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12 Sep

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Apk file size: 2.5 MB

Accountable2You is an accountability app that monitors your device and keeps you accountable for all the actions on your device. The accountability app requires a membership with Accountable2You starting at $6.99/month ( All membership plans come with a 10 day free trial! A membership with Accountable2You allows you to use the software on all your Android, PC, Mac, iOS and Chromebook devices for just one price. Be accountable while using YouTube, Facebook and the Internet using any browser including private browsing (incognito) modes! The app has a persistent notification icon.

* Monitors all user activity
* Ability to setup accountability partners
* Uninstall feature provided in app
* Captures activity on all browsers including private browsing mode (incognito mode)
* Works just like Accountable2You's computer software
* Circumvention attempts are captured
* Sends alert emails for objectionable content
* Sends instant text alerts for very objectionable content
* Records the time the accountability app started for a total picture of use
* All records are available on our website for your accountability partner to view anytime
* Our software communication is encrypted with TLS (same encryption as banks)
* Ability to disable monitoring of Text (SMS) messaging. (this event will alert your accountability partners)
* Ability to disable monitoring of chat messaging. (this event will alert your accountability partners)
* Option for location tracking (must be enabled in the Settings option)

Accountability is a proven way to fight temptation. Accountable2You provides a solution while helping you be accountable.

Whats new

    Added option for location accountability!

Accountable2You, LLC part of our Lifestyle and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Sept. 12, 2016. Google play rating is 87.2865. Current verison is 1.47. Actual size 2.5 MB.

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Alex Hooper

Keep up the good work Very impressed in the recent updates to the site and overall system with managing accountability partners per devices. Huge improvements over what it was. I'd like to see an overhaul on the app but you guys probably already have that planned. Being able to manage accountability partners in the app would be really nice though. Looking forward to see what you do next.

Matthew Powell

Good app but one major problem There are a lot of false reports of the app being turned off or closed and I am not sure why. It makes it somewhat unreliable if it gives false reports because I could be lying about them being false.

Steven Webb

Great app. Battery drain. The app is great and does what it says, but it drains my battery as fast as my qHD display on my S6. That's no good.

J.R. Gilligan

I'd give it 5 stars if there was one improvement made. You can only chose to either block or keep unblocked all your accountability partners. Me and my wife may text private matters we don't want others to know about. If I could block certain ones from other people and not have to block my wife, that would Bea huge improvement.

Ryan Waara

Unexpectedly Turned Off The app is very detailed, which is great, but twice I've had alerts state the app was turned off. I see someone else also reported this and received a reply that its a known issue. If it helps, something I've notice is this error occurred both times I disconnected my phone from a Bluetooth device (my car once, an LG Tone BT headset another time). This error needs to get fixed. Erroneous info like this compromises the integrity of the app and the people using it. Thanks. 5 Stars when corrected.

Kayla Fish

Great App - Highly Recommend I highly recommend this app! It is simple and user friendly, but also provides detailed reports. It hasn't caused any problems on my or my husband's phones. It is all around great software and I love having it.

Justin Franklin

Excellent Great app, has helped tremendously with maintaining purity. Easy to set up and has comprehensive tracking (including texts and keyboard tracking). Excellent and responsive customer service. It was draining my battery for some reason for the last version and when I emailed them about it, they had a fix within a few days. Keep it up, guys!

Jonathan Murphy

Love this app! I gave it 3 stars due to the battery drain but they contacted me and helped me through it. Now it doesn't eat my battery like it did. Amazing app and amazing customer service. Now if they can just bring it to windows 10 phone once it comes out, I will be thrilled :)

Dave Robertson

Brilliant app In the past I had issues with this app using to much battery and not sending messages to accountability partners properly. However since the update it's been fantastic. It's great that you can put it on multiple devices and is now really easy to manage your account. If you want to remove temptation by making everything you do including all app use on your phone tablet or computer to someone else then look no further. Highly recommend!

Matt Boyer

2 Phones, 1 Tablet, 1 Chromebook, 1 Computer For $5 a month everything is covered. By far the most comprehensive accountability program on each of these platforms. Love the instant notification, simple reports, and household pricing. Amazing job!

Ashley Robinson

Best Accountability software on the market This software is helping so much. What I love most is that as an accountability partner I dont have to log in and search thru everything he does, it just sends me alert texts to let me know if theres a problem. Its also very affordable and you get unlimited devices.

Adams Daughter

I love it I can monitor all my devises to see if any one who was not supposed to be on them is or is not

Geoffrey Batstone

Great Accountability Excellent tracking for accountability. Reports contain a lot of detail and catch questionable material well. This has helped me to a lot in my purity journey. Well worth the money!

Mark Jenkins

Best App on Android This app works great. Shame on Apple for not allowing this to work effectively with their system. This app is the top reason to stay with Android.

Jason Sensenig

Very detailed! I recommend this for anyone that is serious about accountability. It works well, very detailed, and does not slow down your device. I love it!

Willie Williams

Good but annoying sometimes I like that it monitors 24/7 but it keeps alerting my account ablution partners when I just simply cut my phone off. It's kind of annoying having to keep my phone on the charger just to not send an alert. Other than that it's a great app

Holly Reynolds

So disappointed I had really high hopes for this app.. For some reason they can't monitor other apps and browsers (Chrome, Safari..) on iPhones like they can with other devices. They created their own browser to send history reports, but if the bf decides not to use that browser than the app is pointless. I'm extremely disappointed. We cancelled our subscription.

Jon Winslow

Works great, a couple small loopholes It sticks around, it watches your actions within other apps, it's a pretty clever system.

DeGarcia SD

Good app I think it's the best! Simple, and very affordable

Samuel doiron

It sucks My mom knows everything I do now -_-

Bradley McMullin

Great app, needs one fix Will give 5 stars if it is updated to require password to uninstall. Other than that, great app!!!

Tim Lewis

Does what it can, not what it can't It is feasible to track what you do on your phone. It is not feasible to control what you do. This app enables you to easily track your habits and provides easy-to-read reports (on their website) to interpret the results. It does not portend to control your actions, since doing that is actually not possible.

Petero Gachauz

The best I have seen so far..

Matthew Gotelaere

Love it! I moved to this app because Covenant Eyes didnt support android lollipop making the app useless. This is much cheaper and works very well!

Stephen Quigley

Very good Great as is, and recent updates hve made it excellent

Nolan Faber

Best accountability app out there by far The reports are very detailed, dev. Is also very responsive with issues and requests

Emily Gregg

The app parents use when they don't trust you. I'm sorry, is this supposed to BUILD trust?! Its not happening

Kevin Buhler

Recently on the galaxy s6 it is using waaaay too much battery. It is by far the highest battery user on my phone.

Nelson Gray

Top notch I'm impressed with how well done it is. It costs $5 a month, but it's the best one out there that does a good job. Install app locker to keep this app from uninstalling, and this is a great way to fight temptation.

Ben Mallon

Latest update, ok now I see why "The update keeps a reminder on the top of my screen that the app is doing what it is supposed to do." On my previous review I was complaining about this but now I see that the reminder is required by Google Play policy. Great app, it helped me stop immediately going bad places on the internet. I won't need an accountability partner in Heaven, but it sure helps here and now.

Isaac Ker

For the text report, there is no country code for Singapore. I can't enter the number of my Accountability Partner.

Emily Moretti

Privacy Please why do we even need tracking devices can't you just trust them I mean seriously

Brandon Hodge

Awesome app and Best accountability app I've used so far. And support is top-notch!

Quintin Giesbrecht

Notification Icon You can hide that icon...or any notification icon for that matter...on your phone, go to settings, apps, find the app, click on it, and then click the checkbox to turn notification off... Have only used for an hour, so can't really comment on the program itself - although sending complete URLs to my accountability partner(s) seems to be an invitation to tempt them...just saying...will increase stars if someone can tell me how to hide URLs, and just show an alert...

Josh Krady

Amazing software and support! You can disable the on-going notification by going to Go to Settings-->Apps-->Accountable2You-->Uncheck Show Notifications.

elwin mirk

Great help But I agree with the others. The notification icon makes the dash a little crowded. Other than that it's a great accountability tool.

Ryan Scott

Comprehensive accountability Im glad this app searches all other apps not just certain browsers. There's content I don't want that comes from more sources than just browsers! Thanks!

Eric Knee

Disable the notification icon Love the app! Can turn off notifications via app settings.

Amy Platt

Doesn't work It won't show what is been view after you do a search.

Jared Greiner

Great Until... Changing users (new in Lollipop I think) or entering guest mode doesn't send a message to your accountability partners. Sending instant messages is super helpful, just needs to be a little more comprehensive in covering loopholes. I will make this 5 stars if its updated to send an alert when changing users or entering guest mode. There is a similar problem on PC where the app can be disabled in startup settings without sending an alert. Log out and back in and its off. Hope to see that fixed too.

Thad Fiebich

Great but needs device password This seems to be a great app. Switched over from Covenant Eyes. In tinkering with it for the trial period, I don't see a device password. It's too easy to uninstall. Please let me know if I simply missed this feature!

Devon Edwards far so good A lot better than CE :)

Harry Gregory

Woa that's too much! I get six different notifications from two different phone numbers. A facebook page apparently has a word in its title that got flagged but then the text message alert also has the word so the text from A2U gets flagged, and so on. Can this be fixed? It's annoying.

Peter Goldberg

Good First install on a phone. So far so good.

Joel Miller

Great App The app is wonderful, no other app compares.

jim jones

Way too invasive. Not continuing after trial.

Manuel Torres

This app is amazing! Talk about being in the light!! Highly recommend this to everybody.

Bj Adamson

Keeps Turning Off Application keeps having activation errors turns itself off on multiple devices. May need to move one to another app.

Chyene MitchellJr.

It's completely crap You for anyone that has a GF you can tell if she says that wanted to put a program on your phone that can help us, DONT LET IT HAPPENED. Meaning she dont trust yha of what yha look up and trust should be part of the relationship between yhall two. Dont get men.

Logan Keck

Good app, but.... Recent Updates deactivate accessibility and it has to be turned back on before it works again.

Matt Miles

Love it... but accessibility keeps randomly shutting off...may have to look into other options


One Small Thing This app catches everything except YouTube videos in Firefox (not sure about other browsers). Other than that, great job!

heather coleman

This is total junk. And now I can't get it off my phone. This doesn't work and I now can't get it off my phone. Its taking up space that I could better use somewhere else. Help how do I get it off

Johnathan Lewis

Brilliant Love the fact that it picks up what is sent through text! I use it for some in my youth group and it is absolutely amazing. Cannot beat especially for the price!

Thomas Ridenour

Great Great app, incredible price. No price can be put on purity and to have the features like texting your accountability is a great way to keep yourself in check.

Stephen Quigley

Purity before God is worth everything in this world. Why not bring every possible weapon with you to battle? Weaponize your life to follow God in purity both now and in the future. Is this app perfect or free? No, certainly not. Is it the best you can do to follow Christ with reckless abandonment to the things of this world? Maybe, I like it for that. But also recognize that purity is not about abstaining from this or that, but walking in 100% purity before God- 100% pure physically, mentally, and spiritual

Ryan Smoots

An effective weapon against the enemy I installed this app on all my devices three years ago when I decided it was time to get serious about my battle against the lust of the eyes. This app has been a valuable tool, instrumental in enabling me to fight the good fight against the schemes of the enemy. It's critical to know my brother is there to hold me accountable in my weak moments of temptation. As good as the app is, you must have a desire to be victorious, and you must do it in the Lord's strength to be successful.

Richard Affeldt

Works great I tried another app that was designed to monitor and filter which destroyed my battery. This is much better on battery and does what it says it does.

k kicher

Solid Quality software. Totally worth supporting these folks.

Michael Ross

It just works! It does what it says it will do, unobtrusively, and on all types of devised for a reasonable price. Even Chromebooks and Linux!

Juan Rojas

Would like multi-lingual supoort These days it's an all too common trick to look for translations of terms to try to circumvent accountability systems. I'd like to see an engine that looks up terms in all languages: including those that do not use Roman alphabetization like Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

A Google User

Best I know of Well worth it

Paul Cahill

Fantastic I love this app. It doesn't slow the browser down or cause wifi connection problems like other safe browsers. Simple and very effective.

Shaun Brydon

Bank password recorded Don't use this on your device if you do banking as it records your password. Contacted Accountable twice with no reply. Apart from that it does what it's suppose to do.

Donnie Chance

Great App The key to recovery is letting someone in your life so that you cannot isolate yourself or your behavior. This app helps tremendously in bringing someone else, that you trust, into your life.

Alfred P

Quite effective Since I downloaded this app, there was instantly a sense of recognition that I was now being monitored..this has been effective in helping me to remain in purity. The instant text messages are crucial though it was humorous when my wife received a message that I was looking up bear naked nutrition bars. I will soon be obtaining a laptop which I plan on using this program on immediately. Thank you Accountable2You.

Alvin Zook

Alvin Zook I have this installed on my phone and my two sons phones as well, we like it very well..

Michael Bernecker

Love it This models real life and allows you to make mistakes and learn.

cs priddy

Great oversight tool Really like having something that provides accountability on all of our devices.

Stephen Sawyer

The best Just works

A Google User

Accountability that uplifts Near perfect app, great in conjunction w/ a PC, priced nicely. Can't go w/o it.

Juan Frank

Great accountability app I have been using the app for several years, before the smartphone appeared. Now on my android tablet and smartphone I am having a piece of mind knowing that the app records and send any suspicious reports

Joshua Davidson

Best I've found so far Covers all my devices and does it for one low price. Can't be beat.

Nick Elbro

So good! Was using X3 before and this wipes the floor with it. I don't mind paying a few quid each month for something this good! Thank you so much.

Jeff Herron

Perfect solution Only app I could find that works on Chrome OS. also less expensive than other options. Good stuff!

Jemal Harris

Keeps You Honest This app does exactly what you need it to keeps you honest. There is no getting around anything and puts the responsibility on your shoulders.

the john ferneau show

I liked it till recently Recently the app stopped sending correct reports. Uninstalled it and reninstalled. I hoping it will work better now.

Joseph Zook

Great app I love it it keeps me acountable

Jason McFadden

From CE to A2U: great app and service I switched from CovenantEyes to A2U. It works well on my Moto X (2013) (lollipop) and Galaxy Tab 4 (kitkat). It runs in the background yet has not hurt battery life at all on either my phone or tablet. It also does not slow down my devices. It records every site and app function. It's reliable. The service also works on my Win10 PC. Unlike CE, A2U also runs on Chromebook. You can have different accountability partners per device, too! Thanks, A2U, keep up the good work!

Valerie Jobe

Thank you! Finally, a way to combat all the garbage that is too easily accessible on the Internet. As a mother of two teens, I thank you for giving me back my ability to monitor my kids. My job is too keep them safe, and I can do that better now. Very impressed with the app. God Bless you!

Jesse Stevens II

This is a great app Really like the app. I have had a few false reports due to Android crashes and battery drain. But on the whole it is a really well done app. Be advised the app will track keystrokes for gmail and text messages. So sensitive data should not be sent typed into the phone. Or you can add those apps to the exclusion list. Also a suggestion I have seen other apps that comply with Google's rules for displaying an icon for service apps running in the background, by allowing the icon to become clear. Helps OCD.

Jared Greiner

Latest Update Rocks! It didn't use to send alerts when changing users. Now it does. That's awesome! Sending instant text messages is really the best kind of accountability in my opinion. I would recommend not to list yourself as a receiver of the messages either. Have one of your partners change your password too so you can't see the accountability reports. Stops you from finding loopholes. Still one on PC, but none on Android now!

Shevaun DeVille

Thank you A2U This app has been a real help to my marriage. I'm so thankful for it!

Jonathan Clark

A great solution Really capable and full featured monitoring system. I really appreciate this app. Also, I have seen no impact on battery life or performance.

Gerald Haskell

Accountability 2you I don't normally do rating of apps, but this app deserves 5 stars! The user interface is very good and the activity capture even includes a log of phone calls! But not the actual conversations. I've tried several different other apps and this one so far is the best. Keep up the good work Ben!

blake sivadge

Great app App has access to my entire phone and always alerts my accountability partner based on the settings. Support has always been helpful and very responsive.

Ira Abid

The most absurd app ever.

christina weeks

I was really liking this app, but lately my kids are using emoji's and it is not catching those or anything with a picture attached. Please fixed I have loved having this and being able to talk to them about inappropriate things when they come up, but it is lagging cause you are not seeing or catching things that have emoji or a picture with it. Also please start including pictures!!!

Anita Douglas

I love that accountable2you works on Chromebook. It's pretty much the only accountability software that does. I watched some videos on YouTube to see if it would report them and it did a pretty good job. It missed a few "educational" videos unfortunately. So far, I think it's done a better job at catching questionable content than a couple of other companies.

Isaac Allison

This app is great for accountability and easy to use Given the pace at which things change I congratulate them on how seamlessly this app runs. There are a few ways to partially circumvent the monitoring, so I gave it only 4 stars.

Stephen Quigley

Purity before God is worth everything in this world. Why not bring every possible weapon with you to battle? Weaponize your life to follow God in purity both now and in the future. Is this app perfect or free? No, certainly not. Is it the best step you can take to follow Christ in purity? Probably- it was for me

Tobi Danmole

Does a job, not quite the whole thing Works when it comes to words on the screen... Picks up almost anything that may be dodgy, even stuff you didn't write. With images however, it appears to be quite flawed. Therefore it doesn't do as advertised in my opinion. PLEASE FIX!! Thanks

shawn murray

Mommy-ware Paranoia runs rampant, and ignorant people cower in fear. You fragments.

A Google User

One Small Thing This app catches everything except YouTube videos in Firefox (not sure about other browsers). Other than that, great job!

Daniel Walker

Great This is thorough and tracks EVERYTHING. If you want accountability, this app provides it.

Tina Calabretta

Works well My husband and I decided to install this on all of our devices, kids included. It helped me find out there was a boy sexually harassing my 15 yr old daughter so it could be dealt with properly. It also alerts me when someone is searchimg for any words leading to adult content or using cuss words. Great results! The only complaint I have, and it's a big one, it does not do a good job of identifying questionable youtube videos!

Matthew Swenson

Easy to bypass Just go to accessibility in settings and switch it to off. App doesn't report this. Easy to switch on and off as desired. What's the point? When using GearS this happens automatically. Fix this obvious flaw and my review will go up

Ryan Daniel

Sun light is the best antiseptic Pretty hard to do anything nefarious on the internet with your wife or loved ones looking over your shoulder. That's what this app accomplishes.

Brian P.

Your app is incredible! It seems like you've thought of everything. I don't believe there's any way to bypass monitoring without your accountability partners getting an immediate text. Thank you!

Ben Matychuk

Thank you I've been searching long and hard for accountability software that works with Android.

Gabriel Taylor

The best This is the best accountability app I've found

Jacob Aiello


Ira Abid

CANNOT DELETE I mistakenly downloaded this app and now it doesn't allow me to delete. How to delete it?

Rachel Jameson

Works! First program that I have found that covers all bases, incognito mode, deleted history, etc. Holds you accountable and is in plain sight on your devices. Not spyware or hiding in any way. I have 2 phones, a laptop, tablet and desktop on my account. At $5 a month I think this is the best subscription I carry hands down.

baret lyon

It works but my phone is telling me it consumes 30% of my battery while idle so my battery life is prettycrap with it

Bob Morley

Does exactly what it says it does Great app! Great way to share what we view and remind ourselves that we are all ultimately accountable for what we choose to view.

Boruch Altein

Great app Great app - light on the phone and fast

Paul Garcia

Outstanding Had it for 3 years and it's reliable

J Danner

Good App I think this is a good app. It's a reminder for me to not dare to look up any websites that are filthy and that are in no way uplifting. Plus, if or when I do fall to temptation, it lets my accountability partner know what I am up to. This is an excellent idea!

Melissa Bowyer

Best App EVER People talk about battery drainage....its worth a relationship, or an addiction, or a problem that will leave you feeling helpless /alone /tortured /etc. Can you tell I've been freed?!?! And it's hugely because of this app. I love the creator, I love the app, and I love myself! God Bless :) #fightthenewdrug

Scot Galvin

When laptop goes to sleep it marks it as it was turned off. False reporting.

David Young

App works as advertised. I've been using this app for months, on all of my devices, and I haven't had any complaints. Even the battery drain has been negligible, until the most recent update, when it has started using over 10x more battery than any other app on my phone, due to constant location requests. The feature is great, but there may be something wrong with the implementation.


Great app for safe phone use This app is great for Android because it is not just a web browser, but can be used on every app on the phone. This makes it easier to use and works on every part of your smart phone. If you are wanting to be held accountable for what you look on your phone this is the app.

Josiah Kuenzi

Excellent for android Better than covenant eyes. Very difficult to get around. It works and keeps you and your family safe and accountable.

Jim Tennant

Best Accountability App for Android This app is seriously the will completely expose your private life though, which is good! Texting, facebook, internet usage, email, word for word, it's all reported. This makes it difficult to get away with doing anything inappropriate. Make sure to install it on all of your devices so that you can be completely accountable. I haven't noticed a huge battery drain like others have, but even so, carry a charger. It's worth it for accountability.

Ken James

Great accountability app With all the garbage out there everyone should use an app/software like this one. I like this one in particular because it monitors ALL activity, not just the browser. I only wish it worked so comprehensively for Apple products as well!

Corey James

Good app but big downside!! App works great and does it all. Biggest down fall is the battery life on your phone will be cut in half. The development group needs to figure out a way to help the end user with some sort of way to keep the productivity but also not drain the battery. Have a set parameter as to what you want to filter out. If you problem is porn, then have something to control just that.

Accountability 2you I don't normally do rating of apps, but this app deserves 5 stars! The user interface is very good and the activity capture even includes a log of phone calls! But not the actual conversations. I've tried several different other apps and this one so far is the best. Keep up the good work Ben!

brett nemec

Really works. I'm impressed. I feel like I've done enough research to know that Accountable2you actually works. It may not filter questionable content, but your accountability partners will certainly know about it. Plus it's really great at notifying accountability partners of circumventing attempts. It really gives a ton of flexibility for phone use while keeping you accountable.

James Jobe

Okay, but... The app has recently started shutting itself off in the middle of the night and sending alerts to my partners. Not cool. Otherwise good app.

Vincent Lieb

Good program This app is wonderful and I always recommend it. I wish it wouldn't drain my battery, but the accountability is priceless.

Michael Keen

Works silently in the background and you can install on multiple devices. Fantastic! Thank you.

Jeff Hall

Great family protect app Works well.

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