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18 Sep
ABC iview

Posted by Australian Broadcasting Corporation in Entertainment | Sept. 18, 2016 | 194 Comments

Apk file size: 11.0 MB

Never miss a moment of your favourite TV. ABC iview is simple, ad-free and free to use.

Download the official app now to watch ABC TV and exclusive iview programs on a range of Android phones and tablets, on demand, over wifi or mobile data.

Catch up on prime-time drama and trusted news and current affairs. Delve into a huge selection of popular children’s programs. Discover must-see iview Exclusives and watch when it suits you.

Most programs are available for 14 days and new programs are added every day.

This version of the ABC iview app for Android extends official support for iview on a wider range of devices running Android OS 4.2 (Jellybean) and above. The list of supported devices is provided below. These devices have been tested to provide an acceptable level of app performance and stability.

If you have feedback specific to the performance of this app, please let us know: [email protected]

• Samsung Galaxy S3 & S4
• LG Nexus 5
• Samsung Galaxy Note 3
• HTC One (M8)
• Sony Xperia Z
• Samsung Galaxy S6
• Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

• Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0)
• Samsung Galaxy Note 8
• Nexus 7 (2013)
• Nexus 10
• Samsung Tab 3 (8.0)
• Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5
• Sony Xperia Tablet Z

ABC iview on Android devices offers the following features:
• Instant and unlimited access to your favourite ABC TV programs
• Live Streaming: Watch all your favourite broadcast channels live over wifi or mobile data
• Google Chromecast support: iview is now Google Cast enabled so now you can cast your favourite ABC programs to your TV using a Chromecast device.
• Adaptive video quality: Programs automatically adjust to available bandwidth and network conditions
• Watchlist: Add a series to the Watchlist and the app will notify you when a new episode becomes available
• Discover: Search by program name or browse by channel or category. Catch up on last night’s TV, browse the most popular programs on iview, and discover related shows you may also enjoy
• Share: Use Facebook, Twitter or email to share your favourite programs with friends
• Closed Captions: Set iview to display closed captions, available on a large amount of programs

This app is designed for devices running Android OS 4.2 and above. Watching iview on any Android device is metered regardless of your ISP. Due to rights restrictions, ABC iview is geo-blocked to Australia. Follow iview on Facebook and Twitter @ABCiview for the latest programs, chat and updates.

Important: Data Consumption

Please note: you are responsible for the data transfer and consumption charges incurred by you when using any ABC app. The ABC disclaims all liability for such charges.

The amount you are charged for watching video over 3G/4G depends on several things:

* How much data your mobile phone company allows you to download each month at no extra cost (your quota)
* How much data you've already downloaded in that month, and how much of your quota remains
* How much your mobile phone company charges you when you download more than your monthly quota

If you have a small monthly quota, or have used almost all of your monthly quota, watching video over a 3G/4G connection could be expensive. For more information about data consumption in relation to streaming video, please visit the iview FAQs or the Help & Feedback section within the app.

Do check your quota with your mobile phone company, and monitor your usage. Your mobile phone company may be able to send you alerts when you reach the limit of your monthly quota. It is possible to disable 3G/4G in your device within your device Settings.

Whats new

    What's new
    - Cosmetic updates for the launch of the new channel, ABC ME
    - Updates to Parental Filter logic to ensure content is correctly filtered with new channel
    - Fixed bug where users were locked on Chromecast intro screen when in landscape
    - Fixed bug on Android 6.0 where people were unable to access or add to their watchlist

Australian Broadcasting Corporation part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Sept. 18, 2016. Google play rating is 77.9553. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 11.0 MB.

Download abc-iview.apk 11.0 MB

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Luke Vesty

Improving but not there yet Still a bit buggy and image quality still isn't as nice as it could be. Chromecast support was welcome when it was introduced but playback still tends to skip and stutter now and again - this is despite me being able to stream 1080p YouTube and Netflix without a problem.

Gregory Opera

Well designed, with great content. To be honest, I don't watch a whole lot of television, in fact, the only time I really do is where there is something significant occurring on the news... But when I do use this, I find it easy to use, reliable and packed full of great content. If you're a fan of the ABC and its television content, or you just want to keep up with the latest news, then ABC iview is certainly worth checking out.

Chris Thomas

Chromecast is still buggy. If you press play and then change apps shows won't play. You must keep the ABC app open until the stream starts before you can change apps or put the phone to sleep. As others have said the image quality is poor.

Martin Stonebridge

Buggy following today's update Pic and sound out of synch. Did not resume from last paused position after closing and reopening. Takes ages to build cache with no percentage bar to give you an indication of progress ie working or hung or not connected at decent data speed. Looking forward to improvements that are required please test before updating and test on 3g in marginal area not 4g in metro areas.

Jay Stevens

Meh Collection of shows is great, sub par video quality, Chromecast support barely exists, and nothing about Android TV.

Miny Mayhemz

ABC iView Crashes when trying to play a video - why do they make apps that don't work - Samsung Galaxy - Android 4.4.2

Ashley Ketchell

Great app. It will be even better once Chromecast support is added.

Monk Livelong

Needs work Chromecasting doesn't work and I can't login to My Iview.

Raymond D

Should be called ilisten not iview. Latest update killed video. Not to mention this content could be delivered cheaper and more reliably with YouTube.

Andrew Sydenham

Chromecast issues still present Easy to use. My 3yr old can navigate through programs quite well. Chromecast support is poor, almost un-watchable.

Anne Taylor

Stan Would love to watch the ABC but you won't fix chromecast so I use Stan. Sorry.

Jai Ritter

Finally! Finally back to normal and working again after the lollipop update. Nice work!


Works again after update Video (other than the ad before the video which always played ok) plays again after the latest update..

Shahista Rojah

Since it has been updated not a single video plays it keeps on crashing please fix this

Damon Sampson

Why isnt worst year of my life again on there I typed it up and it said there was no resalts can you please put it on there because i love watching the show

Tiffany Oconnor

I downloaded the app because i love watching shows that are aired on abc also downloaded it for my son to be able to watch his abc4 kids and every time you try to watch a video you get to ratings page and then it stop working , wont even load up videos. I dont knkw if its because this app doesn't support galaxy s6 yet or what . Either way this app needs to be fixed!!!

stephanie gwilt

What's happened to iview? I haven't had a second's trouble with this app since I installed it a couple of years ago. Use it on my s4 and my note 10.1, but last night I paused it and since then it just won't work. I've uninstalled and re installed it, but no go? What's going on? It won't work on either of my devices.

Peter Williams

works great, love the chromecast support works great on a nexus 5, great quality, easy to use. Thank you for adding Chromecast support

sayout ran

Fix Where is Worst year of my life again!! If fix I would give it 5 stars, so pls fix that!!

Stuart Malloch

Chromecast support still terrible Please fix the Chromecast feature on this app. It has been abominable since introduced several months ago. It freezes and buffers at least every 30 seconds making for a lamentable viewing experience. I suspect Google makes adding Chromecast support to an app a painless experience, as evidenced by the many apps that successfully implement it without error.

G.J Smith

Doesn't stream, continually crashes. Tried it two separate devices didn't work on either of them.

Ralph Davis

Audio/Video Sync problems Can't watch anything on my LG G2 because the audio and video are so out of sync that it's distracting. (This version is no better than previous in this respect.) Yet it works OK on my cheap Chinese tablet. So seems to be some compatibility issue between iView and the G2. Also, I'm not the only G2 owner with this issue, others are reporting it on Whirlpool. UPDATE: Latest version 2.1.4 is still no better. Total CRAP on LG G2.

Louix Chazique

Lollipop broke iview Won't play shows since my lollipop update on Note 4 a few days ago. Today's update didn't fix the issue. Player just goes black. Please fix.

Dan Demonic

Works good but buffers a lot. Works good but buffers a lot despite my having ample bandwidth. No other streaming app I've got installed buffers so frequently, sometimes it's so slow it's like watching Tony Abbott making a speech. Apart from that it's a good app, and works well with chromecast.

Sally MacFarlane

Not working since system update Was working fine until os update - now running android 4.2.2. Get an error saying check the date and time is set correctly.

Arthyr Parker

Crashes after any ratings screen when using a Samsung Galaxy 6. Would not recommend.

Miles Farrell

Worthless Will not play videos. Interface dog slow and stupidly laid out. Totally frustrating

Jo Ho

Doesnt work For galaxy s6. Just ruins the promotion then states that the video cannot be played

Melissa Attard

I download this for my son and this does not work on my samsung galaxy tablet 2 7.0 please fix it. Its telling me to set the date and time on my device.

Peter Korb

Chromecast support still very beta The app is working great, but sending any streams to the Chromecast results in skips and breaks almost exactly every 30 seconds. Furthermore the app loses the connection and doesn't resume properly after a stream. Not very usable yet. PS: no thanks for advertising a kids version on iOS long before available on android. Casting now dies completely.

Amir Zahedi

Chromecast support Chromecast support although added is long from being a reliable method of watching iview.

Mozhda XD

Love this app!!! I love this app!! Only now that life with boys, mortified etc etc had been removed because it stays there for an amount of time and then gets removed. Now I don't bother watching TV much because I've got this now, and I read and study most of the times so I can stay in my room and watch rather than taking my books and things with me to the lounge ;-; anyways this app is amaze!!!

Andy Chan

Having trouble with iView on lollipop This is a great app. Though I do have trouble with it on my devices that are running on lollipop. It cannot play any videos at all. Have to go back to my older devices for now if I need to watch iView

Alec Benson

Chromecast Nice to see Chromecast support but from my early viewings I would say the support is more alpha than beta and it's not really useable yet. Update: Chromecast quality is better in the latest iview but buffering, freezing and synch issues are still present.

Mark Booker

Iview not good on new phone Not working on Samsung s6. Starts to play then about 5 secs it just says problem sorry.

brian croke

Still doesn't work Have Galaxy s6 and app still doesn't work

Patrick Turner

Stutters badly with Chromecast playback Programming playback stutters, freezes and then skips forward on resumption when using a Chromecast for playback, even at the low resolution delivered. No similar problems with other streaming solutions using same setup, e.g. Netflix in HD.

Glenn Domin

Doesn't work on galaxy s6 Worked on gs3 but on gs6 it crashes as soon as you load a video. No change after update

Ben Rogers

What Happened This app was one of my favourites. On Friday 1/5/2015 Samsung Note IV updated system software and now app wont work. :(

Keith Crellin

Unusable Like many others have pointed out this app simply does not work. Loading issues with the app itself, then when it does load, the videos won't. The resolution is terrible and don't even get me started on Chromecast problems! It has always had terrible resolution and lag/buffering on Chromecast but now it just doesn't work. Sort it out.

Simeon A. Scott

does what it says ...why can't I save the video locally? or even screenshot it... ? and why are programs only available for a very short time? Did I consent to participate in audience metrics? if so, where is the opt-out? ... and I guess content delivery is restricted to Australian IPs? so much for the beer, vegemite and BBQs...

Liz Meyers

Loading loading Just fix it, It hasnt worked properly for last few weeks, buffering or stops at trying to load shows. Fix it now

Scott Campbell

Poor It used to be difficult to use now it's impossible will not load the selected show on phone past the abc ad/trailer to allow you to cast it. YouTube works perfectly. Very disappointing as I am a big ABC fan.

Dave Walsh

Was terrible, unwatchable, on chromecast (v2.1.6 update to blame ?) My ABC iview recently stopped working properly, especially on my chromecast devices (I have 2 and both experiences are identical). I am blamin reset. And the video on the chromecast is shuddery and jerky ... "buffery" as anything, skipping content, freezing display whilst playing audio then skipping seconds or minutes. ... SNIP .. that was for an older version ... not sure what its like on verion 2.2

Gregory Opera

Well designed, with great content. To be honest, I don't watch a whole lot of television, in fact, the only time I really do is where there is something significant occurring on the news... But when I do use this, I find it easy to use, reliable and packed full of great content. If you're a fan of the ABC and its television content, or you just want to keep up with the latest news, then ABC iview is certainly worth checking out.

Benjamin Pearson

Chromecast issues It says it supports chromecast but it doesnt actually work on 2 different android devices

Jason Parsloe

iView seem to be blaming the useless performance of this app at least when it comes to casting it's programs to TV's via chromecast, on outdated TV's using security protocols (SSL) which they no longer support for playback because of ?vulnerabilities in the standard causing concern requiring them to adopt a rapid change to TLS . So contact your TV manufacturer for an upgrade! Funny how every other chromecast app works just fine with my 2010 Samsung TV including TuneIn, YouTube and Netflix. What the hell.

Mario Cappola

Cannot be used with Nexus 5 or Chromecast Apparently, according to the blurb on Play, we can use this app with a Nexus 5... Nope, won't even load the app! Good work, ABC.

Aidan Fryer

Doesn't work On my Sony Xperia z3 compact,the app rarely loads and when it does, the video won't load. Furthermore, why can we watch in HD or select the resolution we want?

Grunt Est

App works on nexus 4 and nexus 9 App works well on my nexus 4 and nexus 9 running stock 5.1.1. Only issue is Chromecast is stuttering/laggy. Not sure why given the stream to my device is fine, and other apps work fine with my Chromecast. It would be good if you could save a file on device for offline viewing, even with some sort of DRM to ensure short term storage, but otherwise its a good app.

terase marshall

trai v happy.. wld like ABCiview added 2 catchupTV on my telstra if possible> sbs1 & plus7 r already added!! :)

Will Cowan

Chomecast support sucks The rest is fairly good, why can't you make Chromecast work properly?

Peter Jost

V2.2 CM10.2 - doesn't Well I don't HATE it, it doesn't go past the startup screen so I don't know if it's any good or not. It's been like this for months - any chance you could find the time to have a look at that?

Stephen Haley

Appalling chromecast integration Love ABC iview however Chromecast is essentially useless with this app....and that is my main means for veiwing Iview...

Jeremy Banks

Chromecast has issues buffering some shows but not others. The nightly state news will stream perfectly but other shows e.g. mediawatch will stutter and buffer every few moments.

Hayden O'Sullivan

Lagging I have a 100/40 connection (top speed NBN fibre) and my wireless access points is within 20cm of my Chromecast. I STILL get lagging. It works fine on my PC, why can't it work on my Chromecast?

Jackson Redshaw

It died. It used to work fantastically but now it doesn't get past the ABC ad and rating..

Gavin Windsor

Didn't work . I have a quad core tablet that runs all the other TV shows online . This one just lock up in the loading screen.

Scott Gage

Constant buffering Not sure if it's a RAM or network issue but shows will buffer every minutes when used with ChromeCast despite working perfectly with my internet on every other device.

Peter Brusco

Poor performance Takes too long to load if and when it does it use to work well on my Android phone no longer

Jay Hayes

Not working any more Sony xperia z3 compact. Have tried uninstall/re-install. Promos play, sometimes I get as far as rating advice, but then it just displays a spinning circle of death and never loads the program. Prior to now it was okay, except Chromecast functions were very buggy. Please fix :-(

Dean Smith

Great app Works with my nexus 7 on 4.4.4, but not working with nexus 4 on 5.1.1

Stephen Joyce

Why bother? Chromecast support is pathetic. ABC is only for Apple devices. Apple Before Chrome. Even Telstra can do better.

Ben Richards

Don't work Like come on don't do it if you can't handle it

Taya Letters

Terrible Just fix it already, I don't like this app because it won't let me watch any videos (what the point of having the app when it doesn't even work ) I will tell my friends not to download it if you don't fix it by tomorrow morning, I've been patient and nice but now I'm annoyed and angry so fix it ,other people have wrote bad comments so why don't you fix the app because some people say that its a good app (I don't know what there thinking

Montana Dalziel

AWESOME!! It is one of the best apps, I can watch my favorite shows and it is fantastic

Glenn Domin

Doesn't work on galaxy s6 Press play and it plays about a third of the time. Sometimes it will randomly start playing ten minutes later! Even while the phones display is off!

Chris Merry

Needs fixing Great content but but too many issues now. Doesn't work with chromecast.....needs fixing as current version is not usable

jordan shiels

When I clicked ABC 3 it closed an said that it had stopped working every time

Pete Notsae

Chromecast! Thanks a million for the Chromecast integration. Picture quality is good. Love this app and love the ABC.


Buffering and jumping This was a great ap... then it stopped being able to play any video for longer than 20 seconds without the image freezing and then the whole thing buffering. It then jumps sections of the video. Only this ap though... not Jumpin, seven or 10 or any of my other streaming aps. This sucks!

Chris Fortuin

Chromecast needs fix V2.2: still unusable. If streaming video is interrupted each 20 seconds it should be labeled "crap" and definitely not "beta" :-(

peter dommy

Works well but Like the app especially as it supports chromecast. Have problems with source material namely NSW 7pm news not available till next day . Also can't get access to news while overseas

Richard Tenorio

The ABC Get all access to Aunty's greatest.

Monk Livelong

Needs work Chromecasting still doesn't work and I can't login to iview.

Neil Phillips

Still has quality problems Stream quality is average at best, app crashes roughly every 30 seconds. Also your poxy interstitial adverts cause Chromecast to hang. Do some testing!

Dasi004 Gadenrigg

Awesome. Its amazing. I like love catching up on my shows. And comes in handy when I babysit

Sang Yee Lee

Stuttering When casting to TV via Chromecast it keeps stuttering every 1 - 2 minutes. If playing directly on my device it seems to be working fine so far.

Andrew Holford

Bugged! Chromecast only plays abc ads then stops, won't play program.

matt havilah

Watch this space Buffers/lags (on archived content) on SGS5 over wifi. Not really usable. Nice ui/UX otherwise.

Jenny A

Not good with Chromecast Agree with others - wouldn't get past the opening ad to actually play the show. Got around it by commencing Play on iView app on android device & then connecting by clicking the Chromecast icon within the app. Still get slight buffering but at least you can watch it.

Nathan Cullen

Won't work I really wanted to watch the next step on abc3 but didn't want to watch on the TV but every time I go to use it it says to unable to playback please check date and time on your device and its on the right date and time please fix it now because I really want to use this app!

me me

Help me please Every time I watch a video on ABC 3 it freezes but the sound is still playing and if I skip it the sound plays at the wrong time so the audio is faster than there lips are moving, also if I rewind it back to the start it freezes sooner please fix it is very annoying but if I'm doing something wrong someone please explain how to make that stop

Martin Musgrave

Very Disappointing Works but definitely does not chromecast in any meaningful way: lots of stop/start, lots of jumping, important bits missed, no use at all really! (actually, let me rephrase that: DOESN'T work, the crap chromecasting is the best part of this app! Nice one Aunty!)

Salty Churo

Terrible Chromecast support Title. Stream lag or continual buffers makes shows unwatchable. Guessing funding cuts as the app on smart tv is no longer available. Shame.

Madeline Quirk

Lags and works terribly with chromecast I blame the liberals for this terrible app. More and more budget cuts means this app hasn't been developed properly. Completely unusable with chromecast.

Shin Teng

Worst chromecast ever! Love this great app but horrible chrome cast support! Buffers every 45 seconds and makes the best shows unwatchable! Worst chromecast support ever! Unbelievably annoying! Please fix it coz this is the best app i can find to catch up on all the missed tv shows. Please fix so we can all enjoy this wonderful app!

Peter Williams

works great as an app but horrible Chromecast support works great on a nexus 5 and 6p, great quality, easy to use. Thank you for adding Chromecast support - however it doesn't work! Most of the time it will play the preceding ad but won't play the actual content. When it does play, it buffers so frequently the show is unwatchable (I have an excellent connection and iview doesn't buffer when run through a web browser or phone app. It frequently suffers from numerous other playback glitches. Please fix the Chromecast support!

John Wright

Worst Chromecast support It's good that this app exists but the Chromecast support is terrible! It crashes, pauses for buffering excessively (nothing else I use does) and often only plays the adds then stops. Please, please fix it! ---- Just did an update - no better.


Chromecast Works well on pc and tablet but buffers every few minutes on chromecast. Destroys the viewing experience. I don't have this problem with YouTube or Netflix.

Ian Black

Hit and miss Splutters its way through a program on chromecast making it basically useless. Pull chromecast support please until its fixed. This has been going on for sometime and nothing has been done. Complaints are falling on deaf ears. It was a great app but i think the ABC has put all their effort behind the Apple version and forgotten about the rest. Works well if your just watching on a tablet or phone. NOT recommended for use with chromecast, 90% of the reason i wanted it. For the ABC who were one of the first in Aust, its sad to see this app is now a half hearted effort. With all the new streaming apps available, ABC fix it or get left behind.

Mark Walsh

Really bad chromecast support. Lags badly. Content buffering every few minutes. Really low quality video stream. Illegal pirate downloads are far better quality.

google user

Why Why destroy a good app, this latest version crashed repeatedly, could not stop even force close crashed the phone, cleared app data, same rubbish, restarted phone, reinstalled, all pointless, uninstalled, re-installed previous version all ok again. Idiotic update killed this once great app. Latest version won't play anything, had it, uninstalling...

greggy weggy

*#@%! The menu is overly busy, looks like it was designed by a 12 year old who doesn't or won't read and loves flashy pictures! Chromecast is super jumpy, keeps re loading every 30 seconds.

Alec Benson

Poor Really crappy Chromecast support. Take a look at Netflix, that's how it's done.

Joshua DaClaz

Do not download ABC have not listened to people and fixed the problem of playback errors. I dont get why they cant fix the problem. Its been happening for months. Samsung galaxy tab s2 over nbn wifi

Jenny Hogan

I can't get to watch anything because it refuses to play.i believe it s because abc wants the ratings .I dont onow how they think they can get them when they keep putting rerun after rerun

Jason Buckler

Great app, not ISP Friendly As with other platforms, if one could figure out how to be more "ISP friendly" - ie, not using flash/shockwave as a basis for metering, l would give this app 5 stars. Blows my mind that PC browser usage is free but any other device (Android/iOS/Samsung SmartTV) counts against internet usage. We resort to cheating when we can as wvery display device in household is chromecast enabled, and blast out as neded from media PC. Remove the (obvious) adobe restriction so that a user can use un-metered on other d

mark gent

Latest update have made app unusable with chromecast " Minor bug fixes and performance enhancements" very funny

Tarsha Marando

I'm not too happy I love this app and all but when I try to play a video it won't let me because it just says make sure you have the correct date and time and I have checked like 6 times and it is correct. Please help me and I'll definitely rate 5 star

sara ibrahim

ITS VERY USEFULL If u miss shows on tv u an always catch up on iview and it is not only on abc for those people its on many things

Aaron Lane

ABC Do not download this game they lied about the bug fixes it keeps pausing

John Russo

No longer works What was once a really good app that allowed me to watch some great shows is now absolute garbage. No shows play and it asks me to check that I had the correct time and date on my device. Rubbish update, rubbish performance. Very annoyed.

Peter Willowtree

Absolute garbage. I'm now connected to the NBN, and yet iView is still stopping all the time.

Ja Son

Iview on chromecast laggy All other apps stream well. Every 60 seconds video buffers. Version 1.01

Tina Pentland

Get your act together ABC and start serving your audience. This app does not work with Chromecast.

Lachlan Fletcher

Great app, except for the chrome cast support, which is absolutely horrific, completely useless. Why bother adding a feature that is so obviously broken, and has been since the day it was added, many months ago.

Tahlia Shepherd

Won't work It says the date and time is wrong on my phone so I searched all around the house searching for the right time when really its this app. You need to make the app work so you can get some positive feedback instead of bad feedback

Rebecca Smith

Chromecast doesnt work The app on a device is fine but just buffers when trying to chromecast. The ads play, but nothing else. This makes it pretty useless to me.

Blind Freddy

Crap Like the title says - crap. You have to wonder whether anyone at the ABC has ever tried using this "app"

Thomas Brodie

Buggy and annoying Great to be able to access the shows, however constantly having to physically switch off the chrome cast as the app will not release it no matter what you do is garbage.

Robert Hiini

Has been great for ages, now freezing again Video freezes while audio continues. Used to happen all the time, then great, and now happening again. Note 3 user.

Timothy White

Useless on Chromecast Known issue, Chromecast just keeps buffering even though it works fine when not casting

William Uther

I wish this was usable with Chromecast. It currently 'supports' Chromecast, but I get really annoying pauses during playback. I only see them with iview, so it isn't my net connection.

Luke Vesty

Chromecast support completely broken Chromecast performance has gone from bad to worse. At first I was experiencing buffering and streaming issues, now iview won't even start on my Chromecast. This is really frustrating. It's been like this for months. ABC, it doesn't work. Please fix it.

Stephen Thorley

Won't load Unfortunately I can't give less than one star. Hangs at the splash screen. What is it with ABC and Samsung. The iView app doesn't work on the TV and the android app doesn't work on the galaxy note 5.

Ro Dobbin

Not good with ChromeCast Agree with others. Casting to ChromeCast over Wifi causes lags & most times program stops.

Von Chadwick

Perfect I have not had one problem and ive had it for a week I dont no what your going on about

Frankie Smith

Decent app, but no Android TV and rubbish Chromecast It's ok on a tablet or phone, but if you actually want to watch iView on your TV you had better not be relying on a Chromecast or Android TV: they are the former is unusable and the latter is not supported.

Matthew Downing

Becoming very laggy Brilliant app, best setup/layout of any Australian TV app. But disappointed that it's laggy and freezing a lot. That's at 14mbps speed.

Kim Thomson

Poorly maintained App The current update is totally unusable, I have been struggling to use this app with many attempts to connect chrome cast but now has come to the point that I'm going to uninstall. Very sad auntie!

Jason Christie

Biggest problem is lack of functionality with chromecast. App works brilliantly on any other other platform and was actually the biggest reason for my buying a chromecast. Otherwise it has great programs and is really excellent to use. I just wish they'd fix the chromecast issues!!!

Rik G

Still the best TV streamer. Wish other channels copied this app as its so good.

Jeff Roberts

Chromecast support useless Echoing comments of others, program broadcast using Chromecast is laggy and skips to point where it's not usable. Support for HD would be a good idea too in this day & age.

Brigitte S

Will not work at all on android smart tv I used iview all the time until version 2.4 when every video I try to play will not play. Been waiting for it to be fixed but to no avail :(

Simon Urquhart

Just make it work ABC please just make iview work. I have cable internet and iview doesn't stop buffering. It's like hell on earth. I then was like oh hey maybe I will use my PS4 but the buffering didn't stop there BUT I had not given up I thought I could escape this perpetual buff and just use the website but alas the website uses flash which is not supported on android because only noob iPhone uses aren't caught up to HTML5. I know you don't have much money but dayum please make the buff stahhppp

Callum Lindsay

It great It works well it doesn't lag or anything.its great. And no ads an if any just ads about great new shows but they are only at the start and barley show up! Keep the great work coming ABC

Frankie Smith

Decent app, but no Android TV and rubbish Chromecast It's ok on a tablet or phone when it is working, but if you actually want to watch iView on your TV you had better not be relying on a Chromecast or Android TV: they are the former is unusable and the latter is not supported.

Josh Craig

Worst app on chromecast Just lags and buffers badly, switched to Netflix, Stan or OnDemand which all work fine. Pity.

David White

Well a year or so has passed since my previous review which noted abysmal Chromecast support in version 2.1.5. You would think that by version 2.4 the streaming bugs so many have complained about would have been fixed, but alas, no! The regular stuttering / reloading is still there along with the periodic control disconnection. Will it ever be fixed? It looks to me like the app developers don't have a clue - or maybe they haven't been paid!

Ian Black

That's one giant miss for the ABC... Splutters its way through a program on chromecast making it completely useless. ABC pull chromecast support please until its fixed. This has been going on for sometime and nothing has been done. Complaints are falling on deaf ears. It was a great app but i think the ABC has put all their effort behind the Apple version and forgotten about the rest. Works well if your just watching on a tablet or phone. NOT recommended for use with chromecast, 90% of the reason i wanted it. For the ABC who were one of the first in Aust, its sad to see this app is now a half hearted effort. With all the new streaming apps available, ABC fix it or get left behind.

Chris Herrmann

Constant Buffering problems Why if Chromecast always works flawlessly with other services does iView constantly suffer with annoying buffering delays, and that's despite being connected with NBN. Shame because so much great iview content, but makes it worthless when it's impractical to watch.

Michael Rezkalla

Epic I always miss out on teen titans and with this app I can see as much episodes as I want. :-P


One Significant Problem Works well ad far as I've used it but after locking my screen then attempting to continue watching from that point it returned to the beginning of the video and wouldn't scroll forward to where I left off.

Brent Goldspring

Buggy and Laggy It's a shame that I can stream Netflix at 1080p yet this app fails to stream anything at all smoothly. It's buggy, choppy and laggy over a Chromecast that things are unwatchable.

Alex Wainwright

Chromecast skips and buffers constantly to the point of being unusable. The app is great except out doesn't work with Chromecast. Skips and buffers constantly. It also doesn't seem to take into account that Queensland is not on daylight savings time. Please adjust the buffering for Chromecast!

Christopher O'Connor

Video stops while audio continues Samsung S6 Edge, Android 5.1.1, unusable. Also no un-metered content on Android? Used to work for me on previous Android phone.

Ruby Rose

??? I will give five hearts and five stars if there is one thing you add... Please be able to use it with no internet because every week I go to work with my mum... On Monday and Friday!!! It's rlly annoying

Ben Neill

Still no Android TV app, Completely unusuable on chromecast: I saw the 10 sec add 3 times and then it disconnected. Slow clap. . UX is bloody horrible.

Paul Davids

Yeah needs work humans... Constant buffering, won't play more than 30 secs and I have good speed net! Very frustrating! Good UI easy to navigate. Just the buffering problem.

Aussie Chris

Too many bugs Well even after more than a year since my last review it still lags and freezes and hasn't been fixed, I thought it might of been my internet but Netflix plays fine with no problems. Looks like iview got aview shut-down which is a shame, aview was a much better app.

Jenny A

Not good with Chromecast Agree with others - wouldn't get past the opening ad to actually play the show. Got around it by commencing Play on iView app on android device first & then connecting by clicking the Chromecast icon within the app. Still getting buffering but at least you can watch it.

Jim Dee

Works well on phone. Cast to tv? App works fairly well on my note 4. What are the chances of getting a cast to Panasonic smart tv option? (Tv is a ST60 with Iview app)

Amir Zahedi

Chromecast issues Some two years after first Chromecast support introduced and I've never managed to stream a single video without sync/loading issue. Never had any similar problems on same device and network with any other apps

Julie Holmes

Watched "rake" episode that I missed Thursday 30 June (& because the election coverage ran way over schedule on Saturday 2 July, there was no encore... and it's 2nd last episode! ) So I tried iview for the very first time. Totally brilliant, it's so easy to use... especially for a grandmother who is so new to this online thing!!! I'm still not sure what I'm doing most of the time but I didn't need to be tech savy to use iview. Absolutely LOVED IT

Jules Mann

No longer works with Chromecast Both my android devices cannot watch iview with Chromecast. The screen just hangs on the TV with the waiting icon indefinitely. Maybe it's now incompatible with a recent Chromecast update.

Jill Johnson

Tablet good, Chromecast crashes A great app if you just want to watch on a tablet or have a smart TV. However it freezes all the time when using Chromecast.

Carl Brooks

Rubbish Obviously bugger all resources are set aside for android user's. 2.4 update was no doubt created for some whiny apple user who didnt like the font on the app.....pppfftt..... Do the app developers even test these updates on andoid equipment before rolling out??....

Sam Carmex

Won't stop buffering on Chromecast Stable connection on WiFi but Chromecast connection is completely unusable, buffers every 20 seconds. Looks like a very common issue that still hasn't been dealt with

Peter Willowtree

Absolute garbage. I'm now connected to the NBN, and yet iView is still stopping all the time. Update: used to stall, now it just plays the ad an hangs.

Kobe Montana

Reliable Been the benchmark for streaming on desktop, game consoles and mobile apps. The only channel to get that right for over 5 years. tenPlay is nearly as old and still can't live stream. 9Now is still new but just as bad. Only negative I can see is not all ABC channels can live stream and the video quality could be better. But still with a limited budget you provide a better service than the big commercial channels. Well done

James Ellis

Great but Chromecast (still) buffering iview is great when viewing content directly on the device but absolutely terrible when it comes to Casting to my Chromecasts. Near constant audio pauses then skipping of content. I keep missing the punchlines in Mad As Hell. Casting the entire screen works fine so it looks like a PBKAC in relation to Cast support in the app itself.

Frederick Welzen

Useless support reinstalled v2.3 works fine Contacted by I view actually thought they might fix the bug so many are complaining about. All I got after 4 days was a list they support worked fine prior to last update and SBS on demand ten and seven work fine. What a bunch of useless arrogant a***holes iview are

Daniel Wilson

I remember loving iView Back when i watched iView on the ps3 it worked awesomely. Now years later on a Samsung Note 4 streaming to Chromecast it is unusable. I have the fastest connection available in Australia, a very consistant 112mbps on super speed cable, but iView video stops while audio keeps going. It comes good after 20 seconds or so only for it to happen again 20 seconds later. Completely unwatchable. Please fix it.

Prue Challis

Does not work on chromecast This app simply does not work with Chromecast. The app has actually just stopped working all together when I try to use it with chromecast. I have given up and uninstalled the app. Won't be reinstalling or recommending this app to my friends using Android and Chromecast. Dear ABC, I know your funding continues to be slashed, but are you working toward rectifying this problem?

Andrew Vicino

Won't work with chromecast Please ABC, fix your app. Works brilliantly on my phone, but when streaming to my chromecast it is terrible. Most videos won't play, and when I do get a video to work, it freezes and skips, making videos unwatchable.

Ben Wong

Recently better but update wiped Watchlist! Recently iView been working a lot better, especially when using with Google Cast. But. But, this most recent update - apparently simply to reflect change to ABC 3 as ABC Me - has completely, totally erased my Watchlist. That's not good. At all.


Captain obvious Mohammad, Obviously it dosnt work in the UK its the AUSTRALIAN brocasting coporation! Uh duh! There's stuff thats not in australian and only in the uk so get stuffed!

Matthew Humphreys

Works great Good app, works reliably, Chromecast works brilliantly. But it is all in SD or less, I mean come on, were in 2016 now and i think it's time for HD content.

Chris Perram

iView Great for a quick catch up over breakfast and lunch. Even better a chance to get up to date with excellent ABC fare like Mock The Week and Soul Mates

TJ Taylor

Tax money well spent on the app ? Just needs more content

Adam Coffin

Chromecast is working!!! Fixed the issues of the previous version. Works greats.

Alisha Wyllie

Average Latest update has cleared my watchlist. How do i get it back!

Tanya Thornton

Great app ? Latest update fixed the watchlist issue with Android 6. Very happy!

Welly Boots

USEFUL Its a very useful app because if you are not at home or with a TV and you get to watch what you want when you want.

The best app ever Loved it so much play with it all the time it is my favourite app in the world

Matt Dutch

5 stars if Chromecast is added.

Nicholas Price

Buffering and stutters - using app Very frustrating as buffers every few minutes while the image breaks down frequently as well. I have 8-9mb/s speed so no issue there. Tried to watch program and had to restart 3 times to get working again, gave up with the 4th time. Tried directly on tv and no problems

Mohammed Alsubiae

It does not work in the UK Hi, sadly this app is not working in the UK ? I went to the UK and my daughter like abc kids but i have no idea how can I reach it. Please would you help me and tell me how can we watch these channels in the UK!!? I would be more than glad if you did. Thanks

JJ Olteanu

Watchlist, History not working Trying to add a show to watchlist gives error "Cannot find Google account for device". Also doesn't keep watched shows in history, probably cause of same issue. Idea behind product is good but execution is lacking. SBS on demand runs without glitches.

Michael Ginsburg

ABC iView has well & truly arrived! After having a pretty sluggish app with spotty Chromecast support, it seems 'Auntie' decided to pour some serious man hours and no doubt, a bit of (our taxpayer) coin to overhaul it and the result is impressive! Great search, great UI & UX and FLAWLESS Chromecast support! This is now the best app of any Australian TV service

Luke Vesty

A huge step forward with Chromecast Thank you for updating this app to overhaul Chromecast support. It's a lot better now. The only thing we need to see now is an improvement in overall image quality. Video is still far too compressed when compared to YouTube, Netflix, Stan, etc.

James Brodie

Chromecast works - but only just You get an extra Star because the Chromecast has gone from not working, to working not very well. It seems to skip forward in what ever you are watching every 10-15 seconds or so. So the net effect is that you still can't really watch anything via Chromecast unless you enjoy missing key elements of dialogue. In that case, this app is for you.

yrsa brynjudottir

Stuck on chrome cast App kept throwing up the"tap button to cast to TV blah blah". Didn't matter how many times I changed settings or cleared the cache it kept coming back! And I couldn't tap cast or OK to continue... Effing sucked! And iview is my guilty pleasure..

Khalid Omar

Good first effort but needs TLC It's nice that the app exists and delivers on the basics - but Chromecast support despite the recent updates has only gone from very broken to a good first effort with issues. I wish the ABC forced some of its Digital executives to use Android phones and not just iPhones - the ABC apps are a lot better on iPhone. ABC if you are reading this please hire get some help from Google they will probably donate some developer training sessions and hosting backend.

B Bk

Chromecast support has improved somewhat Chromecast support has improved (hooray someone listened at last!) although it's still buggy. Programs regularly stop when un-locking my tablet. Returns to lead in advertising, which is always 150% louder than the program, and then starts the program from the beginning again.

Julian Jerome

Chromecast Chromecast now works, no buffering, for currently transcoded videos. They're in the process of converting the rest so some will still have buffer issues until they're all updated. Video quality has been reduced though.

Chris Horgan

Chromecast Broken. Useless for TV After years of waiting, Chromecast is now watchable - thanks. Still glitchy - repeats after a minute, and repeats when the tablet wakes up. Has a way to go to catchup with Netflix and Stan. Showing the play head in portrait instead of landscape is bad design (it gives a shorter slider - harder to fine tune) - looks wrong with tablets with keyboards. Volume buttons does not work on the tablet. We don't get good free to air transmission due to surrounding hills - so iView is important for us to watch the ABC.

Mike Walters

Casting still sketchy... I have this app on both iPad and android devices. Casting is still poor on both. I am on 100mb/s NBN with an average of at least 40mb/s so no problem there. It baffles me why these issues persist when services like Netflix and Stan operate flawlessly in HD all the time.

Mark S

Last update was a winner The final update brought with much improved support for Chromecast. There have been a few glitches, but they seem to be getting better. I agree with another reviewer, best Australian TV app.

Paul B

Still not working! WHY? it's a pity they had to play with this app at all as it used to work perfectly everytime no matter what update there was for your phone software but they have to play with it this is the ONLY way I get any news while I am away and everytime they fix it it gets *#&$& up! SO STILL NO LIVE NEWS24 WHY??? All other videos work BUT NOT LIVE NEWS the only one I need to watch PLEASE fix this once and for all i am sick of having NO NEWS and sick to death of sending reports and nothing happens, happens on both my Tab

David Gottschalk

Chromecast at last, just Congrats on having Chromecast. It stutters and jumps at times. It's very hard to navigate with the slider. The better implementations change the time as you slide, preview the location with a still frame and let you jump back and forward a set number of seconds.

Steve Barone

Chromecast getting better Chromecast is working much better now and works smoothly for most shows. Some older shows are still buggy but are slowly being upgraded by the ABC. The resolution is not ideal but it's at least watchable now. Thanks for the update.

jonathan byers

Ver 2.5: Thanks for your swift reply, I put the tablet into portrait, and it skipped straight into the app, I didn't see the message or ok button, I am currently using the iView App in portrait mode. Its working well and casting to Chromecast well too. Thanks for the temporary fix to get me going. And thanks for the App, good luck with the development of the App. Had to edit an old review to get this on. I just updated (ver2.4 to ver2.5)and now the app does not work at all. So uninstalled and looking for a previous version off the net.Very sad. It is stuck on the instruction to tap the chromecast icon and no way to get past it. I have Nexus 7 2013 running marshmallow Next bit is for old version. Love this App, thanks for a great way to watch ABC. I have good internet, but issues with buffering and playing content over Chromecast. This update 2-2-2015 is worse than the previous version

Ben Kersten

Decent app Better Chromecast support. Not all content plays smoothly. Problem shows still include Hey Duggee, Sarah and Duck, and most of the content in ABC kids. Resorted to casting from laptop.

Andrew Vicino

Latest update fixed chromecast problems ABC listened to its customers. No more issues streaming to chromecast. Work's flawlessly. Thanks!

Ja Son

Iview on chromecast laggy All other apps stream well. Every 60 seconds video buffers. Playstation 4 app doesnt work anymore either. Shame and a waste of tax payers money. Version 1.01

Timothy Iredale

We're back, baby! Chromecast overhaul is a great step in the right direction but some shows are still skipping intermittently (I watched 'Insiders' tonight and it was OK but 'The Checkout' was skipping pretty regularly.

Eoin Cannon

Nice one New version seems to have fixed the Chromecast drop out issues. Still pretty low quality steam though

Bart Katarski

Loading error. Always gives an error loading on a Lenovo. Has not worked once. But I can use the ABC app to watch TV.

Tim Hill

Fixed for Chromecast Thanks for fixing Chromecast compatibility. I can now watch Pauline Hanson blather on like an idiot. I love you ABC

Tim Barker

Watch ABC iView ANYWHERE... ... only problem is its 'geo-blocked' SO IT IS NOT AVAILABLE 'anywhere', only in Australia! What about your ozzies wandering the World wanting a fix of home?

Kate Bounty

Worked for one day I watched a bunch of shows one day, the next, every video I want to watch won't work. The ads at the start work, the age rating video before the show works, then when it gets to the show it force closes and says there was a problem playing the video...

James Whyard

What is going on? Because I've used iView once on Chromecast it appears that every time I use the app it assumes now I just always use it when proximate to it? WTF? I get an overlay overlay over iView the attempting force me onto a Chromecast. Hence I cannot just use it on my mobile devices. Please fix...

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