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8 Feb
Montessori preschool games app

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Apk file size: 155.0 MB

#1 Montessori preschool educational app for kids and toddlers from the creators of Montessori ABC learning games featured by the Guardian!

Montessori preschool and kindergarten education has never been more fun. Based on the proven Montessori learning methodology the new app from Kids Academy helps develop early reading, writing, counting as well as fine motor skills through a set of engaging educational games.

Kids will learn about letters, numbers, shapes, colors, words, matching and much more.


• Developed with the help of leading experts in preschool education
• Learning games to develop every aspect of preschool education
• Multi-sensory approach that keeps kids engaged and entertained
• Professional voiceover guides with positive reinforcement
• Step-by-step progress at the pace that kids choose themselves
• Set of learning games to develop every aspect of preschool education

Here’s what’s inside:

• ABC games that will teach kids about alphabet, letters and words
• Word games to promote proper vocabulary
• Math games to teach numbers and develop early counting and arithmetic skills
• Tracing games to teach kids to spell letters and numbers

Let your kids explore the fun world of kindergarten education with the proven preschool games from Kids Academy!

Magic Formula of Montessori Critical Thinking Projects

If you are about to teach your kids logic and are wondering where to start from, then this post is for you.

As we know, little kids don’t like lectures, they simply get bored when they hear monotonous speech. They learn best in a creative, hands-on environment where they can do things themselves. For this reason, try to shorten the time of your speech, but involve their senses in personalized and meaningful for them tasks.

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Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Kids Games part of our Education and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Feb. 8, 2015. Google play rating is 75.2914. Current verison is 1.0.1. Actual size 155.0 MB.

Download abc-preschool-games-for-kids.apk 155.0 MB


Joseph Frank Sr

Cool App What a cool app! My girls are just learning how to write amd tracing the letters have been a huge hit with them. I love the interaction and the positive reinforcemnt from the app.

Tony Cuevas

Variety of Game Options! This app has a wide variety of options such as Math, Vocab, and even tracing word games. My 5 year old son absolutely loved the games and asked if he could play them instead of his usual request to watch TV when he gets bored, any mom would approve of a request like that ;) I will definitely be letting him use my phone to play these fun educational games on our upcoming road trip.

chantal cooper

Early Learning Fun! This app offers 3 games with several add on features that you can purchase if desired. The first game is to help your little one learn their numbers and how to write them. They trace the number to collect fireflies in a jar. Your kiddo will be able to trace the number twice before moving on to the next number. The second game is learning the alphabet. It gives you a letter and you can click on the pics that start with that particular letter. I love that it helps with learning how to pronounce the letter sounds and how the sound can vary depending on the word it is used in. Example: the letter A had pictures of an anchor, an alligator, and an apple. The 3rd game allows your little one to trace the letters. It offers both upper and lower case letters and also offers a picture. There is also a parent mode that allows you to track your child’s progress and follow along with them. I highly recommend this app to anyone with younger children that are eager to learn.

Just Joan

Are you parent? Consider kids academy for your kids The best part of the game is its educational environment, tailored to the specific characteristics of kids for their development (montessori preschool). Word making and vocabulary and number tracing are really appreciable features. The math games are also another one my kids love. Best learning app for kids to have a fun time while developing their skills.

Sara Herring

Learning fun for hours! The games are bright, interactive and fun. Basic without causing kids to lose interest and not too difficult they want to give up. Plenty of games, music, and learning for hours. Tracing, math and grammar is sure to keep your child busy as they pop in and out of all the different activities.

Heather Suminski

Hours of play This app is also wonderful. My son is learning how to trace letters and numbers and this app is really helping him out a lot. It's such a fun app that he doesn't even realize he's learning, which of course makes him play for even longer.

Jarod Hood

1 Awesome Learning Tool!! My daughter who is inKindergarten  loves this app! When she uses the app she is very engaged in her learning and finds it easy to play on her tablet. She loves to trace her letters and learn and numbers all while having fun.

hung TRAN

nice app The games are bright, interactive and fun. It's such a fun app that he doesn't even realize he's learning, which of course makes him play for even longer. This app is also wonderful. I very like this app. Thanks!

marcia anderson

Great for early learners or those needing a refresher course Decided to get your kids ready for kindergarten? This is the ideal app to get things started. The app is bright, animated, and delivered in a friendly tone. When a child makes an error they are corrected with a jovial tone. The correct answers receive an overwhelming amount of fan fare. Stages can be repeated as many times as the child desires. Great app!

Kelly R

Great Learning App Love this app as much as all the other ones, the fact that my son can sit and learn is awesome. He learns his colors, shapes, numbers and matching , and its a lot more fun. He's learned the alphabet and he learned his numbers, we are so proud of him for trying all of these things alone. He pushes my hand away and takes the control of the Ipad and does.

Selim Maatouk

my kid loved this app my kid is really addicted with this application , it's funny and it makes him learn the alpahbets easy , it really helped him so much , thanks a lot

Crystal Coleman

Amazing learning app from Kids Academy This app is a great approach to learning using the Montessori method. Kids will enjoy playing all the games without realizing that they are learning new and important skills. These skills include the alphabet, making words, and proper vocabulary. My kids enjoyed the letter tracing and the songs. As a parent, I loved the fact that they were having fun learning. This could help lead to a lifetime of learning possibilities.

Rob DC

Great educational tool This is a great educational tool for young learners, and mostly fit my four year old who is steadier and has more patience than my younger son. The graphics are cute and it is fun to see the bright illustrations and collect pretty fire flies. The tracing is a little hard at first and sometimes just going slightly out of the line makes you try again, which can be a little frustrating, but some patience goes a long way. I absolutely recommend giving this app a whirl!

Chris Bastien

Awesome learning app!! Both my 3 year old and my 6 year old really enjoyed this educational app as they are both in the process of learning letters. My 3 year old really enjoyed the Alphabet section where the letter comes up and you press of the flashing items that start with each letter. The ABC tracing section was a hit with both my 3 year old and 6 year old. It was interesting to watch them both try the app as they are both in very different stages of learning how to write. It very quickly became a game to see who could get 3 stars first. This app is a great way to teach kids letters, numbers, shapes, colours, develop fine mother control, and promote new vocabulary.

Amy Gramelspacher

Learning is fun with this great app This app will teach your kids the correct way to write their letters! It's a super app for beginners learning to read and write. With this fun app your child will have great handwriting before you know it with the great games! I love that this app offers either right and left handed modes! I recommend this app to anyone with preschoolers!

Dora Clemons

Awesome! I absolutely love finding great apps for learning, and being able to try them out and compare them to others before my son starts using the phone, tablet or anything else he might access an app from. These games are absolutely awesome. They have nice graphics, cool games, are user friendly, and most of all entertaining. I am so glad I got the chance to get these while they are free. If you have small children, these games make a great learning tool! Overall I love these apps, and recommend them!

Ashley A

Fun & Educational App! This is a brightly colored app which would definitely appeal to my 2 year old. I loved how user friendly the apps that were available were and felt a toddler could use them easily. I like that this app has a parent mode and you can make each child their own profile. The only downside I see to this app that I would like to see added to it would be a lock feature. The feature would prevent my child from exiting the app by pushing the ‘exit’ button on my device. These are such fun games.

Sheri Ann Richerson

Wonderful, Entertaining And Educational! A++++ This app keeps kids entertained for hours while they learn the skills they need. Let's face it, sometimes getting kids to do their homework or work on skill sets - even at the preschool age is like pulling teeth. Once your child starts using this app it is more like a game to them. They want to keep using it and advancing in their skills. The graphics are wonderful and everything about this app makes it a kid magnet. I love the bright vivid colors and the fact that my grandkids learn new skills and new words. I simply cannot say enough good things about this Kids Academy app. I recommend that every parent and grandparent download it so the kids learn while being entertained.

Stacy Tilton

Great learning app. This app is great for early learners. It teaches them letter recognition as well as the sounds of the letters and examples of words they appear in. I like that it's so easy to navigate that children can open the app on their own and pretty much just do it all with out any help. It keeps them entertained, but also teaches them useful information instead of just wasting their time. A great mix of vocabulary, math, and games all in one!

Jennifer Tyree

Love these apps! Awesome Learning Tool!! I've downloaded games from this company on my old iPhone that I let my daughter play with. Super happy to see these games finally becoming available on Android! My 2-year-old loves seeing these characters. So many fun games for my daughter to help her with learning. She really enjoys these! The bright colors and fun songs are enough to keep her interested while we're out and about to avoid a meltdown. These apps are perfect to help give my daughter a heads up before school even starts for her.

Kristi Pawlowicz

Really cute and educational! This is great app for teaching kids through interactive games! I love the graphics and sound effects, they are really fun and engaging! This app really helps with ABC games, 123 games, and phonics games with voice instructions. The in-app purchases are pretty inexpensive and offer so many more captivating educational tools. Good download!

Chick Ken

Useful game for kids This is a very useful game, highly educational for children. Game full of vibrant colors to help children more excited to play, this game teaches children about the alphabet, spelling alphabet, arithmetic and recognize things around ... In young teenagers do not like the sermon because it's boring. To combine learning and play always go together to bring about effective for teaching children to learn. I've been playing this game for my son and I appreciate this game. Developers should make more games like this more.

Keisha Hanvy

Fun and Educational I am a Homeschooling Mom and Grandma so I am always on the look out for educational apps to share with my kids and grandkids. Kids Academy has done an awesome job of not only making their apps educational but fun as well. The free app gives you access to 3 games that teach your kids their numbers and alphabet using the Montessori method. Your child develops fine motor skills while tracing numbers in one game and letters in another. As the letter or number is traced the child is also playing a game and may get rewarded with fun things like one firefly in their jar for each number they trace. The other game is actually more of a video with fun bright graphics that introduce your child to the letters of the alphabet. Once your child is familiar with these 3 games you have the option of buying more games as well as music and story books sure to keep your children entertained for hours while learning early preschool and Kindergarten skills.

Maggie P.

Wonderful App! This is a lovely app! My daughter loves it! she is a little older than the preschool age, but enjoys practicing her skills and especially loves the math portion of the app. She would literally play with it all day. It's fun and entertaining as well as educational!

Carolyn Kavarnos

Fun, interactive learning app! This app is so much fun for little ones. There is a great variety of activities to choose from that make learning super fun. As a mom I like the Montessori learning methodology that is used to teach. Through interactive activities kids can trace letters, play matching, counting and reading games. This updated version comes with more content so preschoolers and kindergartners have more variety to learn early skills. My kindergartner loves this app.

Crystal Eberle

Amazing for my little one!!! I downloaded this on my android tablet, I was truly amazed on how much interaction this game had compared to the Itunes apps. This one is also developed by ABC Games, but I felt this is more for actual toddlers and advanced babies! Not only will they learn about numbers and letters matching, but they will also learn about shapes colors. The counting with numbers , the reading helps with the writing and the shapes helps with the fine motor skills. If these games weren’t free, as they are for a limited time I would go with this application, as it has over 200 interactive worksheets. It also gives more encouragements for the children. I feel this is based on for children under 5 getting them ready for preschool and kindergarten since some start at 5. I feel the Itunes are more advanced and that is okay to a extent, but the android app lets them work at a pace, it helos them with small hints but they are easy, where the Itunes gives them a hint but is more difficult. I feel this day and age schools are pressing the kids to a extreme extent with schooling. I have 2 children 7 and 8 besides my 8 month old and the home work they bring home blows my mind.

Jeanae Ozfam

Surprise, kids! You're learning while having fun My family enjoys exploring the many fun Kids Academy apps. If you have youngsters who are just itching to use your device, why not give them something that is both entertaining and educational? I believe that it is never to early to support your child’s learning, and Kids Academy makes it quite easy for you to do so. Their current offering of educational apps combine the sights and sounds of animals, child friendly avatars, bright colors, fun shapes, and catchy to tunes to reinforce key early learning tools. We tested this app with one of our favorite younger kiddos, and they loved it right away. It can be a challenge to learn how to form numbers and letters correctly, but a fun tracing app, with immediate rewards and feedback, make it fun for those with the smallest hands. This particular app would work well for someone who is as young as 3, and is a fabulous way to reinforce handwriting and math skills for early elementary learners. I call apps like these “brilliantly sneaky.” They are so fun! Kids 5 and under will get much needed introduction, and reinforcement of skills needed for a successful start to kindergarten, and manage to catch the giggles along the way!

Jaime Pierce

Interactive Early-Reading App for Preschoolers This was fun for a child just learning to recognize and write letters and presented some great core techniques for reading. The different sections of the app all presented a new skill and challenge. My daughter especially enjoyed the section where she could trace a letter but connecting the dots and then writing the letter on her own. The app also had great practice for writing letters. My daughter loved getting to collect fireflies with each trace. The praises "You Rock" brought a big smile to her face!

David S. McCluney

Very good game This app keeps kids entertained for hours while they learn the skills they need. These games are absolutely awesome. They have nice graphics, cool games, are user friendly, and most of all entertaining. These games are absolutely awesome. They have nice graphics, cool games, are user friendly, and most of all entertaining. Thanks

an va

Nice and interesting game. My granddaughter loves it, spends hours on it, great. The app of this cute, my daugther is like this. It is easy to use and manipulate very smooth application. Developed with the help of leading experts in preschool education. Learning games to develop every aspect of preschool education. Kids will learn about letters, numbers, shapes, colors, words, matching and much more.

Amy Lou

ABC Preschool Games for Kids Awesome learning tool! My daughter thoroughly enjoys this app! She is learning her letters and various sight words as well! I love how this will help her a great deal when it is time to start learning to read. She has so much fun clicking on the words, watching them as they are spelled out on the screen, and then said out loud, that she doesn't even know that she is learning! We both love it!

Amy Groves

So Cute!! I can't believe how much my daughter is participating and retaining from this. She gets so excited to get to the next screen. ABC Preschool Games is so cute and I love the way my daughter gets into it. She is counting and recognizing important shapes, letters, numbers, and colors. I love seeing her do more than one thing at a time. She is even carrying it over into her writing time. I am so happy she likes this as much as I like her using it. I have noticed a significant change.

Shawna Elkins

Wonderful Learning App! Great way to teach children how to write letters as well as recognition of the letters. Kids Academy is about helping children learn verbal and writing skills. It's fun and very educational. Over 200 interactive worksheets to learn the Alphabet, Math, Vocabulary and Tracing. If you have children Kids Academy Apps are the perfect way for them to learn while having fun. So much easier to get them to play the app when it's this much fun. Great App!

Jessica Harlow

Fun app for alphabet, number, and motor skill practice! This app is a fun, easy to use way to practice tracing letters and numbers. Free for a limited time, I like that my preschooler is actively engaged and it keeps her attention.

Joe and Farrah Elshoff

Great for early learners! There's so much you can do on the Kids Academy apps. My kids love tracing and I love that they can transfer these skills to paper and pencil easily. The worksheets have bright colors and interesting characters. My kids are absolutely captivated and I love that they are learning!

Emily Lambert

Educational, Fun, & Colorful My daughter has learned more of her colors, shapes, and numbers using this app. She has a little trouble with the matching area, but she will eventually get the hang of it. The options available are great, so as she continues to learn and grow, she can try different ones. My son, who will be 8 in June, enjoys watching her play and helping her choose the right answers. This is a great app, not only to teach your children, but to give them something to play with while knowing it's educational.

Autumn D

Great App for kids! From the welcoming and bright color illustrations and graphics, this app is one of far the best for my daughter has used. As a mom, I love seeing that positive reinforcement that this app gives back. Knowing that all children learn at different levels, this app allows children to pace themselves at their leisure. It is great for preschoolers and kindergarten or those who need some extra help.

Mae Chandler

I bought this for my son thorough App Gratis for my son. It said that it was free but when I was opened our it automatically asked me for money. I can see by other comments that a lot of people are having this issue. (Most people would just install so probably about 5-10 people for every negative comment.) Waste of time. Uninstall.

Peter Shinn

Appgratis claims it's free, it's not You install this massive 150MB game just to be teased with 90% of the content you can't access unless you pay. The additional games would cost over $30!!! Not sure if this is another example of Appgratis, once again, lying about a "free" app or the programmers making claims they won't back up.

Susan Quackenbush

Excellent app for kids!! This app has great preliminary skills to teach preschoolers a little bit of everything from phonics to tracing. It has amazing graphics and keeps my grandchildren preoccupied for quite some time while teaching them basic skills of writing and reading.

momi glenz

Great Apps for kid The ABC Preschool Games for Kids helps develop the learning skills that has to do with letters, numbers, shapes and colors. It also helps with adding new words to their vocabulary while playing and having fun

Celesteina Wong

Awesome! This is such a great tool for teaching kids letters, numbers, and more! It's easy to use and keeps the children I nanny engaged. They love it and always asks for my phone when I take care of them. Great addition to the learning activities I have with the children.

Emily O

Ads interrupt learning I paid $9.99 for "all access" and tons of things still pop up that send my preschooler to the Google play store. It's such a nuisance that he now chooses other games instead. This many ads PREVENTS LEARNING, and I want my money back.

Carolyn Kavarnos

This app is so much fun for little ones. There is a great variety of activities to choose from that make learning super fun. As a mom I like the Montessori learning methodology that is used to teach. Through interactive activities kids can trace letters, play matching, counting and reading games. This updated version comes with more content so preschoolers and kindergartners have more variety to learn early skills. My kindergartner loves this app.

Athena Nagel

Awesome educational apps for toddlers My kids are no longer toddlers but I love that they have apps specifically for children with special needs, apps to be used by speech and language pathologists, and apps based on the Montessori methods. I am still amazed at how far technology has come in the last 20 years. There are so many opportunities for our children – opportunities to learn so much at the earliest of ages. Kid’s Academy is a great resource for that. Check them out for all your toddler needs.

Andrea Smith

Educational entertainment We love this app. My daughter is 3 and loves to use the iPad like her brother. We use this app when we travel or are visiting an unfamiliar place. It keeps her happy and entertained and helps her not get overwhelmed in new situations. She already knows her ABC, but the tracing helps her learn how to write them and the games help teach her proper vocabulary and early mathematics. I really love how much content this app offers, it keeps her busy and helps her grow.

Vlad Marginean

Very educational game! This is one of the best kids abc game for kindergarten children. It has a friendly design and it's an amazing phonics game. I have never seen a better kids alphabet game in the play market. I love it because it could take part in the development process of a child, as it is a learning game. I highly recommend this to parents who want to teach their children basic things with a pleasant, interactive environment.

nancy reyes

love this app Love this app as much as all the other ones, the fact that my nephew can sit and learn is awesome. He learns his colors, shapes, numbers and MATCHING , and its a lot more fun. He’s learned the alphabet and he learned his numbers, we are so proud of him for trying all of these things alone. He tells me I don’t need to help him , he’s a big boy and can do it alone.

LaDonna Buis

Wonderful learning app I am so happy that they finally brought this app to the Google Play Store. It is teaching my son so much with his numbers and counting. He has learned even more being that it is on an app. He is autistic and does so much better when on a device rather than on his paper, so this is wonderful. His vocab and speech skills have improved from this one as well.. Thanks so much for this app.

Kira Thompson

Loving this on our Android Phone I used to have this game for my old Iphone and it was a must have when I switched to an android phone. My kids aren't normally allowed to use my phone but it's nice to have something for them when they do. The updates they made to this are fantastic. My son always had fun with the letters but we love the number section now. My son knows all his numbers but he's working on learning to write. The fact that they make a game out of tracing the numbers is fun for him (plus he's working on his skills so I'm happy).I'm happy with the updates they've made since we last played with the app.

Choly Flower

Moms and Aides Best Friend As a part-time aide working with grade school kids there are very little resources to keep them occupied for very long when theres down time. I introduced this app to my 1st graders and printed some of the many great printables in all of the subjects and they just went to town!! I also brought in my tablet and recommended the app to their teacher who is now incorporating it in future lessons!! Its such a great resource.


Same concept as the number tracing game, except this time with letters. There are different games for different levels of learners, which is GREAT for us because while Batman is plowing through letter recognition and onto sounding out words, Rose is taking a leisurely route through the learning process- great example of how kids learn different ways. This app had games for both levels so no one felt discouraged or bored.

Katrina Gehman

Love this app!! Right now this app is $2.99 but for a limited time Kid's Academy is offering it for free, so you really do need to act now. This is for an android device. My oldest has this on her phone so when her little sister is begging to play with it, she can turn something on that works perfect for her. ABC Preschool teaches letters and words in a way that kids can really understand.

Collin Christopher

Awesome Learning Tool!! My little boy is in pre-k and he loves this app! It has always been difficult to get him engaged in learning, even when it comes to getting to play on the tablet. He is learning how to trace letters and numbers and having fun! A+

Catherine Glass

Not free with appgratis! I got really excited to find a free app for my daughter to learn with. I deleted some other apps to make room for this massive file, and once I did I can't get anything worthwhile without paying big bucks. Really disappointed :( it's cute, but I'm not buying all the extras.

Ollie Wirredd

No replies from developers to paid customers' complaints ? Really poor customer service. This is disconcerting that paying customers still feels swamped by ads. A free trial should be freecalled trial, not free game. Only the first three letters?! Why would the parents praise it to high heaven? Absolutely frustrating. Uninstalling right away.

Eze Nwachukwu

Adverts Ads pop up approximately every 4 seconds in the unlocked version making it difficult to enjoy the app. I am not letting my children use this because the pop ups always redirect you to buy more apps instead of allowing you to use the app. It is hard to understand how this app gets 4.1 rating. The Play Store needs to investigate. I would suggest that Android bars this app and similar children's apps because they are not child-friendly. Description is deceptive. Ulterior motive is marketing not education.

Nichole Quigley

Awesome Learning Tool! this app is such an awesome learning tool! My youngest loves this app! It has always been difficult to get him engaged in learning at home. I put this game on his tablet and now he is learning how to trace letters and numbers and having fun while doing it! He barely realizes he's doing school work!

Tomáš Vlasák

games for kids In free version there are a lots of games for kids training alphabet or numbers, but if you would open a more posibilities for your children you have to pay for additional games. I dont like this concept so much. I prefer all free or pay for app and have everything free inside.

Corinne Schmitt

Excellent for Fine Motor Skill Development and Beginning Reader Basics A fun way for kids to work important skills without getting frustrated. My daughter worked so hard to collect her fireflies and was so happy when she filled the jar! Great app if you want your child to have fun while learning.

Jennifer Corter

Reinforces Learning Habits When it comes to the alphabet, I'll admit that my son is a little bit behind with it. But we've been trying our hardest to make learning a bit more "fun" for him, but haven't had all that much luck with it, until Kids Academy came along and changed all of that! The fact that it has you trace the letter and numbers over and over, reinforcing the habit, I really enjoyed it, and of course, so did my son. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for that special application to reinforce learning habits.

Debby sillito

Not exactly free from appgratis I was looking for something like this for an autistic child is work with. But this app isn't worth what you get for free. You get only a very tiny part to work with.

Jonie Brooks

Fun! Fun! Fun! I am so excited to see this app brought to the Google Play store. Both of my kids love to play the Kids Academy apps on my old iPhone and now they can play on my new Samsung. These games are fun, bright, and very interactive. Plenty of games, music, and learning for hours. Tracing, math and grammar will keep your child busy with all the different activities. This app is great since it isn't too hard or too easy. It will keep them engaged for hours.

Kate DeVito

Good app 4 year old loves it. 2.5 year old wants to play with brother. I keep data and wifi off when the kids use my tablet but the ads are still annoying

Scott Holmes

Fun Learning! This is a great game for teaching small children in a variety of different ways! It is a well designed app for learning... Although, it does crash sometimes.

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