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28 Sep
Accurate Compass

Posted by Stonekick in Tools | Sept. 28, 2015 | 101 Comments

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Accurate Compass has a 3D view along with an intuitive user interface. This tool works exactly like a normal compass and is easy to use for:

-checking (magnetic) North, South, East, and West,
-navigating unfamiliar places,
-finding out the bearing of objects in the distance,
-or just checking which way your garden faces!

The compass also shows the bearing (in degrees) in a side window and its 3D view will work even when your device is not held parallel to the ground.

Note that this app relies on the magnetometer of your mobile device so accuracy may vary. Also, please check that your device isn’t being affected by a magnetic field. There is advice on calibrating your device within the app.

This app is supported by adverts, which is why it requires the “INTERNET” and “ACCESS NETWORK STATE” permissions.

Whats new

    Version 1.4.1
    - minor updates to graphics
    - About page added
    Version 1.4.0
    - Korean translation
    - updated warnings and sensor status screen

Stonekick part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 28, 2015. Google play rating is 79.8754. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 753.0 KB.

Download accurate-compass.apk 753.0 KB


A Google User

Accurate compass on samsung galaxy tab 2 Thankyou so far so good, as is, it tells me where north is and that is correct.I will be looking forward to its help when i am lost amongst all the detours in my town because of many rd works taking me into unknown territories.

werner vos

Fixed my compass I had a issue with my compass it wouldn't work on any app neither on sky maps where you can explore stars and planets... After I calibrated it with the app it's finally working on all the apps... still not perfect... but thanks a lot

Scott Thornburg

Utterly inaccurate Despite "calibration," the compass was consistently off by about 30 degrees. Installed Easy Compass and device works fine

Hilda Matamoros

Very cool and accuracy working good is my Samsung Galaxy note 3,good app. Thanks

Caroline Choppin

decent would recommend Decent app basic, easy to use and highly accurate.

Sammy Burgess Booth

Amazing!! An amazing app, so helpful very accurate, even shows a graph of magnetic field!

Amina May

Uber cool I am close to my laptop but it still says my accuracy is high and no need to calibrate! First compass app try and its cool. I like the design as well:D keep it up!

Michel Jansen

Highly surprised I tried several compass apps and none of them worked even half decent. Giving a semi accurate (30 degrees off) reading about half the time at best. The other half north was either south or west or east; anything but actually north. This one however works. I tested it with an old military compass and it's maybe only a few degrees off (2-3) all the while rotating the phone to try to get a bad reading. Didn't happen. Don't know why or how but I'm glad to finally have a working reliable compass app. The warning screen about being something wrong with the magnetic field (close to metal, computer, etc.) is very helpfull as well in making sure you are actually getting a correct reading. Thank you.

Madzskie Mariveles

Great 3D compass for any Android phone with magnetic sensor Works very well with cool rotating 3D compass with 98% accuracy in terms of direction consistency. But only an annoying ad makes a slight disadvantage. What can a free app offer more by the way?

Andrew Smith

Didn't work on a Galaxy S4 Read southeast no ma tter which direction it was pointed. Complained about magnetic fields even though none were present.

gary moorehead

Dead on All i need,thanks just a simple compass .checked with two standerd handheld & yours is dead on & big enough to see '''Thanks guys

David Sullivan

Slick! I especially appreciate that this app knows which way is north. At least half of the apps out there don't seem to.

Kevin Staden

Not that accurate actually I know where west is... but the compass can't make up its mind on that one.... and lets face it, thats all it has to do!!

Vindhya Vingz

very useful app I think this is an amazing app. very helpful just like any other compass & yes it works great for me.

Victor Helmuth

Seems to work just fine! Works even when I hold it at an angle. I have been lost a few times and didn't trust my compass but I think this one will do me just great thank you guys!

mahendra meena

Excellent compass Very very useful and nice compass to view correct nice...thnx.....many many thnx...

Michael Kotlas

Accurate compass Quick, easy, accurate. I like it.

Rohan Macwan

Very nice. It fulfils the basic purpose and it is very small in size in terms of storage. Works offline as well.

Steve Nelson

Pretty nice simple compass All I really wanted was a compass, some people seem to have a built in compass, I not one of them. So I use this to let me know where the main points are. One thing to note, my phone is a lower end phone so the general points vary slightly, not a fault of the app, but a limitation of the phone, the app works as good as the phone will allow. This compass is a light user of system resources, which I really like.

Joseph Montes

I like it very mucho Easy to use, accurate, good looking and free, what else could you ask for ... don't answer that .

Srinivasa Rao Kalipatnapu

Finally I got a good compass which really works, but only concern is I don't want the compass to tilt when I move my phone upside down.

Mark Pellegrini

Stonekick accurate compass Works great! Even without those annoying ads to flash on the edge of the screen.

karissa paulson

Nice Like the sensor status feature so you know whether or not u got to do the figure 8 cellphone airplane n reset it

Karen H

Magnetic fields???? Keeps saying to move away from metallic or magnetic objects. Maybe I need to leave the planet? It says no calibration needed and the magnetic field reading is 27, in the green area. Samsung Galaxy Express.

Clyde Eldredge

Easy to use Awesome App! Works well. Recommended for anyone n needing a compass reading in a quick manner

junie brown

Very good compass app The only one I used after trying 6 which actually work

Maruf Ahmed

Nice Itz Not bad ..Coz I cant Give bad commands Because it may be my mobile's problem ..

Demi Tennison

Ads are lame. App is good. I like the way this app works. Kinda sensitive to the electronics in a vehicle and to metal they're made of but works well. Don't care for the ads at the bottom of the screen. If the public wants your products they will research what is available. If not for the ads. .....5 stars. I'll give it 4.

Stephanie Hill

Simple and functional Before this, I tried two of the highest rating compass apps. One had too many permissions and the other only read NNW or west; could have been many phone, not sure. This app has adds but nothing intrusive and simply works as i would expect.

Gregory Benson

works well just a banner ad at bottom. responsive. my phone has nice compass hardware n this app makes real use of it.

Alvin Johnson

Good aop This app does what it says it will do: help me find out where I am.

U Tin Win win

Like its functions. Accuracy is good. I GAVE it a rating of 4 because it still has a minor drawback of unstable pointing N due to weakness of something.

Rod Hayes

Great App The only smartphone compass I have downloaded that seems (so far) to work.

Greg Long

Accurate Compass Very good program, easy to use and very accurate.


Good app Every time I open there is msg magnetic field detected , now what is this I use zenfone5 ver.4.4.2

Gregory Wright

Good app Good app, I would like to see a calibration setting other than that definitely a good app.

hendra sam

First use it working fine, after a few times use it, there is a message about the phone near with magnetic object even there is nothing around the phone...

Rahul Mullick

Nicely done with 3d mode The best thing I liked is the 3d mode ...

Mark Elliott

Useless Galaxy note 4. put phone on table and original north pointer position changes by 45deg when you turn phone 180deg.. uninstalling

Jun Dionisio

Useful It helps me finding my way back to the highway when I was first time in a forest.

wendy vallely

Compass At last a compass that works and I needed a compass to work with leylines. Brill love the angle visualization

Glen Mcpeek

I use this app in the feild when huntin really a great tool for me on selecting stand sites

Tim Hawker

Works great I finally found a compass that works on my Samsung note 10.1

Shahid Iqbal

I like it Very nice compass it works every oriental positions of hand set

Kurniawan Tjakrawala

Accurate Compass's Review So charming...:-)..and simple in usage..Thank to the developer..GBU..

Chris Helms

Not bad Took a while to calibrate. ...had to shut off also....but works great now

Shreyansh Kanzariya

Nice Used for two things,campus and level

Sudipta Sarkhel

Great app Helps me in acertaining exact directions for accurate

Daryl Lucas

Useful I was looking for an easy,simple compass this is it very good

Norma Banta

A note came up as soon as i opened it and said your phone is infected. Really?

Mohanraj Stanley

Simply superb Simple easy to use application.

gajinder ghumman

Excellent app, help a lot to find exact directions.

Ziblim Rashida

Booooooooo! Don't even work I hate it don't download it

Carl Stendahl

Great compass easy to use good graphics

Casey Kozlowski

Calibration The compass always "needs calibration" when I want to use it.

Ralph Isley

It actually works, and that's just fine with me.

Egnio Reyes

Know What. This thing is to trust... and your work will be to the marked point, for it takes you to the correct angle to do your things. And from your polnt of VIEW, just know where others are located ("you can run, but not hide).

Frank Ramos

Accurate Does what it is supposed do accurately, simply.

abhishek sachan

5 star if did not bug with adds

Patrick Sam

Works fine Does what it is suppose to do

Paul Stephenson

I don't like it when the compass tilts it's very of putting there is better better compass apps out there I suggest you get one

Mustafa Sadeq

Simple and easy to use This compass is very easy to use and does the job intended. Good job!


Useful But subject to inteference.

Mahbub Ahmed

I will say thank u very much

sajith madikai

O think it's good.

raj veer

Good I really liked this app

philip omoyeni

EXCELLENT COMPASS This is excellent application. I love it.

John Matticker

A-1 Works great. Very accurate. And the best part is it is free!

Isaac Banks

Mr Banks Found this app simple and accurate

Tee Ski

Permissions are too invasive.

Cheng Augustus

good apps easy to use and accurate

Djordje Glusica

Super aplication and useful

George Cassimatis

Forget the rest. This is the best! Why? FIRSTLY: Other compass apps cant tell you when they are NOT accurate, so you never know if the compass direction is correct. SECONDLY: Many plague you with advertisements. So whats the beauty of this compass app? 1. Very simple, attractive design makes it very easy to read the direction. 2. It alerts you when there is interference from magnetic fields 3. It tells you when the compass is calibrated properly for high accuracy. 4. All this makes this compass app deadly accurate. 5. No annoying advertisements (so far). 6. Extremely lightweight.

Grumpy Old Fart

Accurate compass It is off by 10 to 20 degrees I checked this with certified boat compasses.

Harikrishnan Unnithan

Not a good one It's not accurate , each time showing each direction .I don't like ....

Victorji Victorji

MasterPiece Love the design,artwork and the rich color .....its Great and Accuracy so far soooo gd.


Works 2016.02 magnetic field warning is clear. No alternative compass method in strong magnetic field?

Craig Safemaster

Its ok Sometimes acts dam goofie. Other times works great

suhail Mohd

Thanks guys Accuracy help me .... thanks

Bill Verner

This app. Could be a lifesaver!

Ducal Properties

This is the best compass i ever used. brilliant magnetic field detection function. great for feng,shui reading.

Afjal Khan

Thanks for your App I am happy to App

Raoul Soibelmann

Good but not accurate in my area.

Paul Ryan

Works well and it's very handy

John R

Has issues I've tried 5 compass apps and this was the worst of them. Said abnormal magnetic field detected and couldn't find north. Other 4 could at least find north so it's not my hardware so don't even try to excuse it. App looks good though

Christine and Rick Ernenwein

Never worked Didn't matter where I was with this app, I always got the alert that there was magnetic interference.

Marv Higgins

Car shooter As photographer this is a great app. to have with me

Charles Ng

Can't calibrate the device some times when the magnetic field is weak.

Jerome Mansilla

I really need this compass. Thank you so much.

mijung chun

Accurate and doesn't ask any calibration

Brenda Watts

Will not calibrate Will not calibrate so all the directions are off when you're pointing East it says West when you're pointing North it says South

John Lay

Seems to work A nice little app that is quick and easy to use. However it does annoyingly always say "abnormal magnetic field detected, please move away from metal". This happens even when standing in middle of a field, which does reduce confidence in product.

Leavitt Donald

Ok always says move away from magnetic field last week was in middle of my field nothing around me but me and my horse for 6 miles in any direction and it said same thing

Maria Barbara Muller

Works great We used this compass to approximately mark boundaries before the survey and came within a few feet. I was very pleased with myself.

mahyoon yaakub

Dont always prank user that downloaded so call ur accurate compass till now im cant dammed used it,after im being prank by ur that fckg waves it to 8pattern,no need to have hidden agenda that told people to dwnld fckg free n after all cant fckg used it for single times.,n just fckg straight frwrd tht u only haves pro version but must paid 1st ..

Philip Kotromanovic

How do you get rid of those pop ups?

Алдар Саранов

Works fine Works quite properly while no magnetic field. I hope further versions will include DSP.

Matthew Hawthorne

Accurate! This app is by far, the most effective and accurate digital compass that I have used to this day. I would highly recommend the usage of this app.

Mike Ethier

Compass Not even accurate, with my real compass.

Alan Naselsky

Excellent Easy to use, points to the right direction.

Ravi Shanker Gangidi

100% Accurate. No troubels. No hanging. Highly recomended. Who ever use this I am sure they love it

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