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21 Sep
Acorns - Invest Spare Change

Posted by Acorns in Finance | Sept. 21, 2016 | 278 Comments

Apk file size: 26.0 MB

Investing was for the wealthy. Now it's for everyone! Acorns helps you save and invest small amounts regularly into your own diversified portfolio. Start with just your spare change and join over 1 million taking steps to improve their future. It only takes minutes!

○ Painlessly invest your spare change into a diversified portfolio of over 7,000 stocks and bonds automatically
○ Easily invest more - with Recurring Investments (daily/weekly/monthly), One-Time Investments, Referrals, and Found Money!
○ Watch your progress – check in on your account from anywhere
○ SPIC insured – up to $500,000 is protected against fraud so your money is secure
○ Stay educated – Gain access to our online personal finance publication, Grow Magazine
○ Withdraw anytime – at no charge.


FORBES: “The app makes investing effortless.”[1]

ABC NEWS: “If you set aside just $5 every couple of days you would have set aside $1,000 in a year.”[2]

WIRED: “Acorns simplified the often tedious and complex process of investing.”[3]

US NEWS: “Acorns offers a unique solution to overcoming the metal barrier: ‘I just don’t have enough money to be investing.’”[4]

GOOD MORNING AMERICA: “Painless! It’s like dropping your change into a bowl on your table, like we all do everyday.”[5]

○ 256-bit encryption to keep your information safe and secure
○ Automatically rebalances your portfolio – buys low and sells high
○ Automatically re-invests your dividends for you
○ Diversified Portfolio includes hundreds of international companies, corporate and government bonds, and real estate.

In order for Acorns to invest your spare change from purchases, you will need to connect a bank account. Worry not - we've got 256-bit encryption. That's a nerdy way of saying we're as secure as the people you bank with.

Acorns costs $1 per month for accounts investing less than $5,000. After your account grows past $5,000, the fee switches to 0.25% per year (@$5,000 that’s about $1 a month). That’s like 3 semi-fancy cups of coffee (you know you do it) a year, just to invest in your future. Now, stop reading and get invested.

This app is operated by Acorns Advisers, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Brokerage services are provided to clients of Acorns by Acorns Securities, an SEC registered broker-dealer and member FINRA/SIPC. Investments are not FDIC insured and may lose value. Investing involves risk and investments may lose value, including the loss of principal. Please consider your objectives and Acorns fees before investing. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Investment outcomes and projections are hypothetical in nature.

Information about FINRA is available at Explanatory brochures about SIPC insurance are available upon request or at


Whats new

    We made signing up for Acorns a little simpler. We also updated the icons on the History screen so you can more easily scroll through and understand your transfer history.
    In case you missed our last update, you can now view and change the date of your Recurring Investment by visiting the Settings screen, tapping the Recurring Investment link, and then the Recurring Investment amount.

Acorns part of our Finance and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 21, 2016. Google play rating is 86.1056. Current verison is 1.5.7. Actual size 26.0 MB.

Download acorns-invest-spare-change.apk 26.0 MB


Terry Gonzales

New update Haven't been able to view round ups... and now, can't even get into the app... please fix...

Matthew Feinberg

Connection to my bank for roundups no longer works the last several updates.

Tyler Hilliard

A couple major pain points. If Robinhood can be fee-free why can't Acorns? I REALLY would like to see a contributions line on the 'Performance' tab to see how much of the growth is contributions vs. gains (like on the 'Portfolios' selection tab/setup). If the (long term) growth of contributions over time is what product is pitched as it should show this value/growth & contribution breakdown after you sign up. Otherwise, for all I know (visually from graph) most of it is just my contributions (I know the %-age gain/loss shown but need the graph of this separated from contributions).

jay carpenter

Jay C To much info for me to give out also. Whats the different between bofa keep the change. I cant see myself paying another fee. The private information is my most concerns.

E Stirton

Too much personal info 4 me I get that it is an account but I'm not sure of sharing every little detail with a company I've never heard of. Ssn, bank acct, drivers license, etc. I stopped short of activating the account.

Shaun Cobb

Doesn't work properly Their idea is great however, multi factor account authentication never seems to work. The app never stays connected to my bank. This app was supposed to be set it and forget it but I spend so much time trying to get it to work that it is no longer worth it. Would be very helpful if the UI was updated to reflect what's preventing an account from connecting but it just has a loading icon that spins forever.

Sean Magrum

Works well so far Im not an investor or even very good at allocating my money for any type of savings ...this is doing both for me at the moment.....I haven't had it that long so fingers crossed that the $$ keeps rising

Chris Cruz

So far so good. I like it, you have to keep in mind the round ups, I forgot about them and overdraw my acct. $5 ended up costing me $40. will update review with time

David Macdonald

Very cool Very cool and easy way to start investing. All the other places have these complicated steps you have to jump through. Not acorn. If you haven't tried it, try it now and put your investing / savings on autopilot today.

Seth Berkeley

Nice to see money grow I've really been liking this app. I'm relatively new to the investment game. This allowed me to make small investments where I don't feel like one wrong investment could put me out hundreds of dollars. It would be nice if it took less time to get money out of the account. It seems to take 5-7 days where a deposit usually take 1 business day in my experience. This money is only semi-available in an emergency because of that.

Joe Pallotti

Idea great but am I missing something? I setup my account and everything seems to be working fine but I thought the program reads my "round ups" and deposits them automatically. I had to select which roundups I wanted to deposit and this defeats the purpose of why I downloaded the app. Is there a way to set it to deduct my round ups automatically?

Brian Jones

Installed but thought better of it First think about what you could do with the money if you invested it yourself. If you average 50 transactions a month at 40 cents "roundup" with this app you'd invest $20/mo. That means initially the $1 monthly fee translates to a 5% fee. They also take that fee by selling shares which degrades your compounding interest... Fail... if you saved the change yourself and created a vanguard or other similar account your fees would be much much less. Cool app but only on the surface!

Damar Welch

It's OK I just want to close it out....It ask for way to much information, and when I have to go through the most to close the account down its a problem...It tried calling the number below countless of times but no's just an hassle for me

Derek Odom

We shall see Initial account set up definitely had a few hiccups in it, but a few emails and a couple extra days and I'm investing. Can't give it any more than 3 stars until I see the actual returns on it and see if this was a smarter investment route than traditional brokers.

alberto nieves

This is the second time i have to re-verify my bank account with the app. Every time i try the app says the same thing, it wont link. I have tried to unlink the account and start over but now my bank is not even on the list of financial institutions to choose from. My question now is what do we do to fix this?

Christopher Reynolds

I want to use this... But, So far it has not been a great experience. I should not have to keep authenticating my round-up and checking accounts. I gave this information the 1st time and things were working. First, my checking account got disconnected and I received a charge back. Now my round-up account needs re-authenticated. I'm never going to get anywhere with this app if my accounts keep getting disconnected and it takes 2 days to get them going again. I just want this app to work :(

Susan Hamman

Auto payment not working correctly I set my account to have 10.00 deposited from my bank account per week, and it took it out daily for 5 days before I realized it. I tried to update it and change it to weekly but all field's were marked 10 per day, week , and month. So i changed it to 0. Fix this and I'll give it more stars.

Nic Bowles

One noted issue The only issue I'm having is a deposit issue I've had more than once. I set a recurring deposit on Fridays that usually clears Monday midday and shows in the app. With my most recent one, the deposit cleared, shows up in "Processed Transactions" and yet doesn't show up on my main screen. Also, the discrepancy causes my daily positions to be a straight line well below the previous close line because it views that deposit as missing for some reason. It IS on my history screen, so I'm not too worried...

star harris

Works great! Does exactly what it says it does. Only complaint would be I've only achieved a lost so far. I would like to see an increase from my investments. But the painless savings part is awesome. I also would like the ability to set up more than one account

Kory S

No go Got an email saying I needed to provide more information to confirm my account, followed link and was not given any further instructions. Called support and was put in an endless loop. Uninstalling and cancelling.

jonathan pacheco

I raised my rating to 4 stars now. The single day chart is still out of wack and also if $6 was inserted into my investment account it shows it as profit gain on my chart if you could please fix this that would be awsome other then that great app

Joe Dombrowski

Great way to save money I don't even notice the money moving to Acorns, but it's helped me save hundreds in a fairly short time. 5 stars if they add pinch to zoom on the main screen. Zoom in to see today's market performance, zoom out to see more history. Great app. (Update: 5 Stars for such a quick and kind response! I know it helps)

Joseph Willis

Interface. There's so much not going on with this app, Ive been investing real money for a few years and I'm fully aware on how the process goes, yet every time I look at the different portions of this app, I'm lost. There's no explanation to anything as its confusing. For example: History: $9.89 Buy (lock symbol)... WTF does that mean?!?!?! I honestly just wish it was thoroughly intuitive. Update and you'll get some stars.

Corey Harmon

Still figuring it out I can't really say I'm ready to give it an official rating but I think a 4 is fair while I learn the ins and outs of the app and investing. Really my own ignorance is holding back a 5 star rating. But I am learning quickly and enjoying my experience so far. I have only made about 15 cents in 6 days with a $26 investment but that's to be expected with such a low portfolio balance.

Sarah Kunst

Onerous fees + way too hard to close acct Don't use this. The fee of $1 is very high if you have less than $200/ month in this app. The difficulty of closing the account is another issue. Way better options are available, Don't use this one.

Gergana Hoon

Simple investing concept. Wonderful idea. Takes time to set up the account. Right now it tells me that "round up account could not be authenticated ". I am not sure what that means. I invested 5$ just to make sure that it will go through and it did. I still have not seen round up. I will wait and see if it will do the round ups. Overall it will work without them anyway. 5$ here, 5$ there- it piles up after a while.


Good concept I like what the app does. I like that you can choose how aggressive you want to be with your investment portfolio. The only thing I could think to improve would be to make it more similar to the savings roundup like Bank of America. Every purchase rounds up immediately to your savings account. With Acorns, if you have a heavy day of spending with your card and have a lot of transactions, you can see a large amount withdrawn from your account the next day. That would be my only suggestion, if possible.

Julian Franco

I don't know yet Have not seen a good return. Feel like I could do better with my savings account. But it's only been a few a 1 1/2 months. Maybe it will improve

Justin R.

Great concept, but poor outlook Loved the concept in which this app was conceived. However, I waited at LEAST a month and a half before I could actually invest as I was tossed from representative to representative in an attempt to activate my account. Now Acorns is all over the media and I've since withdrawn and will close my account. They don't seem to be capable of handling their current customers, and with bloated media coverage, that ability will only suffer. Good luck Acorns, and adios.

Iberius Polonius

Works nicely so far I opened the account on my laptop without any problems. I then installed android app and it had a refresh problem. I emailed Acorns with the issue and it was fixed almost instantly. I was very impressed with that.-Jose Abreu

Ryan Duhigg-Randall

Difficult to verify account The app has difficulty verifying the first two withdrawals of .02 & .03 without having to call them , general irritations that make the app frustrating to use.

Jason Neal

22 emails and counting I will send in my information when its my earliest convenience, but for you guys to just spam my inbox with messages is unprofessional. 1 more message and I'm done with you guys.

Michael Acosta

Great App ....But Just downloaded the app after doing extensive research. I love what I have seen and have experienced except that when trying to link my bank account for round ups it just continues to spin and wait for connectivity. I have no idea if it is working or what the progress is

Ben Cooley

Can be slow to update balance Sometimes round ups take a few days to get invested and show in the balance. Otherwise investing small change daily is an incredible tool and please understand that a monthly dollar fee is on par with participating in any mutual fund style investment.

Charles Covington

Just what I needed My mom raised me on saving my loose change. Once I became an adult I began using my debit card more than cash, so saving my loose change wasn't feasible. With this app not only can I save my loose change, but also invest it. Sure the dividends arent the greatest, but when ur making such a small investment how could it be? The customer service is great. And the setup is easy. You also have great control over how it's invested and how much gets invested. Money can also be withdrawn from the account with ease!

Chris Campbell

Awesome Concept Acorns is a great way to start saving a little money. It is by no means adequate as a way to save for retirement, but if you have some nonqualified savings that you want the possibility of getting a decent return, this is a fantastically easy way to do it.

Weng Ka Wu

good idea...but So i ran across this app, think it was great idea to start investing. I understand there is a risk to loss, but the rate is unacceptable. I had been investing for 4 months, with an avarage of 100 a month. Growth is very slow, which is expected, it take time. My highest increase was about 0.5%, but within the last week, actually less than 7 days, my investment went from gaining 0.5% to a 2.26% loss....What a waste of my time and money. Poor investment!

Michelle Maiani

Crap Update: I still have to sign in all the time. It won't stay linked. I can get past that. Who does the investing though because I see no major rises, but huge ski slope drops. I only started with a small amount to see how it worked, but I just don't see paying fees to lose money. I would just assume put the change in my change jar with no fees.

Jim Houston

Easiest way to a grand If you use this app you will have a thousand dollars in your account before you know it. A little difficult to get set up but the pain and hassle are worth it.

Taevin Stoney

Probably is useful but I've been trying to sign up for over a week and the app has been down the whole time. Pretty hesitant to let you handle my money if you can't even handle your programming

Logan Terheggen

So let me preface, I LOVE the concept behind this app. I already save my change from cash purchases, so I love the concept of saving my spare change in a micromanaged account. Even if there weren't large gains, it'd be nice. That being said, the monthly $1 fee for this app absolutely destroys any benefit you might receive while also making the amount of money you'd have to deposit to get a fair return exorbitant. The % of this fee related to the money you put in isn't really close to being competitive to fellow investiment sites. There are many reviews online that can go into detail on this, but take my word for it. If ever they wer to alter their inital monthly fee structure I would definitely reconsider using this app. Also, it was easy for me to create an account, add and remove different banks, and navigate throughout the app. The interface and usability are wonderful.

Ryan Fraser

It's helping me save money when I'm not realizing it, and diversifying it in different investments, what's not to love? Money that you'll save in a year is pretty amazing. I will exercise a word of caution this isn't for the weak willed savers out there, technically speaking I"m operating at a -0.73% loss over the past year which for me is about a 3 dollar loss.(the total principal actually accrued from round up deposits still makes this worth it to me) And since this is an investment you will be penalized a la taxes for withdrawing your money. This is good if you have a long term goal in mind.

Brice Yokoyama

App is great, returns are not The app itself is great, but from what I'm seeing you must be willing to invest a large amount of "spare change" to see any gains. Otherwise your spare change is just being depleted by the fees.

Chris Jackson

Not bad Nice concept but not always working. Weekly deposits don't always work. I'm lucky if Acorns remembers to do it biweekly but at this point they haven't done it in a month. Would love to rate it higher but given they're unable to do something so important with some sense of accuracy I can't.

Chris Davis

Wont even let me create an account.

Mauricio Berman

Impossible to create an account I try 20 times and it's impossible to create an account

Robert Passalacqua

Interesting idea Personally I like it, it's kinda like a rainy day fund

Rachel Barros

Great App..... It worked awesome till the June 17th update now my round-ups haven't been adding up since June 12. I've logged out & back in a few times with no results.

Colby Lawrence

Don't download unless you want a lifetime of commitment You don't even have the option to unlink anything or deactivate anything. I withdrew my money and stopped doing round ups and surprise surprise, IT STILL TAKES YOUR MONEY OUT AND YOU CAN'T STOP IT. This is outrageous and a honestly shouldn't even be allowed.

Ben Lockton

Works ok I like the app so far. Time taken to deposit funds is a little long, 6 months and my account for my bank is still being verified.

Abby Hager

Don't download Emailed several times to close my account and surprise, surprise still taking money out. DO NOT DOWNLOAD its impossible to close your account.

Josue Sapien

Disabling Account I was unhappy , with acorn it went from happy camper to sad . In a Month and a Half because I lost more then gain in cent since its based on cents .When something based on cent gaining a dollar is good news as for loseing a dollar and Half is bad in my opinion i was not expecting much in return .But its still a good app just was not for me . And i will see how long it takes to disabling account threw email it say they will contact with in 2—3 days and by phone it said to be faster .

amy wackerlin

Lemon This app is great in theory but I've consistently lost money since I started it. I'd have a better return stashing it under my mattress. Closing my account asap.

Justin Cheney

Had to drop a star... Unfortunately, I had to drop from a 5 to a 4 star. The update that was made a few weeks back has been driving me crazy due to the change in the 'Performance' section. Changing the performance of the investments was a bad call. It isn't accurate because it shows my roundups included in that. It's very misleading. To me it should have been kept with what the current investments are doing, not with the roundups for that day added.

Matt Saldana

Wasn't impressed It's basically a savings account where you lose pennies a day. So like others before I withdrew what I was allowed to but couldn't find a way to close the account. 2 weeks later it's taking money from my bank account without any authorization what so ever.

alex lucero

Great for stashing money, not meant for quick returns though The concept of taking spare change is great, it's like having a digital piggy bank. Investments tend to build up rather rapidly over time, it's not uncommon to reach $100 worth of spare change within a few months. Don't judge the app off of a few months of use, it just doesn't work that way. I'm on over a year of use and showing a slow gain.

Travis Williams

reviewing now based on having the web app and three months of data. the addition of the web component made this 100 times better - the data is much more detailed and i love it. i realize the "long term investment" post that is on a bunch of reviews, blah blah blah. i'm 8 bucks in the hole right now, which was a little daunting to see (i've been up at most 2 before), but i'm giving it some time before i decide their algorithm is broken. see you in another 9 months for an update.

Michael Teige

Can't start. Stuck at USA citizen question. So after I enter my email addy and select a password, it asks if I am a USA citizen. I select I am, but the "Agree" button remains grey. If the app fails at step one you have lost me. Go ahead and report this to your engineers, but you have still lost my confidence. Uninstalling.

Michael Dennis

Great way to invest It's a great way to invest while living. You can set the amount and forget about it. I'm not a big fan of the inability to pick the stock invested in but one is able to pick the type of fund, i.e. aggressive or conservative.

Jacob Brooks

App works, not best investments though The app works great and I haven't had any problems. However, I've been using since free beta and I'm at a negative return in an upward market when all my real investment portfolios have seen multiple % gains. Not satisfied with that as a serious investor. The loss is less than a percent so if your looking to park your money it's not a bad idea but unless the management team makes some changes this doesn't look promising.

Chris Gehringer

Stopped working Has not offered me a round up in two weeks, though I use the card daily. However, they still took my $1. I finally got enoufh in there to be able to absorb the fee on an average return but now I can't add more.

Adam Fullenkamp

Decent Awesome app but it keeps needing me to re enter my bank information for round ups. Why can't your guys system just remember that information like it's supposed to? If u have to re enter my info all the time it defeats the whole purpose

Joe Costigan

Nice idea, but not earning anything Been doing over a month and the selling point is to make money with your spare change. So far my account has less money than I invested.

Ryan Irby

Interesting concept I can't speak to the returns, due to the long-term nature, but the app is nice and works well. Customer service is AMAZING. I had a problem with logging back in after a factory reset and they were prompt and weren't working from a flow chart or spitting out canned messages. Awesome!

Chris Scott

Cool App I like how easy it was to set up and understand, investment options would be nice not just the level of aggressiveness you want to invest at, but still a cool app

Tom Defino

Not impressed....wish I was Sounds great, looks great, but just not working. Did everything to set up, linked bank account and all. Said I need to prove address, so uploaded driver license as requested. 10 hours later it still says account not activated and to contact support with live chat in app...only problem there is no live chat option in Android app.

Steven Roberts

Easy to use, hard to earn money. This is app is really easy to use. I did have one hiccup where the app would consistently turn off the auto round up feature. I sent an email, the problem was fixed in a couple of days. The other issue is that I have never actually been in a net gain. It's almost as if the app is incapable of earning money. I legitimately would have earned more money in my checking account.

Luan Nguyen

Can't log in Been using this app for months ever since I heard about it. But I can't even log into my account anymore. Keeps saying I have the wrong password. Tried resetting it twice but they haven't emailed me yet like they said they would.

Jason Hinson

A misunderstood, great idea the best amount of money to have invested in this app is right under $5k to minimize fees. When possible, tip so your purchase = a whole number to max contributions. the app should provide a "historical average gain/loss" for each "level of risk" for info purposes. This app wont replace your 401k, TSP etc. but should be utilized as a long term savings/investment if you make many purchases a month with your accounts (link them all). Investing is exponential, the more/longer you invest, the more you make.

christopher chowaniec

Don't download! If you change your mind the process to delete is complicated and frustrating. I feel like I will have to cancel my bank account just to get rid of these people. Also I belive their "market" is rigged. I went to withdraw my investment and all of a sudden the market went down? So I'm sure there will be some bullshit when it's time to transfer my funds. Keep my 20 dollars! Just cancel my account. I don't care how bored you are! Don't download this app!

Justin Kowalski

Don't see the Point Bank of America has a keep the change program like this already. I thought this would round my credit card purchases but it appears it just takes the difference from a checking account. So my credit card still gets charged $3.14 I just get 86 cents taken out of my checking account. So low balance holders be aware that you could be over drawing your checking account when using your credit card with this system.

Nicholas Wansten

Handy, easy, profitable since up and running. I like acorns so far. The only reason for 4 stars is it took a bit of time while they were getting up and running to get accounts linked and working, but like any other new company there are always kinks to work out. They have done well with support and are thorough when giving assistance. This program is great as it allows me yet another opportunity to invest without always taking time from my day, allowing me to research other opportunities. Anything to help my money grow is a plus to me. This is cake!

kyle kiefer

error signing up I like what I'm seeing so far. I was referred by a friend. however I am receiving an error message when trying to link my bank for my roundup account. after providing my online banking login info it says that the account couldn't be verified. I then used the same info to login to my bank to ensure I was using the correct info and got in fine. I also had no problem linking my bank in the second step. only having issues with the roundup account. any help would be appreciated.

Matt Ziegler

Just okay I got this app so I could lock away money each week in an account that's out of mind. And it does that well. The registration can be a nightmare and is buggy. This app ends up being much more expensive in the long run over setting up a weekly automatic transfer into a normal investment account. And this app doesn't seem like it would be good for investments that aren't long term. My net gain has been negative since I opened the account and slowly been getting worse...

Brendan Grad

Over rated Have my portfolio on moderate. Shows that after you are at a percentage it is more commonly to go up but I can't really see what I bought stocks in. Is it one or several companies I wouldn't know.

Matthew Forster

High fees As of January 1st, 2015, Acorns has changed their fees to be either $1 a month (balances under $5,000) or 0.25% of assets per year (balances above $5,000). So on a $10,000 balance that would be $25 a year. No fee on $0 balances. Never made any money, but acorns got their share. Also, add an auto invest biweekly option.

Matthew Ruffi

Great concept - great execution! Great idea and nothing but good things to say a month or so in. Not making a ton but it's intended for longer-term savings.....just pulling some 'spare change' is, in my opinion, a great way to force me to save without feeling any impact.

Paul Griffin

After 2 months I've saved about $100 and am currently breaking even with the $1.00 per month investment fees. Setup has been a little difficult and it still doesn't work with my PayPal account so I ended up taking it off completely. I'm still rating this app 5 stars because I think it's a great idea for everyone and customer support has been awesome to work with. They continually improve and are always happy to answer my questions via email or phone calls. If my PayPal continues not to work with the account, I will have to drop a star but, for now, I'm still rating the app 5 stars and am completely happy with it! The widget is fun to watch every day on my home screen as well!

Blaine D

Terribly designed Interface for setup The date picker goes behind keyboard and drives you crazy on setup when choosing birthday. Should be other way to enter birthday. After I enter my social security number it tells me it found a portfolio suited for me. Gives a nice demo and when you click the getting started button the demo starts over again. I tried clicking the X to close the demo and the demo starts over. Absolutely horrible and annoying. After it takes you back to repeat security question and social sec. #. Waste of time. Never worked!

YourFavorite Penguin

Performance graph still shows line after deposit This app has it's ups and down the one thing they try hard to maintain is customer satisfaction and myself appreciate that. Performance graphs are onceagain showing a straight Line; it appears when large group sums of money are invested it distorts the positions graph. Acorns Improved the history, offers many great experiences and does what it says. Don't expect to use this as a get rich quick scheme; that won't happen but, if you have spare money and time this app can greatly help you manage it better.

Orlando Haltiwanger

Bugs fixed. Outstanding! Great job on fixing bug after the update. Back to a 5 ⭐ rating. The new quick launch to add money is a nice advancement. Great job.

David Dominguez

Works great Keeps crashing after input pin. They were very quick to fix the issue

Eric Ferguson

Great way to save money! Hard at times to invest large amounts, but the smaller amounts are way easier.

Dwayne Stokes

My favorite app. My only problem is that it's adictive. I Check it 20 times a day.

frank ficetola

Am I the only one that is constantly getting "unable to connect to a round-up account" error? It still shows that change is being deposited. So annoying.

nelly W

Awesome Great way to save money. . Made a 10 cent in 2 days. . Can't wait to see the what this long term investment grants me.

Randy Wilson

Great app One of the coolest passive investment apps.

John Eddy

Two problems.... Last update causes app crash after entering pin...unusable. Second issue has been happening for past several versions: round up accounts keep getting "broken" so I have to manually unlink and relink every couple weeks. PITA!

Richard Morales

Good app, Better customer service Occasionally there are app issues, such as the inability to login or deposits withdrawals taking forever to process, but the customer service more than makes up for it. Responses are quick and accurate and you are never spoke to as if you can't understand simple investments. Recommended app. Developer should look into minor bug fixes.

Kaden Highgate

Keeps crashing I like the app but keeps crashing, I can't even get into it to see what's going on. Fix this and I'll update my rating. - galaxy S5


Update has killed this! Latest update has made it impossible to even get into this app. I can't see anything at all. This needs to be fixed asap!!!

Clinton Sears

Fine, too little info The user interface is more beautiful than informative.

Molly Martin

Why If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Crashes after PIN, completely unusable since update.

Luis Lopez

App force closes after I try to login. Admins please fix this.

Will Davis

Acorns Great concept and simple. I treat it my family's vacation account for the year! Nice way to save with minimal effort!

Tim Timmerman

Pretty cool app It would be better if we had a better choice of funds to choose from and able to adjust the proportions.

Sarah Kimmel

Great tool! It's definitely helping me start saving for the future a little at a time, so I don't even notice!

Blake Longley

Keep force closing App updated and now it won't even open. Fix it please

Matt Green

It was fine a couple of days ago when I downloaded it, but now it crashes when I try to log in. Maybe it's a latest update but I couldn't say. Please fix.

Jamie Mcgrath

It keeps saying "unfortanatly acorns has stopped"... Fix it please

B Kostick

Easy way to save money! Don't have to think about it. Easy way to save.

Dan Murphy

Not Working It stopped working. Losing my trust with this product.

Courtney Lanier

Won't load since update I've been using the app for almost a month now and have actually saved almost $50 just from round-ups. Unfortunately, since the update, I can't even get past the PIN screen without it force closing on me. Will update rating when bug is fixed.

Joshua Smeltzer

POS don't use All this app does is steal your money and makes withdraws with out your approval, no way to unlink accounts 100% scam!!! Had to block them from bank account only way to stop them from taking my money, be warned your easy money...

Alex Simon

Great thing to set up and forget about Really convenient to set up. A trickle of funds coming in really does add up over time. The longer you have it the better

Grant Zaunick

Great product for millenials! Great work Acorn team. Secure and efficient way to invest. Too bad most of these people don't understand that if the Market goes down so will your portfolio. Now may not be the perfect time to invest, but it probably will be soon. Only issue I'm having is my round ups aren't automatically investing. I have to select them manually even if I have auto round ups turned on. Maybe I'm just not patient enough

Mica Nare

Do what they can, and what you choose So, see we all know the market is crazy. Globally even... perhaps the most "off balance" we've ever seen. This app... gives an unparamount control over ones investments. I've never known, anything, I've had this much immediate control over. It's your choice... and yours to make it

Keith Ramey

Great for me I'm horrible with money. This is great for me. It's a little quirky sometimes but I like it.

Michael Barrio

This app is perfect for new investors. Easy to use and set up, no hassle and very inexpensive. My only caution is that the performance tab on the app can be misleading, it includes all deposits made so its not a realistic graph of how your money is doing. Instead, you need to go into the history tab. I wish the developers would address this down the road.

Richard Del Valle

Steadily losing money Its a cool idea except for the fact that I've lost money and gained nothing. I would be better off with an app that simply saves my extra change. Instead my money is invested in nonsense that costs me money. I'm gonna give it another month and of I don't see some sort of gain over my investment, which would probably be impossible in just a month, I'm taking my money out of this sinkhole of an app.

Kevin Khoo

Acorns is a fantastic idea with great potential but horrible execution. Over the long term your investment will fluctuate with market forces, but a savvy investment broker or group will ride those forces and direct investments in such a way to make sure the overall fund sees a positive return. This means that a great group will take your change and give you something back for it. ...Acorns does not do that. Over the past year I've used it my fiscal graph can be drawn with a simple straight line from the top left to the bottom right. So not only have I been losing with my investments, I've been constantly losing and without any up turns that even hint of market forces. This means one of two things: 1) Acorns is a scam and they use invisible ''market forces' to justify the slow bleed on your investment money as they bill you for more as 'round ups' 2) Acorns brokers are inept or incompetent to the point where you are better off just throwing your money away since they don't care that your investments make a consistent loss day after day regardless of the market because they will profit off your loss and the fees they charge for spending your money.

tama wolf

Don't really care for it Not really making me anything or really doing much, how do I deactivate the account?? Reason being, it takes up too much space

Katie Bakas

Ron Popeil of investing Set it and forget it then open it and marvel and how quickly your roundups and auto invests have piled up. Wonderful background project that will get you involved in the markets at a low risk entrance. Solid intro to dabbling in watching the markets move.

Adam Abbott

Registration problems Stuck at entering employment and financial info. Says I need to enter an employer, yet no option to do so. How irritating. **Edit** Had to sign up as a student to complete the portfolio process, then edit settings to select full time employer, only then did the employer box popped up for me to enter one. I have to imagine this was not the how it was envisioned to be done.

Rex Maus

Super App !! Acorns is the perfect app for stashing small amounts of money into an investment account. It is like taking your pocket change and instead of tossing it in a jar until you fill the jar and cash it in for paper bills, you take your change and invest it. Crazy idea but it works so well. You can make deposits any size at any time and the app takes debit card transactions and rounds them up to next dollar. In a little over 2 months, my change has grown to nice amount. Almost enough for a weekend getaway.

Alfred Willis

Wtf I was very excited to use this app but I haven't been able to enter my personal info without an error. This will be a one star till this problem is fixed. Update: it works now. I'm ready, set, GO!!!

Adam Colvin

App is unusable, I can't get past the personal information page without a connection error.

Daniel Snow

This app makes me feel like an adult. I use Acorns to make more aggressive investments without imperiling my 401k. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I love the app, and I make good returns when the market is doing well. Even when the market is fluctuating I am confident enough in Acorns that I feel no need to try to beat the market by transferring my money somewhere else. I fully recommend it as a way to supplement your investments.

Julian Robson

Great way to save some extra cash without noticing the difference I've literally never noticed it taking money. Only when it has money for me do I see it working.

Duffee Maddox

Feeling IncomeTroll This is my first time investing. A lot of hopes to jump through but seemly worth it.

Bruno Maia

So far So far is been okay only had it for about 2 weeks. We'll see further down the line what happens. It's fairly easy to use though there's always room for improvement. I hope it works out

Shane Pipher

Great way to save money Does exactly what is advertised, simple and cleanly. My only grip is my round ups won't post for like a week then hit all at the same time. Edit: you misunderstood. It doesn't post for a week then pulls like $12 in round ups at the same time

jaydie lee

The Most Simplest Way of Investing May not be the best investing app but definetly the most simplest. Make it so easy to invest.

Eric Rios

Great App This app is Genius. Helped me save a bunch of extra money in no time. Ive recommended it to multiple people already and they couldnt be happier either. ??

Robert Hinaman

Update.. After the update the app crashes and losses connection.. Also my Asus zenwatch 2 is no longer able to load the information... Things were great prior to the recent update Edit: I have the latest version which is causing the crash again my phone, LGV10 and the smart watch mentioned above. Once I updated to 1.4.3 I have had nothing but trouble.

Hichi Maru

Misrepresentation of Investment Performance When viewing the performance tab charts, whenever a deposit into the account is made, before the value of the account on the chart rises, the curve first dips lower. This is misleading as the value of your investments don't actually go down by making a deposit. This "dip" will show up on the chart with each and every deposit. It also hides the real data of the performance of your investments immediately preceding every deposit as it forces the curve to take a certain shape.

fred dukeman

Nice for saving It's good for saving a lil extra money. Definitely keep it on the extremely conservative side. Otherwise you'll lose money all the time it seemed like.

Tim Williams

Good Concept I like the simplicity "no-brainer" method of the round up concept. All that spare change would just evaporate, but in 6-7 months doing nothing but paying bills, grocery shopping, dining out, putting gas in my car, etc, I've saved almost $300. You'll notice I said "almost $300." The market volatility has amounted to a net loss of almost $20. That's not going to send me into bankruptcy, but it's a net loss. I'm looking at Qapital now, a pure savings option, not investment like Acorn.

Corey Omega

Support team sucks This app has been giving me problems since day 1 and I'm so close to uninstalling it....and there tech support is the biggest joke if you even get a response.

Faust Marlowe

Absolutely new No idea as to how to invest so its nice to see an app like this, will change rating depending on what happens. So far so good

Jamaican Deelite

Works Like a Charm! Simple. Intuitive. Effective. You can't ask for a better app. A+!

Scott Neidich

Still no Mint support. Several criticisms: The Android Wear app doesn't work properly on Moto 360. There is no way to sync multiple credit cards at the same bank for roundups. The Widgets regularly fail to load a timeline. There is no "$ invested versus value at time" graph. Mint still not supported on the Acorns platform. As each of these issues is fixed, I will add one star.

David Mejia

The agreement Started reading the agreement, they lost me when they said that by agreeing I'm agreeing to any changes made to the documents and am also agreeing to check the website to learn of these changes when they happen. Are you serious? AKA they're not going to tell you when things change and they expect you to just agree with whatever changes they decide to make, no questions asked, no emails sent. Since when did it become hard to send an email? Totally one sided and not customer driven, obviously.

Jose Miramontes

Great app even for experienced investors I would consider myself to be very experienced and knowledgeable in the field of investing and this is a great app. I've now avaraged a 6.5 percent return on 1000 dollars I deposited plus round ups! Great app even for lump sum long term investing.

Mark Reddington

Easy to use! Haven't made a dollar yet, but I've always wanted to start dabbling in the stock market, and this is a great way to start! Plus, no fees for students, perfect for me!

James Choe

Good for Long-Term A great way to begin investing. Very easy to understand. The round up feature is neat, but if that's the only investment you're making, your returns may not be worth it, if there is any. On the other hand, if you're planning to make automatic recurring and lump sum deposits, it's definitely worth it. I've had the app for about 2 months, deposited about 2k and am also making recurring deposits of 10 bucks each day. So far I've made a total gain of 2.89%, that's $75 in returns!

Luis Cardona

Great for breaking the mental barrier to investing I like the application a lot for doing just that, breaking the mental barrier to start investing on my own. They give you a series of options for investing purposes that vary in levels if risk. And this is great. But I would like the option to customize this in the percent allocation to the different business types. Other than that, its great and I would definitely recommend this to a friend!

Jamie Sherwood

Great Still a little confused(new to investing) BUT I love that I'm at least saving money. It allows you to invest or just save...if you save you can transfer savings back to your linked account


Great ease for students. Ease with students, sorta a saving account you put money away slowly and at the same you are investing. After fussing with it for sometime I got it work because of different emails. All user error not theres. App works great and I'm glad to be back on it.

Drew Byrd

Where is my money going? App is pretty cool, I like seeing my investments go up in down with the market. It's a nice, low-risk way to try your hand at investing. But I'd like to see where my money is going, which companies I am investing in. Is there a way to do that?

Phillip Tombs

Great tool Does exactly what it says. Takes a little time to set everything up. You have to play with a bit to figure out how it works but not difficult.

Cyanide Knife

I wish I could use this app I made an account but after checking my spelling 3 times, it still won't accept my Wells Fargo Bank account login credentials. If you can fix this and I can add my account, I'll change to 5 stars.

Hal Jurgensen

Awesome Can't think of a more modern and easy way to set aside some money and watch it grow over time! Not guaranteed growth but my long term plan is 25+years.

Ian Lofgren

So cool!! Love the game aspect of this app. It totally turns investment into a game. Would love see a social aspect. Maybe comparing your progress to others. Also I would like the ability to more selectively invest. If you let customers more selectively invest you could apply some kind of machine learning to their investment strategies to try and learn better investment strategy. It's definitely a fun regression problem.

Edward Brandwein

Great way to invest Very simple to use. Captures the change from your purchases and invests it. An easy way to save up.

Terence Melton

Need a 100 percent stock profile Great app but needs more options. Would like a straight stock portfolio with no bonds.

Kenny Dubuisson

Awesome! This app is dope if you're saving up for something like a trip, overall why not put away your spare change

Steve Singer

Fun stuff I watch my investment everyday. It has replaced the time I waste playing the random phone game I look at between meetings. I hope to buy a second property within 10 years, the camp of my dreams and this is an easy way to stow away whatever I have left at the end of the month and make smaller contributions in the meantime. I know very little about this kind of stuff and it Acorns is very user friendly. Totally in love with it. I may gift it with a small starting amount to my nieces and nephews.

Henry Weathersbee

Makes saving easy I like that it puts saving money in your consciousness. I feel like it could be a great tool to save for a rainy day fund, or a powerful investment vehicle. It may not be the last investment tool I use, but it's certainly my intro into investing and I'm sure it will be for many. Awesome job.

Cesar R

Love this app Very easy to use, low maintenance fees and good mix of investments to choose from

Sherri Williams

Very cool! Wish I could integrate with Quicken--only reason i gave a 4. Easy and fun way to invest in quality mutual funds without having to start with a minimum investment

Osvaldo Pena

Acorns investment It's a really awesome and easy app to use. I was iffy at first but now I just love using the app, up-to-date performance trends, it's an awesome app highly recommend! Only downside is that it takes a couple days to authorize round ups..

Isaiah Castilla

Great app Really love the ease of the app. It's a great way to save money without thinking too much about it. Great idea...

Charles Shrader

EDIT: I keep getting the error "widget is too big" when I try and refresh the ACORNS widget. Can you fix that please? Really annoying that I have to have some tiny widget to refresh it. May as well just go to the app itself. Will add a star back if/when this is fixed. Otherwise, I like your app. [ORIGINAL] It was simple to set up with the exception that it took several tries to log into my bank account. But once set up it has a very clean GUI that makes navigation a breeze. My biggest complaint is with the widget. The 'refresh' button could be a little larger as it keeps sending me to the app because of misclicking it. So far the app has been very useful, I do wish there was more info on what is being invested in like prospectus for each category you can invest in.

Dustin Mooney

Great way to set goals You can also have it do weekly withdrawal so you can set a goal and reach it!!

Garry Robinson

Grob4167 Just started using the app and I'm about 6 days into it and saving money already! Like the and the easy access. !

Ashton Gilmore

Doing pretty good My experience with investing has shown any gain to be good, and long term accounts can afford small loses. With that said, acorns has done decently in a market that showed it's volatility. After the price of oil rises, i expect to see proper dividends.

Curt S

Eh... Not detailed enough. Can't see transactions. Don't know when or how much they are taking out of your checking account. Needs to be more transparent including what investments are being made. May try later if these issues are addressed.

Ryan Miller

Pointless With 1grand you only see + or - 2.00 max. But norm +-cents.... boring. Just use bank savings. I'm going to Robin hood app. Real stocks with real + and - even 10.00 you can see +-dollar profits. Also acorn doesn't teach you anything. Silly.. robinhood will teach you and let you profit bigtime.

Christian Winborn

Cannot get it to link a round up account. I know the info I'm putting in is correct. That's the main reason I even wanted to install the app.--ok so 8 days later im dropping my 2 star rating to a 1 star...CS has still done nothing to resolve my issue. Only wanted to use it for saving my spare change... If i only wanted to buy stocks and bonds there are FAR BETTER ways of doing it than on this idea but aren't they always cool on paper?? Withdrawing my money and deleting account and app

Jonathan Engle

Great Way to Save - Promo Code SH5U4H I've been using Acorns for about a month. So far it's been a great tool to help me save a little money that I would have just wasted. The round-ups are the perfect 'set it and forget it' tool. Don't expect to make too much from the investing aspect, especially if your balance is somewhat low. In a month I've seen about a $0.25 increase on a $50 balance. Use my promo code SH5U4H and we'll both get an extra $5. Setting up an account was fast and easy.

Dean Torpey

Nice interface, bad at managing money App looks nice, a lot of great features, partly due to market conditions, but ROI is small. Fixed funds, all stocks down doesn't help.

Jacob Nichols

Easy to use Referral 9LWSHN Best way to save money so easy and fun. First month and I've invested over two hundred dollars.


So far so good !! Couldn't be simpler. Use promo code KU4QTQ and get an extra $5 !!

Rashawne Haynes

Good idea Trouble at 1st linking my acct. But now that the kinks have been worked out this is just a added tool to what you are already doing.

Ralff Rodney

Love it Don't ever rate anything but this app help me ave over 500 with our even knowing about it

Dre Amer

Pretty Cool I've always been inspired by the likes of Warren Buffet and have only used real time Stock Market programs and apps, until this app. This gives me control to earn money, and not feel completely clueless about what I'm doing. Love the "Round Up" to the nearest dollar investment mechanism. Very cool.

Kyle Little

It all worked until it didn't Was working fine and then it wouldn't let me connect to my checking account for automatic round ups. Little frustrating, if it doesn't change soon I will close my account. I don't have trouble saving money this just seemed like something fun to try. If it is resolved I will change my rating.

Ernie D

Easy and easy This app is exactly what it says, easy to start and easy to invest. The portfolios don't give you much specificity but then again, the young investor may benefit from this.

mel saf

What happened to my notification? Was working well until the last update, now I'm unable to see my notification in top right corner. Can you please resolve that issue.

Alan Barlow

Nice application Effortless Acorns transfers and easy access to relevant, real-time information make this a got-to-have app for the frugal minded.

kevin cline

So far so good. Very easy to set up. Very intuitive and simple interface but still loaded with features. Will update if any problems develope.

Malachi Knott

I'm 23 I'm 23 very nervous about this but everything works fine haven't had any problems makes it very friendly to use I'm very happy with this app

Abraham T

It works Today is my first day, it looks like working good.


Great app It's like a money stash that we forget it's there and keeps increasing

Megan Elvik

Use this code to get an extra $5: TQWDVCG use this code to get an extra $5: TQWDVC !!! I recommend this app to anyone that is looking to save some extra cash.

Mike Withers

Automatic forced savings at small daily increments. Decent rate of return depending on the market.

Ian Marshall

Great way to save some change! Love the app, it's incredible, fluid, visually aesthetic. Definitely been gaining on my investments too. Thanks acorns team you guys are nuts!

Ryan McGuire

Good app They should implement nexus imprint as an alternative to using a pin

Robert Flores

these portfolios aren't very good, I've actually lost money

Taylor Kerns

Have realistic expectations You're not going to get rich using Acorns, especially not investing solely spare change. That being said, the app is pretty attractive and fairly user-friendly, and I'm definitely seeing a higher rate of return here than on my savings account.

Mike Bergman

No keybank I use keybank and this app doesn't support it therefore it's useless to me

Jerry Rigg

Ouch Round ups is a bad idea. I ended up over drafting a checking account. Rather than paying one fee, I paid an extra fee because of roundups. No más.

Richard Hennings

Good, but.... Unsure what the point is of moving the portfolio section to settings. Now the left sidebar seems bare. More UI/UX focus please.

Kamil Faizi

Makes investing easy! Finally I dont have to have hundreds to open up an investment account and can use my spare change! Easy to use and offers options for choosing your portfolio. If you use the bonus code 9KE45C they give you 5 dollars to start out with for your portfolio!


Easy to use....took all the pain of a typical investment account away.

Justin Champion

Easy investing My money is working for the long term now

Samantha Warren

Can't link my account for automatic roundups I'm having trouble linking my accounts for automatic round ups, which is the entire reason I downloaded this app. I know I'm entering the correct information. I will change my rating if the problem gets fixed, but otherwise this app is basically useless to me.

Charlie Cunningham

Great! Simple. To the point. Love it.

Beau Marone

Bank not there I go through Boulder Dam Credit Union and my bank is not there so I cant get past startup screen

Paul Rosenberg

I like this app This app makes it fun and easy to invest


Very good interface Very quick and easy to work with this app, totally deserving five stars.

Hans Drachenberg

Why not save your small change? You won't make big bucks off the market in this app, but allowing it to 'save' your change from every purchase you make can add up quick. It's fantastic for a passive, nearly invisible savings plan.

Cindy Agans

ACORNS This app is a great way to save. I Can use this for those special things I just HAVE TO HAVE.

Eric Carson

Great idea, simple execution, beautiful UI Looks as good as the concept of saving is. Thanks acorns!

Kevin Cheddar

It seems to do it's job I've just been depositing here and there along with the roundups. It's a good idea for having a bit of savings and so far my increase has been about 5%. This seems trustworthy and I'm looking forward to investing in the future. So far, I have no complaints.

Tierra Nauman

Can't sign up I can sign in, but I can't sign up.

cory cannon

$5.00 free with code KWRDVA Easy to use, good investment options, and you get to choose how to make deposits. It's very impressive how fast the money builds up. Get $5 free with promo code KWRDVA

Scott Howard

Great app After initial problems which have since been resolved, I have nothing but praise for this app.

Olachi Wokonko

My little invertor I never heard of acorns until I read Tiffany Aliche's "testimony". Acorns is good for people who do not know where to start with investing. It takes advantage of your small changes and rounds it up to about $5 and invests it. I love that it is really a diversified portfolio with different company and organizations to invest in. You do not have to worry about diversifying your portfolio your self.

Morgan Hardcastle

Glorified Savings Account After about two weeks of using it, and doing some research of my own, that's my conclusion. From a tech standpoint, the app is great! But aside from that, the numbers just don't cut it for me. High monthly deposits and an Aggressive Portfolio, I'll have earned a cool $ ten years. Same monthly amount but with a Conservative Portfolio; Forty dollars in profit. Wait. Minus $1/yr account maintenance fee, Thirty dollars, and probably shave off $7 more in taxes. Why all that work, for twenty bucks?


Money Withdraw Verification Fraud First off i spent $20 thank God it wasn't more, after a few weeks there were ups and downs but then I wanted to withdraw thw money, acorn ask for verification to enter how much I withdraw from my bank to acorn....but the interesting part is it won't let you put that exact amount in the spaces, so you can't verify the account and you won't be able to withdraw. Wish I knew this was fraud....

Michael Mitchell

A great way to save money This has been great for helping me save money

Toni Elia

Great great great Love it. The spare change adds up and has helped me out of a couple small jams.

Dan Goldstein

Amazing app. So easy to use and build your money up without having to spend hours researching different funds. 5% return my first month!!! This is my new savings account

Robert Chronister

Great app So easy!

Nichalos Grove

Watching my savings grow. Over the last six months I've saved over 400 dollars just from rounding up my daily purchases. The great thing is I've made over 20 dollars just from the market. It might not seem like that much, but consider that a traditional savings account you might make 1 dollar a quarter if your lucky. Of course there is always risk when you're investing, but if you can ride the market this is a great way to grow your money.

Dean Sauls

Investing is awesome! I hate pennies! Now I don't have to worry about them, because they are being invested automatically. Best app ever!

Edwin Lopez Arbaiza

Might be worth it in the long run, if they would only disclose their fee totals better This has been an interesting app if you want an easy way to invest. The one thing that's bothering me right now is that I have an interest in knowing how much I've been paying in fees all together, but the app does not disclose your fee totals. I remember seeing fee totals in previous versions but now they seem intent on hiding them from you.

Gabe Ginorio

Today's Secret Word is 'Flat' Just left in $10 and forgot about it for months. Came back and ... $9.43. Guess it's better than zero. As I suspected all along this app is a savings account with a slightly less than zero return rate. So, is it a bad savings account or poorly managed investment app? You decide.

Ian Pileggi

Great app! Could use a little more control. I love it. As a milleninial, I find this app to make investing simple and fun. The only thing I'd like to see changed, would be control of the sectors in each portfolio option. Just a keep or remove kind of deal. This probably won't work, but it would be awesome to be able to change the percentages in each sector manually. Just a thought...

Seth Lazarnick

Great App I see some people complaining about losing their money after putting in a small amount and only waiting less then a week to see returns. Your returns are based on markets that fluctuate. You will lose money at times and gain at times. The purpose of this app it to take advantage of these markets upward trends over years. It's a long term investment. You need to put money into it and keep putting money in from time to time. This way you will see returns over time. I have a 3.5% return in 1 month.

Andrew Burgess

Does exactly what it says It invests my spare change into investments that are managed for me but are in line with my financial goals. It's simple, intuitive and more importantly it appears to be completely secure! 5 stars :)

Daniel Morrow

Best College Student App I cannot think of a single better app for every millennial to have right now. It's easy and effective way to get into the stock market comfortably.

Lucia Jeff

After a relevant usage period Even though I don't understand all the way I am saving and that saving and it is increased by the investment

Paul Wertenberger

Love it! So easy and affordable! I've wanted to start investing for a long time, but it was so confusing and needed too much money to get started. Acorns solved all those problems. I can now call myself an investor!

Matthew Ruffi

Great concept - great execution! Great idea and nothing but good things to say a month or so in. Not making a ton but it's intended for longer-term savings.....just pulling some 'spare change' is, in my opinion, a great way to force me to save without feeling any impact.

Eric Incannella

Great for young adults Acorn is fantastic for people who really want to get into the stock market game but simply do not have the money to due so. This is the answer to that, its quick to set up, it will do round up with your transactions to add to your portfolio when you use your card, you can add a lump sum or do a daily/weekly/monthly deposits. They do take a small fee but if you look at the details it really isn't all that bad. The UI is smooth and clean.

Adam Savage

Surprised I invested $620 initially then over the past month had $80 in round ups. I did nothing but live and spend like normal and based on the stocks they invest in, I made $29 on the money that would have been just sitting in my savings account. Mind blown

Jacob Bertling

So far so good I have used this app for nearly a year. Their newsletters have been insightful and not over bearing. I dislike being spammed with marketing emails and their communication has been just right. I have confidence in their stock decisions and the way they are managing my money. Thanks Acorns!

Nick Eger

Easy way to automate and monitor investing. Very flexible app, as conservative or aggressive as you want to be. I also love the ability to create reoccurring investments by day, week, or month. Put your dollars to work! Savings account rates are a joke nowadays.

Timothy Perez

Great for the lazy investor This is a terrific concept that takes saving and investing to an automated level. I am too busy to manage portfolios, thus selecting from 1 of 4 diversified portfolios works for me.

Bryton Williams

Pretty cool I like that there's no minimum investment like some stock apps. You can start with very small amounts and add as you can. I started with 10 dollars. Also the rounding up is optional which is good for me because I already have a round up savings plan at my bank.

Daniel Rusk

Pretty decent for how easy it is. I've only experienced minor glitches so far. Nothing major. Really the only thing has been duplicate entries from my checking account that want to be approved to round-up. It's still really early for me, so haven't seen how the returns have been. Excited to see any performance soon and how fast the investing happens.

Daniel Boyd

Simple, efficient, and works as decribed. This is a great way to start investing and learning about the finacial markets, the acorns website has some decent info. Breaks everything down so even a layman or casual investor can start investing. Love the fact there is no fees for people under 24 and students. Competitive rates, though once I have the capitol and/or the opportunity I will open an IRA as well. This app doesnt include any retirement options as of yet like similar company's and apps, though most of those require a much higher buy in.


No escape The program does exactly what it says, but good luck trying to opt out. After a month of trying, my account continues to make periodic 'investments', even though ive tried to cancel.

Lucas Norton

The round up's feature never worked with my bank account, I invested $5, I withdrew and it's been a month and I still have yet to see that money, random transactions have been done on my account. I am currently missing $30 because of this app.

Jade Lastimosa

Perfect and great customer service Great way to build shadowed cash Customer service is amazing . I always catch myself waiting for long process for getting things fixed, but they listen and get everything situated quick and simple. Pretty satisfied.


Changed the way I think about money. The app works as advertised. This really helped me get on the right track, it forced me to think about personal finance and for that I am thankful. P.S. People claiming they stole their money are retarded if they read and understood how the financial systems work they would understand there is a waiting period to withdraw money.

Jared Kotoff

Broken The app works fine. Acorns and a service is totally broken. Been emailing support for months and being given the runaround with no fix for my account insight. Going to move my money over to their competitors.

Mario Sequeira

Great app I love this app! It's easy to use and makes investing/saving very convenient

John Stancell

Easy to forget about, which helps me save. However, I'd like to know how this app keeps getting uninstalled from my phone. I've had to reinstall it four times now. Seems like they WANT you to forget about it.

Tommy Pace

Great way to invest spare change! Enter: RG6AHL into the code referral when you open your account to have 5$ added to your account for free.

Cory Powers

Great app! This app has a fantastic interface and is easy to use. The round up feature is the reason I started using it and I love it.

Mia Ramos

Greatest app ever! I don't have a retirement plan or a 401k with my job so this app is a godsend! Have sent link to all my friends, and they've signed up!

Fakiye Oladipupo

Great app I have no problems with this app at all. Everything works as it should, but I have some requests to make. I think it would be cool if we can log in with our fingerprint scanner and not have to use the pin all the time, and I also can't find Democracy Credit Union among all others that are available. If you can add that I would give this app 5 stars.

Larry Green

Great change Jar Invisible saving and seamlessly in the background...doesn't make a sound! When you finally remember to check has grown Greatly! Keep it up Devs!

Phil Scholey

Can not access, won't link w credit union I've had money withdrawn, yet somehow, the accounts aren't linked and now I can't even access my account. Customer service form would not submit from either Firefox or Chrome. Smells more and more like a scam.

Andy Bolton

Pretty good Fees aren't too outrageous and and I like the auto withdrawal. However I wish the auto withdrawal could be bi-weekly or bimonthly (1st and 15th) to better correlate with a scheduled paycheck.

Brandon Meredith

Almost perfect Love the app and the user friendly interface. bank implemented a third level security feature to where to log on to my online account they first have to text me a 4 digit security code to log in. In a "nutshell" Acorns cannot get access to my banking account to do round ups. However i can still make automatic withdrawls. So...almost perfect.

Amadeo Briones

It would be nice to have a tablet version of the app, also I use my nexus phone and would like to log in by using my finger print. One thing that I really hate is the performance graph, it includes the money that invest as well as the market performance together. It would be nice to have a separate graph one for the market performance, and another one for the money that is invested so you really understand how the market is doing right from the app. Other than that, I really love it! I'm investing $5 a day to start it off plus round ups

Dante Armstrong

Great I don't think this is good for people with a very low initial investment (less than $100) and low round ups (less than $10 a month) due to the $1 monthly flat rate fee for balances less than 5k but other than that this is great. I get more gains through Acorns than if I used a savings account or a CD and its less risk than investing in individual stocks. Haven't tried to take my money out yet or file for taxes but im not anticipating any issues. The service has been smooth and fruitful for me.

Mykal Zimmerman

I'm seeing some growth I started using this app in like late May and I put aside more spare change in this app than I put in my savings on purpose in years. Obviously I'd like to see more personal growth from this app than the money I'm depositing but that's obviously a stock and micro trade situation. It's a good way to put money aside when combined with other methods.

Jenna O.

No Choice I joined up because it sounded like a great idea, but so far, it's only been a nightmare. After linking my account, I found out I have no say in where my money gets invested. I reached out to support who told me nicely 'Too bad, that's how we do things' and preceded to ignore me. I have since tried to close my account, but none of the links work....I just want my money back

Mark Newton

Ugh... Acorns, in response to your comment about being a long term investment app. My question is how am I making money in the long term if all the investments are netting me a loss in the short term? I told you I would use it for another 3 months and I will, but I'm negative $5 now and 1 month ago I was negative $1... And no, these aren't from fees. I took that into account.

Toothpick van Wood

Higher Risk Savings Account As the title says, that's basically what the app is. If you find yourself constantly buying small things (a cup of coffee, a bag of chips, maybe a cheeseburger or two), then this is a good way to get a savings account going. Keep in mind that the market is volatile, so it will fluctuate in and out of your favor, but once you get some decent capital going, it's fun to watch your savings tick up.

Joaquin Hernandez

Round-ups My credit union isn't mainstream enough to be eligible for round ups, but still a pretty cool app. It's a nice way to dip into the money business when you don't exactly have the money to be in the money business. Just as a heads up though, be aware that money fluctuates, so don't be alarmed if you start losing money.

Patrick Chavez

Serious issues All in all I enjoy this app and service but... decided I didn't want to continue after 2 weeks of losing my money. I have attempted to contact support 3 times now and after a week have not got any kind of response or help. Have also not got my money back after nearly 7 business days. Horrible experience so far from support. This does have promise but right now not so much.

Shakira Johnson

Won't link to my bank account Won't link to my bank account and had locked me out of my bank account several times. It won't let you surpass the bank account options either with alternate methods. I've also contacted support. They said they'd respond to my email... Still waiting.Blah!

Joshua Frady

Great app! This app is awesome! I would like a credit card like the fidelity one so that I can invest my cash back directly into acorns as well. I don't know if that's possible or not but it would be nice!

Jacob Kral

It's ok Not bad, but I wish they would have kept the trajectory area that let you predict how much you'd have after x years with x deposit.. Also wish I could turn off the reminders for things I have no interest in. Account 80% forever because i won't turn on roundups or link a secondary account for roundups.. Annoying.

Matthew Smith

Simple to use This app is very simple. It is easy to change portfolios, deposit/withdraw money and monitor your account. After initial struggles, my account started to see a return. Couldn't be happier with how my account has done.

Carrie Griffin

I looks better and better.. Seems like a pretty easy way to save money...however I have had my account for about 3 weeks and have invested $140. My balance is $138. So I've already lost money I guess.

Zach Gates

Nice as a personal savings account, that's all. Had it for a few months, saved up a couple hundred dollars, and the investment portion? I lost 62 cents. It's such an insignificant part of the equation I don't know why they bother.

Daniil Shevchuk

Nothing great You're just basically putting money into a savings account. Does thus application actually make you money and invests into proper stocks? No, I just don't see it. I dont see any results. All it's doing is losing money.

Patrick Jacaszek

Great app! Very simplistic way to start investing. The round up feature is really useful and reoccurring payments make it very easy to save. Feel free to use RNCJV3 as your promo code and get 5 bucks free to start. You won't regret it!!!

Ryan Harper

Clearly A Shady Company Signed up to see what the service is like. Can't disconnect from the service without calling support. The app automatically takes money from your bank account without giving a clear monthly notice that it is doing so. I guarantee there are users on Acorn who believe that they are making a lot of money without realizing they are having money taken from their account. There are probably also numerous users who deleted Acorn and don't realize that the company is still withdrawing money front their account

Amrik Singh

Awful way to invest money I have been with acorns for almost year and a half and I have seen nothing but losses. No smiley moments on gains. There are better chances of making money while gambling than investing money in Acorns. I know closing my account is going to add more issues.

Very nice app A very user friendly app. I really like that a person can make make small deposits whenever they like. I have started using it as a way to develop better spending habits. For example, I reward myself for not spending money on unbudgetted items like starbucks coffees and fast food in a day by depositing $10. It's a little reward that's helping me tighten up on spending while investing in the future. Decent returns over last 6 months--about 4.5%

Ros que

Its very buggy! I'm not sure if I have an account yet but each time I try to continue it would keep stating "server error", "error connection", and when I finally think I am done and it states "view your portfolio" tapping it will not continue to the next screen. I'm not sure where the issue is because a friend was signing up the same time as I but less buggy and was able to complete his registration. Maybe it doesn't like the Note 7? lol Update 09-17-2016 After a day, it looks like my information went through but it was frustrating because it kept giving me errors about disconnection issues. In all, it is working fine. I'm increasing my rating to 4 stars from 2 because of the frustration I was having when registering my new account.

Jacob Clifford

Great Customer Service!!!! I had a discrepancy within Acorns over some banking issues. The matter was handled professionally and courteously. I am very happy with them and encourage anyone who is starting to invest to consider them. The staff is wonderful and the service is great!

Scott Neidich

Despite periodic issues, a solid app Acorns app has become increasingly reliable recently, and the investments continue to perform as we should expect: market goes up, market goes down, it happens. ?y yield has been 10% over the last year, though the year before that was slightly negative at -4%, so my lifetime yield is around 6% over the last 2 years.

Steve Westlund

Don't Do It! If I could rate -5 I would. Acorns had no problem taking funds from my personal checking account. But when I tried to withdraw funds, I was told I had to validate the same account they were pulling funds out of.

Clout Dizzle

Easy Peasy!!!!! An easy way to diversify and save money. Just like most investments you have to think long-term. I like investing $5 dollars daily along with round ups. Roughly $200 per month. Just keep an eye on it. Just like any stocks you have to pay taxes on captial gains. Uncle Sam wants his cut. So set it and let it build. I recommend a conservative portfolio for this type of investment due to stock market volatility. Think of it as another savings acount. Have fun!

Matt Hardee

Sounded good New account. Tons of issues logging in with server and when I do it asks me to do initial stuff over again. Can't link accounts. Feel like my whole experience is already screwed up. Will give it a couple days but if issues happen it's toast I don't know how to cancel my initial investment I already set up to transfer into it. But at this point I don't trust any money going into this at all.

Bohemian Clone Trooper

Great Way to Start Investing As a college student, I don't have a lot of money to invest right now, or time to do a lot of research in stocks. This app overcomes those barriers to investing, and does it with a slick, informational interface.

Diana Reynolds

Easy way to save money I really don't realize money is coming out of my bank account to go into my Acorn account. Using this app is a great way to invest without even missing the money.

Jim Laloggia

I would like to cancel I only made 10 cents cuz they took over 20 i made in spare change please help me close account


Easy to use. Love it for the most part. The only thing I dislike is when you need to withdraw money from this and it takes 5 to 7 business days. Not very convenient if you're in a bind.

My bank isn't listed My bank was not listed! Kind of hard to know if this app is easy to use if you don't list my bank! Was super hyped about this app but unfortunately I had to delete it.

Izaiah Vazquez

Does not work I have uploaded both documents requested and again it says I have yet to upload those documents. I don't know whats going on. I really hope it is not a scam because it does request sensitive documentation that could compromise my identity.

Micah Justice

Made over 50$ in 2 weeks I just opened this account like 2 weeks ago, with some spare money I had lying around in my bank not working for me, set it to the aggressive portfolio and voilà! (Naturally the market will go up and down) but dang if I'm not impressed. If this keeps up I'm going to have to pay someone to do my taxes so I can report the interest income lol


App claimed no fees until you turn 24 So I downloaded this app back in late June of this same year. I am not yet 24 years old, far from it, and now the app updated their user agreement so regardless you have to pay their fee. Well acorns, I will be withdrawing all money that I have invested, very promptly, thanks for lying to your customers, thought you might be a decent company. Oh well

Cesar R

Love this with even better features Very easy to use, low maintenance fees and good mix of investments to choose from and now with a simplified fee structure, its easier and more beneficial to investors for tax purposes

Jeremy Roberts

Great Way to Invest I love this app! Rounding up spare change and letting invest my money without me owing a cent! I recommend this for anyone looking to start investing

Montana Dean

Easy, great for first timers Love this app! Perfect for people on the go who would like to begin investing but not sure where to start. Very low risk and a great way to save and grow all that extra change. Even for pros, great outlet to referral people to who want to invest and leads to other investments and research as well!

Jalen Granski

UPDATE: Problems Solved After updating the app my bank was able to link successfully, I look foward to investing now.

mariah goodell

New update With the new update I am charged 1$ every month. I have been on the app for a few months already and have only made a dollar with it. The app just took my entire small profit! On top of that acorns customer service is lacking big time I don't even know how to delete my account because no one will help me out!?

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