto-covers" one. That is, an option to have shutters turned on without automatically creating them for every shortcut to an app that has a widget. However, that this is the only problem I can find with the app implies something very good about the developer!

Andrew Shultz

Great dev I just realized my review was completely out of date. The dev responds well to feedback. I used version 2 for years and have now been using 3 since quickpage was added back. Keep up the good work!

Ron Boyd

#1 on my mobile devices! I've tried several launchers and by far Action Launcher 3 is hands above the competition. I like a minimalist design and still being able to access everything. Shutters, covers, and the custom app drawers give me access to over a hundred apps and widgets with a simple task or gesture all from a single screen! Check it out!

Lucas Bri

Bought this a few months ago. I bought this a few months ago and I only write a review after heavy testing, and multiply devices. I currently have this on my S7 Edge, and Tab s2, and I have to say it isn't to bad. It's a bit of. A battery drainer but definitely gives a modern look to the phone. Great job.

Jay Stoffle

Excellent Launcher! I love the quick theme element to this launcher and how it utilizes the color palette from the background image. The Nexus/Pixel launcher element integration is great as well. However I do hope you guys extend the quick theming to the widgets. Having the Google pill match the rest of theme would be awesome as well as being able to change the text color of the date widget since white text on white backgrounds isn't readable. Those small things aside this is an amazing launcher!

Stephanie Mullendore

Nice layout and easy to customize I switch from Smart Launcher to Action Launcher a few days ago to try out the new app drawer and shutter features. I discovered I prefer using the quick menu over the app drawer but for some reason hidden apps doesn't work properly. They still show up in both the app drawer and in the quick menu. Shutters is super easy to use and make widgets useful without cluttering ul the screen. However I'd like the ability to double tap a icon to open another app quickly or perform a action.

jr conklin

Loved before September update Before the 09/2016 update It had specific capabilities i needed and loved. Those are all gone now so the launcher is a flopper to me, dang it. Am very sad.

Alan Bettley

Very unpolished It looks great and I love some of the concepts. But the current release version feels very beta (at best) as there's obvious things that don't work. Which is disappointing as I'm paying for it.

Dustin Gooding

Meh. It's not bad, but it's not compelling. Stock is comparable if not better. It also doesn't play well with Nougat. The "show running apps" button (square) treats Action as an app, which is...weird.

Akhmad Marzuqi

Asked for refund after 1 hour of purchace. Only got generic email reply from the developer. Not happy. I just have to accept it and get used to it. And this launcher works just great!

Richard Desautels

My favorite I do not normally rate apps. I have to say that this launcher is by far my favorite. After trying many others I thought I was done when I started using the Google Launcher, until I gave Action Launcher a try. It is simply the easiest to customize without having to search through dozens of settings. Intuitive like no other. Thank you.

Tri Sampurna

Love it! But I need something more This launcher is my favorite, simplicity and complexity merge into one. I wish there's an option to save layout configuration by presets, so I can switch between my custom layouts easily without having to readjust it again. Please consider it seriously, it's a big deal.

ashwini bhat

Requests: 1. Place shortcut in-between grids. 2. Resizeable widgets in shuttered shortcuts. 3. Glitch: Quickpage and Quickdrawer sometimes can't be swiped out of sight, and I have to tap on back to go to homescreen.

Max Ding

Custom theme still has bug Thank you if you have read my comment and provide new update, I still got an issue for folder icon background when i set transparent background, it keep reverting to white when it should be transparent. Just let you know!

Daegan AM

Avid Nova user here Nova Launcher has been an instant install for me for years. But I finally needed to add some productivity oomph to my phone since I rely on it for work now. Action Launcher 3 has just the thing. The quick screen is a feature that I didn't know was possible but was absolutely genius. Coming from Nova there are few things that I'm missing and the transition was easy. Try it for a week sink your teeth in, it requires you to use the phone a bit differently but it'll up your productivity game.

Josh shaw

Very fast But the features lack a little. Such as margins, and swipe a shortcut to open an app/other shortcut, as opposed to opening a folder, which is good, but not when there is only 2 apps in the folder. Rolling scroll would be nice too (as opposed to stopping at the first / last page). Otherwise, neat.

Abhi Ghosh

After the update today, the transparent quick bar has vanished. All I can see is a blank white bar. Can you fix that? 2. The problem has been resolved. Thx :)

Blake Davenport

This is quite excellent Been a Nova user forever and I bought this awhile back. I never got a chance to really set it up (which isn't a lot) It took me a a hour or two to begin to use all the features effectively, but now that I have I will never go back. This launcher has actually made my phone smoother and much more crisp. Keep up the great work, I really appreciate it!

Owen Dugmore

Crashes when I try to change desktop settings I set my screen scroll effect to Cylinder out and now it crashes whenever I try to change any desktop setting. Restarting my phone didn't help.

Rj Deblois

Kinda wasted time Well I Hurried up and installed this app for the new nexus drawer (without the crashes from the leaked zip) and I would have to pay 5 Dollars For One feature I wanted :'( smooth Launcher Though.

Hannah G

Fantastic I use this on my s7 and use a simple white icon pack to go with it, absolutely love how my phone looks and works really well. It also let's you choose and mix and match from different icon packs which is a great feature! All in all it's a really nice experience, I switched from nova launcher to this and it's heaps better for what I want to do on the more customising looks side of things

Betsy Morales

Samsung Galaxy 7edge It's been acting up if I turn the phone completely off and when I restart it, makes all my widgets black. Having to restart them all over is a pain.

Paulo Estriga

Great launcher Major keyboard lag when searching with the Quickbar, hope you can fix it, really annoying!

Gendo Ikari

Perfect Feels like a customisable version of stock Android. Never thought I'd stray from Google Now Launcher. Couldn't be more thrilled to be wrong.

Robbie Middler

Action Launcher 3: Get it! One of the best apps I have installed to date! Always supported well, frequently gets updates, and is supported across many devices, including my old RAZR HD. Awesome app, and I highly recommend it to anyone on android looking for a new look to add to their phone.

Erik Greenlee

My favorite launcher Tried several, always come back to this one

Judy Sailer

Since installing this app my Galaxy 5 has had nothing but system crashes, blank screens, apps "closing" and error notices. I don't have the time, hours, to spend setting this app up. If I had wanted a Windows 10 style page I would have purchased a Windows phone. UNINSTALLING!

Justin Kobus

Used to be a big fan of this app, I loved the design and features however after upgrading to android 7.0 I get an error message saying it "Cannot load wallpaper not enough memory restart app?" I even went as far as to do a factory reset but the issue is still present. I've sent an email to the developer but never heard back. Hope this can get fixed soon, until then I'll be using Nova.

Zhen Lu

Very minimalist Best minimalist launcher I have tried to date. I hate having all my apps on random pages and this launcher allows me to have a clean home screen and swipable side pages.


Awesome features ! 4 Star is just for the mismatch alignment of Google Pill and calendar widget (Nougat features) If corrected to match the alignment like Original Nexus or Pixel launcher Would look great !

Fahmi Yusoff

Status Bar Problem I try to change app drawer to other colour, but after changes, the status bar seem not responsive when changes from app drawer and home screen, the status keep in black colour in desktop

B Diddy

Lots of options without being too complicated I found the icons on my new Moto Z Force too large. This had the option to change the icon size, along with lots of other customizations. Runs smoothly. No glitches. Best launcher I've used.

Mohamed Eldeiry

Great but.. Great launcher, good balance of control over the look and feel of the launcher without being too crowded....I wonder though why the icon size of apps in the dock can't be changed independently of changing the desktop icon size, please add this feature

farhan masood

Pretty awesome I was a keen user of Google now launcher but action launcher changed my mind it's customisable and fast loving it. Using plus version

Layne Rushforth

4.8-Star Launcher Must-have! Makes my phone and tablet more useful, by making functions more quickly accessible. Easy to configure and regularly updated. It just keeps getting better.

Dinu-Ioan Bobei

Extremely practical I like this launcher. It does not come with parasite apps, which I really appreciate. I really like the shutter feature and I would like to have the possibility to open another app from shutter settings not only a widget.

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