Download aa apk 1.5.7 free for Android smartphone

29 Jul

Posted by General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd in Strategy | July 29, 2016 | 241 Comments

Apk file size: 7.4 MB

aa is the "hello world" app for Android Phones & Tablets.

i.e. aa is like snake on an old brick phone, it's fundamental.

Handmade in Australia,
General Adaptive

If it's not published by General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd - it's not the authentic and original aa. Don't be fooled by clones.

Whats new

    - small bug fixes
    - speed improvements
    - stability improvements

General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd part of our Strategy and have average installs from 50000000 to 100000000. Last Update July 29, 2016. Google play rating is 83.5852. Current verison is 1.5.7. Actual size 7.4 MB.

Download aa.apk 7.4 MB

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Cody Baker

Too much lag Touch the screen to put the dots out, and takes between half a second to a full second to place dot. Not worth the lag.

tudd ster

Ads Ads pop up over the "retry" button causing you to accidentally touch them. Not giving you any more ill-deserved money

Ricky Shah

No restore data available. You cannot restore your saved game data once you change your phone or format it. You have to play it all over again. What are the creators of this game doing?? Some thing happns to your phone and all you have to do is play it all over again? Seriously??!!?????

Karen Payne

Great game love it very challenging I'm @ level 50 now very hard but fun I know this game has a lot of bad reviews but I recommend getting it it's free and u can always delete if u don't like thumbs up

Nour Mohammad

Simply hard Look.. It started nice and good with me but then it began to be worse...I was in level 35 and I was about to kill myself because of the changing of speed...I suggest you to let it on a certain first it was nice and I was about to rate it a ★ ★ ★ ★ ★...also, the quality of the game must be increased..but at the end, it's OK

Ross Badgett

sucker sometimes you will be beating a level and then you'll get a red screen even though it's nowhere near what you're doing,and you haven't touched it.

kayla on fleek

Cool!! Wow!!! This game made me concerted in work now so I feel focused and all I really love the game because it helps me with my skills so it's like if someone is dehide me and they are getting ready to hit me I can get them lol... VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!????❤❤❤?

Jodie Essex

Great This app is fun to play when you are bored and a great time waster but I'm not going to pay 50p to get rid of a bloomin advert

Brenden Christensen

Loved it... I love this game, but I'm sad it's filled with ads and not worth .99 to get rid of them.

Jaygen O'Hara

Sick It is one of the best games I've ever played its really addictive from level 15 and up it gets really hard but fun the same time. ☺??????!!!

Jordan R.

Fun, but need refinements It lags and says I failed (even though I didn't tap at all). Also, an automatic game saving function has to be added and uploaded to your Google account. This way, if you format you phone or delete the app, you can just restore your previous progress from earlier, instead of restarting from level 1.

Jennifer Duque

I give a two star It cost 4.99 to choose. Ur own levels. It's the worst game ever send them a list like a good delete it but you cant cuz its good but you know I still have a 28 I need level please I am I get a more stars and improved

Kane Oconnor

Makes me MAD It is bad for my self confidence because it says FAIL! every time I die :'(

Tasnim Ali

Amazing game As soon as you start playing you get addicted to it, one of the best games ever ??

Tycarius Cummings

Very addicting but glitchy It's fun and challenging, but lag adds to frustration and the ads are timed so you'll touch them right when you would normally press retry. Also, in levels around 157 or so (when you control the speed of the wheel), it sometimes tends to start spinning rapidly even after barely tapping the screen. But all in all, these annoyances haven't stopped me from dedicating hours of my life to this game.

Mia Garcia

Competition Ever since i got this my friend got it and we were seeing who can get to a higher level and then now everyone else at my school is getting the app so they be followers and now aa is a big game at dvms go cardinals

alexis durbin

Addictive I play it all the fricking time ? it is basically bae now ❤ it's all I do , I have played it for like 9 months and im only on level 56 . ? I was stuck on 49 for about 6 months ?? it's fun to play on car rides and stuff but yeah ? its life ??

Zinedine Ghauri

My review OK first of all, the game itself is just so addictive and fun. But can get frustrating. Its good that when you die you don't have to start all over again. Really happy about that. But to many adverts is my only problem. But otherwise, 5stars

Rizka Giovani

Crazy This is amazing, so fun. But.. Im not understand this game. But i love this game. Im realy stupid, yes?

April Killblane

Ridiculous Addiction.. Simplicity... Annoying lol I have turned away from all of my normal game play and focused on this little doozy. Great job. As for all the glitch comments, keeps it interesting. Don't change a thing!!!

Sam Leto

Hey Salvatore Leto Hey Sal, I was playing this game and upon rating such, I saw you as well, have done the same. So I thought I would just say I love you and you are the best son in the world thus showing that people really do read these ratings. Anyhow, cant wait to see Vanessa(my beautiful daughter-in-law), Selah and Josiah(my adorable grandchildren), and yourself(the best son in the world)... I love you very much, your Dad...also, notice I didn't mention the level Im at !

Ellen Kolpin

Awesome I think it's a really good game but I think some people have glitches and lags because we have different phones it's so fun but irritating great game I'm on level 29 it's so awesome and I just got it two days ago

Daisy Loureiro

Good... but..? The ads are the worst part even while im playing the game ads show up and my friend had the same problem! they should fix it! -_-

Brandi Dickens

? Too many adds. This game makes so frustrated that I just want to punch someone! It's so hard and I could spend hours trying to get to the next levels! I would not recommend this game to anyone, especially someone with anger issues.

amber higgins

I love the game But there is one problem every time I get on my last ball or dot or whatever it is called I tap it and it never moves then 5 secs later it still doesn't move but says I lost when there is a big open space please fix I will rate 5 stars if you do but overall great game ?

Molly Moo

Addictive Really addicting! Can play this for hours!! Only problem is the problem with every app...adverts! Get rid of them! I doubt anyone clicks in them and plays them...what's the point? They're annoying and putting off!! Except from that an excellent game..would defo recommend to play

Francesca Scott

Recommend I really like this game, but there are things that I really hate about it too. For instance, there are many glitches. When playing on my galaxy, some levels have a twitch and other levels do not. Sometimes you lose without doing anything. Another thing that I hate is the ads. You can pay to have them removed, but I would never pay anything for an app. I always get stuck in the ads because I try to start the game at the same moment that the ad pops up. Sneaky, sneaky, but great for the companies advertising.

Wes Forman

Good but not great Is good but it has a glitch that will not register clicks or do double clicks instead of what you did. Can be annoying and frustrating. Also can still act glichy like places a ball on the right or left and ends the round which is not supposed to send them on the right, left or top. Ok found a new glitch, when playing it will skip levels after beating one. Like just now I went from 167 to 171 without paying. Fix these glitches!!!

Khaled Fayed

Glitch Im on a certain level (48), while playing it i did not even tap the screen but it says i failed... Its stupid and annoying. Please fix.

Murat Dogan

Do not recommend this game to no one! It makes you angry when you cant pass the level and i smashed my samsung s6 because of this game and who ever made this game close this game down other wise i will shut this game like flappy bird and that game made people angry like this when the bird fell down and on this one you need to fit lots of numbers into a small place so who ever made this game better shut it down when you see my comment ??


Awesome I don't know why there's so many bad comments this is such an addicting game. People say there's lots of adds but there isn't many. All games have adds. You will want to keep on playing and playing because you want to pass the level. About the adds they don't go on while your playing if they do they're the ones that are little tags in the bottom, don't bother.GREAT GAME!!

Jessie Dumas

Perfect for someone you hate Do you have someone you absolutely hate in your life? Want to make them hate themselves and watch them turn into a raging maniac? Well this is the perfect app for that! Just tell them what a GREAT game this is, and I grunted you they will be screaming in agony after just a few rounds! Great app love it!

Jessica Norman

Amazing This is the most fun but difficult game ever and I can't wait to tell my friend about this game

Sena Momsen

Level 95 A good game but it is impossible to pass the level 95, dots are too big and they hit each other everytime I try. Can you please update it?

joe flint

Good game but.. Ill be stuck on a level for a while and when im just about to hit the last one it somehow automatically hits the opposite side of the wheel (which is impossible to do on purpose). Its really frustating knowing that its not my faults thats making me lose but some stupid laggy crap. Other than that ita a good time waster and im sure other players with different devices (i have samsung note 4) will not have the same problem.

hannah richards

Sooo fun This is such a fun game it gets you frustrated abit but it enjoyable. Best Game I've played for ages. Only annoying thing about it is that adds keep coming up.


Fantastic... with one major flaw Great fun and simple game play. However, at lvl 160 or so you start to control the spin of the circle itself, and it is buggy as hell. 169 is impossible since the wheel will start spinning out of control every other time you tap it.

Farah Anderson

Omgs This game make me wut to just throw my phone all the time but I still love to play this game ????then????

Tessa Carlson

Fun but frustratingly glitchy This game was fun until i got to level 34 and it has been 4 times that I have almost finished the level but the screen turns red and says I failed when I hadn't even touched the screen recently. Gave up in frustration after the fourth time.

Amber Alexander

Fun game BUT It's a fun game but there are some glitches with the spinning. Also I hate how it's basically set up so that you end up clicking on ads at the end of a game. I know it's how they get paid but it's seriously getting annoying now.

Ebonie Causey

Very frustrating The game is so frustrating it take you a while to pass to the next level which can almost makes you want to throw you're phone at a wall I wish it was a little more easier just so people can actually enjoy it?

Mahy Ahmed

♥Loved it but .... :) It just frustrates me ! I just can't stop as its so addictive and I'm only in level 20 ! Still it's very fun and challenging .

Jannat Albazzaz

Addictive Very fun and extremely addictive. At time it can be quite hard because I am on level 31. But it is still amazing

Alaina Avery

aa it is si distracting and then when you lose makes you want to throw up and if i tell my mom to get past a level shell sit there for hours playung it best game ever

Chrisden McGensy

I love this game!! aa is an awesome game! I started playing it a few days ago and now I can't stop playing it. My family and friends love this game too! It gets kind of hard sometimes but I think everyone should play it.?

Julia Wang

Good App It's a good app, but sometimes it takes forever to pass a level (currently on level 70 for a week). Also, whenever an ad comes up, I always accidentally click them... -.- My suggestion: make settings to change the sound a music, because I like the clicky sounds it makes, but I find the music messes me up

Audrey Frazier

Used to Love, But Now.... Thanks for the update yesterday. I was excited thinking it was going to fix the stutters in 108, but then, it didn't. Please fix. Please!!! Everyday. Everyday I check for an update. And nothing. Nothing. Sincerely, not so patiently waiting.

Rocky Cheung

Constant bug: Attached balls can move About once in every 100-200 games, I lose when I attach a ball to an apparently empty space. I tab the screen, the ball was not launched, and there was not any collision animation, and the game says I lost. It was very apparent that the space was enough for the ball to be attached. After lots of testing, I found that some attached balls move when I attach a new one. Those moved balls touches other balls and makes me lose the game. This is a huge bug and it is bad.

Candace Womack

Difficult but addictive Im on level 101 and I love the feeling when I pass a level. This game is frustrating but amazing at the same time. Each level gets harder and its like opening up a new chapter. You just want to beat the game!

Lauren Knowles

Great! Very fun, addictive and frustrating! I CAN'T PUT IT DOWN! :D

Coe Emens IV

Good but 1 prob Ok I'm on lvl 50 and it's getting kind of frustrating. And what makes it even more frustrating is that I'll be placing the points at the bottom but then one at the top will all of a sudden be hit even though when I placed it, it wasn't counted a hit! So please fix this and I will rate 5!!!!!

Zayna Shamli Oghli

Frustrating and satisfying game! I love this game and hate it at the same time because its so addictive sometimes! But I do enjoy it very much and love it when I beat a level. 5 stars!

Lucy Baranowski

Grrrrr Very frustrating. Grrrr. Does bother me that sometime a pre-placed dot (that I placed) will somehow move making me lose. I dunno maybe it's just my phone... all together an awesome game.

Shalomita Sihombing

Addicted to it! Awesome game! It's fun!I recommend this to everyone!download it I bet you'll have a blast!

Tinuola Ogunleye

Nice but frustrating It is a nice game for killing time but loads of irrelevant ads which causes frustration...overall, challenging and fun game...kudos...

logan watkins

Best addicting game ever Level 169 is the most simple but hardest level but the game is the stupidest but best game ever

Natalie Goddard

Glitches and us irritating WTF every time I'm about to pass a level or something it glitches then I mess up and it another one and plus I think its stupid if u can't pass a level to pay just to skip it make to where they have to do something to skip or Ppl are going to get mad and fusturated because of one level and quit playing and I think that's pretty bad for the games reputation. More stars would be added if u at least fix the gliches and the other part was for tips just saying. Thanks!

Kevin Bors

Fun, addictive game I liked it. It's an easy concept, but far from an easy game. It's addictive and it keeps me wanting to beat my mates. The only really frustrating part, is the random frame-drop. When playing any level, at some points it just lags, which makes it nearly impossible to play. Some levels really require you to play a certain rythm to it, however, the frame drops always mess that up. Please try and fix this. Other than that, great game when bored.

Mario Salazar

Awesome game I really liked this game kinda difficult but fun at the same time

Rachel Sky

Awesome I hope you have fun with it Amelia


One Word - Amazing This game is so interestng. But their is one problem. After completing a level - the number in d circle doesnt increses one by one. It jus take some random next number nd so i dnt knw hw much level i have completed exactly. My frnd was playing d same after i asked him to try this app nd he wemt to 20 jus after completng level 15 and then 25. Please fix dis part. Doesnt takes out the fun tought, still its needed :)

Baconboss 773

ADDICTIVE Love this game so much!! Must buy, simple but very fun and addictive. Only negative though, sometimes has a little lag, but it doesn't last long. Still, great game??

Alex Draper

wrong fail really good game and 100% addictive. however getting quite frustrated when for some reason the game says I have hit another stick on the other side of where I am aiming them from

Matthew Morgan

Good addictive and simple The adds are annoying and sometimes it glitches but overall a fantastic game which i wish i hadn't downloaded!

Justina A

aa Level 128 is literally frustrating me right now. As u can see, its very addictive, as i've put off rating it until past level 100. The game can be very annoying but you'll keep on pressing that play button until u get to the next level; then the whole process starts again, (note: if your battery life is low, the circle might turn unevenly.) Overall a great, simple game that'll keep u occupied for ages.

Gin Maze

Sometimes it closes when I open it but .. It doesnt happen that much any more so I will up it up by one star.

fred Smith

Cool game I like the game, but it is so freaking impossible.

Natalie Christian

One Word: Addictive I just got it today and I'm already on level 25! What's up with everyone saying it's too hard? Okay, maybe it gets way harder later, but at least it leads you up to it very slowly.

Logan Arrowood

So frustrating Just got this game. Only on level 8 and I've only had it for 5 minutes. So hard now though. Can't wait to advance!

Christina Bradford

It is the best game ever!!!! I love this game it's so addicting, fun and entertaining

Via Fernandez

Very Challenging App I can't get past level 67. People who can insert 18 needles in under 15 seconds with the wheel changing its speed clearly have their eyes glued close to their phones. It's frustrating yet fun at the same time.

Jahnvi Mehta

Awesome app Its too awesome game but levels should be somewhat easier..... I am on level 35 right now and I am stuck on it cause the level is too slow... Otherwise it's an osum game...

Gregory Keith

Love it Great game love it going to keep it forever good amount of challenger in it and it is really fun. download if you want a challage ???????????:-) :-) :-) :-)

Brian Rose

Sneaky. Almost like add ware program The game itself is fine. I don't even mind the adds. However they place the add at random times where you click start, FORCING you to open another another window at the add site. This causes you to jump to a site you had no intention of visiting.

TAC Money

Glichy AF There is so many glitches that I had to go into the source code and fix their mistakes my self. If you don't know how to do that then don't even bother with the game. It is fun, don't get me wrong on that. Just don't expect to be able to play without fixing the code.

Hunter Serafin

Loved it Best game but frustrating and fun better download it?

Kathryn Gaines

Not fun At first it was great but now once you have played It for a while, it Is very annoying and hard. Also stupid and unfair

Dennis Varghese

Level 106 This level is the bane of me. I love this game, just wish that you didn't have to be a multi year veteran player to get past some levels.

Adrian Raharjo

Nice killing time machine! It was really fun to find out there'a a simple game like this yet so challenging.. but there's a bug sometimes when you seem to place the right dot in time, its just failed, while in fact no bumping effect to any of the dot.. please fix it, coz its bother me when i just left only 1 dot :(

AntonioJr Cabello

It has a lot of adds, but the game is SO ADDICTIVE I absolutely love this game. I always love challenges. Besides those easy games that you can finish in a day or so.

Sharan Kainth

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Nicole Swift

Love this but to many adds This is game is so addictive and fun its really challenging but its annoying that there's so many adds I highly recommend this.

Joelle Salame

Nice and challenging This game is very addictive and challenging. However pop up ads can be really annoying.

Ian Payne

THO GAME SUCKS!!!!!! Thai ham is horrible. If u want to break ur phone then tho ham is for u. I would not recommend tho ham to any on that doesn't want to hate themselves or throw their phone through the wall!!

Daniyah Taylor

Daniyah Even my grandma loves playing this game and she does not play no games motto even board games

Marleni Chavez

Good I love it so much it's challenging it's interesting and i am addicted to it so much

Bryanna Cataract

aa It is very fun I'm on level 58 and I can not pass it.Tell me what level I guys are on our there

Brittany Gomez

Cool Addictive but ofcourse gets boring after a while.

Heather Pageau

Awesome I love it its soo fun but can be a little slow at some points

Gianna Short

Good for when you want to be mad Me and my team mates on my swim team were playing this game before one of our big USA meets. It got us really mad and we swam out all of the anger. We did really good and got great times.

Kristen Carter

Depends It really depends on if you dont care about the ads my daughter loves to play it

Charlotte Young

Challenging but good Very good game but I'm stuck on level 34

Maria Barrett

Loved it It is very frustrating but it is very good

Mariana Colleton

Hmmm This game cheats and 2many ads ibust changed it from 3 stars to1 star

Hunter McNeely

Addictive and challenging Like it first game iv rated this much very addictive but really need fix pop up ads other than that very great game

Jolisa Luekenga

Fun It's not bad and it's not good

Kim Lister

Addictive! Love it!! Can we have a larger count down of remaining balls? Us old people can't see such small numbers as that :-(

donna spruce

Addictive game Brill addictive game adds are annoying tho but overall fantastic game

Kimberley Taylor sillypanda2005

Fun hard as f*** Look I started ad come up then I failed all the time

Kyle Thompson

aa I like everything about aa it's the best game ever I can't even get of the game it's probably the best game in the history of games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!awesome × cool = aa

rosie_rose 23

Frustrating I love this game but it can be SO frustrating!

Eri Eri

good i have pased level 1000, what will hapened now?

Vanessa Castorena

Good game Awesome but difficult

Dayquavius Sanders

Challenging This game helps me concentrate so it is helping me learn.

Arielle Gardner

LOVE IT The 1 reson is cuz it made me dizzy

Elias Sayegh

LOVE IT Simple yet very nice game ! Addictive too !

Brenna Hazlett

Cool It's pretty neat. But it would make me rage.... a lot

Alyssa Dykes

Aa I love the game and I will play it all the time.

Lesya Zinberg

ADDICTING and HARD this game is the most addicting one I own and is very hard =).

Yuosif Luttfi

ADDICTIVE AND CHALLENGING I love this game because when I have nothing to do, I can play this game and I can challenge my family.

Angie Kaczor

This is OK but some times i get a little annoyed with this game☺?

Gizzle Villalobos

Addicted Its amazing because everytime I go to a higher level. I feel the urge to just play for hours! ?

Ali Zein

it's a great day to play aa The brilliant king

Faithlyn Alford

Its good and fun when you have people who have it You get mad when the red screen turns up like your face when you can't beet it

Usama Amin

Too many adds Good game but very much adds

Madison Pickett

Love it Love this game even if it makes me mad sometimes

Mariü İraqia

Addictive,amazing This game is so...... im speechless my aunt got to level 128

Pravil Kant

Allow an applicaton data backup for this app

Ian F

Fun game but... It's fun when it's not crashing. And when it doesn't crash, you've gotta watch ads. In 10 min of playing, it crashed 5 times

Himanshu Jain

Good game but it crashes It crashes whenever it shows video ads. Every single time when video ads came, it crashed. I reported with logs as well but didn't seem like anyone care about. It's a straightaway use case for crash.

Hip Hop Time

Challenging and Addictive This game is sometimes impossible to pass but the graphics is great and all the different levels, very CREATIVE! !♡

Surinder Walia

Love it! But the Ads!!!!!! :( Really great game. Really tests your skills. It was totally addictive. Shame we can't go back & play some of the previous games once we pass them. Currently stuck on level 126. Very frustrating... but fun. Developers please listen to the reviewers & cut down on the ads. If not for the Ads I would have given 5 stars.

YOLOitzWendy AndSoren

Amazing I get mad easily but this game is awesome, and challenging, I love a good challenge in my life

Juila Trask

Love it It kills time and is so fun with sooooo many levels and the leader board.My favorite part is how it changes throughout the levels.The first one could be a little more challenging though.All I did in the first one was tap as fast as I could.Overall though I love it and would recommend this game to everyone except for people with anger issues bc they might rage...Absolutely amazing game although there should be color choices it would be soooo much more fun.Love it!! :-D

Megan Brewer

Awesome This game is awesome. I didn't know the game egzisted until my cousic showed be the game last summer now it is one of my fav games

eresatay uffyday

Simple, addictive and awkwardly rewarding Simple enough to pass the time. Definitely helps you brush up on your focusing skills lol. Tho I'm not sure I understand any of the folks in here that have said this game was 'challenging'.....if this is what some deem challenging, than its no wonder the world is in such a state!

Vicky Brown

Frustratingly good It looks easy , it's not !. Every level I'm like I ve got this one and then FAIL !. Very addictive too.

Gouri Nair

It's fun Can u like put coins like each time u pass a level u earn some coins and u can use the coins to skip level and etc..... Please cuz some levels are really really difficult..

Arianna Sams

Challenging Very challenging but fun as well. And there's not too many ads compared to other games.

dragons wolf12

Hard Its a really good game but I can't get passed level 26 their should be a skip button to go onto the next lvl

Shishira Suresh

Awesome game... I'm edicted 2 dis game 2 such an extinct tht I reached d 18th level in a day... hats off 2 d creator....

Hrishi Upadhyaya

Increases Concentration Levels It enhances ur concentration nd eye power..I luv dis game very much..

Ivan Antov

Aa Thiz game ruined my life:((

Danielle Vecht

It's alright Well,it's a great game, soooooo addictive but the adds and it keeps skipping levels

Kamini Chawla

PLAY UP TIME It is d best game I've ever played.

Roberta Brewer

This game is addictive and challenging and makes me curse as I try and get to the next level. it!

Queen Isa

Hmm... I like it but... When I am on the last one it makes it but other balls touch four no reason like 12 and 11 touch but I am on 1. It is weird.

Alexander Lazar

This game just suck's ass the creators don't have a life. Don't get this game anyone it sucks

Ray Nelson

Ehhh changed phones and had to start over.... whats the purpose of signing into google play

sajah attar

Aa I dont like this game it glitches too much and random videos pop up when im in the middle of the game


Its addictive Its very addictive, however it suddenly stops and closes after a 30 second ad.

Hana Amr

Not too much Sometimes when I put the ball in a place it go up and I lose the game is OK but all these people is have the same thing okay

Levi McCuen

Frustrating but fun and fair The game is simple to pick up and pretty mindless, nice thing to get your mind off work. It can seam a Lil cheap with the changes to levels but it keeps it interesting .

Dan Miller

Some Levels FAIL without collision I've gotten to level 101 but I've noticed that the game will occasionally FAIL and turn red randomly. Normally it will FAIL when I tap the screen and the ball extends upwards and hits another ball, but this FAIL happens instantly when I tap the screen... no collision. It's very frustrating because it's failing when it shouldn't be failing. And this happens when there is a gap for the ball so it kills a good run when it shouldn't. Frustrating. Galaxy Note 5, Android 6.0.1. Oh, waaaay too many ads!

Casady Savage

Good but annoying It is a good game but it's so annoying when you are on the last one then you just die!!!!

Ryhll Jaravata

Fun but frustrating Im now at lvl 184 and all levels are possible some are hard but you need patience and you got to keep your cool

Chris K.

Great Game. Too Many Ads Addictive, simple and fun but way too many intrusive ads deter the playing experience. I've looked to see if there is a way to pay to remove ads, but don't think that's an option.

Margaret Phipps

Level 64 rigged Can't win this level. Shuts off when you get to 5 left even though you don't make a mistake

Virginia Mircea

So fun but can be annoying It's is really fun but when u are on a harder level it can be annoying when u keep loosing

Andrea Meyer

Aa I love it but it sucks that u can only put the numbers in the gap and not in the black whole

Daniel Perez

Fun game but Fun game but the ads are annoying and way too frequent. You used to be able to pay to get rid of the ads but i switched phones and i don't know how to get rid of them ?

Kierra Robbins

Great App I was thinking about playing this game. WHEN I finally decided to play it I found it very attractive. The levels on this app get harder and faster which makes it fun.

JocelynyJaquelyn Saldana

Good but to hard It's complex it takes me 3 hours to do 7 levels

Teryn Glaser

Who ever made this game is cool Great timw killer so freaking addicting i love this game so freaking much.

Joel Roland

Ok The best game to play when your in the car for a long time but it had to many ads.

Isabelle Kennedy

Change icon so more people will download it but great app :D

Kyla Krause

Liked it half and half Well I like it but it says I hit it when I actually didn't and once when I did hit it,it said I didn't hit it.And it is should be called the stress app because it gets you soooooooooo stressed out when you don't actually die,and when you do die.

Ashley Harper

Ok It works but there are monster glitches. It annoying. It aggravates the crap out of me.

Brenden Woudstra

It's okay but... I just wish I could remove the ads, I'd be willing to pay too...

Kaleb Osborn

Sucks When your playing and u almost beat it it gouas to a add and messes u up its reatared

Sruthi Sindu

Time Killer Great game to play when you have got nothing to do other than sleep

Emily Elam

Love it, hate it So fun and a total time waster but so agrivating

Jaelyn Burdeau

Liked it Its so hard to get past 16 and I got it and now I'm happy

Sianne Hernandez

Love this hame It's so addictive I was just playing for 4 hours straight

Tareef Dedhar

Great game, but one problem And that problem is DATA USAGE. In the background, in a month I never even used this app, it used over 500MB of data. Outrageous. Uninstalled immediately, I suggest you do the same if you don't have unlimited data.

Dominic Semler

Its a really good game its hard and fun at the same time so u should downlaod. It like i said a really go game so u should download it

Country Music Lover

It's fun, addictive, and annoying.

Jennifer Gomez

I like this game it is so asome and it is so so so challenging and it has levels and they have more then aa three is aa2 ff and more and more it is so asome so so so so so so so so cool ? Super asome you have to donlod it now but now

Georgia Marriott

So Addictive I love this game so much when I am bored I play on this game and I can't stop playing this ❤

Tanaya Miller

Great Very fun and challenging great time consumer too

Ishank Mahna

Great game but stuck at level 123 Great game play and addictive too, got stuck on 123 and also noticed that 123 is different for android and iphone with iphone one being very easy and the android one seems to be impossible.

Maria Garay

Love it It's a realy cool game and fun

The Vlogging Viking

Addictive The game is amazingly fun and addictive.

Alicia Zamora

aa Love the game but makes you mad

Stuart Robb

Amazing but,... Ads drive me crazy. Where's the paid version? Five stars for the game. One down for the ads. Please make a paid version!

Anita Mandal

Its is such a time killer. Made me a game addict

person onthestreet

Hard & fun This game is hard and fun and entertaining all at the same time! Great way to kill some time. Don't get it if u get frustrated easy though...

Eda Aymergen

Adds Why do u have so many adds. After every round I get an add. But it is a good game still

Briley Cumming

Can't see Today, I was one this app and I tapped to let the arrow go and it went beside two of them and didn't even touch one arrow and they said that I was out. So there for i had to restart my game.

Ro Al

Addicteve A lot of fun at the beginning but without lifes there is NO WAY you can get pass advance levels and get stuck forever. NEEDS TO HAVE LIFES PLEASE

Lee Yong Kang

Good and Addicting app I'm currently at lvl 65 and it's so hard. Nonetheless, it's still fun

Mckenna Goin

Addicting... But.. I cant get past level 7, i mean how r u supposed to fit 2 pins in each slot?!

Allison LaFalam

Entertaining If your bored and have nothing to do play this and you will keep playing because it is addictive

Alyssa Castro

To much To much ads every round I play their has to be ad and sometimes it lags and freeze to and stopped

Ayanna Bussing

It is addicting I'm at level 65 and its so great

Kayla Jackson

That was so fun but how do young k because I know it's hard now I'm not up to p fun k I'm trying to take u play the game it Up unless they bea bcbc, take it easy as b f2f

Vishakh Nair

Awesome!Not bad! It,s challenging and i loved from the first time I played it.

Hunter Martin

Great and addictive I lo e it its great for passing time and very addictive

Liyah Nicole

Best game ever It gets you into the game

Cute Cosplay

ITS AMAZINGLY AMAZING Its so addicting its my first day with it and in on level 24 but its also triky but uggh so good I cant describe it

super cool kitty

Ads Tooooo many adds I think they should work on that

Gracie McGraw

Too many ads Every other game there is a ad and half the time it is the same one over and over

Nur Aisha Azri

Cool game Cool game :) looks simple but is challenging. ?

Aaliyah Hansen

Aa I love this game

annastasha brown

Love Fave of the series so far

Mia Hernandez

Awsome I love it because its so challenging

Boo Hrubes


Shaylin Chandler

Addictive :) that is all that needs to be said

Ge Matric

Shit game Creators are retard people

Emily Kirby

aa It is very addictive

Aisha Nassif

Aa It is so

Mostafa Zain

It is nice game I love it

John Hamman

Literally stopped because of ads I literally stopped playing this game because of the ads. I can understand that this is how you make most of your money and get your support. But the placement of them is awful. This is a game is one where you fail more often than you succeed, and it gets irritating when you are clicking away to fail and have one of your clicks send you to a download screen for another game because an ad popped up as you were already clicking

Paul Duncan

Sometimes I feel bad Like a million other such games. Fun for 30 minutes, then it gets too hard or I get bored, and I delete it. Sometimes I feel bad for the devs, as I'm sure someone put a lot more into it than the value I placed on it. I think this was the thing that 2048 got right - a clear goal stated right in the title.

Tariq Ali

was good it was good but tooo many ads now make the game annoying.. every 3 to 4 trials you have ad.. and when you reach +100 levels you lose many times and its annoying when the ads keep appearing while you are about to start your new trial.. ok put ads but not every 1 min. its just killing the fun of this simple and nice game . pls do something

Abriana Brancato

Good but not good The concept of the game is really cool and the game itself is very fun to play. But it keeps stopping and I always lose my progress in the levels. The game crashes and i have reported 3 times. It is not fair. Something needs to be done!

monique cutajar

Good game.... It's a good game but it can be better, I started playing this game like a week ago. It's really addictive and in 2 or 3 days I got to level 50. But I'm stuck on that level, and it get's boring doing the same thing and failing on that same level:-(There are also too many ADS ( And it's been 4 or 5 days since I tried playing the game again..) So please fix...:-)


Love it, but..... The game has a strange affect on my eyes. It turns everything into one big blur. The game is super addictive and fun, but it is kind of hard to play when you can't see. I've gone to the doctor and I have glasses, but the game still has the same effect. Why????

Gisela Spingies

The game literally won't let me go further than level 63. It just gives me a fail when I reach pin 6. So irritating as it was a fun mindless game to play offline. Pls fix!!

Sarah Huffman

Was good but the ads I understand the need for ads. But now the game crashes after I watch an add and I get the "unfortunately, aa has stopped" message. No longer playing until this is fixed

Aleah Griffin

Too many ads This is a great game, but there are way too many video ads in between levels. When it comes up you just have to sit and wait, you can't just close the ad!

Very addictive It's really fun and kinda irritating sometimes tbh...but like I said before its addictive cos u just wanna keep playing at least for me.... this game is almost like a not so annoying version of flappy bird

Aleyna Turnurs

Good app but........ Ads ads ads that is all it is but the game is pretty nice but it is full of ads mostly the walking dead and that ball on the line but it is good if you have any free time that you want to waste on watching stupid ads and the only reason i gave it 1 star is that there is no ZERO stars

Elizabeth Ruiz

Love it, BUT Love the game,I'm addicted. But too many ads.. after every 5 tries. would be great if they fix it so no ads.. currently at level 50!! So you know I'm addicted!!

Umm, ok So the game is great and all but, the fact that the motion sometimes stops when I'm playing is really annoying. The game causes my phone to crash and my phone works perfectly when I don't have the game and all. I want to carry on playing but I don't think I will unless this problem is solved.

Fresh Plays - The freshest gamer

Lag lag lag Just doesn't shoot when tapped and then hit blank dot SO ANNOYING ....... FIX IT NOW. AND NO ADS TO MANY BECAUSE THEY MAKE IT LAG

Jessica Collins

Love the game, hate the ads Way too many ads now...that my have the ones at the bottom of the screen and then every couple of levels/deaths there are the full screen ones that are hell to get rid of

Love it!!! I love this game! My friend downloaded it for me and I'm very thankful! There is only two problems with the app. 1- TOO MANY ADDS! plz fix this! 2- when I'm on my very last pin in the level, I'm about to place it, and then... FAIL!!!!!!!! How is this fair? Plz fix this as well! Fix these problems and ill give u 5 stars!


Great Game Really Great game. Very addicting. The only thing that is off is every time there is a add and I press to exit the add then it crashes and takes me back to my home screen.


Would be worth it without so many ads Good game if you can play it ad free. Otherwise it's not worth watching an ad every minute of actual gameplay

2x Lynn

Rageworthy I am so addicted... it is an amazing time killer, but you can't help but rage when you fail a level multiple times in a row.

Chloe Overall

Addictive but hard Omg i love this game but if you get frustrated with things than dont get it cause after a while it will get really addictive and hard and it just gets really frustrating.

Anirban Chatterjee

Ads ads ads Can't lose a level more than a couple of times without a ridiculous advert popping up. Otherwise, good game. Reduce the ads and it's a 5 stars.

Gerard Veenstra

Fun game but too many ads! The game is nice to play and addictive but the ads.... when you're stuck at a level you might get a long commercial every minute. Really annoying.

super kitty 2234

It's very addictive and it's a a big time-killer Is really addictive but it's just that I started at 10 o'clock then I stopped at 2 a.m. I stayed up all night playing this game it's big-time killer

F Tellick

Yah This is a fun game that engages your brain and is good for all ages! The only thing is it gets a little frustrating after a while!

Jen Leis

Lovesvit This is like you have someone's life in your own hands its really cool I love this game but 1through 100 I would pick 99 cause it sorts glitches

Game Emperor

WTF It keeps glitching out, e.g. (This happened just now) There was space I tapped the screen and I die, the was a finger length of space and it TELEPORTED, I repeat TELEPORTED on the OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE SCREEN!!!

Rachel Quek

its fun but it keeps crashing often after i finish loading the ads its just crashes and considering the ads pop up alot the app crashes alot too

Narwhale The Great

Fun, needs polishing This game is fun, but level select is horrible, some words are super tiny and the game seems really choppy when it comes to transitions.

Adam El-khal

Its OK there are a lot of advertising on it which makes me hate the game even more. If there were no ads its would be a 5 star easily

Addicted. My 13 year old daughter is obsessed with the game but when I tried it she got me kinda addicted too lol ;p

Mandy Sowder

Dumb What is the point is a circle going around but you just happen to have little arrows without trying them to touch others it's dumb.:-(?✉

Savannah Sunneberg

It's OK See, when you can't pass a level it gets you so frustrated or aggravated it makes you want to punch some one. But other than that I like it.

Uroosa Khan

Very slow I dont like it when it hangs while its installing but this game is amazin

Dominic Massey

It's a good game but It's a good game but way too many ads. If there was an option to remove ads I will click it, or at least minimise the amount of ads

Aimee C

Really good but ADS!! Great addictive game but the ads are soooo annoying! I know every app has ads to promote games but this is just so annoying

meg skies

this is hard this game is so hard i feel like falling off my chair and cracking my head open, though when i complete a level i stop hitting myself xD

Telemetry RN

Great game 1 star for the annoying Ads. Super annoying!!!!

Gemma Marshall

Frustrating but good It is frustrating when you can't do one but once you've done it you feel so happy with your self.

Jordyn Loyd

Horrible This isn't my connection it moves to slow then when you try to make the ball go up it says fail?

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