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8 Sep
AAMI Safe Driver

Posted by AAI Limited trading as AAMI in Travel & Local | Sept. 8, 2015 | 75 Comments

Apk file size: 21.0 MB

Prove who’s the better driver once and for all with the AAMI Safe Driver App. It helps you track and assess your driving skills to encourage and reward safe driving behavior. The app is available to everyone and free to download, whether you’re an AAMI customer or not. Good driving is a reward in itself, but earn 60 points with the app and you’ll also be rewarded with FREE AAMI Roadside Assist when you renew or take out a new comprehensive car insurance policy.

The app cannot be used if the device is Rooted.

How it works

The AAMI Safe Driver App records your journeys and analyses your driving behavior. It then provides you with a driving score and feedback relating to your journeys. Factors taken into account include length of trips, speed, acceleration, braking and phone usage. The higher score you achieve, the safer driver we consider you to be.

Key features

- Be anonymous or link the App to your policy to be rewarded for safe driving.
- Compete with friends, family and the AAMI safe driving community with leaderboards and badges.
- FREE AAMI Roadside Assist added to your next renewal or new policy with a score of 60 or over.
- Driving assessment based on GPS tracking and AAMI’s extensive driving data analysis.
- Adaptive DNA Driving Engine detects and learns your driving style to give you the most accurate score.
- Factors taken into account include speed, braking, acceleration, fatigue, excessive speeding and phone use.
- Get tips, earn badges, climb the leaderboard and become part of the AAMI safe driving community.
- Improve your confidence and contribute to making our roads safer for all users.

AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance customers who earn 60 points on AAMI’s Safe Driver App may receive Roadside Assist free on renewal.
Please refer to the AAMI Roadside Assist information screen within the app for more information. App terms of use apply. Before buying this insurance issued by AAI Limited trading as AAMI read the PDS. Call 13 22 44 or go to for a copy.

Whats new

    Thanks for all the reviews and feedback! We’ve been working hard to make the Safe Driver app work better than ever, and are happy to provide a number of improvements:
    • Improved journey processing to update your score faster and more accurately
    • Lots of changes to improve battery usage
    • More accurate recording of journey start and end points.
    • Numerous bug fixes to make the app run as smooth as your driving

AAI Limited trading as AAMI part of our Travel & Local and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Sept. 8, 2015. Google play rating is 42.2711. Current verison is 1.0.10. Actual size 21.0 MB.

Download aami-safe-driver.apk 21.0 MB


Gaynor Bowers

Inaccurate Not very accurate. Seems to be very sensitive to braking and accelerating. I've actually changed my driving style because of this app but my score hardly goes up. I think it would be just about impossible to get a prefect or very high score

Bailey Woods

Not up to date App does not keep track of speed limit changes. Been driving same stretch of road for years, early last year it was changed from 50 to 60. Need to keep on top of things like this

Arun Baskaran

No longer recording trips Last update in the problem. Please fix ASAP. Also freezes/doesn't respond and says it's recording when I'm connected to WIFI in the notification panel.

Christian West

Average app Average app. I would have trusted it more except when I finally got to view the stats fully after doing 300km it gave me an acceleration score of 41. I'm surprised I'm able to accelerate that fast with my 1l engine and old car Constantly gives me penalties for hard breaking when I turn corners. Also I've had a few speeding events at places I'd never speed. Overall it is interesting to see my driving habits, but the quality is sketchy.

Ralph Collins

Has some issues Appeared to be working fine. Then was recorded speeding in an area I never ever speed as there is nearly always a speed camera. I bet I don't get a speeding ticket for the trip! Then I was doing over 80kph around a corner (which I had to stop at the traffic lights for). Then was supposed to be doing over 100 in an 80 zone (app thinks 80 zone is 100 zone) , I don't think so! Then suddenly I stopped speed and was excellent for the rest of the trip? Most trips are fine, but obviously has serious bugs....

Alistair McD

Rubbish Very inaccurate. I have had this installed for over a week. I drive over 100k per day. One day last week I drove 320km, yet the app still hasn't registered me as covering 300km in total yet. Speed limits are also wrong and it doesn't allow me to submit a report. Don't bother installing this.

Aaron Sta Maria

GPS acquisition signal jumping recognised as hard braking. As above a big issue. On one of these (less than 2 mins of driving I braked from 30 odd km on a residential road to 0 over the course of maybe 80 to 100m. it was flagged as hard braking when clearly it was not. I recorded the track on the phone with another app and my position of (incrementally) jumped around 100m to the NNW. I had the "accurate" setting of the phone enabled which also uses cellular location which may be to blame. I contacted support who brushed it off.

Bruce Stevens

Not accurate Speed zones are not accurate tells me speeding in 60 zone when it's actually 80. Braking events when avoiding idiots cutting you off??? Really needs a rethink on what SAFE driving actually is!

David McKenzie

Great idea. Not great execution. Great idea to get drivers to drive safely in exchange for free road side assist. But the app doesn't work all that well. When recording journeys it frequently stops recording. You complete a long journey only to find that it hasn't recorded the vast majority of the trip. UPDATE 7/3/15. This app is actually worse than i expected. It's now recoding half my journeys as "tram or train journeys" and so i get no credit for the travel if any part of the journey happens to travel on a road with tramtracks.

Justin S

Uninstalled. Why would anyone install an app that willingly lets their insurance company literally track where they drive and how fast they drive and how suddenly they brake? This app should be called "Let us use the data we collect from you to screw you over if and when you get in a prang". Uninstalled.

Bj O'Neill

Horrible app Inaccurate distances, app stops and starts during trips or doesn't even record trips, registers drop outs as hard breaking and worst of all drains battery really fast.... Don't waste your time!

Paul Burrows

Rubbish app! If there is such a large "prize" up for grand then this app should have been given a far more thorough shake down. Stopped using after ridiculous ratings driving on major roads. For example middle lane of the Bruce Highway right at the twin BP servos was 'caught' doing 96kmh in a 50kmh zone!! All around Redcliffe getting 'caught' doing 60kmh in actual 60kmh zones but app says they are 50kmh zones. Submitted all these inaccuracies with the expectation these journeys would be re-scored...but no..annoying!

Ferne o'loughlin

Needs work. Good idea I like to turn app off to save battery life but it's hit and miss to log back on. Doesn't retain info. Only seems to succeed in WiFi area? I had a four hour trip that disappeared and therefore a loss of data. Still like the idea. Would like to see greater accuracy. Look forward to upgrading review in future.

stuart morgan

Not reliable. Constantly giving false speed readings. My GPS tells me 100 my car shows 102 aami safedriver app tells me 114. How is this fair? If its unreliable on some phones, why should I have to pay extra next time my insurance comes around when those with accurate readings don't have to? There's no way I'm going to continue to use this app. I'm a safe driver and don't need this poorly executed app to tell me that I'm not.

Susan Hall

Only covers Capital Cities This app doesn't record any journeys in and around my country town. It asks if I have gone bush! It did the same when I was at my daughter's in Goulburn and it is not a small town and less than 200kms from Sydney. Useless unless you are in a capital city or on the Hume or Pacific highway. Didn't even register on the Mid Western Highway.

Paul Virgona

Update: my score was 90. Today I did a 30 km trip with no incidents or stars lost. My new score is 88! Speed errors everywhere. Does not show location of apparent hard acceleration. I doubt consumer Affairs should allow the $100K competition to continue

Onel Benjamin

Stupidest app I have ever used. Speeds are all off, I don't even get a score. Crashes the whole time, restarts my phone, then when I try to use my phone for navigation it crashes and makes my phone unusable. Terrible app. Don't use it, it will probably make you crash... Way to go aami!

Mikoto Satsukitane

Great idea, extremely poor execution. I am frequently scored badly for hard deceleration and speeding, even though I am the grandma driver in my circle of friends. It takes me the longest to get places because I am careful. I score 93.25 according to this app, and it is falling rapidly because of false hard braking and speeding. Just now the app has started recording a journey even though I am sitting still in my vehicle. Journey processing also takes days, when it is supposed to take minutes. AAMI, Use the phone's accelerometer and altimeter!

Michael Balmer

Total rubbish. I take the same route home from work every day. Sometimes the trip is 21 km long but other days it is only 9km. What the.....

Darren Hodges

Only 4 out of 16 trips have been recorded. Most of my trips get the result that they were ignored and question if I'd gone off-road. Well, every one of those trips was along the Princes Hwy in Gippsland. Yes, my phone had a GPS signal at the start and end of each trip. Like others, I get penalised for "speeding" due to incorrect speeds on the maps and heavy braking penalties even though I've braked gently and gradually. App is a great idea, but unfortunately there are too many problems with reliability.

Michael Boland

Just One Correctable Flaw The part of the AAMI Safe Driver App which involves braking is way out of sync with the extensive research done by traffic regulators throughout the world. The commonly accepted value for deceleration rate is 3 m/s^2; referred to as the “comfortable deceleration rate”. But the App’s algorithm is set much lower than that value; I estimate it to be 1.3 m/s^2. So, there is a braking zone, approaching traffic lights, where I am too far back to continue through the intersection before the light changes to red but NOT far enough back in order to brake at 1.3 m/s^2. So, I lose stars for that journey. Solution? I will only record traffic-light free journeys. Or, I could aggravate others by slowing to 40 KPH once I enter the AAMI Star Loss Zone.

Karine G

ABSOLUTE RUBBISH!!INACCURATE In all seriousness, this app either should be re thought or just should be erased from AAMI ...I cannot comprehend when I drive smooth as a feather I loose %, when I am fed up with this app I gain %.. Go and figure!!!! I reckon it is a waste of time... MISSION uninstalling this app. Drive ME crazy. Anyway the winner has already been identified. Good luck!

Ryan Jones

Great Idea, App needs work! This app is a great idea and does make you focus more on your speed and breaking etc, but as we all know, phone GPS are not the most accurate most of the time (in terms of sensitivity). I have just started with this app and am waiting to get my 300km, the app currently says I have done 206km, yet I started the trip meter in my car at the same time and last check I have actually done 443km. so the app is way off in terms of distance. Also, I get perfect on most things yet I always get marked down on breaking and unless I want to kill my break pads and start breaking 150m away from where I have to stop I think my breaking is fine. I tried to find out who to contact but cannot find anyone. 5 stars for the idea 1 star for quality so ill make it 2 stars total

Duane Dempster

Different Motive? I say DON'T INSTALL or UNINSTALL. Totally crap app, bugs, errors and just generally a poorly executed app. And now think about this. They capture your driving behaviour and habits, and then they use this to ramp up premiums unless you're angel. Problem is, the app data collected is so full of bugs, errors and other useless rubbish, you're likely to be tarnished forever and good luck getting insurance for a reasonable rate... Avoid!

Ashley Dillon

Erratic operation and a battery leech Have used this app for about a month. Good idea but poorly executed. (1) drains my battery at an alarming rate. (2) autostart feature is hopeless. Walking around Woolworths doing my weekly shopping is not a journey! (3) usual commute home is 17km recorded many times. On friday, app reported it as 38km on usual route and then slammed me for speeding when I was sat in a traffic jam. (4) doesn't allow me to remove journeys where I was a passenger in a car. 2/10 for execution

Nicole Keen

Disappointed Not really impressed with the 3 stars I got for braking for a journey and when I go into the trip, it doesnt state where I allegedly did hard braking. As a non-AAMI customer, I wouldnt swap my insurance as you clearly have a dodgy app. Your app represents your company. Might add that the app doesnt account for hard braking due to being cut off by someone and avoiding an accident. Tell me how avoiding accidents deems you to not be a safe driver?

Gregory Free

Issues on android Worked for 3 trips and has stopped working. I think it may relate to confict with touchwiz on samsung galaxy note 3/4. Deleating now, speed zones are also out of wack. I do 1,000 km per week it not accurate.

Tina Leigh

Needs improvement Remove the "hard deceleration" it's useless and inaccurate. Besides, hard braking to avoid an accident because some dick cuts you off makes you a good driver, not a bad one. But no surprise. I was with AAMI years ago, had an accident and was told "If you didn't want to get the blame you should've let the truck hit you." Apparently being killed by a truck was a better idea...

Stephen Gibbons

A good idea but critically flawed this app actually provides incentive to cruise through changing traffic lights at a constant speed instead of braking to avoid a red light. Also my smartphone glows hot when in use.

Keith de Vos

Incorrect Distances I've given this app another try. Can't beleive that after traveling 32 klms it recorded my distance travelled as 16 klms. GPS fully operational what is the probtlem? Further issues with trips acknowledged but could not get GPS locations even though mobile phone in clear view of the sky. Do I have to tape it onto my bonnet? I'm done with this app. On cruise control toniggt doing 98 kph and it tells me I'm doing 110kph & 112kph absolute crap.

Trevor Petrie

Good idea, poorly executed I drive 80+ km per day, I've been using the app for nearly three weeks and so far it's only been able to verify 120km of my travels. Another example of regionals getting left behind. Not everyone lives in major cities!!! Feature request: allow the ability to hide all notifications, they are completely unnecessary.

ForcedBy Playstore

It won't work. It says my comprehensive policy can not be linked because it only links comprehensive policies o_O. Also it won't register any of my trips because it doesnt recognise any of the roads I'm on and says I'm 'out bush'. I'm on Stuart Hwy #1, if it doesn't recognise that road no wonder others are having trouble?! Please help to make this work.

Felix Baldic

Inaccurate & Disappointing. Not all badges are achievable even when you try, speed zones wrong. This app needs allot of work and I mean allot of work, I'm all area's. Expected allot better from this app very disappointing. Can't believe AAMI would release an app this inaccurate.

Brayden Rowe

Poorly developed app advertised as a safe driving tool. Apparently I flew 9kms the other day. The map showed a straight line between two locations, unfortunately they were both 20Kms from where I actually travelled. Bluetooth autostart is rubbish, half the trips I went on never appeared as a journey. As Bruce said, a safe driver will brake in an emergency due to good attention not poor driving. I think an effective app of this type of app is still 2 to 5 years away.

Hitesh Thakkar

Inaccurate Speed Zones According to the app parts of the west gate freeway are 50km/h zones. I believe that these speed zones need to be fixed and scores that were incorrectly calculated.... Recalculated.

Peter Costick

Nice idea but inaccurate Despite getting a high score on this app I find it strangely inaccurate. Hard braking is reported when there is none. Hard acceleration is similarly arbitrarily declared. The help function just says it's all the drivers fault so drive more carefully. Actually it's very arrogant and condescending in this way. The idea of a competition being based on this app is odd due to the inaccuracies. I will certainly would not submit any personal details to AAMI via this apps registration, and will most likely delete.

Shelley Yates

Totally Useless This app records journeys when phone is motionless on coffee table & doesn't record actual journeys. Plus there is no "Settings" page which is supposedly where we can deregister. Pls allow me to deregister so I can uninstall this.

Jayne Lovelock

Inaccurate in speed, distance, braking, phone use. Distance travelled appears to be straight line distance on a map. Speed is inaccurate as I've deliberately used 2 gps units to ensure I wasn't driving too fast. Speed limits are incorrect in too many areas. Hard braking result when you've hardly used the brakes. Phone use when I've pulled over, turned off the car and had a 5-10 min conversation. I get a score of over 95 even with these issues.

GTA Computers

Beautiful brake foot? App needs tweaking for hard braking issues to allow for sudden red light changes and being cut off by other motorists.

Robert Stewart

Needs improvement Actual kilometers traveled is wildly inaccurate and hard deceleration events recorded for no reason.

Douglas Seagroatt

Not very accurate Doesn't like tunnels and the braking is bugged. The autostart chews resources and doesn't work properly. May be good tool to track work kilometers if it worked.


Poor GPS tracking. The app is a good idea, but the GPS is not accurate enough to see changes in some speed zones. Also don't think about actually pressing the brake peddle ever if you want good braking score. Went around a tight corner behind a truck, didn't brake at all just coasted and got pinged for a heavy brake event. Also the auto start feature does not work.

Arun Baskaran

No longer recording trips Last update in the problem. Please fix ASAP. Also freezes/doesn't respond and says it's recording when I'm connected to WIFI in the notification panel.


Not the best. I'm a registered user, but when I go to the badges it asks me to register again. Then it says 'registration failed'. I agree that the speed is too sensitive.

Darren Stewart

I question the accuracy of the speed calculator (my vehicle is fitted with a speed alert) and I'm confused as to why it only asks me to validate a minority of the journeys recorded.

Melinda Kemp

Won't regester I've regestered on the app, but when I click on the badges it asks me to regester again and gives me an error saying regestration failed or it says login cannot be changed. Please fix this ASAP!!!!!

kylie donovan

Used to work But now keeps saying it has stopped working and doesn't record journeys

clint lovett

Good app Needs to be more up to date with speed limits and automatically logging journey's even when I am not the driver needs fixing

Dale Osborne

Wont let me login Each time i login, it asks me to login again. It won't let me link my policy either as i must login. Please fix!

Jason Bellinger

:( Loses GPS every time I manually record. Every trip I have to stop recording otherwise I lose the trip. My first trip for the day auto records but any trips after that don't auto record!

Sam Roberts

Needs to be alot more accurate Distance is roughly 20-25% out. Speed zones not accurate, report correct speed, next day same thing. Haven't use this for weeks now. HUGE DISSAPOINTMENT

James Macdonald

Too many notifications, no way to mute Absolutely sick of being notified of journey details, and getting nagged to validate journeys, app is too intrusive and you need to have a mute feature to turn off notifications. Speed info not accurate, keep getting penalised for speeding but always traveling within limit

LoneWolf Tri

Registered but says I'm not Tried logging out, deleting the app, clearing the app cache. Even tried to make a new registration but that didn't work. Last updated in Sept 2015, really?!

Sherrie Rossiter

Auto start...up to date speeds... yeah right Doesn't automatically start when its meant to and being a driving app I should not and will not manually start a journey if I am already driving... secondly it continues to state I am speeding in areas I know I am not even when I report the speed as incorrect nothing changes..... I thought it was meant to be good uninstalling

Arun Baskaran

Cannot add new policy number Cannot add new policy number and no longer receiving free roadside assistance. Also heavily drains the battery and overheats the phone

Caz Joynson

Fix Speed zones/hard braking/hard acceleration sensitivity I love the idea. Like everyone says - poor execution. Registration always says fails. Speed zones/hard braking/hard acceleration all need fixing. How do i know if my roadside assistance has been added to my policy??

Alvis Chand

Auto recorder not working Auto recorder is no longer working. Last update messed it up.

Macca Green

Highly inaccurate I can tell it I'm starting a journey, and it never registers. I can start a journey that is actually picks up, travel for 45km and it tells me I did a 600m journey in 25 mins. Totally useless! It will literally take 3,000km before it picks up 300km, if I'm lucky!

Jason Bellinger

:( Speed very inaccurate. Sometimes 20 kph out! Loses GPS every time I manually record. Every trip I have to stop recording otherwise I lose the trip. My first trip for the day auto records but any trips after that don't auto record!

Kareena Moore

Inaccurate - good for fun only Using Sony Z5 compact first trip app said was 5.2km but car said 7.4km and google maps also 7.4km. Not good enough when it affects peoples insurance. Also kept recording four minutes after I got out of the car. And what happens if my passenger uses my phone? That happens often.

Fuller Paul

Impossible to login/register I linked my policy in this app but somewhere I must have logged in using the wrong email address and now the app won't let me change it. My policy is due for renewal and I am entitled to the free road service but my policy does not show this. The app has a menu item ridiculously titled "help" but there is no help at all. The FAQ says I can unlink my policy but I need to click on something that doesn't exist. Even worse there are problems that won't fit here.

Jacky Ng

Bug in badge section Registered but couldn't access additional badges

Lindy Booker

Speed It's is totally unreliable as it does NOT have the correct speed zones

Benjamin Teo

Please fix break detection! All the hard declaration I've gotten in my journeys are due to stopping at red lights. I've kept track of my braking. How can you give 2 stars on my breaking for stopping when the filter lights come on. This app is trying to encourage me to run through yellow lights that are turning red. Good job AAMI for promoting "safe driving"

Vivid Vividz

All inccurate I put 3 star on first 2 days. Now only one star. Here are few reasons. The distance measurement is less than actuall. Hard brakings are detected in same spots where all was running smoothly. Most of incurate among all, is the speed limit. I pretty much take free way and on cruise control all time. How come I did overspeed? I have OEM Sat Nav and after market GPS and both show correctly. Hope you hear our voices and fix the issues, AAMI.

EJ de Gitaarman

Inaccurate speed limits. I live rural and the speed limits are very inaccurate. Saying I did excessive speeding. Doing 90 in a 100km zone and the app says it's a 50km zone. There are no 50km zones anywhere in my neighborhood. Please fix. Just being able to update my speed limits to you doesn't do the trick. Keeps telling me day after day I'm speeding in the same areas.

Patricia Beccaris

Fantastic I love this app as it keeps we well informed on my driving as in KM, speed braking. Thank you an keep it up.

Shirin Bubbles

Would have rated 0 if I could

Ralph Morgan

Badges not working Beautiful Brake Foot, Eco Warrior, etc (badges that involve braking and acceleration) not showing any trips. Have recorded over 400 journeys and over 9500km with a score of 97+. Other badges seem to work. 5 stars if badges fixed. Using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

Daniel Fitzgerald

App crash/restart during trips. Done 5 trips on Manual Record mode, each time during the trip the app has crashed or restarted, and has not logged any travel. - also automatic detection of other trips that i have not used manual recording for has not worked at all, - no trips recorded. ::EDIT:: I have been driving with this app for over a month now. Not a single trip has been logged. No autostart has ever worked, and no manual record has ever completed before the app has crashed. I still have 0 trips recorded. "First Trip" not registered

Rik G

Always wrong. Speed and braking always wrong A few times it says im speeding which I know im not. Today I had it on cruise control on a flat bit of road doing 80, the app says I was doing 90 which I know is wrong as I was on cruise doing 80. My speedo says 81 my GPS says 79. Your app says 90. Wrong. I have a dashcam with speed recorded and that also says 80. So its 3 against 1 and your app is the 1 thats wrong. Again another run that says it's speeding when I know for a fact is not. Again cruise control on 80kph and this app says im speeding over 90.

Mark Tuckey

Not all my recorded travels show up Super battery drain. You need your phone constantly on charge when driving and even then it will still go down just slower. Been using it for about a month and it still hasn't given me a rating. Recorded a trip that was 150 km in one direction and it didn't even register afterwards.

Adam Brame

Great work AAMI A driver app. Correct me if I'm wrong but having this app would make you a bad driver. Not only a distraction to driver but against the law to even use mobile in car. What a contradiction.

Naomi Prince

Not accurate Speed and braking are not correct. I have had my 2014 Ford on cruise control on every trip and I am getting 2 and 3 stars for speed. I also do not suddenly brake. Very poor quality app!!!!!!

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